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    : 5250 CIRCUUTION
(25.000 BEADER3 DAILT)
" Only Circulation it Salem Guar-
anteed by the Audit Burean of
Circulations. a)
ip filter
; :
Oregon: Tonight ' A Tiiurs-
dav bowers; cooler Thursday;
moderate southerly w-.nds, in-
creasing ia force.
stand m CUT
Germans Would Include All
Belligerent States And Neu
trals Now Members '
Hague Tribunal
Clever Labor Note, Designed
To Win Sympathy Among
World Radicals, Presented
To Conference.
By William Philip Siiwns
(I'nited Tress Staff Correspondent.)
St. Germain, May 11. The Austrian
peace delegates arrived here shortly be
fore 6 o'clock this e veiling.
By Fred 8. Ferguson
(I'nited Tress Staff Correspondent.)
Tans, May 14. The big four today
received three new notes from the Ger-!
man delegates relative to the Peneo!
terms. Their nature was not disclosed. I
Seven communications concerning the I
S ''Z'SgrJSSStS: InoiMaiority Caucus Prepares
fir.-t two was promptly refused. The
X' nd two. dealing with labor und Ger-
inau war prisoners was referred to a
si ial comiiiiKsioii of experts.
Ii was believed a reply to the labor
note might be made today. -
I 'no f lili.iipn u na nYn.u.i.l in liirvh
...wrters that, notwithstanding the nrcs.l
ent flood of eonimiiiiientioiis from tho'!i,lt"" caucus today unanimously ge
Oeminiis they will eonipleto their oh-jlectod Senator Cummins, Iowa, as presi
jectioo to the terms well within the M-',i,,t ,ro tcm of tllc SPmltc.' 1'ormnl clec
ilav tune limit and that tho allies rffl ,. , .
have made fullv replv wtihin another """ "im'ly aw""s ""vening of. tho
ten days. 1 "'"J' senate.
The same authority admitted the Senator Cummins was nominated by
cleverness of the labor note, which may, Borah, on behalf of progressives. Ter
be used as a wedge for more objections, i feet harmony marked today's oigamza
also as a means of winning the sym-jtion civucus, senators declared,
mithy of certain radionl elements' The following additional slate oi ot-
throUKhoiit the world.
League Plans Detailed.
The German plan for a league of na-
timis, which was referred to tho allied,
league commission, sets forth the fol- Senator Curtis, Kansas, party whip.
Inn ing principles, it was learned today. Committee Heads Named.
First Prevention of international 1 Senator Lodge was authorized to ap
disputes. "oint a committee on committees con-
Seeuiid Universal disarmament, sisting of nine, a steering committee of
Third Freedom of traffic and gen- nine and a patronage committee of
oral equality of economie'rights. j three. Senator Rrandegee, ConnecVeui,
Fourth Protection of natiounl minor-j will be chairman of the committee on
ities. ! committees; Senator Mcl'nmber, North
Fifth Creation of an international Dakota, chnirman of the steering eom
woi kers bureau. hnittee, and Senator New, Indiana, chair
Sixth Kegulntion of colonial ones-j man of the patronage committee,
tionj. j The caucus re-adopted proposals for
Seventh -Union of existing and fu-, changes in the senate rules, first adopt
ture interiiationr.l institutions. ed last session but not iieted on by the
Eighth Creation of an international senate. One prevents a senator wno
pnrlinment. lis chairman of any of the "big ten''
The league, under the German plan, eonnnittes holding; membership on hhj
would comprise all belligerent states, 1 other of the " bin ten. " This is to pr
imlmliuu those established as a result vent concentration of power in tlu?
of the war and i.ll neutrals, comprising . hands of a few senators. The other pro
Tlie Hague world arbitration league. 'posed change would limit committees to
Ne v members would be admitted by 17 members. Some are now so large
t wo thirds vote. Entrance of the Holy that it is practically impossible in a.
