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Editorial Page of The CapitalJourna
Editor tad PubLahar
Slav 3,
m "
Published Every Evening Except Sunday, Salem, Oregon.
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W D. Ward, New York, Tribune Building.
W. II. fStocfcwelt, Chicago, People's Oai Building
A recent letter to the New York Times, entitled "The
Doldrums", is worth quoting for its bearing on present
conditions: '
"One with yachting experience," says the writer,
"knows the depressing effect of tossinc about helplessly
I in a tideway without wind enough to keep the boat on
her course. Minutes seem hours. The best of friends
'5 j harp at each other yet without spirit enough to resist in
manly iasnion the other s abuse.
"Suddenly the wind springs up. The landlubber
lounging carelessly on the main sheet barely escapes dis
aster as the rope becomes taut. The boat plunges through
the water, and presently the harbor which all had given
o -
Congressman Investigates 19
Harbor Projects On Tour
Of State. -
Violation of Memorial Day
Spirit Resented By Patriots
.the Yukon. They buildcd (treat fartor-
( National Tribune.) jos ,),,. r.lst anj mje tj,, m9
Every newspaper you pick up f nv.se j wf,t the granary of the world and rid-
idays advertises some kind of sport that ( ir,K., ,t with railroacrs. wf.h. .nnm i
will start May 30.' ;,iid telephone wires.
Why May 30f What on earth makes: There were two and a half milint
lull the halt players, fist fighters, tennis ,,,. ; the Vnion army, and only a lit.
Congressman W. C. Hawley and wife
liflfimmna nnct ..nlf fien.is nNnt in start , t ........ I...U' t ,k..a i
- .--.-v fc -.. ... . uv wu r nun in m, ruiuv uaift.
:ou May 30. rest of them
i Some fool women in New lork have
'a new fad. They want to have a parade!
Rest where thoy wearied
And lie where they fell
fit TWilv TftnitRl Jnurnnl carrier bova ami imttrarteit ta nut tha TuiiAfi an the
porch. If the carrier does not do this, misses you, or neglects getung the paper j up hope Of reaching in any reasonable time IS entered.
7 W'J"! "Trio criin nf etofo onnnnntflfo cimlln. nnnillt Im.
ta Toa on time, kindly phone the circulation manager, at this la the only
eaa determine whether or not the earrieri are following instruction. Phone
81 before 7:30 o'clock and a paper will be tent you by special messenger if the
garner aaa niigsca you.
la the only newspaper in Palem whose circulation U guaranteed by the
Audit Bureau Of Circulation!
Columbus, Leif Ericsson and Amergo Vespucci,
please step back to the end of the line !
Ancient Chinese documents lately discovered seem to
indicate without doubt that a Chinese monk discovered
the West Coast Centuries before the modern young up
starts mentioned at the head of this article were even
born or thought of.
The documents contain descriptions unmistakably re
ferring to Mexico, also to points all along the coast, as far
as Alaska.
Just what the Chinese are going to do about this if
it proves to be true, we do not attempt to foretell. Pos
sibly it will mean that the Peace conference will have to
decide whether to return us to China or give us into the
mandatory control of Japan.
In the meantime all good Americans will just go on
discovering America every day its soundness and its
saneness, its possibilities and it promise. And we just
wish to say to any old exploi-er, be he Italian, Norse or
Chinese: "Maybe you discovered it, but if you want to
know who runs it start something!" ' . ' '
. "The ship of state encounters similar conditions. At 1 0,'t f - riv" an J 1'!,rbor p- ro'v ,w
u 1 . . ,1 111 . 1 which have been demanding attention, -"' 1
times she also is in the doldrums, seemingly drifting aim- . of the m hem entitled to social themselves, but
IeSSlV at the merCV Of eVPrV riirrPnt. Thon Jill at ntlPP n I consideration. He visited a numwr of
1 v wii a; 1 tinman n( nuntii auu nitc . . . , -i.'
