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itorial Page of The Capital Journ
Editor end Publisher
February 3, 1919
Published Every Evening: Except Sunday, Salem, Oregon.
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During the past "week the circulation of the Daily
Capital Journal has held up well above the 5000 mark, ac
cording to the records of the Audit Bureau of Circula
tions, which accounts for the distribution of every paper
printed each day. That means considerably more than
25,000 readers daily. The record is as follows:
Is the only newspaper in Salem whose circulation is guaranteed by the
Audit Bureau Of Circulations
In a recent article in the Saturday Evening Post, Will
Payne has performed a useful service in making clear the
precise nature of Bolshevism.
It is not "anarchism", as so many people thought
lessly call it, but rather pure socialisf, as preached by its
founder and prophet, Karl Marx.
To most men socialism means something else, a sys
tem of highly organized democracy. That is because
most people have not read Marx, but have derived their
ideas from socialists of more moderate brands, who have
departed from pure Marxism. American notions of so
cialism have been colored largely by the comparatively
conservative, rational teaching and work of the English
Fabian socialists, represented by George Barnard Shaw,
and by such American moderates as John Spargo.
These moderates have taken the best of the doctrines
suggested by Marx, and ignored the rest. In particular
they have not swallowed his doctrines of the complete abol
ition of pnvate property and the monopolization 01 pol
itical and economic control bv the working class.
It is these radical Marxian principles the Bolsheviki,
or "extremists have founded their revolution on; , They
want to do away altogether with the "capitalistic class",
or "bourgeoise"; whether by taking their property, or by
killing them, seems immaterial. They want the "state"
to own and control all created wealth as well as the means
of production, and they want the state to be governed by
the "proletariat."
Thus Bolshevist Socialism is not democratic at all.
Democracy is the "rule of the people." It implies
participation in government by all the people. In a dem
ocracy the millionaire, if there is such, has as good a right
to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as the manual
laborer; the professor or banker or doctor has as good a
right to citizenship as the shoemaker or hod-carrier. The
Bolsheviki are preaching, and so far as they can, practic
ing, a "proletarian dictatorship."
It is turning czarism upside down. Instead of the
czar tyrannizing over everybody else, the working class
is to tryannize over everybody else. And this is the system
to which millions of Russians, and some Americans, want
to subject the whole world.
We hope the dry nation crusaders will remain liberal
enough to allow us to fill up occasionally with loganberry
'juice or Appleju.
Three weeks more of the legislative session with al
most t the whole forty days' work to do.
By. Walt Mason
Sometimes when I have played my lyre until my hands
are sore, I feel a great, profound desire to try some other
chore. The stubborn glebe I'd like to breakwhatever
glebe may be or voyage of adventure make across the
subbing sea. I'd like to roam in distant lands, through
jungles dense and damp, until my lyre bespavined hands
are free from writer's cramp. I tell my grief to Butcher
Jones, and he is heartsick, too; he's tired of selling mar
rowbones, and things that make a stew. I talk a while to
Pastor Gregg; his troubles poignant are; sometimes he
thinks he'd give a leg to be a movie star. I tell my hopes
to Banker Burns; his spirit .also aches; he'd like to peddle
patent churns among the cross roads jakes. And every
delegate I meet is feeling just the same; he'd think his
life was doubly sweet if he could quit his game. The gro
cer wants to rise and preach, the preacher wants to groce;
the te-cher thinks it fierce to teach, when better jobs are
close. AH fellows have a wild desire to do the other things;
and so I take once more my lyre, and claw around and
sing. . j
Monday, January 27 5090
Tuesday, January 28.... 5046
Wednesday, January 29 5065
Thursday, January 30 5120
Friday, January 31 5070
Saturday, February 1 5295
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si :.
The words "merchant marine", so frequently heard in
these days, have but a vague meaning to many people, es
pecially those more remote from the great seaports.