See would be held in reserve. Tho busy session to obtain a quorum to
IcaKUe would be composed of two bodies, I transact business.
a congress of states and an international -
Inn linment. All secret treaties would' By L. C. Martin
be abrogated.
Russians Want Commercial
Alliance With United States,
Says Agent. ,
By Frank 3. Taylor
I'nited Tress staff correspondent)
Berlin, April 11). (By mail) The
Russian bolsheviki are planning to
seek a commercial alliance with the
United .States, which would also in-
f.ide Germany and Scandinavia' ac
cording to M. Makowski. secret agent
of the Leniiie government in Berlin.
Should the league of nations fail as
the bolsheviki believe it ill Makow
ski expressed the belief that such a
conunc mal pact might grow into a
military nnd political alliance.
The bol-lieviki, according to Makow-
eki, mipToys Premier Ienine's phrase
in describing the league of nations as
'' league of capitalists."
Pie-dent Wilson and his idea of
the league are heartily supported by
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Disabled Transport Puts
Into Boston Harbor With
Troops After 16-Day Trio
Boston, May 14 The trans
Jort V. Uickoiibach, r-
rived today with troops from
western states after an event
fill voyage of 16 days.
The first day out from
France the Luckenbach ran in-
to a storm in which the ship
rolled and tossed to such a de-
gree that 700 bunks collapsed,
injuring many soldier oeeu-
pants. On? man hid an arm
fractured, evnother his jaw,
and many suffered minor ems
and bruises. Col. W. T. Mol-
lison of Minnesota, in charge
of the troops declared it was
miraculous) that none of the
aien were killed.
n, Of Jn midoceau the starboard
O i-je was disabled and the
'V' forced to proceed with
, ?C' "Vg'ne. A sail made
n , As of canvas help
ed siv "a
The i. JDrought the
12(fth infan.. ,.mus the third
battaliou and .oops from oth
er western states.
The 120th was the only na
tional guard unit to cross the
These troop saw gome of the
hottest fighting of the war,
having taken part in the cap
ture of -Fiames. They were al
so in the Afgonne line for 21
Slate For Senate Offices To
Be Fiiled At Special Session
Next Week. ' '
Washington, May H.-Senate repub
fieers was chosen:
(leorne A. Sanderson, Chicago, secre
tary of the senate; David S. Barry,
Washington, D. C, sergeant at-arms:
(United Tress Staff Correspondent.)
Washington, May 14. Progressives
united on Senator Cummins, Iowa, as
their candidate for president pro tein nt
meeting in Senator Borah's office
early today. They were unable to reach
Senator Lenrott. who is on his way
here from the Tacific coast and did not
wish to nominate him without knowing
how he felt about accepting.
Jtegular republican leaders indicated
tlu. t ('nn, oiius Kill be acceptable, to
Party harmony was expected to rule
the conference of the senate republicans
today to name a slute of senate offlcxic
!j be voted on when the session opens
next Monday.
Progressive Issue Smothered.
The issue raised by progressives
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Investigation Of Seattle
Street Car Collision Opens
Seattle, May 14. Investigation ,s un
der siv todnv to determine responsibil
ity for the street car collision tlmt
killed Harold Carroll, Broadway high
school student, tnd injured 18 other pus
Sengeis here lute yesterday. A Capitol
j Hill car, out of control, rac.,l down
(Tine street bill and crashed into tne
rear end of a "one-man" Capitol Ji ill
'ear, pushing the wreckage two blocks.
ITwo aatns were hit bv the runaway
car e: its down hill flight.
Dirigible C-5 and NC-4 Leave
Bases For Trepassey Bay
To Join Fleet:
Washington, May 14.Two American aircraft today
were speeding up the north Atlantic coast, the crews of
both hoping to participate in trans-Atfantic flights.
The dirigible C-5 left Montauk, N. Y.,
at 8 a. m. for St. Johns, N. F., undi
orders to attempt a flight to England
the present cruise showed it advisable.
An hour and five minutes later sea
plane NO 4 held at Shatham, Mass., for!
several days by engine trouble and bad
weather, got away for Trepassey Buy.
