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    Editorial Page of The Capital J hurna
Editor il PublUaer
Mav 19. U!9
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Published Every Evening Except Sunday, Sakm, Oregon.
Adirejj All Communicationa To
(tlx 3ttilnMl Ifounml
136 8. Commercial St.
sackcloth and ashes, as that other "chosen race" did at
the time of the Babylonian captivity. But according to or
dinary notion, it is somewhat late for such demonstra
tions. Germany ought to have celebrated " that week of
mourning five years ago, when her armies invaded Bel-
0BEG0N!gium and all Germany was singing and harrahing. She,
vTATT nniTcr wrrcc
by Carrier, per year 3.0O Per Month
Cl!y by Mail, per year 13.00 Per Month
W. D. Ward, New York, Tribune Building.
W. E. StockwelL Chicago, People'! Oai Building
In addition to the immense road
1'rogram of 1919 the drafting depart
ment of the atate highway eonimissions
: i. i j i-i r i .i t iwicr is now ai nor upon aesigna
uuiit unv .tuui jioia ju, win.ii uic liuoi- tor number of steel, eoncreto and
.rjtania was sunk, instead of applauding, and giving her fomi.ination riie, h.h m aggre-
i? 1 li;j b 6 ! to' 1.'M0, Lids for which
o,atiiuui iiiuuicu a mmuay. i ,tl won advertised. Engineer H
I And even now her mourning lacks one important ele
; ment. There is grief but no repentance.
TV, Arm.n;nn em n ,nvm, tV,o o m-tli?n r ulcD I . l Wr approximately f -.UHi.(ltm.
ji iv in molilalia occiii iiivi c aiiAiuuo man an tiling cwt. , -j-jn.
bert Nunn. summing up the projected
work for the present year, shows tnet
there are now more thitn 7 projects
under way or let to contractors, which
er in msiti. i- i It I, I l. i-u,r'i
; : : to get the lurks where they can maltreat and massacre program, through federal and . state
! Daily Capital Journal earner boy. are instructed to tkt ttt ; . , . t wf I WM'riations, gasoline tax and bond
k. If the carrier aei ot ao wn, miasei you, or negiecra geiiing me paper . m m uiuci iu gci ccn. .cia a muuti ui iavi '"u" ' nig acts, a total of aixiut ''0,0iiUH0.
ly nhone the circulation manager, aa thia la the only way norenne u-hn hnvo tr ivr.lt. I rhrmiorh th if hortirrhrorl nnrr nf 1 The nrnsraiu in-1 11 11, li!.". mi of
n eaa determine whether or not tha earner, are following tnatrueuona. rnona
I before 7:30 o'clock and a paper will be aent yon by special auwenger If tha
arrier haa missed you.
W you o time, kindly phone the circulation manager, aa thia ia the only way I yersons who have traveled through that beniffh ted Dart of
the world have always expressed more regard for the
Turks than for the Armenians. The latter are Christians
only in name and are probably as cruel, treacherous and
dishonest as any oriental race of the present time. Now
that the war is over although they had made a separate
treaty with Germany and Turkey by which they secured
Iheir independence, the Armenians are now demanding
of the peace conference a vast expanse of territory that
in reality includes but few of their own people among the
inhabitants. The peace conference is not likely to grant
their demands.
la tha only newspaper in Salem whose circulation ia guaranteed by the
Audit Bureau Of Circulation.
Now that congress is in session once more, there is a
little matter which wise tax-payers will develop a sincere
interest in if they make the most of their opportunity.
The psychological moment for the working out and put
ting across cf budget system for government finances
ieems to have arrived.
Practically everybody is in favor of the plan. Tresi
dent Wilson has declared for it. Former President Taft
favors it. The last two chairmen of the appropriations
committee favored it. Leaders of the new senate are said
to be urging a national budget system, and the new speak
er of the house is on that side of the argument.
Students of finance and government have demanded
something of the kind for years. It is a theorv which has
been tested, practically. Even a poor budget system
would work so much better than the present hit and miss
method that one wonders why wfe have neglected it so
The answer is found in the indifference of voters and
tax-payers. These worthies have remained stupidly un
concerned while government expenditures have soared.
