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January U, 1919
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Next to airplaining there is perhaps no more uncer
tain business than prophesying. Nobody can tell how a
prophecy is going to turn out; that is one reason why
there are so many prophets the hazard appeals to the
human craving for adventure.
There are all those prophecies about what the re
turning soldiers will do or will not do, and chief among
them the oft-repeated statement that the airmen will
never consent to come down to earth again, except, as
some one has said, "for sleep and gasoline."
Now comes a reporter and reports that of the first
twenty aviators interviewed m France, not one intends to
pursue aviation as a business after the war.
Of the other branches of the, armv onlv about one
fourth of those interviewed expressed the determination
to make any change in their former line of business.
This information may be a little disappointing to the
seers and pessimistic constructionists, but to the folks
ai nome it is pretty gooa news mat tne boy wno is com
ing back is the one who went away.; Broadened he will
be, sobered, no doubt; but the boy who was glad to get
nome "because he could now take his own girl to the
movies", is typical of the great majority.
, There will be those seeking change, and. changes will
be necessary, but tar more necessary is the plain, normal,
practical common-sense in the same old every-day rou
tine. If everybody holds steadily to that, "whether there
be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues
they shall cease."
The boys as a mass will come back to their families
and go to work as usual.
sible during incarceration. A law grant
ing me prison authorities a free band
to dispone of any commodities that may
be produced advantageously by the
prisoners would undoubtedy tend to
ward economy and lower upkeep, as well
as toward a better morale among the
The present highway code is ffivinir
admirable results under the direction
of a nonsalaricd commission composed
of three men characterizing the highest
type of citizenship and business ability.
Oregon is at last following a definiiey
estabished and sane highway program
which should be accorded a full trial
without damaging interference.
With the federal, state and county
funds available for expenditure on
road work in this state, it is estimated
that employment wi be furnished for
approximately 3,800 men during the
coming season, a factor which will
weigh heavily in counterbalancing the
prospect of unemployment resulting
irom arter-tne-war conditions.
Specifically, I favor the enactment of
Consolidation talk has begun in the legislature and
it will end in the accomplishment of absolutely nothing
just as it always does. If commissions are consolidated it
might be necessary to abolish a number of offices and this
will never be done in Oregon. As it is at present there
are not enough soft political jobs to go around among
the "boys," and that is why each succeeding legislature
creates a number of new places to meet the growing demand.
In considering the bill to appropriate $100,000,000 to
feed starving populations in eastern and southern Eu
rope, some congressmen have expressed doubt as to
whether the American public would sanction such a
step, in view of the heavy war .burdens already assumed
and the prospect of another war loan in the spring.
, They need not have suffered any anxiety on that ac
count. Haying put so many billions into the war, the na
tion is willing to add a few millions to complete its war.
America has not saved Europe to let it starve.
lhe money is to be applied "outside of Germany.
Our enemies will be taken care of in due time, and they
will be expected to pay for what they get. This relief is
meant for our friends, the long-oppressed subject popu
lations of Russia, Austria and Turkey, who have no rec
ognized governments yet established, whose financial re
sources are wiped out by war, and who have neither pri
vate nor public facilities for making the necessary pur
The United States can weir afford to perform this I
service for them. If thev are ever able to Dav for the
food, very well. If not, we need not worry. It is a good SiVSyi' LlimHls.
deed, worth doing for its own sake, a piece of philan- .uniform system of road 'signs along an
tnropy m which every American may take genuine sat- 5, wo to be paid f Vom the aX
iBidtuuu. .tt.llU 11 we ivvHl lur rewaiU, Uim, lOO, Will HOI mobile registration fees. So many scri
be lacking. Nothing could make a more favorable im-!ous BCCide"t have occurred o grade
-n ' , . i i it I crossings that I felt it mieht also bo
pression in Europe at this time, when we hope to have weii for the members of this legislature
American lniiuence count so strongly for a wise and iust,to cornier the feasibility of passing
Hlnmn- , a law requiring tho drivers of both pas-
icotc Bciuciiicui. . .sengcr automobiles and motor trucks to
" bring their vehicles to a complete stop
The boats are troinc back on the river, due to the'r.." t?ck8 outside
- , i ,t ri i . . ' . . . 1 1118 uouuuuries or ciucs ana towns.