Commander Towers with seaplanes
MM and NO-S ready to sturt on tne
long flight to the Azores, was still at
With the NC-4 at last under way, it
was believed Commander Towers might
post ixine until tomorrow the jump off,
.... 41... a..:.. ............ I. a 4. .:..
imi mi' nip twiuB tur Auuuiu-.
By A. E. Johnson
(United Press Staff Correspondent.)
Aboard U. S. 8. Prairie, Trepassey, r.'
P., May H. This is the day set in'
naval orders for the start here of the j
American trans-Atlantic seaplanes.
Weather conditions were fuvorablo at
an early hour and indications were early '
plans would ba adhered to. Tonight a
run moon win iiitiminato tne ocean ana
the fleers will be favored by its light
tT.mrta huvit hnnn Atituvtnina.l I. n I
might be possible to make the start
shortly after dusk
If the NC-4 reaches here from Chat
hr.in in time, she may make tho start
mImH Ciliiininniln. Tnwnva if ia KntinvArl
would delay his flight Ion enough to
allow the crew of the NC-4 to rest and
to give time for repairs of the usual
sort. It is believed the NC-4 will at
tempt a flight direct from tf.atliam to
Trespasser when timo comes for her
Naval officers here said they did not
know whether the NC-4 would fly to
Halifax nnd then to Treptssey Bay, or
direct from hero to Trepnssey. The
distance from here to Trespassey In a
direct line over sea is approximately
9.10 (standard) miles. Tho distance to
Mulifax is about 37.1 miles. ,
Direct Flight Possible. '
It was believed that Commander Rend
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Investigator Says Packers Cot
Iliegitmate Profit On
Food Supplies.
Los Angeles, May 14. The govern
ment overlooked a chance to give tho
poor man an opportunity to buy Imcou
and canned meat at a reasonable pricu
hen the war department agreed to
ho d from the American uiuiket surplus
lurmv canned beef anil bacon, Francis J.
Henry, who investigated the packets,
told the I'nited Press today,
j Throwing this meat on the market,
if widely distributed, would have no
I serious effect on pi ices to the producer
iof meat, Henry declared, because, con
Isidered beside the total meat cousump
!tion, the amount is suiall.
I Hcney charged the (tliicngn puckers
I have already made two profits on iiim
I meat involved. The first profit was
wnen tin government fixeil tne price
I for the meat. This price, he said, con
templated the packers paying JH per
jliuudicd pounds to the pioducer for
, beef.
I "I am informed that the packers real
jly paid an average of U.7.5 per hundred
pounds lo. than the H contemplated by
the government for this beer,-- no,
derlared. "That mean an illegitimate
profit of approximately .1,.liiO,i).
j " Pia' ti'-ally the same thing oecurrtd
a.i to bacon.
"It seems to me the government
shou'd le a bit more solicitous above
the labor market and need not worry
so mu'h altotit the market for meat,"
' Heney added. "Meat is withheld from
jthc market because it might disarrange
; market conditions. Hut nt the same
time I do not hear any wail from pack
eis or other profiteers over the gov
Jeniment's police jn throwing discharged
'soldiers onto the lnbor maiket without
regard to the labor maiket a condi
ai - rtt p n I
JNaV? llafl til KOUlC sTOni
Chatham, Mass- To Tres
passey Receives And An
swers Message In 2 Min
Washington, May 14. The navy, out
to establish a world's record with a
flight across the At'siiMe, today set up
a new nuwk in wireless communication
,n? " "I""'"0 z'Ppn'g aionR
the north Atlantic coast to join fellow
fliers in cross-sea flight, Actina Secre
tary Roosevelt grew anxious as to Com
mander Head's progress. A wireless as
t0. ,nc ronW ananswer in two
minutes. The machine was off Seal Is
land, going at tho rate of 8.1 miles an
hour. Within one minute the wueit,,e
Imd flashed the news to Panama, San
Diego, Cal., and ships at sea as well us
to Europe.
