Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, April 02, 1919, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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loll of liottnr j&
"From Over There" ffi
General Pershing's Official Report "
Killed in action . . 8
lkl from wounds . 4 i
l'icd of accident and other causes.. 4 I
IWd of disease
Wounded, degree unUeteruiined
Missing iu action . . . .
Corp X;itha:i L K.'druoml, Detroit
Orover T Hnnna, Hoa Irick Okla
William H Harrison, Spartanburg S
Xiko'.aie Langemo Concord Minn
Edward V Kuaieka, Siosholville Xcb
Eugene I) Smiteudorf, Three liivcrs
Hubert M 4 mi.th Cleveland 0
Luigi Tomosctti, 9rdsloy X J
Arthur ! Dixon, Independence W Va
Kalph K Erickson, Sacramento Cat
Howard Kvans. Brandywino Sum
mit l'u
Jus Fiori, Troy X V
Joseph Hews, Xew Haven Conn
J'eter Burxyrh, Boston
William A (jrubh, Nashville Tenn
Henry 0 Thompson, Darlington
Heights Va
Corp Arly L Heuilick, Kansas City
Axel W Johnson, Kansas City
Aubra H Townsend llyninnn Ky
Corp John M iiiiiii, New York"
Musiiiiiu Jacob 11 C Arnold, Koches
ter X K
Manuel Allen, Dottle Va
Clu'ido J Barber, Manor tia
Henry Bill, Dixie Ca
Herbert Berndt, Ccdarburg Wis
Karl C 'Bow thy,- Newark N J
Lloyd Davis. Redwood Pa
Douiiniik Lie-one, New York "
James 1 AtcAndrew, Vandling Pa
Hairy E Meyers, Preston Xeb
Peter J Pochir, Sidney X Y
Of The Stomach
Is Dangerous
'Thousnnds Hove It ind Don't
Know it,'' Says Physician.
iFreoquontly Mistaken for In
digestion How to- lircnguize
find Trmt.
"Thousands of people suffer more
or less constantly from furred, coated
tongue, bad bronlh, -sr.ur burning stom
meh, bitter oruct.V ions, gas, wind and
stomach acidity and call it indigestion
when in reality their trouble is due to
gastric eatarrli of the stomach," writes
a New York physician.
Catarrh of tho stomach is dangerous
liecause the mucous membrane lining
of the stomach is thickened and n coat
ing of 'phlegm rovers the surface no
hat fiio digestive fluids cannot mix
with the food and digest them. This
condition soon breeds deadly disousc
in the fermented, unnssiniilatcd food.
The Wood is polluted and carries the
infection throughout the body, fias
4ric ulcers nre opt to form and fro
fluently an uh'or is the first sign of a
deadly cancer.
In catarrh of the stomach a good
nd snl'o trentment is to take before
iionls n toapnonful of pure Bisuntod
Ma"nesia in half a g!ni of hot water
is hot as you can comfortnhly drink
St. The hot water washes the mucous
ifrom the stomach walls' and draws
ill.1 blond to the stomach while the hi
(uirated magnesia 4s an excellent sol
vent f.ir niu.ns and increases the ef
ficiency of the hot water treatment.
"Moreover the Bi-uraled Magnesia will
serve as a powerful but harmless nnt
rr ii which will neutralie any excess
liydroi hlorie arid that may bp in your
wtomach nnd sweeten its food contents,
fllasy, natural digestion without dis
Iress of nnv kind shmld soon follow.
iTiisiiTA'crt Magnesia is not n laxative,
is harmless, ploasnnt and ray to trke
nnd enn Hie obtained from any local
ulrug.'iit . Don't confuse Bisiiratod Mug
rc;a with other forms of niagroia,
milks citrates, etc., but get A in the
iure liisurated .form (powder or tab
lets), especially prepared for this purpose.
Henry E Rogers, Savoy Mont
Moraiid A iMeiner, Beaver Falls Pa
Sara Turner, Woodland X C
Howard Wilson, Brooklvn X Y
Deals In Real Estate
Yj ly. X'eeiVrhesc t AJmira
Quincy, lot 2, Orabenhorst Fruit farms
H. R. Cortij to Kelly Matteson, lot
.1, block 4, Bechtel & ByaonV addition
Snlem .
