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There vtzs . 4f
Crowd m 4&
; the Store
' end thef were trying to
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off just two or three
.- squares, in-ts a
man's size chew of
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fine Growers Begin Their
Fight Against Dry Forces
' Ban Francisco, Jan- 15,-California
n ffl
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to' relieve the pains of Rheumtun;
S.-.tfio. Lame Hack and Lumbatjo s.
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ou will find almost daily uses tot
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tents. Guaranteed.
growers have taken the first stop in
what the liquor forces hope will be a
legal fight that will hold up ratification
of the JShcppard bone dry amendment
William Hchulte of tho Wine Grow
era association admitted today that tho
temporary injunction obtained yester
day, .winch prevented Governor Stepb.
eriB certifying California's favorable
vote on tho amendment, was tho first
The liquor men plan to obtain sim
ilar injunctions in each state as fast
as these states ratify the amendment.
They will appeal to tho United States
supremo court if necessary, in an at
tempt to prove their contention that
tho pooplo are a part of the state leg
islature and have a right to tho refer
endum to dctormine whether the vote
of the legislature expressed the will of
tho peoplo.
Tho second contention in the action
brought here is that the Sheppnrd
amendment did not receive the neces
sary two-thirds vote in congress and
therefore is unconstitutional
Even should tho liquor forces lose tho
fight finally, they might be able to
postpone effectiveness of the law ma
terially, Hchulte said.
CHARTER NO. 9021 ,
United States National Bank
at Salem, ia tho State of Oregon, at t ho close of business on Dec, 31, 1918.
Loans and discounts, including rediscounts, (except
. those shown in b and c) : '583,017.80 '
Total loans. .-...r...- ...$583,017.80 ' $583,017.80
Overdrafts, secured none; unsecurcL......$2,295,59 .' " ' 2,295,39
VS. Bonds deposited to secure circulation (par value 31,000.00
U. 8. Bonds and certificates of indebtedness pledged
; as collateral for state or other deposits or bills '
payable V .. ........ 15,000.00 46,000.00
Liberty loan bonds, 3. 4. and 4' per confc un-
Pledged- ....... ........ 11,199.7V
Liberty loan bonds, 3'a, 4, and VA por cent, pledged
to secure state or other deposits or bills payablo 52,500.00
Payments actually made on Liberty 4 per
cent bonds of the Fourth Liberty loan owned 63 099 76
Bonds (other than U. 8. bonds) pledged to secure' " '
postal savings deposits 29,262.50
Bonds and securities pledged as collateral for state,
or other doposits (postal excluded) or bills
payable .. 133,938.48
Securities other than U. S. bonds (not including .
stocks) owned unpledged 277 653 13
. Total bonds, securities, otc, othor than U. S........ ' ' 480 85411
Btocjt of federal reserve bank (50 per cent of ' '
Value of banking house 140,000.00
Furniture and fixtures. 13 000 00
Heal estate owned other than banking house 3905 00
lawful reserve with federal reserve bank . 9640054
tasn in vault and not amounts due from national '
banks 837 914 15
Net amounts due from bankV?Mke7sra7d'trusToora'- ' '
ChtJK nrt " v,tha.n iChl3ea in ltemS " 14 ' 15 3'170-27
Checks, on other hanks in the some city or town, as
reporting bank (othor than Item 17) 5,361.30
Total of Items 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18. 346,445.72
Checks on banks located outside of ci ty or town 0f ' .
T ! bank flnd otner casb- items 4 189 65
Eedemptmn fund with U.& Treasurer and due from .4,
U. 8. Treasuror . 1 550 00
interest earned but not collected-approximate."" " ' .
War .vS San;lBiil8 livable not past due ...j ' 14,913.71
owne7 ecrtlficatc ani Thrif stamps actually
Other assets; if"any Z ZZZZZ 31,438.16
Total . ' '
Canifoi otT . Liabilities.
BuSS JS Paid i0 ' - 100'000-00
Undivided nr;i;r 100,000.00
Circular! J " 19,610.01 19,619.01
vaneeof maturity and not earned (approxi- !
S ' 24 5737
Paninn 'tn? taiikl,i bankers, and trust com-
KuTlSl and" ST1"'6' " It0mS 31 F 32) 17'800'85
WTV55 22,374,3 . .06
a of othr rnici 'rea - 399-u0
Dividend f tMa bank " 226,689.15
CertificS It 72 3H5'38'37'38'390'41 -968,059.35
borrowed) m (otllcr than for money
. 562188.98
State of 6regoT"cm';;7r''r;7"iV " " $1,792,717.36
I, E. W Haza fl r y Marion, ss:
tt above statement t 7?' above-named 'bank, do solemnly swear that
11 trufi t0 tbe best of my knowledge and belief.
