Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, January 25, 1919, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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LIBERTY BONDS If you must dis
pose of your bonds, we will boy
them. 314 Masonic bid;. tf
(WANTED Girl for general house
work. State School for Deaf. 1-25
FOR SALE Two horses cheap. 595
Marion. Phone 2273R. 1-27
FORD trailer for sale. Inquire at 271
D street. 1-28
WANTED Veal and large calves.
Phone 80F2. tf
TOR SALE Two-seat top buggy, or
will trade. Phone 80F11. 1-28
FINE hoe repairing, 1272 State St.
I. W. Thomas. 1-25
POR SALE Fresh Jersey cow. Phone
9F11. 1-25
WANTED A good family cow. Phone
94F2. 1-25
POR SALE Ford in good condition.
1309 N. Coin! St. tf
FOR RENT Sleeping rooma in Hub
'bard 'bldg. W. II. N orris, agent, tf
POR SALE Modern 4 room house on
a good Jot. Call 1070 N. 21st. 1-31
POR SALE Fine young Jersey milch
cow. 770 oin. or phone 476. 1-31
POR SALE 143 acre ranch at bargain
Inquire 529 lOourt. 1-28
WANTED Invalid to board and care
for. Address H H care Journal. 1-28
WAINTED Sewing of all kinds. Phone
1140W. Address 152 S. 13th St. 1-28
WANTED Used lumber, 1x10 and
2x4. 41 P Journal. 1-28
WANTED To buy cattle and calves,
any kind. Phone 1576W. 8-6
)R SALE Two fresh cows, one Dur
ham and one Swiss Jersey, heavy
milkers. 1254 Mission. 1-25
WANTED Draft coft "about 3 years
old. Address G. S. Kalb, Rt. 7, box
143. 127
SWANTBD Either good girl or woman
to care for children and do house
work. Phone 480. 1-28
FOR, RENT Modern 6 room house,
close in, $16, with garage $18. Call
. 565 N. Cottage. Phone 1901. 1-25
WANTED-JOheap car, Ford Preferred,
or a wreck. Address 7112 care Jour
nal. 1-27
.WANTED Small furnished house or
apt, modern. Address J-10 care Jour
nal, tf
GIRLS and women wanted at tho
Glove factory, 1455 Oak St., Salem,
Or. 1-25
FOR TRADE A good, neat 4 room
Iwuse with garage to trade for auto.
Ooti 1644 or 2022 in mornings. tf
POR SALE "Cheap, 11 head shoats
weighing 90 to 100 lbs. Write Inde
pendence, Or. or phone 50F4, Sa
lem, tf
FOB SALE 1 9x13 shaft governor,
engine and boiler complete, cheap.
Box 268, Turner, Or. tf
WALL PAPER 15 eents per double roil
npward. Buren's Furniturs Store, 179
Commercial. tf
.TOR SALE Maxwell, 1917, in first
class condition, fully equipped. $550.
Fairground store. - 1-25
PLENTY of money to loan on good
forma; low interest rates; five years
time; privilege to pay $100 or multi
ple on any interest date. Call or
write H. il. Hawkins, 311 Masonic
bldg, Salem. tf
Notice is hereby given that the co
partnership heretofore . existing be
tween 'Eugene Byerley end C. A.
Gampble doing business under the firm
same and style of Motor Inn Garage,
kas fcy mutual agreement been dissolv
ed. All persons knowing themselves in
debted to said firm are hereby re
quested to pay all indebtedness to Eu
eens Byerlcy, Salem Oregon.
C. A. CAMPBLE. 1-27
Plumbing and Water Systems Installed
r OEABEa BROS, 141 Bouth Liberty
St, Phona 550. Also agent for fair-anks-Morse
Gas Engines.
FOB SALE3200 lb. team. Louis F.
Aobow. Kt 9, box 127. 1-28
WANTED Partridge Wyandotte cock
erel. R. C. Ramsden, Rt. 7, Salem.