Nnval officials sr.id no such sliced
had evcr been attained iu a wireless
At 11:10, Acting' Seerctaiy of the
Navy Roosevelt sent a message to the
NC-4 ns follows:
"What is your position! All keenlv
interested your progress Roosevelt,
Answer Bight Back.
Two minutes later the radio operator
took the following reply from Com
iimnder Rend, of t he NC-4 on the desk
at the navy department:
"Roosevelt, WashingtonThan k you
tor good wishes. M 4 is 20 miles south
west Seal island, making So miles per
hour. Rend."
One minute later this message was be
inw relayed to all ships and the bid
wireless stations in Europe and Central
America. The operation was completed
within three minutes and six minutes
later messages were received from Pan
ama and Sun Diego, confirming receipt
of the message from NC-4.
Radio officials explained that the
original messr.ge to the N(J 4 was sent
from Washington to the railio station
nt Otter (lift's, Maine, ami relay en
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Very few people ever had ther pie.ure
Some folks' idea o' bein'
pleasant it
laskin' if yon 're been tick.
1 Abe Martin t
! W Uor lM
it -v.: it m ii i i is t i sr iif.
f it-: i -v-- r i i -n
Rumor of New Party
Hear din Washington
By L. C. Mirtin
(I'nited Press Staff Correspondent.)
Washington, May 14. lit considering
the mcny possibilities of 19-0, prompt
Washington politicians are paving con
siderable attention to a question being
heard more and more frequently as the
weeks go by. It is this: Will there be a
third party is 19-0 1
Loud crys of "No" accompanied by
jeers, scoffing and other professional
manifestations of ridicule ind disbelief
immediately greet the questioner who
ask democratic or republican party lead
ers the question.. They psint airiry
the incident of the Bull Moose party s
though that closed the argument.
Signs (re multiplying, however, that
out where tho voters grow and vote
there is considerable dissatisft'.-ction
with both of the existing politics! par
ties which some observers think might
crystallize under certain circumstances
in the formation of a new and very pow
erful party by the time 1920 arrives.
Members of congress who have re
cently travelled thousands of mile;
through many states report, that they
huve found third party sentiment in a
number of places. One senator, for in
stance, was met in two widely separated
western towns by delegations formed
for the specific purpose of urging him
to take the lead in formation of an
"American party."
These delegations were made tip 54
men of both parties. The reasons they
gave for wanting a third party were:
1. They are opposed to the demo
cratic policy of keeping the I'nited
States permanently mixed up iu Euro
pean iifnfirs.
Belgium And Oilier Wronged
Countries Shun Role Of
Tniis, May 14. Hanging tho former
kaiser, or otherwise punishing him, is
proving less simple a matter than tho
ma jority of the responsibilities commis
sion anticipated.
The majority plan, adopted by tho big
Iour over the objections of the Amer
ican nnd Japanese members of tho com-' New yorki Mnv 14Ti,e transports
mission, provided that one of t. Guissepe Verde and Pesnro, with H2H7
wronged. countries should act a. returning soldiers ttbourd, reached port
prosecutor. Now it is difficult to fiiui today. The Calamares arrives Into to
nny country willing to act in that ?a-(ny wilh oL.og ,,,, Tho ivsuro carried
pncity. lleUium the obvious choice, liasj ,), t.01p(,ttt joHth field artillery and a
allowed , it to be known that alio dora ! numlior of casuals,
not want to assume tho role. Tll(, (;uiKse.o Verde carried the 78th
It is apparent tlmt Belgium reuioni-, division 's theatrical unit; 3.trd mobllo
bers she is a kingdom too and thr.t it j ordanee repair shop; 307th field nrtil
would not be tt Wise policy to Staif rv. Ilnmh ir service .mixilron: fililllli
treating kings as criminals. Iter's also
is the possibility thnt Germany "may
conn' back" seeking vengeance.
