Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 13, 1919, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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    Ar,F FIGHT
,5tlAn Economical, Delightful, Light
Hogs Are Higher
Ecayy Ria Of Sheep
Ftece -to Trade tyjTS
! ii M li i i I
a u vv-i j j Ft v iw; tj t-i hs.,- m is-, r la f.i
V'e are new shewing the earliest of the Spring sty
les cf Oxfords, Pumps and clher new footwear of
special interest to the fashionable dresser. -
Patent Pump, Loui heel $6.25
Patent Pump, Louis heel ,.;.$5.59
Patent Pump, Welt soles, wing tip, military
heels .. $6.00
Kid Pump, Turn soles, Louis heels '. $3.50
Kid Patent, welt soles, military heels $3.50
White Kid Pumps, Louis heels $7.00
White Kid Oxfords, Louis heel $8.00
Black Kid, Oxford, Louis heel $6.50
Tobacco Brown Kid Oxford, Louis heels $7.00
Tobacco Brown Kid Oxford, white welt,
military heels $7.50
Brown Oxfords, welt soles, Louis heels $6,50'
Slate Street
Eobbers Enter Dallas
the past month, the other case being Hi is considered one of the finest in this
nJ 41.A VnrnanAir flnvin mill PfitlOll tit til,' HtfltA.
, liOine. Get RICH Haill Vlers fc Company Bell Ston Methodic HTBig Meeting .
! The Viurs & Company grocery -store M.!n M., .
(Capital Journal Special Horv.ce.) oil Man, street this week passed into row tho MMmihtx ot 1Uo Da I
Hullas, Ore., March 13.-Kobbcr i en- he hands of Henry Voth a prominent wi hold a big Coronary meeting in the
tercd the home of E, C. Kirk.mtrick on Polk county farmer and fru.t grower, , of the MclIl0(Ii9t Ej ,
Worth Main street on Suruluy night Mr. Votk lmvtng traded a 100 a church in this city. This is the last of
while Mr. and Mrs. Kirkpftlriok v,t. prune orchard just north of tho city ..,.;,., ,,:,, ,,vn u .oM I
Xorth Portland, March 13. Boeeipts
!S0O. Cattle offerings today were in
lhe with last Monday's offerings
lots of ordinary esttle but very fi
(outstanding steer, of quality. Trade
was snappy and fast. The best steers
sold at $13.65 t $14. Nothing seemed
to tonch last Monday's top. If any
I thing best steer, were a little lower in
i price. Ordinary 3tuff sold steauy. Cow
marled was good all the way through
for all grades. Calf market was good
nun saics up to 14.U.
Current Quotations.
Best steers, 13.50 (S $14.50.
Good to choice steers, $11.75 $12.
Medium to good steers, $10.73 ll.fi
Fair to good steers, $9.50 y su.lo.
Coinmoa t0 fair steers, $8.50 9.50
Choico cows ar.d heifers, $10.50(5)12.
Good to choico eows and heifers, $8.75
Medium to good cows and heifers,
First to medium cows and heifers,
Cnnners, $3.50(S;5.00.
nulls, $fi.oo(Sib'oo.
Calves, $9.5()14.30.
Btockers end feeders, $7.0010.00.
Receipts 2300. Trading started slow,
nothing beins done till noon-. Strength
was ci'-ined in prices and tops sold at
$17.75 and" advance of twobits on the
whole. There wns a very good run of
high quality stuff.
Currort Quotations.
Primo mixed, $17.50(a 17.75.
Medium mixed, $17.27(ffil7.50.
Rough heavies, $15.50(316.50.
Pigs, $15.00(77 16.00.
Bulk, $17.50 17.60.
Receipts 4350. This was the largest
day's receipts in the sheep sheds for
a Ions tune. I.anibs- sold at $16.50, a
half dollar raiso.
Current Quotations.
I'rimo lambs, 15.5016.50.
Fair to medium lambs, 13.5014.50.
Yearlings, 10.0011.00.
Wethers'. 9.0010.00.