FOR SALE Purebred Jersey milch
eow. Call at 610 S. 14th St Ca'l
1534J. i-25
WANTED iFat hens wanted, hi ill) est
prices paid. Apply 456 State Direct
or, tf
WANTED 5 or 6 room modern house
in eastern part of city. Must be
a bargain. 1240 N. 4th St. 1-27
FOR SALE Or trade for good Brown
Leghorn, one Partridge Bock roos
ter. Phone 2154J. 1-28
TWO housekeeping rooms nicely furn-
raueu, ai juyrue notei, tW3 i'crry
street. ' 1-28
I WILL not be responsible for debts
contracted by my wife. C. O. Kays.
COUPLE would like room and board
in smaill family of adults. J-10 care
Journal. tf
LOST A small package Thursday,
irom Meyers. Leave at Journal of
fice. i-25
LOGANBERRY plants for sale 'by J.
P. Aspinwall, Brooks, Or. Phone 35
F12. 1-25
WANTED Fat, thin and fresh cows,
veal and large calves, "bone 1425M.
FOR SALBWhite faced Black Span
ish cockerels. M. A. Vanderburg, Rt.
2. 1-27
WILL -call for chickens, eggs, veal and
hides and pay highest prices. Cherry
City Feed Barn. 1-27
FOR SALE Very cheap, five passen
ger (Overland car, good condition.
Phone 80F11. , 1-28
CARPENTERING, repairing or cement
work. Call C. W. Nist. Phona 2495
R. 1-28
WANT3D 1-horae power, 220 volt, 60
cycle single phase motor. Phone 516.
WB are in the market for potatoes,
and beans. Willamette Valley Trans
fer Co, 171 S. High. Phone 1400. tf
FOB SALE Team matched sorrel
horses, sound and trne, weighing be
tween 2400 and 2500 pounds. Allen
Pence, Rt. 7, box 44. 1-28
GOOD home for sale, 6 rooms, large
lot, with fruit, just off of State
street. Price $1100. Take a liberty
hond as first payment, balance like
rent. F. A. Roberts, owner, 314 Ma
sonic bldg. . tf
OVER THE TOP-Our prices the high
est spot cash for men's secondhand
Buits and shoes. Capital Exchango,
337 Court St. Phone 493. tf
WANTED To hear from such that
have wood and cannot make it into
money, those at little stations. We
buy carload lots; let us hear from
yon. H. Sprocd, Salem, Or. 1-29
WANTED To trade 2 good lots on
Fairmount ave. for five or six room
cottage not too far out. Will pay
cash difference. Address J care Jour
nal. 1-25
BARGAIN Good home on paved
street east balem has been held at
$1500, must sell, make offer, terms
to suit. Also timber tract for sale,
not far out. F. L. Wood, Bayne build
ing. 1-25
FOR SALE Genuine Franquet wal
nuts grafted on black. True Iu Chil
ly and Baccllana filberts. Middle
Grove Nursery, Rt. 7, box 201. Phone
24F5. 1-31
TO TRADE Or sale, 13 acres bearing
prune orchard with house, barn and
dryer, on rock road, close to Salem,
for mercantile business or partner
ship in same. Address O K care
Journal. 1-25
Ford-Wright truck, lookj new $475
Ford touring, 1916, may extras $390
Stodard twenty, good tires etc $250
Maxwell, 1914, just painted $250
Studebakor six $450
Chevrolet touring, 1918, $473
Highway Garage, 1000 S Com'l. tf
MULES. HORSES Just arrived from
American Lake, 7 span well matched
mules, ages 5 to 8, weight from ZlOO
to 2500. Also 5 span good young
horses, stock is all sound and well
broke, prices from $175 to $285. Lib
erty bonds accepted. Call at 554
Ferrv street. 1-25
FOR SALE Good 8 room modern
house, corner lot, 75 by 150 feet, east
front, paved street, price $3000. Good
7 room modern bungalow, located on
Fairmount Hill, paved street. Price
$3600. Good 5 room modern cottage
close in, paved street, $2650. Good
6 room modern house, corner lot, pav
ed street, price $2500. W. IL Gra
benhorst Co., 275 State street -
FOR SALE 30 acre tract of first
clafts land, 10 acres bearing prunes,
some timber, nearly all cultivated,
no buildings. Price $8000. 30 acre
. tract, 25 acres cleared, 10 acre of
fine ijoganBernos, a acres or
prunes, small buildings, pr'.c $7500.