. . Cashier.
. CORRECT Attest:
D. W. EYRE, - , s
. . . ' , 'O. W. EYRE
: . II, S. PAGE,
Subscribed anil '. . Directors,
w and sworn to before me, this 14th day of January, 1919.
' W. E. KEYES,
' " . " Notary Public.
. My term expires May 1, 1921.
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aduut that interested parties in Port
land can draw highway bonding bills
in the Interest of the people "anv bet
tor Chan can the 17 lawyerg in this
senate, or the attorney general, who is
mo uegai adviser or the stato."
Senator Thomas presented a resolu
tion providing for a joint session of ihe
house and senate at 10 o'clock next
Monday morning, at which the mem
bers of the highway commission will
do invited to ibe present and present
their vdowa of needed road legislation.
"Let the highway commission come
before us and tell us of the mistakes
in the past and what we ought to do in
the future," he said. "Let us preserve
the dignity of this honorable body, and
let us do the enacting of road legisla
tion." .
The resolution was referred to a m
mittee. Seara'tor Banks introduced a propos
ed amendment to the constitution, pro
viding for compulsory voting at elec
tion. It provides that if a voter cannot
reaeh the polls on election day he may
cast his ballot by mail.
A resolution introduced by Senator
Pierce would put the legislature on
record in favor of a league of nations
of which the Ignited States -would be
member. -
Senator Eddy introduced a resolu
tion providing for the appointment of
a committee of five to consider all
measures relating to reconstruction and
care of tho returning soldiers.
consider flu Question
Tho senate received a communica
tion from Mayor Albin and a special
committee of tho city council asking
the legislators to cooperate with the
local officials in fighting the flu. The
mayor suggested that the senate Bhould
adopt regulations as to the number of
persons that may be in the lobby or in
committee rooms. The "communication !
was xeforred to the scnato committee
on medicine, pharmacy and dentistry, j
of which Senator Wood as euiurnian.
Mayor Albin advised the eenate that
on January 5, 6 and 7 there were 23
new flu cuses reported, 17 on thtj. oth,
Si on the Oth, 21 on the 10th, and 12
on the 11th. .
By unanimous vote tho senate sus
tained the governor's veto of senate
bill 242, passed Iby the 1917 session.
The bill provided for an increase in
salaries for the Hood River county of
ficials, and Senator Nichelsen of Hood
ttiver explained that the people or his
county did not want the bill to !beic.ome
a law.
Only one toil! was introduced at the
afternoon session of the senate. It waJ
presented bv Senator Hurley and pro
vides an amendmont to section five of
chapter 147, laws Of 1913, which will
give tho, county authority to rotate
personal taxes when it is ifound Iby the
county board of equalization that such
taxes have been overpaid.
Senator Hurley alsc introduced a
memorial to congress to adopt the Owy?
hee irrigation project for cojistructioq
as a part of tho reconstruction program
of the government., The project memo
es approximately 100,000 acres and Sen
ator Hurley points out that it has been
approved by the government as to its
The senate passed Senator JJimicK's
joint resolution, providing for the ap
pointment of a special committee, on
consolidations to consist of three sen
ators and three representatives. In this
connection, it can be said that the ei
timeirt among the legislators is clearly
ormosed to the sweeping program of
government upheaval proposed in the
report of the consolidation committee
appointed iby ; tho govornoT. This re
port has not een presented to me legislature.
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shoulder, back or a sprain or strain
anywhere, that's when you realize the
magic in old, honest " St. Jacobs Lini
ment" because .the moment it is ap
plied, out icorneg the pain, ache, sore
ness and siwolling. It penetrates right
into the injured muscles, nerves, liga
ments, tendons and bones, and relief
comes instantly. It not merely kills
pain, but soothes and heals the injury
so a quick recovery is effected.
Get a small trial bottle of "St.
Jacobs Liniment'' right now at any
drug store and stop suffering. Noth
ing else sets things straight so quick
ly so thoroughly. It is the only appli
cation to rub on a bad sprain, strain,
bruiso or swelling.
The Chchalis furniture factory, which
was destroyed by fire last April, will
be rebuilt by Cingrich Brothers.
The recent freeze and ' thaw have
started a slide oh Shell Rock mountain
that may. close the Columbia highway.
