Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, May 05, 1919, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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jf JB ' ' "ir
Itching, Terrifying Eczema?
,Thl Que lion It Ere? oq lha
Upi of the ASScted,
Eciema, Tetter, Erysipelas, tn3
other terrifying conditions af the skin,
art deep-seated blood diseases, and
application of salves, lotions tad
trashes can only afford temporary re
lief, without reaching the real teat of
the trouble. But lust because local
Irestment has done yen no (road, there
i no reason to despair. You- simply
have not sought the proper treatment,
that I within your reach.
You have the experience of othere
who have (offered as you hare to
rtiida yon to a prompt riddance of
lood and (kin diseases. No matter
Tiie following casualties are reported
by the commanding general of the
.A merit-nit Expeditionary Forces:
Killed in Action - "
Died of Accident mid Other Causes 19
Died of Disease 4 I
Wounded Severelv 4!x.
Wounded (degree undetermined
Wounded Slightly
Hissing in Action
Killed in ActLn.
Mechnnie Edward L Kezaiika, Chica
go Iil.
Kuymond Lafayette Naugle, Walnut
Bottom Pn.
Died from Accident and Other Causes.
Lieut Holla Berry Hull, Kansas City
Knttulion Sgt Mnj Jsnnes Llojd Mc
Allister, Meudon Mo,
Corp C'lein A Beekinau, Colina Okla.
Wade llnskel Allen, pliopolis 111.
John C Ananstin. Ashton Nel.
AVilliaiu II Kluekbiirn, I'cnoii l.'talt.
Fled lawood, S'ttUvpll Ti-mi.
Clifford L Helm, .Maauu City Iowa.
Anthony Henueuzie, West urt Conu.
Caleb W Pearson, Kwllnuds Cut. '
Mihenel 1'eifer, Brnoi!,n ' V.
Wilb.iu II Hichmond, Dereno N M.
El;d cf Dij..U3.
Sgt l'hilippe Sehnefer, New York X Y
(iuivera Harrison, Slininbles tia.
Charles II Myres, Maggie Va.
Albert Waddell, tshreveport I.a.
Died of Accident and Other Causes.
John Bernard, Mexico Me.
Lawrence J Burns, Boston Mass.
" Joseph J Cvnova, Chicago ill.
John Hun-inn, Racine Wis.
William J Kirby, Albany N Y.
James II Rogan, J'awtueket R I.
Albert K Smith, Wyandotte Mich.
The following casualties are reported
liv the commanding generul of the
American Expeditionary Forties:
Kited in Action -
Died from Wounds '
Died in Aeroplane Accident 1
Died of Accident and Other Clauses til
Died of Disease "
Wnmi.led Severelv if
Wounded, Degree I'mleteruiinc .
Wolindetl Slightly
Missing ill Action
... f
...20 1
... 4
Total niunbyr of casu ...allies to date,
iii,-lii.liii.r those reported above:
Killed in Action (including 881
nt sen)
Died of Wounds
Died of Disease
Died of Accidents and Other
"'. per cent
. including
and re-
I timed
Total ...
Killed In AcUon.
(iuv X Demark, Rochester Pa.
Thomas F Putfell, Pottsville Pa.
John J ttntli. Akron X Y.
Joseph S Dushiell. l'lincess Anne Md.
Tone Miimlucei, Dubois Pa.
Died from Wounds.
Sgt Roland A Williams, Clifton Forge
Coip Paul Horsey, Burlington Iowa.
Horace V Collins, Danlanelle Ark.
l'nsiiiale Di'orio, New York N Y.
Died fTom Aeroplane Accident.
' Portugal's New yrcsiiVrt
. a-
y t.
ft. .
Aiiii.uM Jo.cO l3 Car.io E. Cas
.tro Kilva Antunes, wbo was pro
claimed by the people of Portugal, j
tThis photo vas just received in j
New York. s 1
how ferrifyine; the Irritation, no mat
ter how unbearable the itching and
burning of the skin, S. S. S. will
promptly reach the seat of the trouble
and forever font from the blood every
trace of the disease, just as it has for
others who have suffered as you have.
This grand blood remedy has been used
for more than fifty yean, and you have
only to give it a lair trial to be re- '
stored to perfect health.
Our chief medical adviser is an au-
thority on blood and skin disorders,
and he will take-pleasure in giving you '
such advice as your individual case '
may need, absolutely without cost. j
Write today, describing your case to
Medical Department. Swift Specific '
Co, 2iZ Swift Laboratory, Atlanta, .
Lieut Carl 0 Nieiui, Kveletli Miun.
