Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, May 21, 1919, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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Ladies of Rebek&h
Dry Goods
Ladies' and Children's Ready-to-Wear
Make Our Store Your Headquarters
Mallenson's Silk de
Luxe, Khaki Kool
one-piece dress,
Russian blouse ef
fect, trimmed in
self covered but-
V tons, colorscream
$9 cream and French
blue, '
Heavy quality crepe
de chine coat dress,
blouse band, self
cover buttons.
$32.50 1
Salem, Oregon
-i . . ; - , : .: . ' ". .. . ri
' "
Shoes for Men and Boy
Dorothy Gish coming to the Oregon Friday and Saturday
of this week. This is Miss Gish's best picture.
416 State Street
Mary Frost Leaves City Lot
And Otherwise Assists
Moamoutli Schools Reopen m
Following W Epidemic
... V .
k ..W i
VI V - n
fr 1 VI I
pi Ar Lji
it 11
I Reginald Barker, tlio director, took the
il'rint to Miss Farrar 's drawing room
J and, while gbe wns viewing the land
A I scape from the- observation car, ad
A I justed a portable projection machine to
an electric ltvht socket.
When the diva Teturned to her com
partment everything was in readiness
for operation. Miss Fnrrar, needles!
to say, thoroughly enjoyed both the
I'liig surprise and "Tlio Turn of the
Wheel," which comes to Y9 Liberty
Uieiiter, beginning Thursday Hay 22.
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eeivod hero Inst evening, that "minor
casualties'.' were suffered by some of
v u it. Tl IT
......... ill fnt...l VI1 1 1 lyJ -iu i ni ur a uihiiu uiu
till- 111 n UA ! ' VJ nillLU - ,.
(Capital Journul Special Service.)
Monmouth, Or., May 21. Moumuuth
schools opened aguiu Mouduy morning
with oiilv a fair attendance There is
a feeling on the part of parents and i
teachers that on account of tlio several
interruptions in the school work duo to
influenza, it would be better for chil
dren in the grades, at least, to take the
same work over again next year as it
has not been possible to complete tho
By tho last will and testament of regular work satisfactorily. Teachers
Mnrv Frost, who died Mivv 10, 1919, the are in their places, however, and stu
Old People'! Home of nlem is given dents will be given a chance to achieve
the vacant lot at the corner of Four- their promotion.
teenth and Chemeketa streets. The' Uuring the remaining three weeks the
Home will eventually come into posses- ?('' work will be reviewed anu en
sum of the former home of Mary Frost Tne will be required to take exani.iia
nt 2.-.S North Fourteenth street. But tion- although the time lost will not be
the conditions arc as follows: ade "P-
By the will it is provided that the
home at 2.m North Fourteenth street in
Salem sha'l be in Twsesaioii of Mary Me
Grtth and Miss Hebeccn Dunn so long
as the y or either of them use the prem
ises for a home. Should either die, or
more awav from the nrnnertv. the other
inn no lnnrr tl. .!, DoilltCll Ml'S. JCHU P, McCTUckell M K
remains on the premises. member of tho committee of music
After the death of each, or should teachers who wiU pass upon tno cieden
each move awav and not live on the."1 uf teachers who wish to huvo tha
premises, the will provides the home ' K"rk of tlll'ir PP'1 accredited in tho
shall then become the property of the nl" hools of tho state. J ho other
Old People's Home of Rnlem. At the members of the committee aro Dr. John
time the will was made a few weeks be-' I-n'dlury, chairman, und Frederick
fore her der.th Mnrv Vrn( wn fi' vnnra Goodrich.
nA " I It should be understood that high
The estate is valued at 3500 In real , tho?1 PUP'1", who hnve completed the
eslnte and M.H10 in nersmiHl nrnnertv. requneu musical worn oursiuo or icnuoi
Anaella Tohmstrom is appointed execu- 610 "owod three credits on tho stipu
trlr tn ervn withnut oivlno .nrt !), i Wed number for graduation. The re
snerinl benuests of the will besides that l'ro"eiit! that a pupil shall take not
less tnau ou minutes or musical instruc
Personnel Of Committee
Of Music Teachers Filled
Superintendent J. A. Churchill has up-
in l linn Pflch wnitt nilil nut in not. I.tna thun
... j a. a. lis iuiiuwr: --v. , - ----- -
sai 0l eca wane oe ng towca to port., AnM. nf , v..'even and one-half hours of practice,
It was held possible beta loaay tnat ; 0r hM 8 eredit wilt be allowed for half
Tn her frinn.1. Kniin V. Ttnrtnn nt amouill OI WOrK. llie niUSle ICS
Commander Towers might accompany
the NC-4 on tho remaindor of the iuui
Portland, $'00 and no more.
sons must be tuken during tho entire
''l nr If.. wn no word however Tn "tate industrial home, emcBtcr for which the credit is desired
There has been no word, however, i ... , 'i nv temther who w he her wnrW ne
.. . .. . . ., . i.rt a ... 1.1 nnn no morfl. t - '
unit ine personnel 01 tuo wiu do - :
other than that which successfully made
the flight to Ponta Del Gada.
