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Kotor Busses Appear To Take
Places Of Strike Gripped
Street Cars.-
1 IsfcJ
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, , 4., - .N:'JJ" '-. t j
J; 1' In. jVI'M'tf'11
Vaacsavcr. B. C June 6. Jitnevt
r'-HjijM-arcd ou the sirce-U of Vaueotiver
tliis mttru'.ai when it was lea rued t bat I
t ie street railway men after aa all
k flit onscting had di-idej to join the
j ui;,the!! s'lihe called litre oh Tues
day in connection with the strike i
Wlunipef. The first jituey to appear
1.H tun had '"I'mrtli avenue In
I .-t oftiee" sijfa displayed and this
e ,r was sou joined by large fleet
It did capacity business.
The first noticeable inconvenience
t the i"tUf became effective this
irnini. The vitireus had no warning
that the cars would go off, the. gencr
til idea being that the street railway
it en who had voted sgninst the strike
wm'H taad by their decision, especial
ly as they did not obey tie ''general"
triki cail issued on Tuesday. The re
r . 1 was that the eitixeu who lire
w.irkiug, to the number at many thou
..ills, lii.iol out vu ft bright dime
i. uii.fc ami waited on the comers for
the car which did not appear. When
V ivat .Tppurcnt tlint the street ears
w re not ojw rat injj the -inarch in the
e.fv bejjili.
The wiilkiuj; .win plcisunt and dor
it the Journey to fa, tiny, shop, store
id oft'iee, the . in k 1 in people had
true to Hindi r on the sitna'ion which
Ins developed when hy a dispute in
V-'iitnipi-g force eil'mens to trudge ill
V.meivt ver.
Owners of motor cars were generous
la offering "lifts" to the business
4 1 1 1 1 . t thixing ami mot jn-yclists Imi
p.cl.id tiji inxf iigf r for the ' Iponp
il -i k " of tlielr machines but tuosti fa
c.'itiet were far short of what was
ni'n"s.i.y and the nia.ji.rity of the pen
p.e hal ti walk. During the morning
n lie jitneys ennie on the ruu uml the
lug stores as-nt their delivery vans
a oiinii tu pick up employe.
The telephone service was nutintniu-e-i,
about ninety ver cent of the forte
rlmrtiutf for duty despite the absence
transportation. The withdrawal of
t ie cur placed a much greater load ou
the herviee, however, especially at tin)
b'ttnih offices. The telephone eompnny
b' le that the. force will be about ten
percent short and the increased busi
ness almvut 2"i percent and this may
(tiow worse unless the operators find
a. .lire, I melius of pelting to their work
(Cnnital Journal special Service)
I'rivnte Nathan Murphy, who has
,1 i-..i.ni!e returned from overseas.
litis been speniliiiK a few days with ti
Hitter, Mrs. Willis linger. Mr, Mur
phy enlisted 'with the CiiiiiiiIiuii.' tint
inn the early stages of the wur and
KrMMit nun (lis in ttie war nine, tuh
inn pari in iiiimy of Ihe ureal buttles
l i itorthern t'ninre and with the cx
eeplion of beiim 1i)ihtly K:'"s'"d e
(pe.l without a scratch, (iuile h iiiiiii.
1 r it the neiehiiors gathered al the
T,iuicr home Hntiirilny evenini;, Muv
17lh to uny their repeet to the val
iant soldier,
, A.li.itit ilt resilient if the district
a ,ent a ei-y en io.yn.ble evenii:,! lit the
it I,, lidH iiiHii home inlorilny May III,
T ie untheriiz beinjr or ssium-mI by the
l, isi'itcc of Verlie Inifton, nephew of
Mr and Mrs Ituwinnn. who has riven I -ly
icceii'eil his dischuine fiom the nr
rv. Mr. I.ol'ton eulisie.l shortly nfier
toe ratranet of Anteriea tutu the yvn'
r r en I while tin! uvhinstc in mrt lie
itjj sent neross is nevertheless; entitled
It nil tin- l.-sp.et due a Vetcuill.
Illis Ferry paid a tribute to the
n-;id in fitting fiishioti on Menuiiinl
dsy, The i itei'Hhioii formed tit the stu
t' m find marcheily to the eeineter
yneie Mis. ij,hia Mulher delixercl a
a'i.-tinj patiiolie address in which she
J..'i d a n'.owinx tiiliuto to the men Of
Says you really feel clean, sweet
and fresh inside, and
are seldom i!!.
Il' ot ule n.-,-iiriiiii.iJ t. M,in., ,1,1
St'tb a t'Micd t,,niue, foul i.leulll , 4
(lull Uit.i lie.sJic he; or, ii Vur u.eJ S
our sad tnrn lulo is and -i i,U, ,u
ks a ral i r , r - awaitinf y ,u.