'" After four years' service, H. E. Abry
has been reappointed roadmaster - for
Columbia county, for the coming year.
Major V. R- Abraham" returned from
France on the George Washington and
will resume the practice of medicine
at Hood River. .
- Field Marshal von Mackensen of the
German army hag been interned in
Hungary. ; ,
A Tegular aerial service will be main
tained between Paris and London dur
ing the peace conference. -
.- v
. One million eastern brook treut eggs
have been shipped to Bend to be placed
in the hatchery there
Jacksen County Vins
BaiW Thrift Prize
Oregon Agricultural College, Corval
lis, Jan. 15, Jackson county won the
50 pruo Sn the thrift campaigu con
ducted by the children of the state in
the lust year under tho auspices of the
Oreccn Bonkers' sso'iHti,,n ti. n.
" , .uv VJO"
iron Stutp Teachers' nsxn,-;,,,;,,,, r.
" . - tin: vr-
egon department of education, the Ur.it-
ea eiaies oop.inmi,ut or agriculture and
the Oregon Agricultural college through
tho boys' una giib' club work depart
ment. Thousands cC children were in
terested in the campaign and began hab
its of thrift which are expected to mean
much to Oregon In- tho future.
The work has proved an mi..nct,.i
that the Oregon Bankers' association
will not uulv attain offer 50 in insh
tho county making tho best showing,
Dut has voted lor the printing of
pupils' record poors, 'lhe Teachers' as
sociation is lrepariiitf to publish a ta.
rort of the woik accomplished in the
last year ana fans ror luture work.
In Jackson countv 1922 schnnl phililrnn
saved and (ierosiied in banks or post
offices an average or 10 cents s- week
during the year.'
State Industrial Accident Com
mission Is Refused $880,-
en ; s n
m, , m
000 Request.
' m . , j Z.i in z. ,z
OXM 1 :;. ii. --i-fa. - i , -
t , " ,S"SWSMlJBl
I- -- ' i' ?vh nmrl
- LBdiaa. rml
1 Bt ?v;st v 'lJL.-jv-.-dn
Women of today seem to listen to every call of ditty except
the supreme one tlmt tells them to guard their health. Home
duties, church duties, war activities, and the hundred-antl-ona
calls for charitable enterprises soon lead women to overdo.
Nervousness, headaches, backaches and female troubles are tha
inevitable result.
Philadelphia, Fa, " I was very weak, al
ways tired, my back ached, and I felt sickly
most of the time, I went to a doctor and he
said I had nervous indigestion, which, added
to my weak condition, kept me worrying most
of the time and he said if I could not stop
that, I covld not get well. I heard so much
about Lydia E. I'inkbara's Vegetable Com
pound my husband wanted me to try it. I
took it for a week and felt a little better. I
kept it tip for three months, and I feel fine
and can eat anything now without distress
or nervousness. Health and happiness 7
Yes, I have both now." Mrs. J. Wobthlinb,
Zm North Taylor Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
The majority of women nowadays
overdo, thero are so many demands
upon their time and strength ; the result
is invariably a weakened, run-down
nervous condition with headaches, back
ache, irritability and depression and
soon more serious ailments develop;
Avoid them by taking in time
r.... . .A.'a. Vk ..,Jf,v..- .,if ..... ,A. .
At its first meeting 'last night, the
senate and house joint ways and means
committee tentatively cut from the
state budget $761,382, of which the big
gest item was $680,000 cut from the re
quest of the state industrial accidont
commission. This cut eliminates entire
ly state aid for the fcommisslon, which
is recommended by the governor and
not opposed by the commission.
oi tne Monmouth, normal and a sugges
tion from Mrs. . Alexander Thompson
that a law be passed providing that
graduatos of the University of Oregon
and the O. A. C. Bhall be eligible for
certificates for teaching in the graUe
school., of the state. At present they
are eligible only for certificates for
teaching in the high schools.
Referred to Sub-Committees.
The committee adopted the plan put
forward by Senator Strnyer of going
Supreme courtlibrary , requested, $16
500; allowed $15,000.
State labor commissioner, requested
$11,500; allowed $10,000.
State land board, requested $18,000;
allowed. .
Expenses of legislature, requested
$80,000; allowed,
Recommend That Former
Kaiser Be Brought To Trial
Berne, Jan. 15.---A German commission-
appointed to determine the form
er kaiser's responsibility for tho war
has officinHy recommended that he be
brought to trial, according to informa-
L ' 1 - linn runnlvfl Lam 13,-l:
The meeting brought forth criticism Oregon state library, requested $50,-' Tle r(.enmmpnflnfinn TOna It:
000; allowed $40,000.
