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Doctor Tells How to Detect
Harmful Effects of Tobacco
uvvui a.
! New York: Doctor Connor, formerly
of J.hns Hopkins hospital, says: Many
sen who smoke, cbfw or stiuff inces
santly and who are seeminriy healthy
are suffering from progressive organie
, aJeuta. T'uoujni! uf tbsun would
sever have been afflicted had it not
bren for the use of toba'fo, and thou
sands would sooa get well if they
would only atop tie uss of tobacco.
The thief habit forming principle of
torvo )l nicotine, a deadly poiaon
which, when absorbed by the system
lowly affects the nerves, membranes,
tissues and vital organs of tlia body.
The harmful effect of tobacco yaries
and depends on circumstances. One will
lie afflicted with general debilitv. oth
ers with catarrh of the throet. imlife
tiov, constipation, extreme nervousness
. sleeplessness, loss of memory, lack of
will power, mental confusion, etc. Oth
ers mav suffer from heart disease,
brT'ithinl trouble hsrdening of the ar
tery's, tuberculosis, blindness or even
cancer or the enmmoii affliction known
a tobacco heart. If you use tobacco
'n anr form you can easily detect the
at a regular pace, then atop. If you
find that you are out of breath, your
heart beat is forced, trembling or ir
regular, you may be a vktiin f fune
tional or organie heart trouble. If you
feel that you Biust smoke, chew or
snuff to quiet your nerves, you are a
slave to the tobacco habit, and are
positively poisoning yourself with the
deadly drug, nicotine, la either ease
yoa have just two alternative keep
on with the self poisoning process irre
spective of the dangers and suffer the
consequence, or give up the habit and
escape the feingers. You can. overcome
the craving and atop the habit in a
very short time by using the following
inexpensive formula, tie to any drug
store and ash for Nii-otol tablets, take
iina tablet after each meal, and in a
comparatively short time you will have
no desire for tobacco, the craving will
have left you. With the nicotine poison
out ef your system your general health
ill outcklv mmrove.
Xote When asked about .Jiieotol tab
lota, one of our leading druggists said;
"It is truly a wondej-ful remedy for
harmful effect bv making the fallow ! the tobacco habit; away ahead of any.
tmng we nave ever sum ueiore. v
are authorised by the manufacturer
to refund the money to every dissatis
fied euttom.jr, and we would not per
mit the use of our name unless the
remedy possessed unusual merit." Xic
otol tablets are sold in thii city under
an iron clad money back guarantee by
all up to date druggists, including D.
J. lay
ing simple testa. Head aloud one full
page from a book. If, in the course of
reading your voice becomes muffled,
hoarse and indistinct, and you must
frequently clenr your throat, the chanc
e are that your throat is affected by
catarrh and it may be the beginning
ef more serious trouble. Next, in the
wonting before taking your usual
iinoke, walk tip three flights of atair
Make Your Home a Home of the
A very popular instrument, which will add to the
t , attractiveness of any home. Special concert Satur
day evening, June 7th, 7:30 to 8:15. Everybody
C S. Hamilton Furniture Store
310 Court Street
Csslial Joarcal Wast Ads Will Get Yoa What Yoa Want
Canital Journal Wast Ads Fill Get Yen What Yea Waal
SX3AL events are beginning to
take the fwrin of motor trips, lawn
parties aud. f icnie suj-pcra, the
fair weather and almost nneurpassed
beauty of an early Oregon summer be
ing responsible for it. Both the east
and west banks of the river abound
with ideal picnie spots, while for those
who prefer to go farther from home,
innumerable roads lead to innumerable
fairy grounds where civilisation ia
thing to be quite forgotten and the
sheer splendor of nattfre the only
thing worth reaenerinp.