As a matter of fact the ships now in process of con
struction are simply an extension of our railways in all
their familiar forms, as is made plain in the following ar
ticle published in the New York Times : '
"There are four general types of ocean vessels com
parable with American railroad service. The fast passen
ger lines, carrying only mail and baggage for .cjargo, are
the equivalent of our fast limited passenger trains. These
can operate profitably only between our Atlantic ports
and Europe. Next is the passenger and cargo liner, which
compares with the regular passenger train, and runs on
regular routes and schedules to the Orient and South Am
erica. There are fast cargo liners corresponding to our
fast freight, and conveying perishable commodities as
they do. Last, but far from least, is the tramjp steamer,
traveling slowly to any port desired, which is the seamate
of the slow freight train, economical and deservedly num
erous." ,
The inland shipper and the farmer are familiar with
all the railroad facilities. Many of them realize but little
how these four types of marine carriers now under con
struction will extend the service of the trains from their
doors to all the earth.
Nebraska and Kansas will be able to ship directly to
China and Japan. Wyoming and New Mexico to England
or South America. And the markets of the world will
consume all our farmers can ship, for most of the mari
time nations are importers of food products and will be
glad of our supplies.
Probably the meanest creature in existence lives in
Independence, Oregon. Recently the bottles containing
pennies for the Belgian babies were stolen by this carica
ture on humanity.
Congress, which put off until this year the work it
ought to have done last year, keeps right on criticizing
the military management of a war that was won last year
instead of this year. . .
Seattle never does anything except upon a big scale.
The strike up there, for instance, is to be the biggest thing
of its kind ever staged.
Before the peace conference gets through with the
labor problem it will know a whole lot more about work
than it does now.
Mandcl to know she would still keep a
servant if she did not receive thi large
salary ho had paid her that Brian
could afford to let her do that.
"I can't tell you how grateful I am,"
Mandcl replied as he rose to go and
rather sheepishly drew some plans from
his pocket. You sec, I took your kind
ness for granted and brought the plan
of the Murry house in Boston along. It
is to bo entirely re-decorated." He then
explained the different exposures of the
rooms, the lay-out of tho grounds, etc.
"I have taken the liborly of speaking
of you to several of my friends," he
said to Bria-n, who accompanied him to
the door, "1 told them you had chana
ad the location of your office and were
now ready for business. Ifou do not
look quite strong yet; I should advise
thnt you en slowly for a time."
When Brian returned to the sitting
room he- found Kuth quietly waiting for
him, no sign, of tho plans Mendel., hud
left with her to be seen.
"I suppose you are anxious to got
to work," he romarked.
"No, I shall only work whon I am
alone. X left the shop to make a home
for you. And, Brian, I am so happj
you do not object to my doing & littlo
-St. JMf.- TL''.J.. M
...... ......, .thkiw tf '
wvi ft.
- :
I : :-u t f liter'- -'Tf
MERRIMAN OF TIERRA ALTABlue ribbon Aber-deep-Angus
bull at the California Liberty Fair; owned by
Cohgdon & Battles, Washington state.
. ! - I V-f rid , I KA:Af. -
Grand Chanmion Steer Herd at 1918 International: Grand
tat wKeip JitL&S SfSj Aberdeen-Angus closely related to the best western herds
oi uns Kinu.
m,g. uut doar, X never shall have tho
work around when you are at home. We
have been separated so much the now
nothing must make our companionship
less closo.
"I mean to try to be reasonable,"
Brian had returned. "My objections
to women in business are ingrained ih
mo. I hate to see a woman outaido of
her home unless it is imperatively nce
csisary that she be the bread winner. But
I am not sneh aa old grouch as to de
not having appropriated money enough
to enable them to prevent the epidemic.
It is a question how much it would
take. The various demands of medical
and hygienic boards and commissions
from thiB legislature total $287,841.