Taxes are necessarily higher than ever, and still the old
wasteful system runs its extravagant course through pub
lic funds.
There is no general opposition to the budget system
only this large public indifference. Now is the time for
people who really are the government to brace up and
take an interest in their business. Just as soon as they
do, they can and will have the budget system.
Germany has had a week of sorrow.
"In deep distress and weighted down by care," an
nounced the Imperial Ministry at Weimar., "the German
people has waited through the months of the armistice
for the peace conditions. Their publication has brought
the bitterest disappointment and unspeakable grief to the
entire people. A public expression ought to be given those
feelings by all Germans.
"The Imperial government requests that the free
states have public amusements suspended for a week, and
allow in the theaters only such productions as correspond
to the seriousness of these grievous days."
Accordingly the people stopped dancing and carous
ing, even in Berlin, and staged the desired exhibition of
national sorrow.
It was appropriate to be sure. The Allies' terms were
quite severe enough to warrant the Germans setting in
Salem is a beautiful city and has a wide reputation
for the neatness of its lawns and cleanliness of its broad
streets. Just at this time, however, there are too many
places where the grass should be cut in parkings and on
vacant lots, giving many parts of the city a ragged, un
kempt look. This condition should not be allowed to exist
and officials should be vigilant in requiring property own
ers to keep up their places, since nothing so enhances pro
perty valut-s, or does more to attract home-seekers, than
civic pridd that keeps the lawns smooth and green and the
parkings free of unsightly weeds and grass.
macadam. 2"4 miles of hnr.l surface,
in addition to several hundreds of grad
ing, the most important portions of
which ire on thp Columbia highway
atut in the lines siuth lUrouh the
Silaii.ette valley. Kng.iaed upon the
technical work of this program there
is a force of from :!l to H"" nn-i and
Homen employed, 47 IiKiijj' employed
in the state house.
hern .'.moved from Hie vaults of the
( -D
Ai! rii!"
Oregon National Guard
Unit Lauds In New York
New York, Slav 20. foiled Press.)
-The tianspoit Niboney from Brest
and luM'hnmrieflu from Havre arrived
ilenM! i ;Venr hii.1 diiritei) llxr til all
placf of absolute safety, it was tnkrir
a jcke by a lot of people. As a
matter of fact, the raiding of the
treasurer's department by nervy and
juvenilis men would be no more of a
Muiit than has repeatedly ieen pulled I
off in broad ikvlijjht bv professional ! !cl"v- The 8ll,0",T brottjtht home the
robbers. Since this precaution was,;!l'"' 'f""T nd the Vl.Wl machine
taken last week there have been dis- iHn battalion.
covered evidences that point to just j Bochambea-u'a passengers included
such a raid upon the vaults of the company H, ltiiud infantry, an Oregon
state houst', the bolts of the basement i tionul (iunrd unit, three offirera and
door having been tampered with bv!-41 men; the "81st motor truck com-
, 'someone with designs upon the depart-; pnnv; 4Stith motor truck company;
Scvcial days : a., when Mate Trea.- ; 11H,llt . Alll,(H, ,,,,,..;,. .,,.1V(, hl,en j ;..), lmor ,rUl.k comi,Bnv; lsth e0m.
i'."L', no? '1 m" '''" I taken to ,feBunrd the state fund,, in-1 ', second regiment nir service me
J.ihhUmmi of neKotinHo securities had ,..,;,. .1... ;..
Hilling fitll UIIU ,11 UV VUUU1V9.
office. '
The largest .bridge contract inclml-! "
''Just the man I want to see 1'red i t'd in the program of the slate hiuhwuvi l-ei'in, Mnv 20. (I'niteil l'rosel
crick! Excuse us ilense, we will (,'o into ''"""'HS'"" this year, is a reinforced ! Lieutenant Vojrel, imprisoned after
the library." Neil had ignored me, aj. j ,"m r'te structure to cross Rogue river I conviction for complicity of the iiiur
dressinir his remark to aunt 1 so wish-"10'"' ,'"'"t' ih Jitckson. This wrilljder of Karl l.iebknei -ht. radical leader,
e.l thevhad remained in the'u.uMe room. ' l'avl' ." ''"'!' of ,rl-v :m fl 0t-1 ha" ' P'-d, it was learned today.
