Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, April 01, 1919, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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    PA (IE SIX
Your son
are you sure
he has a father ?
"Wiil Fathers Never Learn?" is. a simple unvarnished
confession of what happened to a boy and why. No parent
can afford to miss this boy's startling disclosures, which
picture the risks that may come to your own children.
Mothers do not know ; they do not suspect Fathers know;
but they forget Read this true and pathetic narration to
night And then get your husband to read it
Will the woman of the future
want to be a mother? is one of
the questions asked and an
sweredby W. L. George in
"Women and the New Society."
'Thirst," a masterpiece by Ida
A. R. Wylie, gives a vivid
glimpse of Russia.
Then there are stories by
Kathleen Norris, Jennette Lee,
Rebecca Hooper Eastman; more
of those powerful serials, "The
River's End" by James Oliver
Curwood, and 'The Web of the
Spider" by Arthur Somers
Good Housekeeping Institute
contains countless suggestions;
among them "Time-Saving
Meals" and "The Secret cf the
Successful Small Roast" There
are 17 pages of Spring Fashions
r-64 individual sketches of suits,
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Think what this means to you.
Trial Cf Girl -Who Poisoned1
Wife Of Mas She Lored !
Opens In Seattle. j
Seattle, Wash., April 1. Temporarily
insane when she poisoned Mrs. Grace
Mtorrs two weeks ago, ut sane now. j
This was the pica enteral this after
noon in Judge Tallman's court by Buthj
Garrison, the 18-year-old Kirl who con-,
fessed she hail placed strychnine in the
fruit salad eaten by the wife ot Dudley;
Stoirs, the man with whom she was
The Harrison girl answered "Not
guilty" when the qucjtiou w,as put to
her by the judge. . I
When court convened a large crowd
had gathered in the hallways and court-1
room to cateh a glimpse of the youthful :
"Sot guilty by reason of insanity at
the time of the commission of the
crime," was the technical wording of
the plea. Accompanying the oral stute-
rueni was also a written pica setting
forth that since the date of the crime,
Kuth Garrison has been sane and would
be "safe to be allowed at large."
The extraordinary plea is wade neccs-1
sary, the lawyers explained afterward,
under the laws of the state, in orun u
I give Kuth Harrison a fighting chance
i for liberty. The law lequires a written
I statement at the time of entering a plea
I of insanity in which the court must be
j apprised as to w hether the defendant
I still claims to be insane or whether san
ity has been recovered.
It will be up to the jury when she is
tried, to determine first whether MiRS
Garrison is guilty of muider, notwith
standing her plea of insanity, or wheth
er she is innocent by reason of insanity.
I In the event she is found "not
(guilty," tho jury will havo to answer
the specific question of whether she is
.still insane. If tho jury says "no,"
'she will go free. If the jury believe
l''yes" and that she is still unsufo to
,be at large, Miss Garrison will be sent
to tno insane ward or tho penitentiary.
Comforting relief from pain
makes Sloan's the
-.World' Liniment
Everybody Come
We will hold our second annual reception for the public, on the evenii
of April 9, 1919, from 8 to 10 p. m.
It will give us great pleasure to have you visit our plant at that time, thj
giving us an opportunity to demonsti ate modern methods of bread makiin
and the use of automatic bread wrapping machines.
We trust you will keep the date in mind and invite your friends.
Refreshments will be served.
Respectfully, ;
Chesty City Baking Co.
Court House
The city of Turner lias filed objec
tions to witness fees in the recent trial
before the circuit court when the city
lust in its suit against H. M. lhidicott
ml W. 0. Winslow ou a mutter of
ubuut tilL'. The city objects to paying
-'.(ill fees for the services of West
Hmilh who was not culled on to testify
and also the mimic amount for the serv
ices of Mrs. linker, whom tlie defend
ants called as a witness unt wno tun not
toutify. . -ijjJ
F. N. Jtcrby,, receiver for the Inde
pendent Meat Market, has petitioned
the court for an order to sell the suited
meats and biicnn cf (ho mnrket and to
dispose of the fixtures. Aeocrding to
II f Vr. llorbv. the total assets
f the Independent market amounted to
tl-7.HH and that so far claims amount
ing to about HiiO have been presented.