Eivcs, 6.50(29.50.
in tho different groups. The moenng
utteiidinif the plctudo show and stole limits of the city f ir the s'.oro mid I
aunt worth of property. o erne misi.-.m Tiie store ,s one m will begin this evening at 7:30 with an
as to who the robbers wore has yet boon most tip to dnto establiahnionts in tlx' j xliilit ion of Centenary pictures To-
nscertaiiied but it Is thought by tho of Willamette valley and enjoyed a Inrgu morrow. t1(( H,.rvi,.0g begin i t 9-30 a m
fleer, that they are local talent a. patronage. Messrs. tier, and with a devotional and introductory sor-
Wiey seined to bo famlir.r with the inside hcrni who formerly owned the grocery . vlc(,. ut 0..)u 11Tho pn3t an("j the
ot 'the residence This is tho soeond will devote their attention in tho futuro (;t,nt',,,mr y Program-" 11-00 a m Their
robbery to take pluco in Dallas withlft to nianiiglng the pruno orchard which I PlavQ mul Vi.rt iu t'll() Centenary';" 12-
' j " ' m 1 13 o'clock, Contouary luncheon; 2:00 p.
ARMY SHOW'- :.:'-'
lit . tr'
Acknowledged the standard Ariny Slioe jfr" 's
on the Coast - an J .mail wonder : p
, "Extra Service Every Step
Comfort Every Minute "
Tliat'. whv it is being worn by
thousands or men in all walks of
Office Man . Hikers Molormon
Attorneys Farmnrs Conductor.
Pltyiiciani OrchardUU Hunter.
Look for the Maine Buckhi-CHT
iunif d on the sole of every Shoe
The $100 stamps will be about
the sIea ot a Liberty bond and
will sell for 82.60 if put on sale
In February. The price will In
crease 20 cents each succeeding
month until the end of the year.
m. devotions: V:,W Centenary program;
6:00 Centenary dinner served by tho
ladies of the church in tho Dnlns hotel
dining room; at 7:30 Centenary rally j
of the Methodists of the Dallas gronpl
which includes tho towns of West Sa
lem, Falls City, Amity and this city.
Among the prominent sponkors wh
will lie in ntteudr.nco today and tomor
row aro Dr. Carl O. Donoy, presidout of
Willnmetto University at Salem j Dr. II.
T mll.i.i. - v. 1,-11 nn. rti
fi". i V Z ai T Try ' n T from W to ThS eonutlo, are
V i -r,.' "i1 X"; '"';! Jerome. Clark and Caribou.
city i: 1 1 cnurcu, xvov. Xjt j. uiinerc
A new feature of 1919 War
Savings Stamp activities 1. the
.tamp of $100' denomination,
which will probably be placed on
the market this month.
The last Idaho iejrislnturo increased
the number of counties in that stato
of Oregon City; District Superintendent ' , abroad and studied musla in a
T. B. Ford of fialem and Dr. W. C. wm'0,ttl)roaa and studiea muslo in a
Wnsser of Nebraska Conference who IT!? .c,"!erJ , y' W W?"
enlist, left a brothor, Newman nennis,
buried on Fronch soil, he having diod
of ptomaine poisoning the first of the
year. . .:-.'.. .
tnlks on tho Centenary for the Sunday
I schools.
Rhould your acu'er be unable to supply you,
end his name to tho manufacturers Hue
Ingham and Heclit, Ban Fruifcisco. Kncloso
price of shoes you desire and we will have your
order lilted.
IT fitil
Members of Headquarters Company,
Lynn Elder, Bay Boydston, William
Dennis and Will Boydston of this city,1 Decorating for Soldiers Homecoming.
all members of the headquarters com-1 Every business house in the city is
pnny of mo loss inrantry, rormorly the wearing a patriotic decoration of some
Third Oregon, arrived home Monday kind in anticipation of the arival of
night and Tuesday morning lrom Camp tho soldiers of Company L who are be
Lewia whore they were mustered outjing mustered out this wees: at Camp
Saturday. The boys were all glad to Lewis. The decorating of the windows
homo again though not regroting tho i8 being done by Leo Smith, a local art
time they spent in tho service of Uncle 1st, each window boaring tho loiters
Sum. Kay and William Boydson who , " Welcome Company L" in red white
were members of tho band of the 162 and blue paints. In addition to this
grasped an oportuniry offered them
i i , Nwimwmi nrnii mum in i i iiiirnrniii.Mr.ifai iT iTIm. FWErl
f k 'dif. - Ait'.-' &h .'i W f'"-;'.',': si 4
f t i ? Id .- - . j
ti - 3V i u ': : : 1 1
I? ,kl ' J ' i l h. ' !
