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    SATURDAY, APRIL 12. 1919.
1 !frflftfel
liiu IULMI
f or eitw week
Systematic Campaip To Rid
Cty Of Unsightly Debiis
Is Launched.
- pi
" II
I We Have Just
On the place known as the Sol Durbin farm, 10 miles
east of Salem, on Salem-Silverton road, 5 1-2 miles
west of Silverton, near Central Howell school.
Sale Starts at 10 o'clock a. m.
One 4 year old cow. fresh -last January; 1 5 year old Jersey eow,
fresh lust January; 1 heifer fresh a!xut C -tuber 1; 1 pair of young
mares, 4 and 5 years, weight about 1300; 1 orrcl hoi je. 3 years, weight
1230; 1 bay mare, 3 years old. weight IOOO; 1 brown horse 3 years,
weight 1000; These are all broke ; 1 sow, weight about 230; 7 shoats.
weight about 1-W; about 1U tons rheat hay; about 10 ton baled clover
hay; some fall oats; One 3-ji inch wagon, 2 seta wheels; 1 3 U inch
Moliue wagon and box; Scinch wagon and box; 1 3-iuch old wagon;
1 hack, heavy; 1 14-inch 2-"2 Oliver plow; 1 10-ineh steel plow; 1 12
iiuh teel pkiw ; i 1 horse cultivator 1 2 horse 1'. k O. cultivator; 1
4 horse, 4-inek space Superior drill; 1 3 section harrow; 1 2-aeetion wood
harrow; 1 tandem lSineb. 'foot disc; 1 3aeotioa spring tooth harrow;
1 5-foot McCormick mower; 1 K-foot McCormick binder; 1 Ill-foot Me
Cormiek hay rake; 1 5'j-foot MeConuiek reaer; 1 2-row Case rorn
planter and fertiliser altai-hment; 1 I. H. 0. manure RprcaMor; 1 single
hole eorn aliellor; 1 No. 9 Ohio hay or corn cutter; 1 No. L-9 Blizzard
corn cutter and 30 feet of pipe; 1 pair platform aeales 1 No 12 PeLnval
separator; 1 10 foot Kimball harrow; 2 hand corn plauters; 1 lawn
mower; 1 riding attachment for plow or liurrow; 3 gasoline or oil
drums; 2 sickle giiidoitf; 1 power grinder; 1 grindstone; 1 small hand
forge; 3 sets harness; 2 blocks and tackle; 1 John Deere sub-soiler;
I bucket spray pump; 1 2 bottom 14-inch gnng; 1 8-foot roller; 1 buggy
: nd single harness; some cheat seed; some fence posts and wire; two
dozen ehickercs; some household furniture and other articles too num
erous to mention.
(Capital Journal Special Seme)
Pnllas, April 12. At a meeting of
the representative of the Dallas 'o
wau's club and committee from the
CemiBcrcial club la the club rooms
Wednesday afternoon plans wer made
for holding the auntial cleanup week
in this city and a more thorough cam
paign than heretofore held has been
mapped out. The joint commute will
make an appeal to the eity council at
its next regular meeting asking that
that body eoieratt wit a the organiza
tions in
Heretofore citizens have just been
in the habit of clenning up their front
Minis and hauling oft tin cans, ..,
but this year's campaign will be waged
to have the back yards and alley
(cleaned up a!sj ad parties neglecting
Ito uo the same will be liable ta ar
rest. After the close of the cleanup
i week it is planned to have a party
luiake" a trip about the eity ascertain
ing whether the order has becu follow
ed out.
Grocery Business Sold
II. G. Black one of tae ipjoneer bus
iness mm of this fitv tuii wee'' is"
posed oif his grocery store on Court
street, next to the postoffico, to V. A.
Measner, a former .business mun of
this pla'je. Mr. Uluck will devote his
time in tho future to the cultivation
of a large prune orchard near this
city. Mr. Messuer the lie wowuer, dis
posed of grocery store in una cu
several weeks ago to 1'. J. Vut.
