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Itasca To Head Backers
Memorial Day
Reminds us that it is fitting and proper to suspend
business, dress in our very best and Do Honor to our
Fallen Heroes. Never in the world's history was
this more true than now.
f Ail-any, Or., Mar JS.t-H. Hirwhberg
!of Independence was elected rhairaan
of group No. 2 of the Oregon Stan
Bankers' asMH-iatioa i its minimi con-
1 veution hero Tuesday afternoon. Forty
seven bankers attended the toirroution
uf this group, which includes the 43
banks of Linn, Marion. Polk, Bentoi.
ami Lincol v counties.
D. Eyre of Salem was elected v'tce
ehairman and other officers named an
follows: 8ocretary, J. XV. Mayo of Rtav-
, ton; treasurer, Alexander Power of Leb
anon; executive committee, K. D. Cusiek
Denver Man Declares Tanlac
Has Helped Em Ksre
Than Anj Oilier Me&
"Ever sine I took that course of
of Albany. J. H. Albert of Salem a J!?' ?V TU 4!1,-T nd
H. Kvler of Corvallis. 7 ,h?" 1 h4v i" Dun 7Mt nd U
And never was it more true that nice black Ox
fords will finish off your suit better than an
thing else. We'll be glad to show you some beau
tiful ones, ranging in price from $10.50 di)wn to
Principal sneaker at the convention
were E. G. Crawford of Portland, prcs
, hlont of the Oregon State Rankers -sociation,
who 8oko on "The Dawn of
'& New Kra"; C. E. Pox of Albany, who
discussed the safe keeping of wcuritics,
aud George K. Khaw of the internal
revenue office in Portland, who explain
ed troublesome features of the income
tax law. E. B. Williamson- vice presi
dent of the Albany State bank, wel-
else 1 have ever taken," said J. V.
Patterson of 1359 Tliirteeinh street,
Denver, Colo.
"For thirty yeans," he routtuued,
"I suffered from catarrh of the nose
aud throat, and although 1 was oper
ated oa by a New York specialist at
great ewpeuaa I jot only temporary re
lief. 1 just roiitdu't rest at all we'll at
night aud would get up in the morn
ings almost choking with mucus which
lined the visitors to Albany, aud Geo. i nauseated we so 1 would often have to
Pumps Too
Are good and the Brown Kids and Calf costs from $10.50, $9.50, $8.00 and as
- - -low as $6.00.
In many different kinds and grades that costs from the Kids at $12.50 and $11
" on down to canvas at $2.95.
I A jiSoss " ' . X I
J. Wilhelm of Harrisburg, ehairiuan of
, the group during the past yecr and wu
presided Tuesday, resHmded.
The session o'ned with a luncheon in
the banquet room, of the Knights of
Pythias buildi'g, where the eonvrution
: was held. Kullowiug -the jiroyram of
I addresses many matters of interest to
: the banker wero discussed informally,
j Portland bankers who attended the
'meeting were: Koy B. B. Nelson, cuAier
I of the Northwestern National; E. t.
i Craw ford and K. W. SchnuHr, both vice
! presidents of the Vnited States Nation
al; T. H. West, assijitant cashier of the
Lndd & Tilton bank, and 8; A. Anner
Ison, president of the Portland State
Deals In Real Estate
Anna' White to AV. L. Taylor, 53.80
'ucrca in E. half of KG. quarter section
6 l W.; l.'i00.
i Anna White to W. L. Taylor, fruit
lots 11, 12 and 13, Friends Oregon Luc
iony in section 36 6-1 K.; SK)00.
I j. C, Green to J. ! Green, 3'4 aeros
in J.'B. Duchanno claim 51 V.
W, B. Cliue to Flossie Houston, lot 3,
Alen's addition to Bilvertonj 300.
Kmil Jorv to J. H Rhodes, 12.88 acres
in section 33 and 34-3 W.
j C. F. DeGurre to A. I.. Cottrin, putt
of block 4, Davenport addition to Hit
ivertora; 1200.
C. W. Peters to John Mi Leod, lot 9,
block IP, Nob Hill addition.
John Mcl.eod to C. W. Peters, 7 acres
in section 36-8-3 W.
W. E. May to W. S. Pembcrton, lots
13 and 14, Hunnyside Fruit Farm No, 9.