Kelly Matteson to O. II. Qiam, lot
IS, block 4, Bechtel i Kynon's addition
M. L. Wiit-seU to J. Spranger, lot
.1, block 1. ak Hill tracts.
Henry Hcama-i to Charles Bcaman,
lot S Hicks addition, Woodbnrn.
Mary llarpe to Jacob Kleeman, lot
13, Hollywood. $1750.
Andrew Shafer to Peter X. Smith,
lot 1. block 4, Mt Angel. j:00.
Louise V.. Brown to Chas. F. Bow
en, 20.60 acres in Elais Cox claim, 43
li l W.
H. X. Kimletn to Olof Swemlon,
4. "2 acres in Peter Cox claim, 44 6-1
W. $i;mhi. .
.1. P. Lanritsnn to D. F. Jertnan,'
10 acres in J. C Caplinger claim, i'5
7 2 W.
J. L. Sirawn to Margaret M. Com
mons, parts of lots 2 and 7, Week 37,
Salem. .tiMMKt.
S. C. . Dailin to Anna B. Hofer, lots
10 nnd 11, tlrubenhurst Fruit farms.
Aii'nii Kufner to Frank Smith, 13.11
acres in W. Dodge claim, 13-7-2 V.
Huge Magce t,i John Serranotti, 30
acres in W .11. Simpson claim, 7 7 2
K. $1300.
Henry Schultebeint to J. A. Wourms
107.11? acres in Thos. Rudolph claim
44 0-1 K. Vim.
First IXntional Bank of Alhainbra to
A. K. Chenoweih. 10.42 acres in A.
P. Davidson claim. 7 8-3 W.
J. C. MeFarlaue to .T. E. Allen,
lots 1 and 2, block 21, Sulem.
J. C. Allen to Kmel Runner, lots
1 and 2, block 21, " ipital Park addi
tion, Salem. $S00.
Sarah 'A. .Tones to C. ,T. Kurth, part
of lot 2, block 2t, Snlem.
Emma under to K. W. Heckert,
parts of lots 7 ttnd 8, block S, Xorth
Ferdinand Kur to ( . W. t'slier,
lot 3, block 2, Walts addition, Salem.
Jacob Arcuz to G. E. Hulvorsen, lots
12 and 13, E. E. Martin addition, Su
lem. $3300.
AO Sorts Of War Books
Now Ready At State Library
Almost with the signing of the armis
tice, historian were lead' with a com
plete history of the "rout wr.r. Eor as
soon as America entered the conflict,
the National Hoard of Historical Serv
ice, begun preparing materials as the
war progressed.
In order that schools iui:y be fully
supplied with a story of tho war, Miss
Cornelia Marvin, stute librarian, litis
been looking over tho large number of
books issued and is now ready to rec
ommend three books, as follows: "A
School History of the (Jreat War,"
'Tlie Little Hook of the War," and
".Nida's Story of tho War."
Another book that hi" been issued
under the direction of tho national
board for historical service, is entitled
"Lest We Forget," which will be rec
ommended by Miss Marvin,
Another book just issued ana prrnted
under the direction of the service bourd
includes the best poems that have been
written on war subjects and selections
from the best books that have been is
'sued. j However, while thero is a great cull
Says Indigestion Comes From
An Excess Of Hydrochlo
ric Acid.
Rheumatism is no respecter of nge,
sex, color or rank. If not the most
dangerous of human afflictions it is
on oof the most painful. These subject
to rheumatism should eat lc-ss meat,
dress as v.armly as possible, avoid j,ny
undue exposure nnd, above all, drink
lot of pure water.
b'lieumatisiri i caused by uric acid
which is ge:. crated in the hortels anil
absorbed into the blood. It is tho fnnc
'ii n of the kiilreys to filter this acid
from the bbod ami cast it out in the
urine; th" pores of the skin are also
a means of freeing the blond of this
impurity. In damp and ch;lly, cold
weather the skin pores are rinsed thus
foi.'in the kidneys to do double work,
1lirv Income K-i'.'tk nml vhwoi.fi ntH
I fail to eliminate this uric acid which
ke. ps ncciiicilating and circulating
through the srs'r in, eventually settling
j in the joints and musih causing stiff-
I ness, soreneSj ird pain cn''cd rheuma-
At the firt twinge of rheumatism
get from aiy pharmacy a'irnt four
ounces of .lad S;.lt; put a tublcspnon
in s glass of water snd drirk before
breakfast rnch morning for a week.
