Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 28, 1918, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Kt per word New Today:
Ems. insertion . .. " .
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The Capital Journal will not he it
Sponsible for mor9 than one insertion,
for terrors in Classified Advertisements
Stead ypur advertisement th first daj
It appears and notify us immediately if
error occurs.
Minimum charge, 15c.
IFOR SALE Pord, 1918, 95 per cent
new. lyza state- &t. U-W
POTATOES for sale. Phone 80F11. tf
WANTED Victrola, or any make ma
chine. M V care Journal. 11-28
CORD wood for sale. Phono evenings
200311. tf
FOB RENT Furnished apartments,
330 3. lith. Phone 2092R. 11-30
HOUSE cleaning and window cleaning
wanted. Phono 1237. 12-5
FOB wood sawing call 493, business
hour 12-2
.FORD truck , chain drivt, for sale. 225
. Center 8t. Feed barn. 11-28
WANTED Plain sewing. Phone 7U6.
. 12-9
FOB SALE- Pigs 8 weeks old, $4.
Phone 49F5. 11-28
FOB SALS Fresh cow, 3 year old Jer
sey. 1925 State St. 11-29
FOB RENT Modern 5 room house at
1125 N. 4th St. Phone 2081J. 11-28
yi ANTED Fat thin and fresh cows,
large calves. Phone 1425M. 12-28
FOUR A Jersey cow. Owner can
have same by phone 81F14.. 11-28.
FOB SALE Good milk cows. Inquire
629 N.. W&ntcr from. 8, to 10 a. ni. tf
WANTED To buy beef cattle and
calves. Phone 1570W. 12-12
WANTED Girl for general house work
State School foe Deal. Phone 646.
WANTED Tame goat, broken for chil
drcn to drive. M. Harding, Sil
varton, O. U-29.
LOST 3 yearling Shropshire- rams, one
i.! .wears my label, Jf you, find same
, please call 43F24, J. J. Doerflos. tf
FOB SALE-8. O. White Leghorn roos
ters, O. A. C. strain, cheap. Phone
1135W. tf
FOB KENT Two sleeping rooms, in
Hubbard kldg, heat, light and water
furnished. Call room 304, tf
OLD papers for carpets, etc., 10 cents
per hundred call at Journal office.
MAXWELL for ale, $275. Terms. Me
chanically perfect. Highway Garage
Phono 355. Call 1000 S. Com'l. tf
FOB SALE 1918 Ford, shock absorb
ers, speedometer, good tires and ex
tras, $350. 2645 Portland road. 11-30
UBEETY BONDS If you must dis
pose of your bonds, we will buy
them. 314 Masonic bldg. . tf
TWO and three room furnisLcd apart
ments. 491 N. Cottage. Phone 2203.
WILL trade Salem residence property
for merchandise of any kind. Ad
dress M S care Journal. 12-1
1.ALL PAPEB 15 cents per double roll
upward. Burec's Furniture Store, 179
TOR SALE-Clieop if taken at once,
1917 Ford touring, excellent condi
tion. Will take liberty bonds. Call
157 6, Winter. 11-28
8ALEM chimney sweep,- clean them
- without dust on the carpets, furnaces
cleaned and repaired, stoves repair
ed. Phone IS. tf
PLENTY of money to loaa on good
farms; low interest rates; five years
time; privilege to pap 100 or multi
ple on any interest date. Call or
write H. M. Hawkins, 314 Masonic
bldg, 8alem. tf
PI R6T MORTGAGES for sale. Seetf
, d by well improved valley fanss
in amounts of $500 up to $10,000.
Thos. A. Eoberts, Phone 1427, 314
Masonic building. H
WANTED Assistant larly cook and
lady waitress. 223. N, Com'l. U-30
BABLY toggle hop roots for sale. J. B.
Cooper, Independence. . 12-26
FOB. SALE Nine A-l six weeks old
pigs; also Jersey cow. Phone 71F12.
WANTED Messengei boy. Western
Union Union Telegraph Co. tf
FOB SALE Three good dairy eows;
two in 'milk other to frei-hen. soon.