Last iKridav the tive Wire class of
the Leslie ' ilethodist church took a
camping trip to Taylor Springs on the
north fork of the Jantiam, wnich last
ed until Sunday night. Hiking and fish
ing filled the Saturday hoars, and en
Sunday the regular Sunday school de
votions, with services appropriate for
Memorial day, were held. Kome par
ticularly enjoyable features were the
vocal solo br Miss Trestrait of Tort-
land, the three act playlet "The Hand
of trod'' by Myrtle ilaon, and the
college soil'; lv the students of Wil-
lamette university. En-joying the pleas
urable trip were Miss Clara Miller, Joe
drounds, Dot Grounds, Uazel Pclaney,
Kunice Brown, Bertha Miller, Myrtle
Mason, Tar Pratt, Helen Rose, Gladys
Harbour, Mildred Wells, Miss Staple-
ton, Sue Williams, firaee Presley, Grace
Trestrail, Agnes Gregson, Glenna Tes
ters, Zeds lilioten, Lora Purvine, Miss
I'runer, Mrs. Bclile, Helen Ingrcy, Jo
sephine Kooreman, Mr. and Mrs. John
Ulrich, Mr. and -Mrs. .Max Alford, Mr.
and Mrs. A. C. Kohrnstedt, Mr. Med-
ler, John Meiiler, Keith Lyman, Harold
Lyman, William Sherwood, Lloyd Me
lntire, Guy Boice and Ivan Corner.
On Sunday the party was joined by
Mr. and Mrs. K A. Rlioten and family,
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Ingrey and K. B.
This evening at 8 o'clock, Miss Vcnl-
ta McKinner a graduate of Willamette
university school of music, will be pre
sented in rncitul in the tPirat M. .
church to which every one is invited.
.Miss McKinney is rocogniofd as a, mu
sician, of rare talent and having ap
peared often in various concerts and
recitals has become a favorite with
Salem music lovers.
Tlio program for her -recital is:
Concerto, op. 25, iu (I minor, (Men-
deiSsohn-Bartholdy); 2d piano, Miss
Florence Shirley.
Love s Lpitoaie, cycle of songs
(Mary Turner tilator.)
(a) Traumerei (Dreams), op. 9, so.
(b) Nocturne, op. 9, No. 2 (Chopin)
(c) Valse, op. M, So. 1 (Chopin.)
(a) Tho Boll (Saint Saons.)
(b) Wing to Me (Hischoff.)
Hungarinn Bliapsodic No. 2 (Liszt)
Miss Kvelyn Ieyong accompanist.
Liebpsitnium (Love's Iream) Noe-
turn L'o. 3 in E flat (Lisit), Miss Shir
(a) Dedication (.HchumnnnJ
(b) O CoTire Wiih Me in the Sum
mer night (Von do Stucken) Miss Wi
ble. ' ' ; '
Momen's M.i.iiaui (Schubert)
Allegro Moveto in F minor
Allegro Vivace in P Minor, Miss
Shirley -
Serenade, 'Thantez, Chantez Ma
Belle" (Gounod.)
(b) Morning (JSpeaks), Mijs Wiblo
Hustles of Spring, op. 32. io, 3,
(Sinding), Miss Shirley
"Ono rinp Dav," ana from "Ma
dam Butterfly" (Puccini), Miss Wi-ble.
ltoudo 'H,priccioso, op. 14 (Mendel-
sshnn-iHnrtholdy) Miss Shirley.
Tonight and tomorrow evening Mrs.
Oscar tlingrich will ajper at the, Ore
gon theater in a presentation of Indian
songs and legends. It is quite useless
to introduce Mrs. tlingrich to the art
loving public, as everyone is acquaint
ed with her marvellous ability, and
those who have not had the pleasure of
seeing her perform are only waiting
wch an opportunity as this, to witness
the presentation, ller interpretation of
Indian pantomime is no original and
true to native legend and tradition,
that aside from the art value of her
offering, tho work is doubly appreci
ated because of ita individuality and
tne exceptional talent or Mrs, Uinff
rieh herself. Miss fiuth Bedford, the
Eber Docnaa Declares Taa
kc ReHeyed Km Of !
