Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, April 01, 1919, Page PAGE NINE, Image 9

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Slnll of ijnunr
"From Over There"
General Pershing' Official Report
Two Oregon wen ax listed among tie: Died, Previously Reported Missing ta
isaaltics announced by the war depart- Action Privates. I
I lulip B Anderson, Newcastle Pa.
.l:..- v ... . .
t3Uiiv. ------ . -
aieut for toaay. vurpoia v.juo .
of Portland la listed among those
" ied severely, and Charlaa W. Gray
ef liillsboro wnong the slightly wound
ed. The following casualties are reported
lf. tlio r landing if
American Expeditionary Forces:
jiied in Aeroplane Accident and Oth-
Wounded Severely
Wounded. Degree Undetermined 6
Wounded Slightly
Oliver F Aukernian. Jnhnti.-n P
Pasquitie liulinnarclli, Windber l'a.
John H Kces'iri, Castleton lud.
iuonuunt n Kelly, Covington Va
nay rurspnine K, J.eswter
(Capital Journal Special Service)
C'loveidale. April 1. A few friends
of Mrs. Walter Blaeo came suddenly
to ner door Katuruay evening, giving
real surprise, tae occasion oe-
birthiray. several lovely pre-
.r if her. I li lames rurn-
ished a dainty lunch which was served
at a late hour and a most enjoyable
0 V IT ft 1 1 v i evening was had by all. Among those
oaveioar naxrl Double Itsl,ir,vseu,,were Mr, a,nd .M,?-
. ' ""' w,,aco. Mrs. MvrtUs Ciravbell of ilem
rruiric I
-Try This.
jand Mrs, Edward iFarris,. Mr. and
Weatherill and ( l.o Blaco.
lirandma Blaco of Kosedale and Pearl
If you care for heavy hair, that j Wf tfl"'"- - r . Wood and
gHstens with beauty and JttJUt
with life; has an incomparable soft-! , 1
llTnuZi" flU"V 1US,rU8' trTi V'j. Hadley and son. Ivan, were
- T . vi- 3 v. m Salem on business lucsuay.
NEED OF CONSEKVINO 0JJZ . Mrs.;Ana Kunkc was shopping ia
That there
iiij the sin
Spencer Lantrip, Memphis Tenn.
John McRride. Philadelhia l'a.
Edward T McDonald. Buffalo N Y.
Wiliam Resseman. Richmond Minn.
Pied of Accident and Other Causes
Pt.minicke Mmioekc, Coldwatcr Mich
rank S Purcoll, Chelsea Mass.
i i... f Tirmr l.nwrpnre Mas.
JKIIII I ...."v., - .
Died of Disease, Previously Reported;
It Wiliiam Strulie, Cincinnati 0.
Killed in Action. Previously Eeported
fvt Vied- Schweitzer, Chicago 111.
Bugler Curtin Helm, Hnle Mo.
Hohert T Jojiet, Sca-govnie Texas.
Barney Mittondorff, Avon Oliia.
l.ouis Montoyo, Del Norte Colo.
Alfred (1 Zeitz, Traversfl City Mich.
Died From Wounds, Previously Report
ed Died Privates.
Warren Frank Davis, Niekcrson Kus.
Jacob M Coyer, Hheyenne N D.
ooiiuiy oi your nair, Deswes u immeai-1 . .
. 7 , t lately dissolves every particle of dan- p tti!m , ,
ere . urgent need of conserv-, drutf . vu fam,ot laVe niee, heavy,1 . ' l'lflet ' lya.'
iMdy of gascdine if the ever in- J healthy hair if vou have dandruff. This : Il",,,nK,"?r , ' !i
, ... . ... ..K. v.:. - :.- Mr. and Mrs. Linqiust.
sient Sunday
the home ot
.... v. K.iwuui' u me ever in-, neanov uair u vou nave aauuruir. laia i .,:
,.r..,wi., .! .,. ... i.. .... i- rf,tn,.,;r ha ,. k.;, f :.: Mr. and Mrs. Lmqiust.
-" " i,u"". r . .r"rt;v "iS;ri m. whsm had her daughter..