Dieu to:u Accident utner Causes,
Sgt Karl li K. hult, Berlin Iowa.
Corp Leslie J Aalter, Farragut Iowa.
Corp Edwin Earl Ferguson, j
Hickory, Pa.
Corp Virtfil Ivan Hauimoutiee,
Adrir.n Mo.
Corp Frank Johu Wagner, Buffalo N
Corp Frank Packer. Hilliards Mieh.
Hubert McDonald, Mckecsport I n.
Chisleer L Barnes, McKinney Tex.
Charles A llobbitt, Orofino Idaho.
Albin Carlson, De Kalb ly.
I!ay C Coleman, Sail Diego Cat.
Iloiisoa Richard Congdon. Burlington
William Allison Cootcr, iwiiie Mo.
Alphouse J Fellmau, Leavenworth
William Kenton, Blaine Kan.
Joseph Fuchs, Melrose Miuu.
Lawrence J Casey, South Kaufcauna
Charles H Cassady, Paterson ?f S.
Morrell B Jiickson, Calico Koek Ark.
Ernest 0 Jones, Pickens S C.
Henry Nelson Jones, Carteiville Mo.
Joseph T Jones, Oliver Springs Tenn.
Arthur Jordan, Conway S C.
Joseph (Ireene, Now York X ....Y.
Fred 11 Hayes, Ornndview Wash.
Oscar Hilden, Ellemlale N D.
John Johnston, Belford Iud.
(ion.ales Lue, Davant La.
William J Myers, Jennings X 0.
Lee Leonard Penol'fsky, Joilet III.
Joe Peradotti, Rutland III.
Jilson Siidel l'iatt, 7'icnci- vm.
William L I'rout, Catletlsburg Ky.
Otto V Suucenuan, Sulheiliu Or.
Prank Smith. St. Louis Mo.
(Inner Jackson Sparks, Kreba Okla.
Huston 11 Stephenson, Argonia Kan
John Etcphcnson. Manitowoc Wis.
Clifford Tavlor, Oskoloosa, Iowa.
' Anton Torgerson, Austin Minn.
William H Woods. Milton Ky.
Bert C Wootteu, Cloveland Ohio.
Seth Judd, Wathena Kan.
Iteibeit L Larson, Kiron Iowa.
Itrvitn McCnrthv. Wauliesha Wis.
Charles (I MeCnrver, Frederiektown
Harrv F Marsliall, South Brewer Me.
Edwin O Parker. Hnrrodsburg, lnd.
llnrland (I l'funtz, State Oi-nter Iowa.
Tliomns Witchec, Lincoln X I.
Died of Disease.
Wagoner Clarence, II Oswald, Bagley
Hubert Bailey, Huntington W V.
Lisle L Best, Coeur d 'Alene Idaho.
Robert Christenseu, Tibier Or.
Andrew W Mayer, Philadeluhia IV..
Detner T Meals, Eau Claire fa.
John Smith, Cavce S
Polk Warcllaw, Dallns Tex.
I'nink Colonel, Beaufort S C.
Francis L Cnnbov, Kansas City Mo.
Died, Previously Reported Missing in
Lieut Willford AleFadJen, San An
tonio Tex.
Sgt Hiirry K Hobait, I.udluw Vt.
Corp ('live A Buyer, Tebbetts Mo.
Oren Clark, Eaton lnd.
Dan S Hart, Taeoma Wash.
Edward Sclmier, Pittsburg Pa.
Arch C Wright, Montevideo Minn.
Wagoner Elwvn S Wheeler, Hollis X
Otto C Anthes, Audobo Iowa.
Sidney (llenn Brnman, Iiosi liii Kan.
Harry I, Blister. Burkltart Ohio.
Charley Block, Lenveuwortlt Kan.
Francis Elliott Campbell, Bridgetou
N J. . . .
Jsuac I. Cauady, Reidiville X C
(ieorge Ckounos, Seattle Wash.
Edward F Clark, Paulding Oiiio.
Rnvmond William Clemens, Defiance
I.eary Clifton, Freejiort I'la.
Frank H. Craig, Coal Creek Teun.
Charles Criswell, Martins Ferry Ohio.
,Okey p Crookshunks, Cornstalk V V,
Carl Crowfoot, Rising Sun Ohio.
(Ieorge A Davis, Carthage Mo.
Charles Dennro, Hrookiyu N Y.
Hurshell H Dickinsun, Asher Okla.
James E Dolan, Xew York N Y.
Eihvard P Donovan, Daggett Mich.
Henry E Dumout, Aurora 111.
i'atiirk J Dunn, Brookliiie Mass.
Frank () Kngstrom, Ratvlings Wyo.
