Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 24, 1919, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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Workers in the
ng Drive
Red Cross Used Clothi
Get you bundles of used and surplus clothing ready, and we will collect them
by automobile truck as follows : ,
TUESDAY State street to South City limits; 12th street to the river.
WEDNESDAY State street to South City limits; 12 street to East City
limits. . . ' ' .
THURSDAY State street to North City limits; 12th Street to the River.
FRIDAY State street to North City limits; 12th street to East City limits.
DO NATORS Kindly place your bundles of clothing on the porch early in the
morning. This will save time for the trucks, and no one need stay
at home to wait for the clothing to be called for.
SOLICITORS Please instruct all donators as above. '
SALEM HEADQUARTERS 123 North Commercial Street, Telephone 139.
- - - - i .H.1.IIIHH. im.nn-i V -nf ti ' trii tvnr iriflttrt---if"v- 1-1 --m---
Picked Up. On the Shreet
A. A. LEE "No, I didn't read Sulli
vuu's articles in Collier's with regard
to tho conditions in France, but 1 re
cently received a letter from my son,
Lloyd, who is located at Tours, 1'rau.ee,
and he touches upon that very subject,
lie writes that .France is no place for
our boys in their state of semi-idleness.
Apply Cream in Nostrils
Open Up Air Passages.
Ah I What relief I Your clogged nos
trils pen right up, the air passages of
yur keai are clear and you cam breathe
freely. No more hawking, snuffling,
mucous discharge, headache, dryaesa so
struggling for breath at night, your cold
or eatarrh is gone.
All conditions there are different the . ?u't,gt7 ,ffed Gei ?ma11
futile vi uiy b vrauu iMiim ireun yvur
druggist new. Apply a little of 'Ais
fragrant, aatiseptio cream in your nos;
ideals and moral standards aro differ
ent. They cannot remain there Tor any
great length of time without becoming
affected by the atmosphere ana spirit
of tho race. The quickor thoy are sent
koine the better." .
Another fact to be noticed is that the
traveling men's registration has not
only increased, but they and in fact,
the majority of arrivals aro spending
money much inoro freely than they used
to. And I find that in talking with
them that they are generally very opti
mistic about the business outlook along
the line; and not only that' but they
have a good word to say about the busi
ness future of Salem. "
OLD RESIDENT "I have boon very
close in touch with tho Salem schools just splendid,
for many years past, and I think I am i ;
safe in saying that they have made J
trils, let it penetrate through every air gather that the banks were nover
passage 01 tna lead; aootba and aeal
the swollen, inflamed mucous membraae, !
KiTiag you instant relief. Kiy'g Uream
Balm is just what every oold and ca
tarrh sufferer lias been seeking. It's
l L 1 jm
BUPT. BENNETT, of the Banking
I Department "From all the reports
.that como int0 our office and from nil
I my observations throughout the state, I
gather that the banks
head; sootha and heal hotter condition than they have been
uurmjr me past year. .Even the heavy
drains of the Liberty bond drives (and
there were many cases where people
borrowed money at tho reeula, rateu tn
tako up bond payments) the clearings
i and deposit records are kio-her f.h an Aim
i ltftlnwn T : 1. jV.
more real nroirress in the Dast three ' -..!-. i:, . .v. J1. inat a new class of .
. . iu qiuei, iij.e ovou iu me nuiuw, iiioio u people are making deposits nonnln
years than in any other penoa of their, tt I)0B8ibiiity of a great future before never saw a check bool W a
history. The man at the head of them'tJt place as an ocean resort-if somojothe 'Zt is "urtle thie!
is a master of organization and has capitalist will g0 ia thera aB(1 put up have been very feTcaZ of embarraSa
brought them up to a high standard in buillUng9 and ftt,iUticB that wU1 attract! meat during the past yetr I
tho face of a good deal of opposition.'.', tne better claS8 of tourists. I have
, ' """j" . . (never seen a finer stretch of beach CAUSTIC ORTTTf "t ai
W. C. HAWLEY-"This has been a aiollK the Oregon coast than you find importing its strew 7rJohTZ ll
Tery strenuous -session of congress for there I antioinate that the o-ovorn- "k;i on Preaehl"K bv
me. and I am elad to be back ii Oreeon ! l. ?' .LSt!,." 1 . !f, ? . b 6 ro? Polk county. I don't know
' . .i t - . . . iiii.-ruiyuavi iuw mo bhiuoo wiiat tne Drand is. but it' BnnA o,i
lor a cnango. x was on tne committee ; 0ither be taken by the Southern raeifio
charged with the appointment of com- j or bv some lumbering company, and
ittees, and when you come to place two that is going to make business in that
hundred and sixty-seven out of a possi-1 section. I notice that they aro agitat
ble six hundred men, with due regard to ;g the matter of hard surface roads in
personality, experience and gcographi- that vicinity, and that will help to at
cal situation, you can imagine that it tract travel there."
calls for some study and considerable!
diplomacy. 'There are a great many! C. G. MILLEH" The hotel business
problems in the district that require my js 0ne of the best indications in the
personal attention and I presume I shall world as to business conditions general
be kopt very busy during the next ly. If you take a look over the Marion
mon'n- I hotel register sheets for the past few
m- m TT,,r,o. " 'weeks you will find that our business
W. T. JENKS "I have just roturned has increased fully fifty per cent ovor
from a couple of weeks at Newport, this period last year, while our grill
which U a protty good place to go lor patronage has increased 100 per cent.
