Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, February 25, 1919, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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You're Going to Get f Em
Why Not NOW?.
Place your order for ycur new Spring Suit now, so it will be here when Spring,
weather really breaks. We are offering as Special Inducement' regular $35,
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Local Rclailer Will Only Have
h Pay 25 Fee Instead Of
$109 First ksmkl
426 State Street
"Made to Measure Clothing"
Salem, Oregon.
Prominent Eugene Man
Dies In French War Zone
Eugene; Fob. 2a.I)r. John Eberlo
Kuykeftdull, captain of tho 301st am
bulance company, died in Leman.i,
JYance, Sunday morning from menin
gitis. News of his death camo in a
cablegram from his brother, Lieuten
ant iKobert Kuykendall of the 347th
field artillery, to a brother in Eugene,
W. A. Kuykendall. The message an
nouncing tho death enme simultaneous
ly with another telling of his very
serious illness.
The ambulance unit, which was part
of tho 310th sanitary, train, was at
tached to the 91st division. The com-
fnny went through months of hard
ighting since reaching France last
July without Wing a man, and its
.commanding officer was its first cas
. nalty
'- Captain Kuykendall was practicing
physician in EugenS when the war
broke out.' Ho received his medical ed
cation at Cooper medical institute, af
filiatd with Stanford university, grad
uating in IMS. In the summer of 1917
he undertook the formation of the am
bulance unit, which went to ainp
Lewis with 125 University of Oregon
and Eugone men in its personnel, in
January of 1918.
Tho captain wag the son of Dr. W.
Kuykendull and Mrs. Kuykendall of
Eugene. Ho was a gradunfo of the
University of Oregon in 1908, where he
made a record as a football, and track
man. He played quarterback on the
varsity team for three years and in his
senior year wasi judged all northwest
quarter. He was a varsity track man
for three years, being elected captain
of tho team in his senior year, waen
he also helped "Bill" Hayward oach
tho team. Ho was a memiber of the
athletic council and later an alumnus
men or ot the same body. .
'n.l'hm SitiHiiiitWffl
ARE you aware of the big influence
School Days have on the future
.life of your Children?
Forceful, yet clean, wholesome and entertaining.
Every adult should Any child can see it. :
First time ever shown at reduced prices.
Among the new business arrivals in
Salem is '.the Salem Auction House, un
der the management of Messrs. Cuvrie
& Sntterlee. who have leased the build
ing formerly occupied by the Independ
ent Meat Market un Commercial street
and will ibe opened for business the
latter part of the week. Mr Carrie is
recently from Alberta, Canada, where
ho has been engaged in this line of
business for a number of years, while
Mr. Satterleo hag been located in Sa
lem since last June. The building will
be remodelled for their uso, and they
will cngago principally in the handling
of bankrupt stocks, holding, a public
aufction twice a week Later they will
handle household goods, tools, etc., and
a,t the samo time will make o side line
of stock sales in the vicinity of Balem.
As a clearing houso for all classeg of
merchandise tho .house, should become
a very active factor in Salem.
In spite of the prohibition wave, the
wine grape acreage in California in
creased more than 4000 acres in 1918
over 1917.
You Get Action with Mustarine It
.Drives Out Pain in Half the Time
It Takes other Remedies It's
the Quickest, Pain Killer
on Earth
Stops coughing' almost instantly;
ends sore throat and chest eoldls over
night. Nothing like it for neuralgia,
lumbago, neuritis and to speedily drive
away rheumatic pains and reduce swol
len joints.
Mustarino is the original non-blistering
prescription that takes tho place
but is 10 times as effective as Grand
mother's iold fashioned mustard plas
ter. Use it for sprains, strains, bruises
sore musK'les, stiff neck, swellings, sore,
painful or frosted feet and chilblains.
Be sure it'a Begy's Mustarine in the
yellow box.
The Things Thi
Hokum Bread
A plain loaf the kind of a loaf that is made in the homes of the country.
Plain virtues-plain living plain food are the things that count and win
out in the long run.
Gherey.' City Balking Go.
The famous oleomargarine bill, which
was supposed to put a crimp in the bus
iness in this state and to Bave the but
ter making "-industry, managed to pull
through the senate, but when it came
to tho house, tho radical provisions in
tho bill were trimmed about 50-50.
The object of the bill as lirst intro
duced was to make it so expensive for
wholesalers and retailers to handle oleo
margarine, aiut butteriue aud renovated
butter, that the price of the butter sub
stitute would materially advanco and
thereby iudircctly force the public to
buy the genuine butter.
