Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 25, 1918, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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WifA the J
Season's Greetings J
We wish you all a very
Mo rrv Chriatnin U
mt -tj -st lYi-yrj.jjj "ray
iyk J4lkf C3) - .... .
': Merry. ....
ArrT:.' . : Christmas
t and
: flwj) '',.,, Happy
fg ',. New Year
fJl p m Gregory
X.PA "Salem's Ice Cream Man"
All Around Town
Dee. 29 Christian Science
lecture, opera house, 3 p. a.
Dee. 10. Secead election en
school budget.
Dee. Sl.-'ompany M dance
at armory.
Jan. 7 Annual Cherrisn ini
tiation and banquet.
Jan IS Legislature convene
Jan. 15-18 -Auto exhibit.
"IB moral
Okragfc O.
MMMflL"WtM ft
TR to aa rm mm de wsei
ecnea, UU Wb CUigh Oe
FtMB 1M, f.
Loach counter apposite 0. E. B. B.
depot. Good lunches, If. J. B. coffee,
Lady waitress. Open from ( a. m. te
13 p. m. 12-30
. Belax and rest in tie dental cSMr.
Dr. Hartley fills and extaacts teeth
without pain and corrects diseased
suae. Moore bid. Phone 114. tf
Build up Salem V industries by gap
porting those on the ground. tf
' o
Balem bread la freshest and best, tf
"Doe" JiBwIs, formerly with tho J.
C. Perry drug store Is home from Gout
Captain It. D. Byrd writes his Elk
' friends from Belgium sonding them
freetings. Tho lottor is dated Nov. 23.
Dr.. Lottie Findley, of Grant, Pass,
sister of. Dr. M. V. Findley, is visiting
t the homo of hor brother,
Hnrry Croniso is homo from the Uni
Yersity of Washington.
Marvin Holt, son of Dr. and Mrs.
Goorgo P. Holt, Is home for the holi
days. Ho is In tlw aviation detachment
f the navy at the University of Wash
ington and expocts soon to bo lent to
the south.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. B. Webb are In Port
land spending Christmas with Mr,
jWebb's parents.
Three years ag0 Christmas, the mail,
nmm temporaturo was 48 und the mini
mum 38, tho day was cloudy and thorl
wns .0 of an inch of rain. Christmas
for 1018 enmo in wjth cloudy weathor.
Tho maximum tempornturo was 39 and
tho minimum 32. The rainfall was .05
of an inch. Ono year ago this Christ
fas tho day was cloudy, the maximum
temperature wns 49 and tho minimum
H8. There was a precipitation of .22 of
an inch, Last yoar it not only rained
ou Christmas day but it had been rain
inf for 13 days beforo and continued
to ruin for six days after. Last Christ
mas tho rivor was at a slogo of 17 foot
This year it will bo only three feet
. . According t0 Portland reports, Mrs
Winnie Braden is now after tho job
held by A. H. Len, secretary of the
state fair board. It was but recently
that she was conducting an activo cam
pnigh for election as manager of the
Salem Commercial club, the position
now being hold by Frank H. Chapman.
Wishes all friends and pat
rons a Merry Christmas
Mr. and Mrs. G. E. TerwllUger, grad
uate morticians and funeral directors,
770 Chemekota St. Phone 724.
I have moved my offices Into mors
pleasant and aoro commodious quar
ters the third lioor of the V. o.
National bank building. Dt. O. Lt Beott
Ckirepraetie-Spinologist, 304-213 C. 8.
National bank bldg. tf
Charles L. Unruh, formerly at the
stuto house in the printing department
is now stationed at Payne Field, Wost
Point, Miss. . It just happens that ho is
uliyo and well for just a few days ago
he was invited to go up in the air for
a little joy ride with a friend, but an
other mun asked to take the trip and
he let him go instead. On that trip
the airplano crashed into anothor and
all four men of the two planes mot in
stant death.
Highways Rapid Transit Auto service
to Portland and way points daily, leav
ing Balem at 7 a. m. Phone orders ev
ening before, 137 S. Com'l. Phone 663.
