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.Ar WV
i Reduction of 10 oer
cent and More
On all graniteware and dishes in our store, for
Buy in Salem Week
This includes our stock of gold banded dishes as well as the plain white ones.
White dinner plates are 15c apieceThis week only. The usual price is 20c.
30c Vegetable dishes, both round and oblong, are 25c now.
All ten cent dishes will sell this week at 50c per set of six.
The granite ware in our line is the best makes Hoosier Gray, Pyramid
and Scotch Granite. It can all be obtained at a 10 per cent discount.
1 to 10 quart sizes of stew kettles, many sizes of double boilers, tea and cof
fee pots, dishpans, pie pans, and milk pans. We also have granite cups and
saucers that are just the thing for those camping trips this summer.
152 North Commercial Street.
fifty 10-?cimd Sample Boxes
To Be Distributed To
Oriental Firms.
against international morality auJ the
sanctity of treaties. :
"A :: ist tribunal will be eonsti-!
tutcd to trv the aeeuseil, tnerebv csur-j
inj kiui the guarantee essential to the'
right of defease. It will be composed;
of live judges, one appointed bv each
of the following five powers, namely,!
the I'nited States of America, tret!
Britain, France. Italv and Japan.
I To Ask Extradition.
1 Tn it il.'t-i.ion th trihun:;J will be'
Cuided by the highest motives of inter-i
uational policy with a view to vindicat i
ing the solemn obligations of Mireraa-I
It v. ....4: .. D..v.. "onai umieriamnps auil me iiunv m
A. G. Clurk. manager of the Aociated ''' 11 "M '?
Industrie, of Oregon, through the co-uu,T ' im Pmw "
joueratioa of W. T. Jenks. manager of'0' "P0?1
the Willamette Yallev Vrune associa- ' The alhed and associated powers
mrin ".o. -k-.- wul Miaresa a request to the jjovoii.-
irint.i r;,m. n i..,,. ii.i.i. tJmt ot the Jetherlands for ttir n.r-
be interested, about 5U 10-pound boxes ! "d'r tiem ' th " '"'V or
of Oregon dried prunes. Mr. Jens do- " .... . ".
nates the fruit and the FaelMe Mrim
t t .'I
"Article II. The German govern-
help them to grow into big, strong, healthy bird.
A dean, wholeaom natural food no dust bo wto.
Keep the chicks healthy and make then grow fast.
JyLJt for tar Nanf nJ TrmJt SU'k Every Orlfinal Pmckaf
Of "Diamond Quality" Poultry Supplies, listing
rerything neireasary for the profitable productioa of poultry
mailed fra on request. Ask f of Catalog No.
chick , :Ii52J
ship towptnv, at the instance of Frank ment 1,01 nlvlne ,B,urea I
O'Connor, general ,eut, and C. D. Ken- ent of the persons accused of having!
nedy ,of the shipping board, will carry eised acts in violation of laws and;
it to its destination without charge. The '"toms of war, such persons will be,
Shanghai packages will be addressed r(uht Wore the military tribunals.
XleVS j fBUCKEYE" Incubator, and COLONY Brooder Stove
ited; Alex Koss & Co., and 8hewun, laments iaia aown oy miina ry jaw.
Tomes ft Co. Qnan Kai, of Hongkong, Huns Prortde Eridence.
will get one box and those aent to Ma-i The German government shall hand
nil. .ill h rfiiir,i tn Friici R.ir.lver to the allied and associated row-
ton Harrison, governor of the Philip-." or to such one of them as "nail so 1 J D K C If" K i present. Leonard is said to have been
pines; the inavor of the eitv; tho editor ; request all persons accused of Having iv-"u.u iwvnvi a wvv
of the t able News, the Fimllay Richard- ,'omnntted nn aet in violation of the i I- Cnrp FnrR1ff.1p
s,.n eompanv. LaU & Co., and G. Mar- '" of re sped- V"l C UUtiiiC
tlio two l Iter ui ire l)Us ness u "ul r "V namo ur uy uie runs, ui-
! t mi.