Tomorrow m-iruiiic. iniiiiediMlejv mi m
rislui. iliin a alnss uf lnw water with
teflemfu! of ;Tn'!lm phospln c ,a
It. This is iulendeil to first ueiitriiti
Hud then wssli nut of Jonr - sloui.-left,
l". ki.lueis d thirlji feet ,.f iu"s
toies. At (ly, hidl((estitie wnsfe, fHcs.ois,
oiir uiic aU, I tonus, thus elramjiit,
seeednoig ant piinfriuf the entire ili
m'ntirj citnsl,
ril.jw t cs k li-a.li'-hi s.
hitioiw ntu.ks. const ip.il oil
r siif form ..f t .urn a troniil . sr
r'd In t'l s iiarter hhiiiI f l ie.
I'h. s;,!, it, f., (hn Iruj SI Me l id
He)T' euj.iv iij this m irnim iHsi U' h ' - il.
It Is a,. I I,,,.,, ,,,,( svinieH who 'r
rh s he.-i.me en'le,.: isli, jiud keep It ip
dull. It is ) irfri,... tie (: , -n.isire
fr it is t..f.- im,,; 4U ,inn
,iuJ pur on th.- ,i,i,, i!, , B ih, ,it.
de, l..-iiii t ),; ,,,, ,, (., ,, ,;, i
orh illirnili;!,, ipl,, 1). ) ra?
.tiS. Knit) tl;" (,,,, d
Th- j.i-'n, I;,,. f l.ltUlHft ,,S I I -t
!, m,i",, ,s .,( ib-,i iI ,ii ; ii, e t.
'' ! n i , - i, I :
,Mir,ly , . ,l a i ,
! " ' ' f ' ' I L i
. - 1 -,,, .;,. ,i, ,,,.,
- : . if mi
,m tin , . a-iTiVi ... jn,?ai , mm& , ; . I- Vi I
"Speed up the growti and Prosperity of Oregon.1
It Pays to Buy the Best
Ask For
Olympic Flour
Made from carefully selected Northwestern Wheat, thor
oughly cleaned and scoured by the most modern method'
known. All the nutritious qualities of the Wheat are re
tained and it reaches you clean, pure and wholesome.
The Portland Flouring Mills Co.
,p ''."sV-r''
i , v , i k h 1 r
is a pure, wholesome and nutritious product a
delicious spread for toast, bread and biscuits, and
fine for cakes and pastry. The rich oil from tha
meat of the cocoanut, churned with a generous
quantity of pure pasteurized, sweet milk and
just enough salt that's "UMEUU."
a Pacific Northwest Product
strictly a Quality Product
packed in paraffined odor-proof
cartons. Your Grocer can supply you.
s . r t
Jliiuil uicai vu.
North Portland, Oregon.
recited "Jn timiiters rienis, ooin -,to clear tf s aenn of cioum! for a
lections leiiig very approprisie inr ine loeaut'erry patch, tor a lunii who is
occasion. Heceral pntriotic oii!s were ! c onisidcrubly j.ast 3 worn and this
! i ome jub, Imt ronsitterin his past
j performances i ilo not ilntiln that the
I . . .
started a Miliscript ion anions the pu
pils and lifter eolleclinir eoiisulerulble
iiuouev ullowed their enlhusiiiMii to die
ami ni'ijiecteit to return the children s
j utoiiey, su it Mit-iits the proju-r pioce
dure would be to vote the tnx.
veiv in- j .Kill" an viler i a busv man them
Mis. t,eo. jtl'V re.-ia dys, lie sut s lie will not only cut 2J
mini and Kdua Main irnnls of wood before full but intends
would now devolve upon to keep the
fires of jiatriotisiu hitherto kept burn
ing by the men of the riil war. I'ri
vutc Lofton related some of hi. ex
lienences in army life
teientiuK uiMiiiivi
a verv lienulifiil
Most Housewives Prefer f
Becaust it is always de
pendable; not good one
time and poor the next,
but ALWAYS good.
Crown flour is as
nearly right as the best
wheat, modern machin-
; ery and expert milling
knowledge can make it.
Every household
I should use this splendid
A trial will convince
The Sign Of Good Quality
I The Qimlity is Excellent.
.Their (.oat is Heimonablo
They are Homo Industry pro
Cereal Millers 11 ml l'oultry I'ooJ
- yMf4-f
Call your nearest dealer for information
AT ONCE. Then take the earliest opportunity of conveying
to said dealer the idea that you wish to acquire one of these
A Gasoline Motor Driven
Drag Saw Machine that saws
up to 25 cords of wood
per day.
