Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, June 06, 1919, Page PAGE FOURTEEN, Image 14

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FRIDAY, JUNE 6, 1917.
MATIAM tiirE irir,Ti"i-i nriiru
i im i iun wiul ino 1 1 1 u I iu nj
In every one of the 197 cities in which we have a store. Every day people
tell us they use to live in some certain town where there is a
Store and that they always traded at our store, which had always given
Satisfaction t
There Is a Reason
It is because we always give the best of service, and merchandise at the
lowest prices.
House Dresses Girls White Dresses
We have a nice Hne of "Bonnie Las- We have some "nifty" white dresses
sie" and "Sassy Jane" gingham wash for the girls. Made of lawn, organ
dresses. You will like them. die and voiles daintily trimmed. In
Aprons $1.23 to $2.98 sizes from 2 to 16 years. Prices from
Ladies Waists Ladies Sweaters
In voiles, China silk, Crepe de Chine
and Georgette Crepe. In a nice assortment of colors in the
Voile Waists 98c, $1.98 and $2.98 popular, serviceable Fiber Silk
Silk Waists $1.98, $2.98, $3.98, $4.98 - $7,50 0 $10.90
f Our Expenses Are Less.
We Sell for Less.
Cotton, Felt Mattress 5-ply Goodyear hose
40 pounds 50 feet
. 113.00 $730
Mrs. Potts Sad Irons New Ranges, Coiled
Nickel Plated and Connected
$225 $4730 to $75
Peoples Furniture and Hardware Store
271 N. Commercial St. Salem.
Preliminary topi ars being Uken
for the annual rtenniim an J pienie of
the Marion County Picmeer ' assoein
tion whi.h ti to ,hp he lit on Hnturdny,
June 21, Tlie pienie jrmuiulu are at the
John A. Hunt farm, five mile south of
Ulvertnn in the VYa'dn Hula, one of
mint attractive ami hiittorie mint
U the valley. The minting I called at
JO oYluvk in tlie forenoon, with a
Kiand piinie dinner ut noon. The af
ternoon program has not yet been maile
ii, tint it is assured that Juries 'Ben
in" t, of the supremo court, will be the
principal, aaker. Muaic, for the occa
sion will 'bo furnished hy the Salem
band. Kverybudy is cordially iiivilod
to participate.
Dane. Independence tonight.
Dane Independence tonight.
Do you read the Salem Woolen Mill
store 'i adf You'll save money. tf
Mia Marvin, of the state library, has
recently received a circular from the
American Library association, calling
attention to the fact that there ia a
sliortnce of efficient librarian in the
.m.,., m:mmmm A.n. ijmMt. ...
l T
it the "Hard-to-Fit"
It Are you hard to fit? You won't be if you come to Schei's. No man is hard
ft to fit, heie.
Whether you are long-stout, short-stout, medium-stout or slender, we can
fit you xeactly in clothing that is becoming to your personality. Through
their years of experience and itudy
has produced special and in-between sizes designed to fit every type of figure.
Right now you will find here a large assortment of these splendid, exact-
Vk fitting Kuppenheimer suits in the latest-styles and colorings.
Our salesmen will be glad to demonstrate our ability to fit you to a nice
tywithout the least obligation on your part.
VI t f '
i;;i & t rvrs
"The Kuppenheimer House In Salem"
country, and urging young ladiei to
take up the special course in library
w-hools to fit them for this work.
.'There is inch school in connection
with tho University of Washington,
but in Oregon there ia provided only
a hummer course of library work at
Eugene for teachers.
Attention Seniors! Bishop'i can tnp
ply all your needi for graduation day.
Dane Independence tonight.
Call Patton numbing Co. for your
repair work. Phone ltkid, 2i0 X. t'oiu.
street. , tf
On. Tuesday afternoon, June 3d, oc
curred the annual hymn awl aeripture
reading contest of the Kimball School
of Theology. A elasa is conducted in
tho school throughout the year on this
branch of worship s.inl Jr. A. N. Fish
er of Portland gives a f:l prize of
twenty dollars each year to the con
testant showing the most proficiency.
The contestants thia year were Revs.