George B. Doust Is home for the holi
days from Miami, Florida, whero he it?
field superintendent of tho Harbauer
company, heavy buyers of tomatoes and
cucumbers. He was formerly a resftU'St
horo in chareo of tho Capital vltj
creamery. His son, Harry W. Doust,
who has boon stationed in a New Jersey
ordnnnco camp, has been mustered out
and will return to manage his father's
ranch on rural route 8, Saloni,
Dr. J. O. Mtthls,assoclatM with Dr.
H. J. Oloments, office 4W-410 Balem
tank of Com. bldg. Office tel. 673;
res. 1705 South Fir St. tel. m. 12-27
Lieutenant Robert 8. Gill, former, rec
tor of St. Paul 's Episcopal church is in
the city.
High' grade, genuine fun for Christ
mas gifts at special prices. West Fur
Co., 217 South High St. tf
are of
M So Tcs3 "
I Cbineee Medicine end Tea
Hs imie,:n which will tmn
ma j anowa aiseaee.
V Sundays from 10 m
until 8 p. m.
lEa South High 8t
t BaleM, Oregon. Phosw MS
Notice to the
Beginning Thursday evening
December lDth, we will es
tablish a night service both
from Salem and Portland
leaving at 6 p. m. making
two trucks leaving Salem
and Portland daily. Those
desiring quick service from
Portland phone your orders
before 5 p. m.
Sol Roberts, Agent
Salem tread supports Salem's payroll
and in turn the aska the support of Sa
lem people. tf
With four sons In the service, W. H.
Tate of Sublimity is feeling especially
thankful this Christmas due to the fact
that one of the boys is home with his
discharge and the other tree ave es
caped witout injury.
o "
It Is just little risky toting a pros
perous looking suit case now-a-days as
the police force are inclined to loon
with suspicion on anT traveling bag or
suit ease coming from the wet fields
of Cilifornia. As to whether an officer
ofthe law has the right to investinte
a suit case traveling north, there is
chapter 141 of the general laws of Uro-
eon for 1917, page 179. Part of this
chanter reads that if an officer "has
reasonable information that intoxicat
ing liquors are being unlawfully carried
he may search without warrant. "About
tho onlv thine that cannot be searched
is a train, but even cars may be searcn
ed if one of the train crey invites an
officer to look around. Then the police
have the legal right to ask any one to
open a Buit case for examination and
to ask one to step over to the police
station and talk lt over. There are
somo who rely on the constitution of
the United States to protect their
riehts, but from past experience in Sa
lem, tho constitution was of no avail
when the police officer asked any one
to come along to the police station.
Tea should buy Salem bread only,
there is a reason. tf
Hunt'a orchestra will furnish, the
music" for company M 's informal mili
tary-iball at the armory Now Year's
eve. The committee m cnarge expecis
this to be tho military event of the sea
Big dance tonight armory.
7 p. m. tonight big dance. Big time
at armory.
Music that makes you dance at ar
mory tonight.
Knm early enjoy the' good music and
dancing at armory tonight, 7 p. m.
With visible evidence that he had
been hit in the nose, S. G. Br.own of
Silverton appeared before Judgo Web
ster yesterday an dswore out a warrant
for tho arrest of Joe Moxicy, on a
charge of assault and batery,
Attorney E. IE. Baker, who was In
ducted into the service June 26, 391s,
and who is now Sergeant Baker, Is at
home from Camp Lewis for over Christ
mas visiting with his parents. Ho is
firBt sergeant motor' ambulance No. 55
and his work includes the discharging
of tho men in his company and other
administrative duties. On account of
his work Sergeant Baker expects to be
held until tho last at Camp Lowis.
Among tho boys seen at Camp Lewis
aro Bcvcral of tlio aviation ouncri, in
cluding Victor Moffett, Ivan Johnson
and Mr. McDonald who just arrived a
few days ago. Sergeant Baker says
that the boys who were inducted Into
I he service inst August and sont to
fnmp Lewis, are all there yet and are
in the 13th division.
A marriage license was issued at Van
"ouver .Wash., Dec. 21, to Raymond L,
Cleveland. 25. and Gertrude E. Bray-
hill, 18, of Salem.
