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OB DEC. 20, 1870
i&v jit
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eneer Hardware
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other bus favored moro intimate rolii
tious between capital and lubor, with
tint idea of establishing industrial do
noit f,,rbearar.c j,i both .idea. Unto J mwtm7 tt,,(l 80 Thi 'ncou.-aj
. !' .1 .1 The offer of good wages and bet
nr npitu ui lan Mlit UUU muium iui" 1,.,. fiitikil il i.t n.n i
ftidciatij.i prevail there in danger ol
1 lurioiig eotiHi ijiit iic a to all concerned.
!''. luii.'i'ely n no . spirit has developnn
fiiong industrial louder., who show
ilioitoaitlon to recognize the position ji
Itilior And to taut- the lead in a dkIuv
if tonriliatiiin H.nl iliM.iMi.in. One i
iku: lcnuer u ilie toiiiitiv has I u'i
liely taken the position that 'capital
must bo ready to make' sacrifices; aa-
ter conditions of employment comes
when most needed from employed
whose policies will undoubtedly be
widely followed elsewhere. How will
labor meet these advances! No adjust
ment of wages to o peace basis u ex
pected until commodities decline; but
! lie h.gh lovel of the latter cannot con-
tiuno, and when the drop arrives the
test, will come. '
Even's of the week were not ol! o
9The Influenza Germs Attack The Lining Of The Air Pas
sages. When VapoRub Is Applied Over Throat And
Chest, The Medicated Vapors Inhaled Loosen The
Phlegm, Open The Air Passages And Stimulate The
Mucous Membrane To Throw Off The Germs.
Most authorities now - agree that pninriipnlly by huninn contact, chiefly
through coughing, sneenine or spitting.
Wo avoid persona having colds wuich
means avoiding crowds common drink
uut we tail pauisu ml hum, . is simp
ly the old fashioned grip, which wan
I""1" i 'ww. i in..ucn- in ,., ro,(,r toW(1, pt K
snmith and atlai'k the lining of the air
imssiiges nose, throat aud brouchlal
your bodily strength liv plenty of ex
or vis? in the open air. nml aood food.
A I -It !J .11. t i
;f" f,. i),;. I vimvw hm, hvoui eoiuw, as COIC18 irn-
0 sou, but nature will throw off the!"'111, '""" ,r l'a!,W' "
Ultack. if clv von conserve vm.r ' m. ,nuL" breeding
rtromrth. A oo.m.e-teut ,i,hv.ician should ' :,ur. the go "lis.
nluavH bn rnKid. Th unit nf Viuutltuli I
1 here is no cure or sp.'
(t iis not iint rfire nith any internnl
treatment and it is now bein, used
troadmlntlivd physician eveivwhoro,
nler to atiinulat the lining of the air
ftiasaires to throw off the grip germs,
to aid in loosciiing the phlegm .ind
keeping tht air i:issagi' open, thus
making h bmathing- rasier. Ifot wet
towlg should tie apjilied over the
fciiroat, chest and buck between the
liso Vkk 's YaiwKub at the very first
sie.n of a co'd. J-'or a head cold, melt
. a iiltUi ViipuUul) in a wpoon and inhale
' the vapors, or belter still, use Vapo
' , Kub in a benzoin :enm kettle. If this
id net available, use an ordinary tea
kettle. Kill half full of boring "water,
put an half a teaoon of VapoKub
from time to time -keep the kettle just
s!ow!y boiling and inhale, the eteain
Wl.oolder blade t ooen the re. ""'"r""' ' 11 P
1 lien VBpoitul) h'iuuij tie rulibmi in
ever the parls until thu akin is red,
Dprend on tin. k ly and covered with
(wo thicknesses of hot flannel c
l.'ave the clothing
overy of a North Inrolira druircist.