I houses of the Philippine metropolis.
I Ktch box will contain an explanatory
Salem High Tossers Nose
Out 9 To 7. Victory In Last
! good eondillon nud spiiitu; all thai wns lot of fun for the "rooters" and stir
lucking for a good initial gmne with red up ihe circulation, of the players
the Nilem high school bull tram Siilui-1 The two teams were apparently well
r A r T : . iii i i lur """. were nen up iiunng
rriiUiC UVU LUSene lCaiU " rilH' 'ree innings. Then u series
a weather. However, their contestants of fumbles with the hull on tlm tier nt
from Kugene wore in the same fix, and the Kugeue tossers gave the Sutem uovBjen;,
h r.iui luci ..m o.i.-iim...... ...,,.onHC(iiently the game on both sntesii chance nice one bait.-r after another
was a big crowd in the grandstand ndwtl, l!llUed by a aeries of spectneular around the .liumond until thev hud run
h i the ciiiiching line, the bovs were in i fiiml,l, s nml wild throw Hint made a I the score up to S. Thou the Kugene
. .luinrli pulled itself together, got n line
fice,or employment which they held tin-j ,.- York, April (I'nited Press)
der the German authorities. Manv liets were b.'ing made here to-
" Article II. Persons guilty of crim- ,lav that liennv Leonard, lightweight
ments of the Willamette Valley Prune""1" 8l',s "Kainst the nationals or any j champion of the world would knock
association of Oregon: the city of Port- l 1,11 u"'eu ami hssik-hucii powersiout "line Kitcliie. toriner title holder
win up iirougnt netore tne. militai v tn-jivhen they meet tourght in a bout sched
bunal of that power. jul.d for eight rounds at the First liejt-
"All persons guilty of criminal artsjiiuent armory Newark,
against the nationals of more than otic j Odds of 1 to 2 were asked by those
of the allied and associated powers will (tu tting that leonard would stop his
bo brought before a military tribunal J opponent, but few takers were found,
composed of members of the militarv The largest crowd I hat ever witness-
land, by its mayor; the Associated In
dustries of Oregon, bv A. O. Clark, man
ager, and through the kindly coopera
tion of the Pacific Steamship company,
tieorge 8. Bush ii Co., customs nouse
brokers, will gratuitously fill out till ex
port documents and attend to the for
malities of shipment. The boxes will
go, says '.Mr. t iuik, ny uie sieH-rsun
uaranteed .0.lHKi fr his end whil
Ritchie is reported to receive $10,000.
I The boys will enter the ring praetie-
ally at catch weights. Articles of agreo
meat stipulate that they shall weigh
not more than 142 pounds. Ritchie,
. however, already is thin and drawa
while Leonard is heavy, but fast. The
J poundage stipulated would eliminato
any chance of Leonard's losing his ti
jtle, unless Kitcliie should reduce his
weight to the lightweight figure and
emerge victor.
: Rh.umalUm Ha Never Been
Cured by Liniment or Lotions,
and Never Will Be.
Yiu never knew of Rlicumatiiin
thst most painful source o( suffering
being cured bv liniments, lotions
or it her external applications. And
you will never see anything but tern
niriry relief .afforded by such make
shifts. Hut why be satisfied with tempo
rary relief from the pangs of pain
winch are sure to return with in
creased severity, when there is per
ninnent relief within your reach?
Science ha proven that Rhrunia
tiint is i disordered conJition of the
blood, I low then, can satisfactory
.'results be expected from any treat
ment that doei not reach the blood,
the seat of the trouble, and rid the
system of the cause of the disease?
b. S. S. is one blood remedy that
has for more than fifty years been
giving relief to even the most ag
gravated and stubborn cases of
Rheumatism. It cleanses and puri
fies the blood by routing out all
traces of disease. The experience
of others who have taken S. S. S.
will convince you that it will
promptly reach your case. You can
obtain this valuable remedy at any
drug store.