When the pruning knife had been
applied in the iiouse tho following
changes were made in the senate bill:
Manufacturers instead of being obliged
to pay an annual licenso of $1000 will
now pay $500. Wholesalers who sell
oleomargarine or any substitute, in
stead of $300 a year; will pay $250. Tho
local retailer, instead of an annual fee
of $100, will pay $25. Hotels anu res
taurants need pay only $5.00 a year foi
serving the substitute aud boarding
houses the same.
All that is needed to make tho bill
a law is the approval of tho governor
Tho Portland delegation fought the bill,
chaining that it would put out of bus
iness un institution that had a quarter
i of a million dollars invested. As pas'
sod by the house aud senate, the bill
would only tax the big .manufacturer
;$500 a year, which was not regarded by
the country members as couiiscating
tho business. The whole efieet of tho
bill may be to raise the price of butter
substitutes, a few cents a pounJ.
Anothers senate bill that caused a
flurry in the house was ono introduced
ui the senate by Senator I'iorco. It
provided that tho state give encn re
turning soldier $25 a mouth while he
was finishing his education in ouo of
the big state institutions.
Tho educational committee, of which
Mrs. Alexander Thompson of The Dulles
is chairman, turned in an adverso re
port on the bill, although the rcforon
dum was attached, to be voted ou at
the next election.!
Many members of the house did not
agroe with the educational committee
and an effort Was made to have it re
ferred to the judiciary or military com
mittee, However,' rathor than kill it,
the bill was again referred to the edu
cational committee which means send
ing it liack to its tyieniics and to thoso
opposed to giviiig' tho returning stud
ent $25 a mouth to coiitiuue .his stud
ies. .
Other senato bills passed by the
houso this morning are as follows:
. Domestic court relationship bill. This
bill passed unanimously. It permits
counties of more than 200,000 t0 estab
lish this court and the bill had tho en
dorsement of the Portland delegation.
. A senate bill providing that, county
Treasurers be made the custodian of all
school district funds was. lost. It was
shown that the county treasurer was a
poorly paid man and that it would not
bo right to plnco on him additional bur
Senator Strayer's bill, providing that
a pension of anv soldier should not bo
subject to garnishee or attachment, met
the approval of tho house
"The city beautiful-" and a planning
commission for cities, whereby an ad
visory board is created for city council
men, passed the houso. It creates a
planning commission, especially for
idea? of the average city alderman, E.
E. Smith said: "The average city al
derman has about as much idea of the
city beautiful as a hog has about a
cathedral." Speaking on tho same bill
Mr. Dennis said: "The planning com
mission is all right. Many towns aro
cursed with people who build tircir ear
ages on: the front lino of the sidewalk,
thereby cutting out tho view of their
neighbors. I know some towns whore
people are allowed to have hog pens
in tneir front yards. The bill will pro
vent both of these abuses. It passed.
t Picked Up 0a The Street I
Mgr. Walker, of the Salem Kings
plant l"The cancellation of govern
suene contracts for dehydrated pota
toes will make a considerable tempo
rary reduction in the scope "of the
plants in the northwest. The regular
channels of trade will absorb but a
limited quantity of this product at
present, for the industry in too m w to
secure an immediate market. Probably
the demand for dehydrated potatoes
will always be restricted. Wo contem
plate making big extensions in other
products in the eourse of time."
Supt, Myers of the Spaulding com
pany "We are contemplating addi
tions to our bo factory this season
that will ado! about 50 per cent to its
capacity. Plans and estimates on ma
chinery, etc., are being considered at
tho present time. With the prospects
of a great expansion of the fruit indus
try in thig valley we foresee that there
is going to be a greater demand for
box material than our present plant
can supply."
Desserts 2c
sf The bottle in
each package
i'M' cf Pineapple
VifA TifTv-Tell con
tains all the
rich essence
from half a ripe
pineapple. The
dessert has a
wealth of this exquisite
flavor, and a package serves
six people for 12 cents.
You owe to yourself a
trial of thi3 new-type gel
atine dainty.
19 Flavor, at Your Cwcer'i
2 Package for 25 Ctnti a
Pi U Vi
w n is a
J. W. I Smith "Oak Bidge school,
district 100, has the distinction of be
ing the only one in the county that was
immune against, influenza during the
epidemic. Kt a- single ease developed
in that vicinity: By the way, I notice
that this school has just, organized a
standard cooking club, and e number
are going into the Pig club work."
L. L. Gilbert "Our salesmen lave
pretty well covered our territory in
this part of the valley and altogether
we have placed 18 Elgin cars, during
the past week. We have just opened
agencies' in Lina and Benton counties,
sending 40 Elgin cars to the former
territory and 30 to the latter."