5 acres of bearing cherry orchard,
price $1300. W. H. Grabenhorst ft Co.
275 Stats street.
POR SALE Tiro good young, fresh
cows, one Guernsey, one Guernsey
Durham, five years old. 1925 State
St. 1-28
WEALTHY young widow wants trust
worthy, home loving husband, old as
60 considered. MME, Box 584, Los
Angeles, Cal.
WANTED To hear from ownr of
good ranch Ifor sale. State cash price,
full particulars. D. F. Bush, Minne
apolis, Minn. .
SP1RBLLA corsets sold by Alios A.
Miles, nuts .Leslie St. Measures w
ea, fit guaranteed. Horns Thnrs. af
ternoons. Phone 1425B.
FOR SALE 23 acres good cultivated
land on Pacific highway, paved tn
year. A bargain, terms: Owner, 314
Mnsonie bldg. 1-25
LOST Purse Jan. 17, between Salem
and Independence, contained aoout
$25. Reward. Return to Journal of
fice. 1-23
STRAYED One dark colored Jersey
eow with short, stubby horns. Ed L.
Townsend, 470 8 Winter St. Phone
2401J. 1-27
FOR RENT Very reasonable, rooming
house, close in, newly painted. Rent
reasonable. Address Box 116, Sulem,
Or. 1-28
WANTED Stationary engine twenty
five or thirty h. p., preferably cen
ter crank; also man to take contract
logging, horse proposition, small
mill. Write Blodgctt & Matlock Lbr.
Co., Dalias, Or. 1-27
WIDOW amd maiden worth over $50,
000 anxious to marry honorable gen
tlemen. Write, Mrs. Warn, 2216
Temple, Los Angeles, Cal.
FOR SALE 182 acre river bottom
farm, 90 acres cultivated, balance
timber and pasture, 50 acres of hops,
two hop houses, tarn three houses.
Price $21,000. W. H. Grabenhorst ft
Co., 275 State street.
FOR SALE Good 5 room modem
house located on paved street, east
front, good soil, price $1350. $200
down, balance monthly payments. Ad
dress M care Journal. "i-25
SALEM Automobile Co, reports the
sale of the following new cars, siace
December 1st: '. ,
R. Patterson, Gervais, 490 Chevrolet
John Fisher, Salem, 490 Chevrolet
touring. 'r
G. H. Wood, Independence, 490 Chev
rolet touring.
Allen Brothers, Silverton, 490 Chev
rolet touring..
Max Solof, Salem, 490 Chevrolet
itouring, ' ' 4 t: , !
H. 8. Butz, Dallas, 490 Chevrolet
H. 8. Butz, Dallas, 490 Chevrolet
C. J. Shreeve, Dallas, Chevrolet Baby
Rice Cook, Dallas, 490 Chevrolet
John Haines, Salem, 490 Chevrolet
Schmidt Bros., Mt. Angel, 490 Chev
rolet touring.
C. J. Shreve, Dallas, 490 Chevrolet
touring ; x
H. A. Covey, Salem, 6-39 Scripps
Booth touring.
J. W. Berkey, Woodburn. 490 Chev
rolet touring
J. W. BeTkey, Woodburn, 490 Chev
rolet touring
J. W. Berkey, Woodburn, 490 'Chev
rolet touring
J. W. BeTkey, Woodburn, 490 Chev
rolet touring
Schmidt Bros., Mt. Angel, 490 Chev
rolet touring
Sehmidt Bros., Mt. Angel, 490 Chev
rolet touring
C. J. Shreeve, Dallas, 490 Chevrolet
E. C TUus, Stayton, 490 Chevrolet
touriaj ' ::4i!il!!!3
Allen Brothers, Silverton, 490 Chev
rolet touring
E. C. Titus, Stayton, 490 Chevrolet
touring .
