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Children's Colds Danger!!
Chicago, Feb. 6. After she was iron
i j I u i
and they were one, Dr. Charles Winne
lost his winning ways, Mrs. Orrie
Winne testified. She sued Winne to
win maintenance.
Chicago, Feb. 6. It was treys today
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur DooBe, reported
j the birth of a son.
1 V
Springfiold, 111., William Ihlenfeldt
birtcher, feared burglars. So he started
his new clerk to the bank with fiOO,
iroliee say they nave a clew.
Milwaukee, Wis A discord. Stanley
Fiddler informed the court his mother-
'in-law fnmlaliaJ wnovtlnl fnm him
marital life. Decree granted.
Lincoln, Neb. A hurrying grtntle-
man was invited to ride with a pass
ing milk man and accepted, "tut ap.
How far do you ride "
"State house."
"Work therer'
"Yes, I'm Governor McKelvie."
TO MOTHERS ! Whatever else you do for your child's cold, feverish
lead or tore throat, remember to always rid the bilious liver, tour stomach
mid constipated bowels of the congested waste and toxin poisons. Always
give Cascarets candy cathartic first thing.
Even cross, sick, cold-clogged kiddies needn't be coaxed to take candy
Cascarets. Cascarets never disappoint the worried mother. Each 10 cent
box of Cascarets contains directions and dose for children aged one year
old and upwards.
Portland, Or. There, was intense in-
tercst in court when larceny evidence
against Mabel Cole was introduced.
'Twaa a dainty garment of Bheer, pink
silk an envelope chemise.
(Continued from page one)
it will give for .the support of the li
brary for the coming two years.
The Oregon Social Hygiene society
mi TCpresonted by some of the big
guns of the state. A. F. Flegel of Port
land said that Oregon had the lowest
record in the United 8Ute in the cost
of treating special diseases and that
the government had acluptud the plans
of the Oregon hygiene society. France,
Canada audi even India had heard of
the ret results of the work in Ore
gon and had sent for information, Mr.
MegeJ said.
Adolph Wolfe, treasurer of the so-
65 Loganberries
Are used to flavor one
Jiffy-Je!l dessert. The juice
ia condensed and Bealed in
a vial.
This b one of our best
fruit flavors. Compare it
with the old-style quick
gelatine desserts.
10 Flavor, at Your Crocer's
2 PacMaga. for 23 Cent. 'm
Washington, Feb. 5. The following
lorgnniaations have ibeen placed on pn
One Hundred! and Sixty Sixth fielrt
artillery brigade heailquarters; 347th
and 348th field artillery (all Ninety
'First division); First army artillery
headquarters; Ninety Sixth aero squad
ron; chemical warlare casual company
number five, and ordnance casual eom
panies 12 to 21, inclusive.
mmmmsisisn !ssass8!sssssg
Tells How to Stop a
Bad Cough
cioty, strongly urged tho' committee to
give tho society a .fair appropriation
declaring its work was really most
important for the welfare of the state.
Dr. J. B. Wise, stated that 24 states
had sent for tho Oregon charts and lit
erature and that Oregon was recogniz
ed as the pioneer in social hygiene
work. W. F. Woodward had the fig
ures to prove the efficiency of the so
ciety's work.
Taking into consideration tho fact
that the federal government would
give, $7250 for state work, the com
mittee; figured that instead of ths $10,
000 naked for, it would allow $25,000.
GeorifB H. Himcs. curator and sec
retary of tho Oregon Historical aoci- tb bottle with plam granulated sugar
ety asked for $19,000. The committee yr"n- yu can clarified
looped off one secretary and special JZJJ!IZP'
employe and allowed $la,000. reoipe make9 a pint of really remarkable
A chimin of La Grand appeared be- cough remedy. It tastes good, and In
fore the committee asking money to spite of its low cost, it can be depended
ftarprinltiir wmilts from this fnmoua
old heme-modA syrup. EaUy
prepares ana coats little.
If you have a severe cough or chest
cold accompanied with soreness, throat
tickle, hoarseness, or diflicult breathing,
or if your child wakes up during the
night with croup and you want quick
help, try this reliable old home-made
cough remedy. Any druggist can sup
ply you with 2 Mi ounces of Pinex.
