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Wallace Reii
One of those "Always Good" Mack-Sennett
Washington; Dec. 2tS. State dopant-
tiient advices today r '.irmed tho ro-
mrts that Consul Tr.udwell !s detained
, iy tho ImlHheviH hi Turkestan, While
ll.? has not been iu jail, ho is ko.pt, iu
; l'it room and is not allowed froodoin.
' tfhe department i Informed that Tread
well lias not been ill treated far,
Wnehitigiton, Dee. 20. All Frencli
irisonors will be repatriated within
wo montliH, Paris has inforiiied Froatih
rtipresentntives, here.- Since the armis-
ft 4 i
Camera Built Ilk a Pistol
manufacturing com
pany has done much
in recent years to in
troduce a camera
which it dinned
especially for the
purpose of the avia
tor. Its appearance is
entirely unlike anything which has pre
ceded it in the camera line, (or it rc
' srnibles a large pistol and is handled in
much the same manner ai the weapon.
It is supplied with a lighting apparatus,
trigger and hand-hold, and when it
is desired to make an exposure the in
strument is held in the same manner at
a pi- tol. Tha trigger operate the mech
anism of the shutter, and because of the
case in handling the operator 1 enabled
to 'l?ht and focus with ease from hi
tomCrt'hat restricted location, and with
rilmk i
mm ,! ihiimiwi J ihhiiiiiijhiii i .: .-y
tie; 277,000 men have been brought
homo and loss than 200,000 still are
iu-ciioiny countries,
Washington, Dec. 26. Secretary dl
War Bnkcr today requested' congreis
for legislation to allow the continua
tion of voluntary enlistments in. the
retfulnr army.
Tho war department soou expects to
bo releasing men at the rate ot aw,
Q00 a wook, Baker explained In his lot
tor t0 tho house military eoinmittoo.
tl -
it' r- 'vf-1" ,JW.
greater assurance that he will get ex
actly the result he desire.
Mined 600,000,000 Ton of Coal.
Last year the United States mined
600,000,000 tons of coal, the greatest
production ever witnessed in the world.
Of this amount we wasted 150,000,000
tons, or 2S per cent, through inefficient
Detachable Sleeves,
In our climate some rapid change of
underclothing are demanded by the va
riety of weather which we 'experience,
often jumping from one extreme to an
other in the course of a few hours, and
under these conditions the presence or
absence of sleeves an the uuderclothing
means much. A new design of shirt far
women principally has detachable sleeve
so that the sleeve may be donned or
dispensed with in short order and with
Major-General Johnston
Tells About Creditable
Work of Oregon Soldiers
by Men Of 91st Divisin
Hare Bsea Gvei Medals '
Official word of the splendid ae
count given of themselves by the Ore
gon, soldiers in Prance, who are a 'part
of the 91st division, is con'nined in
a letter received today by Governor
Withyconibe from Major General "Wil
Ham II. Johnson, commanding that div
iBion. 1
This divitiion is one of the 30 com
bat divisions designated to remain in
France for further training and pos
sible service, points out Major General
'lt is marchiiwf cheerfully toward
i- ll .0 J. ... ft L. jj
'".I irinjtfer to
Ihe creditable se.vice of any individ-
uals. as mention f the exploits of any isioni then in the first line,
would be unfair without reference to I Made Great Advances,
all." he oontinuod. "No letter could' "Proceeding by bus and inarching
well recount all the heroic and merit- tor several nights, the division reen
ous acts under hostile fire because of forced by the 58th Field Artillery bti-
a i t ...LI. rva A a art A navnin imid nt VrAnnk t'taA
7.n",c "B!.r:!".V!Z. TT-r
uu.y io "l ;"
Medil of Honrr to a few, and of the
Distinguished Service Cross or Distin-
gulrilicd Hcrvi-i Medal to-others,
It gives l e pleasure to assure you
and throuuh you, "the people of the
dt., ,,f .ir,..mn tli nt riMiresmitativps
of that stato have i.mributed towards '5:30 o'clock, Soptomber 26. The div
tho creditable record established by the j (lw th Field artillery bri-
91st division since i was called to par-lgade) was relieved from tho frort no
ticipato in the rece t advauco of the. October i, and placed in vese-v- of ihe
armies of the Unite! Ftates and the'fth r"y orps. On Octoler 6th, the
allies. Your citizen s Miers. after ono181st Infantry brigade wj returned
vein 's training did no' hesitate to at-1 to the Imo and fought under the 1st
tncl: veteran divisic-i of the Prussiivi division and 32nd division until relicv
llnnrd in the Meuse-Argonne offensive, oi to rojom the division October 12.
