Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, January 24, 1919, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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A parent troubled over a child or a fast-growing
youth, could do no better than to utilize the
definite help that
affords as a strengthening and nourishing factor.
A very little of Scott's every day, during a time
of stress, furnishes elements of nourishment essential
to the blood and tends to confirm a growing child
in robustness. For your boy or girl, you will not
be satisfied with anything short of Scott's. '
Scott &BowM.BUm6eld. N.J. J8-2J
Alleged That War Prices Pre
vailed Long Before Cain
Had His Little War.
(By United Press.)
Torlieran, Persia, Jan. 2. (By Mail.)
Tli ir; old town claims (lie distinction
of l;i:vi.ig invented 1 he High Cost of
It is alleged thut war prices for food
i! ':)!
Simp should be us d very carefully,
if you want-to ke.: your hair looking j
its best. -Most soaps and prepared shs.-n-1
fn us contaiii too niucii union, 'i lint j
'dries the sou'.p, make tho hair brittle,
ruins it.
The best, thing for steady u.io is just,
ordinary niulsif ied cocoiinut oil( which
is pure and greas.'le-.w), nhd in betti'r
than the most expensive tonp or nay
tiling else you can use.
One or Jvo tcaspoonfulg will cleanse
' idio hair and scalp thoroughly. Himply
moisten the huir with water and rub it
a. It makes an abundance of rich,
creamy lallior, which rinses out easiiy.
amoving every particle of dust, dirt,
'dandruff and excessive oil. Tho hair
ilricg quickly and evenly, and it leaves
t'ho wtilp oft, and the hair fino and
silky, blight, lustrous, fluffy and oasy
Io manage.
"Vou cnu get iniilsifietl eocoanut oil
l any pharmacy, it's very cheap, and
n few ounce ivi'il supply every member
of the family for months.
Congress Accepts Allied
Washington, Jan 23,-Congress today 'vontlMllthI ehu,f fr tho
accepted with favor the allied plan for J""" folonn and interest were bo h
baling with Kiissla as suggested by r"rn!s,,e'1 "P,0" '?001 rea80n ? tho
President Wilson. The general feeling nu"n 'l011'11'? ln.9 '"""n as ready as
,.,., ,. , , .Tithe American butcher with that patri
V.Y.B that a si art hus now boon made to
ward a solution f the Ilussiiiii prob
leiii. One criticism Hint should bo voiced
of th.5 plan, Senator Hiram Johnson,
C ifoniiii, said, is Ihut it does not tell
tli, American people how long Ameri
can Mildiers are to remain in Siberia.
"I want these American boys
brought homo at once. What a sad
coi iuientary it is to trend in ono column
of our newspapers toduy of our grout
lovo for the Russians aud in tho next
how we aro shooting them to pioe.es,"
ho said,
.France lias poured out blood and
treasure to tho breaking point to make
the world safe for democracy. Amuri-
owes her an enormous dob of grnt-
itude for this nnd also for a perfect
nenieiiy tor sromacii, Jiver nnd antes
Hinul trouble found by her peasant
lind used with reported marvelous re
sults in this country, Geo. H. Mnyr,
tfor many yours a prominent Chicago
lehemist, imports tho ingredients and
fell this remedy under tho name ot
Wayr' Wiundertul liemoth-. It is a
n':nip!o, harmless preparation that ro
move tho catarrhal mucus from tho
Intestinal tract and allays tho inflam
mation, wluich nis:s 'practicitly nil
kUhiuicIi, liver and intestinal uiliuonts,
including appendicitis. One . (Ids'! will
voiivimo or money refunded. J. C. Per
ry, Capital Drug Store, and druggists
of Oregon do so much
of the buying for Oregon
homes, the responsibility for
this movement for a "Great
er Oregon" rests with them
in a very large way.
