Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, February 03, 1919, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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The Journal New Today Ads
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The Capital Journal will sot be re
sponsible far mere than ons insertion,
for errors i Classified Advertisement
Bead your advartiaemcBt the first day
it appears and notify ui immediately it
error occur.
Minimum ehargo, 15c.
WOOD for gale. Phono 1361M. 2 3
FURNIBHHD housekeeping rooms, 694
f N. Com '1 Bt. Phone 2454W. 2-3
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fltato (St. 2 3
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Feb. 15. Phone 121GW. tf
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chaan. Call 58F4. 2-4
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PATRICIA CtBAF, public -stenographer.
Phone 937, 124 S. Liberty St. tf
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2266 N. 5th St. 1-7 1
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HONEY to loan on approved securi
ty. W. A. Linton. 2-8
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large lot, fruit; etc.- B. T. Goode,
1134 Jefferson St, city. 2-6
FOR SALE -40 horse power stationary
engine and 'boiler. Inquira Cherry
Citf Flour mill. 4-4
LIBERTY BONDS If you must dis
pose of your bonds, we will bny
them.. 314 Masonic bldg. ' tf
WANTED Autos to paint, neatly
done, and reasonable. J. Cram, 803
N. Liberty. 2-8
FOB SALE Erverbearing atrawberry
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ixtmmercuu. n
FOR RENT Bakery equipped with
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tine: nnvileee to par flow or mum
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Our Want Ads
are the Bait that
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BUGS cleaned on floor, 35e per rug.
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Skipton barn will close out reason
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or. tf
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WE are in the market onions and
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WANTED-Fat, thin and fresh cows,
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M. 3-1
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FOR SALE On installments. 5 room
cottage with 1 lots facing east,
on canine, near school end church.
Price $900. W. A. Liston. 2-3
CHOrCE corner lot, 50x122, east front,
8 blocks from court house, snap at
$450. Fred J. Smith, phone 153. W.
WANTED $5000 loan on first class
city income property, will pay 7 per
cent, semi-annually. Apply to Wm
Fleming, 341 State St. 2-4
WB HAVE money to loan on approv
ed securities, time long or short, rate
reasonable, paid annually or ioii
annually. See Wm. L. Cummings, or
phone 470. 2-3
MULES, HORSES Will arrive Feb.
Rt.h iu 1rnd nf mnlpa and tinmen
ages 5' to 8, weight from 1200 to
1400,-guarantee or trial will be giv
en, at 554 Fcrrv St. 2-4
FOR SALE 40 acres, 2 miles from
Salem, 13 acres in Loganberries, 15
acres prunes, mo buildings, r-asy
terms. Address Box 240. 2-7
FOR SALE Or trade for cows, 5 pas
seneer Ford touring car, in good me
chanical condition, 1914 model, price
right. E. Wert, Rt. 3, Turner, Or. 2-5
WANTED Two or three young brood
ows to farrow during February, or
'early March. Address with full par
ticulars. Box 57. Salem. Or. 2-4
Ford-Wright traek, lookg new $475
Ford touring, 1918, may extras 39U
Siodard twenty, good tires etc $250
Maxwell, 1914, just painted -50
Studebaker fix, fine shape, $425
Chevrolet touring, 1918, $475
Maxwell, 1916, $375
Hariey otorcyele $10
Auburn touring, first class, $275
Highway Garage. 1000 8 Com"!, tf
229 State Street
Tf von wnt to bny or sell a
UJ o and see
New Ford, fully equipped, elec
tric starter $600
Ford, perfect $375
Ford, perfect $400
Buick 4 eyl. good buy $325
fltnilebaker six, perfect $450
Oakland roadster, perfect $300
Dodge touring, new engine $600
Maxwell delivery body $300
Maxwell $150
Maxwell 2 cvL $50
Saxon bug $S5
PIANO for sale cheap. Call 1583. 2-5
$1000 TO LOAN on first mortgage on
farm. 9711 care Journal Z-a
WANTED An incubator about 240-
: egg capacity. Phono 44F14. 2-5
FOB SALE--3 wagon and eow. Phone
37F22 2-5
FEW loads of manure for sale. Call
1366 after 6:30. . 2-8
WANTED 200 cedar or oak posts.
