Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, April 01, 1919, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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The Journal New Today 'Ads
WANTED Boarders and roomers
at 1129 Center St. Phonel074. 4 1
FOR RENT Sleeping rooms at 152 8.
t-Burca. :
Rte pe' wo'i Jew Today:
Jci insemoa
an week (6 insertions)
Ote month (26 intertiona)
v. . iVt'ftAl Journal will Dot hs r-
moniible for more than one insertion,
for errors in Classified Advertisements
Bead your advertisement the lirst day
it appears and notify us immediately if
rror occurs.
Minimum charge, 15c.
WANTED Furnished house by April
Is or 15th. Phone 335. tf
MOTORCYCLE for sale. Phone 8P23i
evcuings. tf j
BUGS cleaned 35c- per raj Phone 16.
L. L. Buckncr. 4-4
All kinds of chickens. Will !
pay Up price,
Phone 1330J. (fjirvr.ou cow tor sine, rnone lOjr'll.
UKlANBEItRy plant, for sale J P
AitinivnlL Urooks. Or. 1 bono 3.ir
t 1 - i
OAKI4AND Sensible Six $1273. Come
get a demonstration at 107 South
Cum. St. 4 12
WANTED Experienced grafters at
Fruitlaud nursery. Phone 111F21, Sa
lem Rt. 6. tf
FOR SALE 6 room house, and lot,
$1000, call on my agent, Wm. Flem
ing, 341 State St. tf
FOR SALE Good loganberry wire.
Capital Junk Co.,- 271 Clieuieketa.
Phone 398. tt
A. E. HUTCHISON, 246 State St.,
Phone 311. Overland service and
general repair shop. 4-7
.WALL PAPER IS cent per doable roll
upward. Buren'i Furniture Store, 179
Commercial. tf
WE PAT highest cash price for eggs,
pork, veal and poultry. Willamette
Transfer Co, 171 B. High St. Phone
1400. tf
OREGON strawberry plants 50e per
hundred, $3.50 por thousand while
they last. Why pay more. Clias. Hart,
Jefferson, Or. 4-1
FOR 6ALR At 12GO Jefferson St. a
nice little house and lot for $325;
can give terms; act quick, for this
is a bargain. Z Y P care Journal, tf
WE HAVE on hand few tons of mill
rnn for sale, at a bargain Willam
ette Valley Transfer Co., 171 South
High St. Phone 1400. tf
CENTER Street Garage just opening
a goncml repair shop; cars washed
and poliahod. 245 Center St. Phone
27, J. W. Hunt, prop. 4-15
NORTHWESTERN Nursery, Rt. 6.
Fruit trees, roses and shrubs. Special
low prices on 'certain lines. Phone
1UF3. tf
FOR SALE Clover hay $23 per ton;
clover seed 50c er lb; apples $1.75
nor bushel. Rt. 6, box 51, Phene 23
F21. . tf
FOR SALE Russet Buroank seed po
tatoes, best potato on market; also
have clover hay for sale. M. Kipping
er, Gervais, Kt. 2, box 1. 4 2
GOOD rooming house to lease, 30 rooms
partly furnished; will lease very
reasonable. Innuiro 506 N. Com I
St. or tihonn 134UM. tf
FOR SALE White Leghorn and Ore
iron nortinir earn XI rxr setting. Ba-
bv chicks 10 nor hundred 708 S.
j . t
13th St. 4-1
We Buy and Sell at the Market
314 Masonic Temple
Salem, Ore.
BEEHIVES for sule. phone 53F6. 4 2
FOB RENT Furnished house. 230 S.
roouis i,h WrJ
8 '
FOR SALE Pansy plants.
I 211 Miller St.
r ii wmTi . T" Mr8- J
FOR SALE Jersey cow, fresh May
ist. . i.iiu. 4-2
-$10 bill on Mill St. Phone 1712
Reward. 4 2
ISEED artichokes for sale.
