Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 20, 1919, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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New Shoe And Gclha
Store To Open la Salem
Another shoe and clothing store will
soon bo open in Salem at 141 North
Commercial street. This is the store
room formerly occupied by !. V. John
eon & Co., and later by a five and
tea cent store. The fixtures are, beiujr
remodelled to suit the new business
which will advertise as the Salom
Sample Store. It is one of tho 26 stores
owned by the J. C. Breier Co., with
headquarters at Lewiston, Idaho. In
teluded in thq chain of stores, branches
have already been opened at Albany,
Medford, Eugene and Cottage Grove
in the valley, besides at several places
in the oastorn part of the state. L. T.
Iiarsen who has' made a remarkable
success of the store at Albany will
have cSarge of the .business hero as
local manager. Mr. Larsen says that he
will open for business early in April.
The opening of this store is another
evidence that Salem is regarded as a
most satisfactory business point.
1 The Wonder Horse
i - i with the
I Human Mind
Coming Sunday
"Best Health la Yesrs"
From Internal Ba&s
Miss Francos Herrod, care of Plun
kett Jarrell Grocery Co., little Rock,
Ark. writes Tyrrell 's Hygienic Insti
tute of New York as follows:
"I am very -glad to tell you that I
am more than pleased with the results
obtained from .h use of the 'J. B. L.
Cascade,' and am in bettor health
than 1 have been in years.''
This is but one of thousands of the
same kind of letters received by Ir.
Chas. A. Tyrrell of New York, the in
ventor of the "J. B. L. Cascade."
By a purely natural process of prop
erly ining warm water, the "J. B. L.
'Oascado" removes ail the poisonous
waste from Ithe- lower- intestine, which
physicians agree is the cause of 63 per
cent of all human ailments.
Daniel J. Fry, wholesale druggist
and mfg. pharmacist, Salem, Oregon,
has filled au enormous demand for "J.
B. h. Cascades" iu the past few years,
and will show and explain it to you on
request. An interesting booklet on In
ternal Bathing "Why Man of Today
is Only 50 per cent Efficient"' can be
obtained at their store free of any
cost. i
While the Red Cross is putting on
a drive for clothing which includes
mon'g'wear, the suggestion has bocn
ma do that the igood housewife as well
as tho mother should 'be a little care
ful in not handing out the second
best suit of the man of the house. And
also a little cautious in handing out a
pair of shoes that the man might find
handy when he cornea home. The re
turning soldier may keop his uniform,
but the fact is, when the boys come
back and everything is over, they are
anxious to get into civilian clothing.
In many instances, when the soldier
did come back, he has found that his
best civilian suit that he loft is miss
ing and also a pair of shoes that might
hare come in handy. Hence due caution
has been suggested to the housekeeper
in giving away men's .clothes that
may be needed when the soldier eome
About three and a half ye&rg ago
there appeared at the opera house Sir
J. Forbes-Robertson in the play "I'ass
ing of the Third Floor Back." Those
who wore, so fortunate as to se the
p- I- , y . , 7
Doors Open 6:45
9 P. M.
Mr. .Raymond
Of San Francisco Will give a concert on our new Hope-Jones Orchestral
Wnrlitzer Organ.
Concert numbers precede the pictures, so come
early as no one will be seated during
this period,
March Selected
. Andante No. 3 Homer Dartlett
Popular .Song ."Don't Cry Frenchy, Don't Cry"
Join in the Chorus On This
"A Romance of Happy Valley"
A Few Prices
The Farmers' Store of Quality
Macaroni, 3 pounds 25c
Rice, 3 pounds '. 25c
White beans, 3 pounds .25c
Large size Armour's and Libby's
milk, can 15c
Preferred stock clam chowder,
2 pound can 30c
Nice line canned soups 15c
No. 5 Compound $1.20
Peanut Butter in bulk, 2 lbs 35c
English walnuts, pound 30c Cabbage, "per pound 4c
Spuds, per lb. 2c; per 100 lbs ....$1.50 Onion sets, small, 2 lbs 25c
Selected onions, per pound 4c Onion sets, large, per pound 10c
Buy Your Water Glass here for 30c per quart. This is the best time to get
eggs for storing as they are at their best this time of year
A. Wo S
270 N. Commercial St.
Phone 721
Salem, Ore.
