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Betty Said She Could Bake
"I knew she never had baked a cake j
and I was doubtful. But I told her ;-
to go ahead.
"She got my treasured Royal Cook '?
Book, my can of Royal Baking Pow- .
der and all the fixings-and sailed in. i
"Honestly, it was the best cake we
ever had, and now I believe anyone
who tries can bake anything with
:oyal M
Absolutely Pure
Made from Cream of Tartar derived from gxape3
Royal Contains No Alum
Leaves No Bitter Taste
The Royal Cook Book, containing over 500 recipes for all kinds of cookery, mailed
free. Write for a copy to
ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., Dept. H, X35 William Street, NewYork
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Independence, fitayton nj in fact ev-
rry town or fit r in the county will b
asked to not onlv come, but to partici
pate in the celebration. It ia to b
Uuriuu county affair with tho Salem
business and profi saional nun raising
the money to put it over.
(Something new in the way of fire
works will be rockets and signali used
during the war alon- the front. The
Tain firework conuinay of New York
ia putting out special rockcta of thia
kind nnd it waa agreed that these
liould be inclmli'd in the order. Asaor-
iirn ia given that K:lem will witness
fireworks display of unusual t r 1 i i it ti
Soldier Honor Guesta.
Special ronimittcs will be at mice ap
pointed to take up deUila of tho day,
including bands, baby paradca, funay
parades, concession, river aports, nase
bull, decorations and ia fact everything
that will make a riorum celebration I
two dar.
The Salem Commercial club wit eo
operate with the War Mother in the
home-coming and welcome for returned
soldiers, whirh ia scheduled for the
Fourth and the fullowing day, Satur
day. It i probable that tho War Moih
era will hold a reception on tm ini
ing of July 3 at Marion Hnnare or t'n
armory. It i understood that the Sal
vation Army, Y. M. C. A. and Knights
nf Oilnmhu will erect huta in order
hat the bova in uniform may be proper
ly refreshed at all times.
Aa the prMnm now ia outlined, the
great celebration will begin Thursday
evening July .1 with th reception to
soldier, a glorious day on Friday the
Fourth and a continuance of the pro
gram over Matnrdav. July 5.
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Miss Ivy Cray, Fairview, J EVCI C
Kentucky, writes: q Li 3
"T hav taken reruns, and kJCl W
would nay that It ta the bent
nicilieln for rough ant coli I
ever mw. I (.4 Ih.t it Mis Orays letter breathas
rarf ewla la wr hill. H . ,,, ,
also airciiKlhena and build up "ope to tn ailing. It I an In-
tii ayatmik" aplration to the alik and Infirm.
I4 E'errwfcer l.lqal mt Tablet !
British would not support Ja-n'a
'Uims, it i now apparent that they
are inclining somewhat toward th
Japaneae position. The British are
ani.l to hold they cau scarcely do lea,
particularly a Japan kpt the s-aa
.lear for the traniortation of Great
Britain' eastern troops to the western
The Japanese have not openly threat
ened to retire from the peace confer
ence, hare emphntized thv do "not
'oluter or bluff, but act."
The upahot of the whole situation, it
wna pointed out today, i that a com
promise ia likely ta be effected where
by .liian will retain control of the
diaputed territorie tenipornrily with
permanent ownership to be determined
after the treaty with Germany ia ign-ed.
Tennessee, Latest U. S.
Dreadnaulit, Is Launched
New York, April 30. United Tres.)
The battleship Tennessee, sister ahip
of the huge New Mexico, Mississippi
and Idcho waa snccessfully launched at
the Brooklyn navv yard at 9:43 a. m.
Mis Helen Roberts, IS year old
daughter of Governor nonerta of Ten
nessee, shattered a bott of champagne
against the aide of the yesse as she
slid down the wars, .
AY Iy w.n opea op 'w -
tttml oa. It arai ! proper. y
aahrred ra with tk May ti
fMOakwa) of Wu-aawtu amrsity, be
ginniB with the pica:e luch.a
th lawn, Fridar tool, ia wtuch U i J
-oai ast atuocat or ia BaiverTuij
will )rte'art. Thia w-M be lollowed
hr the junior play "The Arrival of
Kitty," a the Opera, house, Friday
evening- Th play it under the o.e
tid at Jame & Molt who has wo a.
local faaa by reasoa of ki able di
raeuaaa of vaxiou theatrical evcat.
aa 1 promtara U torn up to the stand
ard of hi former production. Satur
day morning the annual May break
fast will b -rved o th university
eampo and JSaturJay afternoon the
grand final of th celebration will
take "place, when Queen Marguerite
I will be crowned with due eer-'monj.
Ade from th Willamette fewivilie
rariou other social vent will be in
order. Ta La Area club will poEXr
a merry dance at the Masouw hU
ThurdT nijht, and the Young La
die Sodality of St. Jo church
will be responsible for an equally gay
affair at the ame plaoe Friday night.
In eonneetioa with th latter, a card
party will be piven tor laoee i
not car to dance.
