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aaa ilia -vAatar
TYn Po" A-s'-l'ii'A Vnr Incf a,,s'1 a sliorlaw of physicians nurs-
UC VWi iiliSv4.aA.il 1 Jl LdMjrs were almost impossible to obtain
W,n,lA. Vf.L 17T ,ne np"Xd on tne aru trade was un-
iiayenicer, . ivuicn Was expected overwhelming, and to
, I A 1 nfl'Ms demand they responded noblv. Ko-
rcstpsned 0a Account Uii,ai! w v
Th fnfl'TTfa F,1ffT!Tf Ic'tho prescription counter. Wholesale
in- imuud LUvSiC, ibiWn,K!,:st3 elrd th(,ir 8akm(,n off the
road to help fill orders hundreds wir
jed os to ship Vick's Vape-Kub by the
quickest route, regardless of expense.
Picked Up Oa The Street
Now Re-Instated Gcsd
Darag Use Menth Of
It is with pride that wo announce to
the drug trade that the shortage of
Vick's VupoKuh, which lias lasted
since Inst Octi'ber, in now overcome.
Wucn January 1st, wo have been run-
null; uui lamniuhrt ivyt-uiv inicu Him nu .,,,.,. 1 ..:... 1 n.nm
In this emergency we have tried to
do our part. We scoured the country
for raw materials our traffic manager
spent his days riding freight carg in
we shipped raw materials in carioad
lota 'by express and pleaded with man
ufacturers to i nc reuse their deliveries
to us.
But it wa a slow pro-cess. Some of
cur raw materials are produced only
in Japan supplies in 1hi3 country were
low and shipments required three
months to !ome from the Far East.
Then we had to recruit and train skill
ed labor. Wo 'brought our talesmen in-
P. M. GREGORY 'I am going to
completely remodel the interior of my
building within the next two months,
putting the offices in the front part j
and all the. ice cream apparatus tnd
storage in the rear. I have built up the
VTeathcrly ice cream business in Salem
to such an extent that I am now doing
proetieully all tho freezing in the city,
and doing it more economically that the
retailers themselves. There are hund
reds of gallons called for every week
during the winter, while in. tho summor
it become a tremendous business. This
s a big market in Salem for
During influenza epidemics spray
the nose and throat several times a
cay with one part Wizard Oil and
two parts water, using an atomizer.
It you haven't an atomizer, gargle
the throat and snuff the mixture up
the nose. This treatment sets up an
antiseptic wall of defease against
"Flu" germs.
Chest celds and sore throat lead
Stop them once with
U izard Oil before they can develop
into dangerous influenza.
Get it from druggists for 30c If
not satisfied, return the bottle and'
bci your money Hack.
Ever constipated or have sick head
lehe? Just try Wizard Liver Whips,
pleasant little pink pills, 30c at drug,
lists. Guaranteed
mi.-i.ij ""' , n- : ..i l,: i
, , , . . , , , 0 i' ii. niii-iiii u ill n iiiuciniici , ituu
J.U.iL Ct it HU Bl!ll't-(l ine UFBl- (II uui
lia'k orders, and retail druggists,
therefore, are no lunger requested to
order in e'nall quantities only.
This deal, which we had expected to
fiut on lust November and which had to
managed to install it on Christinas (lay,
so as not to interfere with our daily
production. ,
and cream."
MISS MARVIN, of the state library
"You would be astonished to see tho
euormuus rango of distribution of books
from the state library. Here are stacks
of applications, coming from every part
of the sttae from villages over in the
sagebrush of eastern Oregon and the
"tali timber" of Coo. count v. and es
pecially the Willamette valley towns.
These loans of books make ui) a lurm-!
part of the work of tho library force.' The crowd that thronccd the univer-
and they cover very conceivable branch ; sity gytsjiasium Saturday evening were
v. m.n.miwu, biiiIU; aim iccniucai re- treated to
o .11,11. mere are very lew calls tor
ra ciif iip
liy January 1st we had everything ;(
a range of basket ball that
ran frntm. ..n .. .1....: 1 1 iL- .
i, ... . , . ... ...... ..i.. .auuoiiiu up hi me proies-
L i this way the state library sinnnl In.a ,q v :.,i.. i
is supplementing the public libhorie, to j pa,sed around wore worth the price of
.-- treat extent and proves a most valu-1 admission
fide asset to the id ate." j Tho ev;ng opened with fte COMOj.
n- t J v m J n "111 OIUI
Superintendent Churchill of the do
pnrtment of public instruction, is in
Clackamas county, this week, visiting
the schools. E. T. Carlton, of tho de
partment, has just returned from a tour
of Sherman county where he found the
schools in an exceptionally good condi
tion, with fully 98 per cent of the grade
schools going into the high schools.