Polk County People Gainer To
Discuss Proposal To Issae
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Dalla. AprU 12. Backed by the
Dal!a Centmereial club, one of the
biggest rod meetings ever held in
Folk county is scheduled to take place
in tho circuit court room in this city
this afternoon beginuinj at one
The purpose of the meeting i to as
certain the eutiineut of ifte people
throughout the county towards the pe
titioning of the county court to call1
a special election for the purpose of;
c eooperar win in organ - ,yoUug bomls for the construction of!
obtaining the disirtd results. , . makin), tne ecessarv im-i
Terms of Sale All sums of $10 or under cash. Sums
"over $10 twelve months' time will be given on bank
able notes at 8 per cent interest.
Fred Callister A. L Stevenson FredW.Durbiu
Clerk of Sale Auctioneer Owner
proventent on several roails m me
county that the state highway cum
mission has" promised to haul surface
this year if "placed in condition for so
The amount estimated by the com
mission for placing these roads in
shape for hard surfaeing is something
like $iW,000 but it is the intention of
the taxpayers to ask for a bond issue
of the county' limit or JW,000 so
that all parts of the county will de
rive, some benefit from the money so
A committee of Dallas citizens com
posed of K. L. Ch'pmnn. Dr. A. B.
Staibuek and E. K. l'iasecki have
ieeii busy this week outlining the cer
tnin iiistriet where the money if vot
ed will be spent and these plans will
be laid before the meeting today. It
i expected that very little opposition
will bo hud to holding the bond election.
A large shipment of Reed Go-Carts and Reed
Buggies in the Brown finishes, and also plain
The Handy and Pretty Oriole Go-Baskets sell
at the extremely low prices of $12.50 to $18.
Larger carriages are specially priced at $28.50
to 56.50. We also have two-wheel carriages
ranging from $15.00 to $25.00.
Come in and See What We Can
Save You.
1 JS I
yifeU I;
Buow Falls lu Folk
A full of STK-w averaging all the wuy
from six inches to two und one hull'
feet, fell in the mountains west of
Dallas this week and has gically iuter
fered with logging operations, causing
a shortage of logs for the mills iu this
locality. Jt is ttuusuully late lu ,he
scasos for fall ot snow in this coun
ty and unless more settled weather
follows in a few days it is thought
by fruit growers that the trup may
lie damaged ns for the past several
nights everc- whito frosts have occur
red. A few of tho prune orchard in
this section ure in bloom but the grow
ers stat that thty are not fur enough
advanced as yet to be injured : by
frosts. Pearh trees have however suf
fered f loin tho frost. ...
The new 1919 line of
Wall Decorations
Represents a veritable
Whirlwind of Bargains
More beautiful than any previous season, and with
an endless line to select from.
BureiVs Furniture
Senator I. L. Patters of tola
was a Uallna business visitor Thursday
W. II. Beard tho Fall City banker,
transacted business matters in Dnllas
Vlrenit Judge Horry H. Belt was' a
Cnnitnl citv visitor this week.
' . ... ... . 1 T.
Arthur Ualin, ot tne iioeueis raper
cnmpiuiy of Piuem, was a visnor m-n.-
ilic first ot the wecK.
Harry P. Byers returned Wcdnes
lny from Briday Veil, where he wont
to do a surveying job last week. The
heavy fall of snow recently in the
mountains near that place is interfer
ing with, lodging operation.
Oscar Smith, a prominent ifnrnier of
the Bridgeport community, is in the
citv visiting relatives.
E. C. Kirkpatrick returned this
week from a short business trip to
f)rnnt Pass.
Frank K. Kersev left today for
Portland where be has accepted a po
sition with a wholesale confectionery
establishment. Mr. Kersey recently
returned with Coiniuiiiv L from France
. X. Words, a prominent Dallas
citiien and for more tlmn 25 years
agent for the Southern Pacific railway
at this plnce, died at an early hour
this morning from rheumatism with
which he has been afflicted for a num
ber of years. Funerul arrangements
have not vet been made.