The degree of our success
will depend on the extent
to which Oregon's women
WILL use home products,
prevailed here before Cain delivered
the first smashing blow to his Hunniah
surprise uttack upon that noted neutral
Abel. It must be true, for there is no
other way of explaining the butter. But
ter that must linvc been hoarded away
in somebody's cellar back in those days
of tno beginning of things, is selling
here now for $1.2.3 per pounds It would
tint exactly pass muster out in Iowa ns
"Hi icily fresh."
j-ioui, "Made la Persia," is selling
for to5 a barrel, vet some stoics, byjoges should be extended in order that
means of mystic figuring, manage, to !
sell Persian brond for 20 cents a pound, j
Coal soils for .oO a ton, though it is a
iccal product,- being" transported from
mines on'.v 50 or 75 miles awnv. Don-
keys furnish the transport. It i not
know,., iv lint, the cnnl is nscrl fur Pnr.
haps it, is burned in tho temples in-1
sicil nf iii.i.ii.i. H,rn ,.ti,;
iou good for the good old Persian God.
Sugar $1 Pound. .
Ruga, brings $1 per pound, so taffy
-,,,n:.,,v .,.,,.ii,0 .,..f ,.....,1. 1.....1
much iiiduleod
in. fairly good coffee may be bought
i. . " , i , a i ,.- i
lor '.h0 a pound, and tea for l.bo '
Ll r " ""u l ur, "'UJ;
''"" ' ""f- .lro'1', ",
'rft "",v 1,0 lmldc! J.he ;1 nt ")0
' inexcusable luxury a ivwnv, brings nnv-
ruing tno niercnant can .get, imniy sines u,lle tcchcr. From hiu labor standpoint,
ut. l ami move per ealce neiK .mao to,lle Vi.Ra uot in fllvor uf lhi, hno,bcry
fouigners ivho iningine they have . to!(nnt gt,a with a coilwro education and
havoKonp. A fairly good pair of shoes ,,iinl such should no!, bo imposed on
ir.a.v. uc nan lur in-.i. .. :
It' still is possible to exist, pretty
cheaply if one has no objection to a
constant diet of chicken and eggs.
Chickens nro produced locally la great
quantities, and nlmost every city dwell
er has Imb own feathered flock so chick
ens may be had in the market for 80
cents ouch, and cgija for cents a
down. Sheep, too, nro plentiful and
city broke, so mutton may be bought
for 25 cents a pound. The sheep-pro-
ducing rural folk find that it would
tnkn their whole flocks to bnv shoes
tor the family, so they go shoeless aud
feast on mutton from su:t to sun. The
batter is .too much revered (or its ago
and power to bo eaten by the proliter
iat. ,
Not Much Transportation.
Transportation facilities aro scarcely
Ideal here, and this always has beon
otic slogan. "It's on account of the
wnr, yon know." The Persian, too,
Oiareg with his American brethren
that painful and embarassin? hesitancy
to change suddo "ly to. "On account of
the peace, j-ou know," and compromises
bv snviib' nolhing except that it Is ter
rible about tho bolsheviki and tho dry
Kvorvthintr is carried long distances
on doukeybnek or by camel. An auto
niobilo i tho streets of Teheran at
tracts as much attention n would a
enmol tram oiwrntiner on a New York
or Chicago elevated line.
Persia once produced almost ns many
Persian vugs ns Hobnken, N. J., but the
war nlmost swept, away tho markets for
flies" luxuries. Hence, the prob'onj of
nnenmlnvnient has entered into the
n'" v,f. of Teheran. Onnq were bad
Inst season. Americans, including the
mislnnaries. have been active in dis-
tributlntr relief, br means of funds eol-
hitcod in America,
O. V. Bows, son of Wm Th., nnd
of Sonorn Bnggs, was bora Jan. 4, 18(7,
at Sonoma county, Cal., at Petaluma,
ns the' first white male chill born un
der tho American flag, in that state,
and died .Tan. 2:1, ltll, at Salon., Or.j
Mr. Hoggs was a graiulwu of Gov. j
Roggs of Missouri and territorial gov-j
oraor of California. His life was very
excitable, having been identified with
tho early Calif irniu of pioneer times.