E. C. Titus, Stayton, 490 Chevrolet
C. J. Latham, Salem, 490 Chevrolet
G. Covey, Salem, 6-39 Scripps Booth,
WE are to have an appraisement of
all farm loan applications on hand at
once by a federal land bank apprais
er. Farmers desiring federal farm
loans should file their applications
immediately. Interest 5 per eent
34 years time. A. V. tfohrnsteat, wi
Masonic Temple, Salem, Or. 1-31
We bay and sell all kinds of
used autos. If you want me to
ell your car bring it in. Ill
seQ it for you.
We have the following:
One BtTCK. 5 passenger, 4
tylinder; new tires' good me
chanical condition. Price $325.
Campbell's Auto Exchange
229 State Street
The "Move On Cop" has gone through our stock of Ladies' and Children's "MUNSING WEAR," putting on
"SPECIAL TABLES" all broken and Discontinued Lines.
Here Is Your Big Opportunity
Discounting "MUNSING WEAR" Is the Same as buying $10.00 goldpieces for $7.50. A full. description is
too much for this space. Suffice to say the lines are COTTON, SILK and WOOL and ALL WOOL
$2.00 Garments, "Move
$2.50 Garments, "Move
$3.00 Garments, "Move
Value is the real test
of business. We certain
ly are. strong on value.
MARK" if lonely; for results, try me;
best and most successful "Home
Maker"; hundreds rich wish siar
ri&gtt isoon; strictly confidential;
asset reliable; years experience; de
aariptiops free. "The Successful
Gtub," Mrs. Purdie, Box 956, Oak
laid, Chi.
FOB SALE If you are looking for a
good home with five lots, bearing
fruit trees, berry bushes, barn,
chicken house, close to car and school
house, here is your chance at a real
bargain; liberty bond or cows ac
cepted as part payment. See owner
2015 N. Commercial t, 1-28
FOR SALE-r-160 acrekm, all. in cul
tivation and in crop, good road, good
sot of modern buildings; if you are
. looking for a first "class farm, in
vestigate this. Price $160 per acre.
W. H. .Grabenhorst Co., 275 State
I OAN loan for you $1500 at 7 per
cent on good security. I have sever
al small tracts and several farm
for exchange at bargains. 136 acres
for sale cheap. Have $1000 mortgage
and some cash to trade for Sulcm
residence. John H. Scott, 404 Hub
bard bldg. ... 1 23
BABY CHICKS (Place your order now
for March delivery on ijegnorns,
Reds, Barred Rocks, White Rocks,
Anconas, Black Minorca. Strong,
sturdy livable chicks. Egg producer.
The kind that "lay and Pay,"
hatched from mature, well mated
thoroughbred stock, and at prices
you can afford to pay. Write today.
C. N. Needhum, Box 412, Salem, Or.
J. W. Parker, proprietor of the 8a-lem-Silverton
stago, has no knowlcdgo
of what the word "quit" means and
he has bad experiences since estab
lishing the stage line between Salem
and Silverton that would put the old
time stago coach driver to. grief and
discouragement, but ho is always on
the job and nearly always on. time. ,
' Tuesday night on the return trip
from tialem, he was forced to go by
way of the upper road from Central
Howell to Silverton on account of wa
ter over the road at the Pudding river
bridge. When wfthin a few miles of
town the car went down deep in, the
mud. He managed to get out, however,
and reached town about two hours late
wearing that perpetual smile. Silver
ton Tribune.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has been duly appointed ad
ministratrix of the estate of Arthur L.
