Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 10, 1919, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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rror occurs.
Minimum charge, 15c.
WANTED Guitar, secondhand Phone
1415 . 313
BOARD and room at 1120 - Center.
Phone 1074. 3 17
FOB SALE Boston 3 Star cornet. In
quire 4S3 State St. 311
TRAILERS for sale and made to or
der. 271 D St. 312
TOtrafG fresh cow and calf for sole.
675 Brooks Ave. 3-38
SHINGLING and roof repairing. C. C.
Kays, Phone 1802. 3-11
FURNISHED housekeeping rooms. 597
N. Liberty St. Phone 2156W. tf
WANTED Cattle, calves, veal, any
kind. Phono 80F11. - 4-8
FOB SALE Fresh Jersey cow, will
give o gal. a day. 715 S. 21st St. 3-11
"WANTED Position by competent
atonographcr. R M care Journal. 311
WANTED Experienced saleslady for
dry goods, etc. Gale & Co. 3-11
A NEW wheel for sale. Phone 1127.
PIANIST and saleslady. F. W. Wool
. worth Co. tf
BUGS cleanad 35c per rug Phone 1(5.
h. L. Buckner. 4-4
FOR SALE Good table potatoes,
$1.25 per sack Phone 8GF22. tf
FORD for sale cheap. Just been over
hauled. Phone 853J. tf
WANTED Good second hand man 's
bicycle. Phone BW2. 3-11
WANTED To rent, modern 5 or 6
room house. 31 care Journal. 3-14
FOB SALE Good 4 wheel trailer,
cheap. 42-A care Journal. 3-10
yOR SALE Cheap, good work team,
will trade for eattle. Phone 89F-3,
Rt. 5, box 125 on Macleay road, tf
WANTED Acreage near Salem. Ad
dress! DeiVoe, Baker Apts. 645 Ferry
. ' 3-12
COAHD arid room In modern home,
near state house. Phone 1354B. 161
B. 14th. 3-12
A. E. HUTCHISON, 248 State St.,
Phone 311. Overland service and
general repair shop. 4-7
FOB SAUB Six room, 2 story house,
and garage on State street; for in
formation call Main 1185. tf
IMSOHARGED soldier want work by
hour or by day. Address Myrtle ho
tol room 15. 3-8
BAERBD Boek eggs for hatching,
from fine winter layers, $1.50 for 15
K H. Pickens, 805 9 14th St. tf
FOB SALB Baled- wheat straw $9
t barn. Telephone 13F4 near Mid
dle Grove school. ' 3-22
FOB BENT Modern upper flat, close1
in. See B. B. Fleming, 250 or 785
Court. Phone 124 or 92. tf
LIBERTY BONDS If yea must dis
pose of your bonds, we will bay
them. 311 Masonic Wdgi tf
FOB TRADE A good, neat 4 room
bouse with garage to trade for auto.
Coll 1644 or 2022 in mornings, tf
FOB SALcj x v-13 snaft governor.
engine and boiler complete, cheap.
T3 O0 . it- f '
WALL PAPER 15 eenta per double roU
. upward. Buren's Furniture Store, 179
Commercial. tf
WE PAY highest cash price for eggs,
pork,-veal and poultry. Willamette
Transfer Oo, 171 a High t. Phone
1400. tf
AS GOOD as new, gas range, good
heating stove, water heater, retail
ored overcoats and suits, at halt
priee. 'The Capital Exchange, 337
Court St. Phone 493. tf
314 Masonic Bldg. Salem, Ore.
WANTED Small fotte for feed. II
S. Lang, Phone 35F25. 3-12
WANTED To buy cattle and calves,
any kind. Plione 1576W. 3-15
FOB ' SALE Good secondhand top
buggy cheap. 726 X. 15th. 3-13
FOB SALE Modern 6 room house,
two lots. Call 1625 N. Front. 3-13
GBT your Tanlae $1 per bottle, at Op
era House Pharmacy. 3-10
20 ACRES plow land for sale, 2
miles from town. Phone evenings
L..8m a-ii
BARGAIN 148 acre farm, 6 miles out
on paved road, $85 per acre. F. L.
Wood. 3-13
NICELY furnished room with board,
rates reasonable. Phone 1578 or call
332 S. Church. 3-10
EXCHANGE seetion in Lake coun
ty to trade for Salem property.