At one tinio a measure was before the
California legislature to present hinij
with 700 acr's of land and passed the j
legislature, but was vetoed by Gov. j
Hayes ns special legislation.
In Petnlumu there sti!l can bo s.'eii
his crad'o, as a piece of curiosity. His
scrap book makes very interesting
r ailing. Mr. Hogon had nt ono time
studied law at Berkeley, but he never
was ab'o to, roach financial .iii.lepind
ence. Ha was liked because ot his jo
vial disi'ositioit. At ono time of his
life hA was n-isociat"d with newspater
business, aud prominent as a democrat.
Ho leaves four 'brothers, l.ilburn W.
Boogs, gusanville, Cn!., Angus M. liogrs
Uikopcrt. ifal , Prof. Jefferson l.
Hoggs, McUloud, Cal., Will 8. Boffga,
I ekele Cal." He leave, three ehildr' n,
Mrs. A. C. Tiiruenue, McCoy, Or., L. M.
Boas. Oakland, al, Ruth Bogus. Port-
land, Or. Ho is survived by his bireuv-
"d wife, Mrs. G. V. Boggs.
The body i at the Kigdon undertak-
ing parlors and ltev. Jacob Ktock 'r,
his pasio-, will have cluiiyo of tho
rvices. Mr. Boe's was n faithful mem
Vr of the Evangelical nsso'iation. The
funeral will be from
Uigdon's at 2 p.
rment will be in
m. tomorrow, and interment
City Viow cemetery
iaris, Jan. 24 President and Mrs.
Wilson cntertui ed American enlist-d
en at tea in tho Murat palace this
,fternooa . .
Representatives Opposed To
Grade Teachers Wi&eut
Normal Certificate.
Whether or not graduates of univer
sities and colleges from any part of the
Imted States should be permitted to
come to Oregon and teach in the traded
schools was discussed for an hour this
morning by the House and it was fin
ally decided that they should not.
As the law now stauds a graduate of
any recognized college or University
in any part of the country may come
to uregon ana on presentation of their
diploma, be issued a certificate to
teach in a high school.
And after teaching successfully for
six months, upon application to the
county superintendent and upon hia
recommendation, the teacher without an
examination, is to bo given a five years
certificate to teach in the high schools.
And af.er 30 mouths of teaching, to
be given a lite certificate io teach in
high schools,
The law proposed that such privil
tht? college graduate might teach also
in the graded schools.
This brought out the big question as
' whether a normal school training
should bo required of teaeliew ii
and by their vote, members of
the House favored the normal school
tini nirr for grade teachers,
Uross of Oregon City favored
""' '.uul'8. 01 ?"i to
'", ,l('g or University graduate.
1 , . A Y " T
-n .. ... ...b.
"'V" m"imHl , '? S'.a.dl"lt?s
with no normal training teaching in
, ,.,,, . . fc
the graded schools.
Smith of Multnomah, the labor dele-
gate, says the scarcity of teachers was
ull0 t0 ,ft fu(.t tna( u Jl0(l Clin.ler got
a lot more money than a college grad-
our school children " ...
Mrs,- Alexander Thompson was op
posed . tii turning in caliche graduates,
with no knowledge of the technic of
teaching, on the lower grades. Such a
law she thought would induce many
graduates from tho eastern colleges to
come to Oregon and teach without any
normal training.
From tho standpoint of tho House,
the collego graduate wilt bo welcome
to teach in Oregon but only- in the
high school. If ono wishes to teach in
tne graiies, a special normal training
is necessary.
An inventory ond appraisement was
filed in tho esi'ato of John Aide, de
ceased. An order was issued appointing T B.
