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    V -. . . ; . . . .. - i , - . - . i . . ,s V A, i A, a.
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Tim;srui, kvkmxg
May 1, 1919
- I
r he Lanital J
t i CHAKU.3 H. rErHtB I
rublishcd Every Evening Except Sunday, Salem, Oregon.
Address All Communications To
H)t flailnffiplfal Ifonraal
138 S. Commercial St
Daily, ky Carrier, per 7eer5.0 Per Month-
DsJJy by Mail, per year 3.0O Per Moath..
W. D. Ward, New York, Tribune Building.
W. H. Stockwell, Chicago, People's Ou Building
was exactly tli'M'U o'clock warn Aila
announced Mr. Frederick. Now I should
Cardinal Mrcier, it is reported, will visit the United jirhi h '"" he u-
Os. l tt l i , al a-l i I (To I continued.)
btates. He wishes to come in person to express the thanks I .
of his people for what America has done for them. He yay P2Ted For CanceHatioa
will probably be surprised when he does come, for like;m it . i - c i n, l
all heroes he does not know he is one, and doubtless the j UI AOie AgaJSI aaiem UHiTUI
enthusiastic American expression of admiration for him in order that the executor of the
and the brave people whom he represents will make him i "tan- of Mary a. Rump may cam-ci
open his wise old eyes. jf no'e. of m. iV l,.,he
r T i i , ! Lee Memorial church to Mrs. Ramp
in sneaiung oi nis proposed visit tne isew i one iimes. March :s ism, a record as fiiej in
worried and anxious over something.
the county clerk's office 1hij morning
$6.50 to $8.50
n Daily Capital Journal carrier boyi arc instructed to put the papers on the
porta. If the carrier does not do this, misses yoo, or aegl
te you on time, kindly phone the circulation manager, as
j . : v . , 1. .... ,v. ... . . t ; .. . til...,
II before 7:30 o'clock and paper will be sent you by special messenger if the COSt Or danger, in behalf 01 the Oppressed.
timer bat missed you.
lit r 'ii i" i i , . i . .... - n accraiu vi me
ae wiu una nimseii one to wnom tnanks win oe oi- j under hkh Mrs. RmP loaned the
fered. America owes him its share of the debt which all jc,'",l'h h0 n"""'-v- , ,. .
... - . T record of the transaction is
mankind owes him as one who showed the world its way. attached the following memorandum;
ves or fne
for HHW,
turn that
aegietge'turtbVpaperjThis valiant priest recalls the best thing in the Middle ! yThe VtutT'i
fowin XlrUtionk.! AS' When the ChUI"Ch neVeF t0 SPeak 0Ut' at i1"" ' ""f-
His was one
all indebtedness ol paid ehimh is pro
vided for. M. A. Bump.
P. L. r'razier and A. M. CIouh.
It the only sowspaper in Salem whose circulation it guaranteed by the
Audit Bureau Of Circulation
It seems rather absurd, all this talk of preparing to
fly across the Atlantic or down the length of a continent
or around the north pole. Because something always
prevents the flight from actually taking place. And acci
dents and delays and preventions seem so numerous and
somehow out of proportion to the seriousness of the plan,
Flying over the Atlantic, for instance, is a big job
Only an extremely skillful guidance, could do it. Surely
one would think every precaution would have been taken
for facing the weather. Yet a windstorm or a fall of
rain or some other thing which seems very small to a
landsman in proportion to what must be faced on the trin
serves to hold it off. And the fliers seem to smash up
themselves or their machines with disconcerting ease, and
very close to shore.
Two conclusions are apt to occur to the general read
er. Either the airmen who make these plans are taking
hideously unequal chances at this stage of development
of this craft, or else the talk is all bluff.
The former of these is undoubtedly true. Air
machinery has not yet been developed to a point where
t-uch a voyage could possibly be considered safe. But of
course first voyages must be made before the conditions
can be known well enough to show the lines of necessary
development. It took more than a Columbus to chart
the sea lanes.
The talk is not all bluff. It may be premature. It is
doubtful whether anyone will really get the thing done
before June. It may take longer. But the constant talk,
the many plans, are due to the fact that everyone is ex
pecting it. No one longer believes it impossible. The
rest is only a matter of time and ingenuity.