Address Box 83, Bt. 1, Salem. 12-2
FOBD delivery body, motav fenders
complete for sale at a bargain. Call
room. 304 -U. 8. Bank bldg., or phone
378 or 55F13. 11-29
MY husband has entered the service
and I wish to sell our 490, 1918
Chevrolet. Phone 1925 after 5 p. m.
GOOD farm 2 miles northeast of city
limits, to trade for good city resi
dence and some cash. Dr. Patterson,
420 S. Oom'l. 11-29
WB BUY all kinds of old horses
there is nothing we will not take.
Bring to Center St. Feed barn, C. L.
Scott. 11-28
WANTED Steam boiler not less than
25 h. p. Not more than 50.. Address
A. W. Lane, 1440 North Liberty. St.
EIVEB; BOTTOM FARM, 160, 86-100
acres, about acres under plow.
This is all Bandy bottom loam land,
all. feneed and cross fenced. Good
bouse, good stock barn, dairy barn
40i(120 feet, with cement floors,
stanchions, for 36, cows. Gaa engine
in. barn with water tank and- full
barn equipment. Good peach orchard,
grape vineyard, apple orchard and
small fruits. Plenty of fine wood on
tho place, for fuel. This place is on
good graveled road only two miles
from Corvallis. It is considered one
of the best bottom land places iu the
Willamette valley. Wheat made as
high as 22 bushels to the. acre, tnis
'past season. The land bag produced
as nigh as & tons of alralta per acre.
Wo might take a small piece - of
good) town property or a good car as
part payment Price $22,000. .Call on
or write owners, E. A. Miller and H.
Et Walter, Box 88,-Corvallis, Or. 11-30
fettle Market Showing "
Decent Tone This Week
North Portland, Nov. 26. With a
nominal run of 200 deal of cattle in
the cattle division today, and 100
head vestorday the market is showing
a right decent tone with trading good
at generally, steady prices at to-lowing
quotations: Pfiiui- steers,, $1.
12.50: eood to choice steers, $68;
shoic cows and heifers, $88.50; mo
dium to good cows and heifers, $6.50
medium cows and heifers, $5.50(a'6.50j
canners, $34; bulls, $57 caivos, $9
12; stackers and feeders, $68.
There was approximately 700 head
of hogs counted in the ln'g alloys over
night with 4300 head on the market
Monday. The outlet for hogs at this
t,imc is limited and the market has Buf
fered, a sharp. di!!.m', trudiiii' today :h
slow to weak at tolhwiinj quotations:
Prime mixed, jilG.Sr17;. medium mix
ed, $ 16.50 16.75; rough hoavios, $14.80
a-15; pigs, $14(ft!!) bulk $I0 5U1T.
With nominal arrivals of sheep and
Iambs the market is in :i very healthy
condition with lambs 25 cents higher.
Quotations are: Prime lambs, I'li
fair to medium lambs, $9(0111; year
lings, $1011; wethers, $9 10 ewes,
The Journal Job Department
.will print you anyihing in the
stationery line do it right and
save you real money.
iEi.il mm
Aft Assured That Peaceful
Reception VfiH Be Accord
ed Yankee Soldier.
By Webb Miller
(United Press Staff Correspondent)
With the American Armies Advanc
ing Toward the Shine, Nov. 28. The
inhabitants of Bhenish Prussia are
awaiting the occupation by the Ameri
cans with eagerness and expectancy. A
delegation from the soldiers' and
workmen's council at Trier was sent
over to the American lines.
Tho emissaries declared that in the
interim between the departure of the
Germans and the arrival of the Ameri
cans food riots were feared and beg
ged the Yankees to make haste in thoir
advance, to be of aid in case of dis
order. The delegation was told the
Americans would be unab.e to comply
with their request until they !ftd ac
tually begun the occupation.
The burgomasters of seuiral towns
have visited the Americans, giving in
surances that they will ha occorded
peaceful receptions.
It was stated that the German towns
people have been ordered to give up
their arms.
: General Von Dor Marwitz has issu
ed a proclamation ordering the inhabi
tans to receive the allied forces with
every courtesy and with resignation,
stating that the allies would not make
peace with any bolshevistic or anar
chistic regime.
