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The American Spirit
in Dentistry
Our High' Brows
Chapter I.
' Dentists fail because they don't have fir
th it V" :
the American snirit. r
They have the old European mind,
The atmosphere of our colleges is like
that of colleges in the Middle Ages in
Europe. Students come out of it with
notions not suited to American condi
The aristocrats of Europe laugh at Ameri
cans. They call us crude, unpolished, world- e. R. PARKER
ly, commercial. Their ridicule sometimes (f aialtn Parkei)
unnerves us. But it shouldn't
If we have the spirit of commercialism, they have the
spirit of the barbarous Middle Ages. If we worship wealth,
they worship brute force and the glory and titles the
sword gives.
The snobbery of European aristocrats too often passes,
even in this country, for idealism. It is merely the con
tempt European lords feel for business and labor.
This kind of idealism our graduates carry from colleges
and universities to learned professions law, medicine.
That's why they are called "High-Brows." We dentists
belong to this class.
Some of us have moved away from our class-prejudices.
I have been working for twenty-five years to
bring dentistry to the door of the wage-earners
and the middle classes.
Under the E. R. PARKER SYSTEM is prac
ticed Dentistry imbued with American Ideals.
First-class Dental Work is
Done for Moderate Prices
Painless Parker Dentist
ftato and Commercial Streets
'Question Of Autos Passing
Sril Cars Cause For
; Whether automobiles should atop on
either aide of a street enr while taking
on or unloading pnssengors, or wheth
er they nil mi Id stop and remain stop
ped until all passengers of the street
rar are either otf or on, brought out tt
rather pirited debate last evening lit
the city council when the passage of
tho now apeed ordinance waa under
There waa danger not only when an
iiU overtakes a atreet car while tak
ing on fiaanengcrs, but an additional
danger when passing the atreet ear, Al
dorman Thompson anid, as jieople have.
habit of getting off a ear and step,
ping in the rear to erosn the atreet.
Alderman Wilson favored tho propo
sition that tho automobile must atop
and t ay stepped until all passengers
are on or off, regardless of whether
-tho auto i overtaking or paining the.
treet ear. At the next meeting of the
council when tho ordinance, will eomo
up for final passage, thia provision will
lie allowed to remain.
"DMd" Cars Exempted
Note was tnken of the fart that the
atreet car ot 8lnt and Commercial of
ten stand a minute or two waiting for
aeheilule time to atart. If the ordi
anee required autos to atop until the
treet car atarted, there might bo con
aiderable congestion. To avoid thia,
tha ordinance when officially panned
at tha meeting of the council neat Man
day evening, will read, "automobile
juuat be brought to a fuU atop and re
main alhuding while passengers are
Bleed Purifier And Real
Spriagtinw Tonic.
Trtkft it yoiirxolf and trivn it tn ft.
children, for it'i a purely vegetable
laxative tea flint aMa gently, yet of
fVt'livelv. drivini? nut nil nn;UMnn...
WUHtfl matter nntl mnlfinrr r..t
, , " K vi iir
ter riyhfr nwnv. Tlwmaiin.i.. ... ..,.
j . ..,.,,.,., l9 iai (iii-ii aim
women retain their youthful looka and
feeling by regulating their avatem
cneh spring with thia aafe roHublo
family remedy.
boarding or alighting from utroet enra'
.This referg to pausing oithor aiilo of a
street ear.
I PJiwever, until next Monday, the
city of Xnlem is entirely without any
speed ordinance, aa tho legislature at
ita Inst session repealed all ordinances
passed by citiea to regulato apeed.
I Speed limit of rnrs also rnmo up for
'nome rapid fire talk. Aldermen Wilson
and Vandervort were in favor of 23
mile an hour in tho residence district
iiMtend of the usual ill) miles an hour.
If Snlem is to keep in tho recession
of live towns, Mr. Wilson thought the
spee dlimit ahould be rained. Tho big
ger tha town, tho faster they travel,
ho aaid.
