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Open Forum
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Goldwyn Picture
. Km A PJRMiK SAL KM. (ill,.
Quick! Eat Jast Ose Tablet Of
fapas Diapspsin For In
stant Relief.
Whoij mnals don't fit and you belch
gas, iioiils and innliKi'stoJ food. When
yoM fool lumps of distresa In stomach,
pain, fhtiiftice, heartburn or head
acho. Iloro is instant relief No wnit-
DiH'liutm hi'o iii the air, ninny liuvo
oomo alrcndy and for tliis reason many
mora aro ekpected. Consunierii are full
of this idea imd naturally ure looking
for lowjr prices on tho smoking and
chewing tobace.o, not to speak of cigars
and (iBiirottcs,
TlieviM'n(t8 retailers does not bother
much about tho firsthand vuiuo of to
liacco, and consequently is hiudly to bfl
expwtod to prevent tho mokor ! from
'getting tho notion that prices sro all
eudy t0 drop. Nothing, however, could
be further from the truth. I'rices to
Buy in the southern market on hogt
lieud tobneco arn skyrocket in g without
any sign of a limit. When it will stop
'no one run tell. Tho business Is not
dono by auction and tho buyers natur
ally wont to got the goO'ls as low m
they can, Rut tho demand is there and
so long as it exists the values will never
c.omo down. Demand tot American to
bneco in Kurope apparently Is growing
jm a result pf tho big overseas ship
ments during tho wur and nothing cor
tuinly eould be more natural or desir
alle. ' ;
' As wo liavo before- explained in thoBe
Columns, cigur and tobacco tnuuu.
ers do not hnso the prico of their pro
duct imon the nresent nrien nf rnw bmf.
if they did tho prices of all tobacco!, Justus con as you eat a tablet of
jiroducls would be very much higher r''lP, fl Uiapcpsln never fails to make
llilin tliev are today. No, tho plan 1 "'Kuition and stomach distress amis,
they all followis t0 nverago two or throe ?'h"'! pi?'"., harmless tablets of
year's prices and thus maintain foro;1!"'" mpepsin never fail to inako
tub!B values. Those therefore who r 8,(,k "I)30t 'oiach9 feel tine at once,
in a 4o!iition to look at tho actual cost
.figures of big manufacturers know r.nd j
toll us frankly that while prices will un-j
(loiditedly come down in tho future, that j
they certainly will seek higher level bo-i
fore they come down.
llealers therefore should, whenever
fiussiblo, place these facts before ,mok-;
is who are ignoraut and who do a lot ;
( fiMilisli talking all the way from,
rlidmiug tobaccos are mixed with brown
Miper to being absolutely cortaln that'
big prftfitoering trust is at tho bot
tom of U tobaeco raises. Western To
luiccconlst .... ....
A process for producing sand useful .
and they cost so little at drug stores.
Editor Journal:
Your puper seems to be open to com
ments on our high-brow educational sys
tern that we are spending millions on
annually and do not seem to be getting
anywhere in tho real development of
iliu industries of the state. Oregon is s
s.ato with vubt potentialities in tho way
of basic raw materials, which capual is
more than ready and willing to make up
into lusher forms for the markets of
the worid. The Corvallis Times-uazetto
announces that Pres. Kerr of O. A. C. is
to go east for six weeks, and bays:
" resident Kerr wnt attend u- cou-
forenco in Washington, D. C, canea by
P. P. Cluxton, coiuniissioricr of educa
tion, to consider the establishing ut in
larger instiutions giving couses in engi
neering und commerce, of courses in
commercial engineering. It has been
reported that tho demand for men
trained in engineering and commerce
exceeds the supply. Representatives of
leading institutions where engineering
and commerce are taught will be pres
Now it is a well known fact that en
gineering ami commercial! pi n tensions
aro over-crowded, and somo may ask
why extend engineering and commercial
courses in a farmer's college! The
commercial and business colleges can
moro than supply the demand for book
keepers and salesmanship, or whatever
ehe tho agricultural college is going to
turn out. About three-fourths of tho
students from that institution aro al
ready turned out to be anything and
cvc.ytliing but successful tillers of tne
soil. To make tho agricultural collego
still more' completely a professional col
lege or second stalo university seems
the height of educational folly for a
itate like Oregon. The agricultural col
lege should confino itself to courses in
agriculture, horticulture, animal indus
try and domestic sconomy, instead of
putting on all the aim of a collego of
liberal arts and competing with all tho
business colleges and institutions for
training men in the profession.