No city boarders are to he found at
the citv or county .inils. The two boot
ledgers who wcro given a fine of $100
or 50 days in the county jail by Judge
Knee managed to find somo fnonds in
Portland who raised $200 enabling tho
men to pay their fines and leave Into
lust evening to spend their Christmns
in tho big citv. Tho 12 quarts of Bun
nybrook taken from tho bootleggers
wns poured in tho sewor. Officers of
ficiating at the ceremoney wero Chief
nf Police Folnnd with officers Bico and
Paulson as witnesses that tho booze hod
been legally disposed of.
Chrtstrncs dance tonight at armory
at 7 p. m.
While real estate is not especially
booming in 8alem and vicinity, yet
thero is a strong undorcurrent of
strengthening prices. This is notico
ablo, real estate men say the sales
of city property that have stiffenel
considerably within the past six months
Fruit tracts aro also being held for bet
ter prices and many strangers have
been in tho city the past month looking
for investments. Ferdinand Kurz a
few davs ago bought as an investment
a ten acre improved tract three and ono
half miles from Salem on the Jeffer
son road from Walter L. Hatch. Not
withstanding the fact that no mouey
is spent for advertising purposes nor
any effort made in that line, nor any
available literature to be had sotting
foith tho advantages of the Willamette
cinuate, the general impression is that
Salem and vicinity is just on the verge
of a lot of prosperity and all in spte
of the natural disposition of the old
timers and conservatives to indirectly
discourage new comers.
The rural schools" are not putting on
many Christmas programs this year.
With the general influenza conditions
throughout the county, school directors
have thought it best not to give enter
tainments that would bring in several
neighborhoods. Those that have been
given have been for only those living
n tho district where the scool is lo
A. L. Wallace and Paul Stege win
leave aboutt he first of the year to
mako their homes in Saa Francisco.
Both men have been prominent in the
affairs of the Elks lodgo,
The family almanac says that Dec
22 was the shortest day in the year,
vet at the same time tEe sun is ris
ing a little later each day np until the
first week in January when it finally
doesn't show above the borizan until
7:30 o'clock. The scientist says the
days are really getting longer even if
the sun is later in getting np as it is
now setting a little later each day. For
instance, on Dec. 22, the sun was schea-
uled to set at 4:31 o'cloek while this
evening, if it follows instructions of
the family almanac, it will set exactly
at 4:32 o'clock.
Tha funeral services for Mrs. Ciiver
Darby who died at Lostine, Oregon, will
bo held in Salem Thursday morning at
11 o'clock from the chapel of the Big
don company. The services will be con
ducted by tho Ecv. Swanson of Port
land and burial will be in the City View
cemetery besido the body of her hus
band who was buried last Thursday.
o !
Owing to the lateness of the report ol
many tax levies and of the public utili
ties properties, the office of len F.
West, county tax assessor, is working
overtime in order to have all work
brought up by the first of the year.
Hcnco business was going on as usual
in the office this morning. The tax
levies are all now in excepting from
school district No. 24, which includes
Salem, and from the cities of Scotts
Mills and St. Paul. Unless a tax levy
is officially received by the evening of
Dec. 31, it will not be represented on
the rolls for the coming year. .
Would Make Paget Sound
Great Distributing Point
Tacoma, Wash., Dec. 25. That Ta-
coma, Seattle, Everett and other Puget
Sound points must pool their interests
in making the Sound one of tho worlds
great terminal centers .was the state
ment of B. H. Thomson, Seattle expert
engineer, explaining tho details of the
pu'blic service commission's proposed
terminal plans to businessmen hero.
'The entire plan," said Thomson,
"would do away with vexatious delays
and excessive handling charges now im
posed on shippers, and would put Puget
Sound at the front as a great distrib
uting point for Oriental trade."
' -it '
''V:- ' -
mm .skwm
f.M ir&J- K-.. 4lT' "
Chicago, Dec. 25. Approved Christ
mas weather prevailed today through
out the middlo west.
All the valley states lay under a
heavy blanket of snow. Temperatures
To our friends and patrons
to all humanity every
' where our wish .
The Best Christinas You ye
Commercial & Court Sts.