)Ugh,left this afternoon for Washington, D. " hroken down work horses on May .to. , tlmU,r ,,. sUies, thousand, of them
XJc, after one of the busiest outin?, he A ot cf ,l,pf v- Kat bntu.s come iu uuknoKn, unmarked graea. Thcxr
1yeniever spent in his district. Since arriy- ""'""V?' ?a, MT. V" ,:""' have owrd them till a
line in Oregon he has visited nineteen Wt l" Ul' S1"'1 aml 'lu!' Pai '""'.siant 3W.WI are left. These walked
1001 101 our i,.u ... :wearii v and alono toward tho west
lorilble. Xot till' Sl'Orts's...ii. tliev. ton must on tn ret
the tendency to fasten ..r" ,., iittl ereen tenia.'.
in the minds cf the American people the, Fllr (!ll.se mt,ni doa,, au(i iiviligi M(.m.
i- i i'm r 1.1 m 1 ill 1 v t!; 11:1 v. u v 01 ' w 11 t-11 i t... i.i j t ... . .
new spirit appears. Negotiations that seemed in a hope-!;,rot,'"ti for water sheds. i,i,.di,,g is ' ",iiluv 1,1 4,1 8,aU'8 "", very least that any of us can do to let
less tangle unravel, and the desired goal is attained. I th. eitv of Dallas. wh;,e hasi 1 ,";" is os'al,.1,shi;:1 '.f ':8 ti..- oiid 5iiP out of iKht for a utti
kiii iH'ii'ti uj iiisiitjiun hiumim.iu'mi rr- - " n"t j""1 -i., " n-tiu-iiiuiT lor
ardini; the nods of ships on the l'aeifie ; "l, ' "" ' " "'V' tliat one day of the honors, nil the ma-
"Gloom is for the defeated. It is not a fitting role for
the victors,
A short year ago and the Belgians would have been
glad to have had only their ravaged country back again.
Now, flushed with victory, they are demanding all the
territory adjoining them, following apparently the lead
oi the spaghetti imperialists.
Belgians and Italians, who are living mainly on
American charity, are now indulging in abuse of this coun
try because President Wilson is insisting on their exhibit
ing some decency and modesty around the peace table.
Another of the great engineering feats of the war
will be bridging the gulf between the man who is working
for a Peace of Europe and the man who is working for a
piece of Europe.
Everybody should have his peace flag ready for the
glad day when the peace terms are signed.
The peace flag is made by putting around all four sides
of any flag a border of white. On the American flag the
border should equal four stripes in width.
This use of an emblem signifying a nation at peace
with the world is not confined to the United States alone.
Before the war forty-five nations displayed flags of this
type at the Stockholm Peace conference.
One of the most famous occasions on which the
American flag was displayed thus bordered was when the
first ship, the Christobel, sailed through the Panama
The idea is a beautiful one, and be the flag large or
small, every home and public building should' have one
prepared for display on the Day of Days.
When the women got tho ballot in Florida, thoy are
given the privilege of wearing trousers. Right in line
with the masculine idea that anything in trousers is good
enough to vote.
"What do you menu, that Mrs. Pow
ers asked her husband to look Ncil'a
business upf"
" leu. " Theu ! "That ia, liia busi
ness record."
''Why should alio interest herself!"
"Because she liked you, and waa hesi
tating about asking you and Forbes to
one of her select affairs.
in in-It in the long run. I can't believe
it would with you. You have your lovo
ly home, your boy, your friend Why
not be contented!"
"If all you indicate is true I shall
have no beautiful home, no friends."
' ' Nonsense! Pon 't talk like that, nor
nlow yourself to feel that way. Your
true friends are still the same when
vim arc in trouble that thoy are when
yon do not need them. As for your
const and will urge that the shipvnrds ! lu'" '"" sum ,l,l'm p" "l,v terinl wealth, if voti w ill, that these two
be given every opportunity for Imildin-, U"'" ,lu' "'l's' s!""ri'a cl dl l,l,l"I"vs i milio i and a half have brought to us
ships on private account, to furnish em-'tu s,iirt llie sr""S season. !UU(l olnsf
nlovment for labor and a market lor; M:'.v lllls fn'w tn h? m-ognucd in Ah llt is.t
the lumber ouiput of the state. jevery state but the eight really southern, Xhl. Spanish-American War laid tri-
Kelative to the projects at Astoria. s,11,,'s 11S ,tu' ""tional saM.ath ot pa- ,uU, at ,,, 1(,,,t ()f , .uuiU(1 ,.ounlrv.
