Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, May 05, 1919, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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An Economical, Delightful, Ughi Place to Trade
A Pretty DRESS
for Every Girl's
Surely no girl's graduation will be marred by
the lack of a new dress when we are selling mater
ials so moderately priced. They will arouse in you
an irresistible desire to get busy with the sewing
needle without delay.
We are prepared to make Graduation Day the
cherished event it deserves to be in the life of every
Crepe de Chine
Wash Satin
land during the earlv part of the week
Friend of John Claire Monteith will
be interested in the following account
of hi roneert last week in Portland:
Joan Blaire Monteith, baritone, ap
peared in concert last Wednesday night
at the Hallory hotel. Mr. Monteith is
a specialist in program make up and
the versatility of k interpretation
make hint one of the most enjoyable
concert soloist in the I'aeifie north
west. "The recitative and aria "Vision
Fugitive" from the opera "Herodiade'
(Masnanet) wa sung with finished
style and showed the flexible, velvet-
Mike quality of his baritone voice, la
iwm. bukb ami mumus -wt, ..uonieun
is equally pleasing and the drnmstie
" Pauper ' Drive " and the "Smug
gler' tSoug'' were given with stirring
effect. He included also songs by
three Portland composers, known to
the musical world, (Catherine Ulen,
25c to $2.98 a yard.
The bent way of loosening Inrgo and not be clearance between tho whculs and
inaecessiliie nuts, which, arc sometimes
found about tho chassis, is to line a
ocked wrench of the procr sl.o, with
a big atilson wrench to f urn inh the
loverign. This combination will handlo
almost anything.
When over aized tires nre to be uscd,
he ear owner should bo certain thnt
there ii enough clearance ' between nil
the tire and the nearest part of the
ear. When tho tires are under heavy
load there is danger t lit: t thero will
fen lers and tho ciising. Ho certain thnt
wlien tho springs nre compressed 10 wie
limit by sumo extru bump, thnt tho tire
will not come in contact with some part
of tho chassis.
Ihill, lifeless eyes, colorless lips,
sallow, yellow check, give girl lit
tlo chance for "man" these days.
Knn't lose heart, just tnke Hullister'
Kocky .Mountain Ten helps to mnko
you attractive and fair. l)on't delay,
begin today. 1. J. 4Vy.
Nainsooks and
Kindred Yardage
Assortments and Qualities that will make Salem Ma
chines sing.
Cambrics Nainsooks, Batistes, Persian Lawns, Mus
lin to meet Your every requirement.
In Flesh and White, .6 and 40 inches wide a
very fine fabric, yard 50c and 60c
Pink and White with blue carnation or clover
pattern, :50 inches wide, yard 43c
In plain colors of pink, blue and white, yard... 40c
Another white at ...35c
White with small, dainty figurse, IK) in., yd. .'..50c
An unbearable value in a fine cotton fabric
at pre-war prices, yard 20c
In pink, blue, light green and white a Jac
quard figured material 27 inches wide, real
ly wortn more 25c
INVINCIBLE SUITINGS are at once recognized as
Cotton Fabrics of superior qualities for Children's
Creepers, Rompers and Dresses. Plain and striped,
pink and blue, yard 35c
Mr. and Mrs. R. Monroe Gilbert,
mho hive spent the past winter in
! Portland, have reopened their beauti
ful home at Hazclau and will pau the
summer there.
, Mrs. 4'harlc A. Butx (Alire Blake)
who ha been a gnest at the home of
her parents, Mr. and Mr. William
Blake, for the past few weeks, wa
joined this morning by her husband,
prominent business maa of Modesta,
; California. The wedding of Mr. and
Mrs. Bull, which was an event of late
I winter, came a a surprise to the many
: Salem friends of the bride.
j During their visit in Oregon they
ill be entertained at the Blake resi
dence at Willow Lake.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Vigars, who
have recently eoi to Kalein to reside,
motored to Black Kock yesterday. Mr.
Vignrs is connected with the state high
way com mission.
Miss Fulrence Cartwright was a
week end visitor in Purest Grove,
where she wa the guest of her sister,
Miss Constance lartwright, ho is an
instructor in the Pacific university
Friends of A. K. Iluckestein will be
interested in learning that ho las
been transferred from Independence to
Vancouver where he will hold the posi
tion of manager of the standard Oil
eompany of that citv.
At the meeting of the young ladies
Sodality of St. Joseph' church yester
day plans were made for I farewell
breakfast to be given the eighth of
June. This will lie the last meeting of
tho season and the officers request all
the socialist who can be present, to
leave their names with the socretnry
so that proper arrangements can be
made for tho breakfast.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Campbell were
guests at a delightful surprise party
Saturday evening when a coterie of
heir friends cUUed ' unexpectedly.
Those present were Mr. and Mr.
Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Delano
and Miss Cynthia, Mr. and Mrs. Low
is Mishler, Mr. and Mrs. W. W.
Moore, Mr. and Mrs. K. A. McKIvain,
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Pox. Mr. and
Mrs. Krnest liowen, Mr. and Mrs.