1 tt :-
it m;
- J r 'I .IT ., J WftflWV.
I ' '4 J
Starting Today :-: 3 Days
Sir Johnston
Supported by a
Notable Cast in
Passing of the
Third Floor Back
By Jerome K. Jerome
Sunshine Comedy
It's a Scream to the End
SirJohnston fortes-Robertson
Passing of theThird Floor Back
Mrs. Nellie- Fiillerton Glass aim
Lucy i'ullertoa Bradner are guests at
the Marion hotel. They will remain in
the city a few days visiting friends and
Miss Kosc I'owell, a graduate nurno of
tip fisili'in linsnital i viaitins friends in
famous English etr remember the
event and tli9 show as one of the inost
notablo ones that had come to the city.
Now Sir J. Forthcs-Robertson will ap
pear again in Salem but ithis tihio it is
in the movies and he will ibe shown ia
tho same play that was presented here.
It is on at the (Liberty theater for three
days beginning tonight.
o J
Notwithstanding so many other at
traction in tho city this evening, the
indications are that the Symphony con
cert tonight at the opera house will be
given to a largo Audience. Those who
heard the rehearsal last evening pro
nounce the concert to be one of . the
best home talent musical events ever
iven in tho city.
o -
The Capital City Cooperative Cream
cry has moved from Court street to
137 South Commercial street, directly
opposite the office of the Capital Jour
nal and is now ready to meet its cus
tomers in its new headquarters. W. J.
Kent, . formerly of Corvallis, recently
elected managed is now in charge of
the office. - ' V
3. A. Ka.uffmn of American Falls;
a friend of P. B. Wedel of the Deacon
ess hospital, has beon in the city a few
rlnys looking for a location. He was
greatly impressed with the business
possibilities in Salem and vicinity and
returned to American Falls with the
intention of making his home in this
city as soon as he can urrange his af'
The 'Elks lodge hag a special pro
gram on this evening which is to be
divided into throe parts. Tho first is
TCvrral initiations, the second, su ad
dress, by Charles Burggraf of Albany,
listrict deputy and the third a Johnny
Jones lay out.
o -
The two boys who escaped from tho
reform echnoi and caused so much
trouble in the south part of the city
tire still at large. And the same may
lie said of "lied" Kupert, tho convict
from Portland who escaped a few nays
ago from tho lime plant at Odd Hill.
If Eupert is captured, ho will not only
norve out tho remaining years of htS
term, but will be tried on a cbargo of
felony, a the last legislature passed
a law providing that an escapo or at
tempt to escape from the penitentiary
wtti felony. Before this law was
. a a ,it was not a crime to escape or
to attempt to escape; from the pen, or
to assist a prisoner to escape.
Tho Pig club of tho United States
National bank, of which Ueorge W.
Eyre is general manager, will meet
Saturday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock in
tho jwi'Jtorium of tho (Commercial
club. Arrangements have been mado by
Mr. Eyre for several interesting speak
ers. This pig club includes boys and
girls from looth Marion and Polk
counties. A special effort is ndng
made to interest several boys and girls
from Polk county in this club. It is
estimated that about 100 will bo in at
One speoder was landed yesterday.
This time it was It. N. Hoppos who
was found going sometliini; over 20
miles an hour about 9 o'clock last eve
ning on North Fifth "street. The even
ing was pleasant, tho moon was shining
and Mr. Hoppe didn't realize- that he
waa taking his For i over the legal lim
it of fat traveling. It cost him $5.
Miss Leona Graber, who has been vis
iting in Ashland with her sister, has re
Mrs. B. H. Eobertson who has been
at the home of her parents, Judge and
Mrs. Henry L, Benson, has returned to
her home in Portland.
Mr, and Mrs. L. C. Syverson of Gates
ere registered at the Bligh. He is here
attonding court.
claiming that the
had njurcd a tree.
telephone company
Court House
The jury returned a verdict in favor
of the defendant in the case just tried
in the circuit court entitled Ella C.