Vigiiln Feriaii, Central Park .V Y.
Henrv A Fifield. West Thornton X II.
Oke C Freeberg, Houtrdale Pa.
Mitt'o l,irgih, Allison Pn.
Ah in (bicdib l, Waterloo 111.
Percy Charles Graham, Xew York X
Frank fl Cualtieri, Syracuse N T.
Joseph E Hamilton, Hector Ark.
Sciitt Ilarrod, Millville Ark.
Hurry C Harter, Mr.rshalltowa la.
Denis Heiily, Han Fiuneiseo Calif.
William II.m kinan. Accident Md.
Joseph A Hoian, Terryville Conu.
Jacob Hughes, Coiaopolis Pa.
Albert Hnssman, Hoffman III.
(ieorge W Irwin, Payette w.
Jovan Ivkovic. Wall IV.
Oscur Jiii-kson, Susanville Or.
. Charles if Jacques, Portland Or.
Rudolph J Jasper, Vendy III.
Steve Jendro, Flenbiirg Minn.
Thtdore Jolinsou, Rothay Minn.
Arthur H Jones, Philadelphia Pa.
Samuel I Jopp, Chester Pa.
Ceorge Jorgenm-n, Waukesha Wis.
Wikite. Kurasuk, Hartford Conn.
Horace M Kielfer. Fleetwood I'a.
Harry II Kitchen, Edom Ohio.
Joseph Kowaleski, Meriden (onnv
Ignae Km-liar'ki, New York Mills X
Harry H LnBuv, Rosbolt Tfifc
Roy L Ijtsity, Calamiae Ark.
Wilbur Lvfeber, Norfolk Conn.
John A McMillan. Emmet t Mich.
Lawrence Audrvw Matusciuk, Buf
falo X Y.
Michael J Maye, Jersey dty X J.
Peter M Melhus, Eu Claire Wis.
Theodore V Mill. Chicago Hi
John W Moore, Warrvntown Va.
Jonathan E Morgan, Higgius Pa.
Albert F Nelson, Leonard X P.
Homer B Olmstead, Southborry Conu.
Leopoldo Pasolini, Beverly M;;ss.
Ewell Patton, Fort Gibson Okla.
William McKinlcy Penrod, rrinity
William L Vies Yelolw Jacket Colo.1 The Hilhs eighteen acre traet has
Camillo Posterivo Chicago 111. lbe"'B oM ,0 Mr- Pllt,;he,, f 1 "ft-
V.8"""0.1.. U lllc ? 'land for $6000. Nine acres of this
Henrv v iratnor xtora 111.
Arthur A Prochuow. WatertoWn Wie.
James C tiikes, Edenburg Miss.
Charlie R Smith, Tenne-sse LI.
Johu A Smith, Kingston Ark.
Chester M Southwick, Trenton N J.
James Stedr Chicago 111.
Theodore Tollefson, Hayfield Mm.
Peter P W'illiuius, Wilkes-UM'" a
Charles W Wiseman, Mnrston Mo.
Vauirlui C Wvatt, Greenborp Md.
Arthur C Wymnn, East Boston Mass.
Hugh X York, Ritchey Mo.
1 ne lOiloiilt rasuHima aiv . -.,.
bv the t-ouiinandiiig general of the'.,. -,.i,.
, : i-..,.i;i;..,.rv Wee-
.Aiiii-t ivni, .v. . f
Killed in Action
Died of Wounds Received in Action
Missing in Action
Killed In Action.
Corp Howard Swier Dorsey, West
Philadelphia Va.
Edward (ieorge ApplePoe, Hint Mien.
Ralph Orion Hill, Potsdam 1.
James E Phalen, Chicago 111.
Died of Wounds.
Sgt Michael Joseph Stiller, Xew Or
leans La.
Corp Martin Peterson, Minneapolis
Bugler Charles H Knapp, West Xew-
burv Muss.
Jack Bamforth, Xew York X .
Kenneth J Jacobson, Salt Lako City
Dewey Jay Jones, Canal Dover Ohio.
Patrick A Kennedy, Richmond Va.
Joseph Allen Mulford. Tacoma Wash.
John Bartholomew O'Shen, Maple
Lake, Minn.
John Maxwell Stearns, Syracuse X Y.
Bert Thoiucs Sutton, Milwaukee Wis.
Huvinond Stacv Thorn, Philadelphia
James Ambrose Vigneau, Gilbert
Cove, Nova Seotia.
Fred Albeit Witson, Louisville Ky.