Why is land cheap around Corvallist
1 . It was stated by a prominent fruit
'j grower tho other day that land iu orch-
urd could bo bought there for ono-hulf
what it cun be bought for ut Saloin,
and a quarter of what it can be bought
fur at Hood River. If tho agricultural
collego really concentrated on produc
tion of agriculture and horticulture why
shoud not tho farming und fruit grow
lug section uruund where it is located
blossom with production and the indus
tries related to production? It is a no
torious fact that canneries and fruit
drying enterprises have Iangmsuou at
tho seat of tho agricultural college, and
have only been revided by outside ousi
ness interests. Agricultural afid horti
culture have languished likewise and
have not caused any worry to tho army
of profossors and specialists. In vain
d0 the pooplo interested in the develop
ment of tho state ninko appeals to tho
agricultural eollego that it mako itselt
felt to incrcaso production, and that it
turn out men and women who aro pri
marily interested in production insteud
of professionalism. Orogon does not
need professional people Oregon needs
men and women who can incrcaso tho
supplies of raw materials u-iuE- lower tho
high cost of living whilo increasing the
sources of wealth and tax-paying abil
ity. Tho six-weeks trip of President
Kerr to increase our facilities for turn
ing out more professional people in cln'
moreo, engineering and what-not any
thing but producers from the soil is a
Door investment for Oregon. The six
weeks trip wtih traveling expenses will
probubly cost tho taxpayers a thousand
dollars and what fort We aro taking
men and women away from the farms
and educating them at public expense
to go into' the already over-crowded pro
fessions in the cities. Our dairy indus
try Is languishing because milk prod lie
tion is' falling off. Wo have lost two
sugar boot factories built iu this state
at a cost of over a million of private
ouptr.l because thero were not people
interested in growing boots and the al
lied industries that utilize the by-prod
uets of tho beet sugar industry.
Col. E. Hofer.
'Jj .
Instead I took Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound
and Was Cured.
Baltimore, Md. "Nearly four years
I suffered from organic troubles, ner
vousness nd head
aches and every
nion th would have to
stay in bed most of
the time. Treat
ments would relieve
me for a time but
my doctor was al
ways urging me to
have an operation.
My sister asked ma
to try Lydia tS.Pinlc
b a m's Vecetabla
Compound before
consenting to an
- VI operation. I took
J J five bottles of it and
I it has completely
v cured ma and mv
Mm,Vla.1A... T fll 1T I-
nvin isapteusurc. X fcvn mil mv 11 icims l
who nave any trouble ot this kind what
I,T7rlift V. Pmlrhnm'a Vrpthl Tyim. '
pound has done for me." Nellie B.
Brittingham. eOOCalvertonRd.. Balti
more, Md.
It in only natural for any woman to
drend the thought of an operation. So
many women have been restored to people," a hundred thousand dollar a
neaim oy wis tamous remedy, ljom E. yenr ncw8)aper editor" recently btate.l
an operation has been advised tftat it!tlmt to illtrest people only slightly or
hundred teachers a speaker was per
mitted to say without challenge that
if the schools failed to pursue a certain
course ofii lined, they would cease to
function as the churches. had aircady
Perhaps it may be safely said that
ninety per cent of these teachers were
church members, yet they were expect
ed to sit uncomplainingly under such
teaching to complete the necessary six
teen hours of in.-tititte attciulae.ee.
It is not my intention to champion
the cause of the church. Were she in
need of a champion there are many
able ones. Her history proves the fol
ly and the fa'sity of any such remark.
Her present, support and work prove
the faiih of Christians in her power
to function along all right Hues.
My sole object in staging this oc
currence is to present its impropriety
oij such an occajioa und to express the
hope of every Christian teacher, both
protestnut und catholic, that fhose
who address us in the future may be
bettor informed on the work of the
. K. Ll'THY.
To tho Editor:
It has been said that there are only
two sure, things in the world death and
tuxes. But of these two, death is even
a liltlo more sure than taxes. .