Incidentally he found evidences of rubber-tired
prosperity among tho farmers
of that section, wh0 aro all on high
gear because of the govtrrjnent price
on wheat.
The office of secretary of state is to
day sending out eopicg OS B. m. 36 to
along with these were vocal selections
by the University Quartette, and a
program of instrumental numbers by tin
Websterian Orchestra Late in the even
ing the young ladies of tht University
served light refreshments, consisting of
fruit salad, ice cream and wafers, to
about 2.30 persons, the company includ
ing representatives of the hi;;h school.
The tournament throughout has been
marked by the most cordial feeling
among the valley teams, tho rivalry
was of the friendly sort, and it prom-1
ises well for the future relations among j
the schools.
all county clerks, as a notice to them ef. to how such a rumor got to Illinois,
the specitl election to be held on June though it nuiy be the easterners i.av
3rd, at which time nine proposed meas
ures will be placed before the voters
for their approval or rejection. This
is the only' notice of the election that
will be sent out.
At a meetin? of the state highway
commission in Portland last Saturday,
bids were opened coveri ig the con
tsruction of fonr units of stato high
way. The section between Albany and
Jefferson was awarded to A. D. Kern
& company, of Portland, on a bid of
$168,827.5(i. The section of the John
Day highway in Grant county was a
warded to tho samo firm on a bid of
$111,246.15. All bids on the section
botween Grave Creek and Wolf Creek,
confused Oregon with Idaho, where fc-n
effort was made to amend tho primary
law. He assured thn eastern official
that no attempt hud -been made to
chnngo the primary k;w since its en
actment in 1904.
Percy A. Cupper, stutp engineer, left
yesterday for Medford to inspect tho
Medford iriation district. This dis
trict comprises some 0,000 acres of
land lying in the vicinity of Medford,
and it is proposed to secure its water
supply from the Big Butte creek. Tho
district wr.s organized in 1917, and has
voted bonds to tho amou nt of $1,500,
000. Mr. Cuppft also expects to go over .
the Rob-uc River irrigation district, til
ia Josephino county, were rejected on 5 leins in that vicinity,
account of new legislation providing
for hard surface work. Another call
for bids will be made for that unit on
the basas of hard surface. All bids
were also rejetced on tho Yamnlll-Nos-
tucca highway and will bo readvcrtised.
Tho public service commission is in
Portland today in conference with ad
ministration authorities with regard to
cooperation in tho matter of public
utilities. .
The office of secretary of stato was'
amused and interested by an inquiry
from the Illinois secretary, asking if
the Oregon primary law had beon re
pealed. Secretary Olcott is puzzled as
This morning Governor Olcott wa9 in
conference with Attorney General
Brown, District Attoriwy Geo. Neuner,
of Roseburg, and Adjutant R. H. Grin
steadt, of the Soldiers home, ia that
city, with- regard to the manngement of
the home. Tho situation was merely
outlined in this conference, and another
hearing of the management will to neM
in the governor's offico Friday morn
ing. -
F. R. Afbognst, who arrived in Van
couver Monday from Sun Francisco,
will have chargo of tho war camp com
munity service in that city.
r f d aa goli0 Ellt'aJ lik0 the iandle of a jug. the Newberg f.j
of ,h Willamette valley 111 tho matter team leading from the beginning, f 1
0! irrigation is due partly to tho fact though fouls and wild throws marked 11
lie ni)s! mined 011 account of shortage of ! ruy to put on our night sunt, umi;Ui
Vait.iliisb is re-instated for tho month ! since then our laboratory has been run-il0
rf March. This allows a discount of 10 ! ning day and night. To iced our uuio
crcmt on shipments from - jobbers' ! fatic machines, .which drop out one
ntuck of miantities of from 1 to a nmiureu aim lony uirce jars or v ain
't tllla 1k"'" impossible to drill into the work of boti. teams. The game re-
Vru.-Ki, 0 per ceni (it tins ilifrount is al
lowed by the juliber and 3 per cent by
1 W'e advise the retail' druggists to
place their orders immediately, so that
the jobbers will be aide to get prompt
shipments to thcni.
