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frr""w Cathartic . . , i
V U J' "i,...! -sBa, jye v
Chicago, March 27. Xo shrilling
c!iaipai;ne will be waited in christen
ing battleships after July 1. A rcirukr
i 'inmuAtfQ bottle will be broken across
the bow of tbo ship but it will 'be
Ml il with crude oil.
Tb'S announcement was made liere
t.iay by rfiiiaU of the National Pe
troleum congress. The new U. 8. 8. Tui
named for the Oklahoma oil center
will be th:itncd by Mies Lulu Croa-
The War and Your Gasoline
Highly volatile gasoline lor fighting
aeroplanes was one of the war needs.
' The output of this special gasoline by
all the refineries east of the Rocky
Mountains was not enough, so Califor
nia was called upon to fiirnish a large
part of the supply. At the request of
the United States Government the Pa
cific Coast Petroleum War Service
Committee, apportioned California's
quota among such of the large refiners
as were able to make this special gaso
line. v...
The Standard Oil Company, being
the largest of these, had the greatest
quota to filL We were glad to do our
part. We supplied more than our quo
ta of aviation gasoline.
Aeroplane engines, operating high in
the air under 'conditions of extreme
cold and rarefied atmosphere, require a
different gasoline from engines operat
ing on the ground. In fact, the needs
are so special that the gasoline manu
factured for aeroplane use (often used
at altitudes of from 20,000 to 25,000
feet) would be utterly indifferent for
use in automobile or other internal
combustion engines operated on land
or sea. ,4
A vuoh gasoline has to be highly
volatile. It must vaporize rapidly even
in the extreme cold of very high alti
"3 HieVTioIe
Famiiy says:
bie, & Ulster r' - Tulsa oil operator,
whin it is i-'Put, to launch. She will
use oil from one rl her father' well.
The United States is arranging for
a 99 year lease of two islands off the
coast of Colombia for n military base.
The payment is aid to he O,u"u0,0U0.
Statistics furnished by the war de
partment show that the government
has on hands 487,1 00.540 pounds of
wool remaining to be dispose! of.
The first of a series of three statements . ' ?
For obvious reasons the following facts of interest to
the public could not be published during the war.
They affected a vital war necessity regarding which
the Government required secrecy. But now that the7
war is won, we are at liberty to make, the following
statement of facts: , ..
From Over There"
General Pershing's Official ReDort
Died front woiuitU
ticd in airplane accident I
Pied of accident and other caues. 34
Pied of d i .- 13
Mistvinj ia action 4
Total ',
Today's casualty list contains ths
following names of Oregon men:
Phillip B Cable, Portland killed la
Asa E Snath, Portland wounded
Bryan Amnion, Indianapolis Ind
Perry J Griffin. Sulphur pgs Tex
Carroll O Herrick, Norway Me
Noah L Whiseuhuut, Lindsay Okla
Corp William D tlei-er, Philadelphia
Corp Fred K Sta.gs, Torre Haute Is
John Anderson, Eseanabs Muh
JoM'ph E Bassette, Baltic oCnn
Henry H ltlaich, Pittsburg
Howard B Boyd, Medina O
Harvey l Brady, Mt Morris N Y
Daniel Bronski, Italmacia Plain N V
William W Campbell, Clifty Tens
Charles E Cartriirht, Monnineton W
tudes.' On its rapid vaporization alone .
must often depend the lives of the men
in the aeroplane. This gasoline would
not be good for .general use. It would
lack power on the ground, its loss in
storage by evaporation would be great,
and it would be expensive.
Making aviation gasoline for the
Government took a very considerable
part of the low boiling point or highly
volatile constituents of the crude oil,
and, as a result, the gasoline left avail
able for regular use lacked those quali
ties which assure easy starting of the
automobile engine.