Chns. Mnxwell to J. 8. Marshall, 6
acres in I. N. Gilbert claim 7-2 W.;
$2000. i.r .
11. W. Libby to '1. J.1 Myers, 55.19
actes in sections 5 itirfl 610-2 W. ' !
and relatives in eastern Oregon.
Tho young people spent a very plena
ut informal -evening at the C. Grimm
home Thursday evening. The honor
guests were MisaMeryle Whitney, who
is down from Portland and Miw Mur
ine JSehnller, whose school closes Tues
day. Those present were IMisa 'Merylo
Whitnev, Miss Minnie Schaller, Miss
i(i!d!i Wheeler, Messrs. 'Fred Oickman,
(C'spital Journal fripeciul Service)
Kickey, May 26.-lr. and Mrs. V.
Iicwis and daughter of Lyons spent
Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. K. A.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Atifrance were
fttlem visitors M oh da v.
The Tlmndorn club met at the home it'rven Frvslie, Howard Grimm
of Mrs. Tony Dciuitis Wednesday. J . School clustw Tuesday with a picnic
Mr. and Mrs. L. IMckman motored j i the Jchn Caplinger woods. This
tr S-iletn Thursday. I closes the ttiird siiccewiful term ir
K. Matten, the assessor, visited our: Miss Schaller in our district,
ni'i'ihliorhood this week. Word has been received from D. A.
Howard Grimm conducted the eighth Hnrris, who is traveling in the east,
gnide examination in our district. j that he is in the ibest of health and
Bobbie Lewis, who had his tonsils 'enjoying himself.
removed, is able to be out again.
Mrs. T. Wallace spent Thursday in
Miss Meiyle Whitney of Portland
is down for an extended visit with her
I'oreuN, Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Whitney
O. .I'oimlil was a Salem visitor Mon
day. Irvin Caplinger is visiting friend
(Cupi4:il Journal Speciul .Sttrtice)
Aumsville, May Mrs. C. F. Hein
hns returned from a months visit nt
linis', Idtiho, where she was the guest
of her daughter, Mrs. Dean Wright
Quicker, Cheaper, Better
Hot Water
All over the house plenty for
the toilet and bath ample
quantities for the kitchen and
laundry, and all with very little
attention and at a low cost for
fact You simply cossect a
Tank W ater Heater
to your rang boiler, light match
and turn on the ga In a few minute
you have an
abundant aup
ply of piping
hot water.
FuVninaia thato
IbT and drudaary
of the eoal lira.
Sava time, labor
and money. Uaa
heated water.
This Uttla healer
doa a wondarful
work aad will
(Ira yrm many
year of aranofn-li-al.
retiabla scr
Ttca. On display at our
f jU t
t m r
,. ,..
' I
PortTaad Raikaj Ligat And Power Company
and family. ; -
Mrs. W. C. Anderson entertained a
party of .friends at her liome Satur
duy evening in honor of her father, A.
K. Clark of Aberdeen, Vv'n. The eve
nluu was sient playing cards, n.t'ter
which refreshments were aerved.
Hoy illaynard of Portland spent the
week end witli frfends in the city. Mr.
Baynaid was a farmer well known res
ilient here.
Friends of Miss Beatrice Crano will
be grieved to learn of her death
which occurred at RidRowuy, Texas,
Mav 1H. of vtyphoid fever.
Mrs. W. B. Chance hns as her gucat
her aunt, Mrs. Ada Pearl of Oregon
Mr. aud Miw. W. : Anderson will
leave the first of the month for .Ne
braska io tko up their residence. Mr.
Anderson has other interests which re
quire his attention and has disposed
of liia bank holdings here to K. T.
Pierce f A'bany, who hits taken
charge of .the 'business and will move
his family here this week.
The Aumsville contingent of the Vic
toria clpter O. E. 8., wero entertain
od at a social meeting at the Masons
hall in Turner Hntunlay evening. A
delightful evening was spent in game
music, reailingis, etc. after which a do-
Iicioiis luncheon wns served.
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Monmouth Mav 2S polk eoimtv
Pomona grange met r-sturiiay in the I.
