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There is a great deal of
difference in slices and
you will want those that
fit the best are the best
oi sty es and designs, are
the most comfortable, yet
Brown all kid, French
at $12. to $8.50
Brown all kid, Cuban
heels, finest at $1:5.50
Other browns, all kid, al
so cloth tops, at prices
on down to ?G.()0.
Beautiful blacks, all kid
or cloth tops, from $9.50
clown to ifo.OO.
In Patent or Kid, in
blacks at $6.50 and down
to $::.05.
Brown Calf or kid, $7.50
clown to $6.00
Also fine ones for Mis
sessizes 11 to 2, in
Black or Browns, Kids,
Calfs or Patents, French
or Military heels, $7.00,
$6.50, $6.00 on down
to $5.00.
Seils Shoe Satisfaction
i . ...l.... i..:i o w:i.l I..,-'
I'MMMUl, .Ill ..IIIIUIT II 1111V iius
, ' .
nt' i or 1'nl Moore for the world's ban-t-iuirteigbt
chiiiiipinnsliip, it was an
no, uii'i'd today by C. H. Cochran, box
i.iu ,ii.;n.t. i.
Thev wil fight for a puise of .Vi.tioii
M1,.lM.:i 1 1 i i ...I i . . nn. li .i I 17 .........lu
vl)l'M "
i.,.i.l.. Willi,'. li!iii.iO' n.i"'"'" "' "' examination.
.waji'r in, MM! ou him.
iVibic, I' I VIM:
eight . iian.pion.i
wo-,, a uei-iMOn oier Joe Lvnc, Ainer
j ii: ii liaiitamnciglit Monday ulght. Ho
irrii In I'al Moote in the Anglo Aitteiican
Cliihi.bdpbh., I'ii., April 2. -Three
Jtot'o Athletics, Hobl,v K.nli, Hoy llrover
Mnd Maurice Slianimn, ute- now in the
d. training larues'lv with tlin Muck-
ask roit r- - " .
11, n '. 1 V . ' . . . -
c vi tiaiu a v a -
": 'Cj.uig " liu."' ' . - . ' J.-...A.
1 !-.farii,IavalUsnjGriv.'!nCl.!!dren. UicUMi!V,Ml:iaialn Extract in PoUr
. Ori.:in l 1 Dr? -.k All AkI OTHCRS are IMITATIONS
Commander Of 147th Artilery
Praises Work Of Boys
From This State.
Colonel Bovd W'aU'
coainiander of
the 14. th artiibry which ine.udcd bat-
t. rio, A and B of the Oregon artillery,
has recently forward, to (ic.vernor 7,1 aaSati, . U arraT TtTSZ JJ .hrouKh Gormany. Clash,
Olcott a of the complete war k.t- progr.. iZths daily Trphus U faaaiM nd "urr1 wurk'-" nd
5 hl"u'?h.PviiiK detailed j in,, ltst legislature appropriated an-Uolera and 'tho bubonic plaguo are tx- ,rool "rioua clUl's- result ine m cas
account 01 the fights in Inch it was other S...0O0 for the building of a prop- .,1 to ' ka tl" anranee rhi. ' Ule
ein-.sed and the se.-ret marching or- ,,- memorial site ml his n,..n.. .ill lu. rnvt." Th indieatinna r r.iwin. i.t tho
li-rs i-isucj. Aloiig with the history is
tribute of comuic miution frrm le:t-
eial J'ershiug hi well as a number of
stntements from officers of the allied
armies who noted the work done by
the body.
Another interesting feature of the
booklet is a ccpy of a Mun propagan
da 1. at!et dropped o'er the American
lines from enemy tiirpluurM, and ad
dressed to American solditrs of Cer
111:111 l iith. The following extract will
serve to show the sort of argument
the Huns used, Hairnum;' that the ier
11:111 in America hud not absorbed
notiiiiii; of western ideal:
Huu. Propaganda Cited
"Do you think it houo'iible to fiht
the country lliut h:is )fien birth to
your father or forefuthersf Do you
tliir:l( it honorable to fiill upon liny
country after it lias he' oii'iiHy defend
ml itself for four years uniust 11 con
litiou of ps.oli-s teiKiu.l superior in
iiiiinbenf We are fiuliting for every
thiir! (ieiir to in: for cur homes, our
very existence. What are you liyhtiiik
for, why did you romp over here 1000
miles away from your own home? Did
liermatiy do' you any harm, did it ever
tlneatin you Your lenders lire mis
leader. They have lied to yell that
we are slaves of ;( tiut. 11 ml 'u tire
ouilty of gross ignorance if you be
lieve one word of it .
