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Guaranteed to Put on Finn, Healthy
Flesh and to Increase Strength,
Vigor and Nerve Force
Weak, Shin people, men or women -kre
nearly always nervous wrecks; tans
conclusively proving that thinness,
"weakness, debility and neurasthenia
kre almost invariably due to nerve star
vation. Feed yonr nwve and all these
symptoms due to nerve starvation will
Eminent specialists state that the
best serve food is an organic phosphate
knows among druggists s Bitro-l'bos-hate,
five grain tablet of which
hould be taken with each meal. B'ing
k genuine nerve builder and not a stim
ulant or habit forming drag. Bitro
I'hosphate can be safely taken by the
weakest and most delicate sufferer,
and the results following its use are
often simply astonishing.
Weak, tired people rcgnin strength
and vigor; thinness and angularity
give way to plumpness and curves;
sleep returns to the sieepiess; confi
dence and cheerfulness replace debili
ty and gloom; dull eyes become bright,
and pale, sunken cheeks regain the pink
glow of health. Bitro-Phosphate, the
use of which is inexpensive, also won
derfully promotes the amnntHaetion of
food,' so mueh so that many people re
port marked gains of weght a a few
CAUTION Although bitro phosphate
if unsurpassed for relieving nervous
ness, sleeplessness and general weak
ness, it should not, owing to its remark
able flesh growing "properties, be used
by anyone who does not derire to put
on flesh.
, .. .-, i
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tone of confidence in the monetary sit
uation that did not before exist. Prices
responded with more freedom to gen
cral conditions, which at best are very
unsettled, and there is reason to antic
ipate irregular and more active move
ments in security markots at least until
preparation' for- tho" next war loan in
jibe latter part of April, or near'.y six
months hence. During the interval there
will be offerings of treasury certifi
cates every two weeks on a plan more
ia accordance with good finance and
one that will tend to materially pro
vent any sudden strain.
Demobilization continues to be an im
portant factor in rtrek market values,
the war industrials being most conspicu
us ia this respect. Dividend and in
terest aisbursiimiits of the leading cor
porations in Dumber aro figured at
about $Xi'A,000,300, Or ten millions less
than a year ago. Practically all of
this decrease wns among tho industrials
wnose dividend I uvlrg abilities arc con
hidera'oly impai.vd by hey tracs and
iscreased expends. Tbi' railroad ar
working tnder o.eie settled conditions,
and the advance in rates is turning aef
icits into surplus, but the outcome of
government operation is still being
watched with keen interest, especially
in view of the' rising discussion upon
tevcrnwent owneahip which promises
to be nil active issue iu forthcoming
political campaigns.
More tittentior must now be given to
foreign trade, since ending the war will
promote a big expansion on tu part
of the United States and Great Britain,
For some time to come Germany wili
bo a minor factor, at least until she
has a surplus to export, but Great Brit
ain is already putting plans into elo
cution made months ago and the Unit
ed States also is making ready. I
Mrs. W. W. Moore entertained the
members of the P. E. O. Sisterhood
yesterday afternoon at her heme, 635
'.North Church street. An interestng pa
per on the history of the city of Je
rusalem was read by Mrs. G. W. Laf
lar. A short business session was also
held preceding the social hour. Later
simple refreshments were served the
nine members who were present. Mrs.
O. W. Laflar will b the next hostess;
a a
Mrs. Frank Jenkins and ehldren of
Eugene arrived in Salem the fore part
of the week for a month 's visit as the
guests of Mrs. Jenkins' mother, Mrs.
J. W. Woodruff at the Woodruff coun
try home north of town. Mrs. Jenkins
will be joined over the Christmas holi
days ,by Mr. Jenkins, whs is editor of
the Morning Begister at Eugene.
A small company of friends were bid
den by Mrs; E. F. Carleton and Mrs.
;W. I. Staloy for an ihforroal evening
of dancing last night at the Iluhee club
A mother in the home, or a man or woman at busi
ness, with nerves undone and the system generally
feeling,the strain, should find wonderful help in
Powerful sedatives or strong medicines are habit
forming and dangerous. The logical help is a form
or nourisnmeni aDunaanc in tonic properties
Scott's brings strength to the body, through nourish
ment that is felt in every part. If inclined to be
nervous, the logical answer is Scott's Emulsion,
Bcolt fk Bowne, Bloomfidd, N.J.
i Your Friends Are Doing Their
The game is on in earnest at this store, the store of real
rallies, the store where money cannot be spent fool
isMy. Take part in the fun. Shop early in the day, it
1. STRIPED SILK LININGS, 36 inches wide.
They were good values at $2.00, now clos
ing out at, yard ..95c
Splendid materials and good colorings, re
duced to, yard $1.00
make beautiful shopping bags. Don't pass
them up at, yard $1.00
4. VIYELLA FLANNELS wear well, wash well
and do not shrink; good striped patterns;
worth more, yard $1.00
in good colors and patterns, 52 to 56 inches
wide; they are big buys at $1.45
fi. BLACK PETTICOATS, mercerized and
good quality; just a few at less than value
of material alone.
