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Airit it the limit.
the Contractor
"You'd think any
body but a kid would
know that genuine
Gravely is bound
to give more real
tobacco satisfaction
than ordinary
Good taste, smaller
chew,longer life is what
makes Genuine Grave
ly cost less to chew than
ordinary plug.
Writi to.
Genuinb Gravely
for booklet en duwint plC
TV i
eyton orano
Plug packed in pouch
Lois Weber
Special Super Feature
Other Features, Too
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the Dimick-Lachmund-Thomas paving
ibilla was promplly gat down on when
he attempted to get a discussion of the
bills last night.
The bill of Representative Bean pro
viding for the construction by the
Bfate highway commission of 15 miles
of sample road was finally passed af
ter Home and Hughes had attempted
to include in tho bill a stretch of vitri
fied brick." As the bill finally passed
the house, tho highway commission is
instructed to complete within tho next
two years a 15 mile stretch of road,
(five of which is to be of asphaltie na
tcrials, five of concrete and five of
wood blocks. The object of tho bill is
to demonstrate wood block roads. It
was stated that with all he great lum
Iber industries of tho state employing
60 per cent of the state's labor, wood
should bo 'used in read coustiuction.
The house repealed tho law of 1917
providing that no state aid shall be
given charitable institution that care
d'or dependent and delinquent state in
istitutions. Two years ago in anticipa
tion that tho people of tho state would
vote a big state institution for such
children, tho legislature repealed the
law giving state aid. The people didn't
eo fit to build such an institution and
turned it down on the referendum.
Instant Relief! Rub This Serve
Torture And Misery Right
Out With St. Jacobs
Bub this soothing, penetrating lini
ment right into the sore, inflamed
nerves, and like magic neuralgia dis
appears. "St. Jacobs Liniment" eon- from $10,000 to $15,000 more in sal
aries. As Speaker Jones said, men
who ran for an office last fall knew
what the office would pay.
Henco to continue state aid at the rate
of from $8 to $10 a moth, the 1917
law was repealed and the state is there
by enabled to help such institutions.
Provided of course the senate votes
likewise and the governor signs the
bill. Passing of a bill by the house is
just starting it on its journey and it
must run the gauntlet of the senate
and tho governor before becoming a
The one year maintenance provision
in contracts between the state highway
commission and contractors was pass
ed. The opinion was expressed that)
the bill did in no respect interfere with
the wishes of the so called paving trust
as it was suported by Eeprcsentatives
i-enms and Uore.
Judges of the supreme court found
friends in the house when the bill
came up giving them a raise of $750
a year. Their present salary is $4500
an dtho house passed the bill allowing
On tho salary raise for the supreme
judges,, the Marion county delegation
voted as follows: Martin, absent;
against the raise, Looney, Hughes,
Weeks and Speaker . Seymour Jones.
"We are going strong on these salar
ies when men going into office know
just what it will pay," declared
Speaker Jones when ho voted against
tho raise. "I am opposed to giving
supreme judges a salary greater than
tho amount received by the governor,
These men know what the office would
pay whe'n they sought it. Of course it
would Ibe rather embarrassing for a
lawyer to vote against the bill."
A bill that will doubtless become a
law is one passed by the senate and
hv tlin hmiRn veRt.frdnv. nrOvidino fnr
Vemalo attendants for those taken to
the state institutions.
The house favors the idea of Ma
rion county going after its gophers,
moles and graydiggers. It passed the
bill and as this is what Marion county
seems to want, tho chances are good
for it becoming a law along in the
middle of Mny, as no law goes into
operation until 00 days after the gov
crnor signs, unless there is an emer
gency clnuse. Anyhow, 00 days after
tho governor signs, gopher and mole
scalps will be worth 10 cents while
tho "honest graydigfger stays at the
same old price of five cents. Marion
county each year ha9 about $4200 to
pass over the counter for such scalps.
Along with other states, -Oregon is
wrestling with tho boxing proposition
All agree that tho returning soldier
has a lot of fight left in him and that
he as well aB others might really en
joy a boxing contest, if put on under
decent auspices. Hence the pros and
cons of boxing are mivited to the,
state house Thursday evening to dis
cuss tilings.