Sjduey W. Hall, Fred' A. Rovston, Al
fred I'. Bates, Joseph W. .Miller an'l
Harvey O. Cooper,. Th contestants all
aid arel , Ju Alfred r. .ates was giv
en the prise. Tiie ;t Iges were Revs.
w. t. Kuntncr, u . i'ortcr and v. u.
Powell. j
When you buy paper for a good
house why not see the latest ainl best
Bnren Com '1 street.
You owe It to yourself to make your
walls attractive. Our wall papers will
do thut thing. Buren'a, Com I street.
Ytinhon'a can fnrnien WAiif nuili f(w
irrflftnnf ifin i it
Among the guests t Pres. and Mrs.
Talbott's reception on Wednesday eve
ning were iMvul '. Hassel anil wife.
Mr. Hassel was a student in Kimball
when war was doclured two years ago,
and ho promptly enlisted in Company
M. Ho recently returned from France,
and not long after was married in
Portland. Thia was his first public ap
pearance in Salem since his return, and
many friends were glad to greet hint
and his bride.
Phone 77 Oregon Taxi and Transfer
Co. fer quick service. tf ,
Men wanted at Falls (Sty, Or. Falls
City Lumber k Logging company can ,
use eight or ten niou at yard and sort- I
ing table lntor. Wages 43 to 52 cents '
per hour. . . 6-11
Thia wee tc's drapery special Duplex
scrims, Botsy Jloss drape and figured
madras, values to 11, 44c yard. Ham
ilton's. 6 8
Delicious summer drink orangeade
made from juicy, fresh oranges. The
Spa. 65
Delicious summer drink orangeade
made from juicv, fresh oranges. The
Spa. 05
Drink an orange at The Spa. 6 5
There seems to be some doubt as to
how many cases of influenra there are
in the eity. From as "official" stand
point, as reported by the office of city
physician, there are only seven cases.
Among others who are familiar with
conditions, there is an impression that
the number is ten times this number.
According to the way the disease is
now handled, a doetor reports a case
to the city physician and the said eity
physician causes a quarantine card to
be tacked on the house and that ends
his action. There is a quarantine but
it is effective only on the unfortunate
person who is ill. All other members
of the family go to school or attend
their usual business or sot-ial affairs.
Orange dance at Macleay, good mus
ic, good lunch, Sat. night. 6 5
Drink an orange at The Spa. 6 5
The customary dally sound of gal
loping horsca in the down towu sec
tion of the city will be heard no more.
Girl's Summer Dresses
. ? f n r
in white voiles ana organaies. a large ana cnoice &
assortment for your choosing, ages 2 to 16. Also a
splendid line of girl's gingham dresses from
98c to $3.98 Each
Our Prices Always the Lowest '
.Phone 1072
Com'l. & Court Streets Formerly Chicago Store
The two fire horses which were
Drought out daily for exercise are now
ia possession of the street department
and are now offered for sale. The new
(iarford truck is installed in the fire
Lady wanted to assist the cook at
the Spa. tf
Officer Harry Eowe is now n duty
as chief of police. Chief Varney and
wife are on a vacation in the moun
tains and will remain away about two
For first class work call Society
Cleaners and Dvers, 1272 State .t.
Phone 1684. tf
7." Vogue Complex. Po 63c
73c Roylao Po 63c
60e Golf Queen Po. 15c
50e Corona Rice Po. 39c
50c Supreme Face Fo. S9c
50e Pnges Face Po. .. 39c
25c Creme l)o Camelle Po. 19c
25e Mary Stuart Po, 19c
25e Vogue Po. I9c
40e Corolopsis Po. 29c
Talcums 35c
25c Pages Talcums 19c
6t)e Suprcma Cream , . 5c
On. Mqtiid Orren P"flp 4
tiOc Suprema Shaving Lot ...4Qc
!,00 Os. Perfumes I
1 Lb. Epson Palis .
3 Oa. Olvcerine
Vi Lb. Peroxide
....15c J
15c Palm Olive Soap
$1.00 Nux ft Iron Tablets
3 ft Castoria
50e Kidney Tills
40e II inkle Tills .
16 Os. Parafine CHI
Rit, Tintes and Aladia Dye
75C ;
75c ;
8-iape 10c
...50c, J1.50
444StateSt. Phone 167,
We are offering fruit
jars for less than you will
be able to get them for la
ter. .
