Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, June 25, 1919, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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Have him wear cool silk shirts
all summer loncf
How to launder them beautifully, easily yourself I
;., ki, r 7
'HO thinks of sending men's
silk shirts to the laundry
nowadays? To have them
come back faded, pulled out of shape, -
the lustre of the silk half gone! There's
a better way and much less expensive!
. Just whip up some delicate Lux suds
and plunge in the silk shirts. No need
to have a great many, for you can have
cme fresh and clean again for him the
very same day!
Wash them in the rich Lux suds,
repeatedly. The delicate Lux lather
cannot wear away the fabric. They will
look just as soft and fine and silky, fit
just as comfortably at the end of the
summer as the first time he put them on.
Lux comes in pure transparent flakes
that dissolve instantly in hot water and
whisk up into a wonderful lather.
Your grocer, druggist or department
store has Lux. Lever Bros. Co., Cam
bridge, Mass.
Lux wilt not harm any material
that pure water alone won't injure.
To wash men's silk shirts
Use one tablespoonful of Lux to gallon of
water. Diisolve in boiling or very hot mattai
whisk up into a thick lather and add cold water
to mak the suds lukewarm. Put the garment
in, work it up and down, and squeexa the suds
through it. Do not rub. Rinse three times in
water the tame temperature at the water in
which you washed it. Roll in a towel to dry.
While still damp, press with a warm iron, on a
well-padded board, fongee snouia
when entirely dry.
.MS -7
. .
M suds so wonderful as Lux for
all fine laundering
; f ".?' , . I
... K V
Crnt4 Wf. h U-r Bm. C.
i&taua hbab opsms TODAY.
league, and Joseph Gilbert, slat, organ
iser, was begun today. They arc
(charged with conspiracy ia violation of
Jackson, Winn., Juno 25. Taking of .the Minnesota enpionago art. The jury
testimony iu the trial of A. C, Townli'j, J is muilu up of f armors.
treaidrat of tho National Non-PaiUaan Tcwnh-y was expected to roach Jack-
Hon at noon today.
PesponuVnt over his failing health
irge W. llrinnon, aged K, shot him
self through the heart Saturday at tho
home of his daughter, near Ontario, Ore.
GIVE' ffi3B38saa
v -AmU I
''rjftrtr L mmiji; miJ
Monday evening at 8:510 Jiisa Oreta
Wiul and Qiarlea 1'arent were quiet
ly married at tho home of Mra. E. T.
Cutler. Dr. G. F. Holt performed the
rirfmony in the presence- of a few
friends. Caroline Testout rosea foruiel
pretty decorations fur the affair and
after the tereimoiiy wokking luncheon
wb served. Aftef a honeymoon in Cal
ifornia the couple will Make thrfr home
ia Balers.
Salem women may be inftereeted in
leswaing that Miss Fern hbs, who
bnrarae. ao well known as the aeeretary
otf Ooernor Oswald West ia expected
to arrive in Oregon from Franaa ia the
near future. Miss Hohbs has spenl near
ly a year iu 1'ranro as chief of the
Sonne communication' section of the Red
Creea. Word haa een reeeived from
Hvr recently that the effice of this una
tion of the orniflxation had been eloa
ed and that he would leave- for the
oteree aa soon as trnnorttSoo could
be arranged. MUa ilotia ia a practic
ing attorney.
C. 0. Butler is a guest at the Imper
ial ketei ioPortlamt
: . sociny.
By Certruda Bobisoa 4
HE GeeViess ef liberty contest is
new ea, aad with-the names et
fast pretty popular yeung ;
usjee leawag, tt.preniea to be as
eleee and esoitntsj a etrald be eVmred. j
Misers IThs Baker, Margaret white, i
Rhea Wilma and Marie Breireasteia. '
aU witk hoses ef frieaes te baeb tkeos,
are at preeeat the chief eenleetaate, aJ-;
though nnr aanrea ar being entered :
hourly. Ballet fcoies are re. be fouad j
at the Kpa, Wrv-y-Belle, PaUoa s, Cons-!
mercial book ssere, Jlartataa'a and
Smith cigar sfere. . , .
The committee ia eharge is eempoa- J
ed of Oliver Myera, ehairman; Joseph j
MeAlKrer, K. F. Smith, Artenr Moat- i
gomery aad Otte A. Hartman.
rndotrfatediy the bizgest aerial erf-
fair of the wee Will be the silver tea, '
which will be given Friday afternoon ;
from 3 to on the east section of the 1
state house greund. The tea will be I
sponsored by the Salem "Women 's club 1
the mtvst influential hedy ef women in j
the city, and erery means ia being tak- 1
en to make i a enjoyable as possible. '
money lor me woman s tuilling at
f.ugime and this in itself shoukl be in
ducement enouirh for anvnn tn mttanA
ir lit tt ia iDTirra ie oe
present,' and emphaaie is laid en the
fact that it ia net exclusively for wo
men, i
One of 4be pretty we-diinjrs ef June '
was the marriage of Miss Beulnh Hill '
to Snmuel Tylrr, which occurred June
24 at two p. m. at the home of her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Hill on State
and 24th streets. This date was chosen
because of the coincidence of their
birthday anaiyeraariee being on the
same dav.
Tho bride and groom, unattended,
marched, to a bower of blossoms and
greenery, while Mis Lois Tyler, sister
of the irroom, played Mcndelssohni
wedding march. The ring ceremony was
performed by Bev. James H. Irvine of
I'ortrand, who is a particular friend of
the groom 'a family. The ring waa taken
from the white rosebud nearby.