Rub a minute or one million and eigh-
mr.m ui iiieso larmers that li-rtga
v.O'.'.ld ba a benefit to tlicm.- They
I'.ro bb.ieKsed with the idea thai because
mi 1 falls over practically a period of
iiiuu mouths in the yenr the ground has
ample moisluro for their rropa. It is
suited 111 a scuro of 3$ to 13 in favor
of New-bent.
Was S-arpy Game.
This wns followed by the champion
ship finals between Salem and Jfc
Minnvillo, which proved a racy, snappy,
spectacular game, in spito of the fact
production J'igures 13,028,St"(i jiirs of
VapoKub manufactured and distribut
ed since last October one jar for ev
ery two families in the entire United
The thanks of the American publio
are certainly due' the entire diug trade
retail, wholesale end manufacturing
fur wlmt they accomplished during
the recent influenza epidemic. The war
During the influenza epidemic, Vick's VupoRub wu8 used
"as an external npplicn'ion in connection with tho physician's
treatment, and thousands of people, tin able to obtain a doc
tor, relied on Vick's almost exclusively.
-Uterally millions of families all over the country, from
California to Slnine, and from the Great Lake to the Gulf,
have found Vick's VapeRub tho Ideal home remedy tor
Croup and cold troubles.
ty tnouxnmt - woeuy, Jius required- a , ;,.,t. lImt ,1()y ,IOVO difficulties to face
tovee ot I'-'"!"- " 0 J" l " -iii the nittller of drainage; but it is, that -ftlcm was feeling the effects of a
' ' a t.L-ct that a lurgo area ot tlio valley,
worker.--, served ,000 meals during ttic , -., ,.,.i ,1,..,!.,. ,1 .,.,, 1 ,,,., ,,
hundrod per cent more crops. There
nra very few surface crops here that
would no? be benefitted by limited ir-
month of Jamuiry alifui
DXI-.ISIEUTED SINCE OCTOEEE I ligation. Why, we have less summer
An idea of the work we havo aect m-lini Jail here than in some seciiuii3 of
plished this fall may be given by
1 rcupp-.i.f'
Investigating Committee In
cluded Mayor Ole Hanson
And Judge Ben Lindsay.
other hand, if American interests or
any other inlereiita lire fostering revo
lution there we want to know that
Olo Hanson, Seattle; Judge Ben Lind
scy, Denver; John Iliisseett Moore, Al
ton B. Parker, Frank P. Walsh and
others. It is planned that one member
j will devote several hours each day to
ueurnig Testimony.
''The clock is about ready to strike
in Mexico," Prentiss declared. ' We
have learned from absolutely reliublo
sources that largo amounts of amniuiii
tiou, arms and war materiul are being
imported from east and west. Also that
shipments aro crossing tho border de
spite, the embargo
'Tho lull of the past four years lias
been duo tutirely to the inability of the
several factions to secure guns and mu
nitions. With all the nations in the
world overstocked with fighting imple
ments, the Mexican outlet will not be
overlooked. Consequently the firo
works aro scheduled to begin soon.'.'
Tho committee will make their find-
truth about Mexico and our citizens j injrs known to the foreign relations
there And indications are that some committee of congress and to members
very unpleasant things are going to bojof the house and senate. The state de
rliselosod, both for the Mexican gov-; partment will also bo furnished with
rrnmeiit and for private interests opor-1 copies of testimony given,
eting there, 'Wo are not trying to embarrass the
"It it is true that American citizens administration in any way," Prentiss
re being deprived of their rights and stated. "'We hope to develop the facta,
their property confiscated by respon-1 to work In harmony and co-operatt witn
mblo or irresponsible authorities in and to establish friendly relations with
Mexico, we want, to know it. On tho Mexico."
Arizona and New Mexico. So far as the
iiui'lV.su is concerned, this is an and
country in July and August. But drain
age is as important s irrigation"
MR. DONET -"It is true that tho
war period has tended to tin 11 atten
tion to utility education. Tins i8 es
pecially truo of the technical schools.