Arthur Hayes was Portland busi
ness visiter the first of the weok.
Karl Crook hns accepted n position
as clerk at the Farmers (Iroc.cry store
oa Main street.
have been employed iu Portland for a
number of mouths, have finished their
work there and returned to West Salem
to the homo of Mrs. Jnrvis' parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fennell.
Mr. and Mrs. Kd Beckln aro planning
u several week' visit to theit old Can
ada homo. They will take little Verla
11 nd Master Will with them.
Miss Alida Beckin is visiting nt the
Harvey Crawford home at Zena.
J! li. Bedford is In receipt of a card
with birthday greeting from his grnnd
mother, Mrs. James Lennox, who attain
ed the ripe old age of one hundred yeas
on March 9th. Phe lives nt Crbker
Luke, Canada, is of Irish descent and
is in fnirly eood henjth.
Sixty Cow Pinichers Seeking
Two Murderers.- Double
. Lynching Likely.
Pueblo, Colo,, April 12. (United
Press.) An old fiisliioned western tuun
hunt for two minders is on iu tin
Greenhorn mountains, southwest of hero
The quarry two unknown nion who
shot HI. C. Parks and William Hunter
on the Kyo road yesterday afternoon
are being hunted by about 60 eow
There is every prospect of a double
lynehiig if the murder ara caught.
Hunter, president of the Arkansas
Valley Cattle (irowers association, is
known to practically every cowboy in
this section. These riders came in and
took up the trail.
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chine on the market.
You get More For
Your Money at
f. Vrft- E -sr '""TV W.IW
V i si ii i 1 "V" TTfTPf"
West Salem.
Commercial Street
Salem, Ore.
CCunitul Journal Sneciul Kervice.)
V..Nt. Snlem. Or.. April 12. Mr. and
Mrs. Jack Peterson and children arc
visiting in Tneonui, at the home of Mrs.
Peterson's parents.
A little son arrived atr tuo Wilfred
Thomas home recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Linegar, daugh
ter and soii-iii-law of Mr. and Mrs. U.
Cade, hnvo arrived from Nebraska,
liLL0 IUUI I riiAl
Court House
Anna Tremayne waa yesterday grant
ed a divorce from Jnck Tremayne. Hhe
was given custody of the three chil
ilrcn, the youngest 14 years old. In
her complaint she alleged that the fn'h
er deserted his family in 1!)0".
Norton Vnnderhoof has been ap
pointed administrator f the estate
of Minnie Vanderhoof who died at
Sparks, Nevada, April 4, 1(1 111. The
estate is estimated at 7o0.
In his seni annual report ns admin
istrator of the estate of Eli7.abeth
Trost, Jos. J. Kelicr reported on hand
the sum of 127S.03.
D. W. Kyre, F. M. Derbj and W.
M. Hniilh have been nniKiinted an-
Thoy have disposed of their holdings ( .aisrr (lf t10 estate of Iva F. Tur
jthere and will locate in Oregon. nor. Besides property in Marion coiui-
Tiio Jane Wil.suu and Gcurgo Gosserliy n, holdings in the counties of
houses aro occupied by families lutely j fillamnok, Lake and Klamath.
I from Missouri. They are relative of
the liathaways.
Mrs. Clay Heiac and sitir.il sou, Lynn,
Four men came to the office of the
county clerk today, c.ieh with two wit
are at homo agftin uftcr a six weeks' , nesscj iu order to make final petition
visit with Portland relatives and' for citiz nship . They had overlooked
friends. Her health is much improved, j the fact that if one happened to r-
Kev. E. G. Kauton. wife and little rive n this country after June 2U,
ones went to Summit Saturday, return-1 liKifl. it was necessary to have a cer
ing Sunday evening. Owing to the til-, tificato of arrival. All four had ar
dav Centenary meeting at Summit rived in the country sine that date,
there was no service in West Salem: but none knew that the certificate of
Sunday evening. arrival w part of the proceedings,
i Mrs! Marv Billinirs has Tioen visiting . Hence they will send on to Washing-
Pershing Names Offensives
In Which Americans
Played Part.