eiiorts oi the commercial dub, ana the work ot Theo-i insurance.
dore Roth, who is in charge of that particular depart- JZJT?ZZ J,-7 .
ment. These boats are needed and ought to be patronized isfaeuon and should, i believe, bo giv
by our businessmen whenever possible, since they tend to en ?r'her tim0 . wo out the varous
i" . i, , j -,r ' i i problems confronting the insurance bus-
keep freight rates down and were responsible, at least ,iness. tub now law has been th0 means
to some extent, for our securing terminal carload rates.'0 poetically doubling the income of
W V,,.1J 1 v,.h. the insurance department and I am f ur-
vc Miuuiu nave muiuttu uutfi piuvitung ueilr lacn- ther advised that a sctady increase will
ities for handling freitrht. and in this; direction Mr.ibe maintained. Some time ago a com-
Spaulding, whose company controls much of the available ttWS
river iront, WOUld gladly CO-Operate. The bOatS ShOUld lance rate.. Their report is now in my
not only be kept on the river but they should be encour
aged to the extent of making their operation profitable.
exhiht at Pouhad suould'be continued
ai it furnishes an impressive and prac
tical means of afvr Using the resources
of the state. The exhibit should, I
think, be pkced in the hands of the
Oregon land KHicment commission
with a rcusomib'c appropriation for lis
Consolidation Commission.
The appalling ravazes of Snanish in-
ASreoall.. to the instructions given'?u?nza ,!n h.iB wuntry aie perhap.
mo bv tiio 1!U7 icgijiature under Houjo , '" "3 " smiwneni rccent
Uneurrwit moiut n No. 11, a couaoli ly, df.'that mow death, have result- -duuou
commission was appointed, tie:!?. ,nJ.lltt, m " a month from '
personnel representing s. number of well 1 ZtJ "mt wnola
known business men over tho state in , , i , J- '
whom the general public has confidence 1"? JH -
Th. ,nmLi.(;n. f ft,;. u' Vur. P?atest danger now, declare
i i. . , , . v-" autnonties, is the great American ten
sion wul be eonstdcred by you in due ency to forget easily nd toTeliev.
course and it is hardly incumbent upon;thfl imril i. .., nn,.." ".k!!.
!mo to express an opinion either for or ties claim tho comi ,a weath V
against any of the legislative topics sue. i VT, ,nt ,; ... .
. . i . . " " J "ru ""S rriuiu ui lull
gested by this commission, as the report disease and .there should be ao let up
itselt is addressed , to the legislative as
tnroughout the winter months of the
following easily observed precautions,
remembering that influenza is far eas-
It will be my happy privilege to re- 'ier to prevent than cure.
The legislature has staged the usual, squabble over
economy in clerk hire. Now they will proceed to employ
everybody, who has "pull" enough to force recognition. .
Thrones and dynasties are crumbling everywhere,
but Joe Singer rules with as firm a grip as ever.
By Jane Phelps.
be handed to your committee, on insur
ance. . The wisdom of creating the fire
marshal brunch of the department has
been demonstrated by tlA good results
its workers have accomplished in re
duoing firo. losses,
i I Corporations. ,... ,
The eerporistion ubpartment also is
entiled to commendation for the suc
cessful administration of its affairs and
the economy of its maintenance. ." The
so-called blue sky law has furnished the
investing publie with reasonable protec-
' 1 T" tion against the unscrupulous promoter
.... . . ' .3 . i 1. '1.1 . . . i ' i .. . 1
itacnoi. xuey navo proved themselves BUU !" juuui, uut n. uu uoi
mon." Ruth was so happy herself, that structed the establishment and expan
sile wuutcd to say or do. something to ion of legitimate business enterprises
make overyono around her happy also. I h and Game.
