Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, January 27, 1919, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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A nice new line of those neat .....
Made of the best quality of Gingham and Percales in
a variety of colors, patterns and styles that will
please the most exacting. You will also find that wc
have a large stock of bungalow aprons to select from
so that all will be able to get the kind hat suits their
House Dresses........$1.98, $2.98, $3.50, $3.98 and $4.98
Bungalow Aprons $1.49, $1.59, $1.69, $1.79, $1.98
fj Incorporated
Rev. G. F. Holt of the Baptist
church, apont Sunday in Eugene.
Bert Panning of New York, who is
interested in a large prune ranch in
this section, is spending a few days in
ithe city.
The following Portland citizens are
among recent arrivals at the Hurion
kotol: W. 8, Barnett, E. J. Butler and
wife, M. A. Borland, S. P. Olson and
l'hiil 8. Bates, iof Portland, spent
Sunday in the city and is attending
the legislature .today.
Attorney Jag. X. Chinook come up
from Grants Pass Sunday on a ousi
esa trip.
JS. B. Crane of Black Bulls. Ore., Is
among dm truest s at (lift Marion hotel
F. Ii. Millor came in from Silverton
yesterday for a brief visit in Snlcm.
Among tho guests at the Bligh hotol
today are the following Portland citi
zens: Attorney h. D. Colo, A. A. Bailey
and J. O. Bailey.
O. B. McConnolI, tho well known
leastem Oregon promoter, has rocotittly
arrived from Burns and is spending
the, week in Saloin In the interests of
a big irrigation project in that Joe-tton.
Th Journal 3oh Department
will print you anything In tha
stationery line do it right and
save you real money.
First class shoe repairing
shop. All work will be first
class and guaranteed.
Clip this ad. It is worth
My price for Men's Half
Soles is $1.50. I will redeem
this ad for 10 cents on all
jobs of $1.00 or over.
Good until February 1st.
163 S. Commercial St.
A R Trn
lull lieu
Hop wire and all kinds
of hides. Before you
sell See Us. Phone 398.
271 Chemeketa
How to hundlo the school budget and
whether a law favorod by tho Portland
delegation should bo forced on the Btato
was brought up this morning in a bill
that had beon introduced by Mr. Scheu-
bel of Oregon City and one that had
roeoived en adverse report by tho com
rnittoe to which it had boon referred.
It will be remembered that two years
ago the Portland delegation forced thru
the legislature a bill calling fur a gen
oral election every year to approve or
rejout the budget of the school boixd
for the coming year.
To bring things back to tho old cus
tom whore there was an annual muss
mooting called to discuss the budget,
Mr. ticheubel was willing that i'oi't-
ducod a bill practically repealing tho
election budget law of two yours ago.
Mr. Bohoubol was willing the Port
land should have all the ejections on its
budget that was desired, but he felt
that tho other cities of tho state would
prefer tho old system. In support of
Ais opinion, he suid there were a lot of
people in .every city who would veto
ugaiust appropriating money for any
thing, even schools. That anything iiu
the way of taxes would draw a
tivo answer.
Mr. Hchoubel thought the peopll
should have confidence in their school
bourd and that the city should not bo
put to an expense every year of an
There was also yio troublo of get
ting the voters out and ho cited the ex
periences of Oregon City whore a big
effort had to be made to secure 50
votes at the eloction. Mr. Schoubm
thought a few diNgruutlod people who
always kick on taxes even for schools
could easily defeat a school budget.
The house was inclinod to sympathize
with Mr. Hcheubel and tho recommenda
tion of the committee to which the bill
was referred that it be rojoctod was
As the matter now stands, whon the
bill comes up for final passage, the
houso will favor the old stylo of an
nual mass meetings for the acceptance
or rejection of tho school budget for
the coming year. Tho present law says
the budget must bo prepared in Octo
ber and later submitted to a vote of
the people.