Phono 1576W, 2-4
WANTED Work by high school boy,
Saturdays. j P care Journal. -4
WANTED Boom and board, perma
nent, close in, steam heat. Phone
1480M after 7 p. m. 2-4
WANTED Woman to waBh and iron,
electric washing machine, electric
iron. Phone 855. 2-3
FOB SALE Thoroughbred Minorca
eoekerels. Phone 284R. ' 2-7
FOE SALE Some good cows, fresh
and coming fresh. Call 8 if 24. 2-0
I WILL loan $800 on first farm secur
ity. Adress 9679 care Journal. 2-3
WANTED- Furnished house or apart
ments, close in. Phone 1870R. 2-4
FOR SALE Or trade, good team 2300
wagon and harness $125, or trade on
good light car. Box 550, Turner.
Phone 12F5. 2-8
AS GOOD as new, gas range, good
heating stove, water heater, retau
ored overcoats and suits, at half
prifce. Tine ICapital Exchange, 337
Court St. Phono 493. tf
COWS Going to Idaho, must sell at
onco, our cows, one fresh and two to
freshen soon, age from three to six,
all in good condition. Price very
reasonable. At Clearwaters barn, 554
. Ferry. 2-4
FOB SALE Large new, modern house
close in, a good investment at $3500.
Also one of the best residence cor
ners in Salem, 3 blocks from state
house. Make us an offer. F. L. Wood
Bayne bldg. 2-3
FOR SALE 235 acres well improved
grain and stock ranch, mile
' from Marlon, Dr., 75 acres in fall
grain, 80 acres in pasture, 80 acres
in timber, running water Write for
prices and terms. Henry Fennell,
Marion, Ore. 2-5
SOUL SCIENCE You are Invited to
. join our Science success club for
health and harmony, nothing better,
free to all. Mrs. Jeo. Mackie, 343
N Liberty. Class for instruction
starting Feb. 12, 8 p. m. 2-5
FOR SALE 5. acres all cultivated,
good 5 room plastered bungalow,
barn, rock road, good location, good
Loganberry land. Price $1600. $600
down, balance 6 per cent interest.
W. H. Grabenhorst & Co, 275 State
street. 2-3
FOR SALE Good 8 room plastered
house, large lot, barn. Price $1600.
10 acre tract, 5 acres Italian prunes
small house. Price $3000. 5 acres
bearing Italian prune orchard, m
first class condition. Price $2500. W.
H. Grabenhorst & Co, 275 State
street. 2-3
LADIES whv not wear Dr. Seott
Electric Magnetic corsets when they
cost you no more than others. His
goods are all guaranteed. Sold by M.
E Mackie, exclusive agent, o43 .
Liberty, apartment 2. Agents want
ed. 2-5
THROUGH our non commission sys
tem you can be put in touch with
hundreds of people who wish to sell
. or exchange their properties, with
out obligating themselves to pay a
commission. Oregon (Realty &x
change Investment Company, Inc,
Booms 405 and 406 Hubbard build'
ing, Salem, Ore. tf
FOR SALE Genuine Franquet wal
nuts grafted on black. True Du Chil
ly and Bacellana filberts. Middle
Grove Nursery, Bt. , box 201.
Phone 24F5. 2-7
FOR SALE Or trade, one 2 heavy
Winona wagon, almost new, all rig
ged for traveling. Will take good
car in on some. W. T. Monteith, Bt.
1, box 74B, Salem, Or. Phone Amity
.650. 2-4
FOR SALE 320 acre farm, 225 acre.
cultivated, balance timber and pas
ture, large plastered house and barn,
good Toad. This is first class prune
and berry land Price fbO per acre;
W H. Grabenhorst Co, 275 State
street. 63
I HAVE for sale two fine lot at Su
perior and Commercial street, 1
want, to sell. Do you desire a bargain
in this location on paved street eai
earline I will consider a reasonable
offer for these lota and for a neat
five room house, near earline. CaU
470 or see Square Deal Realty Com
pany, 8-4
W hy . task hi
am. EGGS,
PORTLAND, ORE Wrik-rrria.Ta
Kasctwood Co., Front and Anienjr Sts,
Far valu. boy war scwdal
f txKOttfal Btm sad
MA In,.-1 1 Thi
mi la H4aarta far Mivy Wriat
JAEGER ER0S.,(tS)"-r-
WANTED Fat, thin and fresh cows,
veal and large calves. Phone 1425
M. ' . 3 3
LOGANBERRY plants for sale by J.