Tho 4ride wore a beautiful gown of
white georgette erene over satin and
wreath of white and pink rosebuds
on her hair. She earned a bouquet of
pijik Jaiifeifbury xll. iMemlbcrs of
both families were the onlv e nests
present Mrs. James B. Lucas, sister, of
the bride, came from Oorvallis, to at
tend the wedding. A sumptuous wed
ding lunch waa served from a table
beautifully decorated with pink and
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler left in the after
noon for a honeymoon, part of which
will lbe a trip to eastern Oregon to vis
it rnanvrs. rne Tmae troinir aiwav
suit was of blue Jersey cloth with a
hat of georgetta to mntch. Mrs. Tyler
has lived, here with her parent since
they moved te Nnlent from Texas a few
years ago, Mr. Tyler hat bfsm an. the
stateeman meMiniueal force during the
past few years. He received his dis
charge frost the army last January.
They will make their home in Portland
Mrs. C. D. ftobriclson and her son.
Ueiitenant !arl abrielon, returned td
falem Mowlay after a short visit In'
IVnclletoa. They were eeeonvpanied by
Mrs. Oahrielses's grannVhiht, Charles
Kay Bishop. anncey Bishop, C. D.
(iaibniWsnn and Master Robert Bishop
are stilt ia tJu eastern Oregon city but
expect to be home in time to witness
the big homeenming eelcbrarlon on the
$16.43 $19.75 $2173
$19.75 $24.75 $34.7 -
$12.50 $14.75 $17.50
""T?TT?f fltttt I
Where Shopping Is a Pleasure
1. C Itl?iJ Ola
Salivn today from McMinnvillo to gTve
exhmits for .the benefit of the Salva
tion armv drive. Lieutenant Pearson
will be in Salem today an i tomorrow
and from here will go to Bhker, aceom-
pamed by I red Lockley of the Oregon
Picnic outings are the word of the
day and numerous parties are taking
advantage of the wonderful -weather
and equally wonderful eonntry to form
groups and motor to the various picnic
Troun'i around the capitol city. Silver
Creek Falls is one of the most popular
and every week end witnesses the ar
rival of auto parties who come for' a
camping trip or merely to spend the
day. ,
One merry group who chose that par
ticular spot for their revels Sunday
was eomiposcd of eighteen members of
the younger set, who motored from Wil
low Lake to spend the day at the falls
Those in the party were Miss Helen
Srhindler, Ifisa Lnurel Jana, Mies Lily
Blake, ALibS Lena liuckestien, Miss Ha
zel Eldricas, Miss Antonia finger, Miss
Florence Blake, Miss Anna Roberts,
MHss Mabel Rugy, William Blake, Jr.,
Walter Johnson, Frank Woelk, Julius
Ruble, Tcdrly Woelk, Harold Walling,
Rmel Bradford, Elbert Bradford and
William Woelk.
The members of the Women's Relief
Corps will meet with Mrs. Florence
Shipp tomorrow afternoon, at her
home, 110 Lafollo street. Assistant
Alice Davice and
Julia Davis.
Dr. and Mrs. J. Green are in Port
land attending the medical convention.
A. If. Lea of the stale fair boaid
was ( Portland viidtor yesterday.
Mr. and Mra, F. O. Delano. I.1.10 i
State street are entertaining as their i hostesses for tho occasion are Mrs. .Al
guest Lieutenant W. A. Pearson of the Caldwell, Mrs. Blanche Davis, Mrs.
Oregon Aircraft and Transportation Mary JVtvis, Mrs. flarah Draper, Mrs.
couqieny ef Portland who arrived in ' "ff le Diuilap, Mrs. 3arah lavis, Mrs.
The tea to serve to par
ticular guests is Schilling
Tea, the fine full-flavored
social beverage
The tea to serve to your
family is Schilling Tea
) cent a cup.
There are four flavors of Schilling
Tea Japan, Ceylon. India, Oolong,
EnglUh Bieakfast A II one quality. In
parchmyn-lined moisture-proof packages.
At grocers everywhere.
A Schilling & Co San Francisco
Give liberally to this Army
not the Army of con
quest nor the Army of
territorial occupation, but
the Army that has a habit
of reaching out and serv
ing mankind with the
heart in the hand.
Speaking of Shirts
Stripes are at Bat
Here b an Iarindble Une-Up Evlry Last
Oaa A Sore Hit
And it doesn't require a mint to come into pos
session of them either. That's the big surprise to
most men. Splendid Madras, crepe and other ma
terials, made with reversible soft cuffs, in hand
some new multiple stripe effects. The man of
modern times will surely like these at
f 3
- - 1 I J
$1.00 to $3.45
fty'j w fifed QT?r Get Your Pa:
$150 to ism
AEei Demand Gercau
Paris, June 5. (United rrese)Thf
hig four thi-s afternoon waa reported to
nave dupatrlied to Germany a peremp
tory demand for her to nam. the dele
gation which will sign the peace treaty.
Bispatchca from Versailles yesterday
said that Foreign Minister Mueller had
been appointed to head the Ornuaa del
egaiion BUI dirt not Hineto. tho re
mainder of the eoniatianioa a per.onrl.
ve found out
(mda of corn) have
jfot lot of nour
ishment In them.
And thf!f vor
beets everythlnrf
' f ' - -lro
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9ft? aff-tjoat-'totind sot drink
Rome was not built in
a daycGSabut
BeWs pouLirity be
came countrywide iiv
tbree months because
of five years prepar
ation inperfectin the
e- v i
SJJ rfwi - FmmtUi tutfl4 h HI aW nk
Vttilw ere imrifdh kitft mr ft4mt
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W Airhnu-Y l ifu.er
IMuinaiirr - I loch.
salhi. our.