WasMnrtoii, Ap.nl 12.1 American
dxnwltionarv forces! participated in
twelve major eugugeuiuuts during the
world war. The list, designated by
General Pershing and announced to
day by General March, chief of staff,
8,mime defensive, March 21-April (i.
Iys defensive, April 9-27.
Aisne defensive (Chemin des Dames
and northwest of lihuims), May 27-
Jmio 5.
Miutdidicr-Novon defensive, Juno
CliauinaiieiMurue defensive, July
15-1 M.
Soinino offensive, August 8 Novem
ber 11.
Oise-Aisue offensive, August IS No
vember 11.
Ypresl.ys offensive, August 19-No-vein
ber 11.
8t. Millie! offensive, September 12
10. Meuse-Argonnc offensive, September
2G-November 11.
Buttle of Vittorio-Vencto. Italy, Oc
tober 21 November 4.
These major ei.gngement are desig
nated by General Perching to be men
tioned in the honorable discharge of
the men who participated in them.
ropean war ended.
Enlistments up lo lApril 10 wero
7,lliil, General March said.
These were equally divided between
one and threo year enlistments. The
strength of the army on April 8 wus
l.im),.)0(l. Of this force, 1,32(1,523 are in
the A. K. F.
Hincn tho armistice was signed (1S(1,
114 soldiers and officers have snilH
for the United States. Health coudi
tion's aro remarkably good. General
March stated influenza cnes have
reached their Invent nuniber since t.ui
pldemic last fall.
Jn connection with reports as to the
casually rate during the European war.
General March pointed out that in the
hardest battle, the Argonnn-Meuae the
casualty luto was 1S.3 per cent against
(I per cent nt the hnttla ot licttysnurg
and 24 per cent at Hhiloh.
Pnrtlimd. Or.. April 12. This city en
tertained 100 former members of tho
IflOth infantry for two hours yesterday
afternoon. Tley were en route from
Garden City, It. I., to Cnmp Lewis as
the 1(101 li casual company.
Lieutenant K. C. Johnson of Tacoma
was in command. Major rrana varrou
of Hcatl!" was among tho officers
nlmnid the trnin. Tho enlisted men in
the ensoul company hailed from Wash
ington and Oregon.
Discharges Gf Officers And
Men To Date Number
in Corvallis for a couple of weeks.
! Harry Fennell of Marion and nephew,
KImer Fennell of North Dakota, were
recent visitors at the Joseph Fennell
home. Elmer Fennell will probably lo
cate in the Willamette valley.
Mrs. George Fra.ier has returned to
ton, D. C. to get a copy of their cer
tificate of arrival and when these r
rive, they ran men go iwroro juoge mfn
Ifmpham ami mane a snowing as ij
whether they are qualified to become ffnt o (h(, mfln have b(1(,n ,jp.
rial American Cltl7.cn. When WI'l'l T- I t. : i : I I . f ,.ff ......
1 " - llllf)lll-11 KIIU Dili UU' l I'l IIH ui.i.cin.
Mnir r.r rinni naners. one musi navr i.. ...i i ... j...,.k.
wt j me TiMUl llllllipur vi'n;n-u iui 'i'
Washington. April 12. 'Nearly half
of the American army has been di mob
ilized-to dutc. Discharge of oflicrs
announced by General
March today, number 1,701,419. Forty
CaDiial journal Want.Ads Will Get You What Yea Waul
Portland after a few day stay at her
home here.
City council met in regntar session
Monday evening when the regular rou
tine business was transacted.