Wen Bhe reached the shop hor face' with somo miuor adjustments, which
was still Hirhted un with nriile. liar vn will be recommended to you by the
sliono with her anniness. I commission itself, I believe tho present
"X must congratulate you again," lw governing the activities of the fish
Mauilel said when slw camo into his of- and Kme commission is working satis
fice Inter on, "It ig becoming quite e faotorily. In connection with the work
common occurrence. Mr. Hackett evi- ' thi. commission I desire to make two
dently doesn't let us forgot him." ispecifie recommendations. I advocate
"Thank you, and isn't it wonderfu? f the ceding of Malheur Lake ana Mud
To think ho did such a thing unaided lke, w Harney county, to the United
pert to this legislature a communica
tion from the secretary of state of the
United States certifying to 'the joint
resolution passed by the eongress of the
United States which refers to the leg
islatures of the various states the ques
tion as to whether or not there shall
be. written into the constitution of the
United States a law absolutely prohib
iting the manufacture or Bale of intox
icating liquors. I sincerely hope snd
firmly bclievo that you will, by proper
resolution, ratify this proposed amend
ment by an overwhelming if not unani
mous vote.
Industrial Arbitration.
influenza is a crowd disease. Avoid
crowds as much as possible. Influenza
germ, spread when ignorant and care- '
les9 persons sneeze or cough without
using a handkerchief. Cover up each
cough or sneeze. Do not spit on the
floor, sidewalk, in street cars or pub
lic places. Avoid the use of common
drinking cup. and roller towels is
public places. Breathe some reliable
germicidal and antiseptic air to de
stroy the germ8 that do find lodgement
in your nose and throat.
Remember, no safer Drocautio
against innuonaa could be employed :
this manner than to get from the near-
In my address to the 1917 legislature est drug etoro a completo Hyomei oufc-
I proposed that steps be taken toward I consisting of a bottle of the pure
the settlement of industrial disputes i' of Hyomei and a little vest nncknt
through the channels of arbitration and .llard rubber inhaling device, into which
I am still of the same mind. If it would drops of the oil are poured. Yoa
be eonsitutional to create a s ate boardi8'1011 earry thia inhaler about with
of conciliation and arbitration, cloth- you during the -day and each half hour
ing it with sufficient power, to settle Put lt ln Tour mouth and draw
Colonel Mercer, who keeps order in the state senate
heard Abe Lincoln speak at Gettysburg and other places.
Wonder what he really thinks about some of the gas of
fensives launched around him nowadays. .
By Wait Mason
All day the exile sits and writes, and pauses not for
food or drink; his pen goes on through weary nights; a
boy's kept busy packing ink. What occupies your gray
goose quill? What sort of themes do you select? What
are von writinrr F.xiln Hill..
: ..rr ; ;T;fr;r :."u"r .ta colored wo,.n,
varvvw jruu viuut aiivCinpi, xxw verse. UMlw not surprising, n
"Just think. Brian has tho (irnix An:
Guerre, Aunt Louisa. He is brave, and'1 don't see how ho did it. ln spite oi States government by the.stato for the
'nil rim rn ir I n f i ........... - ..I. i-iiirnnaa nr irpMTinrr u hitiiih nHin. w I
..... ...in vi U VJVIXllUUa UClIljr SUtll r
wonderful soldiers, they must have a tird refuge. I moke this recommenda-
streak of cowardice to let one man take tion bocauso I feel that Oregon, which
nine of them prisoners." contains Bomo of the most important
"Tho vellow in them is bound to breeding grounds in the United States.
come out," Mundol returned, not think- should support the federal government
ing of the Germans, but of Brian Hack- in its laudablo plan to furnish protee-
ett, und of lith. Who and what was tion t0 migratory birds.