It is foolish to expect to rapid a growth of air traf
fic. There U a whole new element to be conquered, and
almost everything about it is yet to be learned.
But while restraining impatience, it does not pay,
cither, to yield to scepticism. The air is man's next fieid
of conquest. The more cautiously the early moves are
made, the surer will be the later development.
ii:g mi account of the tiausaction
of the most potent voices in the world's awakening."
Truly th re is no city or town of all our country which ! trustees f jnson iw .Memorial einm
1 j i r it j. i . , i i V. i have filed an affidavit fur recor.
u-nn (1 nnr foo ireo f nefiim rn hnnn thio Keovn nld Rn mnn . . .....
i I . 1 11.. l ...
priest wno so uraveiy reouKea the assaulting uermans,
and allowed neither fear or danger to interfere with his
ministry to his people nor his lifting his voice to the
Somebody in the republican ranks in Washington has
at last awakened to the realization that the United States
is for the League of Nations and for it strong, and that
loose talk in opposition to it is closely allied to political
suicide. Hence, the advice doled out yesterday by leaders
of that party to windy cohorts to put the soft pedal on
the criticism stuff until after the clan has gathered and
framed up a policy less liable to prove a boomerang that
the recent outbreaks of Borah, Poindexter and a few
others of like stripe.
and stating last ail uniente.mess or
Don't Suffer
inch X
the Buckhecht Army Shoe is every
a man's shoe! Worn by men in all walks of life
all times, in all chines. A shoe built for unusu
comfort and extra service. Get a pair today!
Exclusive Agsnt
857 State Stree Sitleua, Oregon
Manufacturers BUCKINGHA K ft HECHT Saa Francisco
At least our war expenses have started to go down.
Last month they were $400,000,000 less than the month be
fore, which means that the average family saves about
It is commendable to form good habits and one of
the best of habits to cultivate is that of spending your
money at home.
Traced down, always it is found that it is bums and
foreign ones at thatwho send the bombs to innocent
victims through the mails. '
Schools and colleges seem to be going right ahead
with the military training courses just as if war was to
be a regular and respected vocation in the future.
the church has been provided for. jment. Xo one hns any. idea of the na-
They state that at the time the !ture of any of the stunts,
money was loaned bv .Mrs. Kamp, it I l- . .
was the under.-m.mlin, of all that the 1 ' cw","t,h0" ' Pted for the
iud.btedne.. rf..r.l" i i 1: " ' "t've loving cup offered ty Dcat
MANY men and women arc suffering
because they are treating clTects
imtesd oi removing causes.
Why bother with lii.imcnti and
lotions (or rheumatic paint, backache,
stiflf joints, sore muscles, biliousness,
nervousness, floating specks in the vision,
dizziness, puffy pouches under the eyes,
or other symptoms of kidney trouble
when the kidneys can be made well and
strong, thus removing the cause of tha
symptoms r
airs txea wad tor ludnay trouble sod blsdder
ailments by spen sod women with success foe
mray rem. They seem to let riht at the root
oi the trouble, invijorstint and atrenthenin,
hesliaS and aoothint weak. aore. or disordered
kidneys and bladder, ihey help the kidneys
throw out of the blood the waste and poisons
that esuse the symptoms oi kidney trouble.
O. W. Weiselnler, 2824 Bueos Vista. 8an
Antonio, Telna., writea: "I have suffered more
or less with kidney snd Madder trouble for the
pest tea years. The u'.ly thine I have tr been
able to Set relief from was Koley Kidney Pills.
I earnestly recommend them to any one suiter
InS from kidney or bladder trouble,"
J. C. Perry's.
n3 HIM 1U- l . n m. ...
cal and had notlnnir whatever t do . u" " "."wc " 1"l0.e l,,ls P "
with anv money the, .. I, nr.. I, ,i,,B, ..fi T,n v IMta, Uolla, De.lt. Mi
f I.' ..i .V , r ' " "I'f the ln-Delts
....... .1.1- lllUilll fAlCIIIUIl OU.llU.
It is also stated that Mrs. Ramp
understood in the statement "al in
dehledncst. of church has been pro
vided for" that the church was not pro
hibited from getting money from any
church extension funds.
