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J Wealisr Report 5
Oregon: Tou'.ght ard edncs-..
day fair; waraser east portion
tonight; light to heavy frost
nt luirtum: irt'Ctlr westerly
(25.000 EEADF.R3 DAH.T)
4c Only Circulation ia Salem fjuar-
talced by the Audit Buret of
1 UUj LUUiif II 1AL
VAV winds. .
0 TOft 4 I dirt hll ' ;J1r
Council Receives Communica
tion From Commercial Club
Relative To Traffic Im
City Fathers And Chief Of Po
lice Gash. Force Is Order
ed Reduced After Heated
Municipal docks for Sulcm mid the
question its to whether the city should
make any effort to own its own docks
..,.,K,., ir uiacuiwiun at inoj
meeting of the city council Inst even-j
'" j
Iviilore (ireeiilinuni. rcnresenlinir the 1
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' r &
Kiili-ii Commercial club, prcned a in the outlying parts of the county,
communication which the club had ro-jTwo .thirds of the money raised in the
oeivcl from the war department. In: Salem district will be used in building
this it is pluiul.v stuted that the wan market roads in what is tct-mcd the 8u
ilopiutmcut looks with favor on cities,' lem district.
owning their own docks, but before any! By this arrangement, which is up
city may receive tho bouefits of the proved by the county court, the weak
tia i inn- act pnsscd Match 2, itil, theer road districts are materially aided
city itself must show n proper interest ' 'y tfaleni .
in iis water facilities. I On a ffve year program it is estimat-
('lf we do not own our, mimic mil ed that 1,713,058 will be used in the
docks, this money will be withneta jrom work of constructing 100 miles of
ns," said Mr. Green bauni, who had , hanl surface and 50 miles of high grade
tieii granted by the council the courtesy gravel roads. Of this amount fSoO.OOO
of the floor. "The traffic on the river j' I'lnced in the bonds to be voted on
has been strangled. But we should en- t '" 3 "l thc remainder to be spread
.i.uiiige it and help to build It up. Tbe"v,r fivc years, in order that there
lit,., represent. Iinnw r,.ff! xri,;i may be no material increase in taxes.
niitn trucks may cany much froight,
tiny will not carry this extra henvv
t raff if."
Committee Is Named.
It whs also suggested by Mr. Green
baiini tlliul one advantage of river traf
fic mis in keeping freight rates down.
He said it was a matter of importance
... k.,1..... 4- ..n.n A... A. J
thereby seciiry nid from the Wderd ,
lllliril 1 ,
When the action of the war depart
ment was brought to the attention of
the Comnievcial club, a committee con-tii.-tiin;
of 1. (.ireenbnum, Otto J. Wilson
mi. I ljiiuis I.nchmund were nipointed
to t-ike up the matter with the city
cnnm-il. Mayor Albin appointed a cmn
niit tousisting of Kdwurd Hchuiike,
Kalph Johnson and Otto J. Wilson to
ciii.jii'iicte with the Commercial clubU:: while iSalem will
and t find out whether it is the wish'
of tlie community to take up the matter !
iTimisly, and it so, what would be the
pioper way of going at the ownership
f, of municipal docks.
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United States To Hold Vessels
Confiscated For Part Cf
Washington, May 6. (United Press.)
Payment of cliiims of the ' United
States a!iiinst Germany will be made:
in part through the transfer of German1
hip, acciinliui; to authoritative reports
here today. Hcported decision of the
ln-ai-e conference automatically adding,
Kit seized German ships to America's
fleet for a "money consideration" will '
help cover the United States' bill ofi
dimni'fn against Germany, officials say. I
Although details of the conference
neci.iinn nr.ve nor neon receivco, aip-Itlukv,
pin board officials said the United i Attendance at each school probably
Mates would be awarded 654,000 tons of (W;n ,,lt fXPPPd 1.VH1 men.
shipping under its terms. Brazil, also, -to
come in for a large amount of ton-itif f t 1 C1 "
nasc under the reported decision, wiii War Department Seeking
get atioot uiMi.iMiij tons, it is reported
Cl iinis of this government against
Germany einbruce the loss of 350,0(K)
ton of shipping through submarine Washington, May (United Press.) in St. (icrmain on May 13, being pre
aink.ngs. They Blso include unsettled -right thousand men with previous ceded about three days bv ihe An-trian
debts, originating n fng ai a. the military training are desired by the envoys, work on the Austrian and Hun
sitik eg of the Lusitania, officials said.'srmv ta enlist for 3 years for service 'gnrinii treaties will proceed simultane
Aiiong the seized ships which appar-ji-i Siberia, the war p department an- ously.
entli aie to be permanently added to nounced todav. ' I Marquis Imperial!. Italian amar.ssa-
the American f!cet are the now famous!