P. Aspinwall, Brooks, Or, Phone 35
F13. 2-3
Flemish Giants, Belgian hares for
ale, Rt. 5, box 37, Salem. 2 8
fTOR HALE One set single harness.
cheap. Carl F. Buef. Phone I6S8W.
LOST Cheek book Saturday evening.
Return to Journal office and receive
reward. 2-3
FOR SALE i Guaranteed Majestic
range, used 1 year. Call 1096 Che
meketa St. after 6 p. m. 2-5
O. A. C White Leghorn eockerelg for
sale. Baby chicks March delivery
$1500 per 100. John W. Yates, Sa
lem, Bt. 4. 2-8
NORTHWESTERN Nursery, Bt. 6.
Fruit trees, roses and shrubs. Special
low prices on certain lines. Phone
111F3. 3-3
WANTED Oood work horse weighJ
ing 1300 or 1400 pounds, must be
.sound and truo, not over 8 years old.
Phone 57F3. 2-3
FOR SALE 35 head of full blood
Shropshire ewes. Will lamb in Xlareh
Price $15 per head. H. C. Porter,
Aumsville, Ore. 2-8
FOR SALE Selected Oregon Yellow
Globe Danvers onion sed $2.o0 a
lb. Phone 48F11 or J. I. Bliven, Oer
vais, Or, Bt. 3. -15
CHEAP for cash, 5 room house, base
ment, electric lights, barn and gar
age, good location. 9707 care Jour
nal. 2-4
FOB SALE A modern cottage with
many" conveniences, on a paved
treet, near car line. Price $2500,
$500 cash, balance on easy terms.
See Square Deal Realty Company.
Phone 470. . ' tf
WANTED Good stnmpagft for eight
or ten corda of wood, accessible lor
motor trucks. .North of city prefer
red. Give price and particulars in
first letter. Address G. B. Johnson,
Et. 4, box 7D, Salem, Or. tt
W1ANTED By experienced, capable
middle aged lady, a position as
housekeeper for widower .and chil
dren, must be first class' family with
best of references. Strictly business
proposition only. 9713 cs.ro Journal
-jj t : 2-4
COMB QUICK if yon want to buy a
home, come and look, a o room plas
tered house, corner lot,' city water,
toilet in house, electric. lights, wen
ty of fruit, close injx $1000, part
down, valance 6 per cent, bee own
er at 1092 Broadway after 5 p. m
Will take some 3d liberty bonds. 2-8
84 acre farm, one half in
cultivation and one t half bot
tom land. Well loeated. Price
$7500, one half paid and long
time on the balance at six per
John H. Scott
404 Hubbard building
,;.,:,w. vua pu ui, i,ni...
Pomeroy & Wallace stock. Everything
guvs m yuur own price. lo i. vom
mcreial St, Salem.
Government Troops Are De
tenniced To Restore Order
In Occupied Towns.
Berlin, Feb. 2, The new Rpirrtacan
outbreak im gaining strm gth in var
ious parts of the country it waa reveal
ed ia dispatches received here today.
The government has decided upon se.
vere repressive measures and hard
fighting is looked for.
Government troops were reported to
be marching against Spsrtaean forces
which are entrenched around Dnssel-
dorf. The government has obtained
consent from the entente to take this
action since Dusseldorf is in the nen
tral zone.
At Eisenach workmen and soldiers
hold s- Spartaeaa uprising yesterday,
They seized the telegraphs and decided
to oppose the government. They are
reported to have declared they will use
force to influence the national assem
bly meeting at Weimar. The govern
ment is sending picked troops to pre
vent disorder in Weimar. Any one
bocrding a train for Weimar must have
a special permit and all undesirables
are being weeded out is that city.
Bremen wan reported to lie practi
cally a great Hrmrtafan camp. It is
cut off from all telegraph and tele
phone eommnmeation with the outside
world. Sparracaa leaders have thrett-
ened to mobilize their entire strength
and fight to a finish, nsies Military
Governor Moske recalls the troops he
has sent to restore order. In the mean
time the government is attempting te
persuade the Rpsftacans to evaene
peacefully to save historic pnblie build-
Soldiers Flay Be Given Farms
With Forty Years Is Which
To Pay For Them.
