Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, June 06, 1919, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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-par i -Lwifc t
Libby's Apple Butter, can 20c
Libby's Olives, per can ..' '. 20c
Royal Club Sliced Pineapple
per can 13c
Royal Club Peanut Butter,
21-2 lbs. can , .. 53c
Royal Club Peanut Butter,
' lib can 21c
Folger's Golden Gate Coffee,
2 1-2 pound can $1.30
Tuna Cutlets, per can 30c
Del Monte Pears, can 22 l-2c
Fountain Brtfnd Cherries, 2
pound can 33c
Royal Club Vanilla Extract,
per bottle .. 13c
Chocolate bar, each ...4c
Underwood Deviled Ham,
per can 22 l-2c
Booth's Sardines in mustard 22 l-2c
Seaketch Salmon, per can 15c
Egg Noodles, per pkg lie
Headlight Parlor Matches
, package ..Sc
Puffed Wheat, per pkg i.-Hc
Puffed Rice, per pkg 14c
Argo Corn Starch, pkg 7 l-2c
Royal Club Lemon Extract
bottle 15c
Carpet tacks, pkg 4c
"The Quality Store"
I!8:s Court Street
Phone 409
lend Leaiue Leaders Fac
ing Crcchl Trip Arcsnd
By H. G. Hamilton
(United Press staff correspondent)
' Near York, June Oucial ttrltt
j these day are only part of the daily j
grind in the National tad Americta
! league Th Yanleeea are enframed ia j
, one right now. Tna (hants arter having
been favored by a long rest ia eastern i
j territory, are opening with tie west.
I The Oiante are facing a hard propo-1
ait ion. They are gomg against the most
unfayorable conditions they have yet j
, been called on to meet and are ached-
uled to do a lot of trayeling before j
i they again ace the welcome eign oa (
. the Polo Ground doormat. If they are j
j to do any cracking, chance are they
; a ill do it real quick and get their pen- j
I nant worry out of their system. If i
I they return from their jaunt toward
the Mississippi at ill playing the brand
i of ball that ha kept them at the top j
Jof the heap the boys who bet against ,
I them had better begin trying to hedge.
j John MeGraw ia leading his veterans
I into the west with tome trepidation,
for the hard work of the lat few days
in New York shot a hole In hjs pitch
ing staff that came near developing
into a blowout. Both Causey and
I Barnes, who so far proved the aces,
j curled up in the heat and practically
blew away. i
iX..M Lit) I if Ijyf
We have full lines for Men,
Women and Children,
In the high
Men's heavy blue Unionalls price $4.50
Men's heavy Khaki Unionalls, price .......$4.00
Men's medium heavy express striped Unionalls
price . : , $3.50
Boys' Khaki Unionalls, age 7 to 11, price $2.50
Age 12 to 16, price : .....$3.00
Women's Khaki Unionalls, price : $3.23
Tlie above prices are on the genuine Lee's Unionalls
-- Not seconds or substitutes
ei ran
240 North Commercial Street
Delay No Longer
Do your preserving this week.
Don't wait.
We Sell C. and H. Berry Sugar
$9.50 cash. No charges for delivery
Asparagus for Canning
Woodburn Long Green. 15c per lb.
Riverby Asparagus, - 20c per lb.
Table Berries
15c and 2 for 25c
A iciibe for the laily Journal enjjy
4 an nuto ride last Tuesday with
'Frank jticgmnnd of Melinnin mid found
all crap in a very nronUiug condi
tion throughout that district. Last
wck's frost damnged vegt:ibos very
Travel between Salon'. Mill Oity and
towns slonjf the route hns largely in
rotied duiing the Inst few wo.As. Two
nuto stage lirat are kept busy every
day. The Acktr line now makes two
trips each way every day.
First in the van of th" good roads
voters, u,t Mebama lust Tuesday, was
Jacob irsicgrmind, who ia past eighty
years old, and obsessed with tho idea
of reaching .hist idetrtiiiatioti over a
smooth highway.