Rheumatism. !
"I am glad to tell anybody about a ;
medicine that did me as nun h good as i
Tanlae has," said Elmer Duonan, of ',
434 Fisher Ave., 'Detroit, Mich, re- j
cently. J
44 It was what I read in the papers,
about Tanlaa that caused me to try j
it," he continued, "and I want to pass
the good word along for the benefit of :
others, if'or a long time I had rheuma-.
tiara so bad that my handa and wrists ;
would swell up and pain me terribly, I
and I would hardly be able to aleep at I
night on account of my sufferings. I
would get op in the morning feeling so j
tired and worn oat 1 could hardly drag
myself off to work, I got so bail that i
I was losin? time from air work, and
simply touldn't keep up. i
"After trying everything else with
out getting any better I got some Tan
lac, and it has done me a world of
good. I sleep fine, have a splendid ap
petite, and am entirely relieved of my
Tan lac is sold in Salem by Dr. S. C.
Stone, in Hubbard by Hubbard Drng
Co., in Mt. Angel by Ben Gooeh, in
Gervais by John Kelly, in Turner by
H. P. Cornelius, in Woodburn by Ly
man H. Shorey, in Silverton by Geo.
A. Steelhammer, in Gates by Mrs. J.
P. McCurdy, ia Stayton by C. A.
Beaucbamp, in Aurora by Aurora Drug
Store, in St. Paul by Groceteria Storea
Co., in Donald by M. W. Johnson, in
Jefferson by Fojliay ft Mason, and in
Mill City fcy Marketeria Gro. Co.
Extraordinary Values
IN "
Orchid Underwear
for Women
The Garment And the Flower Daintiest
Ia Their Class
We are again showing a very complete line
of this truly famous underwear, in the most
popular styles. Orchid Underwear is thor
oughly Good
t j
New Greys,
irown, Navy,
H , k and
White pure
"iik Ikis ef
oplenlid quality
! pair
f 1 Cfl to f.'.OO
Tubular Top
Silk Bodice, Flesh and While
White Opera
Vests and Vnion Suits
Athletic Suit
Vor Comfort Pink and
White. Short Sleeves,
Tight and Loose Knee
Union Suits
50c to $1.73
Two-Picce Garment
10c to 93c
f3 V3 TUH StMSM 543
Do you know the com
fort, cheer and after-glow
of fine tea?
There Is'no other drink
like it; it gently stimulates
and cheers, but makes no
demand upon the diges
tion. It is a royal drink, and
yet, next to water, is the
cheapest of all cent
for a cup of fine rich
flavored invigorating satis
fying teal
Schilling Tea is the fine
practical economical tea
of this country.
There are four flavors cf Schilling
Tea Japan, Ceylon - India, Oolong,
Enojuih llreakfast. All one quality. In
parchmyn-lined moisture-proof package.
At grocers everywhere.
A Schilling & Co San Francisco
To the Woman who desires Style, Pre-eminently these new sport skirts will
strongly appeal as they are modeled in the most correct modes of the
- Season's .Leaning.--Man-Tailored Fashions.
popular young pianist, who ia rapidly
making an enviable reputation for her
self in Sale musical eircles, will act
as aet'ompauist for Mrs. Giugrich.
The we&ting cf James H. Campbell
an'd Mrs. Sarah E. Kiggs was solema
iiscd at nine o'clock Tuesday morning
at the bride's home, 4H North Sum
mer street. The ceremony wss read by
Mrs. Hynolds of Berkeley, California,
an ordained minister and a niece of
Mrs. Kigga. Prayer was offered by the
Rc y. Lcland W'i Porter, pastor of the
First Christian ehnrch of this eity.
Present at the wedding were Mrs.