This Mas Talks Llks It Was
Hood River, Or., Route, Mar. 4.
''aiifban Motor Works,
Portland, Oregon.
Dear Sirs: An havltif fine suc
cess with the little old bug. Aver
se tea ricks to gallon of ias; al
so rut 30O ricks at 4 l-8c coat
per rick. Going some for aa old
rig. Respectfully yours, J. J.
NOTE : We also suggest that
for good results you should
Bpecify a VAUGHAN
Drag Saw.
For further detaila address
t Main Street Portland, Oregon.
1 w 'feV
Deals la Red Estate
1. A. McKce to Aaron Ksch, part of
blixk KetuiiiKton's subdivision of
WooiHiurn, ".W.
I. I. McDonald to C. F. Eltcin. bits
a, li." and (hi, tsunnysade Fruit Farm
No. :i, consistiii)t of 40 acres,
Lock Youn?! Ccmmcn Garden
Sage And Sulphur Darken j
So Naturally Nobody
nrandniother kept
her ai
air hfanti-
whatever ho wis out to do,
Claud Hhr.rp and family of l'mlland
spent Suturilny si tne W. C IVltyjohii
httine. ,
. . , 1 1 .:!! ... I ik..
sutijj I'V tnp iieno.il cniiureii mi-i in'
graves strewn with flowers.
Au eiiterta.iuiiicnt was held at the
school house Paturdav evening, May
21th at. which the foilowinn inteie-t
ing priiKiam was rendetvil; Suez, by
the- school; witalmn. Kdiia Main:
recitation, Lamout H'olliyj s"ii((, Kivrr- , . m
.tl niinrlnt rm-ilstioll. Kluia How
man; res'itation, Mrs. Al Main! son-.! T1", !,,,' ."f T,,sa ' fooH-rnte
bv the bool; rivitation, Mnriiuerite ,wini lae wexuan itovrrnnirni 111 Mamp
fs'trauiiscs; recitntion, Anderson j reci ins out disonlcis alonf the border.
tation, Areta Kugicr; song, Kivenlale j
quartet; recitation, Maxiue Fettyjeha; 1'rse due to sHik from an rnciie
.ecitation, Alvitl Auderson: dilation, destn.ved iKHl acres of wheat, valued
Armor Main; duet, Mrs. iieo. 'lhy at l'-'u.Wtl, on the Stanford ranch, near
and James Iscaulou; recitation, Mrs.oto, (al.. .Nitnrdny.
V. C. l'ettviohn; reiitatmii, Al Mil in; i -.
,1. M. Dennett to Oregon Kealty r.x- ,fuly darkened, (rbwy aad attractive
ehanac luvestinent Co. part of h I with a hrew ef Sane tea and Sulphur,
t, Iduck j4. j Whenever her hair took ou that dull,
ireenii W iistiim.'tim R. H. & Navia- ( faded or sfrraked nppearnnee, this stm
tioa Hi. to 4'. K. JsviauldiiiK Loin ' pi, mi mare mu, anolied with wronder
fu., lots 4, .-) and II, bloh :, and part fui ,,ff ,,.(. pv asking at anv drug
of In ilrk 4-V lit.Hi. m 'store for "Wyeth't Ssife and fnilphur
Kirov. Nash to Mary s'hapor, lots ", conioHint,'' you will get a large bot
il, 7, and S tilm k ,H, t'oiiiplnn "s 1st ad I n f,nj, 0,J time recipe ini,roved
diiios. Als.1 lot M, bhwk 13, Kiverview ,bT ,he n,,ii,iB ef 0ther ineredienta,
I'ark. I. t."u 1. , sil readv to use, at very little cost.
Annie l)nnionalla . to A. M. 1 ower. ifbis simple mixture fan 03 detiended
iron mair- will l,e aide to ac.-omplisl, j , of yM 3 n..r s,,iti,.n. :.-; ,, tu r,rg natural color and beau-
irtiti'Piia list suttsi nut 1.1 .1.. 1 ! !
. tr to the hair.
(its. Metcalf to Virginia hambcrs,i A wo. (own dowrnt'nva druggist
part of block in Jioberts adilition. v, fVerybody uses Wyeth's sge and
Ito'licrt J'earce to J. K. Wright, ISu'lphnr Conipoiind now beestise it
12 and part of lot 3, bhwk 3, W alnut :,Urk(MI, nsturallv and evealv that
savory hotcakes, full of
goodness, are for your break
fast. A delightful treat, so in
expensive and simple to pre
pare you can enjoy them every
day in the year.
0 II
R - . s-fi-'4' ' llj
dialog, l-dua, Main aud lAiuout l'olly:
violin rdo, J. V. Walker; recitation,!