I wanted to hear what they said. As 1 'he. r""or 115 l,M",t1' , , . ' . .
bale aunt Rood night f few moments , W 1 ,P rw,MV0'1 at Tl" Hnrty-first annual eonvention of
later I wondered what had happened-1',."":; of. J1". '''''; i;tlie National Livestock associotion eloa-
hi-.d .Veil offended Mr. Scott, and would1 (0 ."' "f 'V''"1" "ther lesm-r!,.,! a three dttya' session ' at Pittsburg
he be his enemvf "oulu . structures to tie built in the ,11am- s,,turdav bv selectina Chicago aa its
(Tomorrow Frederick
That Scott Is Dangerous.)
Tells Neil '
ette valley.
meeting place next veur.
Somebody announces that the tobacco smoked in this,
country produces 54,000,000 pounds of potash, which if
utilized as fertilizer would be worth $50,000,000. Good
argument for smoking while you work your Victory garden.
The head of the Prussian delegation meant no dis
courtesy by delivering his speech sitting instead of stand
ing. He didn't dare let anybody see how shaky his knees
were. " '
I hud played but a short time before
the bell range, and. Air. Frederick 'a ci.rd
luouglitt o me. I was enliuer.
often men come from a distance and
have to make the most of their time.
Thnt is especially sit in New Turk with
big coin-cms, or with men of large inter
ests. I guess it dors tnukc it sort of
By Walt Mason
I used to have a host of friends, but now I walk alone;
a cheerless sky above me bends, my heart feels like a
stone. I once had friends in hut and hall, in mansion and
in shack; I borrowed coin from one and all, and failed to
hand it back; and no pleasant smiles, I see, I've won such
punk renown; no window has a light for me, in all the
clammy town. I once was welcome in the homes of sages
'nd of seers, and there I borrowed treasured tomes, and
kept them seven years. And now the sages view my
face with sorrow and disdain, and seers remark I
ought to chase myself into a drain. I borrowed Thomp
son's loving cup, and Jackson's safety shears, and Hiram
IJostwick's setter pup, and Watson's brindled steers. I
borrowed Wilson's fountain pen, the best in all the grad;
I liorrowed Simpson's setting hen, and Eckdall's liver pad.
I borroweel this, I borrowed that, from every one I knew,
a squirt gun and a stovepipe hat, and then an oyster stew.
And now I go my way alone, devoid of joy and mirth, and
neighbors say they'd give a bone if I'd fall off the earth.
Light criticisms men will pass on those who boldly steal :
but for the borrower, alas, no sympathy they feel.
.music nlways sootlieit me, so 1 askeil .m,. f, t lie mn folks " lie nrtrl
aunt to receive him, telling her I would1 ed in his kindly wav, "but most'of them
lie down in It moment. 1 could not for- a.(. wjli,, rn ml. with it. if it menus
get that this limn, kindly, clever, if a uiore mouoy."
hit uncouth at times, cured for me. Wo-i "All women me not niercenuiv, Mr.
man liked I wished to appear to lidvnn- Frederick," aunt returned ill her most
lageto him even while 1 thought of him severe manner.