The people were especially cautioned
to remain orderly and the soldiers ask
ed to maintain discipline and retain
their original units witnout plundering
operations, for the good of the Ger
man fatherland.
Total Deposits Amount To
Over $40,000,000 More
X Than Last Year.
In the banking wealth
oi Oregon are shown, by. the statement
aftnrnnnn bv Will H.
Bennett, superintendent ofbanks. His
statement is Dasea on me . repon ui
the banks at the close of business on
November 1.
"It is very gratifying" he says "to
noto tho substantial increase "in the
bunking resources of Oregon during tho
past year, as indicated by the follow
ing comparisons. ' '
' ' Total resources show an increase of
dn cifi.7H7.79. Total dcoosits an in
crease of $5,047,613.57. These increases
are even more- remarkable wnen we
consider that two liberty loan bond
wernf loatcd durinir this time.
Tho totul deposits show an increase
since August 31, 1918, of W,4ii?ba.
24." Total deposits in tho banks of the
state amount to '$225,381,703 while the
total resources of the banks is $282,
086,256, which is an increase of $40,
610,787 over a yearago.
Washington, Nov. 28. President
Wilson attending Thanksgiving sorvice
this morning at tho Central Presbyter
ian church. Eetuminfl to the White
House, the family feasted, on a 39
pound turkey, the usual annual contri
bution of Scott Trimble, clerk of the
house of representatives.
The rest of the day the president
planned to spend in quiet rest, prepar
atory to his peace conference trip next
FOB SALE Biver bottom ranch con
taining 150 acres, 40 acres cleared,
house, barn, soft ana naruwooo um
ber, at 65 dollars per acre. Will take '
some city property in excbairga See
Merlin Harding at Salem Hdw. Co. I
: A
FOB SALE 17 White Bock pullets
weighing from 3 to 4 lbs. about to
begin laying; must sell at once and
. will take $1.25 each delivered in
Salem, subject to inspection, satis-,
faction guaranteed. Write E. L. Os-
tergard, Independence. 11-28 (
HELP WANTED Government needs
thousands men. and women for gov
ernment departments, railway mail,
post ofifice, customs, internal rev
enue. $1100, $1800. Examinations
soom. Experience unnecessary. For
Free particulars regarding examina
tions write J. C Leonard, (fomer
civil service examiner,) 1059 Kenois
building, Washington, D. C. 11 30
c U' i If jr-f ?
K r ; i: . Li&f "
y m J I i
2;" ' .'J " :H
? l . 1, :
- in - n 1 1 1. -n h Kt-
LfciiM- . & .
Victory Sale
to wem
An event long-looked-for and the most
important sale of the season combining
Thanksgiving- Christmas suggestions
' : '. .
High Class
Coats, Reduced
$45.00 Coats at $35.65
$47.50 Coats at $37.65
$55.00 Coats at $43.65
$57.50 Coats at : ...$45.65
$69.50 Coats at' .....$55.65
PLUSH COATS in best quality of
Salts, Textiles, Plain and fur trim
med Your choice less ONE-THIRD
Women's and Misses'
Suits, 27.85 "
Values, to $40.00. Extraordinary
values, high grade, serges, poplins,
gabardines, worsteds, etc. Novelty
belted and semi-fitted styles, some
vwith. plush collars, fur and cloth
at a great saving. This victory sale
Go the Limit, Santa
The war is over, buy the children
toys while (1our stock is complete.
Dolls and Toys on the first floor
now. Very convenient.
The Label of the Lamb
Signifies the highest grade of
knitted wearables. These snappy
mornings suggest knitted snug
glers, shawls, sweaters, mittens,
leggings. We have a great line.