'Anybo'ly knowing anythiii;; uboul
human nature and the history i f Kuro-
e. :i 11 n:it it ns w ill tell uii that slaves
can never xtatul up nuainst n whole
world nt -ierre eueni'us; only free men
fiJiHuy, for their haopiue.s in life
eiiilitre i many yruis of fighting
a'.'.iiiilst the most collossal odds thai
ever a nation eliei'iiutered . An eer
lusting shame I hut -MI,IHlt),iKM) of tier
mini Americans could not prevent this
nun Wilson, who never was a genuine
American, but rather an Kuglish sub
ject ill ilisguisi , to raise his hand
auaiost their mother countrv!''
Record Will Live
In his letter to the governor, 'ol
onel Wales savs:
"Mntterirs A and 11. ns you ftnow,
were forineily separate batteriis A and
It, Oregon field artillery, national
oiinril. The record which they linvc
made nnil the woik which they nave
nerfoi iiied hat In en most creditable iu-
Ideed. and I con .'rui ulate you upon tlie
fact that your stale has such splendid
.tight iiri units.
In the four month that the regiment
ivns at the front two men of battery A
inutl four of battery II were killed in
action . Tin' men of battery A who
I were killed were Mnchaiiic Alex 3.
iliowman and Sergeant Huyd R. Voting
iKrnm 'battery B those killed were Sen
ium! I.ieiilenuut Williniu i'. Keustel,
, I'rivate Kloyd H. Cochran, l'ri vnto
Moh ii II. Mcflun and I'livute r'otest
l. Delaney. Lighter casniill ies were
heavy in both batteries,
men here,
Hulh lias been appointed
Hot water
Sure Relief
The deputy assessors foe Marion
county will meet next Satuiday niorii
iag with lien r West, county asses
ir, fo receive final insi ruction and
proper blanks for their work. It is ex
peeled that about 23 of the deputies '''," apparent oppoinnnty io
will u.md thi. fi e.i.if..r.... . ,,l'l",l k nt the outset the rapidly tonniiig
that all will go out in their work bo
giui.ing in xt Monday. About two
months viill l,e required for a complete
a hi me::! .,' the cuiity, Ii :,1 estate
may be turned in to the assessor at
the same figures given last year, Mr,
West savs.
Edward J. Ogtgnard who was born
II years lig' i Norway has decided to j,.
become a voter, or at bat. he has:..
. , , , , . . ,.
made the first step tu that direction.
icsiritia no men li:s iieciaruuon oi
, , , ,.
itiecoining an Ainerican citizen. He
lives at Milvertun and arrived in this
country in IW'o. If he will stilly up
' "' he ' sliiu'u.n of tile I'.iiied
Btates and burn mouet Hug about mil
! government und iuimvci ii line of quo
'"" '- ' "i " '-illC'l. IWO
u. in.,. .. niniiiin-ii, .inn-!' miigiiaiu
I I I .1... T , , I
,",,! " ""
ktiow soinvihin about
I,... i ...... . , ... , .
I v
i mil- in- ii ,i ii'ii io cir-yen
sli p ami that a man s wile
so be equally well posted
man becomes a voter, that
should ul !
W hen a
lo puis
his wife on tin equality, ns far as vot
ing is concerned.
contain calomel, but a hcaUng, soothing
11 - ' vegetable laxative.
iV ... J . ''
r t j-i . 7- i o'
i'r.r fth fH'al.
1 VI VUOll I tu.vt VI
Champoeg ifietajg, iuay 1,
Being Arranged.
The 7tith anniversary of
ine ceio -
oraieu meeting at .nam poet; win to
j "V - " already Judge V. 11.
h'i.,v ....,;. i ...t .. ... . .
expended in adding to and improving! Starvation Threatens, j uprisings are inspired by the Sparta-
thc building erected last sammer. I Thirty-five hundred housed j,,,, cans wko ere believed to he employing
Judge D Arcy says that this improve-! broken 'sewers and water pipes, which 1 ,hw,e o'rbanees to weaken the gov
went will not bo made until late this u : imiwssible , roDair because of lack 'erulne't, preparatory to declaring a
or m-k iu .uu inen-.urv me f materials, adding to the menace of,
memorial biiilitini; will appear this year health.
just the same ai at the 1118 meeting. ) Children are the onl uart of the pop -
It iny be rt'cullt'd that 10J vttU'ra ulution who re not hungrv The ehil -
in the valley responded to tho call Mayjdrcn are fed in tho schools or a- private
s, iiw, to rorm a provisional govern-
ment for the northwest. Several meet
ing hud been previously held one known
ns the famous Wolf meeting, held in the
old Willamette I'niversity name build -
ing earlier in the yohr "
H it at the Salem meetrng woining
defii:ite wn.s decided ami it was not 1111
til the .May 2 meeting at Champoeg that
by 11 vote of r, the pioneers decided to
form u government under the jurisdic
tion of the I'nited States instead of
Uieat lfritain.