All are agreed that some form of
quarantine against the person who is af
flicted with a communicable disease is
prive you of doing things at home that necessary. On wearing masks, f orbid
will give you luxuries that for some j ding public gatherings, closing places
time I mav not be able to earn, or that j 0l amusemont and other features of the
will make you happier because you prevention cainpaign all are disagreed,
can keep Eachnl. " Tnis ghouid make the advocates of stato
inai s not an, tsrian, truly it lan'tl interference a little modest about is-
I do hate housework, and I love Each
ol, cud liko to have her with me. But
suing orders that kill business and as
cost of the creation of new offices as
well as the increase of salaries of of
fices already created. If there is any
member of the Marion county delega
tion who votes for this bill with the
emergency clauso attached he should
never again be honored with position
in the legislature,
(Eugene Daily Register)
In discussing tho question of stato
roudj and state road appropriations ia
Oregon, there is one suggestion that oc
curs. It is this: Perhaps it would add
Health Officer Seely says accomplish ; to harmony if Multnomah county would
cease polishing the halo it assumed be
cause it furnishes approximately a third
of the road funds and yet gets no stato
my wnrk is a perfect joy to me. It nothing. Tho people should bo slow to
inu i worn not as i snail ao it now; RiVe power to such conflicting authori
it i playing with something that inter- ties. Speaking of communieatble dis-
csts and entertains me immensely. You cas0l reminds me that I met the late' money spent directly within its borders.
rr.r L n a i ""IW- I lathor Moore ono day at tne Xubercu-IAll this is quite true, but in getting the
Thank God for thnt! I guess I losis institution visiting and shaking' Columbia and tho Pacific highways
havo made you pretty mlsorablo at hands with tho patients. There were paved Multnomah is doing very woll by
times. Bo a working lady as long as about thirty and he went the rounds of , itself.
you want to. if you work inside your them all. I isked him if he was not Eugene and the valley part of Lane
home instead of in public places. Nowafrai,i of catching the diseasef . Ho county stand in about the same rela
W! iWj" t,talk of 5t any more- 14 ig laughed and holding the hand of an tiou to central Western Oregon ac do
settled and we are both happy. Get on emaciated sufferer who wae stretched Portland and Multnomah county, to tho
,. w..r o..u n Bu uunu io me i- out 0n lug last resting place, saiu: "iNot
noiiurs auu oruer wnai i nceu lor tne a bit. I am doing my Master's work.
If ho wants me to go thia way it '
cntiro state, and this area would cheer
fully yes, enthusiastically endorse a
plan that assured pavement of the P-
"Oll, I forgot you WOUld need alliinat Hi crnnil in. other."- I felt heLif; l,;.,l,o- ,, nJ .!, ... v.
sorts of papers and things!" 'anifl thnt t.. chen the nnnr anffnrnril nil M..K-r,..,f l.il,m.r.
H T j . , , , , - -v " I w4uuoiw uuvt vyu'OV IMtmiOJB iW kVU
uon t look 80 chagnnod. XOU did ftronnrl him. It was a fine conrflffooiiil Aflat ItriA WAOi van tdmirrli tin nnwA.
so much that you have left me almost j speech and I loved him for it. We need meat was laid within the valley part
. ,. .,, 4 i mora 0I lunl Uj8t'iice or iea-r msieau
tronuce you to all sorts of legal ptpers, 0f organizations that throw fear into
""""i i"b jou lurmsn. the eommun tv wholesale and backed
by official authority. We have learn-
d somethina and should profit by it
and thcro should be no more closed
town orders. COL. E. HOFEB.
Wonders never cease. Congress really seems about
to pass last year s revenue bill.
By Jane Phelps.
How ani Roth was that sio had told
Arthur Mandcl what she had concern
ing Brian, his feeling about iter work,
eta. And how more than gUid she was
that Brian had begun t() appreciate
what Mandel had done for her, both
before he went away and while he was
overseas. Bhe almost held' her breath
as she waited to see what Brian would
"What do you think, Butht Do you
cere to help Mandel until he finds
Tlie question so startled and surpris
ed Ruth that for aomo moments she
could not bring herself to answer, not
until Brian had added:
"Did you think mo o selfish, dear,
that I would objeetf I know how you
love the work I also appreciate your
kindness to us when I w awny," he
said, turning to Mandel. "Decide as
you please, Ruth."
