Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, May 16, 1919, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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' V v.s.r v.'.
1 tie
Editor nd Publisher
ge of
Mav 16, 1"19
In mm f
e 17
Capital J
PeLHshed Every Evening Except Sunday, Salem, Oregon.
Address All CommunieaUont To
Cbc 3aili) Altai Ifournal
136 8. Commercial St.
D!!t. br Carrier, per Tftir o.00 Per Month-
Dally by Mail, per year-
Vet Month..
No Man's Land, that desolate stretch in France which
lay so long under the storm of guns, is being transform
ed under the direction of the French government into a ,
i i., i i i-
j Old stumps are being blown out, rubbish is being
; cleared away, and the ground made ready for new plant-
The government is bearing all the expense, and try-,
:ng to encourage the farmers, whose fields and orchaids
j four years ago made all this region beautiful, to begin
! again, and make two trees grow where one grew before.
! Compared to what they have to do the average home-
ctoifnr Vivonlrinrr nouf lnnrl ic on rrn rraA in nilrl'e rtlm- Ruf
Tk Daily Cpitl Journal earner boy! re instructed to rut the pperi oa the I ' " . ' , ?. . 5 l
for.-h. If the carrier does not do this, misses, you, or neglects getting the paper , the 1'ench farmer IS a faithful, patient person, and he IS
U yon on time, kindly phone the circulation manager, a this if the only way j setting about hlS WOl'k of rehabilitation with a COTirage
tan determine whether or not the carriers are following instructions. 1'hone ! , , , . ,. . ,
1 before J:30 o'clock end a paper will be aent you by special messenger if the which puts to shame OUr WCStem impatience With annOV-
tarrier has misced you. I ances and difficulties.
Build Up the System
After "Flu" Attack
W. D. Ward. New York, Tribune Building.
W. H. r-tockwell, Chicago, People'a Gas Building
Important Ti.at Yea Get Cack
Your Strength as Soon
Even-one who hai had tlie finds
the system in a weakened and ruu
t'own condition, t!:e nervous system
r.U cpsct, the appetite g"nc, and a f;cn
cral good for notliirg feeling pervades
tlic entire body.
This is the effects of this strenuous
disease. It always leaves its victim so
'.vcak and debilitated tiiat there is as
:.:uch danger from its after-effects as
'on the disease itself. In other
words, after an attack of the "flu j
yoa need a thorough tonic to re- j
build the system so that you can ;
have your old-time strength and rigor
reMorci!. j
Nothing can equal S. S. S. for : s i
completely restoring your strength , E2 SOlDO CII8 Cl fUS Ifl
and Mtaluy after jou nave had th.s I
uistresiinc; disease. This splenilid rem-
We do net sell bat we do
tire system.
S. S. S is sold by drnggists every
where. If you wish medical advice,
simply write to Chief Medical Ad
viser, 25S Swift Laboratory, Atlanta,
Ga., who will give you such advice
ai your case may need, without cost.
Is the only newspaper iu Hulem hin circulutiou Is guaranteed by the
Audit Bureau Of Circulations
Those "special" dispatches from Washington in I
i.if .-u-a.:!!: mi-. or ha.ii.a I'.vn wor!.itf PORTLAND BAKEET DRIVERS
.,11 .lo- I. .,.L..a o ...rt'... f Blov,. ..f AVn KAT.FKMF.N MAT STRIKE
which the presidential situation is discussed, are real man." j
funnv and wpre nrohablv written in the Orernnian office! . "1.1,v, but pv,:iy,...: .i-a it i.oh ; Portia-.a. t)r .May i.i.-ri.in.i...k..iy
1... 1V, U. iU tfe r t lf. i 1'rt:iy8,'' 1 excusoa. tl.inkinu' that it she sll(,slm. tlu .lriviis will slri
UV Hit; Slur iiuniuiisi. ml uiv 6Laii. rcw Ui Lilt'te bufviai lamew Afij was probably .ruimiig a guv
dispatches dealing with political matters ever come overii,ur,;'of1"u;,""ld wl."wu -i.o drank umt
a. a i: i a. ii a-
uit1 wires, nccurumg it) me eiy ciuiiieiiuc auviees cun- svinputhttie.