This is s:id to eliminate nic ncid by
'iwiilating the kidneys to normal ac
tion, thn ridding the b!ood of these
Jad Salts i inoxnonsivee, hnrmlcM
and is male from the acid of gmpes
and b-mon j ii'e, eonbi"e l with lithia
and is w d with excellent results br
thousand of f' Iks who are sobject to
rhe!!msti"i. Here yon have a plens
!nt. effervescent lithis water drink
whii ti overce nes urie a- id and is ben
eficial to ycr kidney as well. 54
for late war books. Miss Marvin says
that from all purts uf tlie suae coins
thti iu.tisiout call fur tot-meal bok,
Not iu!y uieu but women are reading
iHH.ka to improve themselves as a mat
ter of education "it- e vw- of be
eouiiug more proficient in certain, chos
en occupations.
And while war books tnd technical
books have the call, the iconoclast ii
com mi? aloiii! with proof of what rcUT
I happened to the early settlers of amm
ica and these iconoclasts are sweeping
awuy many of our cherished ideas, espe
cially about the Pilgrim Fathers. These
books tell what really happened and ex
ploit." many of our wonderful fairy stor
ies. But they mar be had at the state
library through tho Salem puoue li
brary. . MARIOOEWS.
Marion, Or., April 2. There will lie a
program given at the Woodman hall
Friday uight by the giiumuar school.
There are several nnmbeis and an inter
esting eveniug is promised to ull woo
attend. Admission 10c
B. F. Eudsley and wife were Portland
visitors Friday.
Mrs. Henry LoroU and rather er
called to Eugene Tuesday to attend the
fune- " " hej uncle, John Hann, who
died Monday.
C. F. Haiumet returned Friday for an
other loud of farm machinery.
Lee Slvder was a week end visitor
at Marion, returning Bonduv to Hoc vis
port. Mrs. Blair received the snd news of
I the death of her father who lived in
Mrs. lioiliii of Philomath wi.s in Mar
ion last week calling ou old friends.
She was on her way home from Fort
land where she bad been visitinjj her
daughter, Mrs. Ellis.
Harriet Colgen spent Sunday with
I her inrents, Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Colgen,
ret lulling to Salem Mondn-
M&uv friends of Dr. Van Winkle are
glad to hear of his return to Jencitu.
J. L. Fallow has purchased a Ford
son tractor and is endeavoring to turn
things upside down with it.
Rev. A. V. MeKarland Bud family
moved to Albany Wednesday where he
will relieve Rev. Williams for a time.
Ho will return here to hold services
Sunday evenings.
Mrs. X. C. Olson has gono to Tulbot
to visit friends.
Mildred Kavlor from Salem is visit
ing her Hunt. Mrs. Couklin.
Large Estate Left
By Henry L Fittock
An estate allied at $7,814,778.33, the
largest on record iu Multuoiiiuh county,
was left by the late Ucury t. I'lttock,
uccoi'ding to the inventory filed Mon
day after weeks of work by 1. D. Mg
ler, David S. Stcurug und A. A. Linda
ley, appraisers.
uf this amount, however, close, to one
million Jl llius must bo paid tne Cuited
States government as an inheritance
tax, another million will bo absorbed in
the settling of debts, uud about three
jiiunurcu inousuuu uoiiars win go miojtwo weeks ago. About 50 young people
...v .vK.iu i. i rut converse whiioii awav tne time, re-
itance etax, estimated O. U Price, ex- j froshnients of b o cream nnd wafers
editor of Mi Pntock's wiJ, yesterday. were served and all felt it was good to
The net value of tho estato will bol,(. there,
around five uud one-half luiUioua, ae- Mrs. tleorge Sullivan and daughter
cording to these estimates. . Bessie arrived Monday from M.'Minn-
Oiegouiau Holdings Appraised.