On tliut moiii'iitoiis day, a vote wits;
t:ik.n and the French settlers a.id those
interested 111 ttie lltid.son Iiti' eoiiipiiuy
voted the loudest, sr.cu u ou was
ma le for 11 il. vision. It wus about an
equal vote, when one of the French
l'i:Hi'ie seltlris were won ovei rsi the
side of the Americans and the vote
then stood, for Hie I'nited States 5L', for
the Kuglish and the lluilson Hay com
pany, oil.
A piinisiouul lioverniiient was at ouec
tonued, mid it 1, as 111 this government
"r.t the Melli'Miit pioneers toon alien
" active pint.
Only two men are livi,ng 111 Salem
whoso fathers took part in the famous
Champoeg meeting. Tlie.se are Oliver
Iteers tiiul Aimer Lewis.
Suggestion Bearing Signa
ture ut Lemne naced
Before Delegates.
By Lowell Mellett.
(I'nited I'ress Staff Coirespoudent.)
rails, April 2. There Is now uefore
tiie pence conference a definite and con
erete proposal from the Kussia.n govern
moot for cessation of hostilities. It
ben is I'reinier I. mine's signature.
There is also autlioiiiuiise ...... ti.'
tiou Unit Karl Kautsl.y, t.eiiuan luili
en I, is now in Moscow trying to urrauge
n f il alliance bctwe,, (ieinuiuy ami
In the light of these two filets, the
peace delegates are giving morn thought
to Kiissin than the daily offieiul com
miiniqiies indicate.
The reports made by William Kullit,
speciul agent of the American delegn
tiou and Lincoln Steffeus, writer anil
piivuto invostigutor, me undergoing the
g ii. vest consiiletiitioii as they icpiescnl
not only the latest but the most, detail
ed mud best information on actual con
ditions in Kiissin, as well as the'attitiidc
of Russian leaders.
Document Kcut Secret.
The greatest secrecy surrounds I lie
Leiiiue document, but it is known that
if offers to end hostilities between the
liussiau mad 1 1 1 iti-.li govcrnmcu:. How
America is affected, it is impossible to
ascertn;- ,
Tlie willingness of the delegates to
give thoughtful consideration to the
new proposition is believed to be the
outgrowth of various considerations,
the most important of which is that it
bolslieviki front liitssia and lltingarv
and with (lermaiiy, Hiiuiauia and Serbia
in the offing. The conferees frankly
admit tliev dislike a prospect of facing
a real r. ligament of those five countries.
With Kiissin eliminated it is felt the
kevstone of the structure will be gone.
Typhus Spread Feared.
Another important fiictor is that mod
.,, nr(. 1,(.,.,"., great I v alariueil
. ., , , . ,, . , , ...
in possi on' .sprei.il oi i ue ivpiics i'pme:ii-
' ' ' 1 '
westward Itoiu liossia empliasi.ing
fs.i. t- tsj jj rt: is tt
uu waro wuve iaoie
That is the Joyful cry ot thousands
'nce Dr. Ul wards produced UUva Tablets,
",c Stihstitute for calomel
. iT.sawaras, a practicint? pnysician for
17 yeais and calomel's old-time enemv.
discovered tha forrnula for Olive Tablets
while treating patients for Chronic CQU"
Uo griping is the tejmote" of these
little sugar-coated, olive-colored tablitv
j They cause the bowels and liver to art
normally. They never force them to
: unnatural action.
I 11 you have a "dark brown month now
and then bad breath a dull, tired
lctling sfck headache torpid liver and
I are constipated, you'll find quick, sure and
only pleasant results from one or two lit
I t'e Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets at bedtime
I Thousands take one or two evrrv nuhi
i lost to keep right Try them, 1 10c fciyJ
vx per box. AU druggiiUi
J the fa-t that disease recognizes Bo na-'
'tional boundaries. It i learned from
as auiiiorimuve source iuai lnxorma
tion, based on the report of the director
of health in Petrograd,. allows the fol
lowing conditions there. -.
Thirty or 40,000 of tho estimated pop
ulation of a million are now in fcoapit-
Seventy thousand are seriously ill ia
j their homes, to whom it ia impossible
j to give more than a tenth of tae amount
of food they need. In addition there
are 100,000 who are ill, but who are abi
I to go to the eit kitchens, Host of
. thorn have swollen linibs and otaer ail
monts broiight on by lac k of food.