Tho peoplo of Ralem aro especially
interested in this bill as it was neces
sary to hold two elections last fall to
secure the approval of thob udgct.
mtitiiMM '
I All Around Town
Salem bread la freshest and best tf
Wanted A' girl at tho spa. 1-28
Ever sine th beginning of the world
there has been but one "best" way to
bury the dead, that way is in tomb.
Mount Car eat Aibbey provides that
"best" wy, the eost is no more. See
Caretaker at Mausoleum, or your un
dertaker. . 2-1
Aimoun cement fa made that the
quarantine at the state hospital will
be lifted Wednesday morning, and af
ter that date relatives and guardians
will be permitted to visit patients. The
general publio will not be admitted
until a later date.
Wtktns Remedies liniment, Men
thol, Camphor, Mustard Ointment, Spic
es, Extracts and Toilet Articles. Qual
ity garantoed. For sale by M. W. Baw
ley, 331 N. Liberty Bt,, Salem. 2-14
Schools open Monday, get your tab
lots and pencils-for less at Ward's
Drug Store. 1-23
1 o
The Salem-Kings Product Co., bas
been closed down temporarily on ac
count of the shortage of products. Car
rots form one of the principal mater
ials for the plant at the present time.
and it is found that it is almost im
possible for the growers to get upon
the fields to dig them on account of
the flooded condition. The plant is still
occupied with a big government con
tract and as soon as vegetables can be
delivered in quantity they will start
up again with a full force.
"The best" Is all you can do when
death comes. Call Webb & Cloueh Co.
Phono 120. tf
We luy liberty bonds. 314 Masonic I
bldg. tf
Haying lately returned to Salem I
am ready to receive piano pupils at my
home, H72 Mill, or will go to homes
of pupils. Special attention eiven to
tochnic and expression, Mrs. Lena Wa
tors. Phono 1184M. tf
F. J. Leonard of Portland recently
arrived in the city to look over the
grounds of tho now packing house to
be fouiilt in this city,, preparatory to
drawing up plang and specifications.
Mr. Leonard is one of tho most noted
architects of the country, having de
signed a number of tho great plants
for tho Swifts, Armour & Co., end oth
ers. The Salem plant will bo tho last
work In the matter of construction
and facilities.
We buy liberty bonds.
314 Masonic
We hare moved our offices to rooms
201-203 Gray blwk, over Hartman
Bros, jewelry store, 125 N. Liberty St.
W. E. UJNKUii,
B. W. MACY. tf
The river la rapidly resuming nor
mal conditions even for January. Sun
day morning it hud fallen to 16 feet
above and this morning to below 12
feet. Since the rains stopped, tho wa-
nega-,or 'lft8 heen roccding at the rate of
about 3 feet every 24 hours. During
tho rainy spell of December, 1917, the
water reached a high stage of 24 feet.
This time 21 feot was the high water
mark. N
For Bale Six acres fine land for
loganberries or fruits, 15 minutes walk
from end of street car line. F. N. Der
by owner, 314 Masonic bldg. tf
Highways Rapid Transit Auto service
to Portland and way points daily, leav
ing Salem at 7 a. m. Phone crdrs eve
ning boforo, 265 Ferry. Phone 663. tf
Virgil O. Golden, generally knows to
his friends here in town as Tommy
Golden, reached New Jersey Saturday
according to a telegram received by
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. 8. Gold
en oi jyo oaginaw. lie nas Deen in a
French hospital for the past four
months having been injured in some
of tne fierce fighting in the Argonne
forests. He wag originally a member
of Salem company M, that was sent
to France, but was later transferred
to the 32d division of Wisconsin and
Michigan troops. It will be rememDorJ
ed that this division was in the tough
est fighting not only in the Areonne
forests but at Chateau Thierry and at
t. Aunioi. it was the 32d divisiea
that suffered so heavily along with
the 35th from Kansas. Shortly before
leaving, Mr. Golden was a student at
the high school.