All during the remairder of the
sprine cwon, dancing parties, motor J T
inn luncheon and piciuc will b in ; 4.
order and a gav time i promised for
all who ar looking for soeial enjoy
ment .
Miss Fue Compton ef Seattle arriv
ed in Salem thia morning and is
gueat at, the home of her brother and
siater-in iaw, Mr. and Mr. U. V.
CWton. Mi -omptm win remaiu
' . . - I t .! n
Soim io a lew u
leave for a vosit in I'taho. 1
Mr. Balph White entertained with
a delightfully informal party last night
at her home on South Church street.
The room were made fecnutilul with
hue are bouquets of white and yur
pie lilacs. Ten jguest njoyd the
merry affair. 4 ,
Mr. J. D- How of Brownsville
waa the guest of her daughter, Mrs.
Walter Kirk, for a few day last week
returning to her home Monday eve
ning. During her visit in th eity Mrs.
Kirk enterUined in her honor with an
informal afternoon. The hour were
passed with tewing and social ton
verae, culminating with a prettily ap
pointed luncneun. A wane wivm-r
(NUKet of liiica, forgit-ui-nois aud
maulen hair fern centered tnc tal.c.
Covers were L4 for eleven suiia.
Lieutenant P. G. Brown, V. S. na
vy dental aurgeon, has been rclc-sed
from acuv duiy, and i in eaiem via
iting hii wife and parents. lr. Urown
has opened hi dental otiice in the
Steven building, Portland, associated
with lr. .Marcellus, M. D., former
hva.th officer of Portland.
Thousand of tiny may basket
were shipped 10 Ir, ot Oregon
today to oe on hand for tne emte wide
siUe which -will take place tomorrow
tor the benefit uf the Christie orphan
home at Oswego. Charitable organiza
tion all over the state have taken tho
in Salem Week
Dress Offerings of Special Interest to the Women
of Salem
$16.48, $17.75, $24.75, $34.75
Wanted Fabrics Wanted Styles-Wanted Colors
Serge, Taffeta, Combinations of Georgette and Taffeta
Crepe de Chine and Georgette, all are made by skilled
workmen; the materials are all good quality and you will
find a good assortment of sizes to select from.
$16.48, $19.75, $24.75, $34.75
Women's Crepe de Chine and Georgette Crepe waists in
a full line of shades and sizes, some slightly crushed from
display. Choice $4.98
Women's and Misses Wool Sweaters in Tuxedo and Sport
Styles. This lot includes a sample line of Extraordinary
values, $8.98.
11 & Mwk jj' Ok
Liberty Street, Salem, Oregon.
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Friday, enjoying a few hour with for
mer schoolmates.
Mrs. Holt Miles and children of Turn
er spent Sunday with Mr. and Mia. F.
A. Wood.
G. W. Farris and family were trading
in Salem Saturday.
F. A. Wood and family visited S&lem
H. Fleetwood waa seen among tho Sa
lem visitor Saturday.
Kay Farris arrived home from the en
campuient in Virginia last Thursday
aud many of his friends weiconitm hi
home eominp.
Walter Miller surprised his folks on
Friday, having arrived home that day!
from over seas. j
Kay Farris left Friday for Florence1
to visit with old friends onee more. !
McCEZDIE RELEASES TWO Lewis, who reverts to the Dallas club of
j f he Teniis league.
Portland, Or., April 30. In order to i ''
bring his Portland team within the limit, BUY IN SALEM ALWAlO
of 16 men. Jtanngo, MeCredie ha, , j BTJY IN SALEM ALWAYS
leased outright O. K. ("Wlutey") Hen- j TTV. lvr a -rim a r vc
sling .third baseman, who has been rc-iliUl 1IN bALlYM ALHAIO
Placed by George Westcrzil, formerly of j glJY L SxLEM ALWAYS
MeCredie also gave up Titiher Sam' BUY IN SALEM ALWAYS
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(Roseburg News)
YT ; 1, , It a n :M , . : 7
matter up to push the sale on to j boTprs rtmMitMY o(fetei j,ri(.es'
from 144 to 15 cents for 30 3's in an
cess. Jn iwieni tne saie wi.i oe cou
ducted under the supervision of the
Daughter of Isabella.
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Mr. W. G. Pruuk left today for
Newport to spend a two weeks' it
witi her daujfhter, Mrs. H. 11. Sa
Mr. and Mri. J. T. Biekwiek
Sidney were hosts at a delightful din
ner Nunday. H'ring flower formed 'lie
pretty table decorations. Covert were
d for Judfc'c ana -Mrs. Juney v.
s, Mr. ana Jrs. 1.
and daughter Mis Helen, and iir.
and Mrs. J. T. Hickwick.
The Solidarity and Prosperity of a town is reflected in the complexion of
its Business Houses. No town can have a healthy complexion when the chan
nels of sustenance are leaking. Every out-of-town purchase is a puncture in
the artery that nourishes home institutions and the city itself.
Barnes' Cash Store grew up in Salem, The policies adopted in the begin
ning are still in force. . Giving the best merchandise at a fair price is only one
of the means that has made this store a powerful factor in the mercantile field.