Decker and 1'. E. Cnllister as joint
administrators in Hio eslato of ' Karl
Wood, deceased, instate valued at about
A petition was filed asking for au
thority to soil certain real property
in the estate of Alary McCloary, do
ceased. An amended judgment was entered
in the easo of Frank M. Ford vs Rich-
nrd SwurU, actioa for money,
A marriage license was issued to
Adam Vnehter and Sabina l?entz, both
of Oervnis.
Wilininirton. Pel.. Jan. 24. John A.
Newell, no, former famous baseball
8.,r) ,1,1 f nppoplexy nt his home hero
t,i v Tr ..tuvml with ti, nnld Tlnlti.
more Orioles, the St. Louis Nationals,
I Hartford, Coan., nnd a number of west
ern (Vnins,
uo was a prosperous contractor at I
tho of )lU
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound Restored Her
to Health.
Terth Amboy, N.J. "For threo
years 1 guttered with a severe female
trouble, was ner
vous, had backaefcj
and a pain in my side
most of tho time. I
had dizzy spells nnd
was often so faint I
could not walk across
the floor. The doc
tor said I would have
to have an operation.
I read about Ljuia
E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound in
my newspaper, end
ri,H it-. Now I rm hotter, f.'fil atronc.
havo no pain9( backache or dizzy spells.
Every one tells me how well Hook, and
1 tell them to use Lydia E. Finkham's
Vegetable Compound, that is what
mokes me feel well and look well. I
recommended it to my sister and sha
i9 Using it now. Youcan use tliia letter
if you wish, for it is certainly a grand
remedy for a woman'i ills. ' Mrs.
Perth Amboy, N.J.
For forty years Lydia E. Pinlcham'g
ing such serious conditions ns displace-1
menu, inflammation, ulceration, irreg-
ularities, periodic pains, backache, dis-
ness, and nervous prostration of
Y0!"' "1 T!!!..., " 8n"
dard remedy for such ailment.
Soviet Basis Doubtless Will
Prevail Although Other
Factions Are Strong.
By J. W. T. Mason
(Written for the United Pres)
New York, Jan. 23. A compromise
agreement iby four Russian factions
alone is necessary to ensure the suc
cess of tho allies ' plan for calling the
Russians to a general conference on
Princes Islands in the Sea of Marmora.
Since tho bolsheviki are now the act
ual governing body of Russia their au
thority will be greater than any oth
ers at the meeting. But three groups
exist in Russia whose influence must
be admitted by bolsheviki before a
condition of domestic stability can be
assured They are the mensheviki, who
represent the compromise element
among the extremists; the social revo
lutionaries who support the Korensky
program and tho constitutional demo
crats, known as the cadets who repre
sent the liberal intellectuals.
The factiong have engaged in con
stant conflict since the Russian revo
lution began, but they have all made
valuable contributions to tho success
ful overthrow of Romanoff tyranny.
Tho cadets started the revolution undJ
S'avo Russia itg first free government, j
tno social rcvLlutionarieg carried the
movement : ill further and the bolshe
viki and tin mensheviki between them
worked out tho people of local govern
ment by tho Soviets.
The boJsbeviki primarily will have
to abandon their chits warfare in or
der to reach a common understanding
with tho other groups. Recent events
in Germany and the responsibility of
power felt by Leuine have lately fore
cast the inevitable recognition of this
fact by the bolsheviki l.adcrs. Hon
esty in meeting financial obligations
will cj'so have to be cdmittcd by the
bolsheviki.- A third piinciple thfcy can
not escape is the recognition of nation
al elections as the final arbiter in do-
nipstic disputes. 'The bolsheviki have
boon reluctant to test their popularity
at tho polLs but the (Wegates to the
Marmora conference will have to agree
to this fundamental principle of the
democracies of the western world.
When that is done tho foundations of
a new freedom will have been created,
ia Russia. The societ basis of govern-
ment doubtless will prevail but a Bus-i.,
sian citizen will not thereafter become
an outcast just because ho is educated,
Thenceforth Russia can take her right
ful place in the society ot nations.
