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3 Days
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"The Trick
of Fate
Supreme Court Sustains De
cirioii Of Judge Bingham
In Damage Case.
Among the divisions handed down
this morning frm the supreme court
was that of C. X. Mullock, a admin
istrator of tho estate of Corn B. Slut
lock, deceased, vs Julius Aim, ct III,
appealed from Marion county, decree by
Judge. Hiughnin. This was a suit in
equity in which pluintiff charges the
fraudulent conveyance of property on
the part of defendant, and demands ti
tle to tho property under tho judgment
of the lower court. This judgment
grow out of a suit for damages brought
by plaintiff in Judgo Bingham's court
as the result of an automobile accident,
in which plaintiff's intestate, Cora ft.
Matlock, was killed. As the result of
th suit for damages brought by her
administrator, '. X. Matlock, the
Officials Fear Routing Of Pol
ish Troops Through City
At Present.
AII-Fcols Day Bids 111 For Poor
fish And For Poor
' ' All Fools Day" is going to be cele
brated in proper style by a lot of Salem
citizens out on the trout streams. .And
it 's dollars to doughnuts that there will
be more citizens among the fooled than
there are trout. For the month past
there has been a circus-ticket "business
in fishing licenses. For a month the
Waltoniaus of every age and degree
have ben looking forwara to re open
ing of the trout season as the angelic
bov looks tn ttirt ..h n......i...-
! Hence today, with ideal w-oxther n th
calendar, there, is a grand rush to th
An indication of what is coming to
the trout who is unfortunate enough to
be over six inches long, mav be gained
from the fact that during the past
three months, between the sporting
goods stores and the court house there
have beeu sold from 323 to 3o0 licenses,
which means about $300 i revenue for
the game commission. In addition to
those must be added a largo numrer of
combination licenses.
The fish have been well protected dur
ing the past year, some of the streams
have been well stocked, and there is
promise of rare sport to those who
know the game.
It goes without saying that Salem Is
the central point in one of the greatest
fishing reirions in the northwest. f
lewis and Clark and tho fathers at
Chnmpoeg had done nothing more for
the American rnoe, thev would bo do-
serving of immortality fur securing title
By Frank J. Taylor.
(United Press Staff Correspondent.)
Berlin, March 30. The Danzig ques
tion has becomo tho must important is
sue, in Germany. Tho government has
taken tho position that serious trouble
niav result unless the allies send General
iluler's Polish troops to Warsaw by
sonio other route than Danzig. Auti
Poli.iL demonstrations have occurred iu
Berlin, Weimar, lireslau and Danzig.
Tho old threat of bolshevism is ruiter-
3. .J PT! T - I Af Vi . ff n l wnnt.ttrr.
Acea uwege i raining Rescue ui nanus u uocs i u lauauilo
Employment Managers' Corpse Proceeds Slowly 'O NEURALGIA
to this piscatorial piradise. (
(By the way, some cheerful prevari-j
cator Touches f Jr the statemeut that on
the first day of every April, at 3 o.'elock:
in the morning, the shade of old father, Portland, Or., April 1. .-Four new! Bristol, Pa., April 1. Seven bodies
Waltou can be seen hovering about a courses for the training of ruipyuient have been recovered Jront the waters
cascade in the upper Sautimu with a managers opened at Kevd college tods.y, of the Delaware and many searching
broad gria on his face.) 'under the auspices of the federal board 'parties are dragging for others hurled
One thing is dead sure if Ike really of vocational education. i-nta the river late yesterday when a
managed to get back to the Santiam he Reed is one of several colleges in the; vlat form on whica they were viewing
would have the grin all right. 'country which were chosen by the gov-;,n launching of the cargo carrier
A glance at the map of Willamette eminent to conduct the training. Among' tt i:hau collapsed.