4 3
,.,..,,, ',
4 5
KRKJJlr fow
...... .. ..... ' J
!'.' S. 22.1.
4 1
033 Ferry.
-Best apt. at tho Miller.
EOli SALE 2-bottom hop or orchard
plow. 3093 Portland road. 4 5
FOR SALE Good fresh Jersey. Call
Phono 53F13. 41
WANTED To rent 5 or 6 room mod
ern house. A 13 caro Journal. 4-1
FOR RENT Clean apartments for
clean peoplo at the Miller, 633 Fer
ry St. tf
4 ROOM house for rent cheap, largo
lot, good garden. Inquire 200 Marion
street. 4-3
FOR SALE Gold Coin seed potatoes,
also one year loganberry plants.
Phone 10OF32. tf
FOR SALE 5 room house, large lot,
barn, plenty fruit 4Q6 N. 24th.
call after 5:30 p. m. 4-5
FOR SALE 7 room house, barn, on 1
acre, 'fa acre choice iruii, ciose in,
cheap for cash. 504 Belmont St. 41
WANTED Second hand piano, excel
lent condition and reasonable. 1 hone
1415. 4-1
WANTED Middle aged woman to
take charge of hotel. Iasuirc 4o
State. tf
W ANTE Small pigs.
Phone 69F2.
4 1
FOR SALE Gold Dollar strawberry
plants, very fine; (0e per hundred,
$4 per thousand. Thone 6W21 eve-
w. e. Scott. -
FOR SALE Auto, model 27 Buick,
overhauled, painted ond new top, a
snap at $400. Soo Merlin Harding:
at Salem Hdw. Co. 4-2
I.Y1R RENT 70 acres. 24 acres for
grain, 10 acres hops, about 7W Dear
ini nrch.ird. mostlv rjeachei and bal
anco pasture; share rent. Located
half mile west of Wapato station,
Yamhill county, Or. Address Wm. H.
Egan, Oorvais, Rt. 2. Phone 3F11. tf
M.nBS HORSES Last -opportunity
t hnv stuck of Hi's kind, at such
low Prices, from $200 to $2S5 per
,.n Sin .twin "ood young mules,
.....;i, oiimi to 'jfiOO: four span well
matched li"rr tetims, blocky built,
i ,.,n.i lin.l. weight 2"iOO to
ornn ,te 5 to S: stock is gentle
well hroko nnd onnd. Guarantee
or trial given with all, if not as rep
resented money refunded; also sev
eral sets harness. 231 S. Liberty,
Waring 's barn. 4 J
SALRaMAX and collector wanted at
337 State St. 4-4
FOB RENT J city lot for garden
purposes. Phone 1043. 4-1
FRANKLIN touring ear for sale, 744
N. Commercial St. 4-5
TOI NG calf for sale,
niiiigs. Thouo 76F6.
B. L.
roB SALE-Oheap, my $200 talking
machine and records used less than
3 months. Call 1640 Hall St. tf
FRESH milk goat and kid for sale, $35
Also new teiu 12xi4, 5 ft. wall, $16.
Call 449 S. 18th. 4-3
TRADE extra goed double seated bug
gy, rubber tire, leather seats, for
good fresh eow. Phone 37F2. 3 29
WANTED Experienced millineTy
sales lady. Fullertons, ask for Miss
Iarsen. 3-29
3 ROOM house for rent, close in; also
have some Belgian hares for sale.
560 N. High St. 4-1
WANTED A jauitur at the Willain
etto sanatorium, a middle aged sin
gle man preferred. 4-1
OAKLAND Sensible Six $1275. Come
get a demonstration at 197 South
Com. St. 4 12
FOR SALE 0 cows, 4 Jerseys, one
Durham, ono Guernsey; 2 fresh, 4
fresh soon. 2015 X. Com'l St. 4-2
FOR SALE Ford metal delivery body
Will trade for Ford body. Phone
25 day time. 4 2
WANTED Men to cut white fir cord-
wood by contract. F. M. Suver,
Dallas, Or. 4-5
WANTED To rent modern 5 or 6
room house, good location, respon
sible party, garage if possible. C.
