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Editorial Page of The Capital Journal
War 12, 1319
Editor and Poblithw
- . .
Published Every Evening Except Sunday, Salem, Oregon.
Address AU Communication To
136 S. Commercial Et.
(The 3Duli) . AHal Ilournal
Dallv. It Carrier, oer year $3.00 Per Month..
Dally by Mail, per year-
Per Month-
tinn. Wp want to no thinf"? in ournwn wav. We want to ws sleeping. I was utmost heart broken. I
I. ,:1. J 1 V... ..1: A,l 1 ""T -H-rome accustomed to his f
niarvc imcaancs, auu rcai 11 vui uwn caci iciiv-c auu i takiug liquor, even ever mi little.
nationally and individually, we would rather have ouri,j su,h n,ai,,Iin 0r ""arri''
own wrong system than somebody else s perfect system.
It is a new way of putting the old statement that
Americans are "individualistic" and resent any outside in
terference or any attempt to restrict their individualism. ! from thi' servents.
And though we may be wrong, what are the Bolshevists
going to do about it?
W- D. Ward, New York, Tribune Building.
II. ttookwell, Chir a go, People'! Gaa Building
Personal freedom consists of the right of every manj8Xuned,'Wic
soaie fund it ion was degrading for him.
and for me.
In thi morning he had Ima verr )en
itent. Had called me a "(food girl"
liecause I had kept it from his aunt and
And had eiven me
his solemn promise never to offend to
such an extent again.
" If I do I won 't conic home,' he had
''But I far rather you would come
home than to let others see you in that
condition." I returned. "It is had
I. ..... a- 1. :. T ..1 1.1
I i-uuuii lor nil iu miun 11. i Milium uc i
i'd if it were publicly:
Don't Experiment with Catarrh;
It Often Leads to Dread Consumption
to do what he meases, and to be what he pleases so lonep!k"' t1"" r 'fr
U J i. ...:a 1 :Ut l: :L1 j.vouisolf as to drink t
rn oatir raDitvl journal carrier ooti aro lusirucicu iu vui tun upc. vu m. ml . Ai t v j i i
. . .. ' . , . 3. ..' i'. .l. .;Thnr ic tho irlonl rf inrtiviHiinl trportnm
as he does not interfere with the rights of his neighbors, j;,,, 'f,k 'mtrZ, "', of moie-
laid UOWn hV''1'"'4. 'a'. But don't h:ok soserinns. I
a.hL If tit niTriar lika not fin Ihis missc. vou or DP
. .. . v .i. : i...! .!.:. .v.- i mi ? i.m j.u . l i i i!. have promised, haven't If"
h yoa on iimn, wuiy Pbd0 m.uyy, .. .. - "" -- moias jeiierson as me oasis upon wnicn a aemocrauc .. Ves Rut s..r.ei...iv i lndn't
w can determine whether or not the earners are following imrtructiona. rhone. l u:U r,,t. 1 . . l 'J i , ; ' ,'. Kut . M" " " , '
11 Wr 7 -Ml a'rlnrk and a rier will be aent vou br tDecial meaaencer if toe Llillllflll, UlUSL UC UUUI. IJUl nuw Ilia VVVC teav.il UUS I "' ""i" "is promises i iiseo iu nave
II -i i .in: .
arrier hai missed yoa.
li the only newapaper in Salem whoae circulation U gnaranteed by the
Audit Bureau Of Circulations
The Roosevelt highway proposition on the special
election ballot is one of the reconstruction measures that
should receive the serious consideration of the voter. The
fact that these bonds will be taken care of entirely by the
automobile license fund, and that the federal government
will match the money expended dollar for dollar are strong
points in its favor,
More than this is the fact that such an enterprise,
while providing work during the reconstruction period will buying, the avoidance of waste, and safe investment. This
ooen and develop the rich coast country, adding millions
ot uoiiars to tne taxaoie property vaiuaiion 01 me suae.
This highway will be tapped from the central Willamette
valley by the shortest route to the coast and the best road
of all, that extending directly westward from Salem,
through Folk and Yamhill counties to Tillamook bay. This
not only affords the vacationist and tourist a visit to the
coast over a road only a few hours in lenght of time, but
the hay and feed raised in the valley may be transported
direct to the dairy ranches of the coast situated along
the proposed Roosevelt highway.
As a reconstruction policy we would prefer the plan
of building permanent roads to that ., of constructing
buildings at state institutions. - ; -
"America will not go Bolshevist," said Dr. Frank
Crane in a recent speech, "and for a very simple reason
we don't want it."