v&Uey will show that a score or streams the instructors are Hudson B. Hastings,! The number of missing is variously
head in the hills and mountains within professor of applied economics in Heed wtimated at from 12 to 18. Police are
easy reach of Salem. All that is ro-jeollege; Professor Ira B. Cross, Vmver-j'5ii'rHIU'i"ll tffieulty in checking up
quired is a Ford and an eaxlv start and sity of California; Professor 8. I. Miller i,ho ,,8t of misslg- s 'e of those
you can have a Uout breskfast in a Jr., Vniversitv of Washington; Profess-!08 thc Inform were spectators and
setting of primoval grandeur. It does-jor 8. C. Koha, Keed college; Wilfred S.l',hf w,,rknlc0 f the merchant ship
n't matter what road you take out ef Smith, federal director of the United oml.hng yards when the accident oe
Saletn, it leads to a fishing ground. ' States emplovment service in Oregon, ic w'r' '
There are the upper reaches of Mill and James 11. Cary. president of the . T,ho atru-ture. known as the patrol
creek, Thomas ereek, the forks of the Emplovment Managers' association ,"!!, gave way under the weight of
Sautiam, haver ereek, Kickreall ereek, the Pacifie northwest
the upper Luckiamute, Butte creek, I
more than two score men. Twenty
eight living persons were taken irom
the river soon after.
The Waukau hid the patrol bridge
'from view of may spectators gather-
ied to witness the launching, and min-'i
mtes elapsed before thev learned ox
Relioved almost instantly with
Itejy'a MljBlar.ue, the iirst and
best improvment on old ti:ne must
ant plasters and liniments.
The minute you rub on Mustarine
you start something it goes riht
to work where there is inflammation
and congestion and stops the trou
ble with a speed that has amazed
many old time physicians.
Mustarine acts as a counter irri
tant removing congestion and re
ducing all inflammation and swell
ings. It stops puins, aches and sore
neas quicker than anything you've
ever used. One small box proves
Be sure you get Begy's Mustarine
Always iu the yellow box
Bock creek and various others that
might be mentioned. These are accessi-l - i i
ble even at this season by automobile' London, March SI. The British gov
or motorcycle. Some of the best grounds eminent has authorized credits for Ku-
are within settled regions so that the, mania sufficient to equip an army ot ., ' t.,,i ;i. !
..,,.,;. - v. ,.. ,...i iis.-.i n..n -. - .......i - , ie disaster. Meanwhile the vessel was
days on the hike will find himself iu r I v.,v, km;...... v .,.(;- i.
The Rumanians are nt present fight- ssoo tlin ..in if ,,
Itldv hnva ilrurn kinia nt thn l....lii.d
the fastnesses of thc Cascade or tbelare reported to be marching into Hun- :.., ., h..i n..i: i....i..,.
gary ana rsossarai.ia wnere soviet gov- ar(? ,ira"iring the river between Phil-
.t I:. . . :.. .v .
rosea oi suppiit-B. x.aier in mo season, ine numanians are ai present iigai- jon ship
as the roads dry up, one can penetrateiing the bolsheviki in the Ukraine and',u u,,' . li!,,
Coast Range, where fabulous catcnes of
1.") iuch monsters are recorded.
Naturally the mountain trout is the
most common catch they nre indigen
ous; but fine catches are made from
the planted varieties Kninbow, Cut
throat and Wolly Varden, and occasion
ernments have been established.
jadclphia and Trouton.
there is a smell of gasoline on all the I
roads leuding out of Sr.lem, some of thol
sports .hitting the trail in the small Port Huron Mich., April 1. Twen
hours. Tonight there will be tho grand . tv (,i,,,t nersim. were in hired, none fa-
an unclassified brand of huge silo est assortment of fish tales and fish T tiill v. late last niehl when an interur-
and peculiar marking,
As to equipment,
sports prefer about a 7-ounee rod, and
the most alluring bait at this season is
either salmon eggs or some type of spin
ner. Yesterday there was a grand rush for
licenses, probably more than a hundred
I mi.. ;.i r on ii unc mi ...niij ! iiivuiu. oan car ran on me iracus
majority of; And ns usual, tho biggest trout ever i a curve near here.
in making
linnlf.Ml uill li.i tint mm tlint ir.tt mrn
rno new mw proviues tnat me nngier
may take all trout of six inches or more,
and he is nt liberty to pull out a maxi
mum of SO before sundown, or an aggre
gate of 41) pounds in weight. Tho trout
being issued from' the Watt Rhipp and season is extended by one month, novs
uauser uros. stores, ana mis morning running irom April i to i'cceinopr I.