I For Instance, In Sun Francisco, if a
car doesn't hike along at 30 miles an
hour one la likely to get run over. In
I'ortland it is ." miles an hour in tho
business district. In (lervais tho speed
limit ia 8 miles and in Turner It)
New Today
4 V.
A riot of laughter
Scenic And Weekly
One Day Only
Ye Liberty
Two Drops of "Ckrtalt" Will Do It
Kver hand earva your too with a
knife trying to get rid of a eornf Kver
use the scissors and snip off part of
tho corn too close to tho quick f Kver
"Gets -It" Puts ynr rt In Clover
-41 femU torua Quickly.
pack up your toe with "commotion."
and plasters as tbou-jh you were pack
ing a glass vase for parcel poatf Kve
use greasy ointments that rub off oil
your atockingf Ever use slicky tape
that gets jerked off when yon pull your
tucking offf Kind o' foolish, when i!
or 3 drops of "(ietslt" on any corn
or eallua gives it a uuick, painless,
peaceful, dead sure funeral! Why put
ter and aufferf "Oetslt" stop, corn
paitia, it lets: you work, smile and
dance, even with corns. It's the com
mon aense way, the only simple, easy
way peels conn off like a banana
peel. Used by millions. It never fails.
"Gets It", the guaranteed, money
back corn remover, the only sure way.
tn j imi a irme at any drug store.
Mfd by E. Lawrence A Co. CUicego
Sold in Salem and recommended as
the world' best corn remedy by J.
(C. Terry, 1. J. Fry.
Hundreds of people were turned
away and standing room waa at a pre
mium in the Firat Prcsbyteriaa church
at MrMinnviUe Sunday afternoon
when Professor T. S. Roberta, assist
ed by Misa Lena Belle Tartar, 'popular
soloist, and 'arl Grissen of the violin
department of Oregon Agricultural col
lege, appeared in concert. The U-Vur
was heralded as one of the greatest
musical events is the list try of tha
present musical aea'en of that city.
The musicians -all a't'sta of eiception-
al ability, added additional laurels to
their reputations by the recital. The
trip was made in Professor Roberta'
new Majgwcll ear.
The urogram waa aa follows:
Grand processional from "Queen of
oheba Ouunoud
Benediction Nuptiale Frysinger
Memories St. Clair
Prof. T. S. Robert
Legende Wieniawski
Mr. Cirisson
Impromptu Xo. 3 Taylor
Prof. Roberts
Fear Xot Ye, 0 Israel Buck
Miss Tartar
Told at Twilight Huerter
Bven (Song Johnston
Prof. Uoberts
Meditation from "Thais" Massenet
Serenade tn-hubcrt
Mr. GrUsoni
Miserere from "II Travntore" Verdi
Prof. Roberts
Allah Chndwick
Tho Birdies Go North Again, Willc-by
Miss Tartar
Spriug Song Hollins
Fantasia Kinder
Prof. Roberts
Sergeant N'orlyn P. lloff, son of Mr.
and Mrs. 0. P. lloff. arrived in Port
land yesterday wearing three gold aer
vice stripe in token of his eighteen
moiithg spent in the A. K. F. lie was
met by his father, state treasurer, and
will arrive in Snlem Thursday. Ser-
her chapter there. Multnomah has in
dorsed Mrs. Patterson for the office
of Tice president general.
One of the choicest musical programs
of the ecason will be presented this
evening at the First Congregational
enurcb when William Robinson Boone,
assisted by Eathryn Cryaler Street, cou
tralto, will appear in coneert. Thia ia
given under the auspiece of the Tues
day Musical club for the benefit of the
American fund.
The program:
Toccata and Fugue in D minor .Bach
Ia dulei jubilo Bach
Minuet in E flat Beethoven
My Heart is Weary, from Xadeschda
Mrs. Street
Gothique Suite Boellmann
1 Introduction, Choral
2 Minuet
3 Priere a Xot re Pame
4 Toccata j
Selection from "La, Boheme", Puccini,
ber of university ladies wero invited
as additional guesta. A most enjoyable
time was realized by all present.
Guestg of the club were Mildred Gar
rett, Evelya Do Long. Muriel Steevea.
Faydle Porringer, Gladys Nichols, Ruth
Stewart of O. A. C. -Mary Parouna
giaa and Odvll Savage.
Mr. Harry Wenderoth, popular
young matron in club and social circles
was guest of honor at a delightful
luncheon and social evening Saturday
for which Mrs. George Riches waa
charming hostess. The affair was in
form of a farewell attention for Mrs.