Almost as sooa as said w!tK
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ycar-o! i family remedy relieves coughs,
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vhat has kept Its popularity on the
Eacreass year by year.
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coughing ooella never loses friends. It
docs q;uc!;ly and pleasantly what it ia
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ating the bowel-clogginess. 25c.
(Continued from pngo one)
issued by Herbert Hoover yesterduy
In addition to tho official statement
in response to Senator Borah's charges
that the $100,000,000 was decided upon
ueturo Hoover came to Europe, Howcr
mn-dc a supplementary statement to the
United Press today.
"Immediately on Bigaing tho nrmis
tico it wns evident that, with evacua
tion by the Germans of tho devastated
areas, tho starving populations of those
territories would appeal to the United
States" for t id,"' said Hoover.
"Repeatedly I stated in public. and
in private that they would need finan
cial assistance to buy food from the
United States until the next harvest.
As a result of the appeals t0 him, tho
president requested 1110 to go to Europe
for no other purpose than to investi
gate the situ; tiou and organizo such
help lis we could give in co-operation
with the allied governments. This or
ganization has been effected and wher
ever it could legally or charitably give
,.. ,,nc .....
"A aiiimtin,, i,.. t, I
where further legislation is necessary'00"? Children simply will not
before anything ca be done and the ake ,time. .frora em tu.ei7
president has asked congress for a def-!bowfIs' .wh,ch become cloggen up with
initc appropriation to assist tho liber- aste, liver gets sluggish, stomach sour
uted territories in the prevention of
s'-rr.tinn- .i ..,.!, m
s,. nation and anarchy.'
(Continued from page one)
by court order.
. ,. , .,.. ,, i
An appropriation of $10,000 for the
construction of nn armory r.t Silverton
is provided for in. a bill introduced to-
uay oy nenator i-aclinuina. ino appro-
printion is conditioned upon tho city
of Silverton paying one-third of the
! eoJ 'm annory and donating the
Sen-tor Pierce introduced a bill pro-
viding for aa additional lew of one
mill on all tnxablo property In the state
fi,r Highway eo-strurtion. The money
WoU,(l ea the 8tnt0 road fuml- 'fhc
b,n CRrries E. provision that it aiu;t
1 jrA fti'tti Mil i "' mm 11 nnn
I . , ir-i r iimOn,!!- lynijiiiin -an iiinninin.mil- -...inniiiuf m , 1-. " r
f EBiiL V'' ' the same fine-
Ham, Bacon, Lard
every time you buy 'it. The sarae unvarying quality. Try frag
rant, fine-flavored Columbia Brand Ham and Bacon for break
fast and other meals. They satisfy the apeptite every time.
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Roth Grocery Company
r 1 r1 f 1 rr ' 11 ' ' "" 1 11 vi mirim nrmfrnr" 1 1 1 ' '-tttttti r Trr 1 tt
first bo submitted to a voto of the peo
ple. Number of Bills Passed.
A bunch of bills were passed by the
.. fniW , t,,m v Hnn.
i!...ii,' 1 -n 1, ..,: i,
r,". 71 T1, l
Ibaimu VI 11U1IIU llUIU, WHICH will uu
under the authority of tho county slier-
ifis, except when they volunteer for
duty in some other than their homo
county, in which event they will bo
under tho authority of the governor.
ino opposition was shown to tho bill,
Senator Howell explaining its pro
visions nnd Senator Farrell pointing
out that it would impose no cost upon
tho sti.tc, as the expense is mot by the
Senate bill 64, introduced y roads
and highways coinmittoo, was passed.
It gives the state highway commission
or county commissioners authority,
when n condemnation suit is instituted
to obti.in land for a highway, to im
mediately take possession of the land,
instead of being required to await the
determination of the suit.
Tho bill also provides that if the
owner of tho land cannot bo located in
the iitute, tho highway commission or
coualy commissioners may begin con
demnation proceedings without being
recpaiicd to make an effort with tho
ownor to agree on the value of the
Another bill pessed, being sennte bill
36, increases tho amount allowed sher
iffs for boarding county prisoners from
$3 to $4.50 a week. This amount ap
plies to nrisoners in excess of four.