he expressed the belief that there will trititisiti. A day when men, women and (,M.r in Arington 1 saw o:,e day o
be established at that point a tally-;;"" "' i"- " '"' , flug-druped colfins, besides 200
equipped nr.val base, and that the river;""' ll,i 1111 "" "l "'"-'"
graves. They were the dead of tha
and harbor improvements, so necessary , of the men who wore the blue, und to; X1inl ,,,, , mJ ,10n(r , Jl(, njl0 of
to the development of the western part ; "'uoci on wimi mai i.onsni means ,o,fivi, ,t, JiMt ,.oimemonitio
of the state, will he adopted as rapirtly ; s lo are living today .exercises over the Maine dead,
as they are favorably routed by the The day vvas established by the (..and j Wp ,,,. ull thp s jfil Waf V(,t.
engineers. Ar.v ot the Kcpubl.c. May .10, 1 I ,., wu.r(.v,.v wt. fiml ,ll0 litt,9
Aside from these ninteriiil ilemunds I '' the purpose of commemorating tnc m(MUuls
from the district, he has devoted much ideals of the dead of the I'nion triny.j Al, (1(iul of wgr, Thp
time to the matter of securing the i....a day that has been held in such tender Mml of Iuimb( ovor ,,
uiedinte release of Oregon soldiers and jreapect that 40 of the greatest sta es of (lu0 Hh h(,r,. ,, ailj,
sailors who are not actually needed mltl.c Vnion have gravely .morporate. . ,,,, ,hp w.v Fu m
the service and promises that co oper- ...to their laws, no for sports but m of tu.m sl(lp
ation with other western representa-j that the people of the stutc might pause t,lpm Qr r
tives. lie win enueavor to securo ior tae ror uay anu mm ui ineir miguiy
returning soldiers nroferenco in secnr
ing rights on public lands, believing
A veteran soldier said of Kansas:
And in spite of all these millions of
dead, whose names the people of tha
country will honor in their Hearts oa
that a large number of them will seek "State, are not great, except a, me. Memorial 1 av, the n lisorab short ght-
honim in Oriiron. mav make thorn. Lj ..' . . . h
" I - .fl lltl ItnriftI If linrt.ni'nnu mnn aanrl
In this connection lie expressed the Men are not great, except they do and wi B ,,.. spason
opinion that discharged soldiers should dare.
bo furnished transportation to their But for the men who fought the bat-
homes instead of being dropped at the, ties for the Union, and their sturdy eon
point of enlistment or in a cantonment. tent ion for right and justice fot many
As a final word in leaving the city he veurs after the battle-flags were furled,
I have received a most cordial wel
come by the people wherever 1 have
gone, and wish to express to tnein my
the United States would be only a third
rate nation today.
Hut for the four years of awful fight
ing, when the nation s Hie was in the
Memorial Day.
I remember one president of the Uni
ted Stutes who declined to visit Arling
ton on Memorial Day, and who went
fishing instead. His name was held up
to scorn and obliquy. The country nover
forgot or forgave.
Yet it is openly advertised that golf
and tennis and baseball and a work
it . ia I '"'""'i t '8 too early to think of losing
11 S0UI1U8 .... j, T ... , .
awfully harsh, but she told him after ho ' " ',. V '. . " ,
had made his report that she should " 'T. ,0 ",;",t .Forl";? 18
drop von from her list. ' ' 1 ' ; " W1 ' b b,:,,,ro 1,0 "
I almost groaned aloud. This was the'" ".i" ,T' n"1-0,
,.,.,.... v.1. r i... i in. i .. i. ... i i. i ")'' h' will d0 it himself. He is very
. , ... 1 . st uliboru, verv impatient of not only ro-
ine tu iuy social aspnations; tho woman'. ,,; . . . ? T " 'y,-.l
how hard it is for him to give up such
a source of wealth; but unless ho goes
straight he will have to. Ho can be u
whom 1 had pliinued to invite to my
home in the hope she would give my
parties eclat. Tliiink (loci I hud a friend I
lib.. M L' 1. M. - ....