Under tho caption, "What interests
will pay any woman who suffers from
such ailments to consider trying it be
fore submitting to such a trying ordeal.
Patient la this medicine to be used
In building operations by sprinkling only fr local application!"
molten furnace slag with a suit solution Doctor Dear mo, no; you may use it
tins beon patented in Europe. i anywhere you happen to bo.
She would be beautiful
but for that rash
To have a beautiful fare marred
by unsightly blemishes robs one of
social position, opportunity, and en
joyment. Facial defects such as
pimples ami blackhcadsran be over
come usually by the proper use of
Resinol Ointment and Resinol Soap,
Byadopting Rcsim.l Soap lot toilet
purposes, the way is made mnr
easy for the healing action of th
ointment it sinks in tpiitkcr anc
results are more satisfactory.
Tfm trtatmmt it admirably vitiiablc lor
ovftr.miiitR riicnta, niiwuim, clueiriiw
tm general inn uisoruers.
. 1
To the Editor: A little leaven leav
eneth tho whole lump. ! Cor. fi.
Purge out the old leaven I Cor. 5:7
Do not yo judge them that are with
in 1 I Oor. 8:12.
Put away 'tho wicked man from
among yourselves I Cor. 5:13.
Guilty Partnership
With a national government in part
nership with tho liquor traffic, or an
other iniquity, all its money is neces
sarily tainted money. In. such a case,
the in out importamt step for tho church
in tho matter is to expel all her mom-
bera who persist in voting with a li
censo party that "iby standing commit
ted to the license policy, or by .refus
ing to put itself on record tn an atti
tude of open hostility to the saloon,"
favors tho continuance of the tainted
aionoy and all the other horrors of the
whole wicked license system.
John Wdoy called the slave trade
"the sum of all villalnlce" aaia Ho
rr Ward Boeeher: "Ha consents to
slavery who does not exhaust fcls en
ergies in faia endeavors to prevent it."
And Mid the great abolitionist, Wil
liam IJoyd Garrison: "I protest be
fore God that great a is my dotesta-
tion of slavery, I would rather be
ilavo seller, yea, a kidnapper on the
ifrienn const, than sell this poison
'alcohol) to my fellow creature for
Surely "this covenant with death
jhould lie disannulled and this league
vith hell .should no stand." "Let
udgment iipgin at the house of Ood."'
Th Real Culprit
. '' It is a worse often so to vote to li
nso a guioon than it is to keep a sa
lon after It has tecn authorised by
ha people. The voter is the creator ot
he saloon and the creator is more re
pons'tbla than hie creature. We
arse tho saloon keeper for the evils
that come 1 rem the saloon.' Th real
culprit is the voter, who gave him a
license to run a faloon, and the -government
which shares the loot and di
vides the blood, money with the maker
and Vonder of tho liquor," Rov. A.
C. Bane.
Summons to Action
"What does the. devil care for reso
lutions!" iliishop Joseph F, Berry.
"Nothing morally wrong can rv-er
be politically right or expedient,"
"Temporizing will not do longer; now
is the time for decision, for firm, per
sistent, "resolute action." Abraham
Lincoln. '
"iPor one, T regret the spirit of con
servatism which dominates our church
and stands in the way of all radical
and progressive measures. Old fashion
ed, heroic treatment is sometimes a
good thing, anif it is what is needed
here and now." Rev. William F. An
derson, now Bishop Anderson.
"Stand for conseicnSe! " "Wrong
is never right, and right is never
wrong." Bishop Luther B. Wilson.
"Protest against all wrongl Acqui
esce is no villainy." "The church of
God must lead, or the church of G-od
must diel " Bishop Daniol A. G-oooV
Purge out the old leaven old party
voters, all license 'voters from the
church of the Living God!
Unoscnnable Duty
For whait have I to do with judging
them that aro without Do not ye judge
them that aro within Bub them that
aro without God judgdth. Put away
the wicked man from among yourselves
1 Cor. 5:13-13.
Editor Journal: Many foolish asser
tions may ibe made and ofton are mado
without great harm resulting there
from. The harmful results that some
times follow such assertions depend
largely upon itho time and place of
their utterance.