Tho largest single valuation under the
appraisal is that of 470 shares of stock
held iu tho Orcgonian Publishing com
pany. It is capitul stock of a totul issue
of 700 shares, having a pur value of
$100 a share, mid the stock in tho estate
is appraised ut $1,708,110.
The next item of large valuation is
the site uf the Pittock block, Tenth and
Washington streets, which is nppiMi.sed
at 1,0IMI,000. Stock in tho Crown Wil
luin. tte Puper company is valued nt
47o2,ltiO; and stock held in tho North
western N'titioiiul bank is cstimmcu ut
Stocks held by tho estato valued at
.more than if 100,000 arc listed as fol
i lows:
j Six hundred shares capital stock of
Industrial Land company, l;!8,00O.
i'oiirtcen hundred nnd eighty shnrcB
capital stock in Willamette Valley Lum
ber company, $162,800.
live hundred shares capital stock iu
I Pittock & Leadbetter compunv, 130,
000. I Three hundred and sixty-six snares
capital stock in Charles l. Spuulding
j Logging company, $228,290.49.
I'our hundred and seventy shares cap
ital stork of the Dregoniau Publishing
company, $1,708,140.
Thirteen hundred and eighteen shares
capital stflt k of Portland Trust com
pany, $138,120.40.
1 orty -four hundred shares common
i stork Crown Columbia Paper company,
, ipf.,4fl).
Twentv-one hundred and sixtv shares
i first preferred stock, aeries "A" Crown j '"' tho second city, and Alshland, Bo
! Willamette Pniiei.cn.ii.ionv 101JIW1 I loil. Edltcrtotl, StoUgllton lllirl Hvnos-
i ui i v-uiice niinurcri anil iwcnty snuresi,i"u "s.w Mimnm,
lfir.it pref'-rrerl stork, scries "B, "
Crown Willamette Paper company,
! $:wm,Sii0.
I Twenty-one hundred and twelve
Ish.'.res second preferred stock Crown
I Willamette Paper company, $lfih.lb;0.
Thirty-eight hundrerl and forty eight
! shares capital strx k of Xorth western
j National bank, $Hi2,3o.40,
I Tour thousand shnres preferred stock
of Northwestern Fidelity coinfiany,
j Fifteen hundred am! forty-three
j shares cr.pitsl str k of P.aldwin fheep
compqny, $lo4,300.
Eight Wisconsin Cites Go
Mmlison. Wis., Aoril
i pewise advertise yxrwcrfi
Ma rcsdtlrMVVantAd in
4' r
, (Capital Journal Sjwial Service)
Monmouth, Ore.. April 2. A. Nelson
of Albany who owns the farm south of
town which has been 'occupied and
farmed for the past five rear by Mil
ton Hovser, has bought the croc bow
frruwinfj on the place and has secured
Dick Savage to care for the same.
Sam Morrison who underwent an op
eration for appendicitis at the Dallas
hospital last week has been very low
and at one time was given up by the
physician, and later was reported dead.
Thij proved to be a false rumor how
ever, as word received Monday noon
direct from the hospital proved that
Sam was holding his cwn, though hit
condition was serious,
David Campbell, wired his mother
Mrs. Mary Campbell of his safe arri
val in New York Wednesday, so there
is much rejoicing here among relatives
and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Parish have mov
ed from Corvallis to Portland.
Rev. VV, A. Elkins has sent in his
resignation to the Dallas Christian
church board, after having accepted the
call, thinking he would be released
from army duty very soon He is still
on duty at It. Stevens and believes
there is no immediate prospect of re
lease. I
At the final bnsiness meeting of the
Polk County Snnday School convention I
held here recently L. P. (iilmore was
elected president for the ensuing year.
Mrs. Holman of Dallas was elected sec
retnrv -treasurer.
Citizens of Monmouth and vicinity
are jebilating over the final decision of
the Highwav Commission in routine the
west side highway through Monmouth.
Messrs. Ben-son, Booth and Thompson,
accompanied by Engineer Xunn were
here last Tuesday consulting with citi
zens, after going; over th ground
thoroughly, although nothing was giv
en out at that time. As Monmouth is
in a direct line from Rickreall'to Cor
vallis, it was only logical and just that
the road should be routed this way,
even if there were no other reasons.