-....-..- ... ... V 'iMvrt'.e Oravbill, of Salem spena te
and if not overcomes it produces a fev- V v. '
....... ,,i ,,.-. tanuv ,n nIl nn-;
liollneeiiirnt lie tin. Stfln.l.tr.t nil .....'
pany. Kverybody interested in gasoline anuucuing ot iue sca.p; iu. , Rosedale spent the
including the oil refiners, automobile! root, famish, loosen ar.d die; tw;ek em, hlre yisiting her son, Wal-
engineers, and the government itself, is!' Jlair la"3 .ut r"st" ,jlter lilaco and family.
.ivi ,. .,,. .1 p ,i,..i, i.!.l vor hair has been neglected and " " . .
. .is thin tii1il tlrxr M'ffltTow fir tflO
''"ti. VI... i ? 4i loilv, get a small bottle of Knowlton'i!
1 in wi'r cuju'u the attention of the 3 . j . .
people l. e tait need ot .vtnuu Mnut f fc ccnf , & lim,
v aste. What the food dmini.tntum a3 dim.ted ld ten ;ftw you
did to conserve food is still vividly mwin Mv w wag fto bcst inve8tment
the nieinovy of everylmdy in the coun-V(m evr niB(ic
try What the fuel administration did,!- We 8i,iecrt.!y Vlieve, regardless of
while just as valuable, was not so spec-1 ,..,i,; ,i..rt;a.,, .l,t if von
taculnr, end there are many facts about ldosi-e 8oft ll8tr0U8) beautiful hair and
the conservation of gasoline and other lot8 of itn0 dandruff no itching
petroleum products which have not
hitherto been brought out.
For the past few years the petroleum
ami automobile industries have ooth
been making great efforts to keep the
supply ot gnsulinc up to tne uemanu,
scalp and no more falling hair you
must use Knowlton's Danderine. If
eventually why not now!
(Veil H Urconc, iselmn Ala. ! i V ,-. ,i t ,i
Kilcd iu Action, Previously Reported.': oil producers have been slim ili.ted
. . : i f;,,.i ,...- siiuri'pn nf Rimnlv. mid nave
Wounded Severely,
Corp Karl D Scott, Grenfield Mass.
Died, Previously Reported Wounded Se
verelyPrivates. Anton Koiidelin. Chicago 1H.
Killed in Action, Previously Eeported
Wounded, DegTee Undetermined.
Pvt liobert C McMilen, McClure O.
Died Previously Reported Wounded, De
gree Undetermined.
Pvt Clarence E Hu-wkins, Cmilterville
to find new sources of supply, and have
sunk liuvuv uew wells. Oil refiners and
chemical engineers have been improving
processes of refining, which have made
the crude oil yield more gasoline than
n t liiiuiT it doss i hie teu vears ago. Au
tomobile engineers have constantly im
proved the efficiency of engines r.nd the i
methods of carburimtion, so that the j
gnsolino used will give t!3 great ert
power and mileage.
In spite of ull that has been (lone the
You mny be able to defend yourself from a frontal
attack, but how about it if you are held up horn
the rear?
Your body has to fight constantly against disease.
It isn't always a fair fight, because constipation is
a treacherous enemy that you usually don t re
cognize until too late.
Stagnating, poison-forming; food waste in your
large intestines, helps dheanc to attack you and
hinders you from defending yourself. Such set
poisoning causes over 90 vt human illness.
- You may be held fast for months in the grip or
constipation, trying vainly to free yourself l-y
taking castor oil. pills. !. mineral waters, ct
in order to force the bowels to move. Not city
will the constipation Erov worso w;lh the con
tinuance of such remedies but you will be ess
able to defend yourself against the attack h-n
it comes.
On the other hand. Nujol overcomes conation
and brines about the. ruib.t of easy, thorough
bowel evacuation at regular intervals. It acts
gently and harmlessly, at all ages under any
conditions. .
Take Nujol and constipation cant sneak up on
you and cripple you when you least expect it.
Get a tot Je of Nujol from Vy'"
and wrje for free booklet Tlvrty K-U of
TIT . sf. Nuiol in ko'A only in walccl
warning: bXtk
Lad, M.k. All d""i- on Nu'oL ott
mty uficr from substitutes.
Nujol Laboratories
SO Broadway,
u 1
Tegular as jri. - -
Feet of Dnier,'-n.upalw and Jto-inUKicatn
Name ...