Oe.vje Washington. America. President
tir.'irt. President Lincoln and the
viaihan. All of the ships hay r?fn re-
ftiritrncd nnd their ncn-nnme will re-!
main now that they are the property of
llus internment, GJfmals Mid.
Heads Of Rome Delegation
Rushing Back To Paris
Rome, Majr 5 (United Perss)
Premier Orlamto and Foreign
Minister Sonnino left for Paris
oh a special train at 10 o'clock
tonight. Dispctehes received
from Scbanico today said that
all societies, ia a mass meeting
at which Mayor Louibardi pre
sided, passed resolutions declar
ing the city annexed to Italy.
Scbanico is the second Dalmv
tiau city to declare annexation
.to Italy. Sara waa reported to
f taken that step in dis-
Sjf O-Ses received yesterday.
Jav 6 (United Press)
Ci " ' of the Italian
peace v ,Jnte were submitted
to the Gtrman plenipotentiaries
this morning.
One-Third Of Money Raised
In Salem, If Proposal Is Ap
proved, To Be Used
Weak Districts. '
Should the voters of Marion county
vote in favor of good roads, one third
of the money raised in Salem would be
ll..f,.,t t i,.,i i... .-i, !;.,;,.
Aoi'nriiing to tne scneniiie prcpareu
by Judge Bushey and the county com-
misHioners and which has then approv
al the aid to be given the market
roads in the Sulcm district is as fol
lows: Kiverside Drive, Liberty road, road
districts 2K'i, 28, 37, 38 and 44; Salem
will give $tit),4'.,o covering the .five
V(,aJ. ij jo
rJ)1(j (
from time to timei while
districts themselves will be
called on for 7,72.
Pacific highway south, road, dis
tricts 27 and 27!: During thc tire
years $.17,141 will be used in this dis
trict. Wulem will give 17.077 of this
amount .
Twelfth street, feeble minded jnst
"V "
roa.l ilLKtru-tH
unit nocessarv
tule road, Turner road
."itt, 7)1 and ,")!: Of the amount necessur
the district will be called on for $20,-
give !S,207.
to Turner, road
Asrlum farm road
districts 4(5 and ' j of 21: Salem gives
$17.1 10 for the five y-ur period while
the district will give 1,2s3.
Macleny road, of road district 21
and district '!: Snlem gives lfl,fl27
and the district IS,lu0.
Fur the -penitentiary anil flier road !
out of Salem, the city will pay $21,
520 of the necessnrw ")2,02tl. spread
along a period of five years.
The Kniitlnnd road includes iou'1
listricts 20, of 22 and 13 of .t:
I. Ml I will be used during the five
ars of construction and Sulcm will
Par tl."i.07S.
the Pratum road, which will include
road districts 41, 1-3 of ."2. V, of ljt
... i 1 ..r wit -.:ll k. i"u hv '
illlll 'J Ul nn, win (,- -v
Salem nnd use $:'.3.3!Kl' of its own
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i Six Training Camps For
Officers Are Designated
Washington, May 6. (United Tress.) ',
' - . . '
Six summer
officers training camps
will open June 21 for a six weeks course
at the-following camps, thc wur de
partment announced today;
-en'. F,',n,ton. Kansas: Lee. Virginia:
rrcsulio. lalifornia, and lay lor, Ken
8,000 Men To Go To Siberia
Seven thousand of these are to be
fnntrvmen. Three year enlistments of
Lp-'niio infantrymen for service in Alaska
also are desired.
T,e Kiluiri.ii .nliitmpnti nre desired
to reiurce men enlisted for the duration
of the war. f -
Blockade Section of Sup reme
Council Prepares To Cut
Off Enemy Supplies.
Terms To Be Submitted To Germans Tomorrow After
noon At 3 O'CIock. Italian Delegates, Now Speeding
To Paris, To Be Among Allied Representatives.
Thirteen Nations Besides Germany To Have Envoys
In Attendance. Correspondents Admitted.
By Ed L. Keen
(United Press Staff Correspondent)
Paris, May G. The Germans must sign the
treaty or face economic isolation.