Formerly Chicago Store
Japanese Peace Party To
Arrive In Frisco Tomorrow
Aboard the Steamer Tenyo Maru,
Dec. 24. (By wireless to San Francis-J
co.) The second contingent oi tne
Japanese peace party is enjoying a
pleasant voyage oboard the T. K. K.
ranged from zero in North Dakota to (liner Tonyo Maru. Tho steamer expects
30 in southern Illinois. . to put into an DTaneisco j. nursing
Kailfoad traffic, delayed by storms I morning. ......
yesterday, returned to normal today.. The party is under the leatiersnip oi
23 Famine Conditions'
Food Shortage approchmgl lamine Point
Serious Food Shortage
fss Sufficient Present Food Supply
But Mure SeAote
People? already recervinA
American aid
jfJT Unclassified
.DECEMBER, 1. 1918,
A food map of Europe today shows
not a single country in which the fu
ture does not hold threat of serious
difficulties and only a small part which
Is not rapidly approaching the famine
point With the exception of the
Ukraine only those countries which
have maintained marine commerce
have sufficient food supplies to meet
actual needs until next harvest, and
even in the Ukraine, with stores accu
mulated on the forms, there Is famine
In the large centers of population.
Belgium and northern France, as
well as Serbia, appear on the hunger
map distinct from the rest of Europe
because they stand in different rela
tion from the other nations to the peo
ple of the United States. America has
for four years maintained the small
war rations of Belgium and northern
France and la already making special
efforts to care for their Increased
after-the-wajr needs, which, with those
of Serbia, must bt Included in this
plan, are argent In the extreme and
must have immediate relief.
The gratitude of the Belgian nation
for the help America has extended to
her during the war constitutes the
strongest appeal for us to continue our
work there. The moment the German
armies withdrew from her soil, and she
was established once more in her own
seat of government the little nation's
first thought was to express her grati
tude to the Commission for Relief iu
Belgium for preserving the lives of
millions of her citizens.
Germany, on the other hand, need
not figure In such a map for Ameri
cans because there is no present Indi
cation that we shall be called on at all
to take thought for the food needs of
Germany. Germany probably can care
for her own food problem If she is
given access to shipping and Is enabled
to distribute food to the cities with
dense populations, which are the trou
ble centers.
England, France, the Netherlands
and Portugal, all of which have been
maintained from American supplies,
have sufficient food to meet immediate
needs, but their future presents seri
ous difficulties. The same is true of
Spain and the northern neutral coun
triesNorway, Sweden and Denmark
whose ports have been open and who
have been able to draw to some degree
upon foreign supplies.
. Most of Russia is already Is the
throes of famine, and 40,000,000 people
there are beyond tha possibility of
help. Before another spring thou
sands of them Inevitably must die.
This applies as wen to Poland and
practically throughout the Baltic re
gions, with conditions most serious In
Bohenlla, Serbia, Itoumnnln and
Montenegro have already reached the
famine point and are suffering a heavy
toil of death. The Armenian popula
tion Is falling each week as hunger
takes its toll, and in Greece, Albania
and Roumania so serious are the food
shortages that famine is near. ;A1-.
though starvation Is Dot yet imminent,
Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Tur
key ore In the throes of serious strin
gencies. In order to fulfill America's pledge
In world relief we will have to export'
every ton of food which can be han
dled through our ports. This means at
the very least a minimum of 20,000,000
tons compared with 6,000,000 tons pre
war exports and 11,820,000 tons ex
ported last year, when we were bound
by the ties of war to the European
If we fall to lighten the black spots
on the hunger map or If we allow any
portions to become darker the very
peace for which we fought and bled
will be threatened. "Revolt and anarchy
Inevitably follow famine. Should this
happen we will see In ether parts of
Europe a repetition of the Russian de
bacle and our fight for world peace
will have been In vain.
Baron H. Maltino and includes General
Nara and Vice Admiral Takeghita,
leaders of the military and naval sec
tions. In all the party is comprised of
forty members.
The party will meet the first dele
gation under tho leadership of Marquis
Baionji at Paris.
Washington, Dec. 25,Cotter Bride,
prominent Washingtonian and friend
of former Secretary of State Bryan,
died here today.