Pour this into a pint bottle and fill
build an armory at that place. Think
ing perhaps that Bhould this bo grant
ed there would be a dozen more armor
ies to build, no action was taken.
Paris, Feb. 5. American soldiorj
will be employed to guard trains car
Tying food supplies into the countries
of eastern and southeastern Kurope, it
was announced today.
The United States relief administra
tion has delivered 5000 tons of flour
at Tritutn, to tho O.echo Slovak gov
ernment which has furnished trains for
its traiuuwrtation to 'Prague, Ten thou
sand additional tons of flour and six
Iboiisand tons of pork also will bo un
loaded in Trieste for the Czechoslovaks.
Problem Of School Books To
Be Provided At Cost Will
Be Discussed.
Tho big question as to whether it
ahnll bo tho policy of the stato of Ore
30:1 to publish its own school books and
soil at eoit was reported adversely, by
the eommittoe 011 education consisting
f Mrs. ihompson, chairman, Lafferty,
David Graham, Brand s-nd Richards.
Tho houso did not agree with its re
port. In fact, tho houso folt tho pub
lishing of books for the elementary and
high schools wa8 to big a question to
permit tho committee to kill. Hence,
after r.- discussion in which tho beat
thinkers of the house took part the vote
wns in favor of a minority roport and
tho big proposition of tho Btate nub-'
lishing its own school books will come
up again for a general debsto. The
fooling in the house is favorable at
east towards a fuller discussion of the
Tho big consolidation bill crentinir a
department of health was withdrawn
this morning by Mr Weeks. It seems
that tho eommittoe on public health
and morals hns been hnvinff ft pretty
strenuous timo with those whom tho
U rT.T -" ' "0?Jv
It Raises TheDough
Cfaectisfal baking U at
Stand whta CrstMit is
tuwi, bscaos it niscs 8nt
mhn moiitnrs Is addtd ia
Utt mixing t-owl, sad tha
fiia whsa beat Is tppllsd.
,Tos mult of this doubls
riM is deliciootly lifht,
I whoiMoras, and ssdily di
.STMUd hrtadj, sakss sad
Crsktnt hu ba tbs w.
tkbliihtd lUndsrd buying
powder for s quarter of a
etatory on th Pwrtno ,
Oout. No hstttr formnla
hu bMa.prodacsd. Th
OrtiMnt Cook Book fc
vry hslpfuL Writ tin
Creaotat VUg. Co., Statu,
foe a opy. ' Groan Ml
Crssant Bakinf PowdW
upon to give quick and lasting relief,
You can feet this take hold of a cough
in a way that means business. It loos
ens and raises the phlegm, stops throat
tickle and soothes and heals the irritated
membranes that line the throat and bron
chial tubes with such promptness, case
and certainty that it ia really aston
ishing. Pinex is a special and highly concen
trated compound of genuine Norway pine
extract, ana is proimmy tne Dest Known
means of overcoming severe coughs,
throat and chest colds.
There are many worthless imitations of
tins mixture, lo avoid disappointment,
ask for "2 ounces of Pinex" with full
directions and don't accent anvthinv else.
Guaranteed to give absolute satisfaction
or money promptly refunded. The Pinex
Co., Ft. Wayne, Ind.
bill proposes to abolish. Naturally the
man who is about to be kicked out. of a
job registers the loudest holler In this
instance they registered such , tt' loud
howl and mournful cry that the com
mittco laid down and decided to re
port adversely on tho proposed depart
me.it of henlth. Then Mr. Weeks who
had been asked to introduce tho bill,
withdrew it thig morning. Tho bill pro
pimcd the abolishing of the state board
of health, stato health officers, board
of medical examiners, state board of
barbers, board of phR-rmacy and half
doKen others and merging them all into
tho state department of health. Now
the doctors and such are resting easy.
The bill presented by the request of
tho war department commission on
training activities on the sex problems
wns recommended for passngo by the
committee on public morals mid health.
Clerk Has His Inning.