. 1)le uate rata : yettogni U 123
.! . . - -
homes. Durinir the last nine montna 30.
mid children have been placed in small
trouin in rcniiiitmii..r! Iinirie. ... ...
'rangcmmita havo been mde to care for'""-' for maintenance of the armies
j ior.f than 10.000 others bv this svstemof occupation.
I in the next three months ' " I Keleaso of Herr Daniuig, radical leait-
Milk is difficult to get. Theie is no!er' ,Bri.'' 'th inciting the c.purtacan
.mined milk in the city. The govern !
mem has discontinued u;'.ssenkcr rric
until April 10 to eunblo sixty to o,10
hundred carloads of food to be brought
11,1., I'. trournrl .Inilv
l,.yondThe written docui.ent, Lenine!
' u(1a 1 ... 1 . . i.i
1 ti be ii-idv to nwiirn self irnv.ls0"3 "CIO killed and 11 till v wounded by
1 10 "c Many to assure ken gov -i rmehiiio mn fir. Th 1
j ,.j!m.nt for all former Kuiaian terri -
lories which desire to break awnv from
the soviet government. It is mider -
stood he wil lulso promise the tllies
to abstain from nronnunniln work in
the allied countries, taking the ;,, -
that the best propaganda will bv actual
success of the soviet system of govern
. .
r)l.Lmr,.J'. A J..1....J
Uy taking Fnend s Adviceand
aydia L. Pinkham S Veg-
etable Compound.
Wt Ploina, Mo.-" I wot all run
down m health, had indigestion and ter -
ribie cramps every
month so I was un -
itaoT & eve"?;
doctor in West
Plains also every
remedy Icould think
of without relief.
One day when I was
sulfering greatly a
friend was at my
house and said,
'Why don't you try
Vegetable Com
pound?' So 1 did, and through it, I
found relief from my suffering and I
really believe it saved my life. It does
not seem as though I can aay enough
in praise of this wonderful medicine for
tlie health it has brought me." Misa
Cora Leb. Hai.l, West Plains, Mo.
Perhaps it may seem an extrava
gant statement to say that this great
remedy saved a life ; hut women like
Mrs. llall, to whom it has brought
health, appreciate the danger and
sulfering they have escaped too well
to doubt it! All who suffer should
try it Why risk life and health
without it?
For special advice write Lydia E.
Pinkham Mediei.iu Ctf., Lynn, Muss.
When you use Journal claiifi
fd ads got what yo wtat thflra
to they work fait.
I -Vi. !
ucoon oaie
G5 yards of very heavy canvas; 75 pounds of tea;
baking powder; canned goods; soap; :00 pairs of
shoes; lamp chimneys; 45 dozen fruit jars; T25 safe
ty razors; silver teaspoons; hafs an3 lots of other
We are going to turn them loose Saturclav, April 5,
1:30 o'clock
One 2-year old filly running stock. Sired by Dick
Mills, one of Oregon's famous running horses. She
is just right to go into training this season.
1 Milburn wagon and 14-ft bed, nearly new.
1 Studebaker buggy, rubber tired.
1 steel plow, 14-inch, nearly new.
1 set of single driving harness.
Salem Auction Co.
157 S. Commercial St. rhone 1117
mm crci
kScahons Feint To Sparta
cans As Instigators Of
By Frank J. Taylor.
(United Tress Staff Correspondent.)
or run, April 1. me general nnae
Beige Is Prociauneo.
' The government has proclaimed a
.8 (i in tho whulo Khiuclaiul,
!d'f.T'nK he 50,000 miners on strike
,alre- lne ""aUon m tlia: i.-rioii cu
ua,lKt,r Iuod shipments and the coal
! suplyu n d may even affect liavments to
upris.-ig in January, has
i a'lt'-Tl'11 iav e1''r1 strike 111 tierlin. itic.ilie atate 1
, mi,,' workt'r8 n0. however, threaten
10 oul 01 ",l,r "u '"'".
l-rankfront ..h.i.J
I During riots
- ' -oral food shops. Three
' "t'lu ulu' '',uc,1',u' Klln firc- The mobs
lntu ""'cu mo police etatiun unit u
1 ""'"Oer of hotels. A sailor was drag-ed
from fh'' s'tion and lynched. His body
W11J thrown into the river. Covoniinent
i troops now control the city
Casualties Are Heavy.
Many persons were killed and wound
cd in fighting with soldiers at Oastroi
near ItJchuni (-0 miles northeast of
Wurttemburg lias joined tho general
j strike. At btuttgart tho burgeoisie
, have started a counter strike, complete
ly pnrulyzing tho ctiy's industries.