Whitcman, deceased, by the county,
court of Marion county and state of
Oregon, and has qualified. All persons
having claims against the said estate
are hereby notified to present same,
duly verified, together with the proper
vouchers therefor, to the undersigned
at the office of 8. M. Endieott, Salem,
Oregon, in said county of Marion, with
in six months from the date of this
Date of first publication, this 24th
day of January, 1919.
Administratrix of the estate of Ar
thur L. Whiteman, deceased. 2-21
The Journal Job Department
will print you anything in ths
stationery line do it right and
uve you real money. .
On" Price .....$1.35
On" Price ...$1.67
On" Price. ........$2.00
You can always do better at
Proposed Bill Would
Solve lime Problem
If the-bill introduced by Represent-'
ative Lafferty of CorvaHis hecomes a
law, the farmer can buy time of the
state lime board in 50, or 100 pound
sacks from his eounty court, instead of
buying in car load lots f ron the otato
lime plant.
The bill provides that when 50 or
more owners of cultivated1 lbnd present
to a county court a petition, the court
shall keep on hand an adequate supply
of limo from the state lime plant. The
lime is to be stored in a convenient
place and the court is authorized to
sell at actual cost, to include cost of
storing and advertising.
Mr. Lafferty fcclg thifl will solve the
problem for the farmers who do not
care to order in car load lots as the
present law requires. The 3nw requires
that the business be done on a cash ba
sis, payublo ia advance, sometimes sev
eral week before the car lot of lime
is delivered.
With a supply in each county Mnd1
the privilege in buying in 50 or 100
pound lots, it i thought that not only
will the lime busino be largely in
creased, but that the law will help to
solve some of the difficulties now fac
ed by the state lime board plant. A bill
may be introduced later to permit the
state lime board to do business in o
business like way iiw'tead of compelling
it to sell only in ear load lots in ad
vance. The lime board would like the
privilege of not only selling to whole
sale houses dn tho state, but even out
side the state and the privilege of con
ducting its affairs in the manner or
any phint with $30,000 invested.
May Have Legislation
Rid State Of Noxious Weeds
Should a bill proposed by Represent
ative WJieder of Lane eounty become
a law, tac.n county court 4n we siaie
will bo authorized to appoint a suit
able person to ascertain whethpr any
thistles, coeklebur or silver salt bush
is growing before blooming time in the
county for which he is appointed.
It such are found, the owner of the
Hand is to be notified in writing invit
ing him to rid bi place of the objec
tionable and dangerous weed. And if
such is not done within ten days aft-r
the notice, the court wvl have author
ity to go on the land, remove the weed
and tax the. expense to the land. This
expense will serve as a lien against
the property.
joint Committee Will
Look Into Dairy Question
To investigate the cont of production
of milk and 'butter fat the senate adopt
ed a resolution that two memners from
the senate and three from the house he
appointed. The matter came before the
attention of the house yesterday and
was referred to the committee on res
olutions. The Oregon Agricultural college is
greatly concerned over the dairy inter
ests of the state, claiming that it has
statistics showing that 50,000 animals
had been slaughtered the past year be
cause the priee received for milk was
It is alleged that the Portland in
terests are rather working against the
dairy interests of the valley as recent
ly after investigating milk prices and
cost of production, the Portland com
mittee refused to recommend that the
retail price be raised.
3 s:
11 vAvia
in rrii Mi m
$3.50 Garments, "Move On"
$4.00 Garments, "Move On"
$5.00 Garments, "Move .On"
Hence to get at the real cost of pro
ducing milk and buttcrfat, it is prob
able that the joint committee -win soon
begin sessions. In this committoe, the
senate will be represented by Senator
l"ierce of La Grande and Weaator Pat
terson of Polk eounty,
Competitive Bidding M
Passes Representatives
Representative Gallagher, elected to
represent Harney and Malheur coun
ties, was not backward yesterday speak
ing in defense of his bill making it a
crime to prevent competitive bidding
in whotesuile stock markets.