jwhn found how to eoiubimi; in salve
form, M. nthol end Onmipinor with such
cl(j,llfc i volatile oils as Eucalyptus, Thyme,
loose around the r" V- V u ,l i v , " "
eck, as the heat of the bodv liberate "P T" , " "uuJ,.n 'B
Ihe ingredientd in th form of ri!7"V 7r i i a
1'heao vapors, inhaled with each br'eath ! Y1 "b t&
carry the medication directly to the ,Z " "r "Kr " " l.lmral"Z
parts affected. At the same time, Vapo
!ub i absurbod through and stimu-
l l" rVhn. - l- , u.in troubles-over i million Jar, were
JM surface, and Jbu .da u roUey.ng,w y pularly
14.0 eongcrfio. wWti recommends for shildren i sroap or
HOW TO AVOID TOT DISEASE (WllU M it u elternally applied and
' Evidence neoma ta pv that Bo- nan, therefore be used freely and oftes
Ml ififlnooM it grm disease, spread without the slightest karir.fal affscta.
ly new in certain parts o? the north,
it 1 the standard home remedy ia the
south and west for all foias f cold
atiin'liiliiiu (,i niaoter in tho financn
u'o i.ti. j'.viuii i'i cue war board 't
sui rciu.tn gHti trul of the steel indus
try ntler .'V.vn.bcr 31 was a disappoint
iuent .iwpVcisilly considering that neO
leuders had requested a delay in ordor
to Help stabilize the market. Moderato
co:u!c."Hion3 i gteol prices had already
been decided upon, with tho idea of re
turning to pro-war conditions by a
gradual process. Tho bourd, however,
was positive in its altitude that it was
best for all concerned for industry to
go fenek to normal as soon as possible.
Another unsettling factor' was tiocro
tury MeAdoo's lettor suggesting that
control of the railroads be left to the
noveniment for another five years, This
is directly tho opposite of the policy
prevailing in other industrial activities
of tho government. Tho socretary,
however, makes some strong arguments
in support of his views, and theso will
hnvo to stand the test of discussion. It
seem hardly wiso to ae.copt his Ideas
until cuo otnor siilo.lins been sufficient
ly heard from. The return of the roads
to their owners after tho war was
fixed promise that should not bo re
versed without ample reason, nor with
out approval of those most concerned.
An immediate return of the roads bo
foro necessary legislation has boon
adopted would be disastrous to some
of the smaller roads, and an exti:.,,.e
of five years of government control hut,
not yot been justified. Let us havo a
thorough discussion before any change
of policy is adopted. Tho money nmr
ket is fairly supplied with funds, call
loans being abundant, but time loans
scarce. Preparations aro already be
ginning for the next liberty loan, which
will probably be placed on somewhat
different lines than preceding issues.
Now that the stimulus of conflict is
over, regular buain ss methods of flota
tion will have to be denr.djd upon, and
the terms of the new loan aro already
being discussed. Somo important ques
tions will be forced upon our new sec
retary at an early date, but fortunnto
ly he is well equipped by both knowl
edge and experience for dealing' with
thorn. An uusotftod stock market must
be anticipated for tho immediate fu
ture. What with the problems referred
to above, and what with the adjustment 1
neoertwiry to declining commodity pric
es, as well as tho fading awar f war
profits, considerable deflation must bo
expected. As an offset a slow fall in
prices of commodities would stimulate
demand, and induce a revival of cus
tomary enterprise. There is n reason
whatever for loss of real confidence.
Uood invest mcnta should not be dis
turbed; and after, necessary adjust
ments we may look forward to more
healthy conditions. HKXRY CLEYVa
Mr. and" Mrs. William Hazxard of
Chehalis have received word that their
ion, O. P. M, Haazard, now in France,
has been promoted to the rank of co
Formil Op'ths Of Finest H-
Tc-1 a fiorthwest Great
Ereit Ia Silea History.
Almost half a century ago, thers was
opened in Salem, Oregon .the fiaest ho
tel in the northwest .surpassing ia fur
nishings apd equipment the tkea fa
mous St.- Charles hotel on Froat street
in Portland. It was known as ths Chs-
meketa hotel, now the Jaarioa, appear
ing then as the Marion appear low,
with but few changes. i
, it was on December 26. 1870 that he
great social event took place. The lob
by was about twice as laree as in tho
Marion at present and tho seen as the'
notables appeared for the grand ban-1
quet was in ninny ways the most in'
spiring that had oceuired in the capital '
city for many a day.