O. O, V. hull as scheduled with a yen-
good attendance. The muni good din
ner whs enjoyed by the "family" at
noon, after which a short but interest
ing program was rendered. The prin
cipal hiisinewi to cmne before the meet
ing was the discussion of the various
ciiiihi itui iuiunl aim-ndinc oik and meas
ures to be panned on by the voters at
the ?pccil election .lime 3.
h. A. Guthrie, half brother ftf Har
vey Outline of Monmouth, died in the
Dal!as lioMjiital Tuesff.iy, May 19, fol
lowing an operation for stomach and
bowel -trouble.
Jacob Smith and family are planning
to leave Monmouth within the next
few weeks on account of fniling henlth
of his wife and little daughter. They:
expect to locate some where in the i
out h west or in the mountain slates.
Mr. Hmith has resigned hia member-
ship in the Commercial clul) and has
given up his position as manager of the j
Oregon Milling and Warehouse Co.!
Miss Florence Hefrley rlued her
-honl at 4'amas Valley I ant Friday
and left the rime day for Kosetiurg to
attend the Strawlwrry festival. She
was joined there in? her sister, Ger
trude. The two will visit for a time in
southern Oregon afier which they will
return to (mai Valley where they
ii:m a summer camping trip.
Wiimer Powell is working on a Block
ranch in Wyoming. He received his
discharge aomctime in Iieccmbcr, vis
itel relatives in Miuri for a time
and took, a six weeks' course at Ames.
I Iowa. Coi eirc. Ihani nn bi tikice.
Mre. Margaret Pence who has lieen 1 Carl Wood ia working on (he new
with her daughter at Philomath for I'acifie highasy.
some time, l:ffls returned to her home
south of town.
Ray Thomas, recently returned from
three, years service overseas, has secur
ed work in thchip yards at Vancouv
er. '
Last Wednesday a' long trnin of
automobiles, of perhnps fiftv enrs. car
rying the Jersey cattle breeders of the
northwest, pas ed thru town enroute to
Corv-allia via the Wmt Side highway.
Ivnn liMiMinrv' (ffthe Luckiamute vi
cinity assiHted in arranging and mar
shaling the trip. Monmouth as tho dis
tinction of being the wily town in Ore
goo where. the visiting club members
found three Jersey farms meriting
thoir attention. They' visited the dair
ii of J. B. Stump Son, Frank
Loughnrv Son and V. O. Hewett, nil
of monmonth.
Kirehnrd Van lioan: returnod last
week from Camp liewis where he re
ceived his iHsrhaige. He enlisted-with
I'oinimny I, was later transferred to
the 151st field artillery, Kainibow di
vision, where he servea as orderly io
(Lionel Lynch of Minneapolis and for
a time acted as messenger on several
importnsit front during aome of the
fierce! fighting, and for aeverul
months served as company clerk. He
was one of the unfortunate sufferers
from ammonia gas, caused by the ex
plosion of a large tank of ammonia nn
board the itranaport Huapuehana in the
harbor at Brcex,
Alfred Hniith and wife will occupy
the Jacob Hmith place when the Smith
family leave for the south.
L. P. (lilmore was a week end yuit-
or in Portland.
lune filth will in the closing day
of Monmouth high school. The bacca
laureate service will tie heiil tsunnay
June 1st at eight o clock p. m. in the
Evangelical church. Kev. Peter lonk
lin will deliver the eriiion. Prof. J. B.
V. Butler will del ver the commence
ment aililn June sixth in the hih
school audtroitun.
V. L. Kevt, a former citizen of Mon
mouth, was over from Salem ono day
Inst week renewing old acquaintances.
S'oimnl lodge 1. O. O. F. was well
represented f the grand lodge in Sa
lem last week, as wns akm Agate R-
bekskh lodge of Monmouth. Many
brothers who were not privileged to
attend scsions of the grand lodge were
seen in the 1ig parade on Thursday.
Dell Tedrow aud Harold price were
amonie the speakers at the state bun
day echool convention held in Corval
lis last week.
(Cgtal Journal Speeiel Service)
'Ir-veritale, May 27 W. H. Wilson
received word from his son Floyd, who
still is In France, that -he has been
promoted to sergeant, but as yet they
I do not know when be w ill be home.