N. Loughrigo. Areo hotel. 4 2
FOR SALE Or lease after April 1st
houso occupied bv Judge Unas. A.
John. 260 N. Capitol. Phone 58GM.
FOR SALE 5 acres well improved, 8
room hotwe, good barn, chicken
house, 45 fruit trees, V, acre straw
berries, some logan and block ber
ries, good location, near ear line.
For particulars address H. G. Love-
land. Rt. 4. box 8A. 4-1
FOR SALE 480 A In Jefferson conn
ty, 150 acres in crop, 40 head Dnr
ham cows, increase about 20 calves,
1 registered Durham bull, good house
barn partly finished, with lumber to
finish on place; some timber, some
pasture and all tillable land under
Suttlo lake irrigation project A snap
at $8000. Address M J 8 care Jour
nal, tf
WANTED Experienced man and wife
on farm, separate, wood, milk and
garden spot furnished. Prevailing
wages paid. Mrs. W. Al Jones, Ger
vuis. Or.. Rt. 2. Phone 3IF12. 4-1
FOR SALE Ono spring wagon for
ono horso; ono Acme harrow and
other farm articles. Thone 2500J1
229 Stnte Street
If you want to buy or sell a
car come and ee me.
1917 Ford good as new, all new
tire, a good buy.
1917 Maxwell 5 pass, $425
Maxwell delivery car $325
5 pass. Maxwell $275
Detroit, bargain, $250
Paige-Detroit, starter and lights
Studebaker, 6 cyl. perfect condi
tion, $40
Hudson 6 cyl, good as new, $1000
1918 Buick 4 cyl. perfect condi
tion, $550
1916 Maxwell, good condition'
1910 Dodge if you want a good
car sec this Bt $HO0
5 Pass. Maxwell, first class shape
good tirc $130
1914 Ford, perfect condition, just
been overhauled, $300
List your property trade with me.
Phone 867
Several choice lots . on paved
street, has cement walk and nice
fruit treos from $250 to $400 on
monthly payment. Buy these lots for
analatiin thpv sre verv cheap.
The town is on the move, now is
the time to get in on tne gTouno
JOHN H. scon
404 Hubbard bidg.
Are now able to take
care of your plumbing
wants in their new loca
tion, 220 North Com
mercial street. Phone
WHITE Reels, eggs for
Phone 93F5 or 403 R.
FOR SALE Early fuggle hop roots
Phone 9S2R, J. A. Krebs. tf
FOR SALE-4ur wheel trailer, 871
N. Com. St. 4 2
FOR RALE Belgian does, 1 each.
560 N. High. 4 J
WASH , polish and grease youi cars
at 320 X. Com St. 4 4
FOR SALE One chain drive Ford
truck, real bargain. 337 Court St. tf
FOR SALE Baled oat and cheat hav,
Box 5, Turner, Or. 4 3
MALLARD duck hutching
sale at 544 State St.
FRESH cow for sale.
2295 X. Church.
Phone 14S3 or
WANTED Intelligent Christian wo
man or girl for light housework.
1090 Chemekcta. 4-1
WANTED: Lady or girl fer general
housework, good wages; references
required. Phone 510. tf
FOR SALE Organ, cook stoves, heat
crs and other household furniture.
1795 Fairgrounds road. 4 1
FOR SALE About 500 Hut. Gold Coin
seed potatoes at $1.50 per suck. 200
N. 24th St. 4-2
WANTED -Capable farm hand. E. A.