before the general retreat of the 'ene'my Fought In Belgium,
began. They continued to nt ack until ' "Proceeding by rail and marching to
withdrawn by tho corps comnmnder to , ; Belgium October 16-20, the division, re
rest and rosace casualties. . ! enforced by tho,' 5.Srd Field artillery
"Tho name spirit eiiimnted them 'brigade, 28th division (Pennsylvania
when they advanced through Belgium to N- G.) was assigned to duty in the
expel the invader. I fee! sure the amo I Arm,lns of Flinders' com
courage and efficiency will character-! nAa tho king of Belgium, Major
iw their service in the future, should Dog; -tte, chief of s'aff. In
any orders reouire action. Finally, I hat 8rouP - .'Bel to the
believe that nil, when discharged to Wh army of Belgium under Major
resume the pursuit of peace, will bo General DoBwssoudy and to thejth
more valuable citizens of tho state Armjr - totpt (French) under ; Major Gen
of Oregon because of their service in ral Massenet, advancing in line with
tho army and their contribution toward f'roncn British and Belgian troops us
the restoration of peace throughout the ho enemy was dnvon eastward through
! ninoa '&innnnt '
Major General Johnston gives an. ac-
count of the movements of Oie 91st
division, and says:
"As citizens of the stato of Oregon
were assigned to the 91st division
iWmxS :3s: s. ,i'i
"3 i
(e) Underwood & lUidorwood
out much inconvenience.
The sleeves and the shirt are supplied
with a strap of some light material, in
which the holes have been worked, and
through these holes the sleeve are laced
in place when desired,
The state of Texas is assisting In the
reclamation of 2,000,000 acres of over
flow lands which lie along the principal
river, but which have heretofore been
of little value. Protection against over
flow will increase their value tenfold.
0 .
Telephone Dlseoaat
When a telephone subscriber in Lin
coln, Neb., goes on a vacation, or other
wise has no use for his phone for a
temporary period of more than 30 days,
the company will, upon request, make a
special discount rate during the discon
tinuance of service. This is half the
I when it wis organized at Camp Lewis,
! Washington, August, 1917, aid rieeiv
I ed their military training at thit place
i prior to departure. overseas ia June,
1918, it gives me plraeara. ta furnish
7011 the following infonnatioa concern
ing" the service of the ilet division
sinee its arrival in Franee, July, 1918
rhe division, less 166th field artil
lery brigade, received additioaal train
ing while .billeted in Hante-Marae de
partment, with headquarter at Mon-tigny-le-Roi,
until September 8, 1718.
The 166th field artillery brigade
was sent on arrival to Clermont Fer-
rand, Puy-de-Dome department,- for id'
ditional training. I' has not since rejoin
ed the division and I have ao informa
tion as to its service.
Proceeding by rail aid inarching
to the vicinity of Pagny-sur-Jteuse and
I Void, Meuse department, this division
I was PRrt i tne reserve or tne nrst
American army, General J. J. Pershing,
dllfiniv tlia BiiHnn n f fit ViKiiil uli'anf
,b iB'buT w ZTZ
ployed to support or re-enforce div-,
airoTln theTni
fensive between the Meuse river and
. nsive ' between the Meuse Jiw una-
mo Arguuno iuret s a puriiou or ine
Fifth army corps, Major General Geo.