I have moved from 544 State street
to 215-216 Masonic building. C. W. Nie
meyer, real estate agent. 1-28
I bare moved from 644 State street
to 215-216 Masonic building. C. W, Nie
meyer, real estate agent. 1-28
I bare moved from 644 State street
to 215-216 Masonic building. C. Who
mever, real estate agent. 1-28
According to the climatologlcal map
just issued by the Portland weather
bureau for the month of December,
1918, Salem was not such a wet spot
in the state as several, especially in
coast sections which experienced real
rainy weather. While the rainfall in
December at Salem amounted to 3.76
inches, Astoria, for the same month
got 11.22 inches and Deadwood, along
the coast 10.05 inches. Tillamook had
10.59 inches for December and Marsh-
field 7.49. Mt. Angol experienced heav
ier rains than Salem as its precipita
tion for the month was 4.95 inches,
but Newport lined up with the wet
coast regions with 9.11 inches. For the
eastern part of the state, the month
of December means a dry and almost
rainless month. At.B.akor the rainfall
was .30 of an inch, at La Grande, .76
of an inch, Klamath Falls, .55 of an
inch and at The Dalles, 1.01 inches.
Tho average rainfall for tho state as
Sr. Sealer of the suite health board
says the Bligh theater is perfectly
ventilated, so enjoy the show at ease.
Special to advertise free on Wed
nesday of this week One Dixie
Doughnut will be given away free
with each loaf of DIXIE BREAD. Ask
your grocer. Bemember the ' day
Wednesday of this week. Salem Bak
ing Co., successors to The Modern Bak
ery, 439 Court St., Salem, Ore.
Open, open, open and we have the
best program, of pictures in town.
Bligh theater.
In the latest official casualty list
there is included the name of Paul B.
Pietrock of Stayton, who died from
wounds. The address of nearest rela
tive is Mrs. Maria Pietrock, Stayton.
o - i
Patrons of the public library will
note that the regular schedule of hours
from 9 a. m. to 9 p. m., will be re
sumed today. All books taken out pre
vious to January first must be re
turned by Wednesday or they will be
considered overdue.
Special to advertise free on Wed
nesday of this week , One Dixie
Doughnut will be given away free
with each loaf of DIXIE BREAD. Ask
your grocer. Kcmembcr the uay
Wednesday of this week. Salem mak
ing Co., successors to The Modern Bak
ery, 4J9 Court St., isalem, Ure.
We wish to thank the kind frien
and neighbors who assisted during the
sickness and death of our husband and
father, G. W. Boggs. Mrs. Mary
Boggs, L. M. Boggs, Mrs. A. C. Tur-
neaure, Ruth Boggs.
Notices axe being mailed out today
by Manager Chapman to all members
of the Commercial club, reminding
them of the coming annual meeting to
be held Wednesday evening, mere are
now 410 Mridftnt members of the club
and out of this number there should
be a good representation. In addition
to the regular routine of business,
there will probably be a number of im
portant matters coming up tor formal
or informal discussion.
Chief of Police Varney would appre
ciate a little more cooperation from
Salem citizens in the matter of infor
mation with regard to violations of
ordinances. The apprehension of vio
lators usually depends upon quick ac
tion on the part of the departmen,,
Manv neople havo had such matters
shown by the 112 recording stations. brought to their attention but being
was 3.25 inches. Astoria is at the head averse to acting as complainants or of
of the list with 11.22 inches during having their names brought before the
December and Vale- at tho bottom,
with only .02 of an inch precipitation
Jose Capablanca
COvll4MrFM..4.lW.T.V!UflvtCf. H-lJ
Champion chess player of Cuba
now In the United States
Last week a bill was introduced in
the houso Iof representatives of the
Oregon legislature asking that the war
department give the state two cannon
captured from the Germans and also
providing for the erection of an hero
ic statue in honor of the Oregon boys
who had fou&ht in the war. Represent
ative Hswley on January 18 inrrodue
ed into tho houso of representatives
at Washington tho following biH: "Be
it enacted by tho senate and house of
representatives of the United States
in congress assembled That the sec
rotary of war bo, and is Hereby author
iaed and directed to donate to the city
of Salem, Marion county, state of Ore
gon, one cannon or field piece captur
ed by tho American armv from the
forces of the Imperial German
eminent during the present war.
