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The Rhine is now virtually an American stream.
The "Watch on the Rhine" is sung only by American voi
ces, and those who constitute the "watch" are American
troops standing "fast and true as the old song informs
them, and in a sense that the author of it never dreamed
As a final proof of domination comes word that the
American flag now flies on the Rhine, as well as on its
banks and over the famous forts that guard it. A fleet
of nine river steamers has been taken over by the army
of occupation, and every one of them steams up and
down the river flying the Stars and Stripes.
There, indeed, is a spectacle for the natives to gaze
at. Old Glory in nowise dims the beauty of that lovely
stream, but it must be a strange apparation. Most of the
Germans thereabouts never saw the Staj Spangled Ban
ner before. The sight will do them good, . It is a valuable
element m their new, involuntary system of education.
It will benefit them exactly in proportion as they recall
the time when their government graciously announced
its willingness to let the United States send to Europe
one liner a week, following a prescribed course and point
ed with barber-pole stripes, -v? -
truction. Through all this seething chaos run exil cur
rents of intrigue after intrigue, monarchial, Bolshevist,
financial, imperialistic, clerical, atheist."
And so it goes. The correspandent himself offers no
solution. He merely presents the picture, and sums up
the situation by saying that the present state of Europe
can be portrayed only by "the imagry of Apocalypse)"
which describes the end of all things.
European cifilization is not necessarily doomed, for
all that. Sanity and self-control still prevail west of the
Rhine. But the major part of Europe is plainly in such
state of chaos and helplessness as it .has not been since
the Middle Ages.
So far, then, as America had a duty to perform for
the salvation of Europe, our work is only half done. Per
haps the harder task lies ahead. We have to help Britain,
r ranee ana itaiy to bring order out of that welter.
The action of the officials, in closing Salem tight
again on account of the influenza epidemic does not seem
to be well advised. When other cities have learned that
such a course is worse than useless, because it is inconven
ient to everybody, we have the lid clamped on tight again
closing scnoois and all gathrings. Isolattion is the
only effective way of fighting an epidemic of this kind,
ana 11 a ngia quarantine had been enlorced from the
first the situation would have been different now. Closing
up the town is merely an effort to show that the officials
are active, and means nothing in the combatting of the
America is all right. We are comfortable, well-fed,
optimistic. But there 1,3 a sad o0Mrast in the old world.
Peac has brought to many parts of Europe renewed
hope of happier times, but actual realization is yet far
off. Harold Williams, p.n American war correspondent,
gives an appalling picture of the situation:
"Europe is strewn with cannon, machine guns, bombs
and ammunition, all the leaving of a great war, and ev
eryone and none is master of these instruments of des
tination. "Frontiers are swaying. Agreements are made and
broken. There is scarcely a government from the Rhine
eastward that is not desperately beating the air today
find liable to be swept away tomorrow.
"Nineteenth-century civilization has broken down.
"I do not mean merely that dilapidated trains crawl
dismally; that postal communication is hardly better than
in Napoleonic times; that famine and pestilence are creep
ing over Europe; but that there is a collapse of human,
moral energy, a revival of the primitive, barbaric in
sstincts, and the fierce endeavor to have one's own little
private will by force.
"Little men, often well-meaning and sincere, devise
shallow plans for coping with the fenacmg forces of des
King George is certainly becoming democratic. Sat
urday morning for instance, we are told that he walked
into r resiaent Wilson's apartments at 10 o'clock and con
gratulated him on his sixty-second birthday. Think of a
real king getting around so early in the morning.
The world do move. The Irish are askin? for reDre-
sentatipn at a peaee conference, , ! x. ;,,..
By Jane Phelps.