H. Cameron. The advance was made
from Foret de Hesse, just north of the
, Clermont-Verdun highway, and cast of
1 tho celebrated hill of Vauquois, at
"Its most active service in Belgium
" hd during the franco from the
!rri. t0 he Sch.eld.t "'f' :;tob"
30-Novombor 4, capturing the e.ty of
Audenardo, November 1. Later, it was
f'tached tohe--80th Army wps
(French) undor Major General Pcnet.
With such corps i' sdrsn.efl it rf
i the Scholdt rivef towarfiS BriSiIiy -
til the advauco was inturrupicu i,j
armistice, Novomber 11."
8n Diego, Doe. 26. An aerial mail
route botweou San Diego and Ban
Francisl1) ig pr'aeticaeblo Lieutenant
8. H. Sharpo declared today. Bharpe
led a party of aviittors who charted a
route betwoen the twj cities, arriving
hore lato yesterday.
Tho aviaitors wore guests at a lunch
eon given toy tho chamber ef commerce
today. They oxpect to start on the re
turn trip to San Dingo lato today.
ftr.wv5TYf Ari,t f,re life? &
lW&odive ferof.a Loslof ound
TrucK tfuoy have lost sanetfcisS
" The Journal classified ads an i
great favorite with peoplu who.
do things Try oa -
Things In Scientific Circles
regular rate, and a valuable feature i
that when a disconnect rate phone Is
called the call is taken by an informa
tion operator, who states that the party
called is away from home and tells
where he is staying, also when he ex
pect to return, this iiiformatten being
kept in a card index in the exchange.
. o
Electro-Chemical Works.
A syndicate of French-American cap
italists is said to be establishing a com
pany for the purpose of erecting electro
chemical works in the Telenserken dis
trict of Norway.
Spectacles Help Hearing.
The ear trumpet" has been combined
with the spectacles, so that this useful
article will hereafter answer a double
purpose for those whose ears as well as
eyes are in need of a little assistance ia
the performance of their functions.
urit a inn ahiii - hi i ft
I'lln All III I ill 1 1 W kliy ta w'ths'and attacks of kidney, liv-
.kii i via
But GoYercsftst Land Is More
Scarce Naw Han In Old
Bays' Of '65.:
Topeka, Kan., Dee; 26. As the Kan
sas toys' begin to come (back from the
war, and the problem of placing them
on the Kansas farms, already pretty
thickly populated, it considered, the
boys' fathers are telling how it was
done when they returned from the war,
following demobilization of the Union
The conversation usually leads to the
conclusion that there is no land left in
Kansas for settlement toy the returning
soldier who has little besides his
strength and determination as capital
Thero is some lnnd still unhomestead-
ed in the extreme western part of the
state, but it is not suitable for farm
ing. Some of it might be made suitable
by irrigation, but no young man who
needs to rarm for a living could at
Vfd?r,4rf" W':?.PT'?
money, and it is fairly certain that
there won't be a lot of public money
available for the purpose when tho
boys get homo, as they already ar get
ting home.
' Will Reabsorb Soldiers
The farm, from which most of the
Ka,18a bys wcnt wiU 'eabsorb most
' difficulty, iust
of them without much difficulty, just
as most of the rest of the country will
reabsorb most of its quota of eoldiers,
leaving tho unemployment problem not
much worse than it was before the
war, after peace conditions have tak
en the place of war condHions. The
question of displacing woman labor is
not so important in Kansa-, as in .tho
manufacturing states.
When the boys came back from tho
civil war, Kansas was practically all
virgin prairie, and the homestead law
offered the returning troops such in
ducements to take up claims in the
new country that they swept into the
stato like a flood. Kansas had sent to
tho- Union army more soldiers than sue
had voters, without the usri of in
scription. When thoso who were left
alivo from the 10 Kansas regiments rc
turned, they were accompanied by tens
of thousands of strangers who had
fought for the Union.