James Stafford a pioneer citizen of
this vicinity died in the Salem hospital
March la, following an operation. He
was 77 years old and a veteran ow the
Civil war, having marched with Sher
man to the sea. He settled in Oregon in
1S70 where ho lived until the time of
his death. Services were conducted bv
Kev. Dinsniore in the Presbvteriau
church, with interment in the 1. O. O.
F. cemetery. The G. A. R veterans had
chaigo of tho ceremony
Tho live-stock sale of E. T. Evans
took place Saturday at tho farm, one-
heifers sold wellj-avcraging about $00
half mile South of town. The cows and
each. The 8x24 foot silo sold for $07
standing. All together the sale was very
satisfactory netting Mr. Evans over
Mr. and Mis. P. O. Powell attended
the Maud Powell concert iu Portland
last Wednesday.
Miss Mavdn Jtuber gave a most de
lightful welcome home psrty at the
Huber home on Aim n street Inst atiir-
day evening in honor of Sergeant Hin
kle, who returned from Franco about
worc present. .Mnsiq;and games and so-
viMo for a few davs visit with friends
and relatives.
l'u ii I Riley has just finished soiling
out a 20-acrfl prune orchard on his
fHrm north of Monmouth.
About forty young people from tho
High school, fellow students of Clay
Moreland, gntliercir nt a specified place
aim n.-in u. u.s .."i..r in u mrny tur
surprise party. Aionnny nignt, .vnrcn
31 this being His birthday. After spend
ing an hour at the homo the party ad
jiiirned to (Vpid's Knoll, where they
enjoyed a feed consisting of buns,
boiled wienies and toasted marsh mal
lows. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey, who had not re
cuperated satisfactorily alter an at
tnck of influenza, suffered a relapse,
lust Friday afternoon while riding 'n
her sister's car enroute to attend the
exercises at the normal. She whs taken
home nt once and the doctor culled. At
this writing her condition is somewhat
D. C. Walker of Buell and James
Gentle have been appointed ns dele
gates of the local Oild Fellows lodge to
attend the grand lodge which convenes
in Salem in May.
T. II. Crook of the Luckiamute coun
try is the proud possessor of s new
Waterloo Hoy tractor and a John Deere
plow outfit, purchased last week of J.
E. Winegar.
day had regnined ground lost iu pre
vious elections in Wisconsin towns and
cities. In yesterday's vote on the nucs-
tion, Madison, the state capital, Sup r-
M.li.i Kn.ii.rinr Ahlnnrl n.i.l t.l.lVeal. fancy . 18(q200
uurtnn hurl r.r..vililll votel rlrT.
rs- ' ' r--- -rf- j
The iiiajoritv of the liquor forces herelt ows
was SU). The rlrvs carried tho city tt , Spring lambs
year ago by 0ni) vote.
The "wet" ma
juritv i;t sU,nifl was
close to 3'MI vr.li'S,
Oar Yant Ads
Light the Way
to Greater Results
Try one to-day
Get busy with a bottle o!
Dr. Kind's New Discovery
at once
Cough, eokfs ami bronchial attictt
they are all likely to result in danger
Out aftermaths unless checked in time.
And how effectively and quickly Dr.
King's Nesr Discovery helps to do th
checking' work! inflamed. Irritated
membrane are soothed, the mucous
phlegm loosened freely, and quiet,
restful sleep follows. 60c and $1.20.
Aildruggistahavw It. Sold tinea 1S6
Constipation Emacipatioa
No mora lazy bowels, yellow com.
plextion, sick headache, indigestion,
enuWassin.fr breath, when you use ta a
corrective Dr. King's New Life Pills.
They systematize the system nd keen,
the world looking cheerful. 25c
J. a Perry 'a
Tn order to demonstrate by legal
proceedings whether or not Governor
Olcott can resign his office as secre
tary of state and nam hU successor,
friendly suit has been filed in tho
supreme court today, with tho govern
or in the role of plaintiff and State
Treasurer Hoff as defendant. As a
means of "starting something" Treas
urer Hoff held up the warrant for the
governor's salary for the month of
March. The next move was on the gov
ernor, who filed in the supremo eourt
a petition for a writ of mandamus, to
compel the treasurer to isue said
warrant, at the same time requesting
that the court should define his duties
and powers in the present situation.
