Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, June 20, 1919, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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DIED 4c 1
Her heath was due to an attack of
influenza. She waa born at New Hel'
ena, Nebraska, Jan. 26, 189S, and be
en me a member of the Methodist church
1916. She lived near Chcmawa tin-
BPRINGSTRUBE At the home of b.er;tii jg ni0I1thB ago.
parents in Lapine, Oregon, .Monday .
June 16, 1919, Fern Jessie Spring- n n jm t T J
stube, at the age of 21 years. 1-3613 S E UOOU IllCZ 10 I fade
New Officers Of Apollo
Chib Selected For Year
At a went meeting of the Apollo
Club John W. Todd was re elected as
direetor; Judge Geo. H Burneit, presi
dent; William JicGiUhrist, viee-presi-dent:
Albert Gille, seeretary-treaurer;
taa Langenberg, librarian: F. E lVek-
ebaeh, Kalph Jones and w. T. Jenss,
directors. Among other items of busi
ness the active membership roll was
limited to 35, and a waiting list pro
vided so that there might be available
material when vacancies occurred. The
associate membership limitation was re
moved. Keeognising his work as di
reetor, the Club presented Mr. Todd
with a handsome watch rob, with gold
mountings and an rlk tooth charm,
Mr. Todd being a prominent and active
member of the order. The presentation
was made by F. E. Deekebaeh, who in
characteristic humor commended him
for the exceptional work he had done
as direetor of the club during the past
two years, la the course of informal
conference large plans were made for
the coming year's work.
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"A Home Away from Home."
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100 Rooms of Solid Comfort
Only Hotel in Business District
Lisfht arid 1
sight i;
Light renders all things visible 4 i
IF T vi lUili jiiv s. m v auvua tw
our eyes.
Thea. if the eyes are perfwt,
we have clear and eonsiortao'e
Poor Eyes ;
But many eyes are imperfect, !
and blurred vision, strain or pain ,
results. T
Removal of the cause with
suitable glasses. Simple, isn't
itt And, by the way, since yun
wsnt to be sure of getting the
right glasses, call on
Henry L Morris & Co.
SOS Btate Street, Salem
415 Third St, McMinnville
iig Unusual Sale at the
to Store
Will begin Saturday and continue Monday, June 23rd, on all our departments of Grocery, Dry Goods,
Clothing, Men's Furnishings, Hats and Shoes. If you are not aware of the present market situation let
us warn you to buy as much as possible at the PEOPLES CASH STORE as it is the best investment you
can make. We again call attention to our enormous bargains for Saturday and Monday.
A Few Of The Thousands of Bargains Listed Here
Sugar, per sack, with other groceries $9.30
Sugar, 10v- lbs. for $1.00
Best Hard Wheat Flour $2.80 and $2.90
Valley Flour ...$2.60
10 lbs. Rolled Oats 63c
10 lbs. Corn Meal..' ........65c
Yellow Corn Meal in bulk, 10 lbs- for 55c
White "Beans ............. . .. . . .. .'. .. . ... 6c
Colored Beans 8c
Lima Beans, 2 lbs. for ... 25c
Corn Flakes 9c Pkg.
Libbys' Milk 14c
2V's Standard Tomatoes 14c
No. 2 Pork and Beans 11c
1 lb. Canned Corned Beef 42c
lb. Canned Corned Beef 22c
Deviled Meat 5c
No. 2v Dill Pickles v. 19c
No. 2 Sauer Kraut 15c
No. 10 Apples 50c
No. 10 Peaches 65c
No. 10 Apricots 65c
No. 10 Italian Prune 60c
No. 10 Blackberries 80c
No. 10 Pineapples 80c
No. 10 Tomatoes 60c
No. 10 Red Karo $1.03
No. 10 Blue Karo : 97c
1 gal. Crystal White Syrup in bulk $1.20
lgal, Puritan Cooking Oil $2.10
1 gal Douglas Corn Oil $2.35
Soda, Oyster and Graham Crackers., ...17c lb.
Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers 15c
Mixed Cookies 18c lb.
Peanut Butter 13c lb
Umeco and Nucco Butter 34c
6 bars. Soap 25c
Matches 5c
Brooms 65c, 80c $1.00
Beginning with the first of July we will stage
Special Bargains in one or more of our departments
every week so if you really want to save money on
your necessities of life and give your, dollar a good
long ride watch the papers for our ads and then buy
accordingly. .
Buy your leather shoes at the PEOPLES CASH
STORE, cheaper than paper ones any other place.
$7.50 Men's English Walker Shoe $5.49
$3.50 Ladies' White Canvas with rubber or leather
soles $1.98
$400 Elk Skin Shoe .....$2.98
Oxfords, Pumps, White Canvas, Rubber or Leather
soles. $1.98
Strap Slippers, White Canvas, for children, misses
or ladies '. $1.29
Strap Slippers with rubber or leather soles... .$1.75
Boys' Shoes from $1.49 and up
We just received a large shipment from St. Louis of
white and black Tennis Shoes and Slippers,
priced as follows:
Vim Oxford, ladies and men "...85c
Vim Oxfords, boys and girls .65c
These prices good for Saturday and Monday Only.