And there you have the gist of the situation. It has
been demonstrated clearly enough in Seattle, in Boston,
in Cleveland, in New York and wherever else the pre
sumptuous "Reds" have tried to force this alien system on
America. A few men in this country nearly-all aliens
want Bolshevism. The overwhelming majority do not
want it, and will not stand for any effort to cram it down
their throats.
Some of the deluded radicals still fancy themselves
martyrs, persecuted by police and held from their mission
W iron force. They are dead wrong. The police power is
wily one little manifestation of the big thing thaU'cally
l:jeps Bolshevism suppressed in America the instinctive
opposition of the scores of millions of natives and assim
ihted aliens.
It is clear enough, when once you start thinking about
it, why this big majority, the real Ameriran people, is
dead set against Bolshevism or any other formal Socialis
es program. Dr. Crane puts it about like this:
"Granting for the sake of argument that Socialism is
v perfect system of government we don't want perfec-
ideal condition?
Most of us are weighted down by shackles of circum
stances which hamper our every movement. Our progress
toward our own ideals of liberty and happiness is pain
ful and slow. Unmet obligations, the worry over what
will become of us in our old age, the anxiety over seeing
that our children are given a proper start in life, armed
with proper weapons for battling with the world all
these hamper our freedom.
We can be free, rree from the fear of want and all
these material worries and anxieties which bind us down.
There is a royal road to freedom. It is thrift. Thrift
will give us independence of all about us, freedom to go
where we please, do what we please and be what we
Thrift is not miserliness. Thrift is sane saving, wise
Yoa Wifl Never B Cured With
Sprayt and Douche.
Catarrh is a condition of the blood
and can not be cured by local appli
( cations of sprays and douches; this
has been proven by the thousands who
have vainly resorted to this method
of treatment.
Caiarrh should not be neglected or
experimented with. The wrong treat
ment is valuable time lost, during
' which the disease is getting a firmer
hold upon its victim, and making it
more difficult for even the proper
treatment to accomplish results.
iThough Catarrh makes its first ap
pearance in the nostrils, throat and
air passages, the disease becomes more
Hut I wouldn't let him see it.
(Tomorrow Frederick Refuses to
'onsiilor n Business Prnpt'sition.)
T n , 111 irr. o i jo clock. Bishop A. T. Trover and Fred
New Books Adaed To Salem :.i.wri interment ...
imrirv iiiirmrj rncr wmmt "it.
and more aggravated and finally:
reaches down into the lungs, nd'
everyone recogtiires the atirmuig con-,
iht ion that results when the lungs are
affected. Thus Catarrh may be the.
forerunner of that most dreaded and.
hopeless of all diseases, consumption.!
No local treatment affords perma
nent relief. Experience has taught
that S. S. S. is the one remedy which
attacks the disense at its source, the
blood, and produces satisfactory re-'
suits in even the worst eases. Catarrh
sufferers are urged to give S. S. S.,
a thorough trial It is sold by all'
druggists. You are invited to write to)'
the Medical Department for expert
advice as to how to treat your owt :
case Address Swift Specific Co, 254
Swift Laboratory, Atlanta, Ca.
Union Men Demand
Six Dollars Per Day
is the thrift which our people came to know during the
trying days of the war, and which should become a per
manent American habit. This is the thrift which the
American government 5s trying to foster through the
continued sale of thrift stamps and war savings stamps.
This is the thrift that will make millions free if they
see and use their opportunity.
The Oregonian is booming Dr. Leonard Wood for
president on a platform of personal pique against the men
who fought and won the war. The probable plan of cam
paign of the Wood element will be to .align all the alien
and anti-government factions together in the hope that
they constitute a voting majority of the nation.
The present showers in the Willamette valley are do
ing more to aid reconstruction and enhance prosperity
t han any works of man that can be carried out, no matter
how wisely conceived. Big crops mean employment for
le workingman and profits for the producer.
The head of the German delegation was so overcome
with emotion when he arrived at Versailles that he could
hardly speak. It wasn't the sort of emotion he expected
to feel on that occasion, either.