Donald, May 2. A beautiful sur
prise was given airs. a. Auiruuc
''mamma" to all of Donald April
.11), her ":id birthday. The ladies gath
ered at the home of Mrs. .1. C. Moore
While .Mrs. (1. Page escorted "mam
ma" to spend the afternoon with Mrs.
Owens; when till was au readiness an
excuse brought Mrs. Pagt', "mamma"
and Mis. Owens to Mrs. Moore's; the
mom wiijt dark with the exception of
the 73 candles brightly burring on a
large birthday cako in the center of
the room nnd the surprise was complete
and appreciated by Mrs. Aufranc.
The afternoon wus spent in pleasant
conversation. "Maninva" was present
ed with .some 'beautiful bouquets and
many tributes of love and respect from
those present. Delicious jce cream and
coffee were served with the fine birth
duv cuke. Mesdumea J. C, Moore, O.
((. Freeman, Gertrude Pago woro'host
cssob for the afternoon. Thirty or more
ladies were invited for the occasion. .
Mr. uud Mrs. J. E. 'Foss were
strr.ngers visiting Donald Hat unlay;
they were looking over tho business
situation and hope they may decide
to cast their lot with us.
Dr. Bowman of Mnlom gnve a short
Sunday school address at the Donnld
church Holiday a. m.
Page Dilley of Carmlls, Wash.,
spent the week end visiting his uunt,
Mrs. F. T. Mercer, at the Hiingnlow
P. P. Hall of Portland was visiting
hi ister Mrs. Hoy Garrett, over
Wednesday night. He was doing o
goo.l business with the Donald miT
ehnnts while here.
.Mr. uud Mm. Jeff Pooler were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. W. John
son '.Sunday p. m.
The J . Moore family motored to
Yamhill Huntley.
Mrs. Davton Walker went to Port
land Sunday, returning Wednesday
The following program was given at
the teachers institute which met a
Donnld Suturdtty: Picture study, Miss
Alta Kanisby, Waconda; tducarlvc
seat work M.'uw Bern ice Hammer, Ger
vitis; technical grammar, M:ss Emma
Broch, Eldridge; the teacher, Super
visor .1. V. L. Kmith, Salem; stand
ard club meeting, Donald stamrard
cookery club; demonstration of poem
work in the primary grades, Mrs. V.
Come nnd pupils! address, Supt. W.
M. frimith, .Stl ; review of years
work. Luncheon was served in the
Imsement of the Donnld church hy the
conking cluss of the Donald school,
which wns very fine conidering th
short time they have been at work.
The following menu was served: fruit
led nee salad, hot biscuits,
bread, butter, meat loaf, mashed pot a
toes, cauliflower and cream an"e, ice
cream, cake.
J. F. Jones, district sealer of
vci'its ami measure, was in Donald
Wednesday. We nr.- glad to state he
found the scales of the Donnld mer
chants nil o. k. and could attach his
red seal.
We are sorry to note that while in
Portland attending the grnnd lodge
of the Maccabees, Mrs. A. E. Feller
had her new auto badly wrecked by a
liuie ear running into it; front wheel
broken and other damage, but fortu
uttely the driver, Harlan teller, was
luhnson Of
Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
Por'lai'd spent S'iiid-iy afternoon am!
night with Mr. and Mrs. M. W. John
son of the brick otore.
Mrs. Geo. ljtmb end Mrs. Earl
' one autoed to Silver! on Saturday eve
ning bringing Mr. Cone back with
them, who remained until funday eve
j-.vhen he returned to the jirece camp
si?iin .
Another event of intercut to many of
the Donald laities was the straini lodge
of the women of thr Maccabees, which
met in Portland the is an. I 'J9. Mew
danirs A. K. Feller. J. P. Keller, Al
ice Cone Bon Uppers. Avis Moore, Os
borne, Walker.' Francis Mercer, John
Miller and Emma Evans attended from
the Donald lodge. They feel highly
honored that their couitnatidcr, Mr
A. E. Feller, was elected by a major- j
ity of 200 vote, to represent the state
or tiregon at me supreme loosrc i
meets in Port Huron, Mick., in July
Miss Bina West, fupreme onunander,
Port Huron, Mieh., and Mrs. Adaylotte
of California were in attendance.
, , , , ;
has very f u.e loganbe. nea and.
is eouslered a good buy at that price
Mr. Beutley of noodbura was in
Donald Wednesday eontracting all the
loganberries he could secure.
Mr. and Mr. Fred Yertjcn were
week end guests of friends in Portland,
driving down in their new Overland.