In the spacious and well filled din
ing room oil llotol dn Stuytou on Dee
oration day walked throe special guests'
from the. metropolis of Multnomah
county. They- worn Mr. and Mrs. lilank
etv Nurtiraw and his excellency Spot
ted Puperty Pup Pup with appreviated
tail. Tuppy was given a sent near the
special table of the iXut brains not by
the dining room, force, however, but
by the Nutbrain lady herself, who be
Mowed less attention upon her better
half (f) than upon the 1'uperty Pup,
wlnwe dainty appetite rocpived satis
faction from the pitchers of pure cream
and plate of dwwrt. Meanwhile, wait
era flashed fire, from their eve upon
the iNnttytbrains, and their puppy step
ping high, higher and holier in a vain
a!t.ni,pt to squash doiriy under a num
ber ID boot. It is now rumored that
large signs will soon appear on the
walls of Hotel Clayton with tho fol
lowing inscriptions:
" Xuttytbraina and dogs keep out."
j tiuvernor Olcott today issued a proe
j laination netting aside, tho week bo
I ginning Juno Kth to Flag day, June
lltth, to do observed as Boy Hcout
I Week thfou rliout the state of Oregon.
: Thii prm'tamation issued in line with
, a prwlaination iwtued 'by President
Wilson proclaiming such week as Hoy
Scout week throuiihout the United
tSuU4, The pi ihlii u.ii lion .fuliort:
Whereas, Woiidrow Wilnn, president
j of the United tstatiHi has issued a proe
llamation re'immending that the period
beginning Niinday June 8 to Flag day,
j.lnne 14, e o1trved as Boy Scout
week through the United iitatea of'
! the ipurposn of strensfthening the work
I of tho iloy M.-i)iit of Amerira; and
I' Whereas, the Boy Kconts of th-egon
I notably acquitted themselves in liber
ty loan and war ssvinns campaigns
and other war work and y so doing
hsv etiemonitrated their patriotism, fi
.b'lity and worth to the nation: and
I Whereas, there is nothing to tie more
I highly pristed, lobe more properly aafo
jguariM nor to he given more effective
means of development than the future
leitiienrr of onr state and nation;
! Vow, theiefote, I, lien V. Olcott, by
irtne of the authority in me vested as
! governor of the state, of Oregon, do
hereby nrji tluit the week bVinniug
i Smiilsy June M to ing day, June H,
! fittingly observed as Hoy Scout
j Week in the state of Oregon and that
'a!! reasonable! nrana be used i'y the
people of the state to advance the
cause and tucrea the ef feetivenesi of
,the or,jnisatiiin of the Buy Scouts of
8top to consider what produces
wrinkles and sagginess of skin. Prema
ture aing, malnutrition, etc., fause
the flesh to shrink, lose Its youthful
plumpness and firmness. The skin then
is too largo for the flesh underneath!
doesn't fit tightly and snugly as it
used to it wrinkfes or sags.
It must bo plain that to tighten the
skin, make it fit the face perfectly in
every place, will effectually remove
the hateful wrinkles and bajgincss.
This is easily and harmlessly aceom."
plished by dissolving an ounce of
powdered saxolite in a half pint of
witch hazel and using tho solution as
a face waxh. The ingredients you can
get at any drug store. The results are
surprising. The skin immediately tight
ens up, becoming firm and fresh as in
youth. Every wrinkle and sng are af
fected at once.
(By United Press.)
Yesterday's winners: Los Angles,
Oakland, Portland, Malt Lake.
Home run,: Blue, Boavera.
Although bouncing Pertica from ta
box, the Heals lost the third atrt.ight
to the Angels, 6 to 4. Umpires Finney
and Bedford agaiu came in for the ma
jority of the ch jeering. '
Three runs in the seventh by the Oaks
sank the Timers another notch. Score T
to 4.
Blue made thiiK look that wa for
tho Senators by a Nfcmc run ia tho tenth. 1
Tho Boavera won, 4 to 3. j I
Koga, the Hauliers' new hurler madell
his debut much to" the satisfaction o'l
the Bees. They hit him for 13 bmgles.
I lie ftiormun etiv ciun won, o w v.
Wealthy Widow j
Would Wed Again
"Now that my stomach trouble has,
all disappeared since taking n course
of SInyr'i Wonderful Remedy I would
even consider getting married again.