Foster, Independence, Rt. 1. Phone
3022. 1 mile south Gerlinger. 43
TOR TRADED City property close in,
for 20 or 30 acre tract, fruit and ber
ries. Cash difference, M E-S4 caro
FOR 8ALR Horse, "just received a
load of artillery horses from Camp
Lewis. Thev are at Clearwater barn
644 Ferry Bt. 4-2
FOB SALE 9 acres mile east of
end of 12th street carline, H aero
strawberries, 1 acre loganberries,
young orchard, good S room house,
barn, chicken and hog house, good
well. Call evening after 4 p. m. or
Sundays. $2000. James Callahan. 4-5
A 6IX room bungalow on North
Broadway, lot 60x120, on the r
npr, and small bari. Trice $1500;
will trade for twenty or forty aties.
29 acres, 64 miles from Salem on
Wheatland road. 21 acres in cultiva
tion, 3Vi acre orchard. All mnds
of fruit, good house, good well, wind
mill tank, on good gravel road $7,
300. Five room honse on Bellevue street,
two lots, $2000. $200 down, plenty
of time on balance.
Four room cottago on North Sum
mer street, on ear line. Bath, toilet,
lot 45x110. Cherries and small fruit.
Price $850. Can assume $275 at 5ft
percent, payable monthly.
line home at 1780 Court etreot. See
ing is believing, price $4000, good
terms. Come to the office for par
A ten room house os 14th St., near
Center St. fine rfntal property
Price reduced to $4000. Must sell
soon at these figures.
Fivo room bungalow on North 20tb
street. $130ft.
Eight room house, three lots on N.
Commercial, $1300.
One acre, five room bungalow on
South (Jommercial street near car
line, lots of fruit, $1000.
A large brick building on North Lib
erty street for sale or rent, at a bar
gain. A large house on Summer St, close
to stote capital. "What will you givo
A nice 6 room bungalow on Liberty
St at $1600.
A good 7 room house, all fh fine eon
dition and quite modern, only one
block from good school. $1500.
If you are looking for bargains see
me at once. O. W. Lnflar insuranco
man. 405-406 Hubbard bid. tf
to buy first class berry land at snap
I have personally inspected all the
following properties and can recom
mend each one as being an excep
tionally good buy.
0'4 acres with house, barn, etc.,
$2000. $400 eawh, balance ey.
10 acres with 3 acres in logans; 2Vi
acres cherries, walnuts, prunes, etc;
1 acre currants and goosebcrrieg and
2 acrns strawberries. All woven wire
feneed. 2 room house; barn, etc
02 acres of choice bottom land 3
miles out of Salem. $100 an acre
10 acres with acres bearing prunes
6 room bungalow; barn. 4 nilcs out
of Salem on main road. $2100. $500
down, balance monthly at 7 percent
9Vi acres in 10-yrar old prunes with
strictly modern 7 room bungalow
Fine location. $9500. This is a mon
ey makinz home.
8 3 4 acre, with 6 acre, in logans.
No buildings. $2750.
15 acres of choice hcrry land just
east of Salem $3750. Has fair build
20 acres with A"i acres in logans
Fair buildings. Well located. $4700
Would icll lu acres without improve
ments for $2700. Fisc berry propo
to advertise ALL my listings.
If you eontem plats fcnying land for
small fruits. See
Masonic Building
"Just Beal Estate" tf
TRY Streets' new garnge nt 420 S.
Com 1. First class mechanic . 4-7
BOARD nnd room wanted by young
Iiidy. South Salem preferred, Ad
dies C C care Journal or'jihono 1599
K 41
FOlt SALE 3 year old Jersey bull;
sire Merry Maidens Kigno Torment;
dum, Nilver Lad's Napanec; record
002 lbs. butterfat. M. K. Townsend
Turner. Or. Phono 151. 4 3
300 ACRE farm. First, class in every
respect for general funning. Modern
house and barn. All stocked and
cquijmcd. For sale by owner. Ad
dress j M care Journal. 41
AH I am leaving the cify will sell my
9 room house on paved street, high,
;,hHv Incntion. Int. 75x150: 3500
cash. 'None others need apply. Fhona
4 7
IIOMKHTBAT) in Canada for $125.