J. Robertson Brook "I'vo just re
cently got in from Camp Lewis where
I received my discharge from tho- ser
vice, and you eau believe the poorest
part of Oregon looks good to ine after
five months in Alabama. Talk about
climate why they had two inches of
snow at Camp Sheridan at ono time. I
was with the 20Uth engineers and I
consider that tho finest branch of tho
service I wouldn't take anything for
tho practical, scientific training I got
there in bridge construction and that
sort of thing. Yes. I expect to remain
in Salem for tho time being.'
Here's your chance to get
everything you want at
your own price
3000 Dollars
Indignant Citizen "It's about time
for somebody in authority to investig
ate tho sourco of supply of a lot of
milk that is being peddled in Salem.
I've never visited any of the uairy
plants about here, but I have been told
that if you was to see tho sort of feed
put out to some of the cattle yon
woman t want any more milk irom a
wagon in 'Salem. I havo had milk
brought to my houso that was bo rank
with tho taste of garbage that it need
ed ft spray of formaldehyde ,to make
it fit for table uso. I'd like to know
whether everybody in my part of town
is getting the same dose,' and whether
anything can bo dono about it."
Earl Race "I am very much inter
ested in a proper celebration for tho
boys when they como home, but I think
they can bo given a much more accept
nblei weWomo if the affair is postponed
for several months until all the boys
get back and have a chance to visu
their homes and relatives firsif. "
Freezone Is magic! Corns and
" . calluses lift right off
Doesn't hurt a bit
A few cents buys a tiny bottlo of
the magic rreezone at any drug store.
Apply a few drops of Freezone upon a
tender, aching corn or a callus. In
stantly that troublesome corn or callus
'stops hurting, then shortly you lift it
out, root ana all, witliout any pain,
soreness or irritation. These little bot
tles of Freestone contain just enough
to rid the feet of every hard corn, soft
corn, corn between the (iocs and the
calluses on bottom of feet. 8o easy!
So simple. Why waiif Mo humbug.
(ouo oSfwl mojj ponufluoy)
ornry degree
President Wilson today stated ho
was "contlident. that tho rmmle of the
country will rally with practical unan
imity to the support of tho league of
nations." ''
The president expressed thig belief
in a teWram to Theodore E. Bunon.
president of the League of Nations
union, yew lorK city.
Dinpatch of this message was prac
tically tho president ' firht act upon
rrttTirtnn fto hia riffiflft. If. warn in re
ply to a message from Burton pledging
iupport to tne league
Plans to Clear up Business
The president desires to leave for
A Calcium eomTwnmd that w!!l brlwr
lief in many aut and chroaio canes.
l'rovMc In Imnlift form, a bajilo rem
edy hitch I y recommended bv sclcnca Con
tainfl no harmful driffa. Try them today.
50 cents a box, including war tax
For by all dfm?aif
ckmaa LatKtwry, I'luUiieipbia,
Worth of merchandise, including shoes for the
whole family. Lace, ribbon and embroideries for
the girls. Hats, dress shirts, overcoats and suits for
men and boys. In fact any and everything your lit
tle heart desires. We have it and it goes at your
Sale starts, Saturday March 1, 2 to 7:30 p. m.
D. CURRIE, Mgr. G. SATTERLE, Auctioneer
Salem' Auction
Company :
At the Old Independent Market Stand
By giving your house a fresh coat of paint with
our PURE PAINT, on which we are making a
SPECIAL PRICE for this week only.
And of course you'll want to re-tint your walls.
We are also making a SPECIAL on KALSOMINE
in all shades as well as on our WASABLE WALL
See us before you buy
"Everything in Building Material"
349 South 12th Street Phones: West Salem 414
- Salem, 813
Franco again on March fifth, Secre
tary Tumulty stated, and is making
phuig to .clean up all oxcciitivo business
by that timo.
Other telegrams pledging support
and expressing tWe 'belief (that tho
country will approve thfl league of na
tions plun poured into Ihe white house.
Some particularly praised the presi
dent's speech at Boston yesterday
Tho president was at his desk snort
ly after 10 o'clock this morning. No
appointments other than the cabinet
meeting for this afternoon had been
arran;ied. It was announced that the
president will march in and not Simp
ly review the parade for returned
fighters Thursday.
.No definite date has been set, Sec
retary Tumulty said, for the presW
dont'g conference with governors on
the unemployment situation, but tho
president is anxious that this ibe ar
ranged. However,' it may be postponed
becauso of tho fact that, many gov
ernors are now closing up the worK'of
stato legislatures.
No final decision has yet been reach
ed by the president as to whether he
will address a joint session of con
gress on the league of nations, Tumul
ty said.
Neither has he decided the question
of a special session.
"Red Crown" give greater mile
age because it w correctly made,
ttraight-distillcd, all-refinery
gasoline. Look for the Red
Crown sign before you fill.
Jhe Gasoline of Qualify
K. II. CAMPBELL, Special Agtn Standard Oil Co., Salem