This was made plain today when the blockade section
of the supreme economic council was instructed to draw
ud Dlans for economic isolation of Germany to be put
into effect if the enemy attempts to carry out its threat to
refuse the peace terms,
Recent United Press dispatches from
Berlin have indicated the confidence of
the Germans in their ability to ovndc
the terms of the treaty was basco on
the belief that public opinion ia allied
countries would not permit further mili
tary action against Germany. Today's,
developments showed the allies will not
depend on the direct action of 'anus, but
the indirect action of an iron bound
blockade to enforce the treaty.
Hun Situation Critical.
Information from various Germun
sources. Indicates the country is in a
crious condition financial.v, lnnustnal
ty and politically. Allied commercial
and financial aid is needed to restore
industrial conditions to normal. The
allies have been sending largo quanti
ties of food into Germany for- ime
Sudden re-estnblishment of tho econo
mic blockade possibly more rigorous
even than during the war, would forco
the Germans into quick submission, it is
believed. As an indication, however,
that thc blockade will be renewed Only
as a lust resort, it was simultaneously
announced today that pending accept
ance or refusal of the treaty certain fi
nancial restrictions on Germany, will be
further relaxed.
Italians Reinstated.
The final step toward full restoration
of Italy's rights in the pence confer
ence was taken this morning hen thc
credentials of her delegates wuic sub
mitted to thc Germans.
The other allied representatives had
icxclmngcd credentials with the Germans;
j k T nl. )hus ,lt,
i ...... ....
a united front wnen tne treaty ia sun
mitted to the Gcruitviiis in Versailles at
3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon as Pro-1
inicp Orlando and Foieign Minister1
Sonnino were en route to Paris.
The Austrian and Hungarian peace
delegates are expected here early next
week. They will be quartered at St
(iermain, near Versnilles.
By Fred S. Ferguson
( United Press Staff Correspondent.)
Paris, May H. With the Italian dele
gates speeding back to Paris, the final
step was being taken today in preparing
the peace treaty for presentation to ths
Germans tomorrow. This consisted of a
secret iilenary session of the conference
at which the pact was presented to rep
resentative of the lesser powers for rati
fication. Premier Orlando nnd Foreign Mini
Hter Aonninn who left Rome last nitrlit
will arrive in ample time for participa
tion in the ceremony of submitting the ;
term, to the German delegates, sched-1
tiled for 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
Admission to this meeting will be
fined to plenipotentiaries of the United
states, Great Britain, her dominions,
hu Int. Jmmn. Hehrium. Brazi .
!.., I.l..nl l,.f(n Hiimi,,, Ii
.... ' . ur,.,. ,,,:
..... , .. fi,.1,
mill VIIV Wt inui j n' it, dia j v ma tt
Mclegates and newspaper correspond-
. . ... , .,. .. . .
ents. ine latter will inciuue ininy ior
' w,'r dominion.,
ten lor powers wnn special iniercsis
and five Germans.
Hungarians Invited.
Preiidoiit Wilson will head the Amer
ican delegation and will be accompanied
by Colonel House. Secretary Ijinsing,
Henry White and General Bliss.
Hungarian pence delegates have been
summoned to the conference, i.
as an-
noiinced. They are ex(ected to trrivc
in-'dor to France, was given the seat of
honor st yesterday's meeting of the or-j
ganizatiwn committee of the league of
nations, on motion nf Colonel House.
The American delelrate called the meet-,
ing ta order and asked Foreign Minister
i n-iion to iukc ine cnnir. rir r,i ic
:-'ai-L, ..re."?-?
Pnimmond was invited to occupy his
place as secretary-general and Imperinli
was seated at Pichon'i right.
Dmtnmond to Call Leaaua.
, .. ,
Druuunond was autliorned to proceed
with temporary arrangements, such as
appointing temporary secietanea and
araruging for temporary quatcis. Care
was taken to avoid any action anticipa
tory of ratification of thc covenant and
the treaty. Thc next meeting ii sched
uled to the cull of Drumniond and fur
ther preliminaries probably will be dis
posed of in Loiuloi. before the initial
meeting of the leagno in Washington.
Those who attended the session yester
day were House, richnn, Imperinli,
Drummond, Lord Robert Cecil, Viscount
Chimin, Rolin Jncqueinines of Belgium,!
Premier Venibelos, Senor Magnluaes of i
Brcr.il and Senor De Leon of Spain, I
Housatonic Lands 1,300 In
New York Today. Other
Ships Soon Due.