By Watt Mason
Naturally the members' of the price-fixing board are
mortally offended when that organization is abolished
and the salaries cut off. That probably explains George
W. reek's mournful wail.
"The Biilkuns," a history of Bul
garia, iSerbiii, tireece, Rumania, Turkey,
written liy Nevill Forbes and others,
each tin authoritv on tho country of
which he writes. To of the bi;; trucks haulinsr gravel
"Asm Minor, a well written defor the paving plunt collided Tuesdnv
senption of the country which Germany j(m ti, .a(.jfj(. highwav ,,,.. ,(, (ni.k
entered with the Bagdad railway, illus-, holder place. Both trucks weie eonsid
tinted with photograph, written lylernlilv damaged. One truck, driven by
Walter A. Hawley. I New ton Howe, was loaded with gravel
"Italy's great war nnd her national : and the other was light, The man lriv
uspirations" written by a group of Ital-'i2 the latter truck claims his stoerimrn
In spite of predictions to the contrary prices at the
necessities. of life are falling. Automobile tires have
dropped 15 per cent.
The Victory loan went over the top in splendid style,
just as every good American knew it would.
BAB 18 HEARTBROKEN BECAUSE fond of !t hcild us she had of him
All ti iv time was -.pent with Mis. t'ur
ter. Init I soon ilisin'iH.cd l.nv idea
might have had of K'v'".g any sort of buck.
'He 's a ureal kid."
'Vou don't half know how cunning
ii, vou see so little of him. .
luuv aheitd of his classes: his teacher
I Mo d me lust neck she hud to lioni f ,i
nit he was almost too bright inr
large affairs for her. 1 contented niv- j Ins une. lie spiaka French woadeifullv
sell ivilli two or three small ill liners, well, Ins accent is much better than
and by Inking her to the theatre and j "lino. I ih mother had luetic me learn
dining. Neil was ut Inline very little, ; li ;; ' m lie hen I whs his age instead
scaieelv moie often than before- she
"Exotica and retrospectives'' another
book on Japan by l-afcadio Bear a.
"Selected articles on immigration,"
one of the "Debaters' handbook ser
ies" compiled by H. K. Keeley.
"Yearbook for lSHS" of the Carnegie
Endowment for Intel national Peace,
"The United States at war" informa
tion on tho organization fur wur work
nnd their literature, compiled by the
Library of Congress.
"The child iu human progress," a
history of the place of the child In the
home and in mihlic life, and economic
life, bv Oeorge H. Payne.
"Child welfare in Oregon," a survey
prepared by W. H. Hlingerlund, and
published by tho State I'niversity.
"Anntiul 'report for 1918 " of the Fed
eral Board of Vocational famirsVon.
"King day" selections on history end
observance, edited by Robert Schalif
fler. "Russian prohibition" a pamphlet
prepared bv Ernest Gordon.
"Washington and Oregon year book"
with classified directory of insiciuns
in 19t(i, published by Music and Musi
'New comedies" a collection of Lady
Gregory 'a new pkya.
"The ghost girl," a novel by Henry
D. Ptacpoole.
"Emilc, or a treaties on enucaimn"'
by Jean Jacques Rousseau.
'Caravan man" a novel by Ernest
Goodwin. . I
,' Vicar of Wakefield" a new copy!
illust rated by Hugh Thompson. !
'Yellow dog" a- story of stamping
out "yellow-dogism" by Henry Dodge.
For the Children. 1
'Dutch fairy tales," by William m.
Oriffis. 1
"For tho freedom of the sens" by
Ralph Henry Barbour.
"Young Alaskans in the far nri'i"j
by Emeison Hough. - j
gear failed to work and that he could
not prevent the truck from colliding
with the one driven by Howe.
It appears that the truck claimed le
have the defective steering gear was
driven by a union man and the loaded
truck by a ni u-union man. The union
drivers are raid to hovo wanted an in
crease of wages from $." to i er day.
nnd that one of them was discharged
the day before the collision occurred.
It is also intimated that all these mat
ters are involved in the affair, though
no one is openly accused of deliberate
ly causing the collision and consequent
damage of possibly as much as ifi'OHO.
Aurora Observer.
It is now definitely assured that a
barreling plant for berries is to he es
tablished at Hubbard this vear and
steps have already been taktm to get a
building ready for that purpose. Tin
Hewett warehouse will be useu this year
without change being made iu tiie bulin
ing, other than putting in water con
nections, which is being done und fur
fthich the eitv makes no charge for wa
ter service
The barreling process will be used this
year for the receiving of fall berries ex
cept the evergreen blarkberi i "S, this
berry will be handled this year at Hub
bard the same as other years. Ann it
may be said that the prospects for u
crop of 00 tons for this year fo:- th i
Hubbard plant are very good, and miicli
greater than that next year under nu.
nfal conditions, because of the incrc.si cl
olntitings set out this year nnd thow
planned for to go in us soon as the con
ditions are right. Enterprise.