The Government's demand for avi
ation gasoline reached its maximum in
the late fall of 1918, and then for a peri
od of about six weeks the deficiency of
Red Crown gasoline in low boiling
point constituents . or easy - starting
qualities was most apparent
Now that the war is won and the
great demand for aviation gasoline has
ceased, we are again able to offer the
same grade of Red Crown gasoline as
formerly, with the same full and con
tinuous chain of boiling points from
the low to the high which is necessary
fot easy starting, quick and smooth
acceleration, high.jpowefi.aftd.fon
i v
Ulysses O CasseU, Jicverhr Kan
Hubert L Ca.utb.or, Mexico Ma
Cey Coieman. Denmark S C
lieorye IVngherty, liaitituort
Chas R Dow Jell,' Svilcni Mass
Karl 1 Ftodlay, Valley City X D
Janes M Kog, Apea Hill Tenn
Fred Caiger, Altatuont Kaa
Waller tiray, Looia Mont
Pietro Guidi. Kio Vista Cl
l'eler Happuh, New fOle-ns
Don W Hayner, Troy X Y
Robert M HuchettHuntville Tena
Kaudolph Hughes, K.hnhur.-t X Y
James P Kelly, Philadelphia
I-awrenre Kress. Columbia Cal
Albert W Kriger, Attic NT j"
Ira, J Lannea, Houston 1'a
Dioioa L lrvn. Sterling Utah
FJba B Peffley, Eldorado Kaa
Kdnin E Petrie, Buffalo N Y
George Totnko, Cleveland
Robert 11 York, Thackary 111
Lt John tone, CVffeeville Miss
Grant A Jartnan. WeJca Okla
Chas P Jones, Wsd-tboro N C
Harold Linhart, Wilmington 0
Amos Orwiek, Steubeuville O
James O Riggs, Crystal City Tei
Timothy f Ryan, Minneapolis
Edgar B Steele, Demoa O
V.'t ' ra S-n.-k p.-ak S C
Klw-rl M Taylor. J. no::, a City Cal
4m.. TV v.,. ,-: , . ..
Ueo.Ve M tV'aWs, LouUvUW Ky
Harry F 'Withers. Aurora I!!
Car Wittst-re, S Telia i:i
'K;!id ia artioi ,
V.e, of wuuads . S j
l'ed of disease 3
M.v rg in action j
Wounded aeverely . J I
Wounded, degree, undetermined
Total ...
Corp l!ea Unitmsn, Jerome Idaho
John tt" Barr, IWtroit Mich
Howard A Heil, Oairton l"a
Kasaell E Johnston. IaJ!as Tei
Stft CarlaM B Turner, Fouke Ark
Oscar H Hartley, Anita la
Lawrenee D Hjoth, Dallss Tex
1'orter (Browning, Monet Mo
Iiaak W Bruh, Mt Vernon N Y
liruee O t'hnse, Denver Cdo
l"ryer P Htitrhiason, ('hirago
John J Sullivan, Ko.biirv Mass
died or disease
Tharle, L Anderson, Milan Tenn
Birdo itt Toeahontas Tenn
Henry f Walter. Sleelton l'a
Rub Musterole on Forehead
and Temples
A'lreadache remedy without trie dan
fters ot -headache medicine." Relieve!
k--rk ami that miserable feelinff from
colds or congestion. And it act at once I
Musterole is a dean, white ointment;
made with od of mustard. Better man
niief-rd niaatw and does not blister.
Used only externally, and in no way can
it aflect ttomacn ana fiean, h some u
ternal medicines do.
Excellent for sore throat, bronchitis,
-TAtm tit iff nM-lr. asthma, neuralcia. con.
gestion, pieunsy, rneumnumu, luiuuag j
all rains ana acnes 01 uie o or jouiia,
, : u:iul-.. I
sprains, sore mustics, unu-cs, uu--i-i
frosted feet, colds of the chest (it often
prevents pneumonia).
3UC anaooc jars; nospitai size a- aj
rui 1. di cii
, .
Addie Williams to Cora Gilbert, lot
3 and part of lot 4, Doud's second addi
tion, Woodburn.
8. K. Purvino to Cora Gilbert, parts
of lots 7 and 8, block; SI, University ad
dition, Salem.
K. M. Croisnn to Oliver Beers, lots 13,
18, 10, 23, Homostead Acres; $4000.
W. A. l'cnny to Etlith I'airehild, lot
10, block 3, l'lcnsant Home addition, Wa
lem. Mary Johnston to John Johnston, lots
3, block 14, West Woodburn.
Joliann Kies to J. W. Kbnqr, lota 2, 3,
4, block 8, Mt. Angol.
lanuie Wolf to Walter Skolton, 48
acres in J. B. Gorvais claim, township
5-3 W.
VYm. Danaingberg to Wm, Trumin, B
half of half lot 6, Waldo Hills Fruit
Wm. Unhock t0 W. J, Bice, lot 28,
Waldo Bills Fruit Farms.
Nettie Williamson to Junici Kelly,
lot 3, block 13, Chcmckotn.
C. E. Bernard to D. L. Vab do Wale,
part of lot 13, Bt. Paul
Daisy Mclntyre to Otto Headrich, lot
1, block 4, Fairmount Park, Salem.