.. . ., ..,. ,,,.., n ii pr,,,,,,,,,.,. K0 simit. I have known
was to have him know it was better j .. i. V; 1 i... n ..
ii., ,, ii . .,,1 rr i ,i , . . many who did nut they never wero
At times they would
; n n n - o,n l, In .wl i. . . 1 . v i .1 u. Hn , :
assistance I have received in obtaining, We would be in the condition of the . b0 11 open on May 30 t
the information necessary in tho dis-!wuspish little nations controlled by ean- f ua ,w" n"u nu .Ir"
charge of my public duties. If, in a..yditti overseas. The right won at a cost v '8' ""jLo nnT"d Sp?n'!'. W"
way, I can serve any man, woman or in lives and money that staggered tho "' " "
ua.uij cuiu IU fcllVJr TVS.
'Lie dead for mc and yon"
this May 30. Isn't there enough rent
honest-togoodness patriotism in this
country to call off these dogs of sport
and permit tho country to get tiaea
the spirit of the elder davst
ihabkl wor'rki. BALI.
child in the district, I shall take great
pleasure in so doing."
Wflamette Track Men
Victors Over Chemawa
In Saturday Track Meet
nation. Tho United states government
did mighty little for the returning vet
oruus compurcd with what is being done
toduy. There were no triuuiplu.l arches
in enduring marble, no pensions com
mensurate with the perils endured, no
waiting jobs, so soft berths for return
ing soldiers. The returning armies pass
ed in review in "ragued reginientnis,
an army of tramps, in appearance, and
ent home in that plight. The fires
were dead in the forge, the fr.rms had
grown to weeds, the carpenter's tools
j were rusty, and the boys were i,.m oid
j to take up the dog eared school books
was first in the 120-yord hurdle. In
Yes, indeed, an enduring peace will lie the worst thing
the Prussians have to endure.
, bv
By Walt Mason
We bought our bonds in times of s tress, to help our
Uncle' Sam'l fight; war being done, we say, "We guess
we'll say to all our bonds 'Good night 1' We need the coin
for gasoline, for suits of clothos and shoes and lids, fori
the embarrassment which would!'.' ,; i.
, 'iit very lira men.
net. itiine ji.m i u icu to iiitt Jii v ...... l. :.l ll. .,i i.
plans into ettect. I.ona ne Morton liml ' k. : -1.1 . . . r
. , .living; .i40 per cent men are not lion
been tit ii'f nl not to hurt me too much. , , . ,
,, , ,, ,, , , ,, , ' lest men 111 tin v business. What a dry
eibnps Mrs. I uwers had ta ked of us, I ,,., ,,, mk ,fllk w,, J
Mi. l owen. had wanud h.,. father, per-,,,,,,., , u,,l( ,,,,. ,
hiiii'o fiih wifo hiitl uiinii'd litnnmn . t
l le.ise ,on t look like t hat ' Mr ! ,, , ,, vor ,,,,,,,
iclen. k s after a .... . "I hnd;at Jinvduunt 's at lunch. 1 have ... .p-
0 ,ell yoa that was why I went to j,,,,;,,, ,, 1ilt). 1Vrhl w ,,,',,
1 nweis niter von to i me of vonr intra 'i , . . n . .1 1 1 .
. , .... . 1'" as well to suv nothing of what we
lion to tiv to get into societv. t,,,,.!-1, ,- , .' , , ... ,
. , " , , , u , have disuissed to him. 1 will sav 1
nl to sine you. 1 have seen, even where 1 .1 , ... , . " . ,
tltni. nil 111 ilHU IIOIU'U 1U11 111 IOII1 US.
I live, how it has hurt women when t lev -ei 1 r .. :n 1.,. ..1...1 , .1
Hied to get int.. certain sets und failed 1 1 . " It. V ' , V , shot put by Nichols, of Willamette.
lu ilo vou 1 are aboii it ; e sooKe i,:0 .11 t u 1 1. 1 i 1 III the tug-of war, between tae sophn
, , ... , . , , , . ' , Ins gooil live. Or felt his hand clasp, so , . , u j .
ticueh, us 1 he resented the fart that ; ,1 7. . 1 ... n 1. x- mores and tronmcn resulted 'in a Vic
1 wauled to be amiichmlv, instead of',, ...t.i . ... ,. .,"...... .11 ..'. 1 tory for the sophomores,
,,. f;l , ..HI,. I, 1 1, i, " "'" i.iinjiiie.