BvZWalt Mason
The flu is dying out, but let us not despair we still
may have the gout, and falling of the hair. The flu had
quite a run, for weeks 'twas all the rage; but now its
course is done, it toddles from the stage. I know it's hard
to part with such a charming pest; but cheer up, craven
heart, don't flutter in my breast! It's vain to weep be
cause cue popular disease from public view withdraws,
and people cease to sneeze. The soul heroic scorns such
weaklings as may droop; we still may have our corns,
our measles, mumps and croup. For potions and for pills
we still may go in debt; the good old standard ills, thank
Pete, are with us yet. There's no excuse for health, no
pardon for the blues, since we have such a wealth of ills
from which to choose. Cry out no vain alacks, and shed
no briny seas, but read your almanacs, and pick soms
choice disease. Friend after friend departs, and now the
flu retires; but why have aching hearts, why twang se
pulcheral. lyres? For there's a balm beneath the star be
spangled vault;, we still have aching teeth, the rheum de
scribed a ssalt.
Mr. Mandol came , ho brought
with him flowers for both.; Buth and
her aunt. Ilia thoughtfulness always ap
(luiuuu 10 nmn. Ana that night, as
always, it gootlicd her wounded feelings
to a degree
" Bath really felt chagrined as woll as
hurt that Brian hail as she thought
consoled himself with Mollie King whei
she had been obliged to be away on bus
iness; and now sho was doubly huis
and chagrined that she was with hhu
overseas. She know that sho was Mol
lie's superior in bruin and appearance.
lei junan seemed to prefer Mollie, hor
company. She had vot to learn that
H ia the woman, not what sho is, thn
attracts most men.
So, smnrtinir under her feclimr of nnir-
leet, Alumtol's dclicato attentions were
most acceptable; and helped hor to put
asido the feeling inspired by Brian's
letter lie fueling of chagrin that he
could find enjoyment with soiuooue sh.
knew to bo lu r inferior in ninny ways.
Not th.it Muth belitUed Mollio's at-
minions, even io uerseu. That wai
never her way. But it seemed to show
weakness on Brian's part to care for
such attractions n9 Mollie possessed.
Ituth knew that she (Mollie) was uu
practical. Thnt sho called herself "A
Bohemian" could not disguise the fact
that sho was coutont to live in a man
ner that 110 well-brought-up girl could
endure, llow Brian could find entor
tniniuent with such people, nmid their
more than unattractivo surroundings,
when ho had an artistic home to enjoy.
wn8 beyond Ruth's understanding.
"She's doing something now nurs
ing soldiers. That woul d appeal tu
him," she had said aloud while she
dressed herself for the evening. 8h
had acted upon her aunt's suggestion,
worn a senii-cvenlng dress of blue,
most becoming affair, in which she look Mrs. Curtiss.'
gal, especially after Mr. Boberts came
in and joined them, lie had come homt'
found his wife gone, and called to see if
sho woie with them, and Buth had in
sisted that he have supper with, them.
Hhe and Mandel got on famously.
Thoy talked business a little, apologiz
ing t0 the, ladies; .they discussed tho
war, and, othor things, as men, will who
see in each other sjoniothing congenial.
xi was long aitct.Tniaiiight when, Jlie
uiue party Drone up. , And Buth wfll
ingly acknowledged that she had enjoy
ed hersolf immensely. ' '
"We must have company often,"
Mrs. Claybprne had said. "We will
grow stalo and unintoresting here by
ourselves if we don 1," to which Buth
had agreed.
The next morning after again telling
her how ho had enjoyed her party, Mau
de! said to Buth:
' ' I liked that man. Boberts. so much.
Ho is clever, ambitious sort of a chap.
He'll make good some day or I'll niipj
my guess."
"Ho is a very hard worker," Buth
returned, thinking of the difference be
tween Kenyon Boberts and Brian. Both
in tho same profession, one so anxious
to succeed tho other so careless of hir
"A man has to be now-o-days, if he
is to amount to anything," Mandol re
turned. Ho had n0 faintest idea that
he was hurtinsr Buth, or that his praist
of her guest of the night beforo was
painful on account of hop feelinc that
Brian had not accomplished what ho
might, simply because he lacked appli
Mandol wondered at Buth's lack ol
interest in what he said about Boberts
us she had seemed so friendly tho niL'lit
before. Ho would have liked to stay
longer to hor really what ho had al
ready said had beeu in part designed
to give nuu an oxcuso to stay near hor
as long as possible.