Address .
For Colds, Crip
and Influenza
Be sure you get the Genuine
Look for this signature
Qk lit
on the box. 30c.
Freezone is tnagic! Corns tad
calluses lift right off
Doesn't hurt a bit
The Troubles Women Have
(By L. MAC LEAN. M. D.)
Probably ao man in America was ev
r betU-r qualified to successfully treat
the diseases peculiar to women than
Dr. Pierce, of Buffalo. X. Y. Ths
cases that come to him run into many
thousanus, giving niui an riperieuc
that rarely cornea to any one man. Dr.
Pierce found that, m nearly every cac
there were certain vegetable growths
a-l.;..!. mmIi. fuitM.I fi. oivA i.rt.nint re
lief in those feminine disorders from
which so many women suiter, tie com
hinetl these TOOta and herbs into a
temperance medicine that he . called
Dr. Pu-rce a rvorite iTescnption, tar
that w mwioelv vhat it u. This
medicine is sold in tioth liquid and
tauier iorai oy uniggisia eerjwutrc.
I .v.pi t e.Hriiiliiiii ia n i t I lit t n.n-
edy for women and acts directly uoon
tae organs inai cnaraciene me ac
It w not neeessarv to take a loniT
course of treatment with this standard
medicine. A weakly, gicaiy, eacaacay,
nnivnu. Hianon.lent wiufllB.
with regular er irregular pains with
feminine disorders that come ia youth
or middle- age is pretty sure to find
m i w .'i nnrt -a rwnnrA r rpjuTiniuii
the exact remedy that her condition
calls for, and to tind it atter a very
few doses are taken, wny women
should allow themselves to stay sick
when a verv little money spent for this
remedy will probably make them wel,
is something no one can explain.
All wnmun u-lirt stiffor from feminine
disorders are invited to write the Fac
ulty of the Invalids' Hotel, Burfnlo,
N. Y., for free confidential consulta
tion and advice, no charge being made
for this high professional service. This
will enable every woman to benefit by
the advice of the distinguished corps
of physicians which Dr. Pierce has
gathered about him in his celebrated
Buffalo institution.
When constipation is present witn
feminine disorders, Dr. Fierce 'a Pleas
ant Pellets should be taken nlung with
f avorite rreacri prion, iry m num
TliHia hii.a Iiva henn flttsil?nct bv
it. TTnitnl MtutAa atiimnTirr Hixiltil to
load at Seattlo in April for Vlndivos-
Quick Reference To Firms That G:?2 Senice On Short
A here Buyer And Seller MeetN e
Recommend Our Advertisers.
Salem Eleetrie Co, Masouis Temple, 127 North High
TON Osteopathia physicians and
aerre specialists. Graduates of Am
eriean school of Osteopathy, Kirk
ville, Mo, Post graduate and spee
lalittd in aervona diseases at Los
Angeles College. Offices 505-508 Nat
Bank Bldg. Fhona 83a. Residence,
1820 Ooort. Pbena tilt. Dr. White
Res. rhons 4C9.
liard parlor is aow open under mew
management and it renders yon and
the general publie a eongenial plaea
to pass away a few leisure hoars.
The basement of Orepoa Electna
depot, earner of Stat and High.
Phone 528. Wm. Livock, prop. S-
eorner Commercial and Irade stree-j
Bills payable monthly in advance.
PhoA SOfl.
80 yean experience, Depot, National
ana American tenee. ,
Sizes 6 to S3 ia high
Paints, oil and varnish, eta
Loganberry and hop hooka. ,
Salem Fenca and Btovt Works,
850 Court street. Phons 124-
On Good Real Estate Security
.r Ladd Bush bank; Salem Orcgoa
SHEA REPAIRS all kinds of furni
ture if tiroken or out ot repair; up
holster repairs made. Shop 352 Che
meketa St. between Commercial and
Liberty. Phone 131. -20
nrrvKKAT. rARM LOANS 5 ner
sent S4 years time. A. C. Bohrnstedt,
401 Masonic Temple. CJaiem, urrgoa
MONEY to loan on good real estate.
6!4 percent government money to
loan. Liberty bonds bought and sold.