L. O. Herrold to . r. Slliott, ono
third iuterrat in lot 3, block 82, Balem.
8. B. Elliott to C. O. Bice, one-third
interest In lot 82, Salem.
KinseU Hmith to C. O. Bice, one third
interest In block in 82, Balem.
ll!.ry J. Burnett to C. , llcstor, CO
acres in section 4-81 12.
K. K. l.nnfjford to G. F. Slingerluod,
4.1)0 aeres in tract 8 and 4.97 acres in
trnet 9, Wiseacres.
Hammond Lumber On. to State Land
Board. UK quarter section 'M, township
Better be Careful About Tom Kidneys
(By S. B. X.XK, M. D.)
Foods taken into the atumach go
through various chominil rlianicoa, and
some of tlie.M! changes are poisuns that
iiiurt bo ifte,i out and disposed of.
It is tho duty of the kidneys to do
thin. When the kidneys do not fully
perform tl1(,ir vital nork, death mny
'w inly h few hours away. Happily,
Nature lia, proviiied warning ularms
U-'linc people when their kidneys nre
not well. Thesi- witrninjj come in the
form of ilriignins .niiis in tho emiill
of Ihe bark, wenk Moniach, low spir
its, ehillH, nauirn, headache, scanty
urine nnd frequent di sire to pass it,
short breath, numl:nes, rramps coaled
touiie. Ii:n lireaih, puffn under the
eves, thin blond, dry skin, ringing in
the ears, spots before the eye and
mnnv other symptoms, AH come from
the one cause of kidneys that nre not
fillrriin the poisons out of the f.vs
tem . To nvpreomo tltetip troubles, lr.
I'ierip, of Itnffnlo, N. V., couipounded
what lie rails Anuria Tablet. No oth
er kidney im ijicinc Is its equal in giv
ing relief tin.) reestablishing healthful
woik in the kidneys. The treatment is
very simple, as you need nothing ex
cept aler when Inking Aniirie Tab
lets - n glass of water with eni'li tab
let. This wnshes anil flushes thn kid
ney" while the meilii'iiio itself is dis
solving Ihe uric aid oiniis and driv
ing them out. Aniirie TablNs are made
double strength, ,so (hat they dissolve
uric acid Ihe same as hot water dis
wihes salt or su.ar, Jlost people need
Anurie Tablets 'bet;aii.se most people
have uric seid. liiMter get that poison
out of your bodi- fnr safety's sake, and
belter begin tcday.
To genllv and agreeably coax the
bowels 1aek into tiornial activity, lake
Dr. Pierce h l'lennt 1'ellets. They
arc jusl as good for costiveness as his
Annric Tablets aro good for kidney
dividers, and that u saying a (rroal
tlst ld si Wfina with
wwtttned kxia and drs-t erjirut
This Iwirat tnia, it is 7 t ht'Atn
thst by keeBf th klrm asJ d
bt orfios ciosd and ia prrpr work-i-f
nlr old sir raa dferrd and
hit proiocfd (sr txjoad that t.jc;d
tj tb artr-js psreua.
Tot w 500 tt-s GOLD MEPAL
Rrlt Oil kss ba niieruK tot
wasnaa scd d-udulujr !u ta adraae
icf Jara. It is a standard eld tima
hems r!dy and nt!t bo Intmduetion.
(Ad.I) UKDAL Htarlrst Oil is iselosed
ia eJoriMS, taa'ilesa eapsutes rontain
icf about S drer-s taek. Taka tbea as
fv would a yiX with a swallow of
wattr. 1 bt U atimulatea lis kidnej
acres iu K. O. Juhnaua elaiui, township
1 V.
August Hendricks to IVter Etiel,
161.60 ceres adjoiuiug A. Kader claim.
81 W.
John C. Overton to O. M. Kenworthv,
lots 1, i. 3, 7, 8, block 17, K. B. addition.
Samuel (icri to Jacob (lerig, i'.SS
seres in Thus. Kvre No. 13, township 7 3
Geo, A. Thoma-son to Marv L. Chase,
lots 3 and 4, block 10, Capital Park ad
dition, Saleoi.
I). F. Jerman to P. W. Butdinelt, lot
3, block 10, Capital Purk addition, Sa
lem. D. F. Jerman to P. W. Bushnel, lot 6.
block 10. Capital Park addition Salem.
Senator Hitckdi Says Reed
and Borah Would Ha?e
America Hermit Nation
Chicago, Mar. 26. America would
be a hermit nation if Senators Borah
and Beed and other opponents of the
league of nations had their way, ac
eoriEnR to Senator Hitchcock of Ne
braska today. Hitchcock pok before
the Chicago Association of Commerce.