May Start Thursday.
Gradually improving weather condi
tions may make it possible for the NC-l
to start on its flight to Lisbon tomor
row. A navy wireless from Ponta Del
Gada this morning reported weather
conditions over the route to Portugal at
noon, Azores time, were not yet settled,
but improving.
Frequent rain-squalls were reported
To the First Methodist church of Sa
lem, 50.
To Mabel Williams nnn,
will are revoked. The appraisers nre
'bin Day, C. A. Holstrom and F. L.
'credited must send her crcdontiuls to
'the superintendent of public instruction
All former wh turns them over to the committee.
Geraldine Farrar Sees
Production On Train
Geral.line Farrar her first Gold-1 ''"ing. the morning, but the sea l"1 t"( t-T T
yn picture. "The Turn of the Wheel' !inootn. Visibility was good ana tne"'-"" - ,".","" , "'r
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data for use by the conference, recog-
in the druvinir room of her PulLumn on ! thermometer was rising. There was a
her way to Wyoming, w here many i 20-mile west wind,
aeenes of her second Goldwyn proline-1 Commander Towers reported to the
tion, "The Hell 'at," iby ' Willard (navv department that he was sending
Waik, wro photographed. The diva the NC-3 to New York aboard the V.
tarted for tho west the dav follow- S. 8. Melville. Mechanic Moore, engl-
in.g the completion of her first picture, I neer of the crew and Commander Tow
rigretting that she would be nnablc ers recommended that tho
Their complaint is that the information
so gathered has not been used, or even
referred to . They came to Tarls pm
pared to present information supporting
every idea and principle for which
America.' entered tho war. They say
and if they are found satisfactory, a
certificate is issued by the superin
tendent. Music teachers, to have their
standing recognized by tho committee,
must be graduates of somo standnrd con
servatory, or have had five years of
training under competent teachers.
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Monmouth, Or., May 21. A very lu
foresting letter from Corporal E. Stan
ley Evans, dated April 18, (.'hauuiont
Haute Maine, Fiance, to friends here
tells of ninny wonderful historical
they found nt the end of several month! scenes and places in France, England
NC-3 be 'negotiations that their information was and Wales which ho visited recently
to see "The Turn of the Wheel" until placed out of commission and that the
er return from Wyoming. ' lXC-1 be stricken from tho navr list.
Iearin?of her chagrin in not being, Towers asked permission to proceed to
Bie to view ner rirst uoinwyn worn, Plymouth with tho crews of the NC I
studio officials arranged a jolly nr- inn'( NC-3.
prise for the star. A print of "The i.iout. Commander Lavender of the
lurn of the Wheel was hurriedly as- xC.3 nlln Lil,llt fladenwatcr. 0f the NC
r-iwblod rushed to the station and h aro rpturnin), to the United State!,
placed aboard the baggage car carry-1
sng Misa iFarraT and her company to 1
Chicago, the first lap of her journey. fiot that. tov a Remington -22 re
After the train had, passed Albany, ipeater tart Dim right.
Make Baby Co& and Crow
Keep the little stomach regulated and bowels open, the secret
of health in infancy, by using
The Infants' and Children's Ref uUtor
that produce! iuch remarkable knd gratifying results. Relieves
constipation, flatulency, wind colic, diarrhoea, and other disorders.
Contains no alcohol opiates narcotics or other harmful in
gredients. It is a highly potent vegetable preparation made of the
very best ingredients obtainable. Give it to baby and watch tie
smiles that follow.
At alt Druttitf
disregarded and that representatives of while on a fourteen day furlough.
no other nation came to tho conference. Messrs. 1). O. Wulker and Juinea Gen
in the same spirit, coining instead to tie, delegates to the Grand Lodge I. ().
U. F., und Mcsilamca John Fuller and
L. P. Gilmore, delegates to the itebekah
Assembly, left Monday fur tho Capital
City to attend tho annual conventions
of these arntc organizations which con
vene Monday.
Surveyors are at work settiag stakes
along the west side highway south of
Mrs. W. T. Patton, recently of Brit
Unia Beach, B. C, Canada, visited with
her mother, Mrs. Htout, several days last
week. Knturdnv she left for I'oitlnnd
taking her mother and her sou whero
215-217 FuhonSL, H. Y.
Qrnmlt Falling Avnt$:
Harold F. Ritckie A Co.. foe
New York Tor csto, Ctiwc
barter or trade. One such member ex
pressed his view of the situation in this
way :
Inquiry la Rumored.
"the trer.ty is a regular rivers and
harbor bill. President WilBon found
h....imself involved in a trading game tn
order to get the league of nations
through. I hope the world will find he
hasn't paid too great a price."