Mason Perfect, pts 90c
Mason Perfect, qts....$1.00
Mason Perfect, 1-2
gallon $1.25
Sure to keep rub
bers, 4 for .'..25c
Mason Zinz tops 28c
Economy tops .28c
Economy pts $1.20
Economy quarts $1.30
Economy, 1-2 gal $1.75
Parawax, lb 14c
Canning is more import
ant this year than ever be
fore. FLOUR and CEREALS-
Pacific hardwheat ....$2.75
Diamond C $2.55
Crown $2.95
Olympic $2.95
Corn Meal .-..60c
No. 10 Graham 63c
No. 10 Wheat Cereal ....63c
10 lbs Cream Rolled
Oats 65c
Blue Rose fancy rice ....12c
Head Rice, lb 9c
Golden Rod Oats, large
package 30c
Mather's Oats, large
package .. : 30c
3 8-oz. pkgs. Corn
Flakes 28c
2 pkgs. Kellogg's 27c
2 Post Toasties 26c
2 pkgs Grape Nuts ....23c
2 pkgs A. & H. soda ....15c
Ralston's Bran 17c
Romon Meal 27c
2 oz. Cinnamon, 2 for 13c
2 oz Nutmeg, 2 for 13c
2 oz. Allspice, 2 for 15c
2 oz. Ginger, 2 for 15c
2 oz. pepper, 2 for 15c
2 oz. Mustard, 2 for :...15c
2 oz. Cloves, 2 for 15c
Phone C. O. D. Orders 198 - 186 I
Mail Orders 456 State St.
1-2 lb. Lipton's 1....1...40C
1-2 lb. Dependable 20c
1-2 lb Folger's Shasta..20c
1-2 lb. Tree Tea 23c
1-2 lb. Gait's Blue
Ribbon 35c
1 lb. bluk tea 45c
1-2 lb. Cocoa 18c
1 lb. Cocoa, Hershey's 35c
Bulk Cocoa, lb 26c
1 lb. bulk chocolate ....29c
1 lb. can Ghiradelli's ... 32c
1-2 lb. Baker's Cocoa 24c
Fresh Soda Crackers
pound 16c
Oyster Crackers, lb 16c
Fresh Ginger Snaps....20c
Borden's milk, 2 for ....27c
Carnation milk, 2 for 27c
All 20c pkg cookies 18c
All 50c pkg cookies....43c
Del Monte Catsup,
pints 23c
II. P. Sauce 23c
Kitchen Boquet 25c
Peanut Butter, lb 13c
Fancy Crab Meat, lb....40c
No. 1 Shrimp 13c
5 cans deviled meat 55c
5 lb. Folger's Golden
Gate $2.23
1 lb. Folger's Golden
Gate ......47c
1 lb. Royal Club -...43c
3 lbs. Royal Club ..$1.30
llb.M. J. B 47c
5 lbs. M. J. B $2.25
Best Peaberry coffee
pound 36c
3 lb. Peaberry Coffee, ::
pound $1.05
10 lbs. Peaberry Coffee ::
pound $3.40 X
tiri.! t
ueo. vv asnnigion in
instant 45c
50c Instant Postum 43c
30c instant postum ....25c
25c plain postum .22c
3 pkg. Jell O 33c
3 Jiffy Jell 33c
5 bars Crystal White....27c 1
5 bars Swift's White....23c
5 bars White Navy ....30c
5 bars White Flyer ....25c
3 Cream Oil 25c
4 Fairy, for 25c
3 Fels Naptha 25c
5 Royal White 28c
Large pkg. Naptha
Washing Powder ...55c
Large pkg. Citrus 27c
3 bottles blueing 23c
Large Cottolene $2.90
Medium Cottolene ....$1.13
No. oiCompound $155
No. 10 Compound ....$2.43
tlU fnr.1ir,rr f', ivn1
Ion $1.90 t
No. 5 lard $1.63 1
No. 10 lard $350 X
' 1 f
! 1 I
Makes U
Armory Saturday Nigh
1 he Place, 1 he Crowd, The Music,
The Floor, The Real Dance.
tl M llfl r3
JJ I j I Vly I ri