Out of the analysis of this case it is
hoped to bring a decision showing
that Governor Olcott may resign the of
fice of secretary of state without jeop
ardizing his office as chief executive,
and that he is also empowered to name
his successor. Further than its im
portance in tho present situation, in
adding a third member to the board of
control, this decision would establish a
precedent for all such cases.
The state highway commission sees
valuniblo supplementary aid in the
prosecution of the state program in
tho work of the Roosevelt highway as
sociation, which is receiving enthusi
astic backing from the const count es,
;t lutsop having just raised $2"i00 for
the fund. Tho orinnixation of the a
soi'intion is now complete, with the fol
lowing officers: President, S. C. Pier,
Portland; vice president, liruce Den
nis, La Grander treasurer, E, D. Cu
sick, Albany; secretary, 11. V. Jones,
Newport. The county vice presidents
are as follows:
Clatsop A. W. N'orhlnd; Tillamook,
H. II. Rosenberg; Lincoln; C, J.
footer; C!oob, 'red Ifollister; Lane, J.
K. Hoan; Douglas, Warren 1'. Reed;
Currv, Judge W. A. Wood; Benton,
Walter H. Kline; Linn, Kranl; J. Mil
ler; Marion, Jnincs K. Linn; I'olli, C.
h. Hnwley; Yamhill, J. J. Knight;
Josephine, O. S. lllnrchnrd; Jackson,
W. H. (lore; Washington, Marion
Muys; Clackamas, Clyde Huntley; Mult
niimah, A. II. Averill; Columbia, S.
C. Morton; Hood River, Judge A. J.
I IVr,y. Wasco, W. E. Walthcr; Mc.ro,
W. Sinead; Wheeler, L. L. Seti
wer; (lillinm, '. C. Cbirk; Sherman,
Ed McKee; Drwhutes, M. A. Lynch;
Jefferson, S. W. Marsh; I'mntilla, E.
P. Strain; Harnev, J. J. Donejjnn;
Malheur, P. J. iallnglier; Crook, J.
N. Willin'tism ; Klnmn'h, Wesley Smith
Lake, Dr. Bernard J. Imlv; Wallowa,
S. L. liurnaiigh; Union. ' Walter M.
Pierce; Baker, W. K. Meachnin; tirant
"K. A. J-Vd.
The Capital Journal
Daily Market Report
Wheat, soft white ....
... $2
Wheat, lower grades on sample
Oats 7,i(U;78c
Hay, ehcat $24
Hay, oats $215
Barley, ton $4Hfe50
Mill run 43u44c
Butterfat - G3c
Creamery hotter C2(iii3c
Pork, Vsal anal Mutton
Pork on foot 17 S 4c
I Steers -. 7('1'10C
. 4Yu8e
.... 10c
Lambs, yearlings
ggs sad Foultry
Fggs, cash .17c
Hens, live - 2S(3-'Jc
Old roosters 1 5c
Cockerels - r 25e
Hi dishes, dot,
.... OftS'.-jC
; $1.60
... ti.W(L
.... 2a2'4C
(1.2.-(" .7j
Sweet potatoes
Onions, local
Ca bongs
Tirnips .
Head lettuce
Parsnips ... .
Cauliflower, flats $2.2.5
Spinach, box . $1.25
Winoaap apples, box $1
Celery, crato $11
Iron '
Oranges $'o T..75
Lemons, box $j'ail
Bananas - - We
Florida grape fruit, ease $7U3
Black figs lb. . 16(o Ise
Waits figs, lb. Hi ' 20
Package figs per bl 50 pkg $4(n 6.B0
Honsy, extracted . 20e
EetaU frlecs
Eggs, rloren 40e
Creamery butter 70e
i f4ts
Quick Reference To Firms That G:o Service On Short
Where Buyer And Seller Meet We
Recommend Our Advertisers.