"I shall be delighted, Mr. Mandcl!"
Ruth '8 eyes shono with delight. She
had dreaded moro than either of the
men facing her realized, the giving tip
of her loved tasks, the excitement
grown nlni09t necessary to her. Then
too it would be some time before Brian
would get really started. ' While she
had saved a good deal, and he a littlo,
she knew ouly too well that what they
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breath at night; yourcold or. catarrh
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a little of thia fragrant., antiseptic,
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a lawyer 's off ico you will bo up on sta
tionery requirements.
"There'll be no 'next time.' How
dare you suggest itf " so, laughing and
chatting happily, they went out to shop,
tho perfect understanding which existed
between them making for such happi
ness as neither had known for years.
Ranintiinff Will? TTnh kalani.a if
Tomorrow Brian realizes the joy of Pomeroy 4 Wallace stock. Everything
Helping Others. xoe at your own price. 125 N. Jbm-
mercial St., Salem.
( Turner Tribune)
Among tho number of viseiong meas
ures introduced at this session of the
legislature is Senator Orton's bill No.
31. Senator Orton is from Portland
and ie interested in Multnomah county
getting its share of the pie. From the
provisions of his bill we would say
that he Js desirous of Portland getting
more than its share.
The provisions of this bill briefly
statea arc: mere is to De created a
Open Forum g
Editor Capital Journal
Business men generally appreciate-i
vmi. effurtA tn ffnt thA KffVnrftl ftit hftna
tnlrnn nft tUn tiwt. an.) 1... th. Mmmn. I
nity resume its normal activities. Our
churches and lodges have been closed
and have lost support financially, mor
ally and spiritually. ' Some organiza
tions have been Dcrmanentlv crirnled denartment nt state no ice. th hend nf
a nd thousands of children deprived of J f ieo to be in Portland with a superin
school privileges. Country people stay- tondwit st a salary of $3000 per year.
ed out of town, trains were pulled off, ! A deputy at a salary of $2400 per year
streetcar and railroad lines have suffer-Sand a police force consisting of 12 men
ed. On top of this the state health of- at a salary of 11500 per year for eih
fieer came along and told us the closed one. To add insutt to injury to the
town wee not necessary and was piece i taxpayers there is an emergency clause
of folly. Will the legislative organi- attached thereto which makes the law
zntion he represents reimburse the clos- effective as soon as the governor sp
end nearly bankrupted theaters for this proves the act after Its passage by the
"folly t" He says the elosed town or legislature.
dors did not prevent or diminish the. There is about as much need of this
flu. But the town was closed just tho bill s there is for the fifth wheel to
same and thousands of people were out a wagon. No necessity for it at all.
of employment. The state board of This bill shows how many schemes are
health blames the last legislature for j gotten up by the taxpayers to pay the
of tho county. We could well afford to
do our own connecting up.
But let us hope no one will assume
that this is spoken with the desire to
stir up sectional feeling with regsfd to
road building. The Columbia and tha
Pacific highways are admittedly the
principal through roads of the state and
re thoso which should first receive
state aid. Getting to Portland is like
wise a matter of importance and prop
orly affects tho location of roads. The
rest of the stato admits that cheerfully
and freely, but it has grown somewhat
tired of the constant halo polishing
that has been indulged in by Multno
mah over a mattor that i really at
stroke. --.-jfcajEl
San Francisco, Feb. 1. One thons
and boilermakers, working in shops out
side of shipyards, struck today. Tea
plantg bad been tied np at noon.
The strike wse called in defiance of
the order of the Iron Trades council Uut
night that the men Btay on the job.
The Iron Trades council will not aid
the strikers and will take steps to have
the boilermakers onion ousted from the
eouncil, it was predicted. The me
are demending the Macy award terms
and back pay under the Macy agree
ment to August.
men you use Journal elassifi-
ed ads get what you want then
to they work fast.