Most of the injured were residents
ef Port Huron and vicinity. The car
was jammed and among the Injured
were several women and children.
The Bend Commercial club has K0'"1
in record ns favoring a 50 per cent rise
in property valuations.
Spruce Division Shows Net
Loss Of $12000.003 Report
Portland, Or., April 1. A dead loss
of 112,000,000 was experienced by tho
spruce production division in the Pa
cific northwest, according to a report
which was nii.do public today by Briga
dier General Disque, who was in charge
of the work during the war.
This loss was due to the depreciation
in value of assets. It will be appropri
ate!) among the allies as follows: United
Stntes, 34 per cent; Great luritain, 31
per cent; France, 24 per cent; Italy, 11
per cent.
The entire expenditures of the spruce
division approximate 43,000,000.
.Tiy "T" r'-if we
iiirv awarded judgment in the sum of Uti'J, many conservative leaders doclar-
$1000. following this, and while va
rions suits were pending against de
fendants, it was agreed among then
that a certain property in Silverton
should foe deeded to defendant Aim in
order to enaldo him to raise funds for
the repair of his nutoniobilo, damaged
in the colli-sien, and also to meet his
iug that ii the government gives iu to
the i.llies a nt'w radical uprising may bo
Tho German armistice commission
had suggested that tho Polish troops
land at Stettin, Li Lin u or Koenigsburg,
instead of Danzig. The situation in tho
luttcr city is said to bo critical owing
attorney s fees, in tho circuit court to the antipathy botwojj tlio ucrman
plaintiff endeavored to show that tho and Polish residents. The Germans
transfer was made with intent to avoid there declare they will resist every ef
judgment, but Judgo Bingham found fort to make Danzig Polish. Americans
that there was no evidence of such in- returning from Danzig report the Pol
tcnt. Tho case was carried to the su-jish element is prepared to revolt and
premo court where in a decision by declare the city Polish as soon us Gen-
Justico Bennett, the lower court was oral Haller's troops land. Reports from
affirmed with ono modification, Jus
tiees Mi-Bride, Bean and Johns concur
ring. Other decisions were as follows:
Thos. M. Askay, respondent, vs
Patrick B. Maloney Thos. Swcnnes,
and 8. W. Surety Insurance Co., ap
pellants; appealed from Multnomah,
Geo. 11. Bingham, Judge. This is o
case in which plaintiff sought to re
cover damages from the above bond
ing company, as security for the" do
feudant officii, for the accidental
killing of plaintiff's decedent, plain
tiff alleging mat mo si.M.ig ... uuu ; t an(1 t experience.
in neeliL'enc.o or recklessness on the , - ,
various sources agrco it is impossiolo
to assure the Poles a quiet passage
through Danzig so long r.fl both elements
are at sword's points. Tho Germans nr
ticipato tho trouble will lead to actual
warfare with Poland if tho Poles af
tempt to seize tho port.
Field Marshal Von Hindenburg has
spent tho last week personally inspect
ing tho Polish front. His army prob
ably totals 150,000. It is greatly out
numbered by the Poles but tho Germans
are believed to bo more effective in
actual fighting, owing to their superior
part of defendant detectives, who were
shooting on the streets of Portland at
an escaping prisonor. The evidence
went to show that ono of the bullets
fired after tho fugitive, glanced from
the pavement through a street car
window and killed the plaintiff's de
cedent. On the ground that the offi
cers were in the regular periorniam;;
"iW?"",Z7fhe lower ituf home in Balem
court was reversed and the case re
manded for new trial.
Allen Rogers bt at appellants vs
rt.rln. E. Wills, ct al: appealed from
Multnomah; appeal from order of court 1
setting aside verdict nna oraenng new
trial of suit instituted for . alleged
breach of contract relative to convey
ance of lifts in Clackamas county; opln
ion by Chief Justice MciBride; Circuit
Judge Gatens affirmed.
Sanborn-Cutting company . vs Bay
City Storage and Fisheries company,
appellant; appealed from Tillamook;
petition for rehearing denied; opinion
by Justice Harris.
M. Ford appellant vs E. U. Hender
son, et al, appellants; appealed from
Yamhill; petition for rehearing denied
opinion by Justice Harris.