As nil indebtedness has been pro
vided for, except tho indebtedness to
the extension fund of the Metuodist
church, the trustees have filed for rec
ord the agreement, in ordei that the
executor of tho estate, B. F. Hump,
may legally cancel the note.
Women's Stunt Show Big
Feature Of MC Week-End
Oregon Agricultural College, Corval
lis, May 1. Tho women's stunt show,
a feature of the junior week end at the
college, this evening in the women's
gymnasium is expected to bo the most
elaborate of its kind in the history of
stunt shows. Each of 14 women's or
ganizations has 'been busy for weeks
on its particular stunt. A veil of mys
tery hangs over the whole entertain-
fl re again victors it)
will beceme their permanent property.
All the other houses, however, have
sworn thut thig is not coming to pass.
An exciting eontct is assured. Be
cnuso of the heavy demand for tickets
the need of a new auditorium at the
college is emphasized.
For a Sprained Ankle
A soon a possible after tho injury
is received get a bottle of Chamber
lain's Liniment and follow the plain
printed directions which accompany
the bottle.
Tho first contingent of 1000 rearuiU
recently enlisted to relievo men in the
nn.ty ot occupation, v. ill lcavo Ciuit
Meade for Franco Apiil 30.
Eighteen hundred bt kery employes i
San rrnncisco threaten to strike uuleal
they ttte given an e.'u'.it hour day an!
an inciease of $1 per d..y in wagos.
l.cmoval of all ration limitations oil
ci ports to the nor hern neutral coua
tries evcepting finishca munitions
w:.r, is auiiounecl by the wur trsvie
Mooney, the bomb-thrower, still has anarchist friends
outside the prison walls. That's why infernal machines
have been sent through the mails to Prosecuting Attorney
Now that all government control of telegraph and
telephone lines is to be dropped at once, what will the op
ponents of the administration spring next?
Trade at home and keep the money circulating in
your own community.
It was with such thoughts flint I
waited for Neil. My confidence fully
restored so I thought; my heart filled
with love. It was long after midnight
when he came in,
"I thought you never would come,
dear. 1 no wanted to explain things to
you. ami 1 liuve scarcely seen you since
vtm came home," I mi id after kissing
tilings I hud heard. Neil wns aflll
angry with me, would not listen when I
tried to tell him I had not meant any
thing wrong when I went to his office.
Yes, I was unlucky now.
Then with the abruptness with which
we turn from one thing to another in th
night when lying awake, I recalled see
ing a long ladder 1 had aeen u few di.vn
previous raised ngninst a building. It 1
was one of the double fort, stretched j
wide apart for safety. I watched the j
people us they approuched it, recalling j
tilt. mm iikcI i I i.in R.iii.nt ti:iuwitur ikiiI... .
Vou will oblige me very much if you lllll(1,.r Mst u thogo wll() famc aiongi
will postpone your explanation, or for-wnt W11V mit illtl) , 9tr,.ot to nvoid
get it altogether. 1 mil very tired and ! (lii,u so, but occasions, it noticed'
in m. mood for talk. 1 someone would deliberately pass under'
Oi' course 1 said no more. I felt euro th m,u,,r- ymHy mto e,rv i
something had happened to upset Neil; ., ,,,,, ,... ),,,, wiu, pa,
something unpleasant. Had it been at,....., iH, ,,,i,n.,v shifted her load no !
lilr.iifhe Orion f The thought was up-! ,t,, i, ,...i.i ,ln.i. ,i, i.i.i, I
1 viauctf it i i. , v.,, i
Wliv .till vnn n m.1a. ilia lniliti.rl
I perhaps then would get at the It is ,,,, lm,k' lu j
No, Miss. It brings you good liick
By Wait Mason
setting t0 say the le:sf.
nein morning and Mr. Frederick would
cause ot .N en s abrupt repulse: Ins re
ftisnl to talk.