No other country lias yet nadu known
ils willingness to be tho prosecutor of
the former kaiser, though Franco tnd
England have been sounded out. Do
spite the fact that Premier Lloyd
lieorge wns practically forced by Lord
N'ortheliffs during the Inst election to
make punishment of the former kaiser
one of his campaign planks, tho general
moderation of the uritish charncter
might impel the government to go stow
through fear of a reaction of Hiitish
natural sporting instinct.
War Department Announces
Sailing Of Troop Ships
' From France.
Washington, May H. Transport
'niliMgt wire announced bv the iar
department todav as follows:
Transport Italia, Marseilles to New
York, due Mav ii, with HIDth field
sign-jl battnlion; nine casual compan
Transimrt Wiboney, Hret to Nw
York due May 20, with Rltli infantry
brigade detachment ; 130th infuinry:
l.ld mai-hiiie gun battalion; clothing
anl bath unit 330; detachment 3-tin
field artillery and two casual compaa
ies. Bigadier General Tdward L. King,
c.i)ipirnander of the filth infantry bri
c,ade, is a passenger on the transport
Artemis, St. Nazaire to .Newport -News
due May 24. with 111th infantry, 112th
machine gun lejttalien; two casual
Transport Manchuria. Nt. .aznire
to Boston, due May 22, with .'s;ti In
fantry brigade headquarters, lotth en
ameers, lOHh sanitary train; I'mn
mobile ordnance repair shop; lOlth
train headquarters: seven ordnance
casual companies for California, I II i -
j)i Minmsota mi l lows; seven St.
Nazaire convalescent detachments.
(Continued on Fagc 2.)
S. They charge the democratic party
with gross mismanagement of public af
fairs, particularly with respect to rail
roads, telephones and telegraph and fi
nances. 3. They fear republican control nn
der LooVe Penrose Smoot leadership
means the immediate return of reaction
ary policies.
4. They wait to create a party which
will have as its sole aim the better
ment of America for Americans.
Other sources from which third party
iclk has bee a coming include returned
soldiers and private individuals in a
number of states who have written cer
tain progressive congressmen urging a
break from old party leadership. These
letters are not yet very numerous. They
come mostly from tho "thinking west."
This embryonic third party movement
has so far found no sponsor in congress
and may never find one. It has b num
ber of influential friends there, how
ever, one of whom today declared it
should not he confused with bolshevist
unrest or socialist propaganda. In fact
a number of those letter writers who
have urged the step have stated that
neither of the two great parties seems
to have any adequate program for com
batting bolshevism in this country and
declared the only way to do it in the
Iniigungei of one of them "is to get
men in power in this country who will
attend to home affairs for the good of
the American people, without thinking
so much about reforming Europe on the
one hand or about tinkering with the
tariff for partisan advantage on the
'Fourteen Hundred Veterans
Of Service In France
Reach New York.
riiiliidelphia, Mav 14. Tho battleship
Kansas arrived here last night with
1400 men of the 147th" field artillery,
mostly from South Dakota and Oregon.
Governor Peter Norheck, South Dhkota,
welcomed the troops. "
ii i r service squiidron and six ensoul com
panies for California, Pennsylvania,
New Yoik, Kansas and Texas.
The Calamares had aboard tho 307th
machine gun battuliun; 113th lntamcy
headquarters, supply and machine gun
companies; sanitary and ordnance de
tachments nnd companies A and B;
lortth field artillery battery C und sup
ply company; G7th infuntry brigi.de
headquarter. Some casuals ulso were
Portland Traffic Expert
Urges Phone Patrons To
Refuse To Pay Increase
Portland, Or., May 14. City Trafl'id
Expert Cousins has advised every tele
phone user in Portland to flatly refuse
to pay the increased rental which the
oublic service commission recently au
thorized the Tacific Telephone & Tele
graph company to mako.
''If everybody ignores the hills which
are rendered this morning, the company
will be powerless to enforce thn ad
vanced rate," said Cousins, "as tho
only alternative would bo to tako tho
telephones out, and to do this all om
town would nut the concern out of busi
ness." To make the scheme more effective,
Cousins suggests that telephone users
throughout the state refuse to pay the
increase in rates.