Word was received fretti John ochif
fcrer last week that be had arrived
safely in New York, and might te ex
pn'tcl home in a few weeks now,
L. K. He.nnis is putting is a new
water system in his reiicne.
Walter Waco Is building a new
vomit. My stomach became afu'ected
so that everything I would eat aottred
and bleated me up with gas as tight
as a drum. I was bilious, too, had ter
rible headaches' and suffered some
thing awful.
'' 1 tried everything tcould hear of
but nothing helped me till 1 began
takin Tanbic. It has relieved mo of
gas and every sign of indigestion aud
my atuumch is in lietter condition than
it has been in years. Tanmc hashelped
my catarrh wonderfully, it has calm
ed my nerves bo 1 can get refreshing
sleop at night and I am not troiriiled
with that mucus or nausea anymore."
Tanlac ia sold in Salem by Dr. S. C.
Stone, in Hubbard by Hubbard Drug
Co., in Mt. Angel by Ben Gooch, in
flcrvaia by John Kelly, in Turner by
II . P. Cornelius, in Woodburn by Ly
man II. Shorey, in Silyertoa by Goo.
A. Steelhammer, in Gates by Atrs. J.
P, MoCurdy, iu Stayton by C A.
Beauchamp, in Aurora by Aurora l'rug
Store, in St.. Paul by Groceteria Store
Co., in Donald by M. W, Johnson in
Jefferson by Foshav t Mason, ana in
Mill City by Marketeria Gro. Co.
JoiaalV ant
- A
Quick Reference To Firms That G:?2 Service Oa Short
Where Buyer And Seller Meet We
Recommend Our Advertisers.
EVEsrnnifO electkicai.
6aleB Electrio Co., Haaoaia T;jcpla, 127 ortk Higtu
-Uaia im
FOB SALE 120 acres of No. 1 land
located 6 miles from Salem, oa food
rsad, ia good location, goad kuae
and barn and other buildings, farm
implements, 4 horses, 5 enws, S year
lings, 50 htad of hogs, round S00
' cords of wood ready cut, all at a
bargain. Writ U V ear Journal.
of piano, a new and logical nethod
for both pupil and teacher, Easing
elear all basic principles Bcwsaary
to a musical edueatioa, ant1 giving
the 1 ' music teacher" something ta
teach. 421 Court St. Phono
FOR SALE A good doublo team har
arss, will trado for hay or grata,
or will exchange for good Cry wool
See Squaro Deal Realty eompaa.
Phone 470
Kay Karris has gone to Florence,
Ore, to spend a few doyn.
Clifford Hartley ami wife nnd a
couple of (friends of. Portland and Mrs.
Hartley's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis
of. Washington, are visiting for a few
duvs with Mr. W. J. Hartley.
: XI. Eliflet .and family and W. J.
Hndley and family attended the Dairy
picnic in Marion Friday.
Mrs. M. Fliflet and Mrs. A. Kunke
were visiting with Mrs. I-vl Fliflet
in alein Saturday.
Oscar Comstock and family of tV
lem spent the week end here wilh his
annU, Uft. i A. Wood, Mrs. W. H.
Wilson and Mrs. J. Thomas.
G. W, Farris was a ISalem visitor
Word was received by J. M. Ham
ilton that hia son, Norman, employed
by Vick Bros, of Salem, broke his arm
lust. Fr'nlny. '
Mrs. J. I. 'inig went to Salem last
Sunday evening to attend the Ki besuh
'assembly, returning home Friday.
Mis. W, Y. Wright and Mis. Delia
Blnco went to Portland Friday eve
ning to spend the week end with rel
atives. Portland Man And Woman
Killed When Bus Upsets
Portland, Or., May -28. Geoigo C,
Held, a motion picture photographer
aud Miss Kilim (Inynor, 17, were in
stantly killed and several persona were
injured this morning when a iurge auto
mobile bus overturned as the driver
successfully nt tempted to avoid a col
lision with a touring cur. .
Held and Miss Guvnor wore crushed
under the bus. None of the other 14
passengers was futallv hurt.
The bus had been hired by the uir
nomah Film company to take Id em
plovecs to a aiiburb of the city where
a movies picture film is in the making
10 acres fiue fruit land, all cultivat
ed, 3 miles of Salem, f UH'O, easy terms
10 acres all cultivated, house, barn
S'i acres family orchard, on rock
road, 1 miles from Snlem. $3500.