Stop Itching Eczema
Never mind how often you have tried
and failed, you can stopburning, itching
eczema quickly by applying Zemo fur
nished by any druggist for 35c Extra
large bottle, $1.00. Healing begins the
moment Zemo is applied. In a short
tine usually every trace of eczema,
tetter, pimples, rusli, blackheads and
similar skin diseases will be removed.
For clearing the skin and making it
vigorously healthy, always use Zemo,
the penetrating, antiseptic liquid. It
is not greasy and does not stain. When
others fail it is the one dependable
treatment for skintroubles of all kinds.
The & W. Rose Co.. Cleveland. O.
Maine. 1 could see Unit it wr.s at limes iaoj.
'an effort for him to concentrate n j "i
mind noon what either of u were sny
j ing. and I woiiied nccoidiuly.
1 In uged linn to tell tnc w hat lie w as
When Gentle Annie beams and smiles, I'd like to roam
the forest aisles, far from the madding crowd, but when
I'd try tha scheme of mine, I find the omnipresent sign,
"No Trespassing Allowed." It means ten dollars or ten
d u s to wander in woodland maze, and hear woodpeckers
tine: they've fenced in every glade and glen, and there's i seemed ins respect for her m-mandeato eii me of hi.
no place for weary men to breathe free air, by jing. Sonie.j",:;-" ' "M ",e not ItXVX,
rm.-S. With P.'lSk maikS. I lOllineV tO tile DUO 1C Dai'kS. tO i "I hne all 1 can take care of wilh-iUnlike himself.
Deputy H'Uidninsler Krnnk Joliustoi;
of Sali in was ciing some time to road
matters in Hubbard district Wednesday
inoiiiiiie;, and who in comiiuy with I'.
1). Troinlt, went over the territory to
be paved fiom the plant now operating
on the lli!;lu ay uoiili of Hubbard. Tin'
large rciiit'orci d concrete tile that will
be put in i'l place ef the small ciiheilh
now used, were distributed Wednesday,
three in the Hubbard district and three
in the Aurora district. The grade in
each instance is so arranged that these
tile will be embedded eighteen inches
below the surface, securing the best re
sults. By the last of May it is estimated the
caterpiller and scarifier will be work
ing in the Hubbard district, toward
Hubbard, and early in June the work
of hard surfacing will be iu progress
in this dsitrict.
If also developed that the road north
from Annua to Cntihy will be along
the railroad and will be built next vear
. loird sin fiicitif of this stretch w ill urob
of wailinu until 1 was almost a young flliw n.,xt w u ,;.;,,,,
vou can't eomim-ui-e too
eiirlv." Neil answered but absent mind
edly. That was the wr.y he wus now.
His mind did not seem to be upon Bor
is now working on this sun cy. Huh
bard Enterprise.
loing thai lie could not be more at homo j thing I said for mora limn a moment ur
oii d not give his aunt the, attention It t two. I longed to beg him to talk to me,
his work, but did not.
trying to flout one of An
Mrs. Cnroliene Erb. aged "ti years,
died at her homo, on Klliott I'rairie at
1:10 Sunday morning last. Deceased
w u . m nilir nf t'nti , 1 vb n in am! i, as
inpatient, nervous, and Wn , (.anl,)rill comity. She married
rin:,.t i'-k .1. M.A .