Phone 1178 after 7 p. m. 3-10
FOR RENT Nice, clean, modern
housekeeping rooms, 4 in suite. En
quired Stato St. tf
FOR SALE Choice grain hay for sale
at the Farmers Feed barn, S. High
street . tf
FOR SALE 10 acres close to Salem,
. ronjlv itnr snftinir Ant. fn fruit fhia
spring Owner Ibox 222, Salem. 3-10
FOR SALE New modern 6 room bun
galow, well located, reasonable. Own
er, 72-A care Journal. 3-10
WANTED To exchange two fine resi
dence city lots for light automobile.
Phone 1147. 3-12
FOB SALE House and lot, 54x164,
1 blocks from State, 259 S 19th.
LOGANBERRY iplants for sale. J. P.
Asipinwall, Brooks, Or. Phone 35F
iz. tr
WANTED 'Experiencea grafters ' at
Fruitland nursery. Phone 111F21, Sa
lem Rt. 6. tf
HIMALAYA tips, 500 for sale. W. C.
Franklin, Bt. 1, box 11. Phone 52F
14. , ' tf
GROCERY stock and fixtures must be
sold within 30 days, easy terms, J.S90
S. 12tt St. tf
FOB SALE Double disc hawow, near
ly now, 24 18-inch discs, a B. Bailer
Silverton, Or., Bt. 4. 3-13
EXPERIENCED man wishes position
as foreman on -prune ranch. Ladd ft
Bush reference. Phone 664. tf
WANTED A woman or girl for gen
eral house work. Phone 1296 or ap
ply mornings 890 Oak St. tf
BOH SALE White Leghorn and Ore
gon setting eggs $1 per sotting. Ba
by chicks $10 per hundred. 708 8.
13th St. -l
PAETY who took the roller skates
from tho library Saturday, marked
with the name Harold, ploase return
to 715 N7 Com. and save trouble. 3-11
IMPROVED farm, 235 acres Vi mile
from Marion, Or., 75 in fall grain,
80 in pasture, 80 in timber; price
$75 per acre; terms. Henry Fennel.
: 3-14
FRUITLAND Nursery, Salem, route 6,
box 138E phone 111F21. We have the
Roman strain grafted Franquet wal
nuts and also a few moro Italian
prune trees loft. 3-12
WE HAVE on hand a few tons of mill
run for sale, at a targain Willam
ette Valley Transfer Co., 171 South
High St. Phone 1400. tf
229 State Street
If yon want to buy or ssll a
car come and see me.
Dodge, big bargain, $650.
Overland, good condition, $150
Buick roadster, $325
Elgin 6, will consider property in
Maxwell roadster $275
1917 Maxwell touring, almost new
big bargain at $375
Paige touring car, big bargain
Studebaker, perfect condition $300
Ford bargain, $350
Phone 362
FOR SALE Wheat hay, 10 ton.
phone 411 or 154)3. F. E. Shafer. tf
ITALIAN prune trees for sale, reason
able. Twin Hill farm, B. F. D., Tur
ner, Ore. Phone Salem 49F24. 3-11
WANTED By March 15th a 4 or a
room, modern house, unfurnished.
Call A. Chisholm, Bligfe hotel 3-10
FOB SALE Cheap, an Improved lot; a
good investment if taken at once.
.Inquire at 1520 N. Front street. 3-12
MONEY to loan on good farm securi
ty. Ivan G. Martin, Masonic Tem
ple. 311
FOB SALE Hatching eggs, Barred
'Bock also White Indian Runner
duck. 2035 Fairground road. 3-10
SPIRELLA , corsets sold by Alice A
Miles, 1106 Leslie St. Measures tak
en, fit guaranteed. Home Tours, af
ternoons. Phono 1425R.
LOST 3Vsx35 tire between Salem and
Independence Thursday night, Sir
vertown cord Bctreeded, on rim. Fit
gerald, Marion hotel. Reward. 3-10
FOR SATYR Ecrira for nettinc. Silver-
laced Wyandotte and Partridge
Hoe, ft per 13. 447 a. Uom'l fhone
2499M. . 3-10
NORTHWESTERN Nursery, Rt. 6.