Among these experts there is talk of
a congressional inquiry into the way
the treaty was mnde, though none says
that he himself will demand such an in-!
quiry. Thev seem to take it for grant
ed that rongress will conduct such a
Former Monmouth Girl
Dies At McMinnvule Home
Monmouth, May 21. Miss Bessie
Sullivan, the daughter and only child
of Mr. and Mrs. George hullivan, died
Tuesday May 13, at the home in Mc
Minnville. Bessie took sick lust fnll
I with the first influenza epidemic while
the family was still in Monmouth. Her
case was considered the most serious
in the community but she finally ral
lied and became apparently as well ns
ever. Later she hit-anip ill again with
nervous complications which terminat
ed with 'brain fever and caused her.
death. Bessie was eighteen yers old
and most of her life was spent in Mon
mouth. She was a junior in high
school and was a favorite among her
fellow student. The Wly was brought
to Monmouth and laid to rest in the
K. P. cemetery Thursday, with brief
services at the grave. Many beautiful
floral tributes were placed up"n the
nket and there was a large attend
ance of sympathizing frien'i.
they will live with her for the present.
The British Columbia climate did not
agree with Mrs. Putton so she was
forced to return to the Htates.
Denzel Moore left last week for
Washington, where he lias secured work
with his brother. He will remain for
the summer at least.
Mrs. F. C. Davidson is In a Portland
hospital taking treatment for a tuber
ciilur affection of the knee joint. A
portion of the bone has been removed
and the patient is doing nicely.
Dean Todd enjoyed a trip to finlem
Polk county Pomona grange is sched
uled to meet in Monmouth Huturdav,
Mav 24.
The Mioses Maggie and Allio Butler
are spending the week in the Capital
City visiting friends and attending ses
sions of the Rebekah assembly.
Ben Pollan and Grover Hinkle, com
pany L boys who enlisted from Mon
mouth, hi ve returned from overseas, re
cived their discharge and are home
Yen expect the local mer-
chaiis to take your produce.
Help them do it with your pat-
ronage Build up Marion coun-
Our shoes range from the finest of dress shoes to the finest of work shoes
for the hardest of wear, the yare all of high class merchandise.
The Just Wright shoe in the English last i
come in the different widths and are of the very
best leather possible. They come in Cherry, Red,
Cocoa, Brown, Cordovan, Belmont and all the late
shades for this season. Priced from $7.50 to $11.00.
We have the popular two-toned shoes for
;hose who desire them. They are in the full siz?.?
and are of the regular "Just Wright" quality,
from $G.OO and up.
J t W if
,4 V
Work shoes for the man who stands on his
feet day in and day out will find relief by tryin
one of our "Indian Brand" Munson Last. They are
the Goodyear Welt and the soft box toe so very
comfortable, at $5.50.
Then comes the "Red Wing", also on the famous
and comfortable Munson last. The shoe is the finest
for all heavy work around the barns and fields. If
they crack before the soles wear through, you'll get
another pair, $5.50.
Shoes have raised in prices very greatly In the
last few weeks on account of conditions in the leath
er markets, due to the great and increasing demand
Europe has come into our markets very heavily of
late and the supply is still unfilled.
We have not raised our prices yet as we bought last fall for our needs in
the future. Why pay more elsewherewhen you get the very best shoe for th
same price.
Every Family in Marion and Polk Counties a Patron.
Salem Woolen Mill Sto
So These Soles Save
You Shoe Money
"I have been wearing my shoes with
Nealin Soles nearly a year, and they
are apparently in as good condition as
whenlbought them." written August,
1H18, by W.H. Cocke, Officer, A.E.F.,
Only Neolin Soles could endure a test
like this. That they do so is because
of the tough durability built into them
by a scientific process. To cut your
shoe bills down, buy shoes with these
long-wearing soles. They come in
many styles for men, women, and
Remember Neolin Soles are flexible
and waterproof, too, and are available
everywhere for re-soling. They are
made by The Goodyear Tire & Rub
ber Co., Akron, Ohio, who also make
Wingfoot Heelsguaranteed to out
wear all other heels.
neolin Soles
d. Muk U. t. fit. OS.
MILLI'lR At his home, 1HSM) Fourth
street, 'U"siH:iy ewening, May 20,
1!ll!, Klmer Walter Miller nt the ago
of 'M years. lie whs not married.
Besides his parents Mr, and Mrs.
Willinm (J. Miller, he is survived by
two siliteis, Jessie 8. Miller and Syl
via Miller, lioth of Hnlem end three
brothers Paul and Kulph Miller of
this city and Wendell Miller of Port
land. Awaiting the arrival of hia parents,
no funeral arrangements have as yet
been made. Tho body is at Webb &
For the past ten years, Mr. Miller
has been shipping clerk for H. S. Ule
& Co. His death was due to an injury
received while working on his automo
bile a short time ago.
The public service commission is
holding a conference in Portland to
dny with regard to schedules on the
Oregon Kleetrie line. Friday they will
hold a conference here with represent
atives, of the North t oast Power com
pany with regard to certain n'ljust
ments of rates.
H'r A Goldwyn
Ttarts Tomorrow
1 1 V M f 1
t CJlV 1
, . ., lmd, t
U 1
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- syA
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Bijf Feature and
3. C. Ferry's