But 1 bolievo tho sentiment' is swinging
back toward a libera -education. 1
have had young peoplo express them
selves to me, and they show a desire
to make their lives coue.t for some
thing more than money; I ngroo with
you that this is the" commercial era-,
and the stress of life la tremcnuous;
Jnit tho opportunities for the man with
a liberal education aro greater today
than ever before; if you want to see the
ultimate effects of a strictly utilitanu-
education you have only to look at Ger
man. It is not only materialistic but
absolutely degrading in its tendencies.
The technical schools will show
strong tendency toward specialization
but institutio ,.a like Willamette will
adhero to tho old standards."
Now York, Mar. 10. The truth about
Mexico, iu order that the United States
limy adopt some definite policy in re
Cnrd to thff future rtlutlons with tho
southern republic is tho object of hear
ings to bo held here next week before
the Mexican committee of the council
cm foreign relations.
"We are going to tear the lid off",
Mark Osmand Trentiss, manager an
nounced todav. Wo want to learn tho
By giving your house a fresh coat of paint with
our PURE PAINT, on which we are maikng a
SPECIAL PRICE for this week only.
And of course you'll want to re-tint your walls.
We are also making a SPECIAL on KALSOMINE
in all shades as well as on our WASABLE WALL
Sec us before you buy
'Everything in BuUding Material"
Phones: West Salem, 411
Salem, 81;'
349 S. 12th Street
iiiembor of tho Commercial club, and I
can't say how the big drive is coining
on. Personally I'm not So mighty op
timistic about it, although there isn't
anybody uuy more interested in the
thing than I am. a big membership
would mean sunn thing financially, but
if tho organization is not utilized by
the membership, what good is it. They
have a mngnificout equipment up there
mid somo of tho best bruins in tho city.
and it ought to bo the center of every
thing that's doing. You go up there
at some of the public meetings and you
will find a splendid, intelligent audien
ce absent. I dropped in on a Business
Mens' Lcaguo meeting one time and
tho attendunco was so i frequent that
they had to gather around the fire place
to keep from losing sight of each
other. Comnarod with the whole
membership, it looked liko a minority
report in a town caucus. What's the
matter with them t I'll tell you what's
tho matter with them with tho whole
social fabno of Salem. There s so
many tarnul organizations in this tow.:
male, femalo, nondescript and innuc
uous that you can t find places on the
calendar for half of them. You're
overrun with lodges and clubs mid so
cieties and dinky little circles of one
kind or another till you ecu t focus
public atte .turn on auv one thing for
moro than a half a nuiiuto at a time
Beliovo me, if this town ever gets any
where it's cot to tie itself down to
three or four grnnd organizations and
focus ou things that are worth while."
Dr. King's New Discovery
almost never fal's to
bilnj qf'.ck relict
Small dosts ones la 8wr."!a and t!;st
thrst-tcarirj, lung-splittirj cr.-jh
en ja!ts down. Another cla:s snd a
hct tsth before jumping into bed, &
pod sb-'p, and back to norm;! ia the
Dr. lunj'a New Discovery is well
known, lor fifty years it's b;;n
r:Iijvins coughs, colds and b.-onchial
attacks. Vor fifty years it h:t been
sold by drugsuu everywh;ri. A
reliable remedy that youyoursclf orany
member of yourf.mlycM takj safjy,
60c and jUfj.
Train 1'hoidStu trtSorn lioiyJia
Help nature take its coisrs?, not
with a viobnt, habit-forminj p:!fz
tive, but with gentle but c;.-:ain and
mtural-laxative, Dr. JSi.i r'j New Life
Pills, Tonic in action, ;; Lviiates th
lax bowels. So! J by -jit. 25c
hard game in tho nfrernoon With the
exception of several personnl fouls, the
playing was good throughout and for a
time the teams were very evenly match
ed with Salem leading. A number of
long-distance threws on . the part of
Latham, Grant. and Staley brought ap
plause, and the lightning ball passing
on -the part of tho local team-brought
a lot more. The first half ended with'
Salem' leading 'by six points, and the
game wound up with a score of 26 to
17 in favor of Salem.