1 was restless and unbidden thoughts,
iiianv of them unwelcome filled my
mind, 1 recalled the time I tnunti the
imprint of Wain ho Orton's check on
Although some folks think tho other
Ho as 1 lay wide-awake I thought
that no matter whr.t one did perhaps it
1 ill ii t make much difference in the end.
the blotter in Neil's office. Even Ks,,f Vtm ,,, nr01ml tho B(,lor or llm(r
long ago us tin, t she had been mixed up
in his affairs in some way. I seemed
to be having streak of bad luck, al
most. 1 hud been so happy, then camo
I ."irnine with the tale of Mr. l'owers
going to her ft.ther ,nnd the other
Oh, the day is bright ami sunny, and the winter-time!
is gone, and I'm chipper as a bunny that is playing on the,
lawn; all my cares and woes are banished and I'm stand-!
ir.g cn my head, for the wintertime has vanished and it;
didn't leave nie dead. Many things there were to fret me '
when the winter days were here; punk diseases tried to!
get me and to lay me on my bier; I had jaundice and rheu-!
matics till I almost gave up hope, and the doctors combed1
their attics, raking up all sorts of dope. I had itch andj
bilious fever and a lot of other ills, and the druggist, like;
a beaver, worked, compounding .noxious pills. Every
hour I sought the basmcnt, there to feed the furnace coaU
which was shoveled through the casement by a man whoi
got my roll. And my uncle saw me daily, soaking pictures ;
from my wall, which I'd purchased blithely, gayly, in the;
.summer and the fall. Oh, for winter there's no pardon.;
and I'm glad the blamed thing's gone, as I whoon around
my garden, turning handsprings on the lawn. When trrs;
ding-donged pome is written I shall bust a lot of chairs, j
for I'm happy as a kitten, and I have no woes or enres.
Jewelry that has quality, watches
that keep time, tableware that
wears, DIAMONDS that are per
fect, see us. We hare a splendid
stock to choose from.
Jewelers and Opticians
N W, comer State and Liberty St.
it, it nil depended upon your point of
view whether it brought luck or not.
Wnsn't it so with lifet Then my
thoughts shifted ngain to my hope for
a sorin career, a successful One. I re
called the many lists of thoso whom I
wished t cultivate I had mr.de, and
destroyed until the final one which suit
ed me, was complete. ....
The clock struck four. I remembered
nothing mote until Ada culled me.
"It is nearly eight o'clock ma'am."
I had not heard Neil when ho got up,
iso sottnillv had t '-nt in the late morn
i ing. Now I heard tho water running
land knew he was in his bath. I should
thi.ve to hurry. I did so want to tuik to
'him. He had fallen asleep almost im
I ineiliateiv he hud gone to betl, and
would be rested. Perhaps he would
i listen to me.
"Now Neil you must let nie talk a
little," I commenced after he hed his
: first cup of coffee. "I didn't mean to
do anything to displease you, anything
wrong hv going to your office. I did it
: because I locd you. If I did not. I
shouldn't rare much when people told
lies about your business." He scowled,
i muking no reply. It was going to be
as ensv to explain as I had imi.gined.
"You see I had so planned upon nsv-,
ing Mrs, l'owers and wnen i.rrrrnine
snid Mr. l'owers was the nian who had)
j warned her fr.ther why 1 thought I,
would find something to Show mat oh,
: that everything was all right."
"I never want vou to repeat that
I iierforitirtnce, Barbara! " that was ! he
jir.id. He kissed me good bye in an
j absent minded way. I was sure he was
Kitchen Heate
This new two-in-one creation is a triumph of stove making, for it combines
all the advantages of the gas range and all the conveniences of the kitchen
heater in a single unit. .
i , --rr"' """-"" r r""frivff ;..mtt,''P'i'! '!
.Ljhjkvli haw '"r:TT ';; -.3 kssssks :
'IT ", - ' I !
1 T ' - - -J
4 J ' 1 ' J I " 1 ' "
?f A Coal qrTCocftViihAl
y y Wood . Gas ft
I I Kitchen theYear 1
The heater burns wood, coke or coal, which may be ignited by a gas kindling
flame. Or it burns gas alone if you prefer. Hot water coils may be installed,
which will insure a constant hot water supply while your kitchen is being
made warm and comfortable. This range has a six-hole cooking top two hoIe3
for the heaterfour holes for gas made of rust resisting iron, with a per
fectly proportioned, efficient,' quick-baking oven. Enameled oven doors,
splashers and drip pans complete the beauty of this ideal combination.
Portland Railway Light and Power Co.
; . 237 North Liberty Street