?n IninpH in this "stippinl" disnatrh thp nnlv rpmihlioan ran-! "1'Bl', everyone does wrong,
'"i .7. -j--- j r Jiaca o,iii,l t.ilk wilh Vi-il
H.-ilnh D. Tioiinenfeld. an Enelish editor, while
favor of the League of Nations, explains that he does not1 didate who has a show to win the presidency next year;bri.uk UuWB. Th, wl,llt w, .
i: I is Dr. Lpnnard Wood, and thp onlv dpmnrrat is Spn- 1 money do imuf Uc really looked
tAJPTCi iii!(iu.siuiiai iium n. I I rnu i. Yl n worn out touiKht."
"The mere constitution or formation of a League is ator George Chamberlain, lhat being the case it is alto-j i was Vl.rv pu)ll. ,. fr aunt
,,.f cff;.,;n.-,r tn K.-mrr .. n.m, hnuinn -m,i -i now n ft li i tTether too bad that these valiant soldiers. Illustrious lfp thoughts were too busy, him,
Wednesday unless muster bakers of
l'orilnud treat their demands fur a $-'!
wi'klv in i ii i tn u iu uut;e uml nil imreuse
I shall "f from six to seven (ht cent in eoni-
lle Will niissiol.s on sales ill oxress (if .nlU.
tatesmen and immaculate citizens should be pitted against jpmirso'' niam'he'()'i,ton
Thivi'p mush to snmpthinp- 'Isp. and thai is a hi'tter under
Ktnnrlirnr n.nnncr nations. Half thp wars of the world 1 each other in the election, since one or the
have been due to suspicion, envy and malice on the part of
one nation against another, because thtre was no real un
derstating between the peoples."
He therefore proceeds to argue for a closer associa
tion and interchange of ideas on the part of the British
and American people. That is obviously a desirable
thing, to which all Americans not obcessed with the old
jingo prejudices against John Bull will lend their hearty
approval. But it would be a narrow and unwise plan to
confine this policy to Great Britain. There are other na
tions with whom it is more conceivable that war should
arise than with Great Britain. If mutual understanding
is the best preventative of war, it behooves us to cultivate
Fuch an Understanding with them, and to foster it among
This very thing will probably turn out to be the su
preme benefit resulting from the League of Nations. It
is self-evident that the mere drawing up of a constitution
and the mere meeting and speech-making and resolving
and legislating cf the representatives of the member-nations
are not going to remodel mankind. But all this
functioning of the League involves a large amount of
systematic co-operation on part of the powers, and full
publicity for all their acts. When we have the nations
working together for common purposes, along lines mat
run through all departments of public life, and when all
of them are told just right what the others are doing and
why they are doing it, there will certainly come a better
Vnowledge of each other.
And with that knowledge will surely come under
standing and sympathy.
"I cannot hate a man I know," said Charles Lamb.
That is a law of human nature. And since nations are
only aggregations of men and women, it must be so with
surely be defeated, an outcome which would sorely grieve
the heart of the Oregonian editor. Why not have thii
"special" correspondent back in Washington fix up a
hybrid ticket composed of Leonard and George, who
might fli pa nickle to decide which one would ride in
Some newspapers are trying to make it appear that
W. G. McAdoo's attorneyship for certain moving picture
producers removes him as a presidential possibility. We
should say not if the movie people begin to boom him
and get the movie fans aroused there would be nothing
to it but a triumphal march to the WThite House. The mov
ies just now are the biggest center of interest in the
Would tell Neil
Other mUSt I "uc '"'d written him telliut; him to come
early to her because she hud siiiuetuiuy;
speciiil to snv to him. He would he sure
to speak ui the letter at the office, i ,
. t . . I B.
Whoever luul it on the desk would men- K
tiou tlm-t also. Then my presence in
tho office. The rcmenibrnnio thut oneo
before 1 had tried to K't hold of his
inn i I would make him at once suspicious.
Whut would I say if he neused inef I
never had told In in a lie would I now f
(Tomorrow Neil Accuses Durham of
Taking the Letter.)
There was a compromise, to be sure: but the chief
reason Italy came back was that she couldn't afford to
stay away. Neither can any nation, now or hereafter, af
ford to oppose the majority opinion of mankind.
"I think it is a good peace," says Clemenceau. If he
is satisfied, Americans might as well stop worrying about
the "disappointment and betrayal of France."