ho to think that a woman, who belonged The plan of the fodcrol fovernment
to a mun who had shown himself so for the complete destruction of preda
brave, so much of e. soldier, would give tory animals is also eomnieudcd to your
mm up even if ho were lacking in some favorable consideration and atteuuon
other qualifications!. ; . jlf this plan were adopted by Oregon the
For tho first time Arthur Mandel lost present system of raying bounties for
all hope of ever boing more t0 Buth the killing of pests would bo revoked
iiucKott than he then was. He looked in favor of a plun of state and national
at her radiant face, bor shining eyos. cooperation for wiping out tho animals
and his heart sank. Never eould a entirely. Tho federal government wiil
man cause a woman to look like that match each dollar appropriated for this
unless sho loved hiin. Prido alono would purpose, and I suggest that Oregon fob
not do it. And .ho must love him do- low tho lead of Arizona, New Mexico,
votedly. Slight love never gave that ex- Utah, Nevada and Washington in ae
pression to a woman's face, nor copting tho assistance of the United
brought that light into hor eyes. States biological .urvoy in this impor-
It ia not easy to gio up ono'g chcr- tnt movement, even though less than
ished dreams. And it was not easy for tho amount which otherwise would be
Arthur Mnndel to give up the idea he set asido for bounties is appropriated,
had hugged a0 closely of ome day uiuk- Under tho bouuty plan the animals cast
ing Ruth Hackett tho only woman he cat to reach are killed and large num-j
over had loved hi. wife. But in that ber arc left to propagate. Instead of j
row moments tnnt was wnat ne aid. continuing bounties 1 suggest as an ex
Ami tho renunciation left him so pale nerimont that the .tato appropriate Wo
und so suudonlr old, th&t Buth, alarm- 000.00 for the bienniuiu to cooperate
ed, asked if be were ill. iwith the federal goernmcnt in the exter
1 nmnrrnw-Arrhiit M.twtol KftnnA '
I urn not surprised: but to tuiuk uf tut
ing so many prisoners all by himself."
liuth was ao excited, her words fairly
tumbled over each other.
"It was a wonderfully brave thing
to do," her cunt Btiid after she had
reud the Bhort account of Lieutenant
liiickett's act, and his reward. "Ho
will probably get the Distinguished Ser
vice Cross 88 well. Our own country is
quick to recognize such act. a. any
other." j
liuth was radiant sll the evcuinir.
Brian had distinguished himself, and
hud not been wounded. Her plan for
lum als0 took on an added attraction
because people would surely give a niaoi
with sueh a war record the preference
when no returned to civil lifo.
She wrote him a long letter tolling
him how proud sho was; how happy
that he had not boen wounded while
doing so mnrvolous a thing. Then she
went to bed to dream of war crosses,
of nests filled with German, whom Bri
an draggod in prisoners, and of little
Briun, who too wa. a soldior, and who
nlo wore a cross.
"I couldn't Bleep without dreaming"
Ruth doclnrod at breakfast, "I wag too
much excited, I guess." Then .he ex
plained to Kaihel, who hal asked what
excited her so she couldn't stoop, that
Brian, her husband, had been decorat
ed for bravery. If she expatiated upon
harmful conroversies fairly and judi
ciously, and providing safeguards neces
sary to prevent the operation of . preju
dice against either labor or capital, 1
feel that the entire state would be bene
fited by such an enactment. Means
shonld be provided, of course, to insure
a full and faithful performance of the
board's decision, affecting either side
of a given controversy.
emi war veterans.
I favor the enactment of a statute
exempting from taxation the property
of civil war veterans and their widows
up to an assessed valuation of $2,500.00,
A number of states have laws of this
nature and I feel that Oregon should
be willing to extend this simple recog
nition to tbe heroes and heroines of
the civil war period. "
Land Cases, -
In view of the fact that the attorney
general has- been instructed by the
state land board to proceed with what
are known as tho Pacific Live Stock
Company land caseB, it is my opinion
that fund, should be set aside by this
legislature to continue the litigation
naw pending.
As this message is brought to a closo
beg to reassure you of my earnest
purposo to co-operate with you in de
voting full thought and energy toward
painstaking and conscientious consid
eration of all legislative matters. May
tho Supreme Ruler endow us with ade
quate strength, vision, wisdom, and
courage and guide us through a legisla
tive session marked by promptness,
economy, accuracy and efficiency.
deep breath, of it. pure, heeling germ
viiung aif into The passage, of your
nose, throat and lungs.
By destroying germs before they ac
tually begin work in your blood, yoa
may mike yourself practically immune
to infection.