She was to go out of town for a cou
ple of days and they had been o;ui
ing the details. Sho was glad to go
fer almost the first timo. Glad for the
change in her routine work, and of some
thing to do which would occudv he)
whole attention, so giving her no time
to tninn or Brian and Mollie King.
un her way home that night she mot
they do as Jesus did, that is, pray "peace, peace; when there is no peace,',
throught the Christ, rather than to or uy 'Snoring, excusing, or evading
Christ. Every good thought of Cariol- a ,any ,foTrm- GiI wit hthe swoid
c . . .1. , of 1 ruth and Love, a Christian Scientist
lan Scientist, in their continual pray- 83 a chri8tian gol'dier marclling a to
ers must reflect the Christ, Trutr, for war, goes forward into battle to van-
the Christ is the active idea of the quish the Goliath of material- sense.
Spirit, which destroys error and in- Clad in the armor of spiritual undcr-
harmony and brings an answer to theii standing, roused to the demands of di-
praycrs. vine Principle, he wrestles valiantlv
The reverence which Christian Scicn- with tho foe of impersonal error from
cj bestows upon the ideal Christ, ami within and from without, and, having
upon Jeans, ihe highest human example done all. he stands, until error, huvitir.
of the perfect man, is impressive ui-d no further support, surrenders, and dos
practical. Christian Sdoiico teaches troys itself. This spiritual conscious
that tho hiist is made manifest thru, nesa is the real vision, and "where
our improved human thoughts tara" there is no vision," the Bible savs, "the
inoao qualities oi anection, uuiuiuty. people porisn." This sower, an nniritnnl
lauuiuuncfes, patience, compassiun, tenir consciousness, is a present reality and
perauce, morailty, which are stepping a present possibility. The vision "shall
stones out of matter into Spirit. Ha- speak, and not lie," says the prophet,
nmn thnnfrliiu timet n i mnr.iirail Hint, "thnini-h i. .n,. :i. l. .
.. v 'r.v.i,u, wuj . "w'j, " ait ur it, uecause
must become wiso and constructive, and it will surely come," and this "accept-
iiiuso successive rounas pi jue laauer eu uuiu, i-aui said, is now. "Now is
must be mounted step by stop before tho day of salvation," and it wiil bo
complete reality is rcaclieu. li t. -y ua experienced by you acording to yout
added that the textbook of C'Vistian willingness and readiness to recoive it.
Scieii-.e. "Scur.ce and llea'th with Iey "For tho earth shall bo filled with the
to the Scriptures" by Mary Eddy Bak- knowledge 0f the glory of the Lord, as
er, mentions Jesus' name 43i separate the waters cover tho sea."
times and Christ 205 additional times,' ' 1
Indeed Mrs. Eddy's veneration of Jesus f jmhin CfafYm Of Holl
has been most evident to all who havo . vyilUU iJldll UI UI Ucal
known her, and long ago she established
a rule incorporated in the by-laws of
the Mother Church that "careless com
parison or irreverent reference to ChriBt
Jems is abnormal in a Christian Sciti.t-
6 Bell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
Arrives In- Germany
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Dallas. Or.. Dec. 30. WnrA l...
131, u i piuuiuttuu. - iiuanuei, An. received in Dallas last woek from Cap
VIII. Sec. 3.) The gentie, patient, com- tain Conrad Stufrin, commander of
passionate, selfless Saviour will through Company L of this city, stating that
Christian Scionco bocomo to posterity a he arrivod on tho German border with
mightier and more practical cxaniplo, a battalion pf troops and would entor
because Christian Science is helping to Germany soon. Captain Stafrin stated
explain what Jesus meant when he in the letter that they were at a town
sum, iuut wmcn is uurn ox ine nesa just south of tho Luxemburg line,
is flesh; and that which is born of tho Whether ho W11R in rnmtiui n1 hie, nlrl
Spirit is spirit." Science and Health, 1 troops is not known, but from the
pngo 25, says, "Tho divinity of tha'mation gathered in dispatcher from the
vm.at vs inaue uiauiicsi in me at- war department it is evident tho Dal-
tho week end at Portland. Mr. Davia
left for Bremerton Sunday afternoon. -Hiram
and Gray Grazier, both in the
service of Uncle Sam, were home fos
l.t-l '
yuv nuiiuays.