A valuable book on Rheumatism and
its treatment, together with expert
medical advice about your own indi
vidual case, will be sent absolutely
free. Write today to Medical Depar'
ment, Swift Specific Co., 250 Swift
Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga,'
o i hisheis' curves an. I ticked off home
runs until the score was again tied in
the ninth inning. Then Ashljy found
the ball fiif a three-base run, sending E.
(iill home iimf giving 8nlein the game
by a mnrgin of one. Fisher nom me
pitcher's box during the fore part of
the guine, showing the lack of practice
bv walking several men to first. In the
bitter part of the round he wns replaced
by Ashbv. Some of the best pluys of
the game nre to be credited to T?iigene
(iill, third base, and A. Gill, shorstop.
McKittrick umpired, while Mnrdock
wonchod for Salem.
st Muiiham, "an Oregon built vessel, ' "; '"s nw eounsei.
and will be packed in Oregon boxes, of -utl,u' n- llu ticnuan gnvern-ni-..ii
wnml . I. Ilieonii men nun worn-1 "'''' undertakes to furnish all (locii-
tribunal of the powers eonecmed. lned a Jersey bout, is predicted will be checks at Pendleton amounting to $100
every ease the accused will be entitled
Hubert fvilyer has been anested at
Spokane on a clnirse of passing bad
ments and information of every kind.
Tl.o nnriu.u f tl,en it'ts M r Tin rk I ' np product ion or winch may lie con
explains, is to introduce one of Oiegoa ' s"lm''1 ""'essary to insure ne full
super products, create a little sunshine knowledge of the incriminating nets,
on the oriental side of the Pacific and,!1"1 ilweovery of the offenders and the
good will toward the splendid new skiaj 'llst appiecu-.ti.m of the responsibility."
(By United Press.)
Yesterdav's winners Healtle, Port
land, Snn Francisco. Haeramento. Halt
Public Cordially Invited
To an Illustrated
'Tnnw t
! Hi!
III if
- J 1 1 1 ... 1 J
1 F- 1 :
Portland Railway
ower Co. I
Light & P
Tuesday, April 29, 1919
and its efficient and smiling officers as
it anchors on those distant shores. The
Muiihuiii will sail for the Orient on Hun
day. Willamette MU" Quartet
Returns From Successful
Southern Oregon Jaunt
After completing a week's totir of
southern Oregon towns, the Wilamette
I'niversity quartet returned to rulem
Kutunlny. tlustav Anderson, first tenor
and 'lnunnger, announces that it was a
very successful trip. Large nud appre
ciative audiences met the quartet In ev
ery town.
The other members of the club arc
Harry Bowers, second bass; Paul Ster
ling, baritone, and Floyd Mclntire, sec
ond tenor. Bowers and Andersons are
well known in Huleni and have sung on
the Wilamette quartet together for four
years. Sterling and Mclntire are both
well known in solo work.
Miss 1'lorcne.e Kherliy, who accompa
nied the Salem Symphony orchestra in
(Continued from page oue)
this afternoon.
President Wilson, addressing the con
ference, explained the nnicininivma to
the lei.gue of nutioas covenant. He did
not read the entire revised text.
Is speaking of the amendment recog
nizing the Monroe doctrine, the presi
dent merely referred to it as a new ar
ticle. The 'president nominated Sir Kric
Druminoinl as the first secretary-general
of the league. He also moved that tVl
gium, rnBzil, Oreeee and Spain be rep
resented on the council, togernnr witn
the "big five" (America, Oreat Brit
ain, trance, Italy and Japan) nondiiijr
its permanent organization.
Viscount Chimin, representing .ip:i,
was scheduled to speak in favor of ihe
racial equality amendment, asking the
conference to adopt it, ulthoiigh the
league commission refused to include it
in the new constitution.
French Ask Guarantees.
Tho French, despite rumors of an
agreement with Great Britain and .he
ln.f nnncart wo. npnninnniat nil "K'H'lUIll W1I
a i ignited States to provide further inili
the trip. Mrs. A. A. Schramm also went
tary guarantes for France introduced
.i ..,.,. l. ... ,i .i . . .