IH-ll P i he ulnW hmil'S DISS' tO rest UDOn the SWard I Vearil l,,,,t ',,"", t0 vm,r "'I"1""11"' 110 V t ,W"H ,'" . "nCThev came to Or.-on and located here
lUlhe mC SlOW nOUlS paSS, 10 II SI Upon lilt l;lllM. "I am putting ovor.-trying to rather left undone since his aunt came. I A 2(, 1s!,., ,Ei M ..hiulr,.n
l)Ut there S a Sign at every tUril, WhlCh SayS, Keep Off the rather. -a big deal. I can't be worried! Not once hi.d I -en him take a drill..; fivp of ,.,10n ,rvivoi.,.vi, A1
nullum and Susan, Oil
ing Bear Monitor and the
on the home ulare. Mrs
tho wood; nnd all the streams were mine, all dav I fished "'' u"'' N,,il- 1" 5'0uf 'r,'a"v "lu"lUl he k,,,,w UBt s,il "-'-lErb met with a terrible accident fim-
. . ,. , , . . . ri,, ,.!l"1- Hut lam foiulof her, umn imag- sorie.1 to it, cvea when worn out neriTl,r9 at 4.Velaii.. Ohio, when
With nOOK and, line and then Went back tO tOWn. lUt nOW :IW !. i,lt because you aren't Ivouslv; or when iu company with men;, ,er(. wa, ( rpi oil explosion in th
if I go forth with bait, 1 meet some dour, lorimuling sKate,:" '"" ' ... . " """"; muuigea. home, she w i-adiy
i,vr i.' I h. 1 :r T 1.....L l,:., ... -'."iiii-iis.- u j iu m I'liin m-i ...... ...,1- ... 1.1,1 ...... ........ ......v crippiea nanus, inn
vmu ti it -s, iu j.i.-smii iivriv , auu 11 ivu,u mo ivw.. i'i,,,wn t,)sn lo the Lawyers riut lor
enm-n I'm Cn.tkc'il hn dnilirS in th" mom. Which makt'S luinhe.m lomoi row you may. Then you
f. .1 .1 T,.V,,.r,U .J.I k , ,l h . '"r
1.1 UMUlJg ucar. timuwii Kv. us Miuam uma uuu sifc" .i.tterwai.l
but there s a sign at every turn, wnicn says, iveep uii mc rather. -n big d.-ai. i can't be womed ; .nt ( hi..i i -en him take drin. bo'rili fivp of ..,
Tins;-; " T need tn fish when I wis vonnf throuch mead-;"l'""t n""t 1'!,v'"! a K""d You!1",'i,l','r hui1 1 detected it on his breath.' b(,T,' iU(.on All
jltlN-.. 1 V i ii t V,Uln 1 , JUJ"f" l,1,"uS11 't 'Hi !s,llt,(. .,,,, , ,,,,,, ,0 (.,llor,1,ill her; She was absolutely opposed to liipior tn'forn,'cr residilng
(Iff, COpPO and dell I SWUng, and nO One Called me dOWn; r ideas are very simple." !any form, and I knew it would n' her others being on
ha vinArlc nnrl nil tlir. etinnma wora mino nil .1-1 v T f ished ' " '' "' N'''1- he is your ; greatly should she know that -Neil re-, Erb IllPt wi,h a
'Thai rv i'l be nice. I am sure sliOjhud Hot coma in until about midnight. Krb.
I l,:f. ... otl.,,1 v.,. HI be t.'ese,t to lunch there. 1 nuow rortunntciv his aunt had just gone t fine,
l)Ut mail nan lfliv.i-1" iniup in, i- ni, i:uu uauvu iu t"-ij
ing woods and babbling rills, and ponds as clear as glass;
but man has fenced things in, we see, and nai
lcst and tree, his sign, ''Keep off the Grass."
burned and had
notw ithstaiiilii.r
I nearly drunk than 1 ever had seen him, ' continued w ith her household .V
;lt had hnnpcne.l two days before a Some of the children also carrv smr
or something: had promised we lunch down town with from the fire. The children who wns
iliiui. lie had not eome home to dinner, rA awav were Lizzie. IWiel and John
I awavs am. We will lake Robert for a
drive in the pnik first. She simply re
fuses to be separated from him and he
from her. She told me yesterday that
se ni ver l!toiii:lt she could become so
Mrs. Krb was a woman of very
Christian character and a nns
her room. He was noisv and quarrel- faithful wife and mother and gs."
some. I had a bad half hour with him. neighbor.
I was so afraid she would hear him amli The funer.il v.as bled Tuesday after
come down to see what the matter was. noon. Services ewere held at tne hom
Finally 1 got him to bed. and he ssm at o'clock sr.d at Zion church at :
Dr. Mendelsohn
Opens Offices
In Portland
The thousands of satisfied patients of Dr. M. P.
Mendelsohn, who "Fits Eyes Correctly", will be glad
to learn that his services are again available by sim
ply visiting his new offices in Portland. '
Dr. Mendelsohn practiced his profession continuous
ly in Salem for nearly 10 years and is one of the most
widely known and esteemed Opticians in the State.
Ill health compelled him to relinquish his practice in
Salem and he went to California for rest and recu
peration. Having recovered his health he has re
turend to Oregon and opened attractively appointed
offices in the Failing Buliding, Portland. His new
quarters are on the fourth floor, directly over the
railway ticket offices.
Dr. Mendelsohn, extends a cordial invitation to his
friends, patrons and acquaintances from both Polk
and Marion Counties to visit hi.s new offices and
make their headquarters there while in Portland.
Patrons will be given the same careful attention re
ceived in Salem offices.
If you are so unfortunate as to break your glasses,
riiail the broken pieces to Dr. Mendelsohn and he will
return your glasses the same as new.
Dr. IV! P. Mendelsohn
414-415 Failing Bldg. Portland Ore.
Phone 3G30