Wenderoth, who leaves soon with herj
little son, for an extended visit with
her mother, Mrs. Kaiser, in San An
tonio, Texas. Sometime in August she
will be joined by her husband on his
return home from Atlantic Citv, New-
Jersey, where he goe as a delegate
for the Salem Elk lodge.
Thi-se present at the affair were Mr.
and Mrs. Paul Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Wiedmcr, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Glover, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bro-
t'ome . Home, Come ' Home Mv
Thoughts from the Hill Ronald1 ohy. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wenderoth
At kiwi itonaiajand Mr. and Mrs. George Riches.
Mrs. Street
R-esnrrection Morn
Within a Chinese Garden
Rapsodia Itahana Yon
Mrs. U. G. Boyer, 435 North Win
ter street, will entertain the Woman's
Home Missionary society of the First
Methodist church, tomorrow afternoon
at 2:30 o'clock.
Mrs. Charles A. Butt (Alice Blake)
chaperoned a gay (rronp of the younger
set at a merry picnic on the Abiqua,
twelve mile beyond Silverton Sunday.
The young people started from "Wil
low Lake" early in the morning,
reaching their destination by auto truck
All the aeceasoriea for a perfect pic
nie were ia evidence including the
Lieutenant and Mrs. Louis Comp
ton have returned to Salem to take up
otoughton I their residence. Lieutenant Compton
arrived recently from France with
those members of Companies M and h
who were fortunate enough to be re
turned with their original unit. He
will take up his duties as Y. M. C. A.
secretary immediiiately. Mrs. Oamp
ton has been residing in Everett, Wash
ington, during her husband s service
with the A. E. P.
geant Huff, who has received his dis- fcountcous lunch in which Herbert1"' ,ho Norton'8
Mrs. 8. Levy and Miss Elizabeth
Levy aro guests at the Carlton hotel
in Portland.
Dr. M. P. Mendelsohn of Salem ia
visiting in Tortlanl for a few days.
During his stay there he is domiciled
chargo from the army, intends to go
into business in Portlr.nd.
Mrs. Isaac, Loo Patterson, one of tho
most pro in i ii e nt club- women in the
state was present nt a social program
liven recently in Portland by Mrs. C.
S. Jnck90n for tho Multnomah chap
ter, Daughters of the American Rev
olution and assisted the hostess' in re
ceiving. Mrs. Putterson, who needs no intro
duction to club and society women of
Salem will leave early this month for
Washington to attend tho continental
congress of the Daughters of the Am
erican Revolution and will represent
Hoover and the war time food admin
ist ration figured not at all.
The communication from Hood Riv-
The party consisted of Laurel Jones, fr wnich follows will no doubt bo of
Florence Blake Lena Huckeatein. Ra
ta Alkire, Lily Blnke, Leona Wilson.
Mrs. O. A. Tlutz, Charles Risto, Grant
Grucoe, William Blake Jr., Saul Jans,
Katon Williamson and Fred Alkire.
They were joined at the lunch hour by
Misses Aline High and Dorothy Roland
and the two Montgomery brothers of
A beautiful "April Fool" surprise
dinner was given at the Three Squares
club by Mrs. Morgan and Mrs. Russell
Horry Sunday noon to wlucli a ntim-
interest to Salem club women:
Mrs. Charles II . Castner left yeator
day for Heud, Redmond. Prineville and
other central Oregon centers, where
she will arouse sentiment, in tho col
lection of funds for the Y. W. C. A.
Mrs. Cnatner, president of the Oregon
State Federation of Women's clubs,
will meet with tho club womca of the
respect ivo towns visited.
St. Paul's Guild will meet Wednes
day afternoon at 2:30 with Mrs. How
ell at the rectory,
miles. Hence to get lined up with Port
land instead of Gervuis, tho council
agreed that in tho new ordinance to be
passed next Monday night, the resi
dence speed limit shall be 25 miles an
An effort was made to mnke 20 mile9
tho speed limit for the business district
At first it was a five tn four vote m
favor of 21) mile8 down town. Then Al-
ernian Ctler had a change of heart,
enlled for a reconsideration of the vote
anil the business speed limit was
brought down to the present standard
of 15 miles an hour.
Whether the large sewer pipe to the
north end of town shall bo of cement
or terra cotta, brought forth the opin
ion that terra cots, pipe prevented fu
ture troubles aa tho material is non
porous and that cement aewer pipe ab
sorbs water and mud and finally clogs.