14 acres, logons, family fruit, large
house, bora equipped for chickens, on
good roan, the beat of ami. ftwu.
5:3 acres joining city, best of soil
well fenced, 7 room house, barn. $3500
4 acres, 16 cultivated, 5 logans S
prunes, fair house, barn, all equipment
and stock including team, cow, lv hogs,
50 chickens, mile from stution. IiOuO
SO acres all cultivated, good house.
barn, well drained, best of fruit, stain
or clover land; a miles from calem.
$160; laud all around it not any batter
is held at $-00 per acre. $3000 cash
balance 6 percent.
100 acres, 90 cultivated, houe,
barns, hiring, 10 acres timber, well
fenced, closo to stution. $S5 per acre
303 acres, modem improvements, all
cultivated, well fenced; one of the fin
est mixed farm ranches in tho valley
3 miles from small town; offered for
a short time at $i3 per acre on very
easy terms. Owner wishes to retire
and does not care to rent it.
For best house or farm buys aee
Bayno Building
I i s .
For bargains in new and secoudhal
jjoods for the house, furniture, rang
es, heaters aad stoves, rues, sewiaf
machines, granitewsre, dishes, suit
ases, trunks and tools. We was!
your old furniture and stoves, will
pay you highest cash price. See us
lust. People Furniture St-ire, 871
N. Commercial St. Phone 7.U.
eornet Commercial and Trade street
Bills parable monthly la advance.
Phone 60A,
Ttc Capital Journal
Daily Market Report
- Clrala
Wheat, soft white J.10
Wheat, lower grades oa sample -
Oats r. 85(u 00c
Hay, cheat .. .-. . ti
Hay, oats 2i
Barley, ton V
Mill run 4:i((44
Butterftt 61c
Creamery butler Wui ;6.'tc
fork, Ysal aad Mutton
Pork on foot K'e
Veal fancy 17c
Steers 7f0c
Cows Cfk'Sc
Spring lambs 1-c
Kwos ........ oe
Hhenp, yearlings , HCi' 9c'
(( and rsniury
Eggs, cash
Hens, live
Old roosters
Hroilers '.
Striiwlierries .... ..-
Bsdishrs, doz
Potatoes ...
N'ew potatoes
Greon onions dor.
Ilerninda onions, crate
Head lettuce
I nut
Oranges ,
Lemons, hot
California grape fiuit
tiisck figs lb.
Whito figs, lb,
. 41c
. 20(q.22c
,. lWir
. uhfiific
.... 'i He
Scaled proposals addressed to Jef
ferson Myers, secretary of the board
of resents, Slato Agricultural college.
Corvallis, Oregon, will bo received by
tho said board of regonli until tun
o'clock a, ni. Juno 2. lit I !, for the
furnialiing of nil material and the per
formauce of all labor required for tho
erection and completion of the engin
eering laboratory building, for the
Agricultural college, state uf Oregon
All bids to be endorsed "Proposuls
for engineering laboratory building.'
Hnid proposals to be opened upon the
wbove date by the saia poara oi re
All the work and material must eon
form to the plans and specifications
therefor on filo at tho office of the
oollego, Corvallis, Oregon, and of the
architect, John V. Cennes, 1040 Cham
ber of Commerce building, Portland,
Each proposal must be accompanied
by certified cheek of five per cent of
the amount of the bid as a guarantee
that the auceonsful bidder will eater
into a contract according to suid (lan
and specifications. Huid check to be
made partible to the Agricultural coi
lege of the s'tite of Oregon. If for any
reason the bidder fails to execute the
proper contract and ind required with
in ten days after notification of the
acceptance of his bid, then certified
check will become forfeited to tne Ag
ricultural colleue of the elate of Ore
son. 68
: trn 7
$3Si 6
IO-'ii. lot
. 19'r?0e
Package fig) pal It 50 pkf $40.00
H,ey. extracted ZtH
Retail meat
Egiia dozes TiOc
Creamery butter 7oc
Country butter "Oe
Flour, hard wheat J.iuJ ..'j
roruano aum
Portland, Or.. May SH. Butter, city
creamery, M)(Jf Ble
Kggs selected local ei i.iWf.VK
Hens 33(0 35c
Broilers 3-(i 3'c
Oeeae 17(oU'0c
Cheese, tiiplcts 37.3'Jc
Receipts 33
Tune of market weak
Good to choice steers $12.50
Fair to good steers $IOfi 10.50
Common to fair steers i..i"" "
Choice cows and heifers $S,u0(o II
Good to choice sows ard heifers
$.5(ira 1 1
Medium to good cows bob heifers
$S 50to 9.50
Fail to medium cows aad asuen
$7( (t.50
anncrs $.l..nr .