Mrs. Dclbort Boevcs is spending hci
vacation with hor husband's parents.
Mi. and Mrs. Fred Bcevos, of this eiU
Mr. and Mrs. George W. SteclhauV
mcr were shopping in Salem laBt 1'ri,
Mr. and, Mrs. Henry Dahl have re
turned homo from California. Mr. JJarl
hrs received his discharge from tho U.
S. army.
Carl Moser is home from Camp Led
is. ,
Casualty Corrections
About Northwest Men
-Cabled casulty
las Boldiers togethor with the other Oi-
egon troops are near or possibly on
i.Terman son by this time.
inanity of Jesus."
The Bible.
It is not to bo wondered at. that a
fleshly sense has during the mat oi ill
ages crept into the Biblo and partially ! Influenza Epidemic Now Under Control
obscured the original divinely inspired; The, Spanish Influenza, epidemic is.
...ett.,mn oi uio ocripiuros. mo- same , now uudcr the control of the physiciam
scientific separation between the spirit-. in Dallas and surrounding country and
ual Christ and the personality of Jesus, during tho past woek no deaths have oc
which must bo made when readine a-j curred from the
bout Christ Jesus, naturally must be de-j It is the intention of the health officers
umtci; uiuuo ueiween opint aua mat- to iteop the ban on all public gather
tor when reading tho Bible. The heal- inpa on til.t. hnwevnr. until
iug and saving currents of true spiritu-1 has been reloascd from quarantine and
ality will bo discerned on every page, 1 thereby avoid another broaking oai of
ouu inB uear oiu xjioie, wnicn to so the opidemic,
many uhs oeen an ancient writing
Former Commercial Club , Secretary
thought by them to be now inconsistent
and impracticable, wills bo found to ho
the same inspired Word of God, and it j Word comes from the' Capita! "City
Uf un every fliwi-s iauie, ins cnici that Mrs. Winnie Braden, formerly sec
guido to eternal life. retary of the Dallas Commercial club,
Science and Health and Mrs. Eddy. I and tho Poik County Fair association,
Tho key which unlocks the inspired had made Jill finnl leaf inn fm tlm nnai.
meaning of this guide is rapidly at-: tion as manager of the Salem Commer
taming its rightful place in the thots cial club. The election of a managoi
of men. Mrs. Eddy named this key will probably be taken up after th
Scionco and Health with Key to tho first of the new year and the Capital
Scriptures." This inspired book re- City Commercial body will be exceed)
quires when reading it the same definite ingly fortunate if they can secure the
separation between Spirit and Matter services of Mrs. Bradon. She is per
to be. made as does the Bible; then it haps the best posted woman i nthe state
will bo understood and this understand- on all matters connected with the rim
ing will heal tho reader, as it has done ning of these bodies and m-r! an ex
in inumerablc cases. Some familiar cccdingly efficient secretary of the Dal
words and torms used in Science and las organization. Her many friends in
Health may at first seem incongrous, this city wish her success in socurinti
and- this is as Mrs. Eddy lias expluincd, the position,
because sho found in material language
Washington, Dee. 30,-
Wouudod severely, previously renorl.
cd missing in action:
A. Olscn, Puyallup, aWsh.
Wounded, degree undetermined. nre
iously reported missing:
B. A. Bates, Butte, Mont.
C. P. Blanchard, Enumclaw. Wnh.
B. II. Brackenridge, Los Angeles, Cal
H. Eisner, San Francisco.
D. L. Bobbins, Moscow, Idaiw,
II. C. Sarff, Everett, Wsa.h
B, Sabrana, Fort Bragg, Cal.