2$X with its
W coffee - like S
flaw but pure S
u cereal compo S
I sitionaddssti
and health to i
;i every meal ?
A Requires little h
r suar, .is
;: made- in a h
lsjrioment !5f
.:-lS .. ShfM k
loud, and has its nerve along with it.
Not such a bad plan either. There's a
lot of loafers and nomn rin.toKtn
business men that wouldn't ever get a
hint about a hereafter any other way,
never see tne inside of
church. I'm wonderine what's the n.n.i
tor with tho preachers in this town that
iuy aon t get out with a bunch of
singers ana try this sort of thing them
selves. There's something less tiiau 50
different breeds of denominations in
this town. It looks as though some of
them would come alive enough to como
out m the open and try to round up the
crowd that never goes to church. Might
- rvuu uuuj ouin ways. I've been
in some of the leading churches hero
on Sunday night when the congregation
looked like the ehoir and the choir con
sisted of one auburn-haired lady and
the organist, If they can't get the
crowd into the churches they had bettor
get out where the crowd is. There are
a lot of people who would tnn t l..
preaching and singing in the open that I
i arag into a church with a
Next time you rent a flat or a
house, go to the cellar first. Ex
amine the heating and the
domestic hot water supply out
fits. The name "IDEAL" cast
on their fire-door s is your guar
antee of 5700 hours of annual
winter comfort and fuel econ
omy which-will endure for 50
years or more. Tenants can
easily pay 15 more rental for
property thus sanitarily and
scientifically warmed. Stop pay
ing the price of postponement '
act now and thereby change
your house into a home!
b ' )fcsL jlOr Lrtti i
'ThiS heating settles it I Let's take it"
JVC T 1 hese outfits put genuine com-
lil . lUyiVifUl jC 11L1L fort into your building and keep
1 1KADIAT0RS IBOILERS up its rental and sales value-
The comfort and economy which IDEAL Boilers and AMERICAN
Radiators invariably produce have settled thousands of long-standing
disputes between coal dealers and their customers. Every coal dealer knows that with these
IDEAL-AMERICAN outfits you'll have "no kick coming." T.hese outfits bring the cost of
heating down to the lowest possible notch. Besides, the little care-taking and the cleanliness save A
greatly in housework, and stop ash-dust damage to furnishings!
m Vac-
The Arco Wand
mim Cleaner ia cellar-oet
and piped from floor to
floor. Put la any new or
old borne,
par t
mentj hotels, of
fice build-ings.with-out
ins op,
Folly guaranteed. Lasts
for yean. Sold on Easy
Payments. Prices reduced
20. Send for catalog.
Don't wait for the rush of Fall to put in IDEAL Heating
We have made a 25 reduction in prices to quicken and increase new
building and remodeling, thus meeting the popular demand to stimulate
reconstruction work for demobilized men. , Therefore, no need for you to
postpone enjoying at once IDEAL-AMERICAN Heating.
Don't go through another Winter without remodeling your home, tore; flats;
shop; school, or church by putting in IDEAL-AMERICAN heating! Quickly
placed in old or new buildings. Ask for free book "Ideal Heating.'! Let us serve
you now and enjoy as long as you live the great earning power of this outfit I
IDEAL. BoUtra have
large fuel poU In whkn
the air end coal gawa
thoroughly mix aa In m
modern gaa or oil man- '
tie or burner, thua ex.
trading every bit of
the heat from the rueb
Baiter to rua than a
SoM by aU dealer.
No exclusive agent
American Iiator f oapany
New Yack, Baetao, fWdenee, Woreeeter, Phlledelphla, Harrleburc. Newark. WIlkMbarre. Baltimore. Waihlnaton. R!.
Write Department S-48
1219-1221 Fourth Ave
PmriAtBCA. WorcMttT. PhHerUlrAie. T7ar-(HK..a Vamb 1Um,mm D.I.IMM. nr..t,f.. Bt.l - An a n a. . .
. Lculi. Keaae! City. Pea Moines. OaaLa. leaver. 8a Ftandeco. Loe Angelee. Bcattle. Sgokm, Portland. Toronto, toantiwd (Ont.)
(PS- M. W .89. - W. .ffV. J. t. Mm mm m Mi M tm an an mm u u H
ilk Ansosscciscst Was lade
Today By Secretary Of
Treassry Qass.