"We ship our stock into Portland
where tho buyers have a close corpo
ration," Mr. Gallagher aid. "They
have a system by which the buyers will
not bid against each other. First one,
buyer offers a certain sum for a car
loud and tho others will not bid. Then
for the next carload, another buyer of
fers a prico and there is no second of
fer. It is to prevent just such combi
nations that tho bill is Offered."
The stock yard interests were evi
dently not alarmed as to what the hill
would do to them, as there was no pro
test from any interest and the bill was
passed unanimously.
House, Without Opposition
Passes Language Bill
When Representative Dodd of Uma
tilla county was doing active work for
the several 'liberty loan drives, he ran
up agiaiinst many things that convinc
ed him it would be best for this, coun
try if teachers in both private and
public schools were required to do their
teaching in the English language.
His information told him that in the
United States the German government
fostered 190 schoolg in which omly the
Oerman language wa spoken.
As many new communities woald be
established in the state withiu a few
years, he felt they should be utorted
right and that the right thing in a
school wus the English language.
Mr. Dodd did not Object to the teach
ing of German or any foreign lan
guage and was willing to grant that
foreign languages might bo taught in
a foreign tongue. But when not teach
ing a foreign language, the teacher
should talk English. The bill passed
the house unanimously.
Lewis Everett Grazer died at his
home here January 15, 1919, at the age
of 56 years 6 months 22 days. Burial
took plnco at Csnby Friday, January
17, at tho Zion cemetery, Rev. Launcr
of Canby conducting the burial serv
ices. He is survived by his widow, Eliz
abeth Grazer, and three sons, Leslie
Grazer of the 216th U. 8. engineers at
Camp Kearney; Walter G razor and Guy
Grazer, of Aurora; ard three daugh
ters, Frances, Lorraine and Eva, nf this
place; and two brothi :s, Henry Grazer
snd Sylvester Graz' r, both of whom
live ia Oregon; nn" three sisters, Mrs.
A. W. Parker of Warsaw, Wisconsin,
Mrs. Adeline Wiil'g of Arizona, Mrs.
Henrietta Wilh 1m of Bremerton,
Mr. Grazer w:. born June 23, 1862, at
North Vamhill, Or. He attended tho
common schools and the academy at
LaFayette, and later the University of
Oregon. October 3, 1895, he was mar
ried to Miss Elizabeth Roth at Canity
and lived in this section until his death
last week. Ho was a member of Ncsv
muk eamp, CGI, W. O. W. of this city,
4 tiH
Price $2.35
Price $2.67
Price $3.35
We were leaders 40
years ago, and have re
tained our position ever
which conducted their last rites over
the grave of their brother Woodman.
The bereaved family have the sincere,
sympathy of many friends here aud-rtt
Oanby, Aurora. Observer.
The annual meeting of the Canby Co
operative Cheese end Produce Co., now
engaged in tho creamery business, last
week resulted in the election of a prac
tice Uy new sot of directors and offi
cers. Charles Kraxborger presided in
tho absence nf the officers, and the fol
lowing directors were chosen:
One year term, Trans Kraxberger,
William" Be nao ii and Wilttiim Buuhe;
two yeol- term, Charles Kraxberger sad
Albin Ericksou. Immediately follow
ing the stockholders meeting, the di
rectors convened and elected Fiana
Kraxberger, president of the associa
tion; A. Erickson, vice-president; WIW
Hum Bocson, secretary treasurer, and
Hurry Shorwood, manager.
The now. management is a return to
office of tho officials who made a big
success of tho enterprise, but who have
been out of control for two years. Tho
company is said to have been running
behind heavily recently as high ts $25tl
por month, and that the number of pa
trons has fallen from 140 or 150 to 30.
Hence it Is seen that new management
will havo no snap if it succocds in re
storing the business to a paying con
dition. Aurora Observer.
New Director Of Air-Craft
1 4
J 1 ;,,
Colonel James A. Attars, new Di
rector of aircraft production, whose
appointment Is In Una with ths plan
of appointing; regular army officers
to such positions.
The Journal classified ads ar
great favorites with people who
do things Try on
)t 3C lc )((