Thero followed an orgy of applause
school yells and congratulations. For
'he second time tho championship cup
is handed to Salem and will now remain
in their possession, in additionHo the
championship-shield. 1
Fine Team Work,
The victory ef tho Salem team was
foreshadowed in tho semi-finals played
in tho afternoon between Salem and
Corvnllis, in which tho local team put
tin some of tho finest work of thn en
tire tournament, walking away with (C
score or 41 to ii in . im,. hq
alom toam was as follows: Forwards,
Staley and Gregg; centor, Latham
-narris. Gill Ashby and Socolofskv.
Following the tournament, which may
bo set down as one of tho best in
point of interest in the history of the
institution, tho visitors wore gathered
at haton Hall as tho guests of tho uni
versity at a reception, entertainment
and "teed", such as Willamette is not
ed for, the festivities and hilarity last
ing until about. midnight. The corridors
ami aiiQirorium wcro taateruiiy decorat
ed with festoons and streamtrs of cropo
paper, daffodills, ivy and overgroons.
In tho lower halls there was put on a
series of comedy " stunts " by the jun
iors, sophomores and freshmen, that
created an endless amount of fun. and
In the case of E. C. Nnftzer against
M. L. Jones and wife an intorlocutory
decree was entered in whuh tho plain
tiff was adjudged the owner in fee
simple of 12 acres, an undivided in
forest in 157 acres in Tp. 6, south of
Rango 7, West. The court appointtd as
rofercos B. B. Herrick, E. M LaFore
and Job Sknife to partition the land
and set out tho 12 acres.
Thomas P. Hunt has asked the court
for the custody of his seven year old
daughter. Several year ago he was
divorced from his wifo and she was
given tho custeoyof the child. Now
So claims she is no' tho proper perion
o hnve custody of the child. Mrs. Hunt
'ivc-3 at Vancouver, Wash.
jourka! $n m
W. E. Mosbv has sued William P.
Sotak. alleging that Setak practiced
fraud en him in the exchango of
'ads. The plaintiff alleges that prior
o February 21, 1 ! 19, he was the owner
if tho Wl 2 of the S E 14 and the
V, 1-4 of the S E 1-4 of -section 35,
Tp. 7, south of Rango 1, East. That
efnk claimed, ho owned 320 acres in
Malheur county, four miles sou'h of
"t. Idaho. Also that Setak set
ferth in the trade that 230 acres of the
farm in Malheur county was first bench
and and thn' 50 acres had been irri
gated. That -ItMUaeres was rencert, that
he barn on the place was worth $700
and that the wheat averaged 31 bushels
the acre. That there had been
3.00n mortgage on tho place but that
""8 hud be-n o pood tha half had
Wfi paid off He also alleges that
V plained he had lived four
years on the Malheur county farm but
that as two of his children had died of
I i iKZii viure. he could not live
'm it any longer and wanted to trade, j
Mr Mosby alleges that every one of !
the allegations are not true and that
he land had never been irrigated, that '
there was no irrigation flume as Se
tak said, that tho land did not front
n he Snake rivtr, -that no wheat had
bp"n raised on it and that the land was
300 feet above the level of the river.
TV Marion county land traded in was
wrth S.SOO Mosby claimed and that
- 8tik would not 'radc back when he
discovered truo conditions, he brought
f i the court to determine what
was right.
11 We Fay Cash f W. ,i "NJ . v; v a we ray c-asn . .i
I ill Li'" J - S ii iaa'l-
' '.. i
p New Gray Hanan shoes, the latest thing in jast a f
h and pattern, every exclusive shade at '. s!) i JJ
h ; b
fa . t5
New Field Mouse Hanan shoes; one of the newest
styles to arrive from the New York market
$1 2.00
The new High Low Oxford jn white, black, brown
kid and brown calf, the sensation of the season
New high low black' kid pump which is
creating such a sensation in the east at
White Kid Oxford, the most perfect shoe for full
dress that will be shown this season
Hundreds of other new models in black, white and brown, in all widths from
triple A to D, and all sizes, at the very lowest prices, considering the high
quality. .
Do not forget our repair department. We use only the best leather and the
best workmanship in the city at the lowest prices.
We Pay Cash
Liberty Bonds
326 Stale St. Next to'ladd 4 Bush Bank
We Pay Cash
Liberty Bonds"