Last Saturday before two or throe
Every Csi Guaranteed
not at nil, tell them the truth; and if
you want to bo permitted to tell the
people the truth, it is necessary to put
sugar around it. But there seems o be
no form of sugar or sweetness of any
kind that can exist near the truth that
''it is appointed to all men to dio once."
This is a truth which is so bitter so
very bitter that many people refuse to
believe that when a man dies he is real
ly dead.
It is a sad-fact, yet a fact neverthe
less, that every human uemg born into
this world must dio. It is aiso a solemn
thought, but as true as the Blo itself,
that every accountable human being is
on tho way cither to the life that has
no end or to the second death from
which there is no resurrection.
A man wh0 has made what.is gener
ally supposed to be a success in life has
two desks, one in his home and the other
in his office. On top of each of thoso
desks ho has pluced a skull, with these
words written ncross the front: "Life
is short." Hi3 object, as he jokingly
says, is to koep him from going fish
ing. A more worthy objoct would be to
help keep him from going to the wrong
place after he is through with this short
life. I
Death is such an absolutely certain
thing that many people have their own
tombstones set up complote in every de
tail except the date of death. Many
of the "Chinese buy their own coffin
years before they die, and have it in
the house ready for that oecasien.
When we know that we are going to
bo obliged to do some difficult or dis
agreeablo task at a specified time, wo
make special preparation for it; but
whilo overy sensible person knows that
he jnust dio, comparatively few mako
complete preparations. One is never
prepared to die until ho is prepared to
live eternally in that place where is to
bo uoither sin nor sorrow, pain nor
A minister once stepped suddenly into
the ehop of ono of Iub parishoners and
asked, "Did you erpect mot"
The surprised tnun answered "No!"
"What if I had .been death t" asked
tho minister, and left us abruptly as ha
had come.
Doath does come to many very sud
denly, without a moment's warning.
Suppose it should come to you, reader,
as you lay this pu-por down I Are you
ready t Suppose you should go to sleep
tonight and never wake until the resui
roction morning! Are you prepared for
a part in the first resurrection!
Bishop Berry's definition of a fool is,
"one whose plans all end this side of
eternity," It is a terribly short sight
od police not to make plans for oternity
of first importance ami picns lor this
short, temporary life of secondary im
?7m. Wriglsy, Jr. Reads Com
pany ftirchasEg sania Cat
din3. Vast Resort Planned
Los Angeles, Cal., M-nrch 22. line of
I the biKgest real estate deals ever ut
over iu California- is now au assured
fact and details can be furnished by
the interested parties.
Air.' William Wrigley, Jr., manufact
urer of the famous " Wrigley -s hnear
Imiut," one of the chief stockholders
in the Chicago "Cubs" bntl tea and
an officer and director in a total of fif
teen enterprises in various parts of the
l S., is the head and controlling inter
est iu a company which has taken over
fcJanta Cataliua island. Tho purchase
price, is close to 4,0co,000 ancs several
mi'l;ons more will bo spent to make the
island the great show place of the Pa
cific const.
lueluded in tho transfor aro practical
ly all of the 48,000 acres of the island,
the new $100,000 Sto. Catherine hotel
and its appurtenances, ten thousand
head of sheep, tw0 largo steamers which
ply between San Pedro and the island, a
fleet of glass-bottom power boats and
other property 0f tho Santa Catalina Isl
and company.
This news is' of interest to every past,
present and prospective visitor to Cali
fornia; in fact, it is of particular inter
est to the country at large, for it pros
ages an era of expansion and develop
ment in our homo resorts in keeping
with the tendency to cultivate domestic
tourist travel which the war has so
strongly intensified.
Tho officers and directors in tho new
Sunta Catalina Island company aro
somo of "the most enterprising business
men in Los Angeles county. The gen
eral manager is Everet H. Seaver who
directed the Fulton shipyards at San
Pedro during tho war and who last-year
built successful wooden ships at aston
ishing speed for the government. Mr.
Seaver 's record as a builder of ships is
equalled by his fame as'nn employer of
labor, for in all his period of service at
San Perdo thore was no rumor of labor
David Blankehorn, a well known Los
Angeles business man is president of the
new company. Ho recently received his
honorable dischargo from the V, S. army
where ho ranked as captain.
'We intend to mate Santa Catalina
inland the greatest summer and winter
resort in America," said Mr. Wrigley.