Washinuloii May
o. Over ),nno:
men fimii the A. K. F. tod.'iv a re on t he.
Atlantic on their way from' Fiance, the'ant K. P. Stone, Lieutenant W. Hinton,1'" '"mmdng export business,
war department announced.
Fifty three per cent of the army has
been demobilized since the armistice
signed, the wnr department stat-
Housatonic In Port.
York. Muv f. The t in n -port
Housatonic arrived here today
1.3MU officers and men aboard. She
sailed from Bordeaux April 23. The
compliment of thc Housatonic in-ludcd:
First anti aircrnft machine gun bat-
tulioir; 113th field imitation, xK"
corps; Fifth air service casual cmn-
puny: lutli aero squaiii-un; j.i.iru arm
Four Transports Bail.
Washington, May TransiMii t sail
ings were announced bv the war de
partment today as follows;
Transport Eastern Sea, Bordeaux to
New York, due May 20 with ordnance
Transport Exiague. Lc Havre to Xew
York is due May 14 with: casual coin-,
con-ipany 3IMH; special casual companies
W3 nd SHjtt, dis-harges; six casual of
" cnsuai.
Bicst to Pliil -
I rilli-spui i uifin
with 107th En -
I BOCI lllia. Ill
I gineers conudete; 107th engineers train;
imnuul romnaniCK 1019 nn M.I. motr
... . m,,n
rnT? taTT"! iv n " ! , f
' hosiutnl 400: twenty-nine casual m-
: - .
cers and six cssuais.
rvLni.tm Mt VnvatrA In
. Mjiy ,., wi(h. 1(l7)
I machine gun battalion, field and staff.
headquarters, medical and ordnance
I detachment and companies A and B;
113th infantry headquarters headquar
ters supply and machine gun compan
ies, ordnance and sanitary detachni"nt
and companies A and B; lOMih field
artillery supply company and battery
(special casual companies fiSO and fiM,
C; headquarters :,in inianiry nngaoe,
discharges; fi7B. furloughs;; fi77 nuir
ines, discharges, and 07 s, colored dis
Gary, Ind.. May 6 Sentences of from
jq fine to 2"U and six months ia jail
were being served today by five of the
Id men arrested in the radical riot here
' Sunday. Trial of the other eleven was
postponca to I riany.
Seattle Couple Married
In Taxi Hitting 25 Per
San Francisco, Mar 6. (United
Press. V Wedded in a taxu-ab hitting 25
miles an hour: producing the rins at
Powell street; hearing the "I pronounce!
you words as they shot by the ralace
hotel; arrival at the ferry building ia
time for the nuptitd kiss, and a Los An-
gclea boat, Ihese were features of the
wedding of E. B. Kluckhohn, Seattle
national bank employe, and Mrs. Doris $
Pattison also of Seattle. -
The speed came when they discovered
their boat was due to leave a few min
utes after the license wr.s secured.
Eight Lose Lives And 14
Injured In Hotel Blaze
Columbus, Ohio, May C Eight per
sons are known to have been, killed, 14
were injured and at least one person ts
missing in a fire which ruined tho Phil
adelphia apartment house early today.
Police and firemen today aearched the
ruins for udditionul bodies. About 20
children are known to have lived in the
building, a six story structure and mr.ny
of these aro unaccounted for, it was
itl - i-..!i i: j l. ... mi-. . .
I inv uuumiiji nsu uui una lire escape.
it was in tho rear of tho building and
flames spreading through the structure
cut off his avenue of escnpe to thuso in
the front part of the building,
American Navy Planes Keep
To Hangars. Patrol
Ships Aground.
Rockaway Bench, N. Y., May 8.
United Pres.. ...) The three American
nnvy planes will not start for llt.lifax
today preliminary to their trans-Atlantic
fight, it was announced. Head winds
forced a postponement.
The three machines aro all ready to
start, it was announced. Tho damage
done by fire in tlie hangar yeBtorduy
was speedily repaired.
Commander J. II. Towers, "admiral"
of the flotillu, will fly In tho NO il, ac
cording to present plans. Others in this
machine n ill be Commander II, ('. Rich
ardson, Lieutenant H. I). McCollough,
LiiMitiMimit Commander it, L, Lavendar,
1.. K. Moore, Lieutenant B. Rhodes.