Speaker Jones urges tho soft pedal
On promiscuous salary grabbing. Al
ready the house has put an aditional
expense of $5280 a year on tho su
preme judges' salaries, $G00 a year
more for insurance commissioner, $600
more for the state superintendent of
public schools and $1000 moro a year
for the state food and dairy inspector,
an dthrough bills introduced by the
ways and means commission, is open
ing up the way lor higher salaries in
some state institutions. If the salary
grabbing strikes no -snags in the Ben
ate, the state will find itself paying'
WEI Fed Oat Vto Is Paying
tor Propaganda Aid Then
Combat It
Washington, Feb. 5. For the first
time taking official notiee of bolshe
vik propaganda in the United States,
the . senate today ordered a sweeping
investigation of all bolsheviki actions.
The investigation is todctermine:
1. Who is paying fqr propaganda
for the overthrow of the United States
government and the substitution of a
soviet government.
2. What nteps the government has
taken to combat this propaganda.
3. What laws congress should enact
to clean out the bolsheviki.
The senate laid aside its regular busi
ness to discuss bolshevism and when
Senator Walsh, Montana, proposed a
resolution directing the ''propaganda
probers" to continue their inquiry by
going into bolsheviki activities, there
was not a vote against it. "
Poindexter, Washington, introduced
a resolution calling on the attorney
general to report to the senate what
steps he has taken regarding activities
of the bolsheviki in Washington, par
ticularly regarding public meetings in
a loading theatre and in the Masonic
temple at which the Russian soviet
government was praised and the Amer
ican government sneered at.
''This republic is worth all other
forms of government," Senator Borah
said. "We have got to implant in our
hearts and minds the spirit that made
us free and that alono will keep us
''If we are to discuss bolshevism
and I. W- W.ism. let us everyone, when
congress adjourns on tho fourth of
March, volunteer arid go on the rostrum
and preach republicanism in every cor
ner of the United States and have a
revival of faith in our republican institutions."
Whea you feel that your
stomach, liver or blood is
out of order, renew their
health by takmg
rMt Sl of Aoy Medicine In the World.
Sold vrrwhr. la bvah 10c 2 Sc.
stuffs whother green, dried, canned or
otherwise, prepared in Oregon for ship
meut outside the state, and bearing a
laJbel, shall state on the label the name
of Oregon, county or municipality
whero .packed, and who packed the
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tho jury evidently came to a quick
decision regarding the defendant's al
leged violation of the espionago act.
Federal Judge Wolverton, who com
pleted his charge at 4:10 o'clock, in
structed the jurors for more than two
hours. Ho ordered that in case a de
cision wu-s reached, a scaled verdict
should bo returned at 10 o'clock this
The court clearly pointed out that to
find Albers guilty the jurors had to de-
1FBBK3R . ' :
S3L A ! VIP1
T OGGING snd Lumber 'Concerns, Con--a-J
tradors, Communities and Municipalities
proposing of projecting Losing, Land Clearing, Rec
lamation, Irrigation, Road and Highway Building
will find in this Government Sale an unequaled oppor
tunity to procure Machinery and Equipment.
SEALED BIDS will be received on these listed materials, until 11 A.
M. Saturday, February 15th, and thereafter opened at the Headquarters
of tho United States Spruce Production Corporation, Yeon Building;, Port
land, Oregon. ,
Personal inspection of materials is invited to be made at Assembling
Depot, Vancouver Barracks, Vancouver, Washington, by securing Creden
tials from Sales Board at Headquarters, Yeon Building, Portland. V
For Terms, Descriptive Catalogue of Materials and Placing of Bids,
,. address - - '
United States Spruce Production Corporation
Yeon Building, Portland, Oregon
Legging Hoiitina-.ia Loading
Y"illarcetts, Tacoma,
Smith & Vatson,
Washington and
other mrkes.
Sizes ranging from
6&-in. 10-in.
13-in. x 14-in.
2i)-lb. Releyer
0-ib. &ew . . .
ai-'o. Ke'.ay?r
10-!k. Kt.aysr
4j-lrt. i"iw . . .
45-lb. Reaver
64-1 b. Allayer
cy-ib. N-w
. CS4 Tons
. 41 Ions
. 26 'ions
. til Tons
.1727 ions
. 4H9 Ions
. of! Tens
.2581 'ions
6?-lb. New oOSO Tons
eo-ib. New J1U Tons
Geared and Rod, 36 to 70-Ton.
Shays, New tforks, Baldwins,
Heisiers, Climax, etc.
Connected and disconnected,
60,000 to fcO.OOO capacity.