With the- return today of Senator Ed
dy, chairman of the senate reconstruc
tion eoirmiittec, from his home tt Roso-
burg, where he was ill last week with
a sevete eold, an effort will be made to
whip into shape a reconstruction bill
which will afford opportunity for re
turning soldiers to acquire farms under
the most favorablo eircumstG-nccs.
Senator Eddy has a rough draft of t
lii'l which he says he desires to submit
to a oint meeting of the senate and
house reconstruction committees. This
bill creates a eommiHsion of five mem-br-rs
to be appointed by tho governor
mid pproximates $-50,000, to be used
by thfc commission in buying laud for
farms and equipping the farms.
Provision is made that the Oregon Ag
ricultural college shall supervise the
equipping of the farms end determine
tlio nature of the farming to be done.
The p'uees are to become model farms.
Tho soldiers will be given 40 years
in which to pay for tho land, tho bill
provides. The farms are to be located
in various parts of the state.
Provision will be made to cooperate
with the federal government if it do
sires, but if there is no co-operation the
state commission may proceed with its
development work.
R. V.Wagner Writes Home
From Position On Rhine
Mrs. D. M. Wagner of 280 North High
street is in receipt of a letter from her
son, R. v. Wagner, who is one of the
American boys taking a look at the
Rhine. He writes from Luxemburg on
his way to the Rhine as follows: .
"It seems funny to get German mon
ey up here for all of us have French
money and we get marks now instead of
the French franc
I guess this is what you would call
touring on foot France, Belgium and
Luxemburg. Some of our packs weigh
as much as 100 pounds but part of the
tune they haul them on trucks.
"This is the. most beautiful country
I have ever seen since I left the states.
Everything is high priced. One of the
boys gave five francs for eight small
apples. Tho people all along sure seem
glad to Bee us.
"Well, we never got any ncare to
Luxemburg thnn a mile for soinp fol
lows in another division got drunk and
started to shoot up the town so the)
made our whole division go around. One
man told me his shoes cost $41 and yon
couldn't get a suit of clothes for loss
than $100. Soar boya bought some
eggs ecid it eost t $4 iv u money
and they gave t. dollar 1 half a
dozen applet
"This is some country, part of it just
like coming over the Sunset highway
from Seattle. Last night we slept in
a eow barn and there was lots of flcal
in the straw. The peoplo near Luxem
burg are mostly pro-German and have
no use for the American boys but they
don't bother us any.
"We've hod the beet of weather
since we started November 17 and to-
How often hove you lienrd that t. .
cry from th victims of disease. I'ei -taps
the disorder has gone too fnr fur
help, but ofLener it is just in its lim
stages and the pains and aches are only,
nature's first cries for help. Do nut
despair. Find out the cause and giv
nature all the help you csn and k)ih
will repay yon with health. Look nftc r
the kidneys. The kidney are the mott
overworked organs of the human bodi,
and when tbey fail in their work if
filtering and throwing off the polsci
that constantly accumulates in the yt
tern, everything goes wrong. GOU
MEDAL Ilanrlem Oil Capsules w'l
giva almost immediate rel'cf from ki' -ney
and bladder troubles mid their kii
dred ailments. They will free ynv
body from pain in short order. Hut 1
sure to get GOLD MEDAL. I f.
the name on every box. In tlt- i
sealed paeksgeo. Money r
they i" not lel:i vmi
ings from destruction, as Honke lias an
nounced he will bombard the city.
Hamburg and Wilclinshnven. where
Spartacsn uprisings were reported, are
said to be qaiet again.
.supplies the
tastiness rohich.
codecs tho host
flavor oirt of
your cooTain
The very newest patterns, 36 and 38 inches- wide.
Prices from
55c to $135
Ladies Waist Special
Crepe de Chine Waists
A special table of new and dainty waists
We have placed on a
Special Sales Rack
k 11 1 1 ! 1 a -r , - . .
aii oroKen lines ana sizes oi our jn ew t all Waists -Your
Choice t
$4.95 I
- t
You can always do better at
I JUgoodIoood a fcix
morrow to got to Andcrnauch, an old
fashioned burg."
Under date of December 12 Private
Wagner writeg that he had arrived al
One Provided For $125,000
Appropriation For New Cell
House At Prison.