The NC-4! will bo handled by Lieu-
, tenant Commander A. C. Relfd. Lieuten-
Knsign 11. C. Rhodd, Chief Bpecial Me-!
chanic K. II. Howard and Licutenaut j I"""' "r facilitating foreign trade lndi
.1. I.. Breeze. i rates continued interest on tne part of
The NC I goes in commnnd of Lieu-1 manufacturers, both large and small, in
tenant Commander 1'. N. L. Bellinger, I ""' development of nuirkets abroad. "
with the
following crew
Lieutenant Commander M. A. Mits
clier, Licutcnnnt L. T. Burin, Lieutenant
II. M. Sndeiiwater, Chief Machinist
Mnte C. J. Keslcr, Machinist U. Chris
ten sen.
Weather conditions for Wednesday
and Thursday were reported its unfavor-
u,,. f,
starting the flight.
By A. E. Johnson
Aboard U. S. S, Prairie, Trepaswy
lii. v, X, 1'., May fi. Weather conditions
f,,.- tin. Iinn.-Atlnntir flitlit have been
uiiprninising so fur, rain and fog pre
duiniiiating. The destroyer Foote was driven i
ashore early today by a westerly gnle i
which reached its maximum intensity
at 1 r.. in. Naval men expect to re
float the Foote at high tide, when the
weather moderates. Three destroyers
dragged their anchors in the storm.
The Kulb, Meredith, Bosh, Unwell and ,
1 .''addox were ready touny to ncpnrr. ior
1 the Azores to form part or tun long
eolmn of navy craft placed at filty mile j
intervals, which is intended to make the j
sens safe for the American planes when
they actually stmt across the Atlantic.
. There was considerable interest mani
fested todi.v in Ihe rumor that the Brit
ish aviators. Hawker nnd Kayiiham,
wh() have been at St. Johns for weeks
to start across with their Hopwith and
Martinaydr planes will tnnke the jump!
as soon n the Aiucricnn "bridge of,
boats" is properly placed, so they would
be taken carp of in event of accident.
State Of Seie Declared
Over Petrograd, Report
Tsarkue, Selo, May 4 (United Pres.-)
A stnte of siege has been proclaimed
in Petrograd, it was announced here to
day. Tsarkof Selo, 12 miles south of Tctro
grad, contains two former Imperial pal
The Roiimaninn army is reported to
have occupied Budapest.
Bomb Plot Suspect Held
In Portland. Arrested
For Murder In Chicago
Portland, Or., Mar . (Uni-
ted Press.) "Big jack" Phe-
lan, alleged I. W. W. leader, was
arrested here last sight oa the
chr.rge of murdering Lee Phelaa
at Chicago April 21.
A letter which was found in
Phelan'a pocket leads the police
to believe the man under arrest
was involved in the recent na- 41
tion-wide bomb plots. Tho letter
refers to a mysterious packago 4c
4c which a friend ii holding for 4c
41 him in Chicago. 4c
PheUn hat bruises tbout his 4i
head, and the police says be ad- 4c
niits they wero received in a 4r
fight with Leo Phelan the day 4c
the latter was shot and killed,
but he denies he had anything 4c
to do with the murder. " 4c
Unprecedented Era Of Pros
perity Predicted By Re
serve Board.
Washington, May 6. (United Press.)
American business apparently has
largely recovered from the shock of war
and is set for an unprecedented year
of prosperity, according to reports
reaching the federal reserve board.
Increasingly largo volumes 0f raw
materials on dock for export; prospects
for a record grain crop and "surpris
ingly sutisfactory " industrial n(U
tions combine to present a "reassuring
sltuutiou" to the nation, according to a
statement given out by the board today.
The nation 'a recuperative powers were
liriiii.rht Iwin f..1l 1 .11 :
,t ,ini imjr niiu uusincss
( generally is on a better footiug," the
i statement said.
The, hoard entertain no fewi as to
unemployment. The floating supply of
labor, threatening trouble in February
mid March, has been largely absorbed,
the board statement shows.
Export Trade Large.
Rectification of conditions will con
ditions will continue most of tho sum
mer months, tho board bolieves. Plans
for building operations and expansion
in industry, held in abeyance during the
war, are beginning to materialize, the
board says.
Relative to export trade, the state
ment says:
" Export trudo during tho month has
been large, although it ronalstod lurgoly
of ruw materials. Nevertheless Interest
in export trade is growing and several
impoitnnt developments havo occurred
during the month (April). Skipping
rates have shown a decidedly downward
tendency which the organization of a
investment trust for tho purpose of en
couraging tho absorption of foreign se
curities lias mailt- a practical beginning
Tho or-
,"""",l"n association for the pur
Forest Grove, Or., May 6. A tractor
which Rene Cropp was driving up a hill
yesterday afternoon, in an orchard ncr.r
this city, turned over backward nnd
crushed Cropp to death.