Miss Mary and Johu Xaylor came
out from -Portland Saturday to visit
hheir mother, Mrs. J. Xavlor. who re
sides near Donald. t
Ira (smith of Portland moved his
family It tthe Ac.kvrson house last
week. Mr. 8mith has the contract for
, ,a 1 1 I l.
9 1 they are getting about 13 cords a day
jy'at present.
2 Miss ldell Lamb spent Friday in
Salem nt the home of II eo. Young;
" " -
she whs accompanied home by Oeo.
Young, junior, who visited over tho
week end in the Lamb home.
O. L. Xregness of the Oregon Elec
tric, and J . L. Weber spent Sunday
in Donald, visiting W. A. Weber, who
has charge of the depot at this place.
R. E. and Eugene Neat ot Portland
and (jus Whalen of Xew York city
were guest a at the bungalow hotel the
latter part of the week.
tmith & Son of Chainpoeg shipped
carload of hogs from Donald Sunday.
Mrs. Fred Yergen and Mrs. Earl
Cribble attended club meeting at Au
rora Wednesday.
Mi-s. Gertrude Pago and Mrs. J. C.
Moore, spent Monday afternoon and
evening in Portland.
Hov Oarrett and W. Winan return
from Bend Monday; they think Don
ald is good enough for them. Report
plenty of snow over there.
(Capital Journal Special Service)
ISilverton,' May 2 Miss Marie Jones
arrived in the citv Wednesday evening
nnd Thursdny morning resumed woiK
in the post office. Miss Jones comes to
relieve R. G. Allen, who finds it im
possible to hold, the position of assist
ant postmaster. He will devote his
wholo time to the garage business in
the future.
Dr. Wrightinnii performed an oper
ation on Mrs. E. A. Nesheim at the
suniloriuin last Friday. The patient is
recovering nicely,
Frank Wolcott returned to the city
Wednesday evening after visiting in
Eugene for several days with hie broth
er, Chet Wolcott,
Mrs. Georire H. Htreet was in tho
city Wednesday conducting her usual
singing classes. Mrs. ntreet now in;
Ktructs regular ringing assembly in the
high school 011 Wednesday, of each
week ,
Miss Madge Scott was a Portland
visitor tho fore port of tho week.
Sergeant Walter L. White, a nephew
!of C. M. Coy of the Silver tails ho
tel, is in the city nnd will make his
home here indefinitely. Ho luia hcen
in the tinny for -four years, recently
'returning from France. He has receiv
ed his dischaige snd will work during
the summer months.
A ntw building is .iiin to be cre'l
ed in this city by the Christian (-Science
society on their lot on tho corner of
Third' nnd L?wis streets, l iana and
spei lfioalions have been diawn and this
contrnct is soon to be let to tho low
est bidder.
Miss ISese Cowden, who is teaching
in Coivallw, visited in this city the
lust of the week.
Mrs. Carl Anuudson was u Salem
visitor Tuesday.
Mrs. Florence Slater of Portland
visited lust week nt the homo of Mr.
and Mrs. Orlie Reece.
Mr. and Mrs. Nels Tokstud went to
Portland this week to attend a district
convention of the Luthcrn church; Mr.
Tokstad was a delegate to th' meeting
Mesdames harles and Jacob Jacob-
I son visited in Salem Tuesday.
Mi . nnd .Mis. W. S. .lock returned
S,"tpy f,'
a visit ' to different
mi rin i it Washington.
Eva Miller returned to Portland Sat
urday nfter 11 visit with relatives in
this city.
Nels Olson left Tuesday for Stan
wood Wash., where he will enter the
old pei pies home. Mr. Monsom super
intendent of the home, arrivetTin this
city and accompanied Mr, Oison on
his trip.
Morten Lt'ther nf Hubbard trans
acted business in this city Hutnrday.
Mrs. Lei Anderson is enjoying B
visit from her son who has been in
Portland, where he has been under nied
lenl care. He i feeling much better
now, and is fast gaining his health.
Mits Mabel OliU of Poll la ad motor
ed to this city Sunday, also visiting
if. I. i tlw Mick Icson lioine on How
t irajrj,..
Mr', anil Mr". Hove and oaughter,
Esther, of Mi-Kce visited friends in
this citv Monday.
Esther and Otto Oenze! were in the
Capital city Sunday.
Mr. Hmde left Tuesday for Wan
wood, Wash., where he will Cnjoy a
short virit.
Mrs. J. F. Conrad is recovering nice
!v from a severe ease of erysiiielns.
Sliss Vesta Conrad returned to her
work at "The Shop" after an enforc
ed vacation during which time she took
care of her mother.