Fruit trees, roses and shrubs. Special
low prices on certain lines. Phone
11W3. tf
BEAUTIFUL home for sale at sacri
fice. All kinds of fruit and berries,
near car 14no and school. Owner,
Phone 2440. 3-10
RANCH WANTED Wanted to hear
from owner of good ranch for sale.
State cash price, full particulars. D.
t Bush, Minneapolis Minn. .
FOB SALE Chevrolet 5 pass, car, me
chanical condition guaranteed, 4 new
' tires,2 extras; spot light, chains, etc.
; 675. P. W."Byrd. phone 1925. 3-11
ONION seed for sale, selected Oregon
Yellow Globe Denvers, guaranteed,
$2.25 per pound. J. I. Briven, Gervaia
,Kt. 3. Phone 48Jt'H. 3-ZO
FOB 8ALB Olorer hay $28 per ton;
clover -seed 50 -eT lb; apples $1.75
ner tmsheL au 6, box 01, Pnone 23
F21. tf
FOB SALE One sorrel Belgian horse
colt, 3 years old, (heavy boned; one
driving horse, 7 years old, one sin
gle harness and cart. Phone 36F14.
FOB SALE Horses and mules from
Camp Lewis, Friday, the 8th at the
Salem Horse Exchange, 554 Ferry
street. A. L. Clearwater and son
proprietors. !-10
WHITE Rock eggs for hatching. Phone
93F5 or 403B. 3-12
FOB SALE 6 lots, 8 room plastered
house on pavement, with water,
bath, hot water tank, electric lights
on 8. High St. Price $2150. Write Rt
8, box 46, Salem. 3-10
FOB SALE 3 Studebaker wagon,
A-l condition, 1 set double harness,
1 good W0Tk horse, . weight 1200
pounds, and 12 head shoats, weight
75 to 90 pounds, at a bargain if tak
en at once. J. C. Coffey, Bt. 3, box
192, 1 miles Test of Liberty. 3-10
HORSES Will arrive at Skipton's
sale stable, 448 Ferry St., Salem,
Mar. 6, ear of Camp Lewis horses,
heavy boned and bloeky, some well
matched teams, 2400 to 2600 lbs.,
guaranteed as represented or money
back. W. S. Pemberton. 3-11
DAIBY FARM at a bargain, 150 acres
six miles east, paved highway, fair
buildings, orchard, yunning wlater,
$85 per acre. 20 acres fine land, all
under plow, main road, 4 miles east,
some orchard, lays fine, well drain
ed. $3800. 5 aeres 5 miles out, all
clear, $600. One acre near car line,
good buildings and orchard, $2000.
5 room modern bungalow,. $1350.
Have cash buyers for houses, want
a few good houses to Tent. Ford car
for salo. F. I Wood; Bayne bldg. 3-10
IMPORTANT Did you read the Bplen
did offer made by too Pheasant
Northwest Product Co. in the States
man and Journal of yesterday, of
fering to eontract for berries If
not you had better read it, you can
net from $100 to $250 per acre rais
ing berries on good soil, near Salem.
I havs some splendid land suitable
for growing berries but do not want
to depend on hired help to set and
cars for them. Therefore will setl
very choice berry land in 10 to 40
acre tracts located 3 miles from Sa
lem, for $125 to $250 per acre, on
reasonable terms. It Is very choice
land located on a good road. See
' me at once if yon want any of it.
john a scon
404 Hubbard bldg.
A 7 ROOM house completely modern,
on Court street, $3650.
A fine 5 room bungalow. Two good
lots a daisy, on Capitol street for
A 7 room bungalow on Fairmount
evenue at $3500, hag good new gar
sge. A large brick building on North Lib
(TtT street for sale or rent, at a bar-
. gain.
A dandy .6 room house on North 24th
fet. An extreme bargain. Make me
cn offer. 8
A large house on Summer St, close
to state eapitaL What will yon give
A nice 6 room bungalow on Liberty
St at $1600..
A good 7 room house, all in fine con
dition and quite modern, only one
block from good school. $1500.
If you are looking for bargain see
me at onee. G. W. Laflar, insurance
man. 405-406 Hubbard bldg. tf
FOB rXAUBGood milch eow. Inquire
1309 Highland Ave. 3-13
FOB SAiLE English trustor hop roots.