W. D. Smith. Salem Bank of Com
A fnw epjits Ibuvs a tinv bottle -of
tho nitigic T-rec7.one at any drug store.
Apply a few drops ot rTcezcno upon
Under, aching corn or a callus. In
stantly that trmiblesome corn or callus
stops hurting, thou shortly you lift it
out, root and all, without any pain,
soreness or irritation. These little bot
ia. nf Vriwvionfl contain iust enough
to rid the feet of every hard coru, soft
corn, porn between the toes and tho
.calluses on' bottom '.'.of feet. So easy!
So simple.. Why wnu,? No humbug..
Seattle Unions Vote Down
made it accessary to take stiflj' CU:V3ril Sfrikfi PrOSOSal
W&gJf - I
further measures to keep up the supply
The dcmsiul lmd become so great that
Sealed mronosals. endorsed "Pro
i in An In fur Hoanital Iormitorv and
R,iv' Dnrmitorv." will tie received
n 41. lO'ia nf tha Hrnirnn HlfitA Board
of Control Capitol Building, Salem,
Oregon, until 2 o'clock p. m. Saturday,
April Oth, 1919, and not thereafter, for
ii.n ..niiutrittinn i.f .t nfl brick diiriuitor-
ieg at the State Institution for 1'eeblo
TVi-nwinuoj. sneeificfltions and blank
forms of proposuls may be obtained
from K. il. uoouin, secreiarj oi nm
I Ir.unn Ktnte lii,rd nf Control. Cal'itol
Building, Salem, Oregn. Tho deposit of
a certified check in tho Bum oi twe.ity
fiun ("ni rlo ins will be roouirrd on
..inK ant nf tdan and siuH'it ications
and shall lie ix'tumuiblc only upon the
return of said plans ana specu icnuons,
in good condition within four days af-
tnr rnepivillO same.
Each bid is to be presented unuor
snnlnit envcT. neeonuifliiied bv a corti-
fi.nl nlinek innilo tiavalile to R. B.
Goodin, secretary, Oregon ISato Board
of Control, rtulem, Oregon, in amoum
The demsnd hU Decomo so g.cav April l.-Seat lo Met- - - - ; - - o(
the fuel adnunistrution was forced to a, Tra(U,s Unions voted down tho pro-1 JJ," rMid whi,h
prohibit in eastern states nil non-cssen-.p0(,a ghipyard strike pronosition for
tinl use nf tmssencer automobiles, audi.,,,.:! i. -...ordinir to the results that'
for a time this request was s0 cxtondodl .,, b(J annolinccd officially at tonight's
that only automobiles in government,! ws8i0n 0f the Metal Trades council,
emergency or war servico were in nse, nnt--wii referendum was put up
lUu t,s uK t i "t:
oline was produced in cnuiornia lur uujuiocniiuiKa v.v
Paeifie coast needs and its distribution itDe;r helpers .
did not require tho use of transports- 0nj 0Iltf Seattle mon favored tho
tion facilities needed for war purposes. i B,coraiK to Hotai
llnmrn, Dreilt Will tllO IlOt'd Ol I " V' " . . ..:..... ,..1 ,. I it
......v..., n - - ..icials. f ourteen unions vuieu ...
conserving gasoline m all parts 01 :,.. ,!,! vote. Thero were
country tliut President Wilson appoinJ- voUg Rnd ncarly 12iU00
ed a Bovemnient coiimuttee lust summer, - .k Unioa mijalb!ta ciigi.
to aetermine on and adopt . andard.P
specifications for gasoline and other po-i , the vte, no strike
.... i. ...... .,..ii...i This committee con
sisted of the V. 8. fuel administration
tnd representatives ot rne war and
navv departments, the u. o. sinppmn
board, the director general of railroadu,
bureau of standards, it was ubmbi
Mini advised by technical eJtperts
each of tlieso departments anu
bodies. After extended discussions,
tests, and exjx rinienrs tms cominittoo
, ... i ;c;..tir.n for irasoline. not
lllOllIIMl BHW1..- n-
only for aviation purposes, but also ior
neral motor use. J.io-.y
i with a view to providing a grade of:
isnlrne that would meet every rcqiure
cnt and vet allow the greatest produc-
Thev mean that our perrtneiini rc-
sciirces will be conserved to tno ue au
vantnjje nnd that a rensonnblo price U
the motorist will be maintained.