All thco suggestions about Spanish
influenza are equally true in the pre
vention of colds, catarrh of nose an
throat, bronchitis and oven pneumonia.
Don't become careless. Dn vonr tmrt.
Keep the germs away. You mav Bave
yourself a serious illness and the los.
of several week, work. Danl J. Pry.
Sailings Of Several .
Transports Announced
Open Forum
itr Aunt ttini laA
sort of stuff is stale and dead, and it would bring an added T' ,n1Ju,R,,ntly ,hn v"
A i. ill i -..r. . . . . iflono when Brin had been thn nh-
cm se boresi- upon your jaaeaneaa. wnat write you wnen 'ject 0f conversation. "There may be
me nigm wma wans, ana wnen tne tempest booms and
groans? Perhaps Fomelittle bedtime tales concerning
blood and dead men's bones. How fine 'twill be if Bill de
votes his genius to this sort of work! Kids need some
spicy anecdotes of murders done by-Teut and Turk. They
're tired of rabbit, fox and owl, or animals that talk' and
weep; they want to hear of murders foul before they close
their eyes in sleep. What kind of stuff do you produce,
oh, Wilhelm, writing all the time? A version new of
Mother Goose, with morals tacked o every rhyme? .Per
haps you're writing household hints for busy wives who
wish to know just how to get the proper tints, when dye
ing rags of years ago. W rite on, until your hand is lame,
the sparkling ink will be supplied; and writing is a harm
less game the only one you ever tried.
something to him after all," .he
thought as she, too, berame a little en
thusiastic because of Buth'. excitement
and pndeful words.
"Sholy he will come back now,"
Rachel had said, after listening, open
mouthed, to Huth'. description of what
had happened "over there." "Ain't
ho done 'nough fightin' when they
gives him all them erossea you toil
"I think he will be back soon, Hnchel
The war will not last much longer."
"ML Cark". gal that .illy back nig
gar g-a o' beam said tht one of them
uiggnr reg'm'nt. ha. boen fightin'
simethin' "fine. I. that so Mis. Ruth! "
"Yes, Undid. The colored troops
have been wonderful. We are proud of
them. i
"Glory be, they ain't 'mounted to
much befo', some of 'em. I'm plad if
they ha. don sumthin' to be proud on."
"lou need feel the way no longer,
A Csldmn ranixmnil thftt will brintr re
lief In mrar fcrut and ehronfo cue.
1'royMa ln hanrilft form, ft bl rura-
ly'hlhly recommend by iclnc Con
tains h inn ful dn tt Try thorn today.
50 cents a box, including war tax
For sal Ht F1 dntiMa
1 ahamtwry. ralbdlp&ki
The Journal Sob Department
will prist yoa anyibing ln the
.tatioaery line do t riht and
ut yjo real money.
ruination of predatory animals.
btate raw.
The state fair board deserve, congra
tulation for the excellence of the com
modius new stadium on the fair grounds
and for the financial success of the last
two fairs. I suggest that a reasonable
fund be appropriated for the eontinU'
ance of practical education.
Bureau of Minea.
The bureau of mine, and geology has
been doing splendid work in calling Et
tention to the great mineral resources
of the state. Until recently we had
been somewhat derelict in promoting
this great mean, of wealth. I suggest
that this bureau be given proper n-
nanci&i assistance ao mat tne mineral
resource of this atate may be develop
ed in the largest possible way. Ia ad
dition to the precious metaia, uregon
is rich in clay that should be atilixed
at tho earikat practical moment Fuil
development of mining and it. allied in
dustries would not only writ to bring
largo revenue to the .tate, but would
also furnish employment to a large num
ber of men.
S'lU ExmoU.
Tlie state gf.uural and industrial
To the Editor: The first case of in
fluenza reported to the city health de
partraent was by Dr. W. B. Morse on
Oct. 10, 1918. The following are the
numbers of cases each mouth up to Jan
11,191!): October, 232; November, 96:
December, 409; and up to January 11,
thero was 419, making a total of 1156
case, reported and registered.