At today is the last day in which
bills may be introduced in the house
. : ...... .1 . n .
ial committee, business was good when
Speaker Jones called for the first read
ing of new bills. With tho call for the
ntroduction of new bills, 21 were
handed in at the desk, making the to-
Ital number of bills introduced in the
house 344.
One of more than usual interest to
the peoplo of Salem was that introduc
ed by 8heldon providing for the ap
propriation of $125,000 for tho con
struction of cell units in the Oregon
Another bill introduced by Sheldon
of Medford provides for an appropria
tion of $10,000 for medals to be given
Oregon men who were in the service
during tho great war The bill provides
they shall be of bronze and a suituble
medul in every respect. .
hnould tho bill introduced by Schue
bel today become a law, the state in
stitutions would be obliged to get along
with tho rogular mileage levy plus the
Bix per cent each year.
Mr. Schucbel, who worked in several
Oregon City mills when a yonng man
and was engaged in manual labor until
30 years of age, today introduced a bill
limiting the working hours to 5fi a week
for employes of a mill, factory or man
nfae'nring plant. Also that over time
shall not be more than two hours a dav
and that for this overtime, the worker
shall be pail one and one-half time.
Mrs. Alexander Thompson of Tho Dal
les introduced a bill this moruing pro
viding for the creation of an Oregon
Bemmstruction Commission of eight
members to study the great reconstruc
tion problems.
The office of county meat and herd
inspector for each county is needed In
the state in every county except Tilla
mook, according to a bill introduced
by Representative Thrift.
Lobbyists will hereafter be obliged to
register In the office of the secretary
of state should the bill proposed by
Schuebel ever become a law. Mr.
Nchuebel takes note of the fact that the
lobbyist is an actual fact but provides
that when he does show up in favor of
any legislation that he or she at once
register, stating what they are here
Mr. Sheldon would like to have a Mil
passed providing for a referendum to
the people of the s ate on bills pasned
by the 30th legislative assembly. He
introduced the bill this morning.
A bill that has a number of friendr
in the city and for which all organisa
tions connected in any way with pat
riotic bodies are lobbying is that of
the exemption bill int -oduced by Mr.
Westelund of McdfonL It is the bill
providing for certain exemption from
taxation for those who have at auy
time served in the nrmy, navy or mar
ines, and their wi7 jws as long as they
remain unmarried. The Dill was orig
inally introduced to include $2,000 from
taxation Later the committee to whirl
it was referred recommended $1,001!
This morning when tho bill came up fo
the third reading, in order to cure
some legal defects, it was referred it
the committee on revision of laws.
The bill providing ltht irrigator
, or drainage districts might sell la"1
ithey had acquired and did not need
passed the house almost unanimously.
444 ..
Mr. Addison I. Williams, Box 1054,
Sanford, Fla writrs Tyrrell's, Hygi
enic Institute of New York, as loi
Iowb: "Regarding the 'J. B. U Cascade,'
I feel it is one of the indispensible at-,
tiolea and should be in every home. X
have not taken $10 worth of medicine: '
since obtaining it about 9 years."
You can be free of biliousness and
constipation, with alt the illg whieh
they produce,, by ait occasional intern
al bath. Tho "J. B. L. Cascade'" ad
ministers these scientifically, it beinjf
an invention of Chas. A. Tyrrell, M.
D., of New York, for 25 years a spe
ciality on internal bathing.
By the proper application of Na
ture's cure warm wator it keeps the
lower intestine free of all MMsonotm
waste, and pormits every function to
work in harmony and without clog
ging hence makes one consistently
Bright, capable and well.
Daniel J. Fry, wholesale druggist'
and wfg. pharmacist, Salem, Oregon
will bo glad to show and explain the
"J. B. L. CaBeado" to you, and will
also give you free on'Tcqucst an inter
esting and authoritative book, " Why
Man of Today is Only 50 per cent Rf- '
fieient," writen by Dr. Chas. A. Tyr
rell. Ask for it today whwile it is fritH
in your minds. , ,
$ . $
Paris, Feb. 3. Eight Ameri-
I can soldiers weie killed and
thirty injured when a troop
ik train collided with two (ier- H
if man locomotives while on l
route from Chaumont to Brest. 1
4 Tlio men were to have taken n
transport at Brest for tho Unit: !
cd States. J
Pape's Diapepsin At Once
Ends Sourness, Gases,
l iJ!r Inlmocfin-
Undigested food. Lumps of paid;
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