The bill does not apply to Multnomah
All stato aid to tho state industrial
accident commission is' eliminated by
g'.matc bill 61, which was passed by the
sonato today,
Other bills were passed by the sen-
ato today as follows:
8. B. 32 By Eberhard Relating to
the time when q judge may issue nn
''California Syrup Of Figs''
Can't Harm Tender Stom
ach Or Bowe!s.
A laxative today saves a sick child
lf ' ' , m "
coated, or your child is listless, cross,
Wish, breath bad, restless doesn't
eat heartily, full of eold or has sore
threat or any other children's ailment,
give a teaspoonful of "California jiyr
up of Figs," then don't worry, because
in a few hours all this constipation
l poison, sour bile and fermenting waBte
poison, sour bile and fermenting waBte
'; , f , 4V i.i.
? -I
.,in'' A tKnmnal. inI;,t ;i,.,.;.
!, ,;,. n ,.
Stt0uld be the first treatment givea
j ny gickness.
Beware of counterfeit fig svrnps.
Ask vour druggist for a bottle of
'California Svrup of Figs, 'i which
has full directions for babies children
of all ages and for grown ups plainly
printed on the bottle. Look earefullv
an(J 8M V tho "Cali-
fornia Fig Syrup Company."
order confirming a salo under execu
tion. S. B. G By Xorblad Relating to
when a defendant may plead a counter
claim against the plaintiff.
S. B. 2i, By Jones Opening the sea
son for salmon fishing i the Siuslaw
river and its tributaries from May 15
to July 15.
S. B. 30 By Eddy Relating to at
torney 's fees allowed in action on wage,
S. B. 42 By Eddy Providing that)
municipalities may 0111 in property
against which they havo liens and
which is being sold for delinquent
S. B. 40 By Baldwin Providing
that drainage districts shall have auth
ority to construct irrigation works.
H. B. 138 By ways and means com
mittee Appropriating $25,000 as &,
part of the current expenses of the leg
islative assembly.
Hurley Causes Smiles.
At the session yosterday afternoon,
Senator Hurley caused a ripplo oil
laughter in tho senate by introducing!
a resolution which provides that all
newspapermen and lobbyists about tha
legislature should be raquired to wear
flu masks which have not less than
five thicknesses of gauze. In addition,
tho resolution spocifios that C. C.
Chapmen, of the Oregon Voter should
wear high top boots.
Senator Huston moved to include in
the resolution the names of Senator Or-j
to:i and Representative Sheldon, while
Sonntor Diiniek pointed out that, if this'
were dono-tlio resolution should be ro-
f erred to T. Paer, tho creation of Ralph :
Watson, who lies characterized Orton!
and Sheldon as the talking twins,
The resolution waa referred to the
committeo on medicine.
The senato passed houso joint memor
ial No. 1, by Jones, which urges the
government to issuo patents tn tho
Indian lands in tlio Siletz reservation
As a matter of economy you
should consult the Journal's
Job Department before placing
your printing--we are satisfying
Salem's leading firms put us
on your calling list. Phone 81
so tho lands may bo placed on tho tax
rolls, and also passed houso joint me
morial Xo. 4, by Dodd, which urges tho
Oregon delegation in congress to use
their influence to secure an appropria
tion for tho construction of an irriga
tion project in the lower Umatilla river
b:vsin. Tho memorial also urges the
passage of the Siunolt bill appropriat
ing $1,000,000,000 for reconstruction
;:iji;ii, fjJ&'W'
li I III tu
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ugly rash -Let
heal it
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their contact with that cliti axing
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cn.'"c distracted, f r here's Ihs ve:y
thing to use Ucd:xl Ciau-.icr.l.
Physicians f ir many yeara l.i.ve pr.
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tains the same healing medication that
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