Phone 52F11. 3-12
FOB aeeerdioa pleating, see Mrs. Al
ice Hild-brand, 420 N. 24th St. 3-12
POSITION wanted as practical nurse.
Phone 920R. 3-12
WANTED A White Leghorn rooster,
phone .15
RABBITS for sale, New Zealand Beds
75c a piece. 1645 Hall St. 3-11
INDIAN bicycle A-l condition. Phone
1902M, 198 Chemekcta. 3-12
LOST Silk umbrella between Trade
and Ferry. Phone 2430W. 3-10
iV ANTED Salesman and collector,
with car. 337 State St. 3-15
FOR SALE Good team work horses,
1100 lbs; also Jersey cows for sale.
Phone 33F21. 0 3-12
FOB SALENew 30x3j Federal rug
ged tread tire. Xi. J. Lownds, Salem,
Rt 4, Phone 9F22. , . 3-10
WATED-JTo rent by April 1st, five
or six room modern house with gar
age. Phone 1231J. ' 3-12
FOR SA1LE 1500 strawberry plants
OUC a 100. F. Kischoff, Rt. 6, box
49A, Salem. ' 3-11
FURNISHED room for rent, suitable
for a bachelor. Inquire 1280 Stnto
street. 8-15
WANTED Married man for ranch,
with or without team of horses. Geo.
L. Rose. 3-15
MIDDLE AGE lady wants a position
where work ig light; home wanted
more than big watges. Call at Myrtle
in person. 3-10
WAMTED Privilege of using private
piano one flour a day, foi practice.
Give terms and address. M-10 ore
Journal. ' 3-10
FOB HALE or trade, 640 acres of graz
ing land, with water; for acreage
near Salem. Address M-1990 cr Jour
nal. 3-15
FOB BENT Modern furnished house
keeping apartments in 1, 2, 3, end 4
room suites. Miller apartment, 433
Ferry St 3-15
RABBITS for sale, New Zealand Beds
from pedigreed sto&k, 8 does, a buck
-and IS or 14 young. Price $8. Phone
am., t ;,, , , 3-10
FOB BAlflD One ibrown mare 8 years
old, 1430 lbs; also 24 we and 24
lamba. Phone 33F24 or address Wm.
Sheridan, Turner, Bt. I 8-12
FOB 8AILB Young cow, 1200 lb horse,
. 3)4 ineh wagon, set double harness,
sinjgle harncm, buggy and light wa
gon. 1395 N. Liberty St. 3-15
WANTED To rent small house in
good condition, with ground for
chickens and garden. Boom 26, 645
Ferry St. " 3-11
FOB SALE acres well improved,
4 meres close in. I buy and sell
all hinds of real estate. 319 Hubbard
ldg. 3-15
6 ROOM house with ibath, electrie
lights, 2 lots, 16 fruit trees, grapes,
raspiborric's, barn and chicken house.
Bargain $875. Terms, 1976 Fairmount
ave 3-15
WANT TO RENT with privilege of
buying fqr cash, modem house with
garage, on paved street. Give full
particulars and when can occupy. 27
care Capital Journal. 3 10
FOR SALE A lot of largo Belgian
does with young, from four to eight
each. Skkncss requires all my time;
also twenty five soon ready to
market. Party buyinig lot can have
use of fine Tabbitry 6 months free.
629 N. Winter. Phone 1532J. Phone
ealls after 5 p.m. ' tf
Ernest B, Bennett, son of William
Bojinett, who lives in Michigan, died
at the Brooklyn navy yard hospital
March 6 at the aae of 19 years. The
young man had just enlisted in the
navy at Portland Jan. of this year.
Ag soon as he reached New York he
was taken down with pneumonia and
died on the 6th of this month. Ho is
survived by a sister, Mrs. John E.
Earle, of this city and two sisters liv
ing at Falls City, Mrs. Oran Mills and
Mrs. F. C. Dueltiren. Also by a brother.
OWbert Bennett, of Falls City. The body
will arrive in care of Webb and Clough,
Friday r Saturday of thig week.
John O. Davenport died at Aberdeen
this morning. He was an uncle of Ho
mer OL Davenport, thecartoonist, and
- hmtl.- k. Into 'V W TluvAnnni-t- '
He will te remembered by many pio
neer residents.