In tho Daily Statesman of Jen. 11 Dr,
Utter is reported as saying there has
been no quarantine in the city up till
tue last two week. it is hard to iret
under way at first. There was no strict
enforcement under the old regime.
The facts of tho quarantine are these
Dr. 0. B. Miles, the former city health
officer, who has held tho position about
11 years, received the rules and regu
lations from Dr. Seeley, the state health
officer, Saturday, Dec. 23, 1918, and he
advised trying tho quarantine rules
whieh the state board of health adopted.
Dr. Mile, ordered myself to get quar
antine sign, printed as a rush order
which I did and started to quarantine
under the rules we received Monday
noon before tho ink was entirely dry.
That wa. Dec. 25 and we quarantin
ed 431 case, up to Jan. 7, which the
quarantine book will prove. Placing an
estimate of 150 case, since Jan. 6 would
be very large for the present hcclth
department to have quarantined and
three men have been on the force near
ly all the time.
The present quarantine system is the
same we started and carried through to
Jan. 7. ur. utter says there was no
strict enforcement. The enforcement
was just as strict if not more so than
at present as experienced men gave the
instruction, before inexperienced help
was employed and they were drilled
pretty well before going out to work.
Bo the new regime has simply follow
ed the same rule, and in the same
way in regard to quarantining where
the regime left off and I have worked
three and one-half day. with the new
regime trying to help them as best
I could with the quarantine nnder the
present regulations, which I believe my
self amounts to very little. I believe
j quarantining tho whole household is the
only system. W. L. BRYANT.
Former Deputy Health Officer,
Washington, Jan. 14. Sailinir "."
eral transports from France for th.
United State, wag noted by the war de
partment today.
The Oion, St. Nazaire for New York,
is duo January 20 with two camml nf-
The Canada, Brest for Boston, is due
January 20 with the following:
Twenty-third balloon company; cas
ual company 420 (New York); 424
(Ohio); 425 Kansas); 430 (Ohio); 431
(Kegular army) ; 432 (Maryland) ; 431
(Camp Mesdo); 438 (regular army)
and 82 casual officers. ,
The Mauchuria, fit. Nazaire for New
York, due Junuary 20, carries the fol
lowing: Eighty-Sovonth division headquarter.
312th sanitB.ry train, sanitary squad 68,
io ue uomoonizctt at Uamp Dix, loth am
bulance company of the 114th sanitary
division; 301st trench mortar battery
of 76th division to be discharged at
Camp Dcveus, Seventh trench mortar,
battery to be discharged at Camp Grant
Seventh mobile heavy ordnance repair
shop (Camp Mcrritt).; 466th engineer,
pontton train Washington barracks);
97th aero squadron, Columbus bar
racks); 154th aero squadron and 191st
aero .squadron, (Fort Blocum); Seconi
casual ordnanco battalion; casual com
panies 403 (regulars) ; 126th (Pennsyl
vania); 127th (Iowa); 128th (Massacha
setts); with a number of casuals anl
sick and wounded.
e Strong
THE strong and vigorous man or
woman is envied br 1cm fortunate .
humanity afflicted with aches, caim.
infirmities and ailments. The tuftcrcr
aye to himself, "If I could only be
well, how happy I would be," for health
i. more essential to the joy of living
(ban is wealth.
The kidneys almost literally wash the
blood and keep it clean and free from
impurities. When the kidneys are out oi
enter, they (ail to filter out thia wane and pola
onoua natter. It remain iataaeyatem to caoa
backache, thematic aaina, ora awiactat and
heio tae ivttam eliminate ftil. mIumm. m
Tbey anothe, atranftaea and heal tore, weak
and dueaeed kidney aad bladder. Wnea tne
L:dnryt are workin. properly, appetite return,
reimbia. ateep ia poaiihlr, and beau and
C W. Smirk, No. 4A St., saline. Kaa,
rn" !, m eT awek pieaaed with Foley
Kidney Pill. 1 am workini ia a coal yard and
tare been yery much troubled with my back,
1 am taken eeveral doaea oi Foley Kidney Fdia
aad their bare already helped me.