"Tho opposition in the senate will
collapse," said Hitchcock. "Alrmbers
are not going to follow any such rad
ical leaders as Horak and Beed. It is
generally conceded that opposition in
the Bcnto ia Jat-'ely political and
those classed as opponenta now are
ready to join in support of tho plan.
"in fact some of them era waiting
only for some slight change evea the
crossing of a 't' or the dotting of an
'i' to withdraw opposition.
"Such men as Borah and Beed want
the United State to draw away to our
selves and have nothing to do with the
rest of the world. Such a doctrine is
out of date. " ' 1
Drive Besjas For Quota
; For Chamber of Commerce
In order that Balem may go over the
top with its quota of members for the
State Chamber of Comerce, 18 members
The Capital Journal -,
Daily Market Report
Wheat, soft whits 11.80
Wheat, lower gradss oa sassple
Oati -..-. 7073o
Hay, cheat ...... 24
Mar. oats - 2S
Barley, ton .....
Mill run
, 4S50
Butterfat ' Mo
Creamery hutter li-CoUSc
Pork, Vsal sad Mutton
Pork, on foot 17
Vaal, fancy - lHtfi-Oc
Steer, . . 7(tfl0e
Cow 4(uviit
Spring lam is 10e
Lambs, yearlings lOfa'Uc
Ui and Vsmtry
Eggs cash 30c, trade I17c
Hens, live 25(tf27e
Old roosters . IfW
Cockerels 23o
Radishes, doz. 35c
Sweet potatoes - 0((iMlc
Potatoes) 1 60
Onions, local - 3.rVKn4
Cabbns 2Mif3c
Turnips 2(a)'iG
Head lettuce ti.Zrj(aA.15
Parsnips 3Ms
Cauliflower, flats -(S.2!o
Spinach, bos 1.23
winosap apples, box - 4
Celery, crate ...... H
Oranges 07BJ.75
Liemons, bo I . o8
Bananas ; Be
Florida gTaps fruit, ease 7(M
Black figs lb 6(o)ll
White figs, lb .... 10f'20e
Package figs p' h 50 pkg $4(a8.90
Honey, extracted 20
BoUU rrtees
Eus, dozen . 40e
(Jreuiner.v butler 1 70c
Cotintrv butter -. 60e
Flourhard wheat 3.13(i3.a5
Portland Market
Portland. Or. Mar. i!7. Buttor, city
creamery 5!)f0!c
Kg selwleil loeril CX. tll2!
Broilers 40fa't:'.c
Ooese 17(ft;20c
Cheese, triplets 37('.'iltc
Receils lo
Tone of market strong
Best steers $13(14
Good to choieo steers $lt.5flrti 12.50
Melium to good steers 10(all
Pair to good steers $9WI0 "
(iointnon to fair steers S''i'J
Choico cows and heifers 10.59(13
Cond to choice eons and heifers
Mediuui to good Con-j aad helferi
Pair to uiediuui cows aid heifen
Csnnrrs 3.50(!i 3
tiow sad ocahln tt e-s t rw
f tho p-' whi -h rau pr" :ro
eid at. Nw tf sod itr'tj'l .
as yuu eont!Bu the tre"-at W I ra
CptDpletWr restored ltitii-.-! Takt' t a
es : or two ear a 11 Mrl!-
AL Hasrlftn Oil t,apsue .t t-jt yo
ta fcfi.'.n and Tifitr an. irerest a return
of tbo (tinea.
'Do Dot wait until old aft or dUeiao
hsr svttld down tor s;uod. At tba 8t
Sifa that your kidnri aro nit workint
properiy, fo to your dr-:tj-t and lift a
boa of OI.D MLI Haarteta 01
Cspals. alone' refuo-led il they de
not krtp you- Three eiua. but re
BirtBbr to ask for tbt or'i'utl import
(K11 1IEUA.L brsaX In Ma!i pacb
as. '
cf the Sale Commercial club signed an
agreeent last niht that they would be
responsible for Salem's quota of Hi
Hieuiburs at t each.
And with the stguing of this gusran
tce, work is again on todav and solicit
ing among buinness men in order that
the S.'titH' mr.v be sulctibed before the
(chse of the week.
In support of the State Chamber of
Commerce, addresses were made at the
meeting last sessiou by Theodore Both,
rrerterick . Smith. KotH'rt C 1 sulus,
F. G. IVckeleh. Charles B. Archerd.
G'uieon Stolx and Joseph H. Albert.