7. UNDERWEAR, broken lots of women's un
ion and two-piece, wool, cotton ribbed and
heavy fleecd, at reductions of 20 per cent.
8. FUR TRIMMINGS, all colors, widths and
qualities, the entire line, and there is a good
assortment HALF PRICE.
pickups in Silks, Woolens and all classes of
yard goods. See them.
Mrs. B. L. Steeves returned last
.night from Portland, where she enjoyed
. i hi. ii . t 1 1
n lew ua,ye visit wua stir, gnu Jnrv.
Leban Steeves and friends.
Misg Amelia Eabcock went to Port
land today to visit friends over the
week end.
Mrs. Carrie Bunn was hostess for the
members of the Sweet Briar club Wed
nesday afternoon at her home on Ma
rion street. Eight members enjoyed the
social afternoon, Mrs. John Darby be
ing bidden as an additional guest. The
next meeting, which will be in the na
ture of a Christmas gathering win be
held at the residence of Mrs. C. W.
Beckett on the Wallace road
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Farnvr entertain
ed Louis Josse of Portland as their
guest yesterday.
Mrs. A. N. Moore and Mrs. S. M.
Endicott were joint hostesses to the
members of the Misionary society of
the Congregational church which held
its regular meeting at the church par
lors this afternoon. The afternoon was
devoted to Rod Cross work.
, , .
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Taylor of
Salem are visitinjf in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Clark are Port
land visitors.
Mrs. O. F. Holt is spending the Jay
in Portland, where she is" attending a
meeting of tho Iboard of directors of
the Columbia River .District of tho
Woman's Missionary society af the
Baptist chitreh. -i
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Walker enioyably
entertained a- number of friends Wed
nesday evening nt their hone on 3Wth
Thirteenth street. The uuor were mer
rily whiled away with music and danc
ing., A holiday deoorativo scheme of
red was earned out in the dining roora
where refreshments were" afterwards
Quinine That Does Not Affect Head
iBecause of its tome and laxative ef
(Tablets) can bo taken by anyone with
out causing nervousness or ringing in
the head. There is only one "Bromo
Quinine." E. W. GROVE'S signature
on the box. 30c. . .
the coming week the largest and most
importnnt foreign trade convention- in
our history will be held at Atlantic
City to discuss the problems of foreign
trade In all probability it will lead
to the formulation of stops that will
mark a new era in such relations. Iu
truth events are marching with tre
mendous rapidity; let us hope into a
fresh period of peace, prosperity and
justice. HENRY CLEWS.
6 Beu-ANS
i Hot water
, MUM '? titttttttTtt
15 OTP! 15
Portland, Or., Dee. ft 'The annual
Bose Festival will not be held here
next summer and probably never again.
This fact developed today following
the refusal of the Multnomah county
budget committee to provide a special
tax with which to meet the expenses
of the show.
By eliminating a $10,009 item from
the budget for the insurance of Bose
Festival property, the : committee- prob
ably Bounded the festival's death knei
Tho committee favors selling or de
stroying the show's paraphernalia. In
stead of the festival, a great celebra
tion is being planned in honor of the
returning soldiers.
After Taking Tanlac Thirty
30 Days He Says He's In
"Pink Of Condition."
"t Eav picked up at Uast twenty
pounds i rhe past thirty doys by tak
ing Tanlac, and now I In just in the
pink of condition ail around." This
statement was made by V'illiam M.