A. A. Srindo went to Portland far
1r,ar wh,,r(. he spent a few days with
'relativta. He arrived h"tne Monday
1. : ...nmt.nnirrl hv hi. wife who
1 - --.
had enjoyed a
longer viBit in the me-
tro polls.
Mrs. II. Dnhl went to Portland
Friday to end the week end with her
daughter Mrs. Theod'tre Opsund.
Miss Selma liierson visited in Salem
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Monmouth, Or., May 5. Judge Me
Cainant. ex-niemlier of the supreme
court and one of the best known law
yers of Portland, has been sec tire it lor
the commencement address. Jurtge Me
famant is recognized as one of Oregon's
in(,st ?1-.Hkers and the 19U9 elaaa is to
, eongrntulatcd upon securing aim
Miss Taylor, head of the physical edu
cation department, was in Sclera on
Monday in attendance at a conference
of phvsical directors of the state. Su-
poriuteiulent Churchill after conferral
with these representativce appointed a
..,,;,,.,., ,.!,ii. , n.. Ti...
,.,,, of physical education O. A. C..C
Miss Cuinmiugs, herd of physical editca
ticn I of O., and Misa Taylor, head of
physical training O. N. 8., to formulate
a course of study to conform to the
new physical education law prsscd by
the lust legislature, whihe requires that
twenty minutes each day be devoted to
this work.
Mr. Gentle, superintendent of the
training schools and head of the educa
tion department, nnd Miss Ida May
Smith, critic of the first and aeeoud
grades, were the principal siH-akera at
the Beaverton institute on Inst Satur
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Parkca. ex stu
dents of the normal, were ou the cam
pus this week. Mr. Parkes has just re-
turned from eighteen months' nveisea
service iturini? most of which time he
was at tke front. Mr. and Mrs. Parkes
are planning to teach next yer.r and re
turn to the normal later to complete
their course.
Mrs. Margaret Curran, rural super
visor and institute conductor, is visit
ing the high schools in Cluckaiuaa coun
ty this week.
Mrs. Ellen O'Dnnnell McCredie, '13.
who is planning to take up teaching
again was at the normal last week milk
ing arrangements to continue her work
nt teachers college, Columbia L'uiversity
New York.
Mr. Ostien, of the mathematics de
partmeiit, who for the past year has
been with the Y. M. C. A. in France,
writes that he plans to be in his old
classroom at the normal for summer
school. 1
Arthur Walwvn Evans, tho well
known nephew of the British Premier
Llovd-George, who appeared at tho nor
mal auditorium on Monday evening, is a
speaker of exceptional ability. His
sincere appreciation of American nnd
all things American were most gratify
ing to an American audience and in a do
every true American register a solemn
vow to more surely exemplify in his own
life those ideals for which America
stands and which led Mr. Evnns to say
tlmt America meant fraternity to him,
On account of several cases of la
wrippe among the Btitdents, which it is
feared may develop into influenza, the
faculty havo thought it wise to take
every precaution and have postponed
the motion picture. "Our TotMy,
which was to have been given on May
2 tn a Inter date.
Miss Leda Henderson wius the honor
ed guest at a pretty shower and lunch
eon given ThurBdny of lust week lit the
home of Mrs. Nora Kauffmau. Mis
Henderson was the recipient of many
useful and 'beauti-nl gifts, among
which may be mentioned an exquisite
luncheon bloth made bv Mrs. Clarence
Johnson, and 11 pyrex baking dish pre
sented by Miss ) Oder and Miss Jihi
eph. The party was in the nature of
a surprise, Miss Ileuderon believing
that the guests had dropped in to call.
Shortly after their arrival, a seriea of
cards were presented to the guest of
honor each one asking her to look in
a part of the house where the gift hud
been concealed. In addition, to Miss
Henderson the guests were Mesdames
Nora Kauffmun, C. ('. Thomasou, C.
Johnson, Misses Yoder, Joseph, Hund
strom, Simms. Heefey, Rosenbrutigh,
KauWinan. .
On Sittitrday night of last week the
senior class of the Hubbard high school
wtas delight fukly entertained at the
home of Mr. and Mra. Waldo Brown.
The Imstesaes of -the occasion were Mrs.
(',. C. Tlioniason, Miss Hceley nnd Misa
Sttiidstrom. Progressive "oUO
played, at which Harold Mooiiuiw and
r i,n
Winnie Franco won prizes
.. 11 ,....,. t,..;.,,. io;j
was sen ca at ii, cu.i-in i-u
fifteen. The table was artistically nee-
orated in the senior class colors, red
nnd white carnation while individual
bon bun baskets in red and gold car
ried out tho color scheme. To the place
cards of the seniors were attached red
and gold streamers nt the end of which
gift booklets were tied and concealed
under the table. .