I vannot tell you how terribly 1 suf
ferod before taking this great reme
dy." It ia a simple, harmless prepara
tion that removes the eatarrhal mucus
from the intestinal tract and allays the
Inflammation which causes practically
all stomach, liver and intestinal ail
ments, including appendicitis. One dose
will convince or money refunded. J.
Perry, Capital Drug Store, and drug
gists everywhere
Every mint in the United States has
been put to work turning out 1 cent
pieces in an effort to keep pace with
tho enormous demand.
Independence for the Philippines
was nrired Tuesday by Uovernnr (Jen-
eral Harrison at a joint session of the
bouse and senate committees.
Your Head in
Let Us Fit It!
BISHOP'S have an especially desirable assortment of Panamas
in the many DIFFERENT STYLES that arc worn bo much thissea
son. The Fedora, and the Telescope shapes are very popular f or
this season's wear.
WARM WEATHER has commenced and you have got to have
one. Now is the time to fill your needs, while the stocks are com
plete. THE BANKOK PANAMA needs no explanation as it is too well
known a make. It comes in several styles and is strictly a high
grade hat, at $6.00.
NATURAL GUAM Panamas are in the soft and pliable hats
that are so comfortable and cool and are so dressy and are especially
serviceable, at $3.00.
THE LEGORNETTE is a medium priced hat that Bishop's sell.
It will give you good service, at a small sum and will please you.
Priced at $2.50.
THIS PANAMA HAT is made in Florence, Italy, and is made
of a very soft, pliable and indestructable material. You may crush
this in your hand or put it in your pocket. It's especially desirable
and made for very hard wear, $3.50.
should not be confused with inferior and cheaper grades of mer
chandise. Get yours now while the assortments are complete. .
They come in fancy and colored bands,
must see them.
To be appreciated you
Every Family in Marion and Polk Counties a Patron.
Salem WdOteD-NHIS Store
i Kis.iliitions a
the shipp-n b-i
the Inns-- mien
ikin-j inyextiilion of
rd were considered by
committee Tuesday.
The ropoit of the killing last Sunday i
f Mijpipl Otto, an American, by Ya I
:l; ! url t. uii let ica hull in n tit
Special Prices
on Tires
S3 10.50
I'JxJ'i ll"0
lOxS 1.1..10
I1U4 8 1. .10
12x4 g:t.9
ISx4 22.45
::t4 24.15
Tire House
319 K. Com' I St.
The two-year-old girl who left a
few weeks ago at tlie door step of the
home of B. C. Milea on Court atrett, hai
been legally adopted by Mr. and Mra.
Wnblo Brown of Lebanon and the ejus
nj;;iinst the mother of the child, ,iei'
AniiKteoiR. and the grandmother,
charged with causing a child to become
a deendent, ban been diainixsed.
The lH'Uiiou to the eounty court ask-
iug for the adoption of the child wai
legally filed and provides that ahe shall
tie the lawful child, including rigi.t of
support, protection and of inheritauce.
! In. aigning conaent to the adoption,
tho mother relinquifhea all ricbts to tha
baby ia the wording" and I hereby
I waive all right parental or otherwise
! over .said child. "
i In the order of the county court con
futing ta the adoption it id provided
Hint the girl's name legally vha!i be
'iVtty U'Qne Brown.
Little 4 year old Bonnie Belle muh
, was drowned Tuesday afternoon in Tu
' alntin creek, near Gaston, while stoop
; ing to gather some wild flowers.
, 11. V. ( ollius ia planning for the
! immediate erection of a bi0 barrel
1 flour mill at IVndleton. The mill will
I be in oiM-aion goon a'ter January l.
' ' . '1 " -1 r
. p.. 1 1 .A C --
fciiiWIm . 2
I Al pfent the Harvey Mill company
'at Vancouver has pnntracts calling for
1 .1,iVfi,(VH) f, et ff ra'-lroa-l tics. nio,t of
I them f.r the Britirh government.
; Stuar let nien estimate that the
! alue of 4iiiTnr that will be mud.' from J
jthe crop of the lakiina yalley during ;
, present en"a will rea -h JS.ooo,. j
t''l. I
Liberty, 3 Days, Starts Thars. June 12 1
tzxti Jsunal Want kh M Get Yoa M YcaWa-l