Hayesville Snuday
School Convention
The Haysville Sunday school conven
tion will be helrl at CA ipmnwa novf Dim.
day, March 30th. Harold F. Humbert,
general secretary 0f the Oregon Sunday
School association will gpeak both morn-
"17 aim arternoon. A number of other
Eood speakers are on the program.
Music will be furnished by the Cho
niawa association. A choir nf Tni!on
((iris is going; to sing a.nd students of
me Willamette university will give a
number of selections. Evervnnn ;a da,.
dially invited to attend.
Morrig Johnson, one of Silverton's
piuEvr lurmvrg, ceieorated his sev
enty fifth birthdav flnniverftarv a. fntr
days ago at his home near this city.
Jn speaking f his advanced years
Mr. Johnson said: "1 sometimn- -wnn.
der that I have lived so long when
I look back to the three years and
more of service I gave to this country
during the war, and think of the hard-
ships endured. Sleeping out in the rain
and snow, as we did, and having lit
tle to eat at times was enough to
shorten one's) life by at least a ai-ore
of years." But with all this Mr. John
son is comparatively strong and full
of hope for nie future. Silverton Tribune.
Washington, March
Wilson will allot sufficien
his own emergency fund to meet the
needs of the war risk insurance bureau,
Secretary Glass annouced today.
The prcsidet's decision was received
by Glass by cable this morning.-
This means the work of caring for
soldiers' and sailors' allotments, al
ready suffering from delays, will be al
lowed to continue. Some two thousand
employes of the bureau, however, had
been discharged beforo the call for help
was sent out by Glass and the answer
The president's cttlilo did not mako and measures
clear the amount which will be appor
tioned to the war rik bureau, officials
stated. Secretary Glass Baid, however,
approximately $5,000,000 will be re
quired to tide the bureau over until
The funds required are for adminis
trative expenses of the bureau. Direct
payments on allotments, allowances and
insurance were not affected by the fail
ure of congress t0 pass emergency ap
propriation measures,
Officials said that had not this fund
I been made available by the president,
there was a grave possibility that the
It's a
Goldwyn ,
yicrurv i
" Cat
A former Salem girl
Days Starting Thursday
24 President 1 s Krttve poBsioiuiy mat tne
, , .bureau would have had to suspend its
nt funds from work about M&y x
Nine Measures Will Come
To Vote At hue 3 Election
In keeping with the provisions of
the state law, providing that any meas
ure referred to the people by tho legislature-
referred to the people by the
legislative assembly shnll bn numbered
in tho order in which such measures
are filed in the office of the secre
tary of state. Deputy Secretary 8:un
Kozer yesterday ussigned the ballot
numbers to the various constitutional
amendments and measures which ore
referred to the people at tho special
election to he held June 3, 1919.
Titles and numbers follow:
Six per cent county indebtedness for
permanent roads (H. J. H 11) 300 yes,
301, no. ' '
Industrial and reconntruction hopi'a,l
amendment (H. J. R. 20), 302 yes, 303
Stato bond payment of irrigation and
drainago district bend interest (II. J.
It 32), 304 yes, 305, no.
Five million dollar reconstruction
bonding amendment (H. J. K. 25), 300
yes, 307 no.
Lieutenant governor constitutional
amendment (H. J. K. 31), 30S yes, 30!)
The Roosevelt coast military highway
bill (H. B 147), 310 yes 311 no.
Reconstruction bonding bill (,H. B.
200), 312 yes, 313 no.
Soldiers, sailors and marines educa
tional financial aid bill (H. B. 269),
314 yes, 315, no.
Market roads tax bill (S. B. 283),
316 yes, 317 no
After March 24, tho last day for
filing arguments or statements favoring
or opposing any of the amendments
which the people
will vote on June 3 11)19, the printing
of tho pamphlet, together with any
arguments which may be filed favoring
or opposing tho measures, will be taken
up and copies thereof mailed to the
registered votors of the state as re
quired by the law providing for the
holding of special elections.
Portland, Or., March ' 22. Harry
Quinn, prominent Seattle broker, a
member of the firm of . Flunmgau &
Quinn, and W. J. f'iekarde, tho Port
land agent, are under bonds today.
Quinn and Pickardo were arrcstod
hero yestorday on tho chargo of selling
stock without a permit from tho state
corporation commissioner. They are al
leged to have sold $50,000 worth of
stock of the Hercules Copper Mine com
pany in Fortland.
The defendants claim that Hercules
is a real mino In eastern Oregon and
that gold and copper have been located
in tho holo.
Washington, March 24. Total marine
corps casualties numbered 11.309 up to
March 19, the navy department an
nounced today.
Dead totalled 2518; wounded, 8570";
missing, 215.
Tho dead of
and those killed
wounds numbered 723
in action 1507.
J.Ai. "
A carload of 7-foot Split Cedar Posts of splendid
quality. See them before placing your order. Our
line of BULK KALSOMINE in all shades as well
as all kinds of house, bam and roof PAINTS is the
most complete in the city.
Give us a call.
' Everything in Building Material"
Phones: West Salem, 414
Salem 813
349 S. 12th Street