Many Returned Eait
The Kansas state historical society
estimates there were 150,000 war voter
ans in tho state in 1885. Other thous
undg had come and .gone during tho 20
years between the close of itho war
and that date. Many had been chased
back east during tho first few years
of their settlement by armies of grass
hoppers that foraged the country much
moro thoroughly than any of tho Iboys
in Wnfi hurt foraffed the invaded south.
Kansas was distinctively a soldier San Diego, Cat., Dec. 2b. two Mata
stato. With tho energy and enthusiasm , er Field airplanes, now at the frown
of returning conquerors who had been Island fiold, will start on their return
given a chance, they broke out the ; trip to Sacramonto Saturday, it was an
prairie, built roads, made their hunv j nounced at the army headquarters to-
iid uuiiicB, auu u.j v ... i
grass into a garden empire, ine lana
some of the late comers paid $5 an
acre for now sells for from $2!50 an
acre up. There were no bolsheviki
among those returning eoldiers, and
nobody worried about the social, eco
nomic, or industrial unrest that might
follow their demobilization. There was
land enough for all, and the termg were
most liberal. Their only unrest was
that caused by rain dripping through
their eha.ity roofs.
Many Old Soldiers
In 1881, when the old soldier rule
was nnictieallv complete in Kansas, 90
ner cont of the locislature was compos-
ed of eld soldiers, and the same class j suit then in said court pending, where
at citizens held practically ajl the cityjin B. F. Ramp, as executor of the last
and county offices in the state. The will and testamont and estate of Mary
old boys have retired from most of the A. Ramp, doceased, was plaintiff and
public offices now, and an ready to j Henry H. Vandevort and Fmma Vando
turn them over to the new returning ! vort, his wife, and John S. Beall and
army. Meantime tho men who were too Klma II. Beall, his wife, and R. W.
young for the firnt war and too old for Foster, unmarried, wore defendants in
the last one, and perhaps had their favor of plaintiff and against said do
hands in the little Spanish Philippine fend&nts by which execution (I am
episode, have been helping tho old boys commanded to Bell tho property in snid
hold on till the young fellows get back execution and hereinafter described to
from Germany. j pay the sum duo tho plaintiff of $2000,
London, Dee. 26. Viscount Grey, ther sum of $150.00 attorney's foes to
former secretary of state for foreign gother with the costs and disburso
nffairs, will lead a deputation from ments of said suit tared at $24 and
tho league of nations union which will eost and expenses of snid execution,
call cn President Wilson at the Ameri- I will on Saturday the 18th day of Jan
can embassy Saturday. uary, 1919, at lthe hour of 10 o'clock
The frame of the spectacles are made
slightly heavier, and on each of the side
bows these is mounted a miniature ear
trumpet, with its mouth exposed to the
front, wtnle the narrowing end is turned
into the ears of the wearer.
. 0
Use of Cottea Thread.
The use ef cotton thread was a war
time measure to conserve the linen. The
change occurred during the activities of
Napoleon Bonaparte,
Scabbard tha Ire Pick.
In order to be effective, the ice pick
must be sharp and, therefore, an effec
tive ice pick is always a source of danger
arsuad the household. Children obtain-
iag passestioa ef it are more or less lia
ble to injure themselves or their com
panions, so that the ice pick is barred
from tome domestic establishments, not
withstanding! the fact that it it an ex
For 200 years GOLD MEDAL Haar-
r. i
Laa MlPfftnn hlimSIU.
er bladder and, e to nisei trouDlej ana
I kit disease connected with tha urinary
. ., In hnil.l nn and restore to
health organa weakened by disease.
These most important organs must be
watched, because they filter and pan-:
fy the blood; unless they do. their worn I
you are: doomed,
Weariness, sleeplessness, nervousness,
dependency, backache, stomach tria
ble, peine in the loins and lower- ab
domen, difficulty when urinating, rheu
matism, sciatica and lumbago all warn
vou ef trouble with . yonr kidaeya.