Raymond Bex, son of Mr. and Mr.
Arthur Rex, arrived home from Texas
Tuesday morning1. Ho ha been fn the
quartermasters eorps. He is looking fine
and ha increased somewhat in stature.
Mrs. Lien Jarvi and son, Frank, who
two witnesses to tewtifrof an acquaint
ance of five years and that the appli
cant has been in Oregon one year. Al-
ilization, ini'ud n(r ihose already dis
chari'ed i 1 .'I2o,000.
Drnnobilization m moving faster than
so. that applicant is of a goo, rcputa- (Ud u ,hc fivil waf Md in the c. .
tien and worthy of citiwnship. A few,. , . . .... ,...,., u.i,
. I mil- Hitri iaii wan MFiiLini u.v.,i r.u.
years gi it was yn easy matter to be-1 u threc n.orc , hivr h,a
come a citizen. f0
it is entirely tLf
liscbargcd thuu those discharged ia a
year after the civil war. After the
I Spanish-American war it required more
than a year to discharge fewe men
than in the first month af er tde La
Lambs, yearlings 10(151 3
gg and Poultry
Eggs, eash
liens, live , - 2H(iM i
Old roosters . 1
Cockerels -
Radishci, doz -. O
Swoet potatoe 6(a',
Potntoes 1.25(iiH.7S
Ouioiu local 2.5I)CE!
Cabbage 4(ff44
Turnip ... 2Cu2
Iluud lottuce - 4.2o(ii-l-7i
Beets t,J
Parsnip 3 '4'
Oaulifluwor, flat $2(0,22
Kiiiuach, box 0
Wineanp apple, box $
Celery, crate - . til
I nut
Orange ..
Lemon, boi
Banana .
. a
Whoa you feci that your
stomach, iivcr or Hood is
out cf crder, renew their
health by taking
r.. S.I. of A., Mlicin.
Florida grupo fruit, cas 7!u.
Black figs lb 10(a)l
White figs, lb 19ft20
Package figs per bx 00 pKg 4(aii.
Uony, extraoted 80
Setau nice
Eggs, dozen ... . 40
Creamery butter . - -. 70
Flour, hard wheat 3.15()3.2i
The Capital Journal
Dauy Market Report
Wheat, soft white 2
Wheat, lower grade oa (ample
OkU 80n
iluy, cheat ... -
Har, oat
Barley, ton 4S(a50
Mill run 43(ac
Butterfat Bl"
Creamery butter 80(tf01c,
t-ork, vwat and Mutwa
Pork on foot ....lSc.
Veal, fancy mrti21c
.Steers - 7("10e
Cows - 5((J 9c
stirinz hmbs 18
Kwii- 46
Portland Market
Portland. Or. April 12. Jiuttcr, eity
creamery 5S(i 59e
Eggs selected local ex. 41(q;45a
Hons 31(rt35o
Broilers 40((ti43a
Oeoso lTCo.'-iUc
Utioeso, triplet S7di39ii
Heceipts 209
Tone of market stealy
Best steers 13jrl4.50
Good to choice steers ll.50(a i li.5
Modium to gocd steers $10(11
Fair to good steers 10
Common to fair steer $Srti9
Choice cows and heifers $10.50vl
Good to choice cow and better
Medium to good (ow and Aeuera
Fair to medium cow ana Seller
$ jCi 6
Canner 3.5O4.50
Bulls (' 8.50
Calves 9.50('i 13.50 ;
Stockcrs and feeder 710
Bogs ;
Receipts 174
Tone of market steady.
Prime mixel 195 19.25
Medium mixed 1 8.7.".$ 1 9
Hough heaviea 17(it 17.23
Pig, l.2')fS 17.23
Bulk $19(19.10
Receipts 31
Tono of marKet -steady
Prime lambs 10(al7
Fair to medium lambs $1415
Yearlings $11 12 !
Wethers w-rl
Ewes 6.50(alQ.5O J