We Pay task for
BaMhf c4 Co., Front and Anbeny SH
BUGGY Jtor sale. Call 58F4.
Citv News
Miss Catherine Campbell, age 20,
died yesterday in Portland. She was
the daughter of T. K. Campbel). for
ten years on the Public service com
mission. The funeral services will be
held tomorrow morning at the Catho
lic church at 11 o'clock. Please omit
Lieutenant Walter Spauldisg arriv
ed home last evening, coming direct
from Camp Dix where he was given his
discharge. Mr. Spaulding spent 14
months in France, most of the time
with the Third Oregon. Later he was
transferred to the courier service and
then attached to the staff at general
headquarters. lie arrived in France in
December of 1917 and left in February
of this year. He says that Paul Wallace
received his discharge a short time go
and will be heme in a few weeks. Also
that Captain Neer is in France with
the 35th division, but thai he hopes
to be ordered home within a few das.
First Lieutenant Banta arrived in the
city last evening with Lieutenant
A couple, who claimed to come from
Woodburn, were picked up in a lodging
house on iNdrth Commercial street last
evening by Officers J. W. White and
O. F. Victor. They put up $50 bond
for their appearance at the police sta
taon, but rather than appear, forfeited
tho money and the city is that much
ahead. The proprietor of the house is
charged with failing to keep a proper
hotel register as provided iby law. It is
understood that several rooming house
proprietors will receive the attention
of the police unless the matter of prop
er registering of gueats is handled ac
cording to law. A failure to properly
register guests is a violation of a city
ordinance and the license may be re
voked. All hotels and rooming houses
are licensed and a violation of any of
tne city ordinances rendors tf)e propri
etor "not only liaWe under the law but
there is a chance" of the lteense being
revoked by the city council.
Dr Carl Gregg Doney gpeaks Wednes
day night on the library lecture course.
His subject is "Spirit and life of
France." A year ago Dr. Doney was
in France addressing "our boys" un
der the direction of the Y. M. C. A.
In the capacity of speaker, he was
privileged to visit larger part of the
field than was permitted to many
people in France in war time. His ac
quaintance with French ufe in ,,ice
time was five years ago, just before
the outbreak of the was in Europe. He
will give with detail some of his ex
periences and the conclusions he has
drawn in the ten months he has spent
m that country, iiemg tne close ob
server that he is, and the speaker we
know him to be, this is a locturo that
Salem will appreciate tho opportunity
to hear. The hour of the lecture is 8
p. m. Wednesday, the 12th of March.
The basement of the library will be
open for tne audience to assemble at
P. B. -Cesaney has succeeded A Ray
mond as general manager of the Port
land Cloak and Suit House in this city.
Mr. Keancy was here until a few
months ago and 'built up a very sue
ceBs ul business wflich he will no doubt
continue is the future
O' ... -
Tuesday evening of this week, R. W.
Montague of Portland, an attorney.
VfUl address the Six O'clock club of
the First Methodist ehnrch. Ho will
speak on "The League of Nations'
and after his address, there will be a
general informal discussion on the sub
ject, The dinner will be served by the
West Central and Lucy Ann Lee cir
clos of th church.
The first Monday luncheon of mem
bers of the Commercial club was held
today noon at the Marion hotel, and
will hereafter bo a feature of the Com
mercial elub) work to bring those inter
.s.cd together for an hour's talk arouni
the tablo once a week. Beginning with
next Monday, there will be special
speakers for each lunch and members
will be notified in advance tho name of
the speakor and the subject to be dis
Burglars who knew enough about
bank robbing to go at it in a profes
sional mannor, robbed the Bank of
Mount Angel Saturday night. J. J. Ke
ber, cashier, discovered that the. bank
had been entered and telnphoned Sher
iff Ncdham Sunday morning at 9:30
o 'clock. Accompanied by Deputy Sner-
irr v. v. 'Kowcrs, Sheriff JSecdham
went to Mt. Angel to investigate. Ho
found that the burglars had stolon
some tools from a section house by
mean, of which they broke open tho
back door of the bank. Then they dug
through the brick walls of the vault
in which is placed the iron safo. No
effort was made to got into the safo,
the burglars contenting' themselves
with breaking into safety deposit box
es. It is estimated that liberty bonds
to the value of $1000 and a few stamps
were stolen. Up to a late hour this af
ternoon there was no clue that would
lead to the arrest of tho burglars.