Edmonds, a well known employee of
the Seattle! Street Car company, living
at 760 North 74th street, Seattle, re
'.'My stomaen," he cont:nuea, "Has
been giving" me all kinds of trouble
for yeara What I ate seemed to d me
harm instead of good, as it would soar
on my stomach- and muse me sr much
misery. I could' hardly get my breath
at times on oecorrat of the gas, which
would press" on my heart antl cause it
to palpitate fearfully. I was badly con
stipated, air kidneys, were ijkbad shape
and I wan never free from pain in the
small of my baek. I eouldn r sleep at
All well audi -would lay awaxe jior
hour every night DefoTe getting a
wink of sleep. I also had rheumatism
in mv arms and legs, and my knees
would get so stiff ,at times that could
hardiv iDcmd oven.,.,
All mv efforts" to find relief felled
until I began taking Tanlne, but this
medicine has certainly put nie ia great
shape. My appetite was never better,
everything tastes good and my stom
ach ia in such a good condition that I
can eat anything. And since the gas
has stopped forming, I 'm n'ver bother
ed with palpitation, shortness of breath
or any otner signs oi inuigrauuu. my
kidneys don't botjier me any more, all
the pain has disappeared, and I sleep
fine every night., '
"My wifo has hcen taking Tanlne
for headache and a run down condi
tion and her first bottle has helped her
so much that she told me to bring her
another today. Itrcertainly is great to
do what it ha'fr me and is the one
medicine I don't hesitati to recom
Tanlae Is sold-in Hubbard by Hub
bard Drug Co., in Angel by xJen
Gooch, in Gervais by Jeha Kelry, in
Turner by H. P. Cornelius, in Wood-
burn by Lyman H. Shorey. in Salem
by Dr. S. C. Stone, in Silverton by ee.
A. steelnammer, in uawi oy mrs. o
P. MeCurdv and in Staytoa by o. A.
Beauchamp, in Aurora- by Aurora Drug
BtOTS, av.)
Jessie Reno Yung was born in Jef
ferson county, 111., March 23, 1901.
Died in Portland, Oregon, Den. 1,
1918, ngod 17 years, 8 months, 8 duys.
When but a child his parents moved
to Arkansas where they resided for
about three years. From there they
moved to South Dakota. The fnmily
resided at this place seven years. They
then moved to Oregon, settling near La
fayette where they lived about three
years. In which time Reno was con
verted. At the age of 14 he united
with the Baptist church. He held his
membership in the Baptist church of
Lafayette until his death. Tho family
moved from Lafayetto to a farm east
of Salem where they now reside
Ho leaves a father, mother, seven
brothers, one sister aud a host of
friends to mourn his loss,
Guy, the eldest brother, is now io
France in the service of his country,
serving in Company M, Salem, Oregon.
The rest of the children are at home.
The funeral was hold December 3 at
the Rigdon parlors and was preached
by his Sunday school teacher,. J. Av
Surgeon of Lafayette. The text was
John 11-23: "Thy brother shall rise
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born, Vanderbilt university, Tennessee;
Professor fleorge B MH1e!!un, Prince
ton; David Stnrr Jordan, Berkeley,
Cal, former president of StMaford uni
versity; former Congressman Richard
Bartholdt, St. Louis; William R. Hearst
Xew York; Bernard Riddt-r, Professor
Bushnell Hart, Harvard; Oswald (!ar
mnn Villard, Illinois; liward A.
Rumley, former owner of the JJew
Yo.rk Mail; Frederick F. Schrader and
Frank Harris, iXow Yerk; Kob I. Ford,
Xew York, editor of the Freeman's
Journal; Rev. Father Thierney, editor
of the American Catholic Wceklyj
Cteorge S. Vierock, New York; Mat
7. Hern, new York and Professor Kono
G. Franke. Harvard; Professor James
O. McDonald, University of Indiana,
Bloomington; Frofesiwr E. C. Richard
son, Pnneeton; Froressor A, a. XTkwn,
Cornell: Morris JastraW, Jr., Univerul
tv of Wisconsin; W. Mi Mitchell, Rich
mond, Va; Arthur Von Biicssen,. 25
Broad streef uNeW yr; unarie
sl. St. Louis; C. 3. Kexianor, Philadel
phia; Mai A. Hein, New York- awl
Ferdinand JScftevill, mrngo.
This list, Bielaskl testified, was- sent
to the Uorman government- styled as
"the meet important! men ia the unit
ed States from the pro-Jerman. point of
Under the directa of Dr. Fnehr, 3,
908 articles on different topics were
prepared and 1430 distribated through
out the country. Those, he said, covered
a wide range. Bernatorff, Von Papea
and Boy-ed all helped with the work,
he said.
Working in conjunction with the
Tin;: Briup Hsppiisss
With lie Dawn
Tt Coiaing af Baby Marks A.
vtat of a Cloriow Fofctr,
Sdmttats mr (met stm OmW b Uld
Upon the rrkat! Intiwrir wtilcft the
mother'! happr prv-nstsl dpmttloa has
worn Urn kcallb and futor 0 U ptsra
ttoiw to come.