Pnrin, Mav 1 1. Poland 1ms filed a re
quest with the pci.ee conference for a
part of the German fleet, "for defen
sive purposes,", it was learned today.
Granting tit this request would give
Poland the first navy in her history,
which datiis back nearly 1000 years.
Santa Ana, Cal., May 14. Four thou-
s: nd six hundred and sixty veterans oi
the Civil war make up what is left of i
the Grand Armv in California and No-
vndu. according to reports submitted by
depart incut officers at the annual en
campment of the G. A. R. A total of
3M.1 veterans hnve died in the last year.
A convention of Japanese people
from nine Washington counties will be depression " called forth by the en
held in Puseo ill June lasting two days nouncement of the peace terms.
Stand Of Chancellor Ren-:r,
Declaring Intention To Ed
Nation's Suffering, lo
cates Position.
Request For Union With Ger
many As Protective Meas
ure, Most . Likely Point Cf
Paiis, May 14. Chancellor Reaner,
head of the Austriau peace dclegatisa,
declared in an interview with tk
Basle correspondent of the Agrso
Radio that he. intends to return to Vi
enna with a peace that will end tk
sufferings of his country.
"I intend to follow the decisions of
the national asosrbly while at St. Ger
main and return with a peace cnrlisff
tho sufferings of my country," he w
quoted ns saying.
"We want a union with Gormaay,
although we did not want it two years
uo. At that time we believed Aus
tria would join with Cavcho Slovakia,
.lugo-Skavia and Rumania, in a closa
federation. Hut the Czecho and Jngo
Sluvs are now our enemies and the sit
uation, unfortunately is chun(?rd."
By William Philip Simms
United Press staff enrreepondrnt)
St. Germain, Mar '14. The hour of
the Austrian peace delegation ' arriv
al in St.' Germain, scheduled for to
day, was uncertain. Their train reach
ed Basle Inst night in time for the
to Brrive this morning, but it was be
lieved they would be purposely delay
ed en route sufficiently for them to
reach their destination at night, tha
sniuo as the German delegates.
Special telephone, telegraph an
wireless) facilities were in4alled here.
The wireless will permit the uVdegatee
direct communication with Altenburf,
Austria. Tho delegates will hive in the
Hotel Pavilion Henry IV, attai.hrs and
correspondents will occupy the villa.
The treaty will bn presented to the
Austriuns in the chateau.
Chicago Milk Supply Tied
Up By Strike Of Drivers
Chicago, May 14. Milk distribution
is tied up hero today following strike
of 2800 milk wagon drivers. Seven
hundred drivers who were still work
ing at nn early hour, were expected to
join the strikers lute today.
Refusal of the milk dealers to sign a
new wage agreement, in which the driv
ers demanded 3.1 meekly and commis
sions in place of the present compen
sation of $2(i nnd commissions, precipi
tated the walkout,
15,000 Socialists Hold
Anti-American Meeting
Along Streets Of Berlin
By John Oaiudens 4c
(United Press Staff Correspond-
Berlin, May 13. (Delayed.)
Fifteen thousand muiKirity so-
cialists made a demons! ration ia
front of the Hotel Adlon today
crying "Down with WUsonl
Down with the Americans!"
The tumult grew in front of
the American hcudquai toi until
.It) soldiers arrived and cleared
the streets.
The crowd had gathered for. a
demonstration agBlnt the peace at
terms in front of the reichatag.
They were addressed by Richard
Fischer, who said the confi-
dence of tho Germans in Presi-
dent Wilson hud been shumcful-
ly abused and that the govern-
ment would refuse to sign the
The demonstration then surged
toward the IlotclAdlon, hooting,
jeering and shouting "rob-
hers! " The tumultous scene
lasted half an hour.
Chancellor Sclieldemann later
addressed a large crowd in front s
of the reichstr.g.
A "week of mourning'' has bona de
creed bv the German government to
I give pxnrcwion to the "sorrow and