The drug store clerk had his inning
this morning in tho bill providing for
nine hours s day labor and 54 hours a
week. But he did not quito win out
as it was intimated that the bill was
presented at the request of the big
drug stores in Portland to kill off the
little ones in the Buburbs. It will eome
up again. Smith, tho labor delegate,
spoke i 1 favor of establishing hours for
drug clerks,
Tho bill providing for an exemptio
of $1000 in tuxes for all who had serv
ed in any wivy of the United States was
killed iu the houso this morning. There
was just a suspicion that the bill creat
ing special exemption from taxes might
be unconstitutional. Thig is the bill
that tho auxiliary of the 8pciiiah war
veterans was interested in. If it had
pnssed, it would have saved about $30
taxes rnnunllv on an assessed value of
$1000 for residents of Blem.
While tho bill creating a department
of health was withdrawn thiB morning,
the caanees are that the on creating s
department of agriculture will receive
a favorable report from the eommittoe
to which it was referred. Of course, a
favorable report is a long way from
I homo and net mil pssing but if it ever
ones pass it wouiu aoonsn tne rouowing
jobs: Board of stato fair directors, the
board of horticulture, state livestock
sanitary board, state veterinarian, the
boarl of sheep commissioners, stallion
registration board, standing committee
of agricultural lime, state chemist, the
state lime board and dairy and food
commissioner and his office. All these
appointments and commissions would be
merged in the department of agricul
ltotroit, Mich., Feb. .-
rwi'O. Apollo eluj) coneert to which
Iall Salem has bee looking for
ward n tam rl l' will VA VaIiI tfl
morrow evening in the Opera house.
Madame WinnSfred Lugrin Rihey, far
ramed l&nadiaa prima donna, will be
the soloist of the evening. No ene for
tunate enough to possess an invitation
will absent himself from the coneert
and the gathering promises to be one
or the most exclusive and select assenv
blagea ever held in he city.
John W. Todd, well known in the
eity aa s singer of pronounced merit,
is the director cf the eluD.
Mrs. T. M. Hicks was hostess yester
day, as a charming party given at her
nome on Church street in honor el tne
ninth birthday of her little daughter,
lora. A dainty pink and white color
scheme was earned out, prettily a
centuated by it he white birthday cake
and the gay pink candies that bedeck
ed the table. Mrs. Frank Jack assist
ed with the serving. Tho ' little folk
who enjoyed the hospitality of iilra.
Hicks are, Maxine Jack; bugenia rush
er, 'Bertha Herschfcack, Henrietta Bish
op, Alma Johnson, Clara Cumniings,
Lucille Rhoten, 'Eugene Jack, Margar
et Morehouse, William Jack and Dora
Floyd H. Mclntyre of the United
States marine corps arrived in Balem
a few days ago having been discharged
from service. Mr. Mcintyre has Dcen
serving, during the duration of his
enlistment at Mare Island, Bremerton
and other out posts.
The Woman's Missionary eociety of
the First Presbyterian church wil?
meet in the church parlors Friday af'
ternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The annual
elections will be hela and a good pro
gram has been provided for the occa
sion. All the ladies of the church are
cordially invited to attend.
Tho members of the legislature are
planning to invite ex-President Taft to
speak at an assembly, when he visits
Oregon on February the sixteenth.
Mrs. Dan Ferguson of Newport, Ore
gon, was the guest of honor at tne
meeting of the Sweet Briar club held
yesterday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. J. C. Ferguson on the Wallace
road. The tame was pleasantly spent
in sewing, and during the course of
the afternoon delicious refreshments
were served by tlie hostess.
W W ft
Amonfg the miytiy ent'eTtninmcnts
that will 'be hold in honor of Lincoln's
birthday next week, is the one to be
given in St. Joseph's hall by the mem
bers of the Holy Name society, A clev
er comedy-drama will feature among
the amusements, for the production of
which some of the best talont of the
parish has been secured.
Mrs. W. V, FnUcr, wife of Repre
sentative Fuller of Polk county, is a
Salem visitor this week.
Mrs. Bessie Kimball of the Y. W. 0.
A. is spending a short visit in Port
land. - - m
Many Salem people will be inter
ested in learning that Mrs. Ralph
Whiito will resume her juvenile danc
ing classes Saturday afternoon at the
Cotillion hall, at 2 o'clock. Announce
ment of the reopening of her other
classes will be published later. . --
The lecture given in the city library
last evening by -W. H. Galvani of Port
land, was one of decided merit. Mr.