If the packing plant to be establiuhed
in the north part of the city was will
ing to pay the ilifferenco between ce
ment and terra cotta pipe, it would be
all right with the city fathers
Firemen to Get Job
It also developed that after this
sewer pipe is laid in north Salem, that
thia part of the city could secure water
connections if it ha desired. It was
stated that no application for water
hail been made by the residents of
the extrcmo northern part of the eity.
The resolution reinstating firemen
who liaa been in the service unani
mously passed.
Several Souttiern Pacific crossings
aro in pretty bad shape and the city at
torney wag instructed to notify the
railroad to get busy. 1 lie, crossings
thnt tho especially bad are I nion end
Commercial, South 21st, 12th and Fer
ry, 17th and D, Trade and Commer
cial, 12th and D. and 12th and Center
It will be all right to par cars this
. l
P JP FrontUacd
Authentic in style, to the moment, you will find in
these handsome new models a delicate charm and an
irresistible feminity that will delight you, for the
Modart expresses the newest ideas of one of Amer
ica's foremost designers.
Special arrangements have been made to provide
trial fittings for those of our patrons who are not as
yet familiar with the Modart Corset and its merits.
The trial fitting offers a means of comparison that
is far more convincing than recommendation. It
takes but a few moments of your time and you will
find it a wonderful adventure in comfort and style.
U. G. Shipley Co.
Liberty Street
r .,r" i,'- s
r r
week on Ferry street between Commer
cial and Liberty, but it will not- after
next Monday evening, as the council
intends to pass in its ordinaneo a pro
vision prohibiting parking of car on
this ono block opposite tin: armory and
the Marion hotel. After next week,
when there is big doings at either placo
cars will have to be parked elsewhere.
Complaint was made that when cars
were parked on both sides of the
street, for the one block, there was no
room for autos to pass.
Solicitors are Hit
Book agents, nnd solicitors for mag
azines almost played iu hard lurk. An
ordinauee was introduced requiring a
license fee of from $2 for one diy up
to $7.) for one year. Alderman Van
dervort thought this was going after
a lot of good citizens a lit tic too hard,
and the ordinance was side tracked
hy referring it to the committee on
ordinances. It may come to life again j
nest Monday evening.
Those who wish to sell tat's or to i
ir At Your
If you receive a Midden
caller or an unexpected In
vitation you can feel con
fident of always appearing
at your best In but a few
moments It renders to your
(kin a wonderfully pure.
soft complexion that
beyond comparison.
pfi m if ijwiiMd '
Tinted States Judge Harland D. Mown)
of Vermont, who presided at their triiili
in Brooklyn last year.
Judge Ilowc wrote to the attorney
general urging the sentences be com
muted. As the convictions were at
tained during the war Judne How
solicit funds a"" advised to consult tho nude the sentences severe, he cxplaia-
city marshal. The ordinance ns first ed, iih a les-ton to others, but now )'
drawn required the content of the may
or but to simplify matters, .the chief
of police as made the proper official
to consult.
Aldermen Austin, Johnson, Roberts,
MeClelland and Hihuuke were abacnt.
The business of the special meeting
was conducted by nine members of the
couucil nnd the mayor.
was of the op'ninn
should be shown thein.
Paris, March 31. The third phase nt
the Hol0 Pa.shu defeatist plots open d
todnv when Senator Charles Huuiben,
proprietor of Le Journal, went on trio ,
charged with having commerce with tl
Humbert is alleged to have used
000,000 received from Herman sourc &
in 1913 the powerful
New York. April 1. Federal court
action in cases on eight followers of in purchasing
the late "Pastor" Russell, who during . newspaper, which wan then principally
the war were each sentenced to 20 owned by Pierre Lenoir. In eonsum
yenrs in prison for violating the e s-! muting the purchase, ho is alleged to
pionage law, disclosed thnt their legal have been associe.tcd with Bolo Pasha,
fight for clemency has the support of and others.
KATHKVX CBYSLKB STRKET Contralto, who appears in concert with William Kobinsm Boone at the First
Congregational church thut evening.
Coffee Drinkers find
there is no raise in price of
If for health or other rea
sons you have considered
a change from coffee, now
is a good time to make a
test of Postum.
Not a bit of waste