"The best substitute for the saloon is a book case,")
ays Collier's Weekly. The book case can match every ,
thrill the saloon ever gave, and add some of its own." The I
barkeepers must nave neon awiuny suipiu not 10 nave -,,uu i,t
I. v mem 1 v
put the Harvard classics on one end of the bar, long ago.
instead of the free lunch,
By Walt Mason
II miis n demennini; act to open n let- ALL YOUR FRECKLES
i " v"vhii,vi'f
" "'" "r "" 1 ""r' The trust between the tre.ku-s
lied lo know the ineiiiiiun of my hus- IUid the char skin usually is so rent
bund's intimacy with lllaiu lie Ortuii thut no blench can be more than pur
Hint I had mi thought fur amenities. ;liaU y? icce. ill in obliieratiiij: the
After wo r.-Hch.-d homo hmuwi it dis! ;m 'lie- Is. Oidinnr.v in. roo!i:od
cuiiie In me thut by wtthhwldiiu the let ax is far bettor; it literally peels off
lor, Neil would know iietliiiiK of in,, .the fnv-kKs. (let an ounce of it ..t
puitv ill Mrs. Ui Ion 's fur that cwniiie;. t'1' "''ares' ,ni.,r store and tonight
I reread the letlei carel'ullv and si.w the l"nil on enouirli to completely cover
inference it coat cd that if rViloricn : ' ,'; remove in the nioruiiijl with
come she w.niM write him.1"""" lor. bepeat uniiy until oevy
h.. u ,1 , J. fro. I.le has disappeared.
. . I , . , , i, . , i I.;... i ,i.. ... ,i, limieii, Pinti hv, pimpled shin, also
Avoid Indigestion, Sour Acid Stomach,
Heartburn, Gas on Stomach, Etc.
If ho did mo come
kin lie hud
liv I ou Id
with me one
loir of the lister
homo 1 would, of course,
tjoue to her, but if In1 did
lit least have kept him
lie ciiuie iu about si o'clock. Aunt
and ho talked until dinner was ready
at novo n. He had excused hini.eif from
dressing on the plea that he had had a
hard day, and was tired.
We were scarcely sealed III the Inblo
I n digestion nnd practically all forms
of Htomuch trouble, sav medical an-
thnritiea, are due nine times out of ten '
to nn excess of hydrochloric acid in the
utomach. Chronic "acid stomach" ia 1
exceedingly dangerous and sufferers
should do either one of two . things.
KMther they enn go on n limited and I
often disagreeable diet, avoiding foods'
that disagree with them, that irritate!
the stomach and lead to excess acid '
secretion or they can eat as they please
in reason and make it a practice to'
counteract the effect of the harmful
acid and prevent the formation of gas.
sourness or premature foriiimitation by
the uo of u little Hisiirated Magnesia
at their moals.
There is probable no hotter, pafer
or more reliable stomach nntiacid than
liis'iirated Magnesia and it is widely
usoi for this purpose. It tins nn direct
action on the stomach and is not a di-
gestont. But n tonspoonf ill of the pow
der or n enuple of five grain tablets
taken ia a little water with the food
will neutralize the excess acidity which
may be present and prevent its fur
ther fornialion. This removed the
whole cause of the trouble nnd the
meal digest" naturally and healthfully
without need of pepsin pills or artifi
cial di ijt stents.
Oct a few ounces of Hism-ited Mri'
nesia from any reliable druggist. Ask
for either powder or lablets. It never
come lis n linid, milk or ritrnte anil
in the bisnrated form is not a laxa
;ie. Try this plan and oat what you
want at your next meal and see "f
this isn't the best advice you ever had
on " what to eat.
uisucssiii iiisrasc. i nil spicnoia rein- I fe v
edy purities the blocxl removing all ! Oiler VCU St VtW Sttl adlY8
disease gcrm, and binlus up the en- J i
Rice Grass Rags $9.85 b
M Fiber Ru J 15.75 to
Congoleuni Rugs $14.60 to
Weed Fiber Rugs $1375.
Tapestry Brussels $26.50 lo
4W '
i VAxniinsters $37.50 to $59.50.
Wiltons $94.50 to $117.59.
Body Brussels $55 to $56.50
We handle the WMttali rugs
for this citv and for clean cut
designs and colorings as well
as quality they lead the procession.