'IT V.T""T if P '
;. ' -J - 1, i v ;
jvs Jr ' " .
, - v ' 'i' . i - j, 4
. a i"-"- "" "
..... .... .. r MwmM XS! '
several of tho stores are tuaking spo
ial decorations. The boys may possibly
arrive home this week somotiine and
everything ig being placed in readiness
for their reception.
t 1
Arthur Bnhn of the Bodgers l'aper
compnuv of Salem was a Dallas visitor
Monday afternoon.
Miss Bessie Gooch and Mrs. Elmer
Strayor were Portland visitors ovor the
week end.
Mrs. J. O, Van OrBdel returned this
wek from a short visit with friends in
Peter Cook, a prominent business man
of Ballstoa) was a Dallas visitor this possible to do in their behalf. Ho thus
wcok. ' proved his sincerity and loyalty to the
Dean Colius, a newspaper roportor of public in every way. Under all cir
Portland, visited at the homo of his cumstances, without fear or favor, his
mother, Mrs. Mary Collins on Court I voice was always raised in defense of
stroet Sunday and Monday. Mr. Collins those whom he was trying to honestly
Satisfaction for the
sweet tooth.
Aid to appetite and
digestion - benefit
and eniovment in
lasting form.
The price is 5 cents.
(Turner Tribune)
As we predicted at the beginning of
tho legislative session of 1319, Sena
tor A. M. LaFollctt ha been a true
and sincere friend of the taxpayers of
the stato of Oregon.
Tho people of Marion county have
reason to be moro than satisfied with
his efforts to secure legislation that
benefited them. He did all that it was
began his newspaper career on the Polk
County Observer in this city. -
Word reached Dullas this week that
a son had been born to Dr. and Mrs.
R. C. Virgil, formerly of this city, at
their homo in Kansas City. Mrs. Virgil
was formerly Misa Edith Catherwood
beforo her marriage to Dr. Virgil,
Mr. and Mrs, II. L. Fonton are ini
Portland this week awaiting the arrival
of their Bon, Carl, who is a member of
Company L and who expect, to bo
mustered out of service soon,
Mrs. I. N. Woods and Miss Marie
Griffin have returned from a short vis
it in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs, George Brown and little
daughter have moved back to thw eity
from Black Rock where Mr. Brown has
been working in a logging camp during
the past year.
snappy Grink,
healthful, eco
nomical and
and faithfully represent. His vote on
all occasions indicated, the manuftr of
man ho is.
C. C. Chapman, editor of the ursgon
Voter, a weekly magazine published at
Portland, Oregon, has this comment to
make on Senator LaFoflctt:
"We vanturo.the assortion that .tad
Senator LaFollett been a member of
the 1919 couimiltee on ways and
means, ho would have save.? the tax-
gon who desire proper legislation, than
Senator LaiFollett. Patriotic end cour
ageous ho did his duty by the people.
True, manly courage cannot exist
without honor and lintegrity. Those
traits Senator LaFollctt possesses in a
reniarkablo degree. Any person can go
with the current, but to stand firm
ly by ones convictions in the interest
of the taxpayers and vote for a propo
sition that, one deems right, is dilficult
to do. Most men lack the Spartan cour-
8go to stand up -and be counted alone
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Scotts Mills, March 13. The Parent
Teachers associatioa iaet a. t.ic tchiol
house- Friday evening. O.i i.ccount of
rain there wa not a largo ulie..diincc.
A gcou musical prolan was renders!,
however. .
Mr. and Mrs. VT, 6. Taylor moved o
lort'iiml Moi.dty. Mr. 'ia-Iur e.pccti
to take up soiii" Bible study work vvhib
'.Mrs. A. 1.. l'io:i' 1 (r, who was callel
to .Suluu lit -t YioK '.u account of the
sickness it I in :r ui :'ht Mra. LcsiiU
liliniiiiy, litis ieiur.j( d homo aim repjrH
her daughter nnieli Loiter.