P&ckards, lVt to B-Ton
Standards, to 5-Ton
Darts, 1:-Ion. Denoys, 2-Ton
Seidenu, Ss-Ton
Ve:ics, 1-Ton
Uniteds, lVa-lon
Grami)i-l)cms.teins. 2U-Ton
Federate, 3-Ton
Gaiiorda, S 'i-Ton
tic mobiles
Cadillacs, Seven-Passenger
Dodges, I'Mve-Pascenw
1'Vdii, Fivs-Pttssccger
' 410-volt, l-pLi, 60-cycky'
3 to !' -4. f. ..ith ov
without jtartsks
Other Mtch e ery and
Equiptnen; far Sai
The Sales Board Reserves
the right to accept; oi
reject til Bids.
Who can say they are perfectly
welll "I am tired all.the time," "I
am o nervous it seems as though I
should fly," "I can hardly drag around
today," and all such expressions are
characteristic of women who have
ovortaxed their strength until head
aches, backache, nervousness, drag
ging .dloWri pains,; rrcguVirHies and
tho blues, symptoms of a female weak
ness, have developed. Women who are
in this condition may rely upon Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to
restore them to health and strength.
London, Feb. 5. A News Agency dis
natch from Dublin todav renorted thnt
terniino, beyond a reasonable doubt that' an g;n Feiners interned in England
tno man on trial uuenaea to rotara w;il be released immediately,
America 's prosecution or tne war Dy
tho seditious utterances as alleged by
tho government.
Wolverton thoroughly reviewed tho
case, stating tbat eacn ol tiie seven
rtim.. tint mif a annnrflfn an1 i?at!ti,t
offense; that tho defendant might be I J;5 f tha .
ar not guilty upon all "'"u" """ - .6-"-
found guilty or
Washington, Feb. 5. The total Ameri
can force in Europe and Siberia at tho
quers pain. It is a harmless "neural
gia relief" which doesn't burn or dis
eolor the skin.
Don't snfforl It's o needless. Get a
mall trial bottle from any drug store
and gently rub the "aching nerves"
nd An just a moment you will.be ab
Bolutely free from pain and suffering.
No difference whether your pain or
neuralgia is in the face, head or any
part of the body, you get instant re
Bcf with this old time, honest pain
destroyer -it can not injure. , . . . . .
An effort will be made to compel
counts or guilty on one or more and
not guilty on the others.
Ho instructed the jury that drunken
ness neither excuses tho ottenso nor
avoids the punishment; that drunken
ness, which bad been the chief argu
ment of the defense, was to be consid
ered solely with the question of intent.
U. S. Would Have Greatly
Increased War Force
Washington, Feb. 5. The United
Stateg wss ready to increase its fight-
Fighting Of Two Factions
In Germany Shifts To Bremen
: By Jclin Qraudeni .
(United Press state correspondent) :
Berlin, Feb. 4. A terrific battle be
tween Hpartacan and government troops
was raging at llremen today.
Tho fightig started at 10 o'clock this
morning when both sides opened Mii
lery and machine gun fire. Bhortly aft
erward the opposing forces called for
I'eiiifoi'cements. Additional Bpartncau
partisu-ns started for Bremen from Bro
mershaven, Wilhelmshaven and Ham
burg. A brigade of government mine
throwers and sharpshooters loft Berlin
on special trains.
A force directed by s- soldier's coun
cil was reported today to bo marching
from Gotha upon Weimar with the in
tention of overthrowing the govern
ment there.
Gotha is 35 miles west of Weimar.
Sixty German prisoners, three French
officers and one American were killed
when a munition train exploded near
Longuay, Belgium.
A universal 44-hour week with wages
150 per cent abovo the pro-war rates
will be demanded by tho labor congress
which meets in Iublin this week.
The American Ecd Cross has estab
lished a sled service between Archangel
and the outlying American posts.
person packing ths fruit. The bill was
introduced by Representative Martin
of Marion county. It provides thai all
cases or packages of fruit or food
Starts Tomorrow
Mme. Petrova
A woman of mystery and a
man of money. ' 1
in . ' .
ry T .. 1 ..1. ..:i. i
leLh::nz ntroTthe ",. ?r?: tU M ia
i i i j.t. , , .. isnai uenerai urowacr siE-ieu toaay in Denmark,
packed and the name of the firm ori, . . . . i
How to Believe Stomach Distress In a
Few Minutes. Money Back It
Treatment Does Not Overcome any
Form of Indigestion
If you feel ag though there was a
. lump of lead at the pit of the stomach,
take a couple, of Mi-o-na stomach tab
lets and in five minutes you should
see that all stomach distress has van
If you belch gas, have heartburn or
sour stomach, you need Mio-na. If
your stomach feels npet the morning
after the night before, take two Mi-o-na
tablets and gee how quickly you
get relief. - ' -
If you have shortness of breath,'
pain in the stomach, waterbrash or
foul breath, you need Mi-o-na and the
sooner you got it, the sooner your stom
ach should perform its duties properly.