. v- s VV
i Vo . . L fJT
common at this season, may bo entire
ly gotten r'.ii of bv this some method.
ttitliout discomfort or inconvenience, i
The effort is decidedly worth while, : BUY IN SALEM ALWAYS
too now .eoiiipiexion ooiuiitoii uein so
eleur, smooth and voothful.
ho question me f Aunt had told him we
called lit the office and how much one
admired the wav he had fitted up. Mie
Dare Devil
The girl that made
In her latest
Comedy Sensation
We have a
room wnere vou can see
plainly the colorings as well
as the quality and we would
be glad to have the pleasure
cf shewing vcu our stock of
V v 5i -i , B TR9SE
I YejLibertyp fiber
';wjryyp REED
I am an old back number; I nod and snooze and slum
ber, while tVin are marching on; I tell long prosy stories j '' -o u.i . iu
culio.i. Iter
i i i' I o i ii i i i , i iiressinn inoci -.inicit it, i lun.i u not
about the dazzling glories oi days that are long gone. Ii ,,,;. ,.,,,. ' ,,. m,.. 0ll wnnl(,
when the teleplo'ue rung. My heart j also hud told him she thought tiiit Hti rwr I
nliiiest stopped benliug for a moment ns graplior mthcr impudent, and that shi
I wailed until the maid had iisevod. I would nd ise nn older woinnn who
''Mr. f'orbes is wanted on the tele- j w.mld bo i.io'e nl tentive to his business. I
phone," she sa'ol, a knowing look on " Itul 1 hm e found her extremely cap
hot face. I knew as well as if she hnd;,.,i., , , ,,i;,., .., .i... ,..,,Mu f ,,1V ,sj.
I'erhnps you mistook natural curi-i
til I ho hiiiiiUome wonien culling
;Tw,., ,,, ,,, iyy "ip.T7'" wyJpi
f 'ii " V It $J 3 iinl ii i i'i til i
i .
4 M
III ss.
osil V
,. I.. ..., " V..il l.n.l r..iiri.l ... i
talk of bygone ages, and quote old seers and sages until ' i'" he had nu ami wouidj.,!,.,,,,,!,. xhrJ 'ti,m8 ,r,. hd been!
I spoil a lung; the actors all were dingers, and there were
letter singers, lor.g since, when I was young. Such poets
as the sped ones, such statesmen as the dead ones, these
limes can never know; and there were better writers, and
more heroic fighters, in days of long ago. I am an old
back number; stale chestnuts without number I suffer to
relate; old jukes that Eve was springing when she and
Ad were swinging upon their garden gate. There's noth
ing modern pleases; I like the ancient wheezes, I love the
nossgrown ways; progressive things confound me; I bore
the friends around me with chatter of dead days. I am an 1
old back number; "How long will he encumber this globe",!
the young folks sigh; "we can t enjoy our having until the
old man's playing a zither in the sky." The oid man knows
he's casting a gloom that's everlasting on relative and
friend; and yet he can't help dwelling on olden times and
telling the tales that have r.o end.
LJW, AA 1., liLj
Pa tells ma
to et a
(j-v) package
for me
then, oats
most all of 'cm
said. 1 had not joined in the dtseu. 1
ion at ail. If oor Neil found out X1
had tkkou that letter! j
I wnitod in tense silence until Xeitj
returned from telephoning.
"You will hnvc to excuse me," hj
said in hurried manner. "1 mill
obliged to join seine business f riends.
"Hut you will eat your dinuer first,'.!
I en. binned, in u measure relieved byj
his manner. j
"X. unfortunately I cannot! tiioyj
nre waiting dinner for me. " 1 shall';
h late o don't wait up for me." and;
with it haste kiss he left us. I sup j
ttrmrd he was itiuj. out ioimediatelv. !
but he ran upstairs, and 1 ronli'ed that
although he had claimed to be too tired j
to dross to d.ne with us, he was sioiuij;
to dioss before Koine; out. It wns onej
more cause tor in, happiness. Hue more
lution lo arouse jealous?.
He diesjed (illicitly then called "Z"w
uitiht " nain as he wont out. ilis out
r.t once romnieiiced to eommiserate n'm.
" Poor litv! If js a shame to have to
ea out hen he was so tired. I e'mi"i it
is all wrong to attend to business in
The United States National Bank will always
be found able to meet these upon the part 'of
their customers. Of course, customers are
given the first consideration when temporary
assistance is necessary for "tiding over."
The moral of this story is:
.; r--- - i 1SS?
. 1 ItCSfe H . J
t - -
Chairs and Rockers we are
shoring on our first floor are
the last word in this class of
furniture. Stea in and see
them. You'll see something
that will please you.
467 Court Street