, ' ' , ,"u.m"! 1 dressed, simply, but carefully. 1
.'. -... ...mi n o.'v'.i,
do for ,ou women iiiivHnvf It makes
sluves of von, dressing, entertiiinin
mid ng here, there nod every wnoio,
inn in 'cause you cure lor it nut liecause
so .I.MS II. 1.1111 SO ll,. ,!, , 1 , .. , , ,
"That Hill be uice. 80 that Mr.
rrcilerirk is here aguin. I liked him
iuinienselv that night I met him at your
dinner party. He rang true. Hoinething
;l geod many do not nowadays." She
bit her lip, and immediately commenced
to . lint of something else. It wasn t like
l.omune to make such a tactless
The track events of Saturday after
noon, winding up the May Day festivi,
ties were between Willamette Univer
stiv and Cliemnwn, resulting in a vic
tory for Willamette with a iota! score
or poinis OI W to 00. noa.e, or v. no-, .,. ,.,ft j.. j. k,,if(..s,.am,,1 .i.,,,!...
mawa. was the winner 111 the 100-yard, Th(,ro n0 .vm.atnmV S(.ln:s, l n
dash; Choate. of Ohcmiiwa took the I Sl.h()llln f(lr ,lUllll(,(1 sol,ii(.rs. Tl(. ,,..
yard dash ; Fisher, of illn.nette, took ' s,,()(.koi1 Wt,Ht . ()l.it fnmhion ,
the 4 10 yard run. and the 880 yard ri;n'(lioi, . inHan(, ,,,,,,.
was won by Oling, of Willamette; ml Y(.t ml( (lf a, iU rin, n? rnm
tne i.uie rua isp, arson. ..1 n , '. . wt, ,;!,. the rnion res.'
winner; liartlioionicw. 01 vvniaiueiie
, and for more tlinu 40 years .-r the
, .... 11 ,.i.!.. f . .
he high .pimp. Tasker and .chols . of,tinn. Th(,v ,.,, th tfr,.at ad
W .Unmet e. tied for first pla, while f,,,,,,,,. t,(, , , ;(s, , ovpr
the broad .pimp was won by Chnate of th(, Vnh r T,,r pprt,,,! tllp fnr.
lii'iiuma. 1 in- jum-ijii iiimjw nun . nixvU -,.1,1 fi,,?,!-
niniick, of Wil!;im,ttf; tlio disfin
'l 41. .ti ' taMnMaMBMsMsWSMManBBnMMBH
1 IMMlU't t'l 1 llflHTI it, lilt' ftllll- Vlltlll
K. I.vtiuiH. ot' Ui'Jiimrttc, ami the
for Skin Tortures
Don't worry about eczema or other
skin troubles. You can have a clear,
healthy skin by using Zemo, obtained
at any dm? store for 35c, or extra larse
bottle at $1.00.
Zemo .- i.isov. , ' .
blachhe; , ..-:
worm a .., ..
antisept.w ... .' . ' .,, ,.,
greasy and stains nothing. It is easily
applied and cost a mei ? tiifle fur eacn
application, it i , .ilways dependable
t:b w r : :;r.tidnij,o.
Mis. So.neliedy
is the thing to do.
' I wore no jewels, not even a brooch. I
''''j would not give people occasion to talk
IL'.'t , .
.in imr i 1 1 1. v .iruiuo. Jlisr hs 1 was
about to stnrt l.onainc canio in.
'Olive down with me, then Thomas
It ii. i ii ' t ii mount to
Alleged Murderess Laughs
While Jurors To Try Her Are
Selected. Insanity P.ea
Salem Woan Is Named On
Ccnim:t-ee For Memorial
N'Btlle, V'r.sh., May .".Smiling-nl
tunes even laughing -Ruth (Jarrison.