Tom (Inlliiway, Mrs. Burton A. My.
ers, and Dorothy and Liicile Moore.
Mis Ethol Liston, Jfto H Imp''
at the victory luu.i uemupiurtcrs in
Portland, was the week end guest of
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A, Lis- 1
thnt radical propaganda is rife every-
A wedding that camo as a surprise where. More ecinlly is it to be found
to many Marion nnd I'ulk county .peo- I among the younger business women,
pie was that of Miss Ava Cond of Dal- 'many of them aollege women, who
las to Julius llerzng of Portland. The 'have become infected with ultraradical
wedding took place on Kuster Monday ideas, nnder the mistaken iilea that,
at Spokane, Washington. The bride ithey are thereby expressing their in
was formerly a student of the Capital dividuality.
Says The Way Tanlac Helped
Her Is Nothing Short
Of WonderfuL
According to the testimony of multi
plied thousands who have tried it
there is nothing so well adapted to the
needs of run down eysteni a Tan
lae, and in every ease where a fair
test of its powers is made another en
thusiastic witness is the invariable re
sult. Recently in telling of the re
markable beacfita she has derived
Tom Dobson and Bainbridge-Crist. Miss from the mewino Mrs. Agnes Lar-
lua May Cook was piano accompanist
and the program included:
destination (Vontanailles) ; The
N'ine Penny Piddle (Hughes); The La
dy Bug (Hainbridge Crist); Ask Noth
ing More (Muriials); i lower tetters
(Willeby); The Pauper's Drive (Ho
mer); Twilight (Katherino Olen): The
Water Lily (Grieg); Vision Fugitive
(Massanet); The Birthday (Cowen);
1 Saw Ship a Sailing (Tom Pobson);
The Smuggler's Song (Kdwards); Mon
day, Tuesday .Irish folk song); Kyes
That Used to Gaic in Mine (Lohr); A
Little Winding Jtoad (Konald); 1 know
Where I'm Goin' (Old song); On the
Road to Mandalay (Kipling-Speaks.)
Individuality In
Miss Wilhei'mina Doerfler, -who is an
instructor at Sacred Heart academy,
spent the week end with her parents
at Victor Point.
The Federation of Business nnd Pro
fessional Women, an organization
which is now being formulated in this
country and which will meet in its
first national convention at St. Louis
July 14, is seeking to gather together
all waste women power this tide of
intelligence which may be easily di
verted to other purposes and trans
form it into a powerful fadtor for bus
iness integrity in the commercial
Mrs. Florence Spencer Duryea ar
rived in Portland last week and has
been meeting business women of the
city to present to them the plan which
a committee of professional women,
representing the best interest.) of busi
ness industry, have been workin;; upon
for months. This committee hns found
Business vollcge and numbers ninny of
the younger set among her friends.
The time is ripe for the federation'
says Mrs. Ihiryea. "We believe iu the
value of properly directed energy. The
Mr. and Mrs. T. I.eland Brown business woman of today must continue
speuit Hunday in Poitliiinl, motoring to preserve her sanity and balance, aud
lown in the morning and returning to uso the responsibilities till exigen-
laxt evening. icies t'f the wr has put upon her shoul-
(ders, as wjsely and as timpartiiilly as
Mrs. WiU'mm BurghnTdl, Jr., was she did during the war.
the guest of her mother in Portland "ur platform will not only protect
during tne latter part or tne ween.
sen, residing at liMS South G street,
Tacoma, Washington, said:
"The way Tanlac has relieved me
of my suffering and built me up is
nothing short of wonderful. Why, I
don 't only feel like a new woman, but
1 have actually gained fourteen pounds
in weight besides. I was rn an awful
ly weak, run down condition for two
years and so nervoo that the least
little thing out of the ordinary would
upset me. 1 suffered all the time with
a pain across my kidneys, which as
so bad at times, my back felt like it
would break. I was very restless at
night, up and down at all hours, un
able to sleep. I also suffered a great
deal with dizziness and faint feelings,
and was o weak that I could not get
through with my housework without
stopping fever al tiinee to rest.
"One day I was telling a friend of
mine how 1 felt, and she advised nie
to try Tanlac. Ko 1 got a bottle, and
that wa one of the best things 1 ever
did. My husband, who was suffering
a great deal with indigestion and gas
on hi stomach, commenced taking it
tho same tune d did, and between us
we took eight bottles, and are in splen
did condition. 11 i stomach is in such
a good eondition that he eats just any
thing and it all agrees with him fine.
And as for me, it has built me up un
til I feel altogether different. My
nerves are so much stronger and bet
ter that I can sleep all night long, and
my appetite is just fine. I no longer
have those weak, dizay spells and the
pain has! left my back entirely. Both
myself ami hiwbnnd think Tanlmc is
great, and if 1 ever feci my system
getting rundown again 1 shall rake
more Tanlac because l Know so well
what it will do. ',
Tanlae is sold in Salem by Dr.' 8. C.