Mrs. Clara May Xoah, supposed to
have committed suicido at Cheney,
Wash., is declared to have been mur
dered. The body was exhumed and
lountl 10 i.e ciiveren wnn liruiscs.
Who remember, when you bad t' take
patent medicine t git your picture in
th' newspaper? Tb' trouble with most
people is that they prepare fer th' best
instead o' th' worst.
Abe Martin
. mm .
a. mi
Fighters Satisfied Bat Sc;
Patrons Of Ring Case Kkk
At 12-Rcund Limit Under
Ohio Laws.
San Francisco, May 6. Ui
ted Press.) Holding that Wili
tud was a "slacker" during the
thc war period, soldiers, sailor,
and marines are considering a
determined campaign to halt hi.
Fourth of July match with Jack
Denipsey, according to local
leaders in war veteran associa
tion work.
A meeting of veteran, will ba
held in Alameda, where a peti
tion will be prepared, asking an
ex-service men to combine and
bar the big Kansan from the
ring in the United States, it i.
planned. This will be sent to
soldier-, ailor sana
tions throughout the country.
The Miltary Order of Foreign
War In Philadelphia is said to
have agreed to aid in the auti
Will::rd campaign.
By H. C. Hamilton
(United Press Staff Correspondent.)
Xew York, Mny 6. lex rues a re) has
spoken nnd .Toledo is tho place where
Jess Willuid and Jack Dempsey will
battle on July 4. Full many a wail of
protest is scheduled to take the air be
tween now and ladependehco Day. But
the very fact that Richard declined ta
confirm rumors of thc selection as tha
Ohio city until the Inst detail had been;
attended makes it unlikely that unfore
seen obstacles will appear in the path
of the bout.
Tlriire is an under current tif oppojl-
tion to thc battle that is likely to give
some trouble, but only in a passive way.
There ia said to be men em... i'e with
the pugilistic game who have striven to
throw impediments in the way of the
famous promoter, but these men are not
exieeted to do any great harm.
Iiu-knrd has withheld their names, but
has promised to give them publiritv in
statement if their efforts to block
him continue.
N Opposition Slight.
Sonic opposition to n hour lu amy 13
rounds, even with a decision attached,
already has been spoken in this section.
but this is rather far fetched in view ef
the prowess of Dempscy. Richard could
have built his arena in Idaho for a bont
of 25 rounds, but by pjacing it iu Okie
the crowd will be greater and accommo-
lations better for the huge crowd he
expects to hnndle.
The promoter believes an arena to
sent 40,000 to .Vl.OOO is the largest fee
can construct and still make It possible
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Irate Neighbors Cf Pretty Era-
ma Austraw Demand
Double Lynchin.
Greensbiirg, Pa., May Heavily
guarded by a troop of ntatu police and
score of armed civilians, .lames . raw-
ford, 37, alleged confessed slayer of
Miss Emma Austraw, pretty 19 year old
I. ut ml. c school teacher, and an alleged
iii-complice, John Hay, 17, were confined
in the state police barracks hero today.
Xews of the arrest of thc ai.cged
murderers, which was announced shortly
before midnight, aroused the entire
couiiti v side. Hundreds of cil-ixeus ate
reported to have gathered st Isitrobe,
tell miles cast of here, intent of lynch
ing. Early today a truck loaded with a
score of men drove into the city anil da-
nmiided release of the prisoners. State
troops puid no attention ann snon the
party left, going back toward Ijatrcjpe.
Information charging Crawford aid
liny with murder was sworn today by
Sergeant J. T. McClnughlin, of thc state
Acording to Mcflmighliu, Crawford
confession shows fnat the two men seiz
ed the girl on Monday afternnmi, npnl
2t, and dragged her into the cellar of
an abandoned og cabin on a farm near
After 'he girl hud been attacked, the
men knotted a buck skin tircmtrn her
arms, tied them behind her hark and
carried her unconscious to the shed.
After placing her under the floor, a bal
let was fired into her neck. McCiaugh-
Uni asserted.
Crawford, the police say, accused Ray
,of shooting the girl.
I A total of 15.000 sheep will be shear
ed in Deschutes county this year.