GOLD 11BDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules
Pesses Scour Arizen
Fr Escaped Ctnicts
Phoenix,- Ariz , - Dec.
2S.J Poesea
..a.a k r .,,.;.. .r
. . . t s- or j dr them subsequent to the execution
scounag the border for J. C. Wunder if Wlltiff,g mortgage, tot,it Novcm
and Emmet Daniels, convicts who - bcr 3rd, 1910, in of and to said prcm-
caped from the Florence, Ariz., pen-jises hereinbefore menuonea ana ae
itentiary Monday night, induced two scribed in said execution as follows,
girls . to take a joy ride with them in
a stolen automobile and then made
their escape in tho direction of the
Mexican border. ,
A note dropped by Laura Foreman,
17 yean old daughter of a Florence
cattleman, one of the kidnaped girls,
asking help, is the only clue the offi
cers have. A strict border watch i
being kept between Nogalei
New York, Dec - 26. Seventy-five
negro soldiers, members of the quar
termaster's corps ami the Fifteenth in
fantry, are under heavy military guard
at the army building in Brooklyn to
day after having looted several saloon
jind starting a near riot late last night.
The saloon men refused to serve men
in uniform whoreupcn thoy helped
thomselvcs. Police woro called but be
ing unable to cope with tho Situation
they notified the quartermaster's do
partment which sent military polie.
to quell tho negroes.
, Tacoma, Wash., Dec 26. After slash
ing tho throat of his sweetheart, Annie
O Toole, with a pocket knife in tho
girl's room at the Pacific avenuo hotel
today, Pnvato James earner of the
142nd Spruce division walked to tho
railroad tracks nearby and inflicted
serious wounds in his own throat. Ho
was rushod to a hospital where it was
jaid ho will recovor. s
Carner attacked tho girl, who is not
seriously hurt, following her refusal
:o marry him, she told tho police.
Carnor's home is at Corwota, OkLa.,
and he had been working in a spruce
camp noar Prcuso, Oregon.
of Real Property on Foreclosure
Notiee is heroby given, that by vir
tue of an exocution duly issued out of
the circuit court of tho stato of Ore
gon, for the county of Marion and to
me directed on tho 10th day of Decem
ber, 1918, upon a judgment and decree
duly rendered, ontered of record and
docketod in and by snid eourt on the
3rd day of Docember, 1918, in a certain
with interest thereon at tne rate or i
per cont per annum from the 3rd day
'of August, 1916, until paid and the fur-
tremely useful piece of kitchen furni
ture. In a new device of this character
the dangerous point is sheathed within
the handle when it is not in actual use.
Stronger Than Steel
That rubber is in certain respect
stronger than steel Is indicated by
unique test made at the Diamond tire
factory. A sand blast under enormous
pressure was blown on a piece of rubber
and a piece of steeL The rubber actually
outwore the steel three to one.
Ancient Iron.
In the Old World the art of smelting
ore was discovered about 1,200 B. C
It has sometimes been suggested that
iron tool and weapons may have been
made at an earlier period from meteor
ites, and recently a considerable amount
of evidence in behalf of this hypothesis
has been presented by Mr. C F. Zimmer.
arc the remedy you need. Talc tire
'soaks into the eefts and Kiting of the
ft mVT RVtTT tT V . 1 iltl IjI .11 .i K
xauneys ana ariTra uut i-it f..-
' New Ufa and health, will surely fol
I low. When vour normal visor Ms Dcea
restored continue treatment for a while
. to keep yourself in condition and p re-
I VAnf rHifn mt tfc l)Llu&Se.
Don't wait uatil you are incapable
ef righting. Start taking GOLD MED-.