N. B. Walters, Phoenix, Oregon.
Aoturnod to duty, previously report,
ed missing in action:
Sergeant B, W. White, Tacomft, Wn,
" Jrivatea . "
J. J. Arnott, Parma, Idaho.
E. T. Hooper, Honcut, Cal.
H, L. Hutchison, Salt Lake City.
Utah. '
Would Make Provost Marshal
General Crowder, General
d very cirlUh ond lovoly. Mrn. Olav-
borne bad not fnilod to notico that Mnn
I head that Mollio King has gont
nVOriniiO no a mi Kim T . ...w.cn !.:. -
ill I PiUI 111 BiiornilV to lr a li ,a aiiai fu.m ..... - 1 1
,. , -"v -j". sees nor!" she asked Buth,
Ruth, and that onco or twice when Mrs.
lioberts had spoken, he had failed to
They had a dollghtful game, then
about cloven o'clock, Rachel called
them Into the dining room where s'uu
hal prepared a dainty supper, by Mrs.
Clayborne'a orders. They grew quite
fl&vora all
ih food evenly
lis a.vcnd:rfu!
Yes. He wrote me that he saw hei
often," Buth returned,
Perhups Mollie had written Mrs. Cur
tiss, Sho would not pretend she knew
nothing of her renewed intimacy witl'
Tomorrow Mrs. Curtiss Expounds
Her Views.
(Continued from pago three)
mea to understand and demonstrate.
Christian Science teaches that each man
must awaken, and discover in himself
the spiritual idea, or Christ, which is
bom, not of the blood, nor the will
of the flesh, nor of the will of man,
but of God." This idea of man is the
true man, the Christ man, the image
and likeness of God, our real selfhood.
The Christ, Truth, in human thought,
in the measure that it is gained and
maintained, is the same spiritual con
sciousnesa which enables one to cast
out error and to henl the sick. Then
it enn never be said that Christian
Science does not recognio Jesus, or that
they "do not pray to Christ." Oa.the
contrary, Jesus is awpted more clearly
and gratefully that ever before for fr'.st
what he claimed himself to be, and for
hit selfless and mathchlcss mission to
mankind. As for nravinir to Christ.
a groat scarcity of words to cxnross
the right spiritual idea, but had to use
such words as woro available.
A wrong sense has often been taken
of the true meaning of Christ Jesus and
of the Biblo. This is also tho case with
"Scionco and Health with Key to the
Scriptures," for such is the pervorsity
and tenacity of tho material mind, and
it this material and personal judgomcnt
has influenced thought toward Science
aud Health, it is not surprising that it
has done likewise toward Mrs. Eddy her
self. Prejudice, ignorance, and dis
trust, however, give way beforo the
facts. Those so erroneously influenced,
who afterwards come to know Mrs. Ed
dy, invariably experience a total change
of feeling. How truo are her written
words, "It is self evident that tho dis
covorer of an eternal truth cannot be
a temporal fraud." (Miscellany, p.
And now, my mriends, for a complete.
exposition of Christian Science, wo al
ways recommend the inquirer to read
the Christian Science textbook "Science
and Health with Key to the Scriptures.'
This book can be obtained at any
Christian Sciouce reading room. Science
and Health should be read at first
slowly, aud, if read with a humble,
hungering, and thirsting desire to know
the Truth the accurate statements sere
in will quickly appeal o he recoil .el
hold the interest, until the render
gradually discovers for Iuidku.. tlo di
vine Principle and rules of right think
ing which, heal and save. Heaven is
not c region or a localtiy to be entered
physically, but it is a stae of purified
consciousness, a sate of spiritual under
standing, a salvation from sin, Bickness
id, death. Death, devil, hell, sin, dis
ease, and disaster are the experincs of
tho old man, ' which St. Paid insists
iiiU3t.bc "put off." Christian Science
shows that they are not the facts of be
ing, but are only illusions of material
consciousness which must be woiiei
out of, and in the ratio that this is
done, salvation is attained, Will you
choose the material, afflictivv, and ir-'
isfaaule, or will you choose the health-
giving, joy-inspring nnd permfcacf
"Choose you this day whom ye will
serve; whether the gods which youi
fathers served that were on the other
side of the flood, or the gods of the
Amorites, ... as for me and my hous."
said Joshua, "we will serve the Lord."