While courses were being removed,
college songs were sung. Those pres
ent were Mosdiimcs Waldo Brown, C.
C. Tin isnn. Misses Heelcy, Wand
strom Rena Ksuffman, Gertrude Cham
beilain, Etta Lenhnrdt, Irene Ho,e,
Winnie Franco- and Messrs Waldo
Brown, George Fry, Bert del.espinasse,
Francis Thomas, liarold Moomaw, Cecil
Linhardt and Freddie Tliomns.-Hub
bard Enterprise,
Tlie Capital Journal
Daily Market Report
Wheat, soft white -.10
Wheat, lower grade oa sampls
Outs !t0(&8.-.e
Ray, cheat -4
Hay, oats t!i
Barley, ton '"
Mill run 43(U4le
Butterfat - ''
Creamery butter 57(ii 5 He.
The Journal Job Department
will print you anything In the
stationery line do tt right and
save yau real money.
oumal W ant Ac
Quick Reference To Firms That Girz Service On Short
Where Buyer And Seller Meet We
Recommend Our Advertisers.
Sale Electric Co., Masonic Temple,
corner Commercial aad Trade itreeta
BUI payable monthly in advanee.
Phoae 604.
FOR SALE 120 acres of No. 1 land
located 8 miles from Salem, on good
.road, in good locatioa. good house
and barn and other buildings, farm
implements, 4 horses, 3 cows, 5 year
lings, SO head of hogs, round 500
cords of wood ready cut, all at
bargain. Writo M W care Journal.
FOB SALE A good double team kar
nesa, will trado for hay or graia,
or will exchange for good dry wood
See Square Deal Realty eompaav
Phone 470
2 acres all cultivated, good house,
lots of fruit; $2000, easy terms.
814 acres all in crop, on paved road,
close to Salem; $2000, tentj if de
sired. 10 acres all cultivated, all fenced, S
miles out, only $1300.
10 acres; good modem house, logans,
prunes; family orchard; $."300.
12 acres all in cultivation. 6 room
house, 2 Mi acres family orchard, 1
milcs'from Salem; $:tr00.
8 acre; 6 acres, Vj in prunes, In
peaches, logans between; X acres ia
maple timber; the best of river bot
tom, on graveled road, just the place
for an investment that will bring
returns; only $1200, easy terms.
13 acroa, 6 acrea in 7-year old cber
ries, 8 in 7-year old prune-, 4 straw,
borries; house, bnrn. close in; $3730.
18 acres, 5 acre, logans; small house;
8Vj acres timber, close In, $.1N0U.
21 acres. 10 cultivated, bulanco tim
her isture; house, barn, family
fruit: $2250.
20 acres, l',j miles from town, trade
for Salem residence not over JlriUO.
15 acre, all cultivated family orch
ard, 24 acres strawberries, 6 acres
grain, 1 acre potatoes, raniny gar
den, 5 room house burn with hny
fork, fruit house, wood shed, chick
en house; beat black gravel eoil; close
to Bchooi; equipped with stock and
tonl and all household furniture,
70 acres, 50 tillable, 1,000,000 feet
saw timber; will trade for acreage or
Salem residence and assume mort
gage or pay ensh difference.
For best buvs see
Bnyne building
Pork, Veal and Mutton
Pork on foot 18'4((i Hl',e
Veal, fancy lH(t9e
Steers 7ftfe.
Cows - 0(fi.8c
Spring lambs - - lp-
Bwes.- 45S
Sheep, yearlings 10(a;12c
gKs ana rouiiry
F.ggs, ci.sh
Hens, livo
Old roosters
Radishes, doz 30c
Rhubarb '. Se
Potatoes 1.25ftiU7fi1
Onions, local $3(0)4
(Ireen anions dor. 40c
M!Cabl.r.ge h&lT.