Salem Eleetris Co., Masonic Temple,
TON Osteopathis physicians asd
serve speraalists. Graduates of Am
erican school of Osteopathy. Kirk
ville, Mo. Post graduate sad tpec
iabsed in nervous diseases at Los
Angeles College. Offices 503-508 Nat
Bank Bldg. Phone S5rf. Residence,
16-0 Court. Phone 2S15. Dr. White
Rea. Phone 4C9.
comer Commercial and Trade itreeti
Bills pavabl monthly la advance.
Phoe 606.
On Good Real Estate Security
O.er Ladd A Bush bank; Salem Oregon
cent 34 years time. A. C. Bohrmtedt,
401 Masonic Temple, Salem, Oregon
MONET to loan on good real estate.
(Vii percent government money f
loan. Liberty bonds bought snd sold.
W. D. Smith, Salem Bank of Com
merce. HI 14
General Land Ofllco
WshlngtOn, D. O.
. February 14,1919.
Notice is hereby given that subject
to tho conditions and limitations of
the act of June 9, 1910, (39 Stat., .18),
snd the instructions of the Secretary
of the Interior of September 13, 1917,
the timber on tho following lands will
be sold April g, 1919, at 10 o'clock a.
m., at public auction at tho United
States laud uffice at Portland, Ore
gon, to the highest 'bidder at not less
than tho appraised value as shown by
this notice, sale to be subject to tho
approval of the Sceretary of the In
terior. Tho purchase price, with an ad
ditional sum sf one fifth of one per
cent thereof, being commissions allow
ed, must be dupositcd at time of sale,
money to he returnod if sale Is not
approved, otherwise patent will issue
for the timber which uiust be removed
within ten years. Bids will be received
from citizens of the Unitod Slates, as
sociations of such citizens and corpora
tions organized wait tho laws of the
United States or any state, territory
or district thereof only. Upon appli
cation of s qualified purchaser, the
timber on any legal subdivision will
bo offered separately before being in
eluded in uny offer of a larger unit,
T., 9 8., R. 2 E. Sec. Ii, NE4 NKii,
fir 1(190 M., hemlock 270 M., NWft
NK'i, fir SSO M., hemlock l.'iO M., SW
H NK'i, fir 1170 M., hi mlo 250 M.,
SK't N K VI , fir 2OT0 M., hemlock 200
M., NEVl SK',4, fir 1170 M., hemlock
120 M., NWft SK'i fir 16:;i) M., hem
lock SO M., SW', SEVi, fir 790 M.,
SR'i SEV4, fir 1190 M., hemlock 30
M., NK' NW14, fir 6-10 M. hemlock
130 M., Nli', .NVVV4, fir fi.'IO M.,
NKM 8WV,, fir 1950 M., NW'4 SW'4,
fir 210O M., SW',4 SW',i, fir 12o0 M.,
SE14 8W4, fir 10)0 M., none of tho
fir to be sold for b-ss thnn $l.o0 pur
M., and none of the hemlock to be sold
for less than 75 cents per M. T,, 4 8.,
R. 3 E., Sec. 3; SI!', SE",, fir 1200
M, SVi SK, fir 1145 M., Sec. 33;
8K'4 NEVi, fir 730 M., ccdnr 25 M.,
$1.50 per M.
SW', NE4. fir 8S0 M., none of the
fir or cedar to he sold for less than
Commissioner General land Office.
Hour, hard wheat $3.15Ct3.2i
Portland Market
Portland, Or. April Butter, city
ereuuiery 59(2 010
Eggs selected local ex. 4lfil3c
Huns 33(nj.'Mo
Broilers 4ll(n 43e
Uco'o 17(o;20o
Chifse, triplets 37(a3Uc
Iterr ipts 41
Tuuo of market kUuy
Bi'St steers Mfo 14. .'.0
Good to choice steers $1 LoOCo 12.50
Medium to good st'ers $10(11
Pair to good steers $Jfol0
' Common to fair steers $3f";9
Choice cows and heifers $10."j0(r
(itwl to choice cor. i and heifers
W" 1 0.50
Medina to good cotvj and heifers
Pair to medium cows and heifen
Canner, $:t.no(a 1.50
Bulls t;ro,s.50
Calves $'50(a 13.50
-Stackers and feeders $10
Hrcci pts 512
Tone of market lo.ver
Priiiiij min d $1S. T.'ioi 11.t3
M. ilium mixed $lS.(i.';i 1H.75
lioiigli hc'ivios $li'.7.jfn 16. "3
Pi tfS.tl-ir-i 17.25
Bulk $lS.75fu-18..v
It -ceipts 7(1
. Tone of market st'aJy
Piin.e lambs $ir(n 17
lair to medium lambs $14(Ii 13
V arliugs $1 1 (r i 1 2
Wethers $'"'! 10
Ewes $6.50(0-10.50
I Want Ads
127 North High,
faia 1SW
liard parlor is sow open nnder new
management snd it renders you aid
the general public s congenial place
to pass away few leisure hours.