Stop that cough with Mountain
Halm Cough Remedy. Satisfaction or
your monoy back. At nearly all drug
and suburban stores. tf
- i o I-
The aero club of the northwest, with
headquarters at Seattle is securing in
formation for tho establishing of air
plaue landing stations in the Willam
ette valley. The club is compiling data
with respect to air currents and air
routes for commercial and passenger
flying and would like Information as
to whether the city of Salem has any
facilities or grounds at present which
will permit the landing of airplanes.
Also whether -we have any facilities
for flying boats or seaplanes. The club
would like to know whether if these
facilities; do not' exist, if a flvDue
field can be established in the city or
immediate vicinity. Sometime ago
when inquiries were made in reganl
to a 40 acre landing station near Sa
lem, several who were interested . n-
deavored to find a suitable tract that
would permit en aviator to land at
the usual running speed and none was
found. At that time, it was suggested
that with some clearing, the Bush pas
ture was about tho most avnilable spot
in or near the city for an airplane
'landing station.
299 N. Commercial Street
103 S. Commercial Street
Phone C.O.D. Orders
Diamond C flour, soft
wheat . $2.55
Large Crisco $L
Holly Milk, per can.... 15c
No .2 1-2 Tomatoes, can 15c
Del Monte Catsup, bottle 25c
Royal Red Peas 17c
Small size Deviled meat . .5c
Matches. 6 large boxes
Search Light 33c
No .10 White Ribbon
Compound ...... .$2.40
Lard in Bulk, per lb.... 28c
Medium Log Cabin Syrup
75c size 1 63c
Small Uncle John syrup 50c
1-2 lb. Dependable tea ..21c
Bulk Seedless raisins Jb 13c
50c size Instant Postum 43c
30c size Instant Postum 25c
Plain Postum 22c
2 Grape Nuts 25c
Two KeOoggs Corn i
Flakes ......... '..25c
2 Post Toasties 25c
Nut Ola Butter substitute 37c
3 pkgs tooth picks 12c
Mop sticks 17c
5 bars Swifts' white soap 30c
5 bars. White Flyer soap 25c
3 lbs. (LA. Coffee v.. ...90c
3 lbs .Royal Club coffee $1.00
Fancy Blend coffee, lb ..27c
public, they have refrained from tak
ing action in cases where they might
have been of assistance to tho offi
cers. It should be understood that all
information furnished the department
will be kept in strict confidence where
so desired.
Wanted A girl at the spa. 1-28
Bligh theater opens tday with th
picture that you have been waiting for
The Independent Meat Market in
advertising for local business did not
expect to find a Capital Journal read
er in southern Oregon who would be
interested in meat market prices. But
this morning Mr. Rogoway received a
money order for $3.75 from a man liv
ing at Ashland, asking him to send
ten pounds of sugar cured bacon back
& Co's
Annual Clearance Sale
Regal sheeting, 81 inches wide, bleached, yd..... 49c
Pepperell or Mohawk sheeting, 81 inches wide,
bleached, yard ...64c
Pepperell or Mohawk sheeting, 81 inches wide -
unbleached, yard 59c
Pepperell or Mohawk sheeting, 72 inches wide,
bleached, yard 59c
Pepperell or Mohawk sheeting, 72 inches wide,
unbleached, yard : 55c
42-inch Pillow Tubing yard. 29c
Indian Head Linen
33 inches wide, yard 33c
36 inches wide, yard 36c
Hope Muslin, bleached, best quality, yard wide,
yard , ....25c
Lonsdale Muslin, bleached, best quality, yard
wide, yard 28c
3-pound Cotton Batt ..$1.00
Crash Toweling, yard 15c
Linen Crash Toweling, extra quality yard 19c
36 inch Percales, yard 29c and 35c
36 inch Hospital Gauze bleached white, yard 12c
Closing Out AH Ladies' Coats And Suits Below Cost
Our Prices Always The Lowest
PHONE 1072
Commercial and Court Sts., formerly Chicago Store
)y parcel post. The customer incident
ally asked Mr. Eogoway prices on oth
er products.