Christian Scientists are the most joy
oua people in the world, because they
strive to serve the Lord in Truth and
spiritual understanding. But they know
that they do not serve the Lord by go
ing to sleep at their posts, or by crying
Mr. and Mis. Snmuel Orr of Portland
are spending the Christmas holidays at
the homo of their son, Sheriff John W
Orr and family on Washington street
Glen Holnian and Harry Graves ,twp
Dallas boys in the radio service of Un
cle Sam's navy, are home for the holi
days for a short visit with their par
ents. They are stationed at Goat Island
near San Francisco.
Bcv. D. A. MacKcuzio, formerly pas
tor of tho Dallas Presbyterian church
was homo from Vancouver aBrracks on
Christinas for a short visit with his
family. Bev. MacKenzio is a Y. M, O
A. secretary at that place.
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Johnson of Sea
side are guests at the home of Mrs.
Johnson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Goo.
Hany Byers, a civil engineer working
on an extension of the S. P. railroad to
tho headwaters of tho tido near the 8i
letz agency, spent Christmas with his
family in this city.
Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Piasscki spen.
Christmas with relatives in the Capital
Floyd D. Moore, recently elected as
clerk of Polk county, spent Christmas
with his parents at Monmouth. Mr,
Moore is just recovering from an at
tack of influenza and pneumonia.
Judgo and Mrs. E. C. Kirkpatrick
were guests of friends in Salem Wed
nesday night.
Floyd tlhs, a member of the medi
cal department of the navT at Breni
orton, is visiting at the hoem of his par
cuts, Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Ellis, on Jef-
terson street.
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Silverton, Or., Dec. 30. Sunt. B. T.
Youcl was amono those who attended
the annual- teachers' association at
Portland last week.
Harvey Lincoln of CamD Lewis
spent Christmas at home.
The J. L. Robinson homo lint the
scene of a happy family reunion on
Christmas day. All of tho children at
well as a number of other relatives
were together for the first time in sev
eral years.
Mrs. Guy Husband of Portland is vis
iting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs
J. H. Sherlock.
Mi Elma Hutton, Mrs. Mary Osburr
and Mrs. Phillipi, all daughtera of Mr.
and Mrs. Tillman Hutton, visited their
parents at Silverton daring the holi-,
days. j
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Davis spent
Washington. Dee. 80. A movomnnt i.
afoot today to mako Provost Marshal,
General Crowder a lieutenant cenOTal or
a full genoraL
Mixed up with, the movement in a
considerable amount of national and
military politics.
It is claimed that tho republican
mainly favor tho promotion.
Somo democrats allege that the pr
vost marshal general-is a man of ex
tremo ambitions and that he has built
up a considerable political machine i.
cidental to his work.
Lines Of Communication
With Germany Severed
With the American Army of Occu
pation, Dec. 28. (Delavod The Am-
erican Third army has severed all
lines of communication between th
occupied zone and the remainder nf
Germany, with the exception of two.
trunk wires to Berlin. These wirc ara
connected with American headquarter
and are used only for official businesa
or such private messages as are ap
proved. The wires were cut at the edga
of the "Coblcnz, bridgehead.
Vladivostok, Doc. 30. Grace Me
Bride of tho Shanghai chapter of th
Bed Cross died of typhus at Tiumea
on December 23, it "wag learned her
There are, two cases of typhus, ia
look At Tcssras! Remove Poi
sons From Stomach, Lyier
And Bowels.
Accent "Califomi." n. -r-
only-look for the name C.lifc,!. 5
tho package, then vnn .r. ., .
child is having the best and most harm
less laxative or physie for. the link
stomacr liver and Stowels. Child
love its delicious fruity taste. Fall &
reetions for child rin.a n
Give it without fear.