Those signing the guarantee that Sa
'em would eventually secure the 5:13
members at 5 each were: Frederick W.
Schmidt, Joseph 11. Albert, J. B. l.inn,
l'aul II. H.iuser. Oeorffn D. Alderin. Lee
I.. Gilbert, C. M. Eppley, F. (1. Peckc-
bach, Fred 1. Thielsen, Wm. S. Walton,
Robert C. Paulus, Chsa. W. Xeimcyer,
B. O- Snelling and W. O. Allen.
Real -Fruit
Jiffy-Jell is flavored witK
fruit juice essences in
liquid form, in vials.
A wealth of fruit juice
is condensed to flavor
each dessert So it brings
you true - fruit dainties,
healthful and delicious, at
trifling cost.
Simply add boiling
Compare it with the,
old-style gelatine desserts.
It will be a delightful rev
elation, Get the right kind
10 F7avors, of Your Croctr'i
1 Pockagn far S3 Cents
Bulls aOotH.30 .' '
Calves !i.SOfIi)ll50
Btockcrs nd frederi $710
, . . , Hogs,. , '
lticeiptk '.o '
Bulk l.S0(a l9
Receipts Pt
Prime Iambs lWt 17
Pnir to medium lambs 14(?U
Yearlings 1 1 ri .12 ' ' , '
Wethers HiHa 10
Kwes l(l..50(ri 10.50
S&sep -
Iteceipts 11
Tone of nirkvt rtHn 1
Prime lniiilis lH.3tKtilS.50
Pair to medrnrs lnmlw tlSfrt
VearlitiRtt 1(l,25(aI7
Wethers 1350(ti 13.73
Kwes $13 " .
Farmer's Produce Company.
160 B. High 8t. Phons 10 ,y
Ch for your producs today: ,'..mnv
iOc for top veul . 1 -
aoHa toy hos .
Ecus, ull weigtits, 23o
Oeneral Land Office
Wiahlng'-on, d. 0.
February 14, 1919.
Notice is heToby given that lubjent
to the conditions and limitations of
the set of June 9, 1!18, (39 8tat., 2 IS), ,t
and tho instructions of the Secretary
of the Interior of fleplctnU'r 15, 1017,
Ihe timber en the following lands will
be sold April 8, ll, at 10 o'clock a.
m., at piUdie auction at the United
States '- office at Portlund, Ore
gon, to the highest bidder at not lc
than the appraUcd value in shown by
this notice, salo to be subject to the
approval of tho bccrelary of the In
terior. Tho purchase price, with an ad
ditional sum of one fifth of one per
cent thereof, being commissions allow
ed, most be deposited at time or sole,
money to ihe returned if sale is not
approved, otherwise patent will issue
for th timber which insist ke removed
within ten years. Bids will be received
from citizens of the United Slates, as
sociations of such citizens and corpora
tions organized uador the laws of the
United Hte or any state, territory
or district thereof only. Upon appli
cation of a qualified purchaser, the
timber on any legal subdivision wilt
M offered separately before heing in
cluded in uny offer of a larger unit,
T., 9 It. 2 1C. Wee 8, JiKVi TfKVi,
fir 1600 M.. homlock 270 M., NWVt
SKY; fir MO M., hemlock If M., KW
V, WW!, fir 1170 M., hemle 250 M.,
SK NKM, ffr 2390 M., hemlock 200
M.. NE'4 fiBW, fir 1170 M., hemlock
120 M., NTVi4 SB 14 fir 18.30 il.. hem
lock 50 M., SW' '8KV1, fir 7lr0 M
SK', KVt. fir 1190 M., hemlock 30
M., XKV'i SX, f.r 630 M. hemlock
130 M., N"BU NWH. fir 630 M.
XK'4 HW'4, fir 1P50 M., .VWV4 SWVi,
fif aioo M., SWVi RWVi, fir 1250 M,
iWV,, fir 16r,0 M., none of tho
fir to- be sold for less than l,50 per
VI, , and none of the hemlock to tie sold
for lens than 75 cents per M. T,. 4 R,
R. 8 K. See. 3; RKV4 BH, fir 1200
f.., HW', HKVt, f'r 1 MS M.. See. 33;
SF-U XY.V,. fir 730 M, cedar 23 II.,
1.50 per M. , ,
8W ,NK'4. fir 850 M., nona of ths
fir or cedar to be sold for less than
Commissioner tlenoraj Ind (iflics.