only us mv very good friend. I "So indeed! many of thorn not
1 ''"''I '.v I'"'1'. .ist touched my enough so. Hut it costs a lot of money
le cheeks with rogue Hint powdor.it., ;V(, in v.,... York to live well. It
then joined him and mint. ! keens men liustliiu- nreltv lively. I often
1 heaid you plu.Miig; do not let me! think how Imkv I am not to have to
interrupt you," he said after greeting iV(. 1,,.,,.. fs Kri.nt Utwn ,, relu
me warmly. "I am very fond il music the greatest in the world. Fine to come
although I know nothing nboiu t - 1 ! to and let off steam. Hut liftc r u few
simply know when I like il." jdays of it 1 am readv for my little west
''ion probi.bly me u better judge j ,., tou, where a mnn enn wear k soft
l""st I I'1'' 'ho claim to know, ' 1 j t um h,t nianner correspond
I suid lightly. "I was playing in the, with his shirt. Here every one seems
dink. Mr. Forbes is out, and so mint l0 be starched up, all glossy and shiny
nnd I were amusing ourselves." j ,. outside nil v way. A bit iiucoui-
"I had hoped to find him lit home," foHnblc for some of us who are used to
1 sensed an undertone of disappoint- being well just aort of natural human
ment in his voice .and felt anxious at being without tho frills."
once. What wr.s it had to say o iwn "Ht society calls for form nnd for
I so wished he would loll me. 1'erhnps ; nmnneis. I should think those western
he would if 1 tnctt'ull led up to it. ( mining towns would be, well, rather de-
"Aunt has been trying to impress moralizing, " mint replied. I could see
Neil with his duty to himself. Tlinl he ' she did not understand at all Mr. Fred
reallv does wrong to attend to business lick 's simile, or his point of view. Phe
in the evening. Hhe hasn't ver neon was most conventional in all her ideas
successful, however, us his absence and actions. I
shows." t. v ! ,,,,.- t,,n,lum,tt Riitnetiiuca
"It is ton bad thnt we men have that 1 1 think thev bring out the very best
habit." Me turned to mint. "Hut there is in a man a real man. The one
sometimes it seems necessary. There is;),,, becomes demoralized in a mining
competition now ndi.vs. and so; town would become equally so in .New
...... . I Yoi k or riiv other place. Witter seeks
T T T p h v x n w k m m m , I i.
I am a gret.t be
liever in the theory that often hard
knocks ia the beginning of a career
biing out the best there is in a man,
rasv places of the woild make men
Those who have tried all sorts of s.v!"",,t', , , , ,, , , ....
called "wrinkle removers" in a vain' I '"'d to hear lim talk, to watch the
effort to lose thoH' unwelcome traces ! ,lav of expression on hia strong face,
of age, illnesa or worrv, em. scarcely l"!,t 1 a mor interested in
find words to eti.i-.. ti...,r .L.ticth. knowing what brought him. than ill
with the wonderful snxohte formula, i "ri"K hil" discuss theories with aunt,
once they have given it a trial. The;' 1 interrupted:
success of this method is due not alone j "Have you seen Mr. Scott lately t"
to its marvelous effectivenessupon I ' would find out if he had changed hia
the deepest lines and crowsfeet, as mind and been w ith Neil the night be
well a upon tlie very fine ones- but tore.
ao to its surprisingly quick action! "No, not for a few daya. Scott ia a
and its entire hsrmlessness. Its aim-1 good sort, common, perhaps, and a bit
pluity is another commendable fea- Ivnlgnr sometimes," with a depreciating
Hire, for one need only dissolve an j glance at aunt, "tut honest all the way
ounce of h.w lered no!ile in a half ' through. "
pint witch hsAcl. and bathe the face j "Yes, I have heard yon aav so. I
in this solution. At once a remarkable think him a good influence for Neil," I
transformation is beheld. (replied a bit timidly.
It is not onlv the effect on wrinkles j .. ,), know ,n,lt t)l(. -j., j.
and cr.sis, that is so m.licealilo, but fluenre in some wava. Hut he ia straight
facial contour i. remarkably improved j,,, rr,ing j A man to
slid the fare looks much vonn vr. ne'.,.i,. . .., ru.f m..,n
should te sore to ak the druggist for
the Hiwdered anxolite. The lotion, be
ing so refreshing, is particula ly grate
ful to tired faces.
I hoiwd to see Mr. Follies tonight. ' i
"There he comes now. He exported!
to be late I am so glad. Neil, Mr !
Frederick is falling.'' T rose to But my'
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