$35.00 Men's Light Weight Suits . .$15.49
$15.00 Boys' Suits, sizes 8 to 18 $7.49
Men's Khaki Pants $1.19 and up
Men's Bib Overalls ...... $1.19 and up
Men's Blue and Khaki Shirts 98c
Men's Sport Shirts 69c
Men's Union Suits 79c
Men's Cotton Socks ;..15c
Boys' Shirts 63c
Boys' Union Suits 69c
Please visit our Economy Basement for your
own benefit.
Toilet Paper ...... 6c
5 oz. Toilet Paper, 2 for 9c
Crystal White Soap, 2 bars 11c
-Crown Self Sealer Jar Tops I. .20c per doz.
Jar Rubbers ' .... 5c per doz.
Market Basket 10c
1 doz. Paper Plates ,5c
100 Paper Napkins 15c
The same Bargains in all kinds of DRESS GOODS, LADIES' AND GIRLS' WASHABLE DRESSES,
We are giving special attention to country C. O. D. orders between Salem and Dallas. FREE DELIV
ERY every second day, also extra discount and reductions for camps. We also give FREE PREMIUM
COUPONS with each purchase of $1.00 or up. Fancy piece of GLASS, CROCKERY and SILVERWARE.
" Management
186-194 N. Commercial St. Phone 453
Washington Trousers:
Something of Interest for You, Mr. Man!
They're the best made for the price and are absolutely guaran-
To give"entir satisfaction" and will supply you "free" wits anything
fnim a button to a patch to prolong it's appearance and usefulness. Those
will be furnished free of all charges. If for auy reason they do not prove sat
isfactory to you it will be a favor to let us know.
They come in all sizes, are of a .weight for Summer wear, well
finished and very dressyto be appreciated they must be inspected.
These are so much more dressy than whipcords, corduroys, and
khaki, are finely finished.
Whj do without them when Bishop's have them at a small price,
they have the quality, comfort and appearance that distinguishes
them from all others-
PRICED $4.00
"Complete Outfitters Of The Working Man" 1
Every Family in Marion and Polk Countiesja Patron.
Salem Woolen Mills Store
They gave over there-they want to give over over here; will you
help them? Solvation Army June 22-;0.
Witnesses Faint While
j Condemned Men Struggle
i n .1 n n
i Against ueatn on uauows
I Ann Rafael, Cal., June 20. (United
Press) While a mnjorlty'nf the wit
nesses fainted from the horror of the j
scene, two men, Joseph Rogers n,6)
Clarence Rollins, died a terribiy pro
longed death on the gallows nt Run
Quentin prison this morning, owing to
bungling mechanism.
Rogers kicked so wildly that his
shoes flew off hs his body, showing
beneath bis denth capped face, contort
ed in agonies. Tie was suspended for 15
mimites before, he died of strangula
tion. Rollins died a minute socner.
Ir. J. M. Waugh of Hood River,
recently returned from France, has just
received news of his promotion from a
uiaiur to a lieutenant colonel.
land. Out of the total number 409
wore subject to the provisions of the
compensation act.
Attorney General Grown Js going to
have his work, cut out for him during
the summer, aside from the regular
grind of opinions, for never In the
history of the state has there been
so many statutes enacted that involved
complications of legal phases and pos
sibilities of subtle interpretation or
misinterpretation. Several of these
laws arc now hefore him, including the
educational bill, which hiis to do with
an indefinite, variety of possible cases.
Members of the Public. Service Com-
mission are in Portland today attend
ing a rate hearing before the traffic
committees of the Ban Francisco and
Portland districts with regard to the
tariffs on lumber. While the Comniit-
sion has no official part in the pro
ceedings they are attending because of
the immense importance of the prob
lems in this territory. The Willaaietio
Valley Lumbermen's Association i
among tne big concerns represented.
The weekly rejKirt of the Industrial
Accident Commission shows that there
were reported throughout the state a
total of 507 accidents, three of them
terminating fatally. These were Bon
'i'avlifft, stevedore, Rainier; Fred Rich
mond, logger, Knapps; John Snssta
noincn, pedestrian struck auto in l'ort-
i There la nothing worse than bad,
I foul smelling breath; get rid of it for
'your friend's sake anyway. Ifollister't
! Rocky Mountain Tea will clean and
I purify your stomach and bowels; your
breath will be sweet, your disposition
improved, your friends increased, 35e,
Tea or Tablets, D. .1. Fdy.
Drop Freczone on touchy
corn, then lift that corn
eff with fingers
Doesn't hurt a bit! Drop a little
Freeione on an aching corn Instantly
hat eorn stops hurting, then you lift
( it right out. Ves, magic! So humbug!
! A tiny bottle of Frecwine costs but
a few cents at any drug store, but is
j sufficient to remove every hard eorn,
'soft eorn, f corn between the toes,
'snd the calluses, without soreness or
j irritation.
' Freestone is the s'-nss'lonal discov
ery of a Cincinnati genius. It is wonderful.
X "iiJl Hot waTer
Y '4 PI Sure Relief
ll3aLsjLrFvl S
'for indigestion
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eye to the future is
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