The Oregon State Retailers associa
tion, of which Walter A. Denton is
secretary, has definitely decided to
hold its annual meeting in Salem for
three days beginning Feb. 10. Retail
It was only a question of time be
fore fur things would take to being
made In slip-over fashion. This bit
of sealskin really does go on over
one's head but there are convenient
buttons and buttonholes, two on a
side, to make ths bodice fit snugly.
The sleeves are short and capelsh
and the collar Is cut large nnd square
so one can muffle it close up about
the throat in really cold weather.
The Modern Bakery on Court street
which for some time has been in
charge of J. W. Hastings, was sold out
last week to tho Dixie Baking com
pany of Portland, who are now remod
elling the building and preparing to
carry on the business on a broader
scale. Thoy will do both a wholesale
and retail business in all lines of bak
ery goods. It will be in charge of H.
merchants from every part of the H." Haynes. Mr. and Mrs. Hastings will
tnte will bo present as there is some
legislation that is coming up for dis
cussion. With the state law makers
already in session, it is understood
tho state retailors will conic out in
full force to incidentally interview
said legislators regarding somo need
ed legislation. They will favor the leg
islature by visiting state house ses
sions from time to time. Officers of
the association are: George Cusitcr,
Silverton, president; C. M. Kppley, Sa
lem, vice president; John Lang, Pen
dleton, second vice president; A. W.
Anderson, Portland, third vice presi
dent; Walter A. Denton, Snlem, sec
retary and D. J. Van Seyoc, Portland,
sc sfc sjc s(t )fc sfc sc fi st jc s(
MTJliREY At his home at N. 18th
street in this city, Sunday night,
January 26, Wm. H. Mulrey.
JAineral services will be held under
the auspices of tthe First Church of
Christ, Scientist, at the Rigdon chap
el. Tuesday morning at 11 o clock.
EVERSON At the home of the par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. U. J. hvei-son,
1351 Saginaw St., Sunday, January
26, Mildred E. Evcrson, aged 11
months and 11 days..
Burial and funeral services, which
will be in charge of the Rigdon un
dertaking firm, will be held at the
City View cemetery at 2 p. in. Tuesday
January 28.
Albert Stettler has i"8 returned to
Salem from Camp Lewis, where he has
been stationed for the past six months
take charge of a pruno and Loganber
ry ranch about seven miles south of
the city.
Henry Zorn and J. P. Feller are two
Jefferson citizens called to serve on
the jury in the circuit court.
Rep. F. H. Looney of Jefferson was
registered at the Bligh hotel this morn,
Enable us to prescribe lensjes and adjust glasses
that will afford you the maximum of comfort.
May we not serve you?
204-5 Salem Bank of Commerce Building
are of
Yiek So Tgsj
Chinese Medielne and Tea Os,
Has medicine which will mt
any known disease.
Open Sundays from 19 t,
ontU 8 p. m.
1S3 Booth High Bt
Salem, Oregon. Pfcoaa 183 I
LtifciiiisAa t 4 a a a J a a .
'w w f f 9f f f f
Willamette Valley Transfer
Daily Between Portland and
Salem, Independence, Mon
mouth and Dallas.
Orders Taken Both Ways
Portland Office, 230 Ash St.
Phone Broadway 454.
Salem Office 171 S. High St.
Phone 1400
We're in the Market
For Potatoes
Wm. Bell, Agent.