Thelma 1'erry; Ycrscs, When 1 am a
man," by eight J'oys; aolo, Walt JH iw -j
man; rwilauon, .'ri traue,; Jialei
Kdua Main, Jh-rnirc and I'ltver ol
y; tang Walt Itowmaa and Mrs. lvt
trjohn; Arista Oue'. iAiuise j
Croisw and Marguerite tisu-scr;
reeimtion, Alvia Main.
There is -orisidersl!e tlk in the
neighhoihood of voting a s.i ai! tsi at
the next annual school ieotin(( for
ti rmriHise o building suwk needed
jilny hw for the school fhi.irea. TU:s
iiioveaient roecived w-veff j!t last
winter then u eatcrr.ji ,srty
Keeps One Fit
A regular morn
ing dish of
Food Value
77:cre's a Rison"
ii rlt e Addition
Samh rnlilll to hristia lfcilie. 20
ee in I. II. Smith fiaim 4-6 1 W.
Chas, Thacker to J . M. Ogle, part of
lots .". aud ti. blo. k Z. Salem. $S.V
V. II. Hunt to U r. Imolcy, lot 6,
block 4, r.nrlington addition.
A. N. Gilbert to Kliibeth s'reson.
lot :t, blin k I, Capit'd s'reet addition,
ft Ml.
1 Marie Stringer to (!. C I.. Snyder,
lot ti, Idot-k s, Simpson addition.
I IVter Biernievcr to Valentine Wolf,
'lots 3 and 4, 1'Bluiers 'Jd addition, HX.
I Aigel. f .".(H.
I J R T(.sn.,-s to F. ('. Free, part of
lot 1, ItattU' ( res k Fruit farm .No. t. ( Washington, June ft. ( Vnited Fiess)
roiis'siing of 2".W sen's. i Washington b prrtisriiii to eebbrnte
Kiverviesr l.an.l (V to Corn Schwab. . fj,.,.!,.,, py this v.-sr with a r
K. half of lot i Biverview sttbdiv.s ;gMlBt mn,i naraile tvdifvin( the r.'turn
on. iaf tH-aie and friendship to the Woiiit.
Kvcrr nation which has aa seerclited
representative ia the nntifmal eanitnl
t,s Wen akid to take iart in the big
Oration and mat" ere prc,,3i-1ic
abnrste f'nnts depicting the ri, in.Vis- I
nohodv can tell it has fceei applied-
it's so ens yto nre. too. tou simply
dampen a enmb or soft brush and draw
it through ynnr hair, taking one strand
at a time. By morning the gray hair
disappears; sifter another application
or two. it is restored to its natural
color and look glosy, soft and bean-tifnl.
Washirtoa ta Celebrate
Fcurti With Peace Parade
try and nationnl life of their respective
The principal features of the Celt bra
tion will be a series of. tublea.rr In
front of the various public buibiinjrs
followed by a parade up Pcmivvlvaiiia
avenue to the cupitol, r.ftcr which med
als will be presented to the Washington
soldiers who took part in the wai.
President Wilson, cabinet members,
supreme c"tt't justices and othei hi(;h
officials will occupy seats of honor at
the tapitol.
Trans-Ocaen Airship to
1 Carry lWPeopIe Planed
London (By Mail.) Fare to Amer
ica by air four rents a mile.
This is the Yickers company's pre
dicted price for a- transAtlnntic trip in
(the new gigantic airship, now practical
I ly completed at the firm's Barrow vnrds
land of whirh the trials are M-licduled
for May. The vessel, which is of the
latest improved tvpe, will have a cubic
capacity of over l.-'uo.min feet, and is
designed to carry loo pss,sCDCtrs to
America in 4S hmirs. The avcratr. H-d
for the trip will he "" miles ior hour.!
j and the fnre should work out at about 1
four cents a mile, or f-MO. 1
( Yickers are also biiildinif a niiud.fr ef i
iairsdiips for siicrttnj purposes, i-;cH;dinff '
jAfrican biir game linnts. j
I After travelirg from Ta'oma to Xewr 1
York to meet their sr, Mr. and Mrs.
t.leorire ( rate learned that he had d.i j
the day before their arrival. His d stb j
was ranged bv drirhiuj water from aj
ell ps.i ned by the H-.it.s.
Apply few drops then lift sota.
touchy corns off with
Poena 't hurt a bit'. Drop a little
Freezone on aa aching com. instantly
that corn stops hurting, then vou life
it right out Yes. magic!
A tiny bottle of i'reezoae cot but
a few cents at any drug store, but is
sufficient to remove every hard corn,
soft corn, or corn between the toes,
and the calluses, without soreness or
Kreeronp i tlte enstioiii! diseov
erv of a C:n'-in7i genius. It is wen