Galvani, being- Russian-born, was well
able to handle the sirbject with thor
oughness and precision.
Miss Incs Wiedmer and: Miss Fan
nie Morrison are laraong tho Salem vis-
;! Stop Itching Skin "
There is one safe, dependable: treat
ment that relieves itching torture and
skin irritation almost instantly and
that cleanses and soothe9 the skin.
Ask any druggist for a 35cor $1 bottle
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you will find that irritations, pimples,
blac!( heads, eczema, blotches, ringworm
and similar skin troubles will disappear.
A little Zemo, the penetrating, satis
fying liquid, is all that is needed, for i'.
banishes most skin eruptions, makes
ie skin soft, smooth snd healthy.
The E. W. Rote Co, Cleveland.
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t' 1
s i- y sfis
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A cunnge 01 1 ,v.. , a. .r ..
venue was today eranted in the million:... .v. 1. i! v.- i-
dollar UW suit started by Henry Ford k,red by eAreiera treatmeat-that'i all
i"p v hi. tt 1 1 1 1 luunr.
itors in Portland this week.
The Woman's Home Missionary so
ciety of the First Methodist church
aot in the church parlors yesterday af
ternoon, about twenty five members
attending. Mrs. Kdward Miller gave an
intellectual address 011 " i he .Negro
Question to America," and Mrs.
George Alden, conference secretary,
gave the report on the year's work,
emphasizing especially the Queen Es
ther s work and the war ruml, outlin
inir also the plans for the coining year.
A student of the theological school
was the soloist of the afternoon. Tho
usual business meeting then ensued,
Mrs. A. E. Hunt presiding.
Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Bradley am! two
small daughters, of Calgary, Alberta,
are guests at the home of Mrs. Brad
ley's brother, E. J. Mangus, at his
home on North Capitol street.
Colds Cause Grip and Influenza
lets remove the cause. There is only
on"Bromo Quinine.'' E. W. GROVES
signature on tho boi. 30c.
Mrs. Bessie Kimball, superintendent
of the V. W. C. A., is visiting in Port
land this week.
J. T. Anderm returned recently
from business trip to points ia Wash
ington. tieo. Vicfc returned recently from a
trip into southern Idaho where he was
locking after basiness connected with
the Ford agency.
Robt. Paulns, of the Salem Fruit
Union, and Knight Percy, of the Sky
line Orchards, leave this afternoon for
Portland to attend the annual meet
ing of the Walnut Growers association
K. T. Barnes is in Portland today on
business. He will remain over tomor
row to attend the meeting of the trus
tees of Willamette university.
The following Portland people arc
registered today at the Bligh hotel: At
torney .J. N. Hart, F. M. Bcvenrlge,
Omer Hubbard.
Frank . Dodgers, of Ms rsh field, is
among the recent arrivals in 8alein,
registering at the Bligh hotel.
Idella M. Marks, H. S.-McCutchan, H.
L. Moreland, J. W. Pomcroy, oil of
The basket hall team of Willamette
university will Btnge one of the pretti
est events of the season in the local
gymnasium next Saturday evening,
when they take on the starry aggrega
tion from the Multnomah Athletic club.
This bunch of players worthy of their
grapple, as they are all old seasoned I named Clark, and Dubois is the county
.. 1 1 . . : V ! .1. . 1 x J
Willamette te6-m. However, the locsl
tosaers have been working hard and are
in good condition. The game will bo
called at 8 o'clock. The university
lineup is as folloks: Nichols, center;
Wapnto, forward; MeKittrlek, forward,
Koss and Dimmick. guards.
Idaho's 42d county hns just beon
created out of the yestern section of
Fremont eounty. The new county is
I. 'I1HIIiiiiii . i II Ml HI II ill II
too surely ean have beautiful hairt Amonc the late arrivals at the Ma-
,,.,., ,.. . nn .,lna ,ot ef " if y9B wiH J4' tT7 rinn hotel rro the following: J. D.
JOURN-H - NT ADS PAY littl v- v. t g. Ford,
Likes 'Em"
.. . e
der! Compare-1
with ordinary
corn flakes and
you realize
fche difference
at once,