Draft, d as they were by impartial
.... . .i .,..;!.. !'timi nro today iren-
licns incnr p...-.v.. - -
.mllv considered the most practical
would have been called, officiuls say,
because delegates to the Washington
r ...,v nn the wnv home, had
wired requesting that action be bold up
until their return.
the a'iount of said bid, which check
shnl lbe forfeited to tho state should
tho successful bidder fail to execute
same within ten days (not including
Knnrlnvl froiii date nf notification of
iiwnid. Tho contractor to whom the
nnrl. ril 1 Tl.fl it will ihn rcouircd to furn
ish surety company bond in an amount
equal to fifty per cent (30 per cent) of
ii. fimnimt if contract.
ti, fln-ht iii reserved to reiect any
or all proposals, or to accept, mu pro
nnaul 1 lvt 1 II i 1 1..t for .the state.
I ' . . . ' . l la
Dated at (Salem, tiregon, marcu i,
p. Ti. raODlN Secretary.
Oregon Slate Board ot Couirol.
First publication Alarcn Ji
Last publication Apr;! 1.
ti .a.
Eat less meat and take Salts
for Backache or Bladder
The Capital Journal
Daily Market Report
Wheat, soft white 1-90
Whuat. lower erades on sample
Oats 1)75c
Ilov. cheat
Hay, oats
Barley, ton MH50
Mill run 43fe41c
n,.ttnrfot 63c
Creamery butter 02fVf G3
onrir Van and Mutton
foot " ",l:
- General Land Office
Washington, D. O.
Februarv 14. 1919.
VntioA 1. hnrnhv uiven that subiect
to the conditions and limitations of
the act of June 9, 1910, (;19 Stat., 218),
and tho instructions of the Socretary
of tho Interior of September 15, 1917,
the timber on tho following lands will
be sold April 8, 1919, at 10 o'clock s.
m., at publie auction at the United
Stutc. land office at Portland, Ore
gon, to tho highest bidJer at not icb.
.nnn tin u ii li m i ic .1 vnluo II S shown D.V
this notice, salo to be subject to the
approval of tho beeretary or tne in
tni-inr Tim nnrchas nrice. with an ad
ditional sum of one fifth of one per
cent thereof, fccing conimisaioni tuiuw-
ed. must be'deposited at time of sale,
. . . u i - ...i
money to :oe rciurnou u .
approved, otherwise patent will iesuo
tor tli tiBmor wnicn umsi or i""
.-ittiin tnn venra. Bids will be received
from citizens of the United States, as
sociations Ot Slicn ciuzeiu aim
tinns orgunixcd under uie laws oi mo
iinitnl Kfat.es nr anv state, territory
or district thereof only. Upon appli
cation of a quuled purchaser, the
t.,Vin nn nv lerral subdivision will
be offered separately before being in
cluded in any offer of a larjror unit,
T. 9 8., K. 2 E. Sec. 5, NE'i NE,
' J . . nn X IH71'.
fir lo'.lO At., liemroca no ) t
NEVi, fir S80 M., bemioox m , o
Vt NK14, Iir HID ni., neinioc too
SE NE'4, fir :i90 !., hemlock 200
M , NEVi SE4, fir 1170 M., hemlock
120 M., NWVi SEVi fir 1C30 M hem
lock 60 M., SWH "Sii'4, fir 790 M.,
SK'4 SK'Ai 'If ilM ' ncnuoiR -vr
vi'ii VWV. . f'.r (130 M. hemlock
130 M.'.'NEVi NWJ. fir ,W-'
NEVi SW4, fir i" "' " 7 '
s. rmn M 'i. SWA. fir 1250 M.,
SE4 8W14, fit Id.iO M., none of the
fir to bo sold for Iuss tnnn i.ou per
vr J nf tlin hemlock to ibo sold
for loss than 75 cents per M. T,. 4 8.,
K. 3 E., Mec. 3; fl'.'t "r.yi, nr n,
r tiivi. sr-'i. fir 1143 M.. Sic. 3.1;
..I,., U71 ..4 ' ---- .
3B4 NEVi, fir 730 M., cedar 1:5 M.,
11.50 per Al.