This includes fare to Alberta; board
traveling and locator's expenses.
Fine mixed farming district. Partic
ulars at my office, only. C. W.
Niemeyer, Masonic building.
WANTED Management of a prune
orchard by competent young man
just returned from the service. Ad -
" ...
dress Knoll Krest, Rt. 2, Corvallis,
Or. 4 3
Notice is hereby given that 1 will
tell at public auction on Saturday,
April 5th, 1!19, at 1 o'clock p. m., of
said day, all ths personal property of
P. O. Kogowsy and K. Kogoway, gen
erally known a. tho Independent Mar
ket, situated at 121 Houtli Commercial
strei-t, Sulem, Oregon, to the highest
bidder for cash in hand, subjret to con
firmation by the circuit court of the
state of Oregon for the county of Ma
rion. Said property consiifs of salt
an I cured nieat together with tho fix
tures, tools, furnishings and equipment
of said market. F. N. Derby, receiv
er. 44
New Arrivals
Today's Express Brought us a large
shipment of
New Dolman
The very latest creations from the centers
of fashion
New "Butterfly" Doban Coat
New "Chicken" Dolman Coat
New "Novelty" Dolman Coat
New "Swagger" Cape
Four New Styles, never shown before.
Made up in the accepted season's materials.
Serges, Broadcloths. Velours.
Tricotines. Gabardines
In the newly created shades. These beau
tiful and charming garments will appeal to
all good dressers. They are extreme, but
decidedly practical and attractive, carrying
an air of individual distinction.
Tomorrow's Surprise Sale
Muslin Nightgowns, Embroidery
: $U9
You can always do better at
Salem - - - Oregon
You must clean the stomaih and
bowels, purify the blood, each spring,,
or you leave winter's germs and ini
politic iu your blood and Hystun,
Drive, tlicui away, clenn the stom
ach and bowels -tnke llollixior ' Itocky
.Mountain Tea, a spring cleanser-purifier.
35c. Tea or Tables. 1). J. !),.
Mexican Congress Gptns
For Special Business To4y
Mexico City, Mix., April 1. A so
cial session of tho Mexican congress
opened today. It was called by Prcni
dent Cnrrunza for the purpose of "con
i. ni.i.,m I. .;.. " iMI.n
' I ..... .. H.n.u. ...... j
1 le bank of issue" and an organic, law
f"r the enforcement of article 123 of
the constitution. I
' "Tho sole bank of issue" is the gov-
eminent bank. Article 123 concerns la
1 gnd socinl welfare itcncrnmg to the
neds of each region of the country.
To get the genuine call for full name
tfilctn. Look for signature of K. W.
UKOVK. Cures a 'o!d in Ono Uay. 30c.
When you are overworked, feel l'ml-
!''' Innguid, or when you can't
1 i 1....- , .. 1. r .1 r. ......
Bleep or cm, imirr ihui- iiuiiinirr
Kocky Mountain l-n, li.ens you up,
purifies the blood, soot'ies and regu
bites the stoinneh, make you cat and
sleep. A real Spring Medicine. 35e
Tea or Tablets. V. J. Cry.
100 seres n'ar V.'ildport, in Lincoln
county. Ore. II use, barn nnd fami j
ly orchard, 10 n -res lnhed and ens j
ily cleared. I' i very fine berry'
land. It is !o fine for rnttls end ,
dairying pur Mites. Hnilroad runs by
place, good school within Vi mile, if
in j led neighborhood.
Will take small residence in Halem
as part payment. Price 4H(Ht. 4W
401 Hubbard building
In place of Cloth
House Lining. Its f j
cheaper and pleases
Buren's Furniture
Have just installed a machine
that wil sharpen lawnmowcrs the
same as the factory puts them
out new. Bring ail your light
repair work to me.
Alvin B. Stewart
347 Court Bt. PHONE 493