Barnes' Cash Store is an out-and-o ut Salem institution, headquarters and
all. We have always taken part and pride in Salem's civij advancement and
welcome every worthy enterprise.
' Today, we merely ask you to com e, see, compare in all frankness, and, be
convinced that Good, Dependable Merchandise can be bought in Salem as
cheaply as like goods can be bought anywhere.
"Liberty Bills" for QM-ren.
Doaeii of prominent Portlander;
ar eager for the concert and dance to,
jbe givea thia evening at tee Jsaiiory ,
hou-l when the management will pre- j
sent Joha Claire Mouleith, well kuown j
baritone, iu n artistic concert. The
concert will commence at S.-TO and;
wiU be Ifollowed immediately by a!
danee. All reaidents of the hotel, ana
friend of the amirer are eoruially in
vited to the dsnce and concert.
effort to contract all of the available
crop. Never before in the history of
the county ha. there bee-n sueh a mad
scramble to bur and sell prunea.
With the price exceedingly unstable
and threatening each moment to top-
I pie from it high pinnacle, growers in
t some instances eagerly grasped the of-
01 , I J - . t .. .i . . J
irrru Jrifi wane Oliiers frsisicu uie
earnest appeals of the buyers and heM
out for still higher figures. Represent
ative of many purchasing firnia tore
over th county roads today in their
car visiting the orehardi;j striving
to sign them up at a figure three times
in excesa of that of five year a?o.
So enormous are the prosiets that
grower ar literally gambling with
million and the matter has rearhed
such a ta that it i attracting world
wide attention.
DR.'pffujmmpklMo .13 emf wyp p
i A .eport coniej !-oii, Kona that Tj-j-.
nnese troops in a h.:ie "t near rJt'!
1 -I'i.ii 11 kd th a iO hristinns ut i'ie
vi'li.ic to tb ciiaick and si'et and bay
i,r'-td heT,
And then the Tulip for hcr morning sup
Of Heavenly vintage from the sail looks up.
My Dear Mr, and Mrs, Flowerlover
We wish to announce a window ar
rangement of Tulips at Mr. C. B. Clan
cey's, beginning May 1 and continuing
throughout the week. Among those
present will be Farncombe Sanders,
Clara Butt, the Inglescombes, John Rus
kin, Cretchen and Cardinal Man
ning. Orders for bulbs will be taken by
Mr. Clancey, or phone S2F14.
Salem, Oregon, April 30, 1919.
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hi. C. Wileoi of Vancouver B. C,
i. inirt it the U. W. lflar home
on rwuth Libcrtv tre t. -Mr. Wileoi, j ,
who is a cousin of Mr. 1-ariar i en j
rout to Lo Angeles, where his fnmily ,
has been wintering. ;
Governor OTcoit spoke the Ad cli
lun.heon tuilay at the Benson hotel in ,
t '
Twentv for sali men of the Phe i
comparr met iu Portland yesterday I
from ail vrt of the country. They I
took a trip ever the 'olnmnia nigaway
morii.ui r..l returncu to .--
... fr plliew m- i '
2 I in the
j lem Us
Give Salem Merchants
a. NVft& Mmdf WalJ
Creepers and one-piece
suits for children of 1
to 4 years new gar
ments of simple yet be
coming types. The ma
terials are Invincible
Suitings in plain colors
or stripes. Made with
Dutch neck, elbow,
sleeves with turn back
cuffs and belt Conven
ient drop seat. A most
sensible garment....$1.75
New SHp-On Sweaters
Women's Novelty Slip
On Wool Sweaters in
the newest styles. Beau
tiful new shades hand
somely trimmed
$.123 to $10.75
Children's And Misses'
We carry a full line of
the genuine Levi Strauss
Koveralls in sizes 1 to
14 years, both with
short or long sleeves.
The materials are blue
denim, khaki and
stripes.There are cheap
er make shifts a-plenty
but only ONE "Kover
all."" Priced according
to size $1.50 to $2.23
Bargains In Taa Hose
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The Knight aud Udir of Security
held their ui meeting lart evening
in Hurat hall oa Stat afreet.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Belknap are
guet at the huuie of Mr. Belknap s
siaier, Mr. K. It. H.dlfubef i. Mr.
Belknap has juft returned from more
than a year service in Prance, where
he held the comrus:on of first lieu
tenant Tn the U'-'Sd field artillery of
the famous S'!ih (Yankee) d. vision.
M-. Belknap went to -New York to
meet knu oa hi arrival fwm oversea
a.-.d at present they are en ruute to
i'.k,i,!!'t here Mr." Belknap is a rr-
fesHir in phyaita at, the thregin Art
cult-jral eolleve.
t Capital Journal Piweial rVrTice.1
Th tlnybil) and Leonard Grsybiil
of csilcm visited the Cloverjale school
Because of their,investments Ihey are entitled to all the business origin
ating in this community.
Salem merchants have goods equal to if not better than those which can
be purchased elsewhere, their prices will compare favorably with any.
HOLSUM BREAD is made in Salem.
Cherry City Baking Co.