Stone, in Hubbard by Hubbard Drug
Co., in Mt. Angel by Ben Gooch, in
Gervais by John Kelly, in Turner' by
H, P. Cornelius, in Woodburn by Ly
man K. Shoroy, in Rilverton by Geo.
A. Steelhaminer, in Gates toy Mrs. J.
P. McOurdy, in Stayton by U. A.
Beauchamp, in Aurora by Aurora Dmb
Store, in St. Paul by Groceteria Store
io., in UonnJtf by M . W. Johnson in
Jefferson by Foshay k Mason, and in
Mill City by Marketeria Gro. Co. -
ii -
I the younger woman just coming into
business and help them to make their
Ralph White spent the week own personal adjustments toward their
end iu Portland visiting with friend, 'work ami to see in it something more
adopt, and utiliz their business ability
to tne Dest advantage and will draw
them into a closer aud more intelligent
relationship with the essential princi
ple of business interests.
"The federation of Business and
for a brief visit with fri Is in Port- will enable the older ones, as well, to
.TV. S '
ml if -x
t ,4
- ' la
than a temporary tiding over position Professional women will better all
Mrs. C. IB. Gnbrielson will leave that means bread and butter, but dt condition both for th. rmnu,.., u.i
tne employe. Business women have for
too long worked in a desultory fashion
it is time we learucd that the only
possible degradation in honest work
is the degradation resulting from hav
ing it half done'or poorly done and at
tacked with a half hearted attitude.
If we could cler away a degree of the.
hallucinations o business and arm ev
ery business woman, young and old,
with the power to personally adjust
her own difficulties, we would have
done a great work.
"This federation hns been in pro
gress for some time. W'c have trained
orgnniw-rs working in every state and
we nave Dcen greatly gratified at the
intrest that i being taken in it. Bus
iness women in every state have been
writing this office for help and direc
tions for forming a state federation.
The initial step, after organizing the
ousiness cluos in rafB town, is to form
a state federation, which in turn, will
semi dele'jntes to th aationnl conven
tion at St. Louis July 14.
"At this convention will be formu
lated a platform that will be at the
greatest possible help to nil members
nf the federation nnd will have an im
portant .bearing on business economic.
We have already met and overcome the
two greatest dangers to a federation
first, the ilanger of mental apathy that 1
leads the busines woman to be vague I
Iv satisfied with her awn job ami to
care not at all for the conditions thnt
may surround other business women,
and second, the oi polite dmigcr of the
radicalism that tends to defy both gov-1
ernimnt and business rules and that '
leads invariably to a resultant chaos, i
out a ri character and or tmsiuess in
Choose the Model Which
Best Becomes You
You have that opportunity when you inspect our
varied and choice assortment of Spring Dresses.
They are carefully selected to meet the individual
requirements of our trade.
Each model is distinctive in character and pleasing
in style.
The little touches of trimming and the clever ideas
in design will appeal to everyone.
Splendidly made of quality materials in effective
come in and see them for yourself.
Salem, Oregon.
Squeaking brakes may be cured v
washing the lining with kerosene ap
plied with an oil gun. A drop ui m of
oil on the drums is also sufficient in
some cases, and soi.pstone is recom
mended. None of these remeilio. mill
help much, however, if the sipieaking
is due to brnke lining rivets scrapinir
on the drums.
The Original
Halted Milk ?
For Infant and Invalid
2 .,
I r.V
1 1 ; -
; n r -
i' f i - j
" I, J - .i I k. I a'
s n (
' ,i
' r
t h s L '
For Summer t
You feel different the minute TOO :
iae it a gentle ouihiug wiutu n.u
;t he system. It's a pleasure to take
j Msillistrr Rocky Mountain Ten.
jielp pnrift the blood, drive out the
'germs of winter, gets you hustling,
lull or life and energy. 33c. Tea or
SATIN TULLE EVENINO GOWN-J .rt arrived from Pari come tils ben Tallet. D. J. Frv.
ttfui creation of Mile. Trroy, a mi t gown of fatio toll trimmod wiU ' '
ftr. rOM co!ore4 pearl.. BUY IN SALEM ALWAYS
i.- (1)1 nderwood Underwood, pyy m SALE ALWAYS
Are in stock now for Men and Bays frc
LEATHERS and colors as
well as a great variety of.
styles and priced from
$13.50 down to $4.95.
Also Oxfords in the Most Desirable Styles. Wc go on
Lhrouga to the Men's and
Boys' Outing or E k Balsia
bbek cr tan with chrome .
Elk soles. Prices for men's
$25; boys' $2.65.
The Hi. ml society will hId a meet
in iu the i onimereial cluh room
tliw evening at eight o'clock. Tr
sou Weed or i'ortlnnii will inve
!utrntel lecture. Mrs. TVsnk Frickcv
w.ll t the soloist ef the evening an
Miss Helen funics will render some
strunental selections. I be public is
cordinllv invited.
A. Y VV 1
Heavy shoes, light shoes, tennis shoes; anything you
need tcr the feet.