The vnrsitv ouartet en ovs an envi-l.. ... ucsigucu io stmngnicn
For a nuiii-
with the quartet.
iHiltri rnjoo in cuti-.-i T.
..i.i. .. lji ,.,. iiuiuu'iY iiiuvisious oi t lie covenant.
befor of years thev have alwavs been L Mbniittcd an addition to a. hue
gladly received. Their first apearanee!;' P'oviaiK fr 6PH'ntnie..t of a
before a Suleni audience this year will
be at the presentation of "The Arrival
of Kitty," the junior class ph;y of Wil
Inmetto University.
The trip was cut short because Ander
son tnkes an important rote In the jun
ior piny.
Lake, Los Angeles.
Home run Crawford, Los Angeles.
Murphy scored for Seattle in the
third, anil scored One run. The Ohks,
unable to do likewise, lost. 1 to 0,
Carrull Jones, ex Detroiter, w
six Tigers. However, tho Pucks waded
in in the sixth and took tho game, 7
to 1.
Los Angeles and Salt Lake went SO
,"i0 on Sunday 'a program, tho Hoes tak
ing the forenoon game, 7 to t, Ellis'
siinde scoring Fournier in the 13th in
ning, broke a tie and won the afternoon
game for the Angels, 3 to 2.
The Sncramento Kan Francisco series
went to tho capital city lads. Sacra
mento took the afternoon game, i to 4.
The Seals took the morning session, 3
to 2.
Koerner, San Frnneisoc, lends the real
hitting for the season so far, with an
average of .43:1. Karl Crandatl and
Sam Crawford follow him closely.
The statute of limitations has no
meaning to K. M. Brattan of Sum
mer Lake, who arrived at llend Wed
nesday to pay a 'JO debt which he had
contracted with C. H. Slants Z years
a go .
(Continued from page one)
apearance! . e-v--"'n wpuuimiuiii ui u
,L. -in "Peical committee to obtain full infor
mation in connection with reduction of
nrmanents. They also submitted a sub
stitute for Article IX, providing imt t
permanent organization shall be consti
tuted for tho purpose of considering ai.d
drawing up naval and military mensiin s
to enforce the covenant and making
them immediately operative in cases of
The Jupr.neso moved insertion of n
strong clause regarding racial discrimi
nation in "law or infuct." lir.rou iln-
alkeil; '" "P('a,tine f(,r the Japanese, urged
mere no no racial discrimination, indi
cating Jiipnn will continue her et forts
nt recognition after formation of the
league, even if no provision for this is
made in the covenant. .Kakino spoke
in English.
Drmnmond Balfour's Aide.
(Sir Kric Prumniond hns been privnte
secretary to Foreign Minister Balfour
since 1915. Previous to that he was pri
vate secretary to the premier. He is 43
years old.)
Makino declared the Japanese people
"poignantly regret the fnilure to ap
prove the just demand, laying down a
principle aiming at adjustment of a
long standing grievance."
The Jnptnicsc delegate said his coun
try will continue its insistence upon
adoption of this principle by the league,
but did not offer an amendment cover
ing it. His Sieech served merely to get
the Japanese attitude on record without
specific request for action,
M. Hyrnans, speaking for Belgium,
expressed regret that Brussels was not
selected as seat of the league na
tions, but offered no amendment.
everyone violating not ontv the laws,
hut the customs of war. Whether this
would reach those responsible for intro
duction of deadly gas in wnrfcre, tc
submarine and othei inhuman munuuc,
is not apparent. i
Charges Are OeneraL
However, all such pereoni could be
brought before military courts and thev
could exict little mercy through mili
tarv code.
The state department 'a tfnnotiiireinc.it
"Following are the. proposed articles
regarding pennltios, for insertion m ine
treaty of peace, to be considered nt pi
narv session of conference toiiav, Mon
dnv, at 3 o'clock p. m., Paris timer
"Article I. The allied and associated
power publicly arrsign William II of
llohemollern, formerly German em
peror. not for an sffense against crim
inal law, but for supreme offense
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