The petition for sale was granted.
case and decided in favor of tno de
fendant. K. K. Uil'oint sued the Southern Pa
cific for criminal negligence in nocping
up a crossing. He Inst and la now called
on to put tho cost bill of the 8. 1'.
amounting lo t-2.10.
In the case of Kstella t'heffings
against the .Southern Pacific, a suit for
t'M against the railroad for causing the
death of her husband, tho petition of
tho railroad lo try the ease beforo the
district court in Portland was overruled.
Iu the case of l.niig Hung versus Km
111 a H. Tliielsen involving the rental of
It tun acre tract and n hop crop, tho
court decided thai the plttiiititf had no
For Constipation
Indigestion, Sick Headache, Bilious
scut, Bloating, Sour Stomach, Gas on
the Stomach, Bad Breath or other con
ditions caused by clogged or Irregular
bowels, take
A wholesome and thoroughly cleansing
phytic - mil J snd gentle iu action.
B. B. H.w.rd. Unnllll. (is.i "I ind Foley
Cstbanic luhlets live me quicker relief Iruia
eoatiic-atlou thau atiylliitid 1 vcr tried.'1
J. C. Perry', ' "
Animunccnisiit was made today by
(Inventor Olcnlt of the appointment
of lr. .lean dline of l'uitlnnd und Or.
H. II. Olingor of Salem as members
of the olale board of dental examin
ers. They will succeed I'r. Walter J.
I. nrsnn of Portland and I'r. Alex Mac'
Dougnll of linker, whose term expires
tomorrow ,
Dr. Olinger was a member of the
dental board for practically thirteen
years from April 1, 1 !, to .February
S, I St 111. lie was secretary of the board
during that time for ten years, tloveru
or (tloett ii the fifth executive to up
point lr. Olingor its a member oT tho
uintal board.
Dr. Cline served as a member of the
kmrd from HHP to ISMli and was for
four years prusidi nt ,
Both of the appointees tire widely
k.imvu in their p:otVssion throughout
the s.llli'.
W . Ii. Tiiiiinpson oi i cuinciou ::
today reappointed by Governor Olcott
.... ..P .1... utiit., liiirliu-nt- coin- I
Its n " iin'i ui mi- mi.,.. .. . .. i
mission. The governor nnnoiincid so mo ;
time ago that lie would reappoint Mr. i
Thompson, and Uivornor Witliyeonibo ;
had a'-" tvummnred prior to his death
I1...4 i, .. - . I.!- l...,.,l i.itt li, t 1 ill t I
Mr. Tln'iipsos vwn reappointed.
Ceoigo Isaacson has secured the con
tniet for the construction of a wing
on the Vancouver high school. His bid
wu ij.'.Tll.
Milling men of tho northwest ro
looking forward to a revival of the min
ing industry on a wale never before
'4 i
... ; v . . .. j
- " . ; . i J
' . i - v , , i
. f J
This (amoua ruliever of rheumatic
aches, soreness, stiffness, painful
sprains, neuralgic pains, and most
other external twinges that humanity
suffers from, enjoys its great sales
because it practically never fails to
bring speedy, comforting relief.
Always ready for use, it takes littls
to penetrate without rubbing and produca
results. Clean, refreshing. At all druy
stores. A laren bottle means economy.
J. U. PKliKY, Diuuuisi
A !fl,tl0i,0tM bond issiK proposed in
Unit county for road construction may
be voted upon at tho special election
in June.
rlember of the Banking Firm of Kuhn,
Loeb & Company of New York.
WHEN you buy Home
Products the princi
pal and the profit all re
mains in Oregon.
If every consumer would
use Oregon products, the
output of Oregon factories
would be increased more
people would be put on Ore
gon payrolls. More homes,
more schools, etc.r would
follow property values
would increase, taxes would
be less. START TODAY.
Home Industry l.r accf Oregon
Xew York, April 1. Liberty
were quoted today as follows:
3Vs, 99.1(5, up .Uti; first 4 's," 94.00,
up second 4's, "3.44, off .1.'; first
4Vi's, 94.60, off .10; second 4V4's, !o.4(i
ott .10; third 4y4's, '15.02, uff .12;
fourth iVi 's. 03.34, off .10.
fairgrounds Kace Track
ieiectea As Landing f lace
At lust a suitable place has been
found near Salem tor airplanes to luud.