"Development will progress as rapidly
as possible and when business warrants
we will put on more steamers. There is
room for a half million new cottages on
the island and a second new hotel is
projected for early completion. It is my
plan to make this gem of tho Pacific
a resort of such attractiveness that it
will be the mecca for visitors from all
parts of tho country."
Thero are many uniquo fcatures found
at "Catalina," as the island ia culled
locally. In one vast expanse are the
frames of 650 tent cottages wIch ia
summer aro covered with canvas, fur
nished completely and rentod by the
day or week just as hotel roms aro Tent
ed. This is the famous Island Villa.
Another summer settlement is made up
of hundreds of tents completely furnish
ed for housekeeping.
The glass-bottom power boats, already
mentioned make daily trips . over the
Are You Awsifeg
Th3 Qrgai Crisis?
If So, Do Net Allow tha Time to P
With Naturo UnnU -d.
Vc-.cn v.-; F:ve natme a 1'-'t'-? tas4
tfurkiT tLiO i :rl cf cpect-tn-Y (t:i.l ttisfc
wbriTtlM tit. . e-rt' c for bi!r"i connni it
is ar-prosdie i u-i.I pac-cl with in:!aiie!jf ks
pciln and
Tbonviuil of v.-or-.n fir over t-.slf a cen
tury li.-.vo lc---!.-;l that ia the tlr.-.o-homml
preparation, I.!,.;ira Friend, tliey haro a
grateful, relaxing, peieii jtinif rmpif, tlw
use cf which makfi It p.is-ihle fcr them to
iro through chiMHrtu witltcut tt:o uttiat
nausea, nervousness, bearine-down rail
tretchin" pinj, sml that thrmniri its lew
the lraura St t!;o crir aro fewer ami of
much less pain and dinner.
Mother's Friend t.ent'trntefl tha muscles,
rendering them pltant and easily goYerieif
by th demimts of ncture. The,- nlas
rently and brinir tanM-y d;iys and cnl:fl. rest
ful nights. Aa U,9 result the crisis Is passed
with grader fiue and in Im time, th
breasts are kept in puod condition ami U
akin is made and l:cpt soft and free from
Write to tho BradiltM Keaiitator Company
Dept. P. Lamar Puilnllur, Atlanta, Georgia,
for their Mutliertiood Hook, and ohtntn m.
botlto of Mother's Friend from your dnnp-
?ijt tuday nn l thoroughly fortify yourself
or tLa couiiiuf event.
paper also, and thus lend your aid and
support to the cause of democracy.
To the Editor, Salom Capital Journal:
marino gardens through thoso boats
the visitor gets such signs of a great
ocean world of vegetation and fish us
can be had nowhero else. Hero is a
realm peopled with brilliant colored in
habitants swimming through forests of
feathery verdure. Hugh tree-like forns.
waver and bend with tho motion oi lio
water. Great stalks of kelp touch tho
bottom of the boat.' From the strango
"sea-cucumber" that clings. -to the
ocean floor and is said to be ono of tho
lowest forms of animal life, to giant
tuna fish the sea bass, which are the
delight of sportsmen, the range of spe
cies, size and appearance of these crea
tures ot the deep is utterly asnxinding.
Above water aro scores of seal, some
of them weighing a ton, sunning them
selves und their young on tho rocks.
The bald-headed eagle perches himself
on a crag and haughtily surveys the
sceno while a flock of stormy petrol
scurry away before the boat's advance.
Yonder on a cliff somo mountain goats
enjoy tho Bccnery and herbag. er
and above all are the bluest of skies, re
flected in the depths of the deep blue
Mr. Wrigley, as the world's greatest
chewing gum manufacturer, has been
said to bo ono of the largest contribu
tors to men's lasting enjoyment tmoiig
iill who make for creature comfort.
His plans for the development of San
ta Catalina island r tho tourists and
pleasure seekers who flock to Uai;for-
nia's sun-kissed shores will entitle Mr.
Wrigley in doublo measure to all the
credit he has thus far attained as the
most extensive purveyor of America's
own famous confection tho stick with
the flavor that lasts.
"Just as wo have looked to advertis
ing to build up our business," said Mr.