SVVVi NKV4, fir 80O M, none of tho
fir or cedar to De som ior ici "
Commissioner Ooneral Lsna uinou
We Buy, Sell And Exchange
All kinds of Furniture, Stoves,
Clothing, Dishes, Bicycles, Harness,
Tools and Junk. We buy what yoa
don't want and pay the highest
price i cash.
Peoples' New & 2nd Hand
271 N. Commercial Phons 734
nop LEE, expert Jaundryman, 439
Ferry 6t. I pay top maraei price ior
chickens and eggs. Office phona
1339J, residence 1333J. tf
All kinds of auto repairing by aa ex
perienced workman. All work guar
anteed to bo satisfactory. Stude-bak-er
repairs a spcialty- D. H. Moir,
203 N. CominorciaL
BRtNO your trades. I eaa match yoa.
C. W. Xiemeyer, all branches of real
estate and Canada lands, 215 210
Masonits building. Phone 1000.
FOB SALE A good double team har
ness, will trade for hay or grain,
or will exchange for good dry wood.
See Square Deal Realty eompaso.
piione 4i0
NO CASH REQUIRED Good overcoat
shoes and suits, an Kinus ot muaio
al instruments, shotguns, rifles, beam
ing stoves, gas stoves, suit cases ancl
1000 othor useful articles to sell or
trade. What havo yonl The Capital
Exchnngc, 337 Court St. Phone 493.
Umbrella required and recovered,
razors, knives, scissors and laws
mowers sharpened, saw filing, lock
smithing, kodaks, alarm clocks, mua
icul instrument and rollor top desk
repaired. My specialty is repairing
everything in the light repair line.
Now" location is 317 Court t. Phone
shop 493, Kes. 1169. Alvin B. Stew
.. . . . TrU nr.
r'j In mutt excites tne aiuii-j, 10.. on.
v (.misilicrcu lui: "i"ov ...v. . uv ... Vl r.n.. jniuv.
,'lnr.l for Cnsolinc since they insure 1 tB become over-worM; lPW . ' ' " 1(wm
efficient and satisfactory fuel at a rea-( f,b fitld feci ie iuii ul .. 1(.,owj 4C)BC
..!, I ,.,.t I i,rl... l,.rc:OC cloudy: tU I)iauur - Q.. in,. .... IOC
.. r... ttatii, ine bti ... ..... ..... .rf. .. in .eu rr- - -J
ihese sprciiii ini"" , - tateo, ana you u """
or the benefit of the tiublic us a whole., tW(1 of tfcrt, ti,0M d,niu the nmht.
'kev make certain a suustnevory gnse- ,vu.a )(w ki,n,ya cW 1011 a.ust hell
1 . ti,.. Bfimn time assure ft ful . ... .l u.t-. .,rln...i.
line uiio .. ,. 1 tBi.l riusn 011 me u"" - ---
tore supply by using the crude oil to tno . m, ii(.k p,,.,,,,, .hortlr.
advantage by eliminating ... (A a dull misery ln
. ' ,.,i,,n iu s'iffti from hack-
Htamlard Oil company reports ffl .,,
Bed Crown .asoUn. I. w - 0 ,a yoa M
SrTt r-dart ficons. It . AHat - the weather is
i. gasoline having .the if ull and o- of water,
low to high, which is absolutely cssen- ,!, et from any pharmacl.t four tti"
lial in a full powereA, ilependable gaso- ,tf jai Hilts; ail. a Unlt.pounful In a
It has IOW llOUinK poiu.l 1 " t !flSS OI wnici .r.-.. -
. . . - t... ..... ;1l thii
starting, medium ijoinng po.ui j f,w fiflTs ana your r.:ti
k and smooth, acceleration aim m" . Ic, fM. This rsrrous nans i '"'
fr;!S the tn a"d lPn"m "''
nmMud with lithi'. aw has been n'l
boiling points for power and mileage.