Alter lookino over tto country for
miles around, it has been decided that
the space inside of the race truck at the
fair grounds js bcgt a,i.1)U,j j-or ajr.
piunes and the Hose Carnival committee
from I'ortland was so notified yester
day. The Commercial club was informed a
few days njjo by the hose festival com
mittee of i'oitJnnd that the novcrnnient
had promised a squadron of aiipU.ncs
for the bin event Juno 11-12 and l:i, and
that n amiable lanHinjj place was de
sired at Sulom.
ill ine siuio fiiir grounds inside the
race track, there is a space that will fill
the bill, SOO feet wiuc una ubout 2oU0
feet Ions;. A. 11. Lea, secretary ot the
state fair, assured a committee yester
day that he would co operate in every
way with the Commercial club to level
this Kround and make it suitable for
uirplune landing by the tune tnc nosu
Mr." Business Man
As a matter of economy
should consult the Journ
Job Department before plai
your printing-we are satisfy
Salem's leading firms puj
on your calling list. Phoni
Superintendent Todd Off
To Attend Teachers Meet
Superintendent .lohn Todd, of the
city schools, leaves this afternoon for
Spokiino to attend the three-day ses
sion of the Inlnnd Empiro Toucher's
association. He is nieompunied by his
assistant, Miss Marnaret osnr, and
by Mips Kdna Sterling, head of the
i KnjrUsh department, iliss Sterling is
Into., a tiiniiili.iv C ll.n 1 1.
" . tut- iiii kuii o'Ai iiouiv
restival airships came flving this wav. icoinmLssion and her visit to Spokane
Jt was also intimated that ttio fiiir is partly for the purpose of gathering
ground might be used as a permanent
airiilnnc lunding place by the govern-
meiit wnen tno tune comes tor an air
mail service along the Pacific coast.
Anyhow, if things come out all right
and the airships really do coinu to the
Hoso Festival amd the fair grounds fills
tho bill, Stilem people may have the
pleasure of seeing a reul uirulnne squad
ron circling over the town along about
KoseTestival times.
1. M
7 i
' ! 1 1 . ii ...1 ..-Wl. ... 1...
I i ' ".I linn Hull. ,,illl llillll III IIIV LI Al
book pridiliins, which will 'be dealt
with in the se-sions.
While (Stipt. Todd is not assigned to
any subject on the program it tuny be
expected that his voice will be heard
in disfiissiotiH and in enlightening ob
s-rvationn from his work in this city.
The 'program issued shows a most re
markable scope, as it takes up educa
tion in its relations to post-war prob
lems, its relation to the future of de
mocracy, tho operation of the Smith
ilughis act, economics, manual train
ing, club work, extensions of scientific
training, and other subjects which
twenty five years ago were scarcely
thought of iu connection with the pub
lie school.
u:i me progiam ippear tno names
ot some of the inremnst educators ot
the northwest. Oregon being represent
ed by twelve speakers. In addition to
these, there are n number of promi
nent lenders from the middle west and
out the Atlantic cities.
asides the scientific nnd pedagogic
. ,i.n ....... ... . I ...
j him unni niin, mo voui in 1 1 ivcs 11.1 o II I -
ranged a ;;enerons number of musical
and entertainment features. Altogeth
er the association is a cultural treat
, that is to bo envied for any one who
can attend.
When you liny a shotgun to
chicken hawk, iniike sure it's,
New Ruler of Luxemb
j t'i'oni
HOiaHr-an.iLi.LiTATia umm,
Grand-duchess Charlotte
sister of Grand-duchess AdcU.
Luxemburg, who succeeds h
It to th small throne of Lt
'"V A ( i.. I-t., .tM-.r. Trov. N. V
Moving Pictures' Hav9 So Wany Parts, Nowadays 7
OfawiiTor tliis paper
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1 :tf00M': itwSi ifi! IWt fh
i &rm f WMIm0 'I-iv-
h-A ? '- 'WvEWiSKOU- , Vii SyvtwSOH S h'.K. :. h-- itM TOO 1 (T7t - "
l4.'"'fi' !f& j to see the i,t;ti. :ar;io t li - k
lrnN.. : ; Im- ' l.-rrrl Wig-tfi-i:.-, :I ;