, IS viar old girl, sut in superior court to-
day closely wnti hed the proc. s, of ii,k-
illi ! 11- e i 1 1 . k ,11 i. linn iu orriiie iter nue mi
playing on the slut machine, and buying fireworks for the J dr-m. minder .barges, it is ai-
kic:?.' l-olks arc so anxious to un oad the r trpcioui,:L"'":, " rrr.vrr. B ,h'
i iiii i nut ii ,11 1 n, iitiru
. . .... i . . . . '
ihiikis, uiey scarce can wan; incy want to scorch along; st..rr . M:, i, h wi,,... ,ar
that road that trkes them to the poorhouse eate. And so!'''1 lit' ''
iUr. .rt i i . i ti ,i I rooms. Hutli darrisoii was in love w ith
me pi ice oi Donus us uown, to ligurcs low l vc seen thenv cudie nu,n. the husband of the il-nd
skid, and perts are hawking them in town, and asking us
tn tit!) 1,-0 a lliil Tlln icicn nmn l.iii-ts Ivi r.11 l.n o,s lwM .... 1, I '
...V...V. u ' '.v. iiv 111,111 uiy o in an lie- vail, 11U U l.Ull-
er have those bonds than wheat; the seller is an also ran
who'll never live in Easy Street. A little while and men
will w;sh to buy tho bonds to have and hold, and owners
will remark. "Oclsfbh! They're worth more now than
minted fold !" Ilrw foolish are the sons of men, how!p i in-n.
latuons, so help me J'hn ! If they have fourteen bonds or
ten, they're frantic till said bonds are gone. They care
not for th rainy d- the day they're living is serene,
and so th-v throw tHr bonds away, that they may burn
more gasinc. All 1 "fdlcssly they whoop along, and put
a mortra on the' oops, and sell their thrift stamps
for a serf that ther -ay gayly loop the loops.
the rnurt prnrednre will Center
upon a conflict of experts as to the
sill's sanity wns clearly indirated dnr
ii g the opening bouts. The state has
the n port of r.n CMH'rt nlien'sf ileclar
i"ir the uirl sane at the time t fie
eiiiee. hhe is pleading teniporarv in
sanity. Kour jurors hud Wen chosen
League Of Nations Meets
For First Time la Paris
(Tinnorow Lorraine Make
Fourth ut Luncheon.)
' Hasaann'. Wlzarti Oil KtUabla,
AntUcptla PrwvMtlv
(iiivernor Olcott announced today
that Allen B. Joy and (feo. R. Funk, of
Portland, Mrs. A. N. Huvh of Sab 111 and
Mrs. lien Celling, of l'ortland, will
comprise the, committor which will be
entrusted to carry out the wishes of
the ineu of the lliith Kegincers in pro
viding appropriate bronze, siheu, or
other plate to lie erected to the nieinorv
of the officers and men from Oregon
who served in that regiment in the
World War. These appointments were
made by the rnthers of Soldiers and
Sailors Club and by the Htati! War
While in France the lldth Engineers
accumulated a regimental fund in
which a balance- of 17li.nn was left.
As the men comprising the regiment
were from three of the northwest status
they voted to apportion the mom v in
rijunl amounts among these three
states for the purpose of providing some
suitable memorial for the members win
During influenza epidemics spray
trie no and throat several times
"ay with one part Wizard Oil and
two nirffl w. t r t i n i. an ,:,.-
If you haven't an atomizer, gargla ' 1,1 lU' th( ll!'rcme sacrifice in France.
Pari, May S. The first business of
the Leslie of Xatimis was to be trans
acted today. What ia effect will be the
eleeutive rouncil lnvetitig of the league
was scheduled for ( olom 1 House '
apartment at the H-lel Crillon at 4 p.
m. to take up organisation work.
th throat and snuff the mixture up
the nose. This treatment sets op an
antiseptic wall of defenst against
"l-lu" germs.
Chest colds and sore throat lead
t grip. Stop them at once with
W izard Oil before they ua develop
into dangerous influenza.
Get it from druggists for 30c If
not satisfied, return the bottle and
gft your money back .
Ever constipated or have sick bead
iche? Jut try Wizard Liver Whips,
pleasant little pink pills, 30c at drug,
cut. Guaranteed.
The governor has received a bank
draft for Oregon's share of the fund
which will b1 turned over to this com
mittep as soon as it is orpranizod and
ready to receive the same.
Oonnld D. Builer, 7 year old son of
Mr. I. ('. Butler of Cathlamot, died
at Asturia Tuesday as the result of be
ing run over by track.
Pasle. May S. (United Press.) A
dispatch from Vienna today reported!
the allies had invited the Austrian!
pesce deL-entrs to eomo to St Germain
on II st 12.
A rut.r. f, ar,t last cunday on
the A mm Wilkins ran'h a few miles
from FnT'-ne --.-i ,vi r nt .is.
Ordet for 4"0OPO railway ties have
been placed with the mi'ls in Ijicc
county. The price paid will be tu-0i0.
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