Wrigley, 'so shall we make known the
fame of Catalina island. The powor of
the press is ono of tho world's greatest
agonts of advancement. Without ad
vertising it might take twenty years to
accomplish what advertising makes pos
sible iu one. "
Should see that the whole family take
at least 3 or 4 doses of a thoro. puri
fying system cleaning medicine this
spring. Now is the time. The family
will be healthier, happier, and get
along better if the blood is given a
thoro purifying, the stomach nnd bow
els cleaned out, and the germs of win
ter, accumulated in tho system, driven
away. Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea
is one of the very best and surest
spring medicines to take. Get it end
see the difference in the wholo family.
Their color will be better, they'll feel
fine and be well and happy. D. J. Fry.
To the Editor:
Joseph F. Rutherford, president of
tho International Bible Students Asso
ciation, and his associates, also official
members of that religious organization,
aro held in the Atlanta penitentiary,
although their case is still pending in
the courts, even bail being refused
them. Their crime consisted in the pub
lication of their sincere belief and un
derstanding of the Bible, which inter
pretation wus written before tho United
States entered the war, and before the
espionago law was passca. orty years
and more before his death Pustor Rus-
scl taught these doctrines, and Mr.
Rutherford, successor to the pasvor and
his associates, continued the teachings
und works of the association. For years
they have labored to better mankind
and hnvo dono so without money consid
eration, which is the best evidence of
thoir sincerity. No one doubts their
sincerity. In pronouncing sentence up
ou them the trial judge said racy were
sincere, hence greater should bo their
On tho 22d of January, 8ecrotarv of
War Baker, released 113 conscientious
objectors who had been court-martialed
and sentenced to long terms of impris
onment. Ho announced that they weie
released because an examinig board had
reported these men as sincere in their
belief and as to their position as to war.
Four months h&vo passed since tho war
ended and yet these Christian gentle
men of the international Bible Students
Association, sincere and honest, as con
ceded by all, arc still held in prison.
Why not recognize their honesty and
sincerity by immediately releasing
them! The American people love hon
esty and sincerity. Why not uppiy the
principles to these sincere Bible stu
dents! (
Let very American eitzen who favcrs
their release from prison write a letter
to his congressman and United States
senator enlisting their aid la this -behalf.
It is high time to act. Write this
Vietor Berg has, eild h's M0 ai-ro
place aeross the river to ('. R. Wil
liams of Portland. Consideration $3500.
T.w Unyn 'a irinriiri Kin n f n mn'InvYi Vinn.
With tho chorry trees beginning toi,- ' . s t' ,,' t 4,)lmn
bloom, and everywhere active signs of a I wny,-- . nf th'
Berg will move to Portland soun to
make hig homo there. Aurora people
will regret the departure of Mr. and
"ro-construction period," would not!
this yoar be a good one to revive tho
Salem Cherry Fair! We have a season
of prosperity ahead of us and 1 tmnk it
is opportune to bring back one of Sa
lem's best udvertiBemonts.
Yours for Salem,
Mrs. Berg as they have many good
friends here.
Their son Carl Berg has ibeen work
ing in Portland for some time, learn
ing the machinist 's trade. Observer.
Kidney dlsesse Is no respecter of pen
sons. A majority of the ills afflicting
people today can be traced back to the
kidney trouble.
The kidneys are the most important
organs of the body. They are the fil
tered of your blood. If the poisons
which are Bwept trom the tissues by the
blood are not eliminated through the
kidneys, disease of one form or another
will claim you as a victim.
Kidney disease is usually indicated by
weariness, sleeplessness, nervousness,
despondency, backache, stomach trou
ble, pain in loins and lower abdomen,
gall stones, gravel, rheumatism, sciatica
and lumbago.
All these derangements are nature's
signals that the kidneys need help.
You should nse COLD MFPAT, Haar
lem Oil Capsules immediatoty. The
soothing, healing oil stimuiute the
kidneys, relieves inflammation-and de
stroys the germs which have cauiH it
Go to your druggist today and get a
box of GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil
Capsules. In twenty-four hours you
should feel health and vigor returning.
After you feel somewhat improved
continue to take one or two capsules
each day, so as to keep the first-class
condition and ward off 'he danscr of
other attacks. f)
Ask for the original imported GOLD
MEDAL brand. Three sizes. Money re
funded if they do not help jou.
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