! Counter strike by more conservative
elements has also been declared in the
Hfuhr district where troops are exereis-
iit strenuouB measures to control tho
. A miIlll)l,r of Sl,ua,ull8 lmvo
b,,t'n kiiu'u ur ''led u otliers have
i'"'1" ttr'T'tlc'1' . ,
ClaSS $Cm FolloWS iflOVe
j T Dl i C L M I
' 0 of the biggest Cass .crap, o, the
r!ar W "'" levers, y took
"'ut'e ''out noon yesterilny. The bat
,u' ,uok ',lui'1' nt',or ,l10 lltl,,'"l''
' '"'" t:Mt " ipnomurc
i"'i'l'nls on the grnndstaiM by the
I The trouble started several weeks ago
'when following the defeat of the frosh
by tho sophomores, the freshmen were
compelled to obliterate their numerals.
lint they failed to do it satisfactory UJid
that evening some unknown person com
oletcd the .job.
Some ten days Inter tne wosn made
up their minds to retaliate. The sopho
mores suspecting some attempt to orntli
cute their numerals by the freshmen
'slept in the gym and took turns stand
ing watch. About .' in the morning
four freshmen with u car of red paint
were captured and later niilliaced.
I Having had the tables turned on them
iuthis atempt they decided to try again
and, chose chn'icl hour to finally obliter
ate the sophomore numerals.
I Several sophomores remained on
lunrdt uud when the attempt was made
. both classes piled out of the clu.pel und
made 0 rush for tho grandstand meet
ing just iu front of it.
Tho "rooks" out-numbered the soph
omores but the coiitist was fairly even
until finally stopped by the upper class
men. A "squabble committee" was tip
pointed by Nicholas, president of the
student body, end this met this ntter
)t noon in"! after hearing both sides of
the citse decreed that the freshmen
' should repaint the sophomore numerals
i and the sopluunores are to paint the
space formally occupied by the frosh
numerals "s'l-een,"
Used by thrifty people
sai ar
Saves Money, oaves ouues.
ShwoiA is beneficial to all leather.
SkinoiA Home Set
makes shining easy
ia home or office.
itate House Notes t
Bi giirdino the question as to whether
d board has the r.uthoritv
, fmov speciul
counsel to act with
' H-t -toineys .n eselu-at proceedings,
1 11 0 uiumu 1 h ut Biicu counsel mm i'e
, 1 , , . , , - ,
employed, and fees may be drawn for
their services, it being understood, how
ever, tin:! these speciul atorueys must
be employed strictly in the capacity of
assistants, ami are not to superconc f!,e
district attomov.
Aimg the papers coming into the
corpiTTation department
, .W..i,. .W.,i.t..,..n t n. lntn
i. i i... ..v.;..r... nf
HOllM; IOUU nils ou- (iiiK'uui i.imiio
.i! .u wl..l.. T. .!!.,
,;" """"
.if llW-iiinm iislorieton a
g - i3BiariiarTn i ' us iFi i i i
Add to the Comfort and Appearance of your
home by the addition of new draperies. We are of
fering special for the remainder of tie week
Scrims, Marquisetts, Nets and Colored Draperies in
several drop numbers and close outlines to make
room for incoming stock. Values to 85c While
they last :5c per yard.
To get the best mattress is economy. Economy
of sleep, rest and money. We are factory represen
tatives of the famous SEELEY mattresses. Take
one on six nights trial.
340 Court St.
because it Saves Time,
O OVaam
document that bore tlie stnuis of wiany
greasy hands and uroma tf tobacio
smoke. It allowed the ( stnblislrnent cf
the Indian church in Washington in
1910, with six charter members, "among
whom is the bishop " Mud Bayr' Bam-
who, being niiub t cswiiloig-v i-M
who, being unable to sign hi aaiae,
affixes the customary A. lho rK3i-r
-ame into tlie otlice prcparau iu
. . . . tntr.
t .. n.,;I.lai nf innrnnrfitinil nf tlie
.(i of (,,!,,-,,
"3s !
iritinririllH IF lirnVHIPa HIT IUV uijolv
ul iiiumivi-u -v r "
of the liidiau race, und cspi'ciully ot the
S:'i, Diego, Oal., AprilS. A fleet "f
c.,.mn. Vi.lrL.ii. iibtoen hnvo
,., ;it i, ,,,!
oi'i-'i "l " - --
in the Victory loan drive this month.
. . . .
TllC lIl'lllV ilVlllg SlllOOl
now bor.sts
,., i.siii, n, American
r1'1". '.'.'
planes of pinctienllv every type.