C. A. Cutting was the proprietor: The !
hotel was owned by the Commercial Ho- i
tel association which included John G.1
Wright, Joseph Holinan and F. Hent-
schel. Ia every respect and especially!
in tho furnishings the hotel was equip-1
ped almost a generation ahead of the'
times. John F. and Miller . Meyer '
mrscn wore aiso part owners.
Of the hundreds who signed the new
ly opened register barely a doaen or
moro aro living today. These include
John G. Wright, John H. Albert, J. A.
Iiakor, Mrs. Bello Martin, Miss Hattio
Clark, now Mrs. N. H. Looney, Mrs.
B. II. Dearborn, now of Portland, 8. A I
lea Thall, now of Portland, A. B. Cross
man of Portland, E. C. Halley, Salem,
Georgo P. Holman and wife now of Salt
Lake City, and Honry H. Gilfry of
Washington, D. C. j
Tho ceremonious opening of tho hotel
was an event when prominent ritizeus!
of tho day from all pare.) ei i,io Wi. j
inmotte valley were glad to i jme to Sa
lem to join in the rejoicing. On the
pages of tho. register, now almost 48
years old may be seen the following:
11. V. Brown of Albany, state print
er lor a number of years.
A. J. Monroe, prominent in the lifo of
r:io ciry anu inter mayor of Salom.
u. . bk.ft, city councilman for a
number of years.
T .li. Kickoy, postmaster of Ralcm at
tho time.
l,. K Grov-f, at that time governor
nr uregon aim :ater United States sen
ator. Oregon's first representative in
1. B. MoorcSj.iormer speaker of the
house of representatives of Oregon and
and agent a number of years tit th.
)rogon .and Calif nrnia . railroad, now
tho Southern Pacific.
H. II. Gilfry, former member of the
stato legislnturo and in 1870 private
secretary to Uovomor Groger.
J. N. Glovor, at that time eity mar
shal and later one of the founders of
Werner Breyman, pioneer merchant
of tho Willamette valley and at that
time leading businoss man of Salom.
John F. Millor, leading democratic
politician wh0 was defeated for gover
nor in 1862.
John G. Wright, mayor of Salom for
several terms and still an active citi
John H. Albert, at that time cashier
of tho Ludd & Bush bank, later prcsi
dent of tho Capital National bank of
E. M. Wnitc, from whom is named
tho Wuito fountain adjoining the stato
house grounds on Winter street.
J. H. Moores, stato senator and mayor
of Salem several terms.
J. A. "linker, still living in Halem,
city marshal ,lator sheriff of Marion
county and member of the legislature.
Pan H. Murphy, county clerk and an
active politician in tho early 70 's.
S. A, Clarke, editor of the Statesman
E. It. Dearborn, prominent in many
wnys in the civic life of tho city and
afterwards postmaster nt Salom.
B. F. Bonham, circuit judge aad later
appointed postmaster for Salom. u,v
U. 8. consul at Calcutta, India.
E. N. Cooko, stato treasurer eight
years and grandfather of &. Cooke 1st
ton and Hal D. Fatton.
N. B. Knight, afterwards state sen
ator from Marion county.
L. S. Scott, afterwarda mayor an8
representative and later ppointed posf
mster for Snlem.
A. B. Grossman, afterwards appointed
postmaster for Salem. Then moving to
Portland, was appointed postmstor for
that oity.
Georgo P. Holman, who for a number
if yoars was a member of tho stato leg
islnture, now a resident of Salt Lake
1'ho firrt few pages ji the famous
1 1 if . c?l
One of the Most Favored of
All Gifts for the Children
Dark blue, wi'h Bunny ornament; sizes 11 to 2 ...75c
Dark blue, Piggie ornament, sizes 6 to 11 65c
Red with Skater ornament, sizes 6 to 11 ..: ...$1.15
Red with Rosebud ornament, sizes 11 to 2 $1.25
Nice black or blue felt, leather over
fiber soles 95c
Better grade felts, blue or grey, felt
soles, price dat $1.25
Good felt, with leather and fiber soles
in grey, with wine collar, also blue
with white collar, at $1.35
Lovely blue or pink with flowered col
lars, fiber soles, new styles ....$1.65
Fine grade felt Juliette, all leather
sores and heels ....$1.75
Highest grade comfy style, in old
rose, orchid, deep red, gray and
dark Copenhagen, priced. at....$1.75
and : $2.25
Black or grey feljt with felt soles....95c
Better grade grey Romeo, felt
soles.. $1.25
Fine black all leather $1.65
Brown with leather scles ............$1.45
Fine brown all leather slippers....$l.S5
-Fine brown felt, padded soles.... $2.25
Velvet Vamp, leather back all leather
soles, special a last year's
price ...$1.93
Finest grade all kid, black or brown,
hand turned soles, best leather....$3
Shoes of any kind for any member of the family at prices right Buy year
Christmas presents here; show your seed taste and judgment, and also save
enough to pay for Red Cross Memberships for the Whole family.