Hastings of Dallas, a sister of the
bride; Mrs. Darling, Mrs. Misw, Mrs.
Brown, Mr. and Mrs, Jesse Campbell
and Master James Leonard Campbell,
Mr. and Mrs. lage aud Kev. and Mrs.
I Porter. A wedding trip to Puges Sound
1 V - - i - 1 .. 1 v
j 11M s. iwuias yulllis wiib 'iniinmi vj
Mr .and .Mrs, Campbell, who Mt by
(motor for Portland immediately after
jthe eeremony. The bride is well known
in local social and church circles; the
(groom is a native of Kentucky, and hss
itieen apemHnfr. some months visiting st
I lie home of his son Jesse Campbell.
.Mr. and Mra Campbell will be st home
after Juue 15lh at 411 'ovth Summer
j street, where a host of friends will
'welcome their return.
Hi'rtxTt Xunn. of Salem is number
ed among the t,uet whoj registered at
' Hot Ijike Sanitorinm Saturday.
I Miss May Mickey was presented ia
her graduating revital in piano Tues
irtsy evening at the Thirst Christiaa
ichiireh. Mvaa Mickey ia a pupil of the
' Western Conservatory of Music, which
is nndeir the direction of Kraak E. ;
Churchill. Miss Mickey is a talented
young musician and her well chosen !
numbers displayed to advantage her!
sillful technique and sense of rhythm. I
She was ably assisted by Miss Helen I
Miaver in humorous readings and by
Miss Margaret Wthl and Mrs. J.
Va Winkle in vocal numbers. The
program follows:
Majrarka, op. ft, "S. 2 Les'-hetiiiky
Btaecato F.tnde, op. S7 - Friml
I May Mickey
0 Come with me in the Summer
night -
Margaret ible
"The Ilnld !eaied Maa" (reading)
liett a Shaver
New Sport Plaids $4.98, $8.95 to $17.50
New Silk Poplins $4.98, $5.98 to $14.75
New Chuddah Cloth $5.95, $7.48 to $12.50
New Wool Serges : $5.95, $6.95 to $12.50
New Silk Poplins $4.98, $5.98 to $14.75
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dines and Novelty Wash Materials.
' $1.48. $1.93. $2.48, $3,98 up to $3.75 edch -
Quality Merchandise
Popular Prices
liberty Street, Salem.
Caprice in A Mills
May Mickey
Address, presentation of diploma,
Leland V. I'wrter, minister Fiist Chris
tian church.
This kindly letter cornea from Cor
vallis and for the benefit of those who
mav profit thereby, is printed in full:
"When I signed' for your paper I
told you lo stop it when the time was
up. But I suppose you have forgotten
it as it keeps coming. I have enjoyed
reading the Capital Journal very
reports from the outlying districts, j much; but I expeet to go away berry
which went almost solid sgainst it. picking soon. io I won't he here to gvt
Precinct 11, Salem, was also the only it and 1 will have to order it stopped,
one to give a lead for the county agri- ff those nurses at the Waverly Baby
culturist plan, the vote there being 79 jhome in Portland would keep biathber
to 61. ry jell on handa and give it to the ba-
(Coatinued from page one)
The soldiers', sailors' and marines.'
educational financial aid measure i ap
parently 'lost over the county, although
many pieciutts gav it a favorable majority..
hies when they have summer complaint,
there wouldn't be so many die with it.
saved my first horn's lifs ilh it
when she was a baby."
Hot water
Sure Relief
We Carry Ccrrplcte Uzz Heron's "Glove FilLing" Ccrscls
".-its fajgfc
I May Mickey
; Polonaise from "M gttoa" .... Thomas
1 Mn. J. O. Van Winkle
'M,pid and the Cad-Mar" (rradief .
Helen M.aver ,
where quality
Evory day more housewives are learning why
is preferred. Every day more housewives specify
when they order their daily bread.
And isn't it only natural?
Cherry City Baking Co.