Underwood, executrix of the estate of
I. C. Underwood, versus Isaae Conklin.
The estate of Edna H. 'Wishart who
died in California. Feb. 3, 1919, is vaiued
at nbout $2000, and on petition of G. A.
Wishart, tho county court appointed
Roy H. Wise administrator, Mrs. Wish
art is survived by tho widower and two
daughters, ages seven and three yews,
r . 1
Tho Richard H. Wollor estate has
been apraiBcd at $2000 by W. C. Till
son, L. A. Tillson and O. E. Brooks.
In tho divorc.3 case of Grace E. Soars
against Eichard G. Sears, the -def ondant.
files a counter affidavit rosistlng suit
money and attorney's fees. In ai aiti
davit he states that he has been sending
to his family $20 a week and thr.-t his
wifo has no grounds for her divorce
nit . - i -i
The defendant was also given a ver- KNOW VALEHA'S HIDING PLACe
diet in the case of Harry L. Bancroft I ' - '
versus the SunnysiJe Mutual Telephone' Dublin! March 18, The hiding place
Co. Mr. Bancroft sued for damages of Professor Edward De Valora, Sinn
Fein lender who escaped from Lincoln
prison, is known to the police and the
Irish constabulary, it was announced to
day. The authorities, however, have
been ordered not t0 arrest him or the
two Sinn Feiners Who 'escaped from
prison at tho sumo time.
Almost Crpy;
"For yet my hndtwore nlraoit raw.
1 lity itched bo bad I wu almost oraiy.
Enfl'cred fifty and aiffht Uaed afl kindl
c.t mHieind nml tot no relief. 1ob1 all
Impel of ever being cured until I got
trill! bill le of D. U.- D. l- .null were ta
treat 1 got a tare bolth. Cao ileep
now and will alwava pic ne 1), D O
, -HQSEUT K. HOLMES. M.inakln. V
Arivor.e nafferins from ekia trouble mtW or
evero-ihuiild inveHtiirato at once the merits
of U. D. I). Try It today.' We tuarantea Uw
Brit IwtUe. , S5c, floe ami tl .00.
M lotion &r SKin Disease
' 'J. O. Perry's
mmm- umm::''' "lllliitii iilif i!
l! ffi1 s... .. . 4i,!.,.,iii, .hMiiffiiM-HMMbv
- r ? I Mm
i a n i .. .?smmmmm:.
. r . in! f.
the national joy smokd
ill !!!!!!!
! !!
h,..Jm mm
liiiiasi i
. " il l
!!!!!! '!:lf
I i
ii 1 mm
I I ;ii i .ill ' I i: W
ii; mm
CoDvriirht ISifi1
by K. J. Huyr.olUi
NEVER was such right-handed-two-fisted
snx&ejoy 83 you puil cut of a
HIMll Mf'-lTIrl
99 4 'ii! ) !1
fuii'lililliMliWii,' -
liilil llliiiil:! II
I III lllll'l " II
jimmy pipe packed with Prince Albert! .IK ! 11 , '
j.if.ai t uvvausv i . i. iias iirj quality i ,i iiji i
You can't fcol voiir taste annaratas anv mnrfi than vnn i&jL'J' '''li'ltl'1
jt ft j j y vj.. mx
can get five aces out of a family deck! So. when you hit Srpfr 'fA
Prince Albert, coming end going, and get up half an hour . i ,
ttuiici ju&i iwtoiMi biuiuug yuur pipe or roumg cigarettes,
you know you've got the big prize on the end of your line I
Prince Albert's quality alone puts it in a class of its own,
but when you figure that P. A. is made by our exclusive
patented process that cuts out bite and parch well yon
feel like getting a flock of dictionaries to find enough words
to exprec3 your happy days sentiments!
Toppy red bag, tidy red tint, handmme pound and halt-poand tin,
himidon and that clotty, practical pound cryttal glatt humidor with
tponga moitttnmr top that kttpt th tobacco in tach perfect coadU 'vm.
R. J. Reynold Tobacco Company, Winstoa-Salem, N. C
A. " ..V-
r if- 'jt;
rV) (
If '
4 Tj A
wwvw . the government hospital et the 0. A. C.