A carload of onions belonging to J.
w. uolltns and A. M. Bolter enters into
a law suit brought against the United
Brokers Company, The plaintiffs al
lege they entered into a eontract with
the brokers to load a ear of onions at
Brooks and that the commission com
pany was to sell same at Sacramento.!
The plaintiffs allege that the ear was
loaded at Brooks, that it wa-3 shipped!
February 27, 1919, and that at the i
time, tho f. o. b. price of onions at
Brooks was five cents a pounds and
that the ear load weighed 1555 pounds.
Theyallege that all that was received
from the brokers was $200 and the suit ,
is brought for $1200 additional
In the divorce case of Benjamin vs,
Ben.fimin before the circuit court this,
morning, Mr. Benjamin was granted,
the divorce. The parties live near Silverton.
1916 Ford Touring Car,
Quick at $365.
Late Model 90 Overland, run 600 miles, for Quick
Sale at $1025. W e will give service on this car.
Good 2-Tcn Fonn-A Truck. $900
J. W. JONES, Mgr.
162 North CcsLTiercial Street
1 A
aiem .auction lo.
r-.j..-- ah
isuuuutu au ivmus oi oaies
Favors Appointing New Secre
tary Of State To Take Kis
Former Position.
The well meaning citizen who, under
the title "Iconoclast" a few days since
contributed to the "Picked-up-on-the-Street"
department a paragraph con
cerning what he considered an anomal
ous situation in the offices of governor
and sccrotary of state, will undoubtedly
feel reassured by the position tho gov
ernor has taken with regard to the mat
ter, In an interview with the chief ex
ecutive thig afternoon it was mado
plain to the Journal reporter that Mr.
Olcott had no thought of retaining as
a personal perquisite the salary of the
secretary 'g office in addition to that of
governor, although it it is within his
province, under the constitution to do
so. And tho reporter doubtless express
ed tho sentiment of the cntiro state
when he commended the executive for
a course that is both wiso and admir
able. He stated that the amount of the
secretary's sulnry of $4500 a year will
be left to accumulate in tho general
fund of the state, although tho regu
lar warrants will be issued to him, and
tho only hold that he proposes 0 re
tain upon it is the stipulation that the
amount, shall be considered a reserve to
be drawn upon in case of somo cmcr
geney arising in the offices, reriiirin g
S P E C I-A-X-
I Also
m Olll
igh Theatre
1 v- I"-' f.
. t"-ss- -ji'n
i t.Hmiiiiiss1. djiaim-TriiT-n
m GRAY 2
71 APT.
Good Condition. Going
v j j cj.. i!
the immediate use of funds. . Whetae
or not such an emergency arises. Gov
ernor Olcott was emphatic in the state
ment that none of the salary would be
drawn out for his porsonol use. . Fur
ther than this the governor made
known his intention to resign his offieo
as secretary of state and namo his suc
cessor if it could be shown that he could
retire from the secretaryship without
at the same time forfeiting the office
of governor.
"1 realize full well that I am eon
fronted with some of the most stupendous-
issue, and problems that eve
came up to a governor of the, state,
and it would (equire the best efforts
of any man to meet' and cope with
thein," he said today, "Of course, if
there is no legal method whereby gueU
a satisfactory conclusion may be reavA
ed, I will face the situation as its con
fronts me and do my best to grapple
with these problems as they arise, kud
there will be n) abuse of the authority
i vested in me."
At a meeting to be held this eve
ning at the Commercial club, definite
steps will be taken for the organiza
tion in Salem of a first clam council
of tho boy scouts of America Plans
that have been prepared by a prelim
inary eommittoo will bo eifbmitted, of
ficers elected and action taken to- plac
the movement in this community on a
firm successful 'basis. Invitations havw
been sent to a number of titiwns tw
be present this evening and talk over
the general boy scout movemont and
what it means to a community. Hal D.
Patton is (-hnlrmnn of the committee1
and associated with him are M. 1a
Meyers, Theodore Roth, C. E. Know
land C. S. Hamilton, U. G. Shipley and
Harold L. Cook.
nlK. 1
Cl.nfTT. PMmnv At I n., It.. Malcrn. Troy, N. T.