Berlin, March 31. Ceneral Ludeu
dorff. writing t the MilitarUcbc Korre
spondez, says:
Do vou bend your will before the
eiiemv, who wants to imnrose a peace
devia'tine from President Wilson's four
teen points. Do not accept a peace of
Speaking at Weimar, War Minister
Noske denied that the Germans are
coidiifting an offensive in the Balkan
L. .;o)of
r',.,l.r ..nnrliiKr. 10f.13e
Hirst ana rouiui
P...,. enl '
11 o -.'c
'il .'us, 111- - , .
fl t .1 . 1 ' '
lu '""j1 2jc
Radishes, dos - -.??
a. nJihua t)(Of)'C
1 " -.1 r,n
Pnllltm -
Onions, local
Head ettuee w-vfj: -
a.... B'ie
f-,r -enerstirms t. t-lenr nt'i. kidneys
and steTolats 'h'-m to normal nctifitr,
a',... to t.etitrilue th "d in tirin, o
It nt l:i"r !s a 'un i.t I'ritstlor.,
thr- fpnt bT''." r-rvr.-w-
tnd Si.'a is '- mi"-, rir.n'St In-
Parsnips ...
Cauliflower, flats
Hirinach. box
Wiaesap apples, box .
Celery, crate
lemons, box
J.irc, r.ikes a
.i'hi-.iter lr'
t.k Bu' a-i- ''
ibai. 1 rd i
i'af arli lots of
l,U(ve .- tvrri.-t ki4m.J
while it a only
t- crBf should
- p the kidney
i.rv.n here say
: '.i, t- fo'ki who
Plorrda empo fruit, ease 7ft
Clack figs lb l'f
White figs, lb. . . !,.
Package fig per bx 50 pkg H(60
floney, extracted zw
Eetail rrteea
Eggs, iozen
Creamery butter
Flour, hard wheat - 3.155i3.23
Portland Market
Portland. Or. April 1 Butter, city
creamery 59'fSIe
Eggs selected local ex. (.
liens 33(S3c
Broilers l(T:43e
dense 17f(l,;)C
Cheese, triplets 3739e
U,M...'n.t. 103
Tone of market strong.
Best steers VMa 14.30
(liiod to choice steers fli..i0 ;.i l-.JU
Mmliom tn rood steers IU(..I1
Fair to good steers $Ufa'10
t, f.nr Mtcr. 'il
yUlll III. II. I.I . .
Choice cows and heifers eio.uuc'y
l.j vr.
C.iKid to choice cow and aciieri
if9te 10.50 , , ..
Medium to good cow( ana uenert
Fair to medium cow ano neucri
Canners 3.r)0(a l.oO
Bulls s.M
dir.. All .-.lirti 13.50
Blockers and feeder 710
Receipt 4il
Tone of market strong
Prime mix. I 1S.7.V 19
Medium mixed IH.5'' 18.75
Rough heavies airt.75fel7.5U
Pig Hi.-i(" 17.-5
Bulk 19
Receipts 400
Tone of market strong
Prime Iambs Wi.n
Fair to medium lambs 14f13
Yearlings $110712
Wethers !Cffl0
Ewes fO.S'J'.'i 10.00
McCornack haU on every Tqday
at 8. P. Andresea, C. C. I. J. Kaata
K. B. & 8.
BOYAh Neighbors of America, Ore
gon Orape camp ro. uou meei eery
Tnursday evening in McCornack haU
Elevator service. Oiaclc, Mrs. Car
rie K. Bonn, 618 Union St.; recor
der, Mrs. Melissa Person, 1415 H.
4ih St. Phone 1436.W.
Oregon Cedar tamp Ho. BSS40 meet
every Thursday evening, b o'eloe
in McCornack hall, Over My
store. Hay A. Orant, V. C. F. A.
Turner, clerk.
blr No. 84 meets every Thursday at
S'p- m- in Masonic Temple. Cilcna
C. Nile, M. A.; C. A. Vibbert,
ecretary, 30 Oweaj tft.
J. A. Rowland Furniture Store
Buys, tell and exchange new ana
2nd 'iand furniture. All kinds of
rcpaii work, light grinding, filing,
and brazing a specialty. Bight
prices. 217 North Commercial Hi.
Phoue 10.
Our Prices are Right
vr t ZANDER. Protirietor
1255 N'. Summer Street, Salem, Oregoa.
refuse of all kind removed on a oath
lv contract, at reasonable rasee.
dess pools cleaned. Dead animals re
moved. Office phone Main, 1671