Iter hi splmidid Dmrnratkm wem
tor tmr half m rmlvrf h tpp)li Im
fnrs the stork's arrival, known u Mother's
FUmkI. This Is newt trstrfut, pntntrnt
n that at w anftrw aari Mnthfa
tk myriad of bmail, Sal abdominal mnartaa
andrr tha aMn of the aMoman. By Its n
olar nae d-.ltlnir the period (he btt, t
k and coron are Rlamd and there la aa
abaesce of naiura, benrliHMren palna,
atraln and frencral dlKWBfort anre ofta
tSan otbanrlae experimced wbra Balsre M
By tht nae of Mother's Friend uttM and
awnint the mnarlea raht with euae whea
bahgr mrnvn the Mine at the rriats la shorter
and r! and dantrr la mtunDf amidad.
Wrlhr the RradlMif Regllir Cowoany,
BBf, K. Lamar BuUdliw, AUaata, Owwla.
nr their Motherhood (took, -end ot-Uta
hoHle of Mnthar'i Frland froaa the dnrlrt,
w ail miu,ad art tsto ceaaWsa te awf
uw crista. -
To choose your Xmas gifts
Make this Xmas a Pleasant one
This store will help to do its part
Sample line of Women's and Misses fine quality sweaters in Worsted, Silk and
Hbre Silk, plain and novelty models, priced corderably under the inarket
today. See these sweaters $1Z.5U, $n.5,
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Camisoles 98c, to $5.95.
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painted sets. The most complete line
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Black and Buff shades. "Extraor
dinary low prices.
DOLLS-A big display of Baby Dolls, Boy Dolls, Character Dolls, Dolls to Suit
pverv nurse This selection comprises the best makes. All made in the U. b. A.
every y . prices 24c, 48c, 98c, and up to $12.50
"Where Shopping Is a Pleasure"
145-147 N. LIBEKTi HTKBbT
and tooidrfg&
fcjgg" Every Cake
elaborate German burenvis wa the
friah Pres and 'News Herv-ce, neaiieu
by James K. Maguire, tl'O evidence
Eirrttctk from IViehrV diary were
read by Bielaski showinjf Hale met
Bemstorff the day before he sailod
front New York.
Owtr yivirtcr Vierieck, New Terk
publisher, soojtht- to estaWith a world
wide bureau to furnish Oerman propa
ganda, Bielaski testified.
Seyntoirr Jones' has announced that
he ha 31 representatives pledged to
vote for him for speaker f the honse
of represeatatHes at the coming ses
sio of the Oregon legishiture. Thes
who have promised their support ai
Mrs. Alexander Thompson, L. M. Gra
ham, Herbert Gordon, E. W. Hains, W.i
B. IWnnis, Benjamin C Sheldon, Wil
liam G. Hares, E. J. Edward, Johu
Crawford, W. P. Lalferty, W. V. Pul
Ict, Joseph O. Bichardson, David E. Lof
grtn, Oreo Richards, C. 8. Scheubcl
Charles Childs, L. E. Bean, H. C. Wheel
er, H. R .Cress, Roy Griggs, Charles
A. Brand, R. A. Hughes, Ivan G. Mar
tin, George W. Weeks David K. Loon
ev, P. J. Thrift, H. A. Dedman, J. R.
Stannard, D. C. Thomas, W. P. Elnioro
and Seymour JoneA
Stat Senater-Elect 'Walter B. Jones
yesterday received a telephone message
from Portland stating that Herbert
Gordon, representative from Multno
mah, and Representative Ben biielilon
of Jackson county, have withdrawu
from the race for speakership in favoi
of Reyinour Jones, of Marion county
and that the last named is now sure of
election Eugene Register.
Washington; Pec ft AH records for
coinage1 went by the boarij Curing the
year 1M8, Ray Baker, director of the i ed dlrcetly to war activities. The coin-
mint, announced in his arnual report j age of pennies reached ,4.,'J. jno
today. Coinage of denominations under (foM wag coined.
$1 for the year totalled 714,000,000 J uAT-AVfAKD WILSON PRIZE
pieces. This nearly doubled the coinage
of 1917 and approximately live times
the production of the min? in 191ti.
The unprecedented demand for. frac
tional coins, Baker said, could be trac-
Christiania, Norway, Dec. 6. Norwe
gian newspapers are agitating the
award of the Nobel Peace Prize to
President Wilson.
ml if
ss2t ffenlf tfinUi tmm
Your grocer will refundMull priceyou
paid for M. J. B. Coffee, if it does not
please your taste, no matter how much
you have used out of the can.
Vacuum Packed
It Reaches You Fresh