Women's and Misses'
Coats, $12.95
Values- to $22.50. Serviceable, prac
tical styles for utility wear, splen
did values and worth almost double
materials, slate, pannette, mixtures
tweeds, kerseys, etc Special
; $12.95
Women's and Misses'
Suits at $34.85
Values to $55.00. Very smart mod
els. An unparalleled offering. A
most delightful surprise Tailored
and semi-tailored styles, elega
made, and very desirable Extra,
special value at
Crepe, DeChine asd Georgette
Waists. Special, $4.95
Lovely waists of good grade Georg
ette and silk crepe de chine. In
white and flesh, neat tailored sty
les and embroidered. Several mod
els. All sizes. Sale Price
High Class
Suits, Reduced
$57.50 Suit at ....$45.65
$67.50 Suits at $33.85
DRESSES. Our beautiful stock of
the choicest styles in this season's
showing. Serges, Silks, Jerseys--Your
unrestricted choice less
20 Per Cent
Women's and Misses'
Coats, $19.85
Values, $30.00, This group of coats
are the best of this" season's offer
ing. Beautiful winter models of
velours meltons, imported tweeds,,
pleated and belted effects. Large
range of sizes. Special
for Everybody
Women's and Children's Handker
chiefs. From the plain sheer cotton
and linen to the exquisite dainty
embroidered ones. Also colored ef
fects in a wonderful array. Single
and in special boxes. Full stock for
I the Holidays.
f r
Encourage the suldicr boys to 1tee
their government inmirnnce. Don't let
the innuranee lapse.
That is the adviee given by Insur
ance Commissioner lfarvey Wells, who
has imued the following alateinent on
the aubject:
''Several inqriries have been made
of the inBurance department by rela
tives of boys who are now in bo ser
vice as to advico foneerning i.isurance
the boys have taken out witU tho gov
ernment. "While the insurance department
has no supervision over the question of
government insurance, my advico is,
however, and which is prompted by ar
ticles appearing in many of the east
era insurance journals, that govern
ment insurance bo continued for tho
reason that many of the boys will e.ime
back, more or less, physically impair
ed and will, of course, una it lmpooi-s-ible
to obtain insurance in regula:
'The law itself provides fiat within
five rears efter the president's pt-at
proclamation that the policies mnsi be
changed for some other form, to t
drafted by the government. Just what
form will be presented I am unable to
say, but I am under the impression the
plin will be to include ordinary life,
twenty-payment life and endowment,
maturing at thcsge of 62.
"No doubt ' many ofthe boy when
they eome baek will lapse their gov
ernment insurance; this, in my opinion
will be great mistake relatives and
friends should encourage them to. keep
it np and retain all they can under li
government plan."
woes produces contontment. Germany
will lose a large part of her territory
at the peaco conference, biit the union
of Austria to Germany is becoming
more probable. If that occurs Oer
many will be morn powerful territorial
ly in Europe after the war than before.
Tho German navy has been Irretriev
ably destroyed, but this will probably
tend, to direct Germany's future ex-
Now York, Nov. 28. The decision of
tho German peace delegates to summon
a conatitueut assembly, now repeated
for the third time, is the most positive
proof yet given to Europe that thero
will be liu more bolshevik reign ol
terror in Germany.
There is growing indication that a1.!
of the European, powers arc in agree'
incut concerning the urgent need of
preventing the spread of bolsoevihin
in Germany purely as a matter of self
protection. Eurupo is. wholly as'iuies-
cent, therefore, in thq matter of keep
ing the Germans, fed. The German gov
eminent has won. its first success in
this respect. The cry for food , so in
sistently raised in Berlin is now being
met. Starvation is not imminent in
Germany and tho early fear of a bol
suevik terror spreading through Europe
is no longer being felt by the European
With the feeding of Germany, though
Europe gains by the preservation of
orderly conditions, there is a distinct
loss through the fact that tho German
people have not experienced Hie per
sona) pangs that should have resulted
from their misdeeds. The, effect of
saving Germany from a condition, of
wjui starvation may even tie to prevent
the adoption of a wholly democratic re
gime to replace tha Hokenzollern miii'
Persistent misery stirs -men's souls
to revolt, but the soothing of their
pansion overland Into Russia instead
of ucross tli o seas.
It is well within the possibilities
therefore, that the German people may
return to tho worship of force in the
years to come. They have not yet been
down into the depths of denp:r. Eu
rope's fear of bolshevism may pro
to 1. Germany 's salvation.
iii in
' 1
as well as a Soap
Fels-Naptha is more than a soap.
It is r. saver of money.
It cv.ts out much of washday rubbing;
males boiling unnecessary, and the clothes
therefore last longer r.nd look better.
Ecsides look at whst you save on coal?
At your own grocer' in tha red and green wrapper