Bulls $-i'-fi S.50
Calves $!)(! U
fteceipts 109
Tone of market steady
Tone of market weak
Prime mixed $l.5odi 19.75
Hough heavies $!7.75(Yi IS
Bulk $19.75
Pigs $l.iU"i 19.30
Receipts 1270
Tone of market weak
Prime IhiilIw $lru'15
T'nir to meil'iim Inmbs $l2(o 1.1.50
Y.Mr!ings 7f U.50
Wethers $7r HM
Ewe m
Buck $45
MaUoLm Button, who while a f'yitg
csdet at Marrh field, Cal suffered a
brnkea leg and other injuries, has re
turned to his home it Hood biver.
NO CA8I1 REQLIR E D G ood cvereost
hoes and suits, all kinds of mn sis
al ins! rumen Is, shotguns, rifles, heat
ing stoves, gas stoves, auit cases and
1000 other useful articles to sell or
trade. What have youl The Capital
Exchange, 337 Court St. Phone 493.
VOl'R used furniture, stoves, earpell
and tools, ae we pay lair prices for
everything. Call 847
' 285 N. Com '1 St.
HAT BlX,"KINO-I clean and block
ladies' and Men's hats. Just re
ceived a hat renovating machine.. It
gets the dirt, Try It once, O. B,
Ellsworth. 493 Court St. Salem, Or.
liard parlor it now open under nw
management and it renders you and
the general public a congenial plaea
to pas away few leisuie hour.
The basement of Oregon Eleetrio
depot, corner of State and High
Phone 628. Wm. Livock, prop.
SO years experience, Depot National
and American fence.
Hires 0 to 58 in. high
Paints, oil and varnish, Ola.
Loganberry and hop hooks.
Bnlem Fence and Stove Works,
250 Court street, rhone 124.
J. A. Rowland Furniture Store
Buys, sells and exchange sew aad
2d hand tirniUire. All kind of
repair work, light grinding, filing,
and brniing a specialty. Right
price. 247 North Commercial Bt.
Phone 16.
SALEM SCAVF.N0 EB Garbage aal
refine of all kinds removed oo montt
ly contract at reasonable rate.
Cess pools cleaned. Dcsd animals re
moved. Office phone Main 167.
On Good Real Estate Becurity
Over Ladd A Bush bank ; fJalej dragoa
cent interest. Prompt service. I4H
years time. Federal farm laa bond
for sale. A. C. Bohrnstcdt, 401 Ma
sonic Temple. Salem, Oregon.
formation about Life Insurance
J. F. Hutehason, bst. manager for
the Mutual Life of N. Y., offiea at
371 Stale St.. 8alem, Ore. Office
phone 99, residence 1396. tf
I iTiv-nnvimj
HOP Lbft, expert laundrvmas, ia
Ferry St. 1 psy top market price for
chickens snd Eggs. Office phos
133PJ, residence 133.U.
Our Prices are Right
W. M. ZANDLER, Proprietor -
1253 N. Bummer Street. Salem, Oregol
'.. . -.."3
just installed a machine that will
sharpen lawnmowera the in me as ia
factory put them out new. Bring
all vour light repair work to . Ai
vin B. Stewart, 347 Court St. Phos
. 1 J
lleCornaek hall on every Tnetdey
at 8. Walter Lcnon, C. C, P. i.
KuntJS, K. B. S.
ROYAL Neighbors of Amer'ua, Ore
gon Grape camp in. M"( meet every
Thursday fveni-ig in yCornaek kfcll
Elevator sr-vica. Orse.le, Mr. t!i
rie E. Bubo, 645 Vnioa M; re-'
dr Mr. Melissa Perions, 145 If
4ih'8t. Phone 143CM.