Clio'iioketu hotel V'gister for that fu
mous occasion on the evening of Do
comber 26, 1870, reads as follows:
From Port and.
L. P. Shaw, O. Kirkpatrick, W. L.
Hirsch, Joseph Holman, J. S. Morgan
Georgo Andorson, M. Bahwl, K II
Waite and wife, J. H. Moores and wife,
William England and wife, W. J. Pal-
lev, J. H. Hass, J. A. Bakor, Dan II
Burnham, E. Degencr, Tom Cottcll, T. Murphy, B. M. Thompson, Mrs. I. N.
J. Carter, W. Bradcn and H. T. Hud
From Albany.
It. f. Brown and wife, J. Irving, L.
Gilbert. Mrs Belle Martin, Mr. and
Mrs. S. A. C!arko and sorvants, Miss
Hattio Clarke, E jX. Dearborn and wife
B. t. Bonham and wife ot al. J. D
Bates, Henry Meyer T Janios . McCurdy, M.D., B. F Brown aud'diuigh-
tors, r b. Herren, wife and daughters,
J. Hoyt and wifo, E. N. Cooko, N. B.
Knight, II. Cnmonter. wifo and dauph-
1L.N. Stiles, A. J. Monroe, L. S. Skiff tcr, John Patterson and wifo. S. A
Samuel Brown, William E. ITov.1.11 and Gray, G. W. Cranson, J. A. Bipperton,
j. Li. wuuanis ana aauglitor, Li.TS. Scott
From Salem.
wifo, T. B. Rickey, L. F. Grover and
wife, I,. B. Moores and wife, Henry
H. Gilfry, J. N. Glover, W. Breyman
and wife, John F. Miller, wifo daugh
ters and servants; J. G. Wright, wifo
and servant; F. Hentschcl, Geoi
Chance, C. Uznfovage, wifo and ser
vant, C. E. Burrows and wife, J. C.
Brown and wife, J. H. Albert, M
Thoma8 Taylor, J. H. Howell, wifo and
servant, S. Allen Thrall and lady, A. B.
Crossman, James Cross and wife, E. Y.
Chase, M. D., E. C. Halley, Georgs P.
Holman and wifo and T. B. Newman
and wife. The original hotel register
is now in possession of I. L. Patterson
senator for Polk and Benton counties
The .power schooner Stasia, which
left Victoria with a cargo of lumber
for Chine, hus burned a to the waier s
edge at Shanghai. The vessel was built
at Victoria last summer,
For Infants
Sr Invalids
-Vii m,- A; . ".!?! No Cooking
A Nutritious Diet for All Ages.
Quick Lunch; Hone or Oficc.
You'll n J Sloan's LlnJraea
ofteas the severe
fheuzastic ache
Put It ca freely. Don't nA li In.
Just let it pentiraia rctUrally. What ft
esse of soothing relief soon follows!
External aches, stiffness,
cramped muscle, strained aiaews,
tack "cricks" those ailments can't
fight off the relieving qualities tt
Sloan's Liniment. Clean, convenient,
economical. Ask any drugtrist for it.
m a;
2 I V
1-1 In n
I FT": ft"- J"""
ci m mi - :
(V S '
-"' x -
WW S.I u i u a
30e, 60s, $1.20
.'11- --)
. ' it..- Hi .t- ii. W ,t . , li I
WKST PHOTO OF THE ENTBT OF THE ROYAL PAIR INTO BRUGES Thi m th, first photo of th, entry of
k ? " qUCC Belnm lnt0 t.it of Brnge, after being occupied by the German, for four years. Th,
() UBiemod k Underwood