The basement ef Oregon Elcctne
depot, corner of State and High.
Phone 62S. Wo. Livoek, prop. 3-f
SO years experience, Depot, National
and American fence.
Biies 16 to 54 in high
Paints, oil and varnish, tie
Loganberry and hop hooks.
Salem Fence sad Stove Works.
t50 Court street. Phone 124-
SIIEA. REPAIRS all kinds of furni
ture if broken or out of repair; up
holster repairs made. Shop 352 Che
meketa St. between Commercial sad
Liberty. Phone 181. 4-JW
We Buy, Sell And Exchange
All kinds of Furniture, Stoves,
Clothing, Dishes, Bicycles, Harness,
Tools and Junk. We buy what you
don't want and pay the highest
price in cash.
Peoples' New & 2nd Hand
271 N. Commereial Phone 734
110P LEE, expert Juundryman. 43S
Ferry St, I pay top market price for
chickens and eggs. Office phone
1339J, residencu 1333J. tf
All kinds of auto repairing by an ss
perionced workman. All work guar
anteed to be satisfactory. S'udebek
rr repairs a specialty. D, B. Moir,
263 N. Commereinl.
BRINO your trades. I can match yon.
C. W. Niemeyer, all branches of reeJ
estate and Cnnadn lands, 213.18
Masonic building. Phone 1000. 1
FOR 8ALE A good double team bar
nofs, will trade for hay or grain,
or will exchange for gaod dry wood.
Sen Sipiare Leal Realty compe-i.
Phone 470
N'O CASH RilQUlBED flood overeont
shoes and suits, all kinds of mnaie
al instruments, shotguns, rifles, heat
ing stoves, gas stoves, suit ease sal
1000 other useful article to sell or
trade. What have yout The Capital
Exchange, 3:iT Court St Phone 43,
just installed n innchine that will
sharpen liiwnmowers the same as the
fuctory puts them out new. Bring
nil your light repair work to me. Al
vin B. Stewart, 347 Court St. I'hone
McCornsck hail on evory TusdAy
st 8. P. Andresnn, C. C. F. J. Knots
a. a. s.
ROYAL Neighbors of America, Ore
gon Orapo cninji No. 1300 meet every
Thursday evening in MoCornaek ball
Elevator eervic. Oraclo, Mrs. Car
rie E. Bunn, 04S Union St.; Teeor
der, Mrs. Molissn Persons 1415 SI.
4th St. Phone 1436M.
Oregon Cedar Camp No, 5216 meet
every Thursday evening, B o'clock
in McCornsck hall, over Meyers
slore. Buy A. Grunt, V, C; F. A.
Turner, clerk.
bly No. ft meet every Thursday
8 p. in. in Masonic Temple. Glenn
C. Nilts, M. A.; C. A. Vibbert,
tecrelary, 340 Owen; street.
J. A. Rowland Furniture Store
Buys, sells and exchanges new nnd
2nd hand furniture. All kinds of
repai. work, light grinding, filing,
and lirnr ng a specialty. Right
prices. 247 North C-onioiorciai Hi.
1'hono IU.
0 :r Prices aie Bight
W. M. ZANDER, Proprietor
1255 N. Summer Street, Salem, Oregoa.
refuse of all kinds removed on most,
ly contract, at reuwnnble rstes.
Cess pools cleaned. Dead animals re
moved. Office phone Main, 167t