If you nse a box Of Mi-o-na tablets
and feel that It has not overcome your
indigestion or stomach trouble, take
his annual report to congress.
A reserve of 2,340,000 ctass one men
was waiting to be mobilized when the
armistice was signed, the report stated,
the armed strength of the natio nthen
being 4,791,172 men. When war was de
clared ho armed strength was 378,619
Two out of every three men in uni
form were raised through the drcft,
Crowder stated, the total number in
ducted during the war being 2,810,206.
Every one wag taken from class ono.
Washington, Feb. 5. "May I not ex
press my gratification, gratitude and
cangratulationg at the unanimous report
of the three year naval program," Pres
ident Wilson today cabled C'hirmn Ps-1-
get, house naval affairs committee.
Ihis is not, however, the president's
cub!.-gram which was demanded of l'a-3-getl
by house members yesterday.
mm '
The 65th Cooast artillery will be re
turned to Camp Lewis for demobiliza
tion by state detachments, each going
to the cantonment vit its home state, the empty ibox to your dealer and he
where stopos will be made in the prin-! will refund your money. For sale by
cipal cities. D. J. Fry and all leading druggists.
Little bretelles over one's should
ers, all rultly and ending In silvery
ribbons and wea gay bouquets make
a quaint little frock for parties.., The
material Li tulle of an old-fashioned
pinklness and the girdle is of silver
cloth. As for skirt. It's Just one rullle
after another.
Portland Wholesale Houses
Rush Foodstuffs To Seattle
Portland, Or., Fob. 5. Portland com
mission men and wholesale houses au-
swercd the frantic coll of Seattle today
and rushed all kinds of foodstuffs to
tho Washington city.
Seattle hopes to provision itself
against a possible famino thero as a
result of tho general striko which is
scheduled to start tomorrow.
Butter, checs and eggs were included
in tho fooustuftg which wore sent to
tho north today, ,
Prices were no consideration, It Is
said, so strong was the Hetvttlo demand.
It was learned today that somo of the
local wholesale houses worked their
forces night and day during the past
48 hours filling Seattlo's orders.
Washington, Feb. 5. The transport
Larranco, Brost for New York, Is due
February 10 with the 370th infantry, to
be demobilized at Camps Grunt, Dis,
Gordon, Leo, Fuuston, Logan, San An
tonio and Mcadoj 38th infantry ma
chine gun company, medical detachment
of Third battalion, Jto bo demobilized
at Camps Upton, Taylor, Lee, Gordon,
Truvis, Funston, Sherman and Moo do;
machine gun company of 368th infantry
Camp Mcado; casual officors and a few
mck and wounded.
For failure to trado stolen silver for
ammunition, Jose Sigala, a general in
Villa's command, was cxkdiitod Inst
week a few miles south of Presidio,
f , t
Mme, Petrova, now starring at the
head of her own producing company,
again occupies tho place of honor at
Liberty theater when "The, Life
iMusk," a romanco of mystery, opens
thero Thurs., Fri., 8at. This is the third
of her classy new productions. She has
as her principal support Tbeg. Hold
ing, who has boen with her since the
toranation of her now company. Wynd
hum Standing plays 'the heavy role, the
principal supporting- feminine parts
are done by Matilda Brundagc and Lu
cille La-Verne,
Healthy Eabiea Laugh and Play
Health in babvhood comes from proper digestion by regulating
the stomach and causing the bowels to move as they should.
Tho Infants' and Children's Regulator
for this purpose produces most remarkable and gratifying results.
Best of all children's remedies to relieve constipation, flatulency,
ivind colic, diarrhoea, and other disorders.
This health sivin pre paratlon in purely viwtable contain no opiates, nar
cotics or aicohoi-ju an atfinenbSe, hi;;li'y bt.ntficiai and potent remt'd)", ninde
of the very best h.irmlriiS ingirdiuiu obtainab'e, Oi tb; formula below ihowa
Senna Sod urn Citrate OllnfAnisj O.rrm-ay Glvcrrl-a
Btbubarb Sodium liicarbor.ato Jr'cnii'.l C-.-iiuwler Sugar wvni!
Gincrcl Zc'.iii jAitt
llorolaF. tl-.tti.tCfc,Il..
Nw fork Twant, C..wiia
5 y'-N
3-r ,(. ai'lt &