Hodson-Freenaughty company vs
Con-t Culvert 4 Flume company, ap
pellant; appealed from Multnomah; pe
tition for rehearing denied; opinion by
Justice Harris.
Alice M. Graham, administratrix of
estate of R. P. Graham, appellant vs
A. 8. Graham, et al; appealed from
Multnomah; suit for accounting of
property involved in partnership con
nected with an estate; opinion by Jus
tice Johns; Circuit Judge Davis af
firmed. Elizabeth Meyer vs R. Eichler, ap
pellant; appealed from Benton; suit in
partition of land; opinion by Justice
Burnett; Circuit Judge Hamilton af
Mrs. Minnie Tobev was very pleasant-
ily surprise last Thursday afternoon
when the W. R. P. L. took possession of
hnr home-coming with well filled bas
kets reminding her of the fact that they
would have one more pleasant afternoon
with her before she leaves for her fu-
The afternoon was
well spent in chatting with Mrs. Tobey
beforo her departure. Eugene Guard.
ifore California Troops
Reach States This Horning
N'ew York, April 1. Tho transport
Kcntuckian, with 1U04 officers and!
men from St. Xazaire, nearly 1300 of
whom are from San Francisco or ad
jacent points, arrived here this after
noon. The organizations aboard the Ken
tuckian are the headquarters 162d in
fantry brigade, Camp Kearny, three of
ficers and twenty men, in command
of. Brig'idier General Vernon A. Cald
well; 303d Infantry, regimental and
first battalion headquarters, headquar
ters company, machine gun company,
medical detachment and companies A
to D, inclusive, IS officers and 1462
Also on board' arc five casual com
panies and chemical warfare detach
ment number IS.
Xewport Xews, Va., April 1.
Bringing more than 2300 soldiers, the
battleships Kansas and Georgia docked
today from Brest.
Detachments of the 140th infantry
for Camps Meade, Lee, Gordon and
Greene and nine casual officers were
aboard the Kansas.
On board the Georgia were d -tach-
. . . . ii menis or me 1121B engineers tor i.umps
Petitions for rehearing were orally I ( d..taehnienii
denied as follows: State v, tnun run
et al; Frcenaughty v Beal; Brown vs
Almaci; llodson Frcenaughty com
panr vs Coast Culvert Flume com
pany; Miller vs Payette Valley Land
company; Bryant vs Pnnter; Pamchiick
vs Insurance company of North Am
London April 1. Foreign Mintrfer
Bcla Kun in a wireless dispatch from
of the 14tjth infantry for Camp Beau
regard, casuals from North Carolina
and California; a casual company, scat
tered, and eleven casual officers.
Many of the men were members Of
the Ohio national guard.
B.idaPcst today characterized reports
hat Hungnrv had declared war against
Serbia and Rumania s "a lie."
Thc statement aided that within
three davs all lands in Hungary will
be nationalized and all debts annulled.
on lured
smd AcSiy?
iv.vi"a .iil
i i-srs r
f AS winter left you dull, tired and
L .11 achy all over back ache as if
it would break? Are you "all played
out;" feel as if you just cant keep go
ing? Likely your kidneys are at fault!
Winter with its colds and chills throws
a heavy strain on the kidneys. Spring
finds you full of mysterious aches
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irritable and "blue." You may have kidney irregularities, too. Don't wait! Help the
weakened kidneys before serious kidney trouble takes holds. Use Doan's Kidney Pillsf the
remedy that has helped so many Salem people.
n xi . rir . .si it .v, v j iw a . i
mum i
Read Th
ese oaiem uases:
' State Street Befeont Street High Street
P. W. Brown, retired farmer, 1499 State street, says: Mrs. M. B. Churchill 705 Belmont street, says: Joseph Whit, retired blacksmith, GlM High street, says:
"Hard work weakened my kidneys and I often felt the "Some years ago I was down in bed for a week with "My back and kidneys bothered mo. My kidneys were
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South Thirteenth Street w. c. Johnston, .wr. 1021 muli,. say,: Mission Street
""" " " 1 "Taking cold and over exerting myself rirought on kid "
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ii 1
"j" t