1 urnipj - "
Head lettuce $-'.0
Beets f
Winesnn apples, box $...i0
Celery, crate lu
I run
Ornnges '"' j
Lemons, box - - IStao
California grape fruit $4fa4.2n
Black figs lb. ltJtoilae
White figs, lb. 19(i,20e
Package figs per bx 50 pkg $i!aOM
HtViey, extranted 20e
Retail r rices
Ki'ira. dozen - 45c
' Crcamoiy butter
Flour, hard wheat $3(u3.1o
Portland Market,
Portland, Or., May 5. Butter, pity
creamery, 54(o 55c
Eggs selected local ex 41(5 13c
liens ;:c
liroilers 40;
Gocse 17(a20e
Choose, triplets 35(i "7c
Receipts 413
Tone of market slow
Beit Steers $1313.50
Oood to choice steers $ll(i( 11.50
Medium to good steers $9.50010
Fair to good steers $Sfa 9
Common to fair sters $7.50(6. 1 1.50
Choice cows and heifers $10.5la)l2
Good to choice cows and heifers
Medium to good eows and heifers
Fair to medium eows and aeileri
$5f 5.50
dinners $3(Tt 4
Bulls $5tu8
''ikes 12.50
Rockers and feeders $fio S.50
Receipts 2005
Tone of market higher
Prime mixed $20.25to -'0.50
Medium mixed $2t(u 20.25
Rough heavies !x.25'(i 1H.S0
Pigs $1H.50ii 19.75
Bulk 2".25o 20.5U
Recointa 1135
I Prime iunibj $14(gl3
127 North High-
-alaia 120
of piano, a new and logical meikod
for both pupil and teacher, making
clear all basic principle necessary
to a musical education, and grria!
the "music teacher" something to
teaeh. 421 Court St. Phone 352.
For bargains in new and secoadhaa
goods for the house, furniture, rang
es, heaters aud stoves, ruc, sewing
machines, graniteware, dishes, suit
eases, trunks and tools. We want
your old furniture and gtevas, wiU
pay you highest cash price. See as
Inst. Peoples Furniture Store, 271!
N. Commercial St. Phone 7J4.
NO CAII REQUIRED Good overcoat
shoes end suits, all kinds of m usu
al instruments, shotguns, rifles, heat
ing stoves, gas stoves, suit cases an
1000 other useful articles to sell or
trade. What have youf The Capital
Exchange 337 Court St. Phone 493.
THE SOLDI EH BOYS Pool aad bil
liard parlor is now open under Be
management aud it renders you an
the general public a congenial place
to pass away a few lciauie hours.
Tho basement of Oregoa Fdeetrie
depot, corner of State aad High
Phone 828. Wm. Livock, prop.
50 years experience, Depot National
and American fence.
Sines 20 to 58 in. high
Paints, oil and varnish, etc.
Loganberry and hop hooks.
Salem Fence and Stove Worka,
250 Court street, phone 124.
J. A. Rowland Furniture Store
Buys, sells and exchanges now and
2d hand furniture. All kinds o
repair work, light grinding, filing,
and brazing a specialty. Bight
prices. - ?ortn vommtirciai ot.
Phone 16.
refuse of all kinds removed on month
ly contracts at reasonable rates.;
Cess pool cleaned. Dead animals re
moved. Office phone Main 167.
On Good Real Estate Security
Over Ladd k Bush bank ; Salem Oregon
cent interest, Prompt service. 34!
years time. Federal farm loan bonds
for sale. A. C. Bohrnatedt, 401 Ma
sonic Temple. Sulem, Oregon.
formation about Life Insurance see
J. P. Hutchnson, rlist. manages for
tho Mutual Life of N. Y., office at
371 State St., Salem, Ore. Oftiee
phono 99, residence 139B. tf
HOP LEE, expert laundryman, 431
Ferry St. I pay top market prise for
chickens and Eggs. Office phone
13.I9J, residence I333.I.
. ,. - - -.-M
PHONE 10908
Our Prices are Right
M. ZANDLKK, Proprietor
, Summer Street, Salem, Oregon
1255 N
just installed a machine that wit
sharpen lawnmnwers the same as the
factory puts them out new. Bring
all your light repair work to aie. Al
vin B. Stewart, 347 Court St. Phone
ALL kinds of nuto repairing by an ei
pcrie.nced workman. All work goer
anteed to be satisfactory, fetudobak
er repairs a specialty. D. R. Moir,
203 N. Commercial.
MeCornack hall on every Tuesday
at 8. P. Andresen, C. C. T. i.
Hunts. K. R. 8.
ROYAL Neighbors of America, Ore
gon drape camp No. 1300 meet every
Thursday evening in MeComeek haS
Elevator service. Oracle, Mrs. Car
rie E. Bunn, 648 1'nion St; recor
der Mrs. Melissa Persons, 1413 N.
4th' St. Phone 1430M.
Oregon Cedar camp o. bilo meets
every Thursday evening, 8 o'clock
in MeCornack hall, over Meyer
store, liny A. Grant. V. C; A.
Turner, clerk.
bly No. 81 meets every Thursday at
8 p. m. in Masonic Temptr. Olena
C. Nilcs, M. A; C. A. Vibbert,
"secretary. 340 Owens street.
Fair to medium lambs $13fi 13.50
Yearlings $Ufil2
Wethers '"'"It
Ewes $0(310