MUs Cleon dar.w who has boeii vu
iting here, lms reti .ied to her name at
Hreeule.J', Main. fe.i.e was acconaiauie i
in favor ot a measure they consider by her brother, F. C. Uurris E-ud his wil'u
ngnt wnen mo crcwa is against it. ns f ir in Korllanu. where they visitoi
Bugged and -strong If character, hon- friends f r a fot dnjs.
est in the conception of his duties," Sen J. a. i.iylar ie.a-.i-! a busit.es. np to
ator LaPollott is a type jj man that is j Portland Tu..!v, cwning on Wcuno
uncommon in thesa trying times of day.
duplicity and double dealing. Mrs ! it-, n i.j,a to, nier Anvi
Ho is one of .tho chivalrous charac-j0f fc.iloiii. :,wo t en visiting wit
ters that has the firmness to advocate friends here lh. p..ti few days,
what is right because it is just.rather Leti.wjl White -v.io was mustered oui
than for any personal interest. Big1,,,- s,,.irP ,, . ,, in r'niifnrnU
hearted and faithful to the cause of ,,.Veinl dav a, i.at who atmme,: in
the taxpayers, Senator LaFollctt rws r . ,Tf,r,. ... .....n,, ..,
made a name for himself in which his i.i. iL."),' ' . ' r
relatives and friends should take a ' i . i i .
LT . ILfilTJlX "PM H9 d h, the FriTnds" ehtrch MondaV ight. " An
"l """v m..w,B poensy. An enemy io laiscnooa ana ae- .. r,n frnm -.-o
would have pene.tra.ted the vulnerable
point of many an application for funds' I
This handsome compliment comes
from a person who has seen fit at dif
ferent times to criticize our senator.
The regret is that the legislature was
not constituted with many other sen
ators and representatives like Senator
If Senator LaTollctt had bowed
down and stood la with the "Steam
Rolling Machine" of the senate, he
could have been appointed on any coin
mittee he desired. He was honorable
(enough to apurn, every proposition sub
mitted to him that waa not in accord
with his high ideals of honor and in
tegrity. Hence he wa. left off of im
portant committees because ho wculd
not cringe or fawn to the machine. His
thorough irtdependeneo and wish to
loyally serve the people, did not allow
him to become a mere hie! of designing
In our judgment there was not a
member of the legislature n.nre thor
oughly in sympathy with the enti-
ment and aspirations of the voters of
Marion connty and the state of Ore-
ova ii mtl i uf la Avnni-or1 frtni .awlinr(f
ceit, he could not help properly repre j nclt weeK; -senting
the people of Marion county, j mm Liliaa Horigstad had the
He is a plain, blunt, and fearless per-1 fortune t in her foQt an has siuc(,
sonage. He is a born fiShfer for the bcen nuablc ,0 d
overburdened taxpayers and the pub- The w c T v t th home of
he m general. Those who thoroughly NelUe . CoutaoM last Thursday,
know his honesty of purpose, admire b j ,Qr
his grand qualities of heart and mind.
The people of Marion county are sin
gularly fortunate in having selected
as one of their representatives a man
of his sterling character.
When the smoke of tattle of the
thirtieth session of the legislative as
sembly of Oregon shall have cleared
away, the name of Senator LaFollett
will appear preeminently before the
public as one of th test legislators
comprising it. His honesty and integ
rity will stand out as a beacon light
for the encouragement and as an ex
ample for the future members of the
legislature to follow and emulate. It
can he truly said, Senator LaFollett it
"The Man of the People."
The executive committee of the new
labor party at Chicago will test the
constitutionality of the espionage act.
time because most of the ladies wished'
to use their time exclusively lor Bed
Cross work.
S. J. White and family motored to
Salem Saturday. Mr. White i8 still
quite sick but wished to return to his
home in Salem for a while.
George Critcs has bought tho soda
fountain and confectionery stoc of
George Myers and will move tho same
to the drug store formerly occupied by
Dr. Hume. ",
Tho "American drive" ut this plaee)
resulted in raising one hundred dollar
which was our quota.
D:vid Delano was a Salem visitor .
last Thursday and Friday.
Farmers of the Ridgeficld communi
ty have organized the Oregon Milk pro
duce eompany, i cooperative concern.