All Haarlem Oil Capsules today. Your
druggist will cheerfully wfund your
money if you are not satisfied with re
sults. But be sure to get the onjfinal
imported GOLD MEDaL ana aeeept no
rubstitutee. la three aiaee. - Sealed
paokgcs. At all drug store.
a. m. of said day at the west door of
the county court heuse in Salem, Ma
rioa eounty, Oregon, sell at pvblia auc
tion to the highest bidder for cash in
hand on the day of sale, a'r the right.
-title, interest and estate . hica said
i defendants and all persoaa claiming nn-
Lots seven (7) and eight () ia block
two (2) in University addition to the
city of Salem, Marion comity, state
of Oregon, as shown by toe recorded
plat thereof, excepting tho west 56
feet of said lot No. seven (7).
Said sale being made subject to re
demption in the manner provided by
Dated this I6th day of December,
Sheriff for Marion county, Oregon.
By O. D. Bower, Deputy. Ml
Notiee ds hereby given that the un
dersigned, by virtue of an order of
the county eourt of Marion eounty,
Oregon, duly made and entered of rce
ord on the 11th day of December, 1918,
was appointed executor of the estate of
John Aide, deceased, and that he has
qualified as such. All persons having
claims against said estate are hereby
notified to present the same, duly veri-
fied as required by law, at tho office
of Smith & Shields, attorneys, 403 Sa
lem Bank of Commerce- building, Sa
lem, Oregon, within six months from
the date of this notice.
Dated and firsf published this 19th
day of December, A. D. 1918.
Executor of the estate of John Aide,
deceased. 116
of Final Account
Notice i hereby given that the fin
al aeeount of Imeua Darby, ailministta-
trix of the estate of John Darby, de
ceased, has been .filed , in the eounty
oart of Marion eounty, Oregon, and
that the Ota day ef January, 1919, at
the hour of 10 e 'slock a. rr. . has boen,
daly appointed by said'eonrt for the
hearing of objections to such final ae
eount and the settlement thereof, at
whlei time any persons interested in
aid estate are hereby required to ap
pear and ahow cause, if any they have,
why eaid final aeeount should not be
allowed and approved by slid eourt.
Dated November 27, 1918.
Administratrix ef the B?ste of John
Darby, deceased. 1-2
of the State of Oregon for Marion
County ,
Jb the matter of the estute of Henry
D. Bt. Holen, descasod. Notice of hear
ing of final account.
To all persons interested in the es
tate of Henry D. 8t. Helen, deceased:
You are hereby notitiod that on the
3rd day of December, 1918, Elizabeth
I. St. Helen filed in this court her fin
al aeeount as executrix of the estate
of HenTy D. 6ft. Helen, deceased, nd
that said final aeeount will bo heard
Dy this eourt on Monday January sixth
1919, at the hour of ten o'clock a. m.
of said day or as soon thereafter as
this court can hoar same, in the room
of the .county court at the eourt house
ia Balem, Marion eounty, Oregon, and
yon are hereby cited to appear at tho
time and plnco abovo designated ana
show eause if any exist why said fin
jthi said executrix disehnrged from her
Dated this 3rd day of Decrmbor, 1918
County Judge.
Donald W. Miles,
Attorney for exoeutrix, U. S. Nation
al bank bldg., Salem, Or. 1-2
By A. Scientist
He has compiled a list of the known
iron-containing meteorites, nearly all ac
cumulated within the past century, and
he shows from these alone about 250
tons of iron might be obtained. Of this
amount more than 99 per cent is mallea
ble, consisting af a nickel-iron alloy.
Eleetrie Shoe Drier.
An electric shoe drier is now being
introduced in shoe-shining parlors
mney maker, say Popular Science, for
which is a time over, and therefore a
it can be employed to dry one shoe while
the attendant is polishing the other. It
is psovided with a small motor-driven fan
that forces a strong blast of air through,
a tube-like mouth directly onto the shoe.
The drier is held in place by an iron
arm that can be quickly attached to the
fast rest Current is obtained through a
cord from any light socket The ttla
machine weighs only two pound.