State board of pilot commissioners,
requested $2,400; allowed.
Publication of proclamations, re
quested $500; allowed.
Rewards for arrests, requested $1200;
State highway commission, requested
$480,000; allowed.
Sealer of weights s-nd measures, re
quested $8760; allowed $8400.
State tax commission, requested $15,-
through the budget, and taking action: 0.00; allowed,
on those itoms about which they had! State board of text book commission
information, and passing the others for.ers, requested $750; allowed,
further consideration. The items for State treasurer's office, requested
the various state institutions were pass- $35,900; allowed. .. .
ed over and. sub-committees were ap- Deficiencies authorized by the state
pointed to visit the various institutions emergency board, requested $552,385;
some time before Monday. Thoso com
mittees are as follows:
Senators Straycr, Patterson and Rep
resentative Thompson State institu
tion for feeble minded and girls, indus
trial school.
Representatives Hayncs and Thomp
son imkI Senator Lachmund Stato train
ing school for boys and tuberculosis hps
Representatives Gordon and Childs
and Senator J. V. Smith penitentiary
and stato hospital, i
Senators Eberhard end nill and Rep
resentative Brand Deaf and blind
schools. ,
Following are the, items upon which
tentative action was taken last night:
. Agricultural societies, requested $94,:
000; full amount allowed.
Oregon Blue Book, requested $6,500;
allowed 1500.- '
Stato board of control, requested $13
000: allowed $15,000.
Bounty on wild animals, requested
$75,000; allowed $37,500.
Buaid of inspectors of child labor, re
quested $4600 iiii amount allowed.
Dairy and o d commissioner, request
ed 38.000 j uli amount allowed.
State council of defense, requested
$24,520; none allowed.
State teachers association, requested
$500; none allowed.
Superintendent of public instruction,
requested $17,500; allowed $15,920.
Board of higher curricula, requested
$500; full amount allowed.
Oregon Normal school, requested $98
730 . allowed $74,288.
1'lorcnce Crittenden Refuge home, re
quested $7,500; full amount allowed.
McLoughlin Memorial association, re
quested $50; allowed.
Election expenses, requested $45,000;
Executive department, requested $23
700; allowed. "
Emergency board requested $200; ab
Return of fugitives from justice, re
quested $15,000; allowed.
G. A. R., requested" $500; allowed.
Oregon stato horticultural society, re
quested $1000; not allowed.
Oregon humane siciety, requested
$2000; allowed $1000.
State industrial accident commission,
requested $680,000; not allowed.
Attorney general's office, requested
$38,920; allowed.
Circuit court judges, requested $200
000; allowed.
District attorneys, requested $138,800
combines greet
food values with
economy and
excellent flavor
No sugar
Reports from all missing prtfcinctg
confirm the election of Charles A
Sulzer, democrat, as delegate to
grcss from Alaska,
A mass meeting at Aberdeen author
ized the levying of a tax of 3 mills for
next year for road work. - -
'"The Mercurius sailed from New York
Monday with $1,500,000 worth of flour
to feed the people of Armenia and
The recommendation was presented
bv Herj Kautzpy, who was appointed
by tho 'present German government to
direct examination of documents in the
archives of the foreign office.
"Msrglnal notes in the kaiser's own
handwriting on tho most important pa
pers in the foreign office proves he was
one of toh principal war makers,"
Kautszky said. "It is necessary to
bring him before a tribunal."
New York, Jan. 15. Private Chris
Reiner, 283 Howard Btroet, Spokane,
attached to headquarter comnanv 346
field artillery, died on jboard the St.
Louis -while returninar. home. His. cas
ket, draped in a 'big American flag, army.
was carried down the gangplank by
sis sailors as an army bugler sounded
The members of the six batteries of
the 340th regiment which was lined up
on dock, stood at attention while the
casket and it guard of honor passed
iu wuirv.
Reiner's body will be shipped home.
Washington, Jan. 15. Gormauy has
failed to remove her mines from the
North sea and the Baltic sea, it was
learned in entente naval circles here
Their romoval by the Germans was
stipulated in the armistice.
Washington, Jan. 15. The war de
partment said this afternoon that the
89th and 90th divisions are Btill assing
cd to